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    I have been interested in the Kennedy assassination since 1991 or so. A friend saw the Oliver Stone film which got him to reading on the subject. I started reading myself without having seen that film. Later on, 19 books later, I saw it for the first time.<br /><br /> I have co-led presentations of the Kennedy murder on a local college campus, and found that quite beneficial. (Despite the professor who invited me and my friend being an LN.)

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  1. "I don't think Yates was tied in with the conspirators at all; if he was, why would he volunteer a story at all?" Well, as someone pointed out, Yates didn't come forward with the story until weeks later. By that time he may have ascertained that the police weren't interested in a conspiracy anyway. But if through someone in the police department or the media, he realized they "had their man", and therefore wouldn't look to Yates as an accessory, he may have given the story for the purpose of confirming the Oswald story and pointing away from any conspiracy. In any event, the story was ignored.
  2. Mark, if the Yates statement was part of the frame, and the curtain rods were part of that, then what about the Frazier and Randle's testimony, which tied in with curtain rods? Was this guy just some wacko who wanted to help out the official case, or does this indicate he was tied in with conspirators? Roy Bierma
  3. Thomas, many thanks for the info! Where did you obtain it? Interesting the two addresses for Gaudet and Oulliber (do not know of him). Do you know if they are home addresses or office addresses? Francesca, Gaudet didn't stand in line behind Oswald in Mexico City. That was in New Orleans. But I agree with you that Gaudet's presence in line behind Oswald to get a passport was no accident. Gaudet was tracking Oswald re the fateful Mexico City trip, which would prove a key element in "putting Oswald together" Roy Bierma
  4. Larry, the source for Klihr as owner of the plate is CE1351, an FBI report in the 26 volumes. Klihr was an acquaintance of Walker's and lived in Irving. As you say, I believe that the Dallas police records also disclose Klihr as the plate owner. I believe the plate was taken from Klihr's car and put on someone else's. Roy Bierma
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