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  1. Did it have to be Dallas? And Walker didn't do-it.

    Michael, Very interesting. I have a copy of Fatal Hour that I haven't read yet. I'll have to get into now and read up.
  2. The Larry and Phil Show: i.e. Sabato and Shenon

    Yeah, Fresh Air was the program I was thinking of. Looks like they had all of the typical msm boxes checked off. Sigh.
  3. The Larry and Phil Show: i.e. Sabato and Shenon

    Earlier today on my local public radio station, I heard a short promo about the JFK assassination, and the radio person said the person they would be talking to tomorrow is Shenon. Oh dear, I can already see what that's going to be like. Life is like a box of chocolates....... Jim, that would be good if you and Talbot could get on NPR for some balance.
  4. Jim Marrs Has Passed Away

    Crossfire was one of the first books I read about the assassination. It was an aha! moment that started me on my path, and continues still. He will be greatly missed.
  5. John Liggett and Lois Liggett

    Lois Liggett always seemed credible to me. Her words and demeanor don't show me otherwise.
  6. Who financed the JFK hit?

    I tend to think Brown & Root/Halliburton, Big Texas Oil. Some other energy/defense interests. They were certainly big supporters of LBJ. Those entities and LBJ certainly had an interest in Kennedy being removed.
  7. David Talbot's posting today from Italy

    If the purpose of the "clean-up squad" is to eliminate people who have knowledge of a conspiracy, recruiting people into a "clean-up squad" is a counter-productive activity. Each person recruited becomes yet another person who has knowledge of a conspiracy and might "spill the beans." Not if the hired guns don't know why someone is being eliminated. They would have no reason to know. They would not be told and wouldn't ask. They're just being paid to do a job.
  8. Kennedy assassination and the mystery man

    Thanks Steve, that looks good, I think I'm going to pick that up as well. I could see Lemnitzer using Lansdale through Dulles to orchestrate Dallas. I never really gave much thought to Lemnitzer before. Sounds interesting.
  9. Kennedy assassination and the mystery man

    David, Ok, dedicated phone lines and no public record makes sense, I didn't realize that. Lansdale wore a Air Force uniform, and didn't he have the rank of Major General, courtesy of Dulles pulling some strings? I remember hearing Prouty talking about that somewhere. How many people really knew that Lansdale was working for the CIA? I'd guess very few. Prouty, maybe a few others?
  10. Kennedy assassination and the mystery man

    In Oliver Stone's JFK, during the Mr. X scene, Mr. X(based on Prouty), someone called the unit commander(Col. Reich?) and told them to stand down. Mr. X said "Who could have made that call? That call could have come from someone like my commander Gen. Y(Lansdale). Could Lansdale have made that call? Is there any kind of record of a call? No one seems to know. No surprise on that one.
  11. Kennedy assassination and the mystery man

    Prouty believed that Lansdale managed/orchestrated Dallas, and I tend to agree with that. It was certainly within Lansdale's forte, and he would certainly have the right connections and known the right people. And Lansdale was Dulles' guy, so...... Prouty said that the important part of the CIA is the word "Agency". An agency does the work/job that a client/s bring to it.
  12. George de Mohrenschildt and George H. W. Bush

    I thought I read somewhere that Dulles also visited with LBJ during that time in Dallas.