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  1. Hey Micah, I interviewed him in 2014...here's the link https://www.spreaker.com/user/7336374/ep-30-dennis-david
  2. Here is an interview of Ronald Fischer for those interested...by Mark Oakes! Courtesy of Bart Kamp...via Malcolm Blunt Just click play, it will automatically start at the right part.
  3. I believe it is Robert Edwards or Ronald Fisher....can't ever remember which one 😆
  4. Sometimes a side by side comparison is useful in helping to ascertain a true identity. To my eye, it's a no-brainer... Look at the jawline, the chin, mouth shape, upper lip, nose, brow ridge, eyes, earlobes...its the same guy! They were just bums, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. I know lots of folks want to crucify the LaFontaines, most of it deserved...but they did find the arrest reports of the tramps and John Elrod. You can think they're fake or planted, arrested twice, or two sets of tramps...but back it up with some evidence. We have these reports, Doyle and Gedney were interviewed separately, years apart and both corroborated the arrest report. The inconsistencies, such as what train car they were on when arrested can be attributed to many years gone by, and much alcohol abuse.
  5. Thank you for posting Mr. Caddy! Actually, he joins us....to discuss the life and death of Antonio Veciana. Full show description - IN THIS EPISODE~ Rob & Doug are joined in the first half of the show by Chairman of the Assassination Archives & Research Center ALAN DALE for a lively, detailed, and in-depth discussion centered on the life & story(ies) of former Anti-Castro Crusader and Alpha66 Operative Antonio Veciana, (who recently passed away in Florida) and the ever-growing problems with his ever-morphing tale of the shadowy CIA Agent whom he alleged recruited him, 'Maurice Bishop", the man he later *claimed* to have seen with Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963. Then in the 2nd half, we go into a myriad of topics, including: The holes in the "LBJ-As-Mastermind"-Theories; Strange documents found in The Archives, Lee Oswald's behavior while in the custody of The Dallas Police, Buell Wesley Frazier's upcoming book, listener emails and MUCH, MUCH MORE! JOIN US! https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/38526855/download.mp3 Written & Hosted By Rob Clark & Doug Campbell Recorded & Produced By Grant Wilson
  6. Seems from his alleged actions in the Marines, our government would've wanted him court-martialed upon returning from Russia...and he had the testicular fortitude to ask that his dishonorable discharge be reversed after causing "thousands of man hours" be expended to change radar codes and call signs for the entire West Coast and Japan. Also alleged by John Donovan, his former Supervisor, was that Oswald got drunk and cursed an Officer, would bait and try to make Officers look stupid, and also dated the same airline stewardess that Donovan had?
  7. I'm merely suggesting it....five of his coworkers testified that was the case. It would have only added 5 mins or so to Buell Frazier's commute each way...would you do that for a friend who worked at the same place you did that didn't have a car? I'm saying folks that ride the bus to and from work, generally do so on a daily basis. The bus driver would normally drive the same routes everyday...so where are they? Why didn't the WC try to establish this? They seemingly looked into every other aspect of Oswald's life... The bus stop was literally on the corner of Zangs and Beckley...the rooming house is the second house down from the corner, definitely observable from anyone peeking out the window of the rooming house. Curious indeed....
  8. Can anyone point me in the direction of anything in the official record that explains how Oswald got to and from work while allegedly staying in the Beckley Rooming House? It seems odd to me that no witnesses (normal, everyday take the bus to work folks) ever came forward as having recognized LHO from their daily commutes. Anyone ever talk to him? Eye contact? Observed behavior? i.e. read a book or newspaper, chatty, stared out the window... I mean it would be pretty jarring to most, to realize they had been sharing public transportation for a month and a half with the alleged assassin of the POTUS...told their story to a local paper or radio station?? You would think the WC would have tried to establish this...interviewed the normal bus route driver, fellow passengers...etc? I know Earlene Roberts may have said he would wait at the bus stop...or near it on the corner of Zangs and Beckley, but did she ever see him board a bus? I'm very familiar with stories of co-workers Jarman, Norman, Shields, Gibson, and Lewis stating to the HSCA that Frazier always brought Oswald to work, and that they would normally park behind the TSBD on the curve of Houston St. Is it out of the realm of possibility that nice guy Buell Frazier would do this? And if he did, it implies a more layered relationship than he insists that it was.
  9. Of course the CIA funded certain anti-Castro groups and had contacts / informants in some. He dangled the Bishop/Philips carrot in front of Gaeton Fonzi to get him out of prison...and it worked! A couple years later he's shot in the head and lives, which definitely adds an aura of mystique to his story, despite there being no "documented proof" of Phillips connection to Alpha 66. If someone can find some, I'd like to see it. "The commission attempted to see if Veciana could identify Phillips as being "Bishop". Veciana insisted that he was not the same person and moreover that he had never met Phillips before either. Some committee members (and also lead investigator Gaeton Fonzi) doubted Veciana, reasoning that he should have at least recognized Phillips, a high-profile officer so heavily involved in Cuban operations."
  10. Hey Kirk! As much as it pains me, because personally I think Newman is an arrogant xxxxx at times (from the condescending way he treated his assistant in Dallas at the conference and him blowing our scheduled interview off...but that's another story) He has pretty much decimated the Philips/Veciana/Bishop myth. Of course to begin with, all we had to go on was an assertion from a real piece of human trash in Veciana and his "story". A former HSCA investigator beleiving Veciana, and I don't put any faith in the so called "eyewitness accounts" of JVB and Wynne Johnson in seeing the 3 meet in Dallas. I'm saying that there is no documentable proof of ties between Philips/Veciana/Alpha 66. RFK Jr is either a horrible researcher or he is getting his information from someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. Not neccessarily Jim D., as he was in Dallas and saw Newman's presentation as well. It's not like he doesn't know the truth. Thank you! I try to bring long forgotten or little known info up that I find out there! Thank you for listening!
  11. We go more in depth on this topic and more on the newest Quick Hits Podcast.... https://www.spreaker.com/user/thelonegunman/qh-ep-11
  12. Where is he getting his info? So much bad, dis, and mis-information is stated by RFK Jr. in this interview it's cringe worthy....
  13. His account was frozen due to a complaint, and he demanded it be deleted...😪
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