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  1. New Article by John Armstrong

  2. New Article by John Armstrong

    Let's hear BERNIE LAVERICK explain the above! C'MON, BERNIE!!!
  3. New Article by John Armstrong

    Maybe Bernie Laverick can come to the rescue of the Warren Commission apologists. Let's hear from BERNIE!
  4. New Article by John Armstrong

    Here is what my friend wrote even earlier.... It seems to me that you are not familiar with Mr Parker, his website, or his agenda... The beauty of what you wrote is that you apparently have no knowledge of the Harvey & Lee theory or Mr Parker and his credulous agenda yet you managed to suss out the important details in both.... Mr Parker is the head cult leader of the notorious "Reopen Kennedy Case" website (ROKC).... His group focuses on vandalizing the evidence to the Kennedy assassination by taking a pre-emptive contrarian view to the accepted evidence for conspiracy and offering alternate opinions.... This deliberate destruction of the finer evidence for the conspiracy is self-referred to by ROKC as "thinking outside the box', but it is really just an ill-minded attempt to attack the known conspiracy evidence and try to get people to take them seriously.... Unfortunately they have fooled some less cautious conspiracy figures.... In reality the group is a collection of ill-inspired hacks who see their mangling of the evidence as enlightened breakthrough interpretations of what people failed to see before when the truth is it is a sad collection of internet "Skeptics" who dwell on a perverse sense of misguided sophistry to the degree of intellectual disease.... Please do not take this man or his group seriously.... Parker's Asperger's theory for Oswald was driven by his need to get around John Armstrong's evidence for a CIA double named "Harvey" who was used as an espionage trick to send a false defector in to Russia.... As you so wisely detected this person came from New York and did not have the southern accent Lee did.... Parker has a cult following who accept whatever he claims, however common sense tells you that any Asperger's condition that was severe enough to cause such results would have been noticeable and therefore prevented Oswald's admission to the US Marines.... As you wisely detected, Mr Parker's bogus "skepticism" mirrors the denial thought processes of Lone Nutters and other infamous deniers like David Von Pein.... If you don't know, Oswald's Russian abilities arise from "Harvey" (Oswald's CIA double) having a family background in spoken Russian and therefore adapting to it naturally - as was the plan in order to make him useful in his false defection to the Soviet Union.... Yes, Mr Parker is inventing a type of mental condition for Oswald, only he is doing it to get around evidence for a CIA doubles program involving Oswald.... Mr Parker is a fool and xxxx..."Idiot Savant" was first described in 1887 by Dr John Langdon Down...Mr Parker's attempt at Lemonade Stand Pop Psychology is laughable and pathetic seeing how it is only being used to dishonestly deny the obvious evidence for Harvey & Lee... My e-friend is pretty smart. Even smarter than Greg Parker and the CIA.
  5. New Article by John Armstrong

