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  1. David G. Healy

    Vietnam Declassified: Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon

    Excellent work, Jim. DHealy
  2. Imagine that... US taxpayers paid the Zapruder family millions of $'s for the alleged in-camera original film, currently under the auspices of the 6th Floor Mausoleum. And we can't see it. More loon nut nonsense...
  3. David G. Healy

    Zfilm Revisited

    Nope, wasn't I. Although I'm not the least bit surprised. It's been 10 years to boot. If I recall correctly, this was around the 5/2008 time Rollie Zavada had agreed to debate the merits of film alteration. Right here on the Ed Forum... He was, then he wasn't Rollie was. Then Gary Mack's and Josiah Thompsons' Gang of 8 was all over that like stink on do-do. What a cluster...
  4. David G. Healy

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    .john tells him so?

    Need you help - is the 2nd half of TOWNER a matte?  As the limo moves away, the background gets bigger without any change in  depth of field...


    1. David G. Healy

      David G. Healy

      DJ, the lower image above appears to be further up Elm St than the other frame. The upper image and all it entails should be getting smaller, unless of course the camera had a "zoom" lens. I seriously doubt matte effects was used in this film clip, at least this upper portion of the clip. Tree leaves and sky a bad combination for matte work...

      Keep up the good work btw!



  6. David G. Healy

    New Book!

    the Gale link is not working at this time.
  7. David G. Healy

    Focus your research on Zapruder, he is the key

    Trygve, You have not offended this David, and your posts are NOT incoherent. Keep up your photo work. I know all about JFK film-photo analysis critiques/criticism... Have a well deserved rest. p.s. you do contribute!
  8. David G. Healy

    Focus your research on Zapruder, he is the key

    Here's your problem, you can't prove any of the claims you make in this thread. Nothing is impossible in Hollyweird when it comes to film composition and individual artistic work applied to film composites, PERIOD. So for THAT "zero evidence" to become reality/happen, you need access to the in-camera original NIX film, and that has disappeared! Gone, POOF! And, as old Gary Mack once told me, "the Zapruder film will never, ever see the inside of a courtroom, nor will it be laced up in a projector, EVER!" So let's table the marketing message(s), Watson. Oh, and scratch access to the Zapruder in-camera original film, NARA has ceased visitations and/or access to same film...
  9. David G. Healy

    Focus your research on Zapruder, he is the key

    Mack did just fine defending himself... then again, he was the Dallas 6th Floor mouth piece defending 1964 WCR conclusions. So did the Gang of 8 wayback in 2003. Was GMack a participant? Perhaps. What digital technology progression? explain how its helped you conclude anything regarding your photo "studies," please. Nor does latter day technology add to, or, aid in the following conclusion: a conspiracy murdered JFK! Won't you agree?
  10. David G. Healy

    Focus your research on Zapruder, he is the key

    spoken like a true Gary Mack-ite, because he says so! Geta' grip Sherlock... You haven't the chops as to what Hollywierd can and can NOT do.
  11. David G. Healy

    Stunning Interview with Mort Sahl

    https://nyphil.org/jfk pretty interesting stuff, Jim. --David
  12. David G. Healy

    Focus your research on Zapruder, he is the key

    amazing, even mockup, reenactment films lie.... all those folks waving and cheering along Elm Street. Where do you see that in the extant Zapruder film, Dave? It ain't there, Bubba.
  13. David G. Healy

    David Josephs

    the more things change, the more they stay the SAME... Hang in there, DJ!
  14. the 1964 WCR is "theory", Studley. Ya losing grip? Or, NYT Best selling author's make you nervous?