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  1. New Article by John Armstrong

    Come on Parnell, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know Walton is hooked to your hip and .john's. Same old storied lone nut, LHO did it all by his lonesome nonsense whiners have been foisting on the research community for 25 years.
  2. [PDF] Harvey And Lee + CD-ROM (John Armstrong)

    I was wondering the same dam* thing. Unless of course .john minions inhabit the Ed Forum, again.
  3. thanks for posting this, Doug.
  4. Karl Hilliard

    any surveying experience in Dealey Plaza, Dallas per chance?
  5. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    The Nutter's are wearin' out, after all these years. Hang in there, Guys!
  6. Methodology

    nutters get very nervous when the Zapruder film is called into question... (so sad). Been going on for 25 years. Math rules!
  7. David Giglio Interviews Jim DIEugenio

    tsk-tsk... Muck? The films related to the JFK assassination/Dealey Plaza have been *real* popular for the past 20+ years. And, American taxpayers paid 16 million buck$ for the Zapruder film, MUCK? Altered film MUCK? Nutters have found it most difficult supporting that *LHO did it all by his lonesome* sleight of hand because of those more than likely altered films. Every single Dealey Plaza assassination film is suspect. Math doesn't lie.
  8. Is John Mc Cain losing it?

    actually McCain got help, the Charman cut him off at the knees.
  9. Splice in Tina Towner Film

    nice job Chris(s), David J., etal....
  10. Alexandra Zapruder Book: Part 2

    Jeff, Hi, and BS re "professional scrutiny"! Here's a simple test, Jeff. How do YOU, or, a post-production film lab tech "prove" the Kodachrome II Zap film currently stored at NARA is a 1963 in-camera, 8mm film original? And don't go to Rollie Zavada's canned report re the Zapruder film. I asked Rollie the same question years ago, amongst other questions. Dr. John Costella had a few questions and comments too... Actually, Rollie was suppose to appear at the 2003 Univ. of Minn Symposium (Jack White, John Costella, David Mantik and David Lifton and myself) on the Zapruder Film. He never showed up. That was a shame, and I told him same. He did tell me though he's an expert re the make-up of 8mm film (which I knew from his Zavada Report). He did admit to be a bit short on professional film compositing experience and knowledge, that's why he sought Professor Fielding input.
  11. Alexandra Zapruder Book: Part 2

    c'mon Mr. Walton, you can do better that that can't ya? And, green screen compositing? Either you're a little rusty concerning film compositing techniques circa. 1963 or, ignorant concerning the entire subject of special effects (film) cinematography... and dragging Jackie into the conversation? No class, sir!
  12. Alexandra Zapruder Book: Part 2

    the WC did not screen the Z-film officially till 2/28/64 or thereabouts. Plenty of time for a fully re-constituted Z-film. Provided a good, Hollywood type of special effects film lab was on the job. Makes no difference what 8mm film stock the finished stock ended up on. This was not, NOT a War & Peace length edit. Re: a Zapruder family member writing a book about the film? I said wow then and now, the family was paid 16 million bucks (what, 7-10 years ago) by the American taxpayer for the film. The Zapruder family trust still receives yearly royalties for film usage and rental. The American taxpayer got taken, AGAIN.
  13. A Question For Photo Expert Bill Miller

    old Wild Bill has been this way for 15 years now, its what got him thrown of Rich DellaRosa's JFK Assassination Research site years ago.... "photo-expert" is indeed a stretch.
  14. Von Pein opines: [...] Richard W. Burgess of the Department of Classical Studies at the University of Ottawa...in addition to noting that “I have personal knowledge of the sorts of processes and effects that were available to film-makers in 1963 and I can state categorically that the Zapruder film has not had anything added to it or removed from it apart from the splices that everyone knows about,” he finds the hypothesis set forth by [Harrison] Livingstone and [David] Lifton ludicrous on its face. He writes that such an alteration “would result in a ridiculously amateurish mess that would not fool a four-year-old, even in the hands of a skilled miniature painter under a microscope.” [...] LMAO, "amateurish mess"? Therein lies the problem with YOU amateurs, you're simply amateurs! If there is anything "ludicrious" about your post DVP its the fact you use amateurs to opine re professional post-production film craft. C'mon dude, you might have newbies impressed, however, those that have been around for the last 15+ years or so know better... sheeeesssssh!
  15. LMAO! debunked? debunked? Don't give up that fry cooking day job of yours Von Pein. You haven't a clue, nor the sources to make statements like "debunked." Son, I doubt you know the difference between 16mm film and digital videotape. Give it a rest.