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  1. A little off subject, but while I see you online David, I was wondering if you have any updates on Final Charade? I haven't heard anything in awhile and was wondering if you have a time frame for release. Thank you!
  2. Just wanted to see what everyone's take was on this man. From all appearances he seems to be loyal and close to the Kennedy family, especially Bobby. He and Dave Powers had both went along with the "official" story in their Warren Comission testimony but in the Tip O'Neill biography "Man Of The House" he wrote of a dinner with those two where both indicated that shots were fired from behind the fence on the grassy knoll. After Tip pointed out how that differed from their WC testimony O'Donnell replied "I told the FBI what I had heard, but they said it couldn't have happened that way and that I must have been imagining things. So I testified the way they wanted me to. I just didn't want to stir up any more pain and trouble for the family." That's not to say that he was neccesarily a traitor or anything because Robert Kennedy did many puzzling things that seemed as if he went along with the "official" story at least on the surface. Like sending Walter Sherridan to N.O. to torpedo Garrison's investigation. And some say that the missing JFK (or who ever it belonged to, lol) brain and other objects were delivered to Bobby by Burkley. This apparent cover up from RFK may lend credence to the research into a supposed Operation Freedom that Bobby headed himself to solve the Cuban situation and take out Castro. I've heard as well about RFK talking by phone to one of the anti-Castro Cubans involved in this operation and flatly stating one of their guys killed his brother. That would be just like the plotters to blame someone in RFK's own operation for the assassination. And I have no doubt that Bobby knew it was a conspiracy but I really do believe he thought Oswald was part of the assassination plot. I think that may have had a lot to do with Bobby keeping his silence on the assassination for the most part. He felt personally responsible. Not just for his Cuban operation being turned around on his own brother but for his agression in trying to take out the mob. Anyway, back to Kenny O'Donnell......he stayed on with the Johnson administration for awhile. Then later worked on the RFK campaign until his assassination. I just wanted everyone's thoughts on him. Do you think he had any knowledge or involvement at all? I don't really think so but so many people close to the Kennedy family did so many strange and puzzling things after the JFK murder.
  3. I'll be turning 42 in February so the assassination was quite a bit before my time. I just thought I'd share how I was introduced to the assassination and the evolution of my interest throughout the years. If this post belongs in a previous thread the administrator is free to move it. The first I ever recall knowing anything about the assassination was seeing the end of the miniseries where Martin Sheen played JFK. Going back now and watching it I see it is slightly more graphic than I remember but not that graphic. Just saying it didn't leave an image burned in my mind or anything. But I felt immediately drawn to this for some reason. If I had to guess I'd say this was around 1988. The 25th anniversary. I was in fourth grade I think, so at this point I don't think we had even learned anything in school about the assassination. I remember watching the mock trial of LHO and to me even though they concluded guilty it was apparent to me even at this age that this was not the case. I remember a special called The JFK Conspiracy or something like that I recorded on VHS that had James Earl Jones as narrator. They time tested the ability of Oswald to pull off the assassination and murder of Tippit in the required time and it didn't add up. There was another special sometime later I recorded on the same tape called The Kennedy Assassinations or something like that. This first introduced me to the RFK case and the death of Marilyn Monroe possibly being connected to the Kennedy killings as well. It was also the first time I had heard any connection between Watergate (which I was unfamiliar with I'm sure) and the assassination. I remember seeing the preview for JFK before it's release and knowing I had to see it. My mom had to tell them it was ok for me to see it since I was under 16 at the time. I was blown away! Still one of my favorite movies EVER! And in my opinion one of the most important movies ever made. I don't recall what books on the case I read first but I bought and read On The Trail Of The Assassins shortly after this. There were several I checked out and read from the library. I have always just devoured information on this subject. I own RFK Must Die. Many years later in my twenties I bought Best Evidence at a thrift store. I always loved The Men Who Killed Kennedy series. Anyway, I just thought I'd share how I fell into this particular rabbit hole that I've been in for over 30 years, lol! Would love to hear other's stories about their first taste of this subject.
  4. I disagree about Clint Hill. I wouldn't say he went above and beyond. I think it's more a case of all the others doing nothing and at least he did something. If you make a C in class it looks way better if everyone else made F's, lol! He was the only one who did a remotely competent job, but in no way, shape or form would I describe it as going above and beyond his duties. At the very best he did the job every agent should be expected to do. I know there are still people out there who believe the currently accepted Zapruder film is the authentic camera original but at the very least I believe they removed frames showing the wide turn on Elm, the limo stop (or possibly 2 limo stops), and I believe the sign JFK goes behind at the moment he was he hit was embellished or fabricated to conceal something. Anyway I included that opinion in this post because I think the only reason Clint Hill was able to catch the limo at all was because it stopped momentarily at least for the headshot. And now it's almost regarded as this mythical, superhuman feat chasing down the limo (even if it were going only 11 mph at the time) when in reality the only reason he made it at all was because of the limo stop.
  5. So Vince, I work 12 hour weekend shifts and I listened to a 5 hour long video of yours today at work and at least at that time you singled out 3 agents: Floyd Boring, Emory Roberts, and William Greer. You thought all the other agents were just negligent or accessories after the fact. Am I correct? Are you still under that opinion? And if so are there any you're slightly iffy on? Just curious if any other agents actions or words have set off your radar. I agree on the 3 you named and believe the president's security could have been stripped with just these 3, a bunch of hungover and sleep deprived agents and a few who hated Kennedy's lifestyle and immorality. Some other agents actions were questionable. By the way, I saw a YouTube video a month or two ago that had an interview of Sam Kinney's neighbor who says Kinney revealed to him that he found the stretcher bullet in the limo outside Parkland while cleaning it and he walked inside and put it on the stretcher. Just curious if you've heard this story and if so what you thought of it.
