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  1. Please add a brief outline of your proposed presentation here.
  2. You'll be driven straight to the school from the airport (15 minutes) in plenty of time to make the presentation on Thursday if the agenda and other arrival times demand it. Obviously if others arrive earlier they can go ahead of you. Expense claims can be made in Toulouse if you have copies of all appropriate original documentation (email confimation of flights and boarding cards with suffice). An expense claim form is attached to this. If other Gatwick departures can join John on this flight it does make life a little easier.e_help_expense_claim.doc
  3. Sounds perfect. As soon as we know if and when you'll be attending Toulouse, I'll try and work it into the agenda otherwise we have the more traditional members meeting in Stockholm.
  4. Absolutely. If needs be we could get around this by using hotels at Gatwick, but if at least some associates (Franck and those on the Manchester flight) can be ready to present on Thursday afternoon, we can begin to get through our agenda.
  5. Thanks John. It does make things a little easier if people are arriving and departing at similar times. Looking at the flight times, a 7h15 flight is not ideal so perhaps we could have those getting the London flight to get the 13.45. Remember, associates are expected a day later than members on the Thursday. This arrival will mean you go straight to your Toulouse hotel, the Crowne Plaza.. For those who can or prefer to join Roy on the Manchester flight will arrive at a time that means we can begin the presentations on Thursday afternoon. With it being the conference season, it has been difficult to find hotels with rooms for all four nights. On Wednesday 7th and Friday 9th and Saturday 10th June we will be at the Latitudes hotel which is relatively close to the school. Modern, with a pool and on a golf course, this will be our main base. http://www.maeva-latitudes-toulouse.com/ For the hotel on Thursday night in Toulouse we have booked the Crowne Plaza. This hotel sits right on Place Capital in the heart of Toulouse. This is where associates who arrive on Thursday will need to go. It is about 15 minutes from the airport. http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/cp/1/en/hd/tlsfr
  6. 1h30-2h00 is the norm. We hope to use a film of your presentation, possibly with a commissioned article in addition to the seminar you will produce here to introduce a European audience to the possibilities of IWBs. One session. Classroom. 16 or so e-Help memebers and invited associates. The room has IWB, speakers and is Internet connected. It is not my room and I don't use an IWB so I'll have to put you in touch with the teacher who does use it. It is a Promethean(?) board I believe. I don't think so. We like to see a presentation, be inspired and discuss. All very informal, although you will be filmed.
  7. Well within budget. Is there not a Thursday flight?
  8. BMI baby do Manchester-Toulouse. I guess this might be your easiest route? Alternatively, you can stay a night at Gatwick at e-Help's expense. Where possible we'd like Associates to arrive on the Thursday morning, leaving Sunday afternoon. If you can't, not to worry, we'll arrange the agenda around times you are available. I justdidn't want to limit people to Easyjet because they might be cheaper. As it turns out BA are also very competitive. This gives us a wider choice of flights.
  9. The biggest national immigrant group in the Toulouse region were actually Italian. A number of Italians featured in the local resistance.I had a student produce a piece of coursework on how 'French' the resistance was. Julien Bell There were a couple of aspects that fascinated him. One was that a local Gestapo leader was French and one of the local resistant leaders was German. The other was how the Frecnh state in choosing to memorialize the resistant, did so by giving the foreign resistor French names. In the work above, Julien includes a panel from the museum about the resistant Marcel Langer executed for his role in 1943. Mendel Langer was his real name, a veteran of the International Brigades. On the same panel, is the attack on the cinema in which an anti-semitic film was shown the night previously. The people behind the attack were: 'David freiman, Romanian, is killed in the blast; Rosine Bet, 21 year-old Italian, dies the next day of her wounds; Enzo Godeas, Italian, seriously wounded and captured by Vichy forces'. It is interesting that those who like to play this counterfactual game, try to draw conclusions from the occupation of the Channel Islands. Again I had a student last year who wrote (on this occasion a brilliant) piece of coursework attacking the popular current position that 'dipicts the Channel Islanders as “[laying] on their backs and [making] moaning noises" as the Germans invaded.' Robin Webb
  10. The geography department at the International School of Toulouse have recently launched a (bright orange) forum for teachers of the aforementioned subject. Looks good. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?
