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  1. Pushed back closer to the assassination anniversary for obvious reasons I reckon...
  2. Folks on Facebook will recognize this young "researcher" and JFK Group Admin apparently now in a relationship with this person...so who knows what the hell is going on.🤷‍♀️
  3. Well with this a weird one...but figured I'd throw it out there for those who need a good laugh today. There is a young woman on social media going by the name Kelsey Fitzgerald Kennedy, that is claiming some pretty in credible things.... That she is the secret love child of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette. That after her parents apparent demise, she was raised on Lolita Island by Jeffery Epstein and sexually abused by the elite. That Lee Harvey Oswald's grandson named Alec Richmond is stalking her online because some evil force wants them married and to procreate.
  4. Things that need explaining... Not one rent receipt for O.H. Lee was found among his possessions or presented by the Johnson's in the form of a receipt book. As Steve pointed out, they had been renting rooms going back into the 1950's and were business owners, you would think this is something they would do to keep track of things. They say they used one...why was it not introduced as evidence to the WC? Why didn't they try to sell it after the fact if it contained supposedly 8 different instances of payment by "O.H. Lee"? They certainly wanted to do that with the measly scrap of paper with his alleged O.H. Lee signature on it. Why would Oswald use an alias while allegedly staying at N. Beckley, but use his real name at Mary Bledsoe's and the YMCA? When it comes to police being dispatched to Beckley at 2:40 p.m., why would Oswald tell them his address right away if he's being so secretive about it? They asked him upon searching his wallet whether he was Lee Oswald or Alek Hidell, and according to Gerry Hill he said, "You're the detective, you figure it out." Only after it was established who he actually was, and where he worked did he start answering questions. If he was living at Beckley under an alias, why tell them about it at all? Let them figure it out....and they would not figure it out that quickly, unless somebody already knew...(Hosty)(FBI) Why were none of his possessions photographed or inventoried in situ at Beckley? Where's the sea bag with Oswald stenciled on it? Why would Oswald use the O.H. Lee alias when he had one already in Alek Hidell? Rearranging your real names is not the most ingenious tactic to create an alias. It sounds like a DPD invention to blend H.L. Lee and LHO into "Mr. Lee" as "everyone" allegedly called him. Where is Oswald's room key or house key? Renters would be okay with having their rooms unlocked and wide open while they are at work, with 15 -20 other people living in the house? I know I wouldn't be cool with that, especially with the low life drifter types that rented rooms by the week. Especially if I had a pistol and Communist literature among my belongings. Why did Oswald have a "Mexican" ashtray at Beckley...when he didn't smoke? Hoping Marina would come over? Was it supposed to be a gift never given? Pretty sure he didn't like the fact that she smoked and wouldn't have encouraged it with an ashtray. The gray jacket found, that he supposedly zipping up as he left Beckley, could not be tied to Oswald in any way, and Marina even stated he did not own one like it. If it was Oswald leaving the rooming house at 1:04 according to Earlene Roberts, and then seen standing at the bus stop on Zangs, then he never could have made it to 10th and Patton in time to kill Tippit. Why did Bledsoe ask him to leave because he was so loud and obnoxious, when he was described as silent and standoffish at Beckley? If Debrueys followed Oswald to Dallas, he would likely have been keeping tabs on his whereabouts. Hosty was obviously in keeping tabs on the Oswalds as well. You telling me somebody wasn't watching this former defector to the Soviet Union and his Russian MVD connected (likely spy) wife? Why did Oswald ask for the FBI when arrested in New Orleans. Why was he allegedly associated by many people with former FBI super agent Guy Banister? If they were watching him, surely traveling to Mexico and trying to re-defect via Cuba, creating scenes at the Cuban and Russian Consulates, would have sparked a renewed interest in Oswald's movements upon returning...if it was him that actually went...if it wasn't, even more interest as to what was up with this guy from the CIA and FBI. It seems to me that someone was probably always watching the Oswalds from the moment they returned to America. Whether it was Banister, or other folks with CIA connections like Jack Martin and David Ferrie in NOLA, and DeMorenschildt and Ruth Paine in Dallas. They were opening his mail, so how do they not know he mail ordered guns using an alias?
