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  1. Mac Wallace fingerprint?

    I know you're not saying Wallace shot JFK, my second sentence was referring to Ron's post. Sorry, I didn't specify that. I most definitely believe he killed Marshall too, as well as many others. Wallace was pretty indebted to LBJ, I think. It's near impossible to find an honest assessment of LBJ's true nature and corruption in the msm, for sure. Caro's work barely touches on it, but not quite.
  2. Mac Wallace fingerprint?

    I agree with you Joe, I believe he was too. I won't say that he actually shot JFK, but I believe he was involved somehow.
  3. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I just finished reading Treachery In Dallas by Walt Brown, and found it quite illuminating. From the Analysis section of the chapter "The Right and Other Wings" p87: Groups and individuals cited in the foregoing narrative certainly had no affection for John Kennedy or his policies, and occasional violence had been known to be a method employed by such groups. It is possible that in their loathing of Kennedy, added to the potential willingness to embrace a Texan president, some elements cited above may have been the final catalyst--not just infiltrators in the Kennedy assassination. It should also be noted that such groups are based on the "good old boy" network, which guarantees a code of silence among all even if there are transgressors in their midst. Several good old boys made plans in Texas, and one good old boy became president. Other good old boys "investigated" the event. And it must also be noted that the Dallas law enforcement community was an additional dependable group of good old boys. One of the unspoken keystones in all of this is the Walker shooting, seen by many as a red herring. If Oswald shot at Walker, how could any subsequent alliance include both Walker and Oswald? Since everybody knew Oswald was involved, Walker could not have been, so the thinking goes. (Continue to bear in mind the premise of that logic.) Although Walker testified that he did not believe it was Oswald who shot at him, it is equally easy to imagine a shot fired into an empty room in the Walker residence to divert suspicion from a group that would be active later in the year.
  4. I would think he didn't draw his gun because he knew the person(s) he stopped to talk with. Thst suggests either some collusion, or at least familiarity. Then unwitting, gets thrown under the bus.
  5. LBJ's Ranch House is for sale

    Doug, Did you ever get to meet LBJ? Ed Clark?
  6. LBJ's Ranch House is for sale

    If those walls could talk......
  7. Roscoe White

    I'm currently reading Treachery in Dallas, having just started it this past weekend. Fascinating stuff. Brown zeroes right in on the DPD.
  8. In Franklin County, a Global Arms Dealer Quietly Makes a Killing https://www.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/in-franklin-county-a-global-arms-dealer-quietly-makes-a-killing/Content?oid=2242701 https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/gunrunners-mexico/vermont/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Century_International_Arms https://www.centuryarms.com/ http://jfklancer.com/carcano_twin.html
  9. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    For me, it shows extremely desperate circumstances, where the risk is worth it. In relation to what Michael Clark was saying, I can see a job being contracted out to scrappy indiviuals, but I question whether an extremely important, high value target job would be handed to scappy individuals where the potential for failure could be high(There's a certain amount risk in any operation, no matter who's pulling it off). There would have to be multiple contigencies in place ready to go, as well as fall guys, if said job failed. If the target survies, it gets even harder. Investigation, evidence, press, etc., all have to be controlled and managed.
  10. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, As Paul said earlier, good to see you back again. If someone with close access wanted to take JFK out quietly and covertly, that could have been easily done. One could also say that the open and public manner of the operation was by design and intended as an example. Does that mean it was by those without close access? Certainly possible as you said. Things to ponder. Everyone have a safe and happy New Year, and see you in 2018!
  11. Fritz supplied the ammonia

    Which absolutely could not be allowed to happen and is why Oswald had to be killed real quick.
  12. NEW BOOK

    I did not intimate any such thing, Paul. No, I do not think you have anything against France. I happen to feel similar about your objections to his book.
  13. NEW BOOK

    Lionel, I'm a conspiracy realist and feel differently about the assassination than you do, but that's ok. My thoughts are similar to Glenn's, I'm sorry you didn't have a different greeting.