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  1. for instance, Larry: https://sites.psu.edu/cxd5132/wp-content/uploads/sites/25797/2015/04/Instruction-Set.pdf it was pretty much the same 50 years ago... the deviation here is: not everyone (presidential limo & SS vehicle occupants) in that zone was a target. Why? Nor was there an attempt made to kill all in the zone.
  2. David Lifton -- You STILL command the stage! And I detect a hell of a lot of envy... KUTGW!
  3. There's absolutely no future for them if they utter a contrary sound, Ron. With or without evidence.
  4. Mr. Caddy's post hit the nail on the head. My estimation: Hollywood is NOT responsible determining the truth of any historical matter. Why insist a bunch of old time actors, and a script writer who made their what, what appears to be their last killing, determine history? When we still have a ton of historians still asleep at the wheel? I say hurrah for keeping attention focused on the topic. NOT chastise a bunch of guys including the Director that heard and responded too the Executive Producer paymaster call...
  5. WOW! With critics like this, who would want to produce any kind of documentary-drama these days. Where would we be without Stone, his creative license, craftsmanship and marketing know-how? JFK the Movie made you think. Why most of you are here.
  6. Ya gonna have to make a better argument than this. Who is Barnes, why *his* footage, and where can his footage be found, the camera and lens Barnes imagery used, the media recorded on? In you example are you using footage where pin cushion distortion has been removed? Thanks ahead of time for your input. Here's a link too Dr. John Costella's presentation at the University of Minnesota in 2003 regarding his Z-film analysis with his 'proofs', the entire presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1B3_sICTAc
  7. spoken by someone whose entire life is immersed in the 1964 Warren Commission Report. Doesn't get more rich than that! tsk-tsk!
  8. then you'll explain that huge round object appox 6.5mm in size in the X-ray of JFK skull, eh Einstein? You can explain that can't you?
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