  5. I can think of two who specifically use her for their work...Ed Haslam who we're all familiar with, and John DeLane William's, both coincidentally Trine Day authors...
  6. Then Kris Millegan should run the conference, the fact remains it IS Judyth's Conference as shown by the LLC filing posted above. I get why its chock full of Trine Day authors...he can write off paying everybody's expenses to come to Dallas and speak as a business promotional expense. CAPA cannot do this. Again, just because you are invited, doesnt mean you have to accept. You wanna come to Dallas, foot your bill like everyone else, book a room, and buy a ticket. You say look Kris, "I appreciate the offer but on principal, I just can't be a part of anything that Judyth Baker has her hands in." End of discussion. And she was front and center...she was a featured speaker at that conference, she, not Kris, and the other fraud Bev Oliver were the face of the Grassy Knoll observance, and her meeting with Oliver Stone overshadowed anything that happened at either conference. She is the catalyst as to why this "community" is so fractured and now imploding. The difference between Deb Conway and JVB, is that the allegations against Deb were speculation and couldn't be proven in any way. JVB is a provable fraud and has been exposed from every way possible over the years by David Josephs, Greg Parker, Barb Junkkarien, Pamela Brown, Walt Brown, Carmine Savastano, Chuck Ochelli, and countless others...and those are just the CT's who have exposed her, not to mention Reitzes, McAdams...etc. To not know at this point is willful ignorance.
  7. No offense taken, just a lively discussion buddy! I'm more than real confident the JFK Historical Group members support her story. I heard firsthand six years ago from Denton, Tatro and company sing her praises at their first collaborative conference in DC. They've been hand in hand ever since. It matters if a fraud is running the only JFK conference in Dallas...at least to me, and it should to any serious researcher. It IS akin to James Files running a Dallas based conference, as they are both fraudulent mythmakers. Again, folks that agree to speak there are supporting the entity (JVB) or (Files) that is running the conference. Lending it credence and credibility where there should be none. Attached is the shot of JVB from the JFK historical website...
  8. Hi S.T.! I would just point out, Trine Day is responsible for publishing and promoting Judyth's books as fact and gospel. I would go so far as to say she is their "cash cow". I would also say they publish books from other questionable authors such as Ed Haslam, St. John Hunt, Chauncey Holt, Christopher Fulton, and James Tague or anyone else they feel they can make a buck off of. The point I was making about the conference in Kansas City in relation to CAPA, is that at least 3 CAPA board members so far are speaking there. And they wonder why their organization is imploding...yet they remain indignant and quick to blame other researchers for their demise. (See attached picture) As for Judyth, she was at the Midwest Conference last year as a featured speaker, she is featured prominently on their website, they obviously endorse her and her story. The reason she is not back this year is likely because she could have sued Denton and company for her supposed fall last year, but instead decided to bilk her followers for thousands of dollars to pay for her "injuries"
  9. If folks are given a choice of conferences that are going on at the same time, that both charge an expensive entry fee (which I understand, venues cost money...sometimes speakers need costs covered) then I would say they are competing entities. I see Wecht, Newman, and Aguilar are speaking in Kansas City now for Denton and company...anywhere there is a podium huh? Unbelievable...its no wonder CAPA is doomed. The main issue here is that Judyth Baker is a provable fraud and huckster who has shylocked her way into the position she is in now. Soliciting thousands of dollars from her cult like following of believers by claiming everything from deadly spider bites, needing surgery she never got, a motorized scooter she doesn't use, and CIA sponsored hacking of her computers and bank accounts...its laughable. And anyone associating themselves with her or her conference, should be ashamed. Would you speak at the James Files Conference Vince? How bout the Loy Factor Conference? Over the years it has been the "fringe" conference, supporting views of the LBJ did it crowd, Oswald in the doorway, limo stop, Z film alteration, watch finding, and every other debunked and disproved theory you can imagine. Now, because Judyth/Trine Day aligned herself with the "JFK Historical Group", another laughable ragtag group of questionable researchers with an official sounding name, they attract more speakers who previously wouldn't have given her the time of day. Speaking at her conference or associating yourself with her, is validating her existence. The pathetic excuse that CAPA didnt ask me to speak, but she did, and I got a nice shiny award for the mantle...doesnt fly, it's a choice. CAPA has no one to blame but themselves for this debacle...and people like you that choose a podium over a chair, have no one else to blame for the rise of Judyth Baker leading the conference scene in Dallas...enjoy that for years to come!