  6. I believe it was Emory Roberts who was in the motorcade ordering agents off the rear of the Presidential limo and such if my memory serves correct. I think Boring was just in charge of putting together the trip and planning but was not in Dealey Plaza in the motorcade.
  7. Something has always troubled me about the whole episode with Bonnie Ray Williams eating his lunch on the sixth floor as late as 12:20. Are we really expected to believe that this highly planned out assassination hinged on just hoping this guy would leave the floor before the motorcade arrived? I read in the very same article I cited from the MF website that the lunch remains from Bonnie Ray Williams were only half eaten. I think there is a high probability that someone interrupted him and had him leave the floor, possibly with a threat. Anyone else have any ideas or suspicions about this?
  8. This is from the Mary Ferrell website: A witness to Given’s statement was a secret service agent named Mike Howard. Howard related his account to Fort Worth Star Telegram reporter, Thayer Waldo, on 9 February 1964, apparently unaware that Waldo was a newsman. According to Waldo, "Mike Howard then explained that the negro witness had been arrested in the past by the Special Services office of the Dallas Police for gambling; and, since he was familiar with that branch of the Dallas Police, he immediately gave himself up to that branch. Mr. Howard alleged that he had visited the negro witness while he was in custody of the Special Services in the Dallas Jail." Waldo quotes Agent Howard as saying, "Wait till that old black boy gets up in front of the Warren Commission and tells his story. That will settle everything. Yes, sir. He was right there on the same floor, looking out the next window; and, after the first shot, he looked and saw Oswald, and then he ran. I saw him in the Dallas Police station. He was still the scaredest n I ever seen. I heard him tell the officer, "Man you don't know how fast fast is, because you didn't see me run that day." He said he ran and hid behind the boxes because he was afraid that Oswald would shoot him." (CE 2516
  9. Every time I watch the movie Eight Men Out, which is about the fixed world series in 1919, and I see that scene with reporters just as the series is about to start keeping a scorecard of mistakes and errors made by Chicago White Socks players to see who was in on the fix I can't help but think of the JFK assassination and the secret service. I've heard certain names throughout the years brought up as being in on the fix as in the assassination plot and some debated whether they were or not. I'm hoping Vince Palamara will chime in on this post because I would love to see his opinion on who he definitely thinks had foreknowledge of the plot, who simply covered up after the fact, and who in the secret service he thinks was not involved in any way and tried to get some of the truth out in their own subtle way. I know Vince would definitely count Floyd Boring in as having foreknowledge. And given his actions (or inaction) I'd find it hard to believe the driver Greer wasn't involved. Some like Kellerman I'm iffy about. I would love to see which agents Mr. Palamara would definitively say were in on it.
  10. Just curious cause I haven't been on in awhile, but is there any set release date or time period in sight for the new Lifton book? I know he's a contributor here when he finds the time. Anyone heard any recent info on this long awaited book? I think last I heard him talk about it was a couple years ago on Night Fright.
  11. Just wanted to see who all on this board was familiar with Q Anon and this theory that JFK Jr faked his own death and is working with Trump to take down the cabal. It sounds pretty far fetched but there are quite a few intriguing rabbit holes one can go down on this subject! One theory is that JFK Jr is Q. If you look at an aerial view of JFK's grave site it is in the shape of a Q pretty much. Just food for thought! Was just curious if any board members had any thoughts on Q.
  12. Is the link. And by no means am I supporting this guy as a witness or his statements. He says he had no part in the actual assassination aside from making fake secret service and CIA credentials. He says the information about the actual assassination was provided to him by Wallace. Even if his story is true or mostly true I question several things about the information he was provided. He was told that Harry Weatherford was a shooter from the rooftop as many have speculated but also says officer Roger Craig was with that rooftop team as well which I find hard to believe. His comment about Martinez possibly being the polka dot dress lady was really the thing that caught my attention. I was hoping to find a pic to see whether there was any resemblance to the sketch of the polka dot dress lady. I've heard the theories of Kathy Ainsworth or Shirin Khan being her but pics I've found of them just didn't look close enough to me to really lean in that direction for sure.
  13. Just curious if anyone has a picture of the Ruth or Ruth Ann Martinez whose name comes up in JFK assassination conversation from time to time? I was listening to an interview on YouTube with a guy who was proclaiming involvement with the mafia back during the assassination and a few years before that. Anyway, he's naming the assassination teams and locations he claims he had been told of by Mac Wallace and she was one of them. I'm not sure if I had heard her name before, but what caught my attention was he then added that she may have been the girl in the polka dot dress at the RFK assassination. I'm a student of that assassination as well and was wanting to compare pics of her with the sketch drawn of the polka dot dress lady. I started to post this in the RFK forum but most of the posts there were several years old and her name is familiar to JFK assassination buffs as well. I googled her name but never could find a pic.Thanks in advance for any helpful info!
  14. I've attached said pic and I was just curious if anyone could tell me where exactly in the Plaza this was taken and at what time. I had heard on a radio program via YouTube that Saint John said the tramp often identified as his father wasn't him but that he has identified this individual as his father. Thanks in advance for any info!
  15. Just curious Mr. Lifton, do you have a definitive release date yet on Final Charade? I believe the last I heard was your Night Fright appearance I think this past fall and you said it would be at least one year. Any definitive or estimated release date on that?
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