    Since you continue to invoke Mr. Parker as if he matters here, let me offer up the following analysis of Mr. Parker's work from my e-pal of many years. My e-friend thinks Mr. Parker is nothing but a fraud. My e-friend's YouTube commentary is presented here with the express permission of the original poster. Here is what he said about Greg Parker: You have to have a total grasp of where Parker is coming from in order to understand the exact flaws in what he is trying to do... I'm glad however that you once again sussed out the critical flaws in his approach without any understanding of the "Harvey & Lee" background of this issue... Greg is the first person to demand precise methodology and evidence when he is dodging someone else's good claims, but typical of his ROKC group does not demand the same from himself..."Grandiose" might be one way of describing Parker's approach... I have some other words to add.... Because you haven't participated in the general debate you are not aware that Parker is trying to hide symptoms of Lee Oswald being doubled-over by the CIA double "Harvey" behind pseudo analyses of psychiatric conditions.... Parker is trying to portray the anti-social secretive behavior of a CIA spy as being due to Asperger's syndrome, but as you cleverly figured out it doesn't wash according to common sense and Oswald's real profile that Parker avoids by drawing you to his bogus lectures... What Parker isn't being honest about is the fact Lee probably showed those psychiatric quirks because he was part of a CIA program that went back to his childhood and may have even murdered his father.... Because Lee was raised in this intel bubble in a dysfunctional family he exhibited mental traits equal to such an average southern boy in such a situation.... Maybe even Marguerite too.... Parker ignores the true cause and interpretation of this diagnosis in order to contrive his specious Asperger's theory...A wise observer would realize that Parker is making up this Aspergers explanation exactly because he is aware that Oswald's learning of Russian has no good explanation if it was just Oswald alone... Also, Parker is not honestly mentioning that Oswald had no time to learn Russian according to his Marine schedule... Moreover the Asperger's Parker refers to is an extreme condition that displays overt symptoms that military doctors and overseers would not miss... The savant aspects of Aspergers exist in an inverse relationship where the worse the condition the more the individual is able to perform the intuitive skill he focuses on... So just like you said, this would leave the individual unable to perform in the normal range and the Marines do not miss such defects...But even further, in his response Parker seems to confuse what Moorek is saying.... This is typical of Parker because he avoids information he can't give an honest answer to.... Moorek was not talking about Oswald's learning of Russian she was talking about the fact that the Oswald heard in the police station and on radio shows did not have the noticeable southern accent of Lee Harvey Oswald and that it was not linguistically normal to 'unlearn' such a core language feature under Oswald's circumstances... This is what John Armstrong was also saying in his book 'Harvey & Lee' and the explanation for it is that the Oswald you are seeing in those scenes is a CIA double from Manhattan whose family had a background in Russian language through Hungary... Mr Parker is not explaining why his language savant Oswald did not pick-up Spanish in his interactions with the Cuban exiles?...Oswald also showed skill in concealing his covert activities for an alleged Asperger's victim.... Why do you continue to invoke Mr. Parker to defend the Warren Commission? Why is Mr. Parker always endorsed by Warren Commission apologists like you? Do you think any of us believe him? Explain to us why Mr. Parker was banned from this forum, and the Deep Politics forum, and why we should believe you that we should believe him. Why should we consider him to be anything but yet another shill for the Warren Commission, just like you? Just askin'.
  6. New Article by John Armstrong

    You guys wouldn't be impressed with signed, notarized confessions by Phillips and Hunt. You'd just make excuses that they were both senile, or trying to become famous, or that they both laughed inappropriately. You guys clearly don't have any interest at all in asking why the HSCA didn't even bother to find out what a "Cuban stress analysis" was in the first place... or if they did why they hid the information from us. After all, we're only talking about the alleged assassin of JFK. You don't want to think about the fact that Wilcott clearly wanted to take a lie detector test, in addition to the fact that a "Cuban stress analysis verified Wilcott validity," in addition to the fact that he and his attorney clearly told the HSCA far more than he was allowed to say in open testimony. By all means, let's just pretend we believe you and trust the Warren Report!
  7. New Article by John Armstrong

    There WERE two "Lee Harvey Oswalds" in the Dallas area at the time of the assassination. There is a lengthy book about them called Harvey and Lee. Mr. Trejo is now asking if there was a THIRD "Lee Harvey Oswald" in the area at the time. That strikes me as extremely unlikely, but I'll try to remember to ask John about it. He DID get a copy of the 1956 telephone dirctory from New Orleans, which shows no "Lee Oswalds", no "Harvey Oswalds" and no "Lee Harvey Oswalds," but, interestingly enough, two "Marguerite Oswalds," one abbreviated as "Margt." Clearly, though, no amount of "homework," and no amount of evidence would lead Mr. Trejo to publicly admit that there were two "Lee Harvey Oswalds" involved in a U.S. Intel operation when Harvey "defected" to the U.S.S.R. and around the time JFK was assassinated. He just will not admit this sort of thing. Another example is when Mr. Trejo and I argued about the testimony of CIA accountant James Wilcott, who testified that he made payments to an encrypted account for "Lee Harvey Oswald" and that the cryptonym for the "Oswald Project" was RX-ZIM. Even though Mr. Wilcott passed a voice stress analysis test apparently called a "Cuban stress analysis," and even though he said that he would "gladly submit to a polygraph examination," Mr. Trejo will have none of it. Mr. Trejo refuses to consider any information indicating there were two "Lee Harvey Oswalds" deeply involved in U.S. Intel operations of the era, and that the "Oswald Project," as Mr. Wilcott referred to it, was funded by the CIA. He refuses to recognize this fact citing any number of objections, including improperly vetted testimony and statements, poor or non-existent follow-ups, and rhetorical tricks of the debating trade, despite the fact that he knows full well that official investigations into the assassination and the biography of "Lee Harvey Oswald" were nothing but expensive cover-ups. No amount of evidence will be sufficient for Mr. Trejo if it points to the fact that the "Oswald Project" was a creature of the CIA.
  8. New Article by John Armstrong