  10. According to CAPA member Bill Kelly, there was big blowup at the last CAPA meeting over the blowback from the Oliver Stone/Judyth Baker debacle. Even capitulating that JFK Conferences LLC should pick up half of Oliver Stone's travel, lodging expenses and speaking fee. Because of the blowback, Kelly is blaming critics of the 2019 CAPA conference for its impending demise. I offer that they brought it upon themselves cavorting with Judyth and recognizing her conference as legitimate. The simple fact that their own Chairman of the Board Cyril Wecht, chose to speak at her conference, AND speak on the Grassy Knoll with her group..and it was her group doing the Knoll ceremony along with other noted fraud Beverly Oliver, coupled with Oliver Stone spending more time over there at her conference than at CAPA that are the main issues here. If CAPA goes, this leaves fraud Judyth Baker the sole Dallas-based conference. As Bill so eloquently said..."Congratulations" 🙄 This is what it has come to...if you cant do and run the Dallas conference correctly and successfully, then maybe it is time to go. Hell...even John Newman is speaking at the next JudyCon/TrineDay/JFKHistoricalGroup conference in April in Kansas City...Really guys?
  11. Ahhh.... so he nicked David's research with no credit? Why am I not suprised? 🙄
  12. Oswald, or whomever was impersonating him, made several trips to the Cuban Embassy. One explanation for the similar documents are different visa application numbers. Supposedly Duran had to help "Oswald" fill out his application...maybe something was wrong on his first attempt and had to fill out another on returning to the embassy. The visa application numbers to me look different. The official one is supposed to be 779. The beginning seven of each number looks different. Rivera is alleging both numbers to be 779, this does not appear to be the case. It also explains two different versions of the signatures. While not identical in size, the identifiers of how he wrote his "L"s, "H"s, and "O"s being the same. These documents were signed by the same person...Oswald or not. With one being an official one with the stamp, the other probably placed in a file and turned over with whatever else was in the Consulate paperwork file. I would also add that Rivera does not say where the other document was found or comes from. With his past track record of questionable research...i.e. The JFK Horsemen and alleging a limo stop long enough to for a motorcylcle cop to get off his bike and pick up a piece of skull and the whole Altgens 6 allegations of fakery with massive alteration going on to turn LHO into Billy Lovelady, association with Fetzer, CInque, and Hooke, I take his "research" with a grain of salt.
  13. Oswald could have been told to plant that rifle in the bulding...remember, it was purchased by AJ Hidell, a Castro sympathizer and supporter. Oswald may not have thought the rifle could ever be traced back to him. Maybe he was told of a plot to just shoot at and scare Kennedy into taking action against Castro, the rifle would be found and tied back to the mysterious Hidell. Oswald could have told Frazier a myriad of reasons to bring the gun to work. Rifles had been brought into the TSBD the day before and shown to Roy Truly. Maybe he told Frazier he was going to drop it off after work to get worked on? Maybe he told Frazier someone was going to buy it...it doesn't have to be ominous, he could have told Frazier anything. This whole rifle in pieces thing is ridiculous...the stock was only 4" or 5" shorter than it would be fully assembled. The juice wouldn't be worth the squeeze...
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