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  1. Doug Campbell

    Oswald and Ruby targeted by the NSA?

    Mr. Caddy, Ted does indeed have a Nose for this kind of thing. Ted has been a regular contributor to and guest on my Assassination Research Podcast, "The Dallas Action, Presented By Wall Street Window", and never fails to Bring The Goods. Always has nice nuggets of info and interesting documents to share. I've begun affectionately calling him the show's "Unofficial West Coast Bureau Chief". Below is a link to his most recent appearance. A new episode featuring Ted and David Boylan (discussing his article on the The Christian Defense League and the INTERPEN mercenaries) will upload on June 9. Peace, D https://www.spreaker.com/user/7338953/108-update-the-weisberg-hall-burglary-bl
  2. Doug Campbell

    Jack T. Martin

    Paul, In my opinion, the guys that ran the Murder Plot/Oswald frame *had* to have had an element of control inside DPD. That leads right back to Army Intelligence. Pinky Westbrook was Army Intelligence. He was also a DPD Personnel desk jockey. But on the 22nd, the desk jockey turns into Joe Friday, Supercop. From the Depository to the Tippit Scene to the Texas Theater, this guy was *There*. This guy knew the Schedule. And remember, this cat was over personnel. That suggest a role in hiring & firing. If you're higher up in the Assassination chain of command~say, in Army Intelligence, hypothetically~ and need to get a shooter or an operative in place using DPD as a cover? It's easy to imagine a world in which Westbrook simply gets a call that ends with him saying, "Yes, Sir. Have him in my office Monday morning. I'll take care of it." It's that easy, if Westbrook's one of The Bad Guys. Col. Robert E. Jones said in his HSCA testimony that there were~ I BELIEVE, if I'm remembering correctly~ between 45-60 A.I. folks who worked in the DPD in '63. Thing is, to pull off the DPD end of things that day, they wouldn't have needed 45 people. One to three would have sufficed. *if* they're correctly placed. And Westbrook was indeed that. Westbrook. That guy smells. Just sayin'. Peace, D
  3. Too true, Mr. Jim. I believe Mr. Fattig was making a joke. Made me laugh, anyway... Peace, D
  4. Apparently, Mr. Files was released from jail? My friend Tim Fattig had the greatest line about Files just yesterday: "If he doesn't end up in an oil drum by Christmas, he didn't do it." Peace, D
  5. Doug Campbell

    Jack T. Martin

    Hello All, First, I'd like to thank Paul Trejo for coming on the podcast and discussing this issue with me on such short notice. (An issue that 1st came to my attention here on the EF.) What's so mind boggling about this film is the Tangible Pre-Assassination Link between LHO and Walker that it establishes. Walker claimed until the end that a DPD Officer (Westbrook is a prime suspect, IMO) made him aware of Oswald just days after the April '63 shooting. The Martin film gives a huge amount of validity to Walker indeed having been aware of Oswald prior to 11/22/63. Remember what the late John Judge taught us about "Coincidence Theory". That particular camera being in both Walker's home AND in attendance at Oswald's FPCC Leafletting Fracas is * no* coincidence. Peace D
  6. Doug Campbell

    Michael Best's compilation of vital research sources

    Mr.Caddy, Thanks for this. Very cool. Peace, Doug
  7. Doug Campbell

    New Book!

    Thank You VERY MUCH, Mr. Trejo! You still owe me a podcast conversation, ya know... Peace D
  8. Doug Campbell

    New Book!

    Forum Members, Part 2 of my conversation with Dr. Jeffery Caufield on Guy Banister and his Ultra-Right affiliations is up this morning. Enjoy. Peace, D. https://22novembernetwork.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/the-dallas-actionpt-75-fear-and-loathing-on-the-hard-right-the-strange-terrible-saga-of-w-guy-banister-pt-2-with-dr-jeffery-caufield/
  9. Doug Campbell

    New Book!

    Mr. Trejo, Thanks for the kind words! (Although ALL credit must go to Dr. Caufield; I was very much "along for the ride".) Part 2 of the Banister conversation will upload Monday 10/19. Next, a 2 parter focusing on the third of what we referred to as "The Unholy Triumvirate" in this show, Walker his-own-bad-self, in a few weeks. Peace, D.
  10. Doug Campbell

    New Book!

    Forum Members, I humbly offer Part 2 of my conversations with Dr. Jeffery Caufield, "The Strange & Terrible Saga Of W. Guy Banister Pt.1." Peace, D https://22novembernetwork.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/the-dallas-actionpt-74-the-strange-terrible-saga-of-w-guy-banister-pt-1-with-dr-jeffery-caufield/
  11. Doug Campbell

    New Book!

    Paul. My *gut* still tells me that Hoover wasn't complicit in the Murder Plot, but it's hard to ignore the "willful ignorance"(as refered to during my conversation with Dr.Caufield) on the part of Hoover re: the "multiple murder" plots by Walker, Gen. Del Valle, etc. that the FBI was unquestionably~based on documentation discovered by Dr. Caufield~ fully aware of as early as 1962. Two things that kinda stand out to me at this point as Hard To Walk Around: A. In the days following The Hit, when SA Adams was dispatched to interview/ interrogate Milteer, his superiors *failed to inform him of the Somerset Tape*. B. The Drennan/Robert K. Brown documents~ During April of '63(a Busy Month, no?) Drennan spills the beans to the FBI re: the organization of radical-right hit teams, even *naming Walker specifically*. Then, less than seven days later, Brown tells the FBI that HE'S being recruited for these same hit teams~by Stanley Drennan. NONE of which~maybe most significantly the Milteer/Somerset tape~ever sees the light of day during the Warren Proceedings. Willful Ignorance or a Helping Hand? In short, I'm still very much reserving judgement on Hoover. There's MUCH new info in Dr. Caufield's book, which will require MUCH Critical Thought. Peace, D
  12. Doug Campbell

    New Book!

    Thank You, Paul. You DO need to come back on! We had planned that, hadn't we? Peace, D
  13. Doug Campbell

    New Book!

    Mr. Paul, Thanks, Buddy. Hope all is well, and don't be such a stranger! You are welcome any time. Peace, D.
  14. Doug Campbell

    New Book!

    https://22novembernetwork.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/the-dallas-actionpt-72-walker-banister-and-joseph-milteer-with-dr-jeffery-caufield/ Forum Members, HERE is the Working Link to my recent conversation on my humble podcast with Dr. Caufield. (Apparently, I was not sufficiently caffeinated when attempting to post earlier.) Sorry about the above! Peace, D