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  1. I have the book titled "The Assasssination Story" Printed by American Eagle Publishing Co. & President Robert A. Surrey. As it's been stated, this book was apparently printed in the home of General Edwin. A. Walker. It consists of 100's of newspaper clippings all from both The Dallas Morning News & The Dallas Times Herald from dates as early as November 17, 1963 through Late December of 1963. Apparently there were only 3,000 printed & they had sold 900-1,000 before the Dallas Times Herald ordered a cease & desist against American Eagle to stop printing them. The only place I can find this book even mentioned is in The Warren Commission. The articles are simply amazing to read & have them all pulled together in one book. I'm not sure of "The Truth", as I do not believe the truth will ever be known. However, according to the articles in this book, it's hard to see that LHO was alone in this Assassination. I'm sure all these articles can be discovered on microfilm, however being that Dallas Times Herald closed its doors in 1991, I'm not sure of what happened to the history of their news articles. I'm very curious as to what people make of this book, published by Robert Surrey & obviously General Edwin Walker (even though he isn't listed). He is however mentioned in newspaper clippings.
  2. My name is Corey Westmoreland I am 37 years old. Born & Raised in Dallas, Texas I have had a fascination with this topic for as long as I can recall. I think since the first time I was shown the assassination location as a child. I have many interesting items pertaining to the JFK assassination & I believe I could show others some items never before seen.
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