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  1. Be interesting to ask Mr. Wagenvoord who LIFE contracted to make 8mm dupes of the in-camera original Z-film (once it arrived in Chicago) and who did the 16/35mm b&w-color blowups of same. From what I heard moons ago, there were dupes of the 8mm Z-film just laying around in New Orleans during the Garrison trial. A few ended up with "private" collector's? Rumor also has it, that the Garrison trial was the last time the in-camera original Z-film was laced up in a projector and projected.
  2. reviewing some of the footage of the 17yr old, it's not a stretch that the kid thought there's some here that are gonna shoot back, maybe? -- or, in this case swing a skateboard at least--and he'd best get the hell out of there before a real *medic* in body armor remove him in pieces. I, don't think the kid expected resistance of any type. After all, he had an (non auto AR15?) assault weapon. If, he had a plan to protect civilian property, it went to **** when the trigger, was pulled. Ending up on his ass, in the middle of a well lit street didn't help his cause either, nor his pursuers
  3. pretty much what I thought, thanks Chris.
  4. a question and comment: do you think they see what they want to see? What is a one-dimensional signal?
  5. Has been prison fire camps in California for years; violent offenders need not apply.
  6. funny, many feel that way concerning the 1964 Warren Commission Report conclusions. (emphasis mine.)
  7. tnx for using the callout word "deplorable." Deplorable's specifically! Brings back solid memories concerning a very large slice of the 2016 GOP voting bloc...
  8. well, of course! We should expect nothing else from the "LHO did it all by his lonesome" crowd. That script was written well before you showed here, btw.
  9. Mr. Cohen -- you've authenticated that this particular (version) Altgen's photo is indeed the *very* one that was sent out over the AP wire 11/22/63? Forget the photo alteration aspect for the moment, what is the provenance of this particular image in this thread and proof/documentation of same? I doubt you can tell me, or anyone else those answers with assurance. You are of course entitled to your opinion regarding any case related film or photo, but not your own photo authenticity without provenance.
  10. and here are a few facts dealing with the actual camera itself (and various versions of same). This camera was NOT created for the casual photo buff. It appears the inventor had very specific purpose-use in mind. https://www.cryptomuseum.com/covert/camera/minox/index.htm Find the "chain" attachment and it "use" interesting. You can find these cameras on ebay today. Prices vary from $50 bucks up to $700.Have no idea where you might find film cartridges for it, or where to get the film developed...
  11. 0184 goes a long way answering questions re early dupes rumored to be created by an optical film house in NYC. Nice work.
  12. for instance, Larry: https://sites.psu.edu/cxd5132/wp-content/uploads/sites/25797/2015/04/Instruction-Set.pdf it was pretty much the same 50 years ago... the deviation here is: not everyone (presidential limo & SS vehicle occupants) in that zone was a target. Why? Nor was there an attempt made to kill all in the zone.
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