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  1. So Benavides gives the address as 404 Tenth Street but the dispatcher calls a Signal 19 at 510 E. Jefferson?
  2. If the 2 "IBM men" locked up Brewer's store, what did they do with the keys? How did Brewer get back in?
  3. David, Regarding the baldness, maybe it depends on the angle at which the photographs have been taken - the photos of MCM are generally at approximately the same level as MCM, whereas the photo of TSBD steps man is taken from a relatively low angle in comparison, so the baldness is not so visible. Look at the photo of MCM on the middle left of the collage you posted - the baldness isn't very visible...all about angles, I guess!?!?
  4. Just thinking about the likeness of the cop on the steps behind Montgomery to Mexico City man...
  5. When you measured using the "standard US brick", did you include for the mortar line between each course of bricks (possibly 1/2" - 1")?
  6. http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1159p50-back-yard-photography
  7. Is this 6 & 7 from Bronson...if you look at the first 7 seconds of this clip, you'll see the backs of them on the bottom left of the frames, closest to the camera...
  8. IIRC, possibly 4 & 5 can be seen in other earlier films/photographs standing next to the reflecting pool close to the junction of Main & Houston. Looks like they walk round towards Elm to catch a second look...
  9. Quite surprised by how small the numbers were on the sides of the cop cars...jus' sayin'....
  10. Didn't both Zapruder and Nix originally say that their cameras were running at different speeds to 18.3fps and the FBI then had them both sign affidavits to say that they were both wrong?
  11. The FBI interviewed Valentine & Putnam... https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10672&relPageId=535&search=valentine EDIT: Actually, re-reading this, it looks like it's the FBI passing on the information received from the DPD...
  12. Hello David, Regarding the stop sign, if it's possible, it is probably worth searching for old posts by the late Tom Purvis - as I recall, he said that the collision and ensuing altercation were possibly related in some way to the Tippit murder but I can't remember the details.
  13. Thanks for correcting me...I assumed it was Day but did have some doubt... Trying to recall when LHO's prints were taken...that's not to say those prints are from LHO, but...
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