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  1. Focus your research on Zapruder, he is the key

    amazing, even mockup, reenactment films lie.... all those folks waving and cheering along Elm Street. Where do you see that in the extant Zapruder film, Dave? It ain't there, Bubba.
  2. David Josephs

    the more things change, the more they stay the SAME... Hang in there, DJ!
  3. the 1964 WCR is "theory", Studley. Ya losing grip? Or, NYT Best selling author's make you nervous?
  4. It appears the 'LHO did it all by his lonesome' (read: 1964 WCR report supporters [despite their protestations otherwise]) crowd is getting very nervous about DSL upcoming book. I wonder why? tsk-tsk.
  5. Unaltered Zapruder film

    your inexperience regarding Z-film study is noted. Without loon nut, blind support of the extant Z-film (currently housed at NARA under the control of the 6th Floor Mausoleum), well, let's just say, the Z-film is the lynch-pin of the 1964 WCR LHO's did all by his lonesome. Without it, the WCR case collapses... of course, its suspect, of course, it's going to be scrutinized. You know NO bounds, lad! 20 years behind times... I sense a WCR support conversion, soon!
  6. Alexandra Zapruder Book: Part 2

    Hello Studley, Say listen, you're asking a lot of questions and answering those very question in the same post most of the time. Which leads me to ask, why are you asking questions if, IF you already have the answer? Never fret, most .john-ites have the same problem, in fact, you're plowing the same ground as lone nutters have since 2000. Ya need a new act, man!
  7. Alexandra Zapruder Book: Part 2

    Indeed, and it's, on YOU I might add. If you had any *cred* it might be different, but, alas, all .Johnites trend the same, and you fit the mold to a "T". Carry on.
  8. Alexandra Zapruder Book: Part 2

    Next, you'll be seeing the *Dave Reitzes* light pointing towards loon nut conversion, tsk-tsk. You're in way over your head.
  9. Jim DiEugenio spanks The Post

    what is "endlessly" fascinating is Lone Nut response to Oliver Stones movie, JFK. Nearly 30 years and the Marquette gang hasn't lost a step.
  10. How did Hosty expect to talk to Marina?

    great job, Dave.....
  11. New Article by John Armstrong

    Come on Parnell, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know Walton is hooked to your hip and .john's. Same old storied lone nut, LHO did it all by his lonesome nonsense whiners have been foisting on the research community for 25 years.
  12. [PDF] Harvey And Lee + CD-ROM (John Armstrong)

    I was wondering the same dam* thing. Unless of course .john minions inhabit the Ed Forum, again.
  13. thanks for posting this, Doug.
  14. Karl Hilliard

    any surveying experience in Dealey Plaza, Dallas per chance?
  15. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    The Nutter's are wearin' out, after all these years. Hang in there, Guys!