    Mr. Walton would like us to believe that the mug shot of "Lee Harvey Oswald" published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram at the time of Harvey Oswald's defection is normal. See, says Mr. Walton, posting pictures of Elvis Presley, Donald Duck, and the Man on the Moon, there is nothing unusual here. They just couldn't do any better in 1959. This is the spittin' image of "Lee Harvey Oswald," eh? And here's the "retransmitted" AP/WWP photo. Looks just like "Lee Harvey Oswald," doesn't it? Mr. Walton assures us this sort of thing is completely normal. Just ask him! Maybe he can post pictures of Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster to show us how normal this is. Mr. Walton doesn't want to even think about the real reason the photo published in the paper is so terrible, and that reason is this: The man born as Lee Harvey Oswald was not the Russian-speaking teenager who assumed his identity and worked as a U.S. spy in Moscow and Minsk from 1959 to 1962. But a few people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area might have known the man born as LEE Harvey Oswald well enough to see that a clear picture of the man who took his identity, HARVEY Oswald, looked slightly different. And so we have a picture that Mr. Walton tries endlessly to 'splain with no success.
  9. New Article by John Armstrong

    Thanks, Sandy. I knew Mr. Trejo’s statement couldn’t possibly be true because there was no greater support of Harvey and Lee than the late, great Jack White. I miss him enormously. Mr. Trejo typically uses evidence of a second “Lee Harvey Oswald” to declare the evidence invalid because he insists there was only one Oswald and evidence is therefore wrong. This technique will no doubt fool Michael Walton, but it won’t fool me (or you)!
  10. New Article by John Armstrong

    All of this nit-picking is, of course, completely irrelevant. Mr. Trejo knows full well there was never an adequate investigation into this case or the real biography of “Lee Harvey Oswald.” The point Mr. Trejo doesn’t want to admit is that multiple workers at the Texas Department of Public Safety License Records Dept. said that “Lee Harvey Oswald” had a Texas driver’s license and that it was returned to the office less than a week after the assassination. Mr. Trejo writes that because the license was worn and stained, as if carried in a wallet for some time, it was probably not carried by Classic Oswald®, who only lived in Texas for a short time before the assassination. And that is reasonable. Many people, including Marina, Robert, and both Paines said Classic Oswald® did not have a driver’s license and did not drive. The man who DID have a diver’s license was the man born as “Lee Harvey Oswald,” who was active in the U.S. working with anti-Castro paramilitary forces while Classic Oswald® (Harvey) was in the Soviet Union. The same American-born "Lee Harvey Oswald" worked with Jack Ruby in Dallas in 1963 while Harvey and Marina were in New Orleans. For details on the Russia/U.S. Oswalds, see: Harvey in Russia... Lee in the USA Lee framed Harvey for the assassination of JFK. That is what John Armstrong’s new write-up is about. Read it here: Setting up HARVEY Oswald as the “Patsy”
  11. New Article by John Armstrong

    You're kidding, right?
  12. New Article by John Armstrong

    With all due respect, I don't believe you. Jack White posted on this forum for many years. Please point to ANYTHING at this site that backs up your claim that Mr. White indicated that the photo below was FAKED by the Russians.
  13. New Article by John Armstrong

    Mr. Trejo likes to talk about WC criticism which is “old, moldy, and tired,” and yet to critique Harvey and Lee and the setup of Harvey, he resorts to the oldest, moldiest, and tiredest story of them all: The Warren Commission. Mr. Trejo would like us to believe that the concerted effort to frame Harvey Oswald in advance as the likely assassin-to-be of JFK was just a case of mistaken identity by the witnesses. That’s what the Warren Commission often concluded. And that’s the argument Sylvia Meagher demolished half a century ago. From Accessories After the Fact:
  14. New Article by John Armstrong

    Do you really not understand the evidence you are trying to deny? The Texas driver's license was held by the American-born LEE Harvey Oswald, the Oswald who was living in and around Dallas after HARVEY Oswald went back to New Orleans. American-born Oswald, who spent time around Jack Ruby, was seen by many people in the Dallas area while Harvey and Marina were in New Orleans. He probably had the driver's license long enough for it to have become worn. We may well have a picture of LEE Oswald at Ruby's club. There is lots of evidence of American-born LEE Oswald living and working around Dallas while Harvey and Marina were in New Orleans. For example.... In the summer of 1963 Dorothy Marcum was dating Ruby and her aunt worked for Ruby. Dorothy told the FBI that LEE Oswald worked for Ruby during June and July and the two men definitely knew each other. Ruby was interviewing Francis Irene Hise for a job as a waitress when a young man entered the Carousel Club and Ruby said “Hi, Ozzie” to the young man. After she was hired Miss Hise served drinks to “Ozzie," whom she recognized after the assassination as LHO. Another employee, Clyde Malcolm Limbough, worked for Ruby three years and saw Oswald in Ruby's office on several occasions. Helen Kay Smith (“Pixie Lynn”), who worked at the Carousel, told the Dallas Police that she saw Ruby and Oswald together on several occasions. Other employees of Ruby who saw Oswald in the Carousel Club were William Crowe, Wally Weston, Dixie Lynn, and Kathy Kay. Robert Roy was Ruby's auto mechanic and said that Oswald used to drop off Ruby's car for repairs. Roy then drove Oswald back to Ruby's “burlesque house.” Ruby parked his car at Gibbs Auto Service and occasionally allowed friends and associates to borrow his car. Leon Woods was the manager of Gibbs and kept a “check-in and check-out” book that listed the names of people who took Ruby's car from the garage. Mr. Woods gave the book to the FBI following the assassination of President Kennedy, which the FBI later denied. During the last week of July (1963) Western Union employee Marshall Hicks delivered several telegrams addressed to “LEE Harvey Oswald” at the Rotary Apartments, 1501-1503 W. 7th St. in Dallas (while HARVEY and Marina were living in New Orleans). The FBI made no attempt to locate copies of these telegrams. DPD Detective H.M. Hart, of the Criminal Intelligence Division, received information from a Dallas Police confidential informant who knew Ruby. The informant said that in September (1963) Ruby rented an apartment at 223 S. Ewing for LEE Oswald. NOTE: Journalist Dorothy Kilgallen wrote in the New York Journal American (June 6, 1964): “It is known that 10 persons have signed sworn depositions to the Warren Commission that they knew Oswald and Ruby to have been acquainted.” At 20, "Little Lynn" (in private life, Karen Carlin) was Jack's youngest stripper. With long locks of artificially colored gray hair, Lynn had the body of swimsuit contestant—but, on stage, wore little other than a big smile, pink heels and a matching G-string. On November 24, 1963, Little Lynn told U.S. Secret Service agent Roger Warner that she, in his words, "was under the impression that Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, and other individuals unknown to her, were involved in a plot to assassinate President Kennedy and that she would be killed if she gave any information to authorities." Lynn reportedly died of a gunshot wound in Houston in 1964. During the first week of September, Louisiana gubernatorial candidate Clyde Johnson was residing temporarily at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. A man telephoned Johnson, introduced himself as Alton Bernard, and asked to meet with him. Johnson agreed and soon Bernard, accompanied by a young man named “Leon,” arrived at Johnson's hotel room. About 10 minutes later a third man arrived and was introduced as “Jack." Johnson watched as Mr. Bernard opened his briefcase and handed thick, brown envelopes to Jack, Leon and to himself. The envelope given to Johnson contained $5000 in cash, for his gubernatorial campaign. After the assassination of President Kennedy, Johnson identified “Leon” as Lee Harvey Oswald and “Jack” as Jack Ruby. Years later Johnson identified a photograph of Clay Shaw as the man who introduced himself as “Alton Bernard” at the Roosevelt Hotel. Gubernatorial candidate Clyde Johnson was a very credible witness who met Clay Shaw, Jack Ruby and LEE Harvey Oswald in the summer of 1963. Johnson was scheduled to testify at Clay Shaw's trial in New Orleans, but was badly beaten and unable to appear. A short while later he was murdered by a shotgun blast. In early September Antonio Veciana observed his long-time CIA contact “Maurice Bishop” talking with LEE Oswald at the Southland Building in Dallas, a few blocks from the Carousel Club. “Maurice Bishop” was later identified by HSCA investigator Gaeton Fonzi as David Atlee Phillips--a high level CIA agent (Mexico City Station) who became the CIA's “Chief of Western Hemisphere." Phillips, a native of Ft. Worth, was very close to Gordon McLendon, the owner of Dallas radio station KLIF. McLendon had been a Naval intelligence officer at Pearl Harbor in WWII and later founded the “Association of Former Intelligence (CIA) Officers” (click here to visit AFIO website). McLendon, who had known Phillips since junior high school in Ft. Worth, was also one of Jack Ruby's closest friends. [Above from HarveyandLee.net, the Jack Ruby page] And on and on. You should at least make an attempt to understand what you are trying to deny.
  15. New Article by John Armstrong

    Since I posted a couple of days ago his new article entitled Setting Up Harvey Oswald as the Patsy, John has written additional material for it. For example, this was added yesterday.... November 20, 1963. Two days before the assassination, on Wednesday, a package was mailed from the post office in Irving, TX to "Lee Oswald, 2515 W. 5th St, Irving, TX." The package was not delivered on Thursday because of insufficient postage (which is an indication the package was "dropped" into a mail box instead of taken to a postal clerk to be weighed). A notice of attempted delivery card was left by the postman in the Paine's mailbox (notice of $.12 postage due), which was found by police the day after the assassination among HARVEY Oswald's possessions. So, HARVEY Oswald received the notice of $ .12 postage due, but not the package.Irving parcel post carrier Harold Reed heard from co-workers that the Irving Post Office was holding a package for Lee Oswald. This package was held at the post office for nearly two weeks until finally, on December 4, it was "discovered" by Irving Postmaster C.G. Twiley in the "Nixie Section." The Nixie Section was for letters and packages with unknown addresses. This package was a brown padded mailing envelope postmarked "Irving, Tex 5:30 AM," with no legible date. A gummed label, with the handwritten words "Lee Oswald, 601 W. Nassau Street, Dallas, TX" was affixed to the envelope directly above the handwritten words "Irving, TX" that were handwritten on the mailing envelope (see below). It appears as though the gummed label was affixed to the mailing envelope in order to hide the original handwritten name and address on the brown mailing envelope. No effort was ever made to remove the gummed label. When opened by postal authorities the package was found to contain a folded brown paper bag that was opened at both ends. The bag was very similar in appearance, color, and texture to the brown paper bag found on the 6th floor of the Book Depository that the Warren Commission said was used by Oswald to carry the Italian rifle into the building. The author believes that HARVEY Oswald's uncharacteristic visit to the Paine's on Thursday evening, instead of on Friday, may have been to pick up this package. If HARVEY Oswald had received this package and removed the brown paper bag, then he would have unwittingly placed his fingerprints on the paper bag. This bag could then have been placed on the 6th floor of the TSBD for police to find with the intact fingerprints of HARVEY Oswald. This package, however, was in the Irving post office on 11/22/63, and the long paper bag found on the 6th floor did not contain Oswald's fingerprints.