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  1. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Hello Bob Is it possible that Prayer Man is laying on the wall in an angle that makes him look shorter and wider than what he really is?
  2. Alexandros Dimitriadis

    After a 20 year career as a journalist in Greece, from reporter to columnist to editor and to assistant editor in chief, I have decided to leave everything behind and follow the American love of my life and my current wife to the United States, where at age 40 beginning with unsuccessful efforts working as a loan mowing crew member and a Walmart overnight stocker, I have decided to follow a definitively less challenging career as a mathematics instructor, earning a BS (at 44) and an MS (at 48) in mathematical sciences. I have taught all levels of high school math, in both private and public settings. Currently I am working as full time professor at a State College in Florida. I drive daily 1.5 hrs. to and from work, thanking my luck at each single minute of the drive. My intellectual interests outside abstract and applied math, involve psychology and government staged or covered by conspiracies, the JFK assassination being on the top of my relevant list.