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  1. Jamey Flanagan

    Thoughts on Q Anon?

    Just wanted to see who all on this board was familiar with Q Anon and this theory that JFK Jr faked his own death and is working with Trump to take down the cabal. It sounds pretty far fetched but there are quite a few intriguing rabbit holes one can go down on this subject! One theory is that JFK Jr is Q. If you look at an aerial view of JFK's grave site it is in the shape of a Q pretty much. Just food for thought! Was just curious if any board members had any thoughts on Q.
  2. Jamey Flanagan

    Ruth Martinez

    Is the link. And by no means am I supporting this guy as a witness or his statements. He says he had no part in the actual assassination aside from making fake secret service and CIA credentials. He says the information about the actual assassination was provided to him by Wallace. Even if his story is true or mostly true I question several things about the information he was provided. He was told that Harry Weatherford was a shooter from the rooftop as many have speculated but also says officer Roger Craig was with that rooftop team as well which I find hard to believe. His comment about Martinez possibly being the polka dot dress lady was really the thing that caught my attention. I was hoping to find a pic to see whether there was any resemblance to the sketch of the polka dot dress lady. I've heard the theories of Kathy Ainsworth or Shirin Khan being her but pics I've found of them just didn't look close enough to me to really lean in that direction for sure.
  3. Jamey Flanagan

    Ruth Martinez

    Just curious if anyone has a picture of the Ruth or Ruth Ann Martinez whose name comes up in JFK assassination conversation from time to time? I was listening to an interview on YouTube with a guy who was proclaiming involvement with the mafia back during the assassination and a few years before that. Anyway, he's naming the assassination teams and locations he claims he had been told of by Mac Wallace and she was one of them. I'm not sure if I had heard her name before, but what caught my attention was he then added that she may have been the girl in the polka dot dress at the RFK assassination. I'm a student of that assassination as well and was wanting to compare pics of her with the sketch drawn of the polka dot dress lady. I started to post this in the RFK forum but most of the posts there were several years old and her name is familiar to JFK assassination buffs as well. I googled her name but never could find a pic.Thanks in advance for any helpful info!
  4. I've attached said pic and I was just curious if anyone could tell me where exactly in the Plaza this was taken and at what time. I had heard on a radio program via YouTube that Saint John said the tramp often identified as his father wasn't him but that he has identified this individual as his father. Thanks in advance for any info!
  5. Just curious Mr. Lifton, do you have a definitive release date yet on Final Charade? I believe the last I heard was your Night Fright appearance I think this past fall and you said it would be at least one year. Any definitive or estimated release date on that?
  6. Jamey Flanagan

    Heroes And Villains

    Just thought I'd post my latest song I've written. It's just a quick rough take I did last night but I thought some of you might enjoy it. The inspiration came to me when I got to thinking about JFK 2: The Bush Connection. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this documentary. Early on he talks about how the people who killed Kennedy will have more to say about him and his legacy than he will. This put in my mind the concept of heroes and villains, losers (those they eliminate) and winners (the bag guys who win at all costs). After coming up with the chorus and initial idea I wrote a lengthy post on Facebook about this concept. I talked about how the 9/11 first responders we celebrated as heroes weren't exactly treated like heroes by our government. They were told the air was safe for breathing, denied medical coverage, etc. And then I discussed the systematic slaughter of nearly an entire race of people, the Native Americans. How Hitler was vilified, and rightly so, for doing the same thing yet we put Andrew Jackson's face on the $20 bill and study how great he was in high school history class. And how most likely Oswald had penetrated the assassination attempt and was trying to stop it yet he is the one they blamed for it. That's a pretty good measuring stick about someone's character. The real heroes are murdered. Like Jesus. And not comparing the two by any means, but JFK. Lincoln. Bobby Kennedy. MLK. People who really seek out change and peace and have genuine love for their fellow man are a threat to the powers that be. While the villains, the bad guys get honored and placed upon a pedestal. I have been aiming to record a song I wrote maybe 7 or 8 years ago that is directly about the Kennedys. It's called Should've Never Left Boston. I sing of how maybe they might still be alive if they hadn't left "Boston" politics but always come back to the fact that even though they were killed we are still better off for having leaders like this even ever so briefly. Anyway, I hope those who listen enjoy. Thanks!
  7. Wow! I never thought I'd agree with DVP but I do 100% in this matter!
  8. Jamey Flanagan

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Just watched a VERY interesting YouTube video that ties in with this thread. You have to get a good ways into it but they talk about programs such as TMWKK being produced by the CIA and all of the red herrings contained therein as disinformation. Worth a watch if you have an hour or so of free time. I listen to docs at work on my Bluetooth ear buds.
  9. Jamey Flanagan

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    I thought the Tom Wilson stuff was VERY fascinating! The 3D scans to create a replica of the head wound (wounds) and the scans of the autopsy pics showing how they used mortician's wax to cover up the frontal wound in the right temporal area. I saw nothing to denounce his findings unless you think he was way off base with his conclusion that the frontal headshot was fired from the sewer drain. I'm open to the possibility. Garrison studied that possibility himself during his investigation leading up to the trial of Clay Shaw. This was one of the only times I've seen computer technology used in the assassination. A step in the right direction. So much is possible today with computer programs. We could take all of the pics and video and put them into a computer that can remember the data contained in each one and combine them all to make a recreation of the assassination. Assuming all the data matches up. And if not then we have verifiable proof that pics and video were manipulated.
  10. Jamey Flanagan

    Unaltered Zapruder film

    That's what gets lost on most people. The shadow government had a special kind of contempt for the Kennedys. They had plenty of blackmail material on JFK. They could have went another route to get rid of the Kennedys but chose not to. Watergate was possibly a bloodless coup to remove Nixon. The bankers plot to seize power from FDR that only failed thanks to Smeadley Butler. They wanted to kill him in the most brutal fashion to send a message. And only covered it up enough to avoid prosecution. But left trails of bread crumbs for those in the know to follow and see what happens to those who cross them.
  11. Jamey Flanagan

    Unaltered Zapruder film

  12. Jamey Flanagan

    Unaltered Zapruder film

    Excuse me if I'm wrong but didn't Zavada also rule the autopsy photos as unaltered? If that is the case then I put no stock whatsoever in his professional opinion. I saw an interview he did and all of a sudden out of nowhere he starts bashing the film JFK saying that the only truth in the film was that the President was assassinated. So right there we see his preconceived mindset. Which the authenticity of the Z film has little bearing on if there was a conspiracy and multiple shots. Not that authenticity isn't important but meaning even if the current Z film was authentic then a conspiracy is still obvious.
  13. Jamey Flanagan

    Unaltered Zapruder film

    I have another question for you Michael Walton. Do you think any of the assassination films or photographs were tampered with? Not even talking about the autopsy photos, just of the assassination itself or Dealey Plaza just before or just after actual shots were fired. Because careful analysis of the visual "evidence" of the various films and photographs shows discrepancies amongst each other. Remember, if they were tampered with then those doing the alterations are gonna focus primarily on the limo and getting those matched up. Therefore many of the discrepancies between them have to do with the crowd. One may show a certain number of people in one area, another shows a completely different number. You may see spectators in one but not see them in another supposedly taken at the exact same time. One may show all white people while another shows some white and some black. And so on and so on. So I'm just curious as to whether you believe any of the visual records of the actual assassination scene have been altered. I want to thank everyone for this discussion. Debate is healthy. And always keep an open mind but follow where the evidence leads you instead of having preconceived notions.
  14. Jamey Flanagan

    Unaltered Zapruder film

    Exactly Rick McTague! I think in this instance with all of the evidence tampering go back and really pay attention to the closest witnesses at the time. Especially when there are corroborating witnesses. Only in the past decade or so has it been a popular belief that the current Z film isn't authentic. Some still stick to their guns, especially when they have staked their careers on theories that revolve around the Z film timeline of events. But I would say that these days the majority of serious researchers know that it has been altered. How many witnesses in the past have been dismissed entirely because what they said and lo and behold the film showed completely different events. In the words of Yoda "You must unlearn what you have learned" 😀 We need to go back to the basics. To the beginning. Pour over first day testimony that we can consider truths knowing that the alterations exist.
  15. Jamey Flanagan

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Thanks for the response! I am a big fan of your work! There needs to be a comprehensive series on the assassination in the style of TMWKK. It would most likely need to be released via Netflix however after the "Guilty Men" debacle on the "History" channel. Any mention of the Bush connection would get passed over by mainstream media networks.