  11. Having 'done' McCarthyism with my IB class this morning, I'll be doing interpretations with them tomorrow thanks to this. Great stuff, thanks (again) John.
  12. Because Russel produced the Hitler Germany material, we have copies of the whole series. Basically PowerPoint with embedded flash and as Ed suggests pretty good as these things go. My only concern is with how they might be used. They must be heaven to a didactive interactive whiteboard fiend. I'm not sure if students could use them on their own. Not a good sign as far as I'm concerned.
  13. I agree. But it seems this view would get us both sacked in the US. http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=1679439 One of my students (an American) sent me the article this afternoon, she said 'I was angry about the way people in the united states accept this type of behaviour. When you hear people talk about it they agree with the teacher's suspension. I think it's outrageous that people don't realize what is happening to my country. We are slowly losing all our rights and I think that the suspension only confirms what he was saying....'
  14. We plan to develop the pilgrimage theme with some sort of self contained simulation later this term. This will be developed as a contribution to the e-Help project and as an adaption of the earlier Virtual School site: Pilgrimage allows us to exploit the European valua added potentials and in this context I am also interested in the 100 Year War possibilities.
  15. I agree on all this except that Russel is of course one of 'ours' now and teaches at the International School of Toulouse. As a big fan of simulations in the classroom (I do pretty much everything on the list above) and as someone who has expressed an interest in the Yalding role-play before, I'd like again to register our interest. I'd also like to see if blogging or forum software (International Student Forum) might not also provide some sort of online interactivity dimension. From what I understand, RSS newsfeeds might be a way of drip-feeding information to students about their characters over the timescale of the project. (I'd love to see it go through a whole school year, taking into consideration the seasons etc.) They also allow you to set up the dates of the information release during the course of the year. We could set in up in September and it would run itself through the course of the year.
  16. And thankyou for the dissemination! Interesting choice of logo on your blog. It is one of those suggested by Doug?
  17. I mentioned this in the meeting. http://creativearchive.bbc.co.uk//
  18. bbsoftware is free but this one http://techsmith.com/ is (apparently) a more powerful piece of software that does similar things. Some of us were interested in the games the students were making. The software is from a dutch site that is also available in English: http://gamemaker.nl/
  19. Thanks Nico, an excellent meeting. I was just talking about it with IST staff, made me realise what a wide range of useful activities we covered. It was a perfect balance and your management of it has raised the bar once again. Thanks in addition for Inessa's present, she's going to look fantastic in the Spring (which has arrived today in Toulouse - a beautiful day 16°) and the beer which made it despite being dropped a couple of times. I will also always associate Maastricht with the bizarre cave experience. In addition, having worked out how my phone could keep me up to date with the rugby scores, you took us underground.
  20. The video presentations that created the moodle tutorials was http://www.bbsoftware.co.uk
  21. Just realised that Ed W. is not 'associate' status which explains his reluctance to post here Have sent our apologies, corrected the mistake and invited him to post (again).
  22. I can't find any documents that suggest otherwise and the Technical Assistance Office stopped giving technical assistance from January 1st. But I think I might have asked about this at a meeting. It is worth remembering that Comenius were a little unhappy with how we intended to manipulate the concept of 'consultancy'. Try ringing the national Socrates office. Found the information on this when looking for something e-Help related this afternoon. From the Socrates Admin and Finance Handbook (the Bible):
  23. Yes. IST is looking at Moodle possibilities at the moment. I'd like to see what it can do. Excellent thanks. It is a DV or HDV camera right?
  24. Very sad news. I was using Andrew's site last week. Such a brilliant, original piece of work. I know a lot of English teachers who will be saddened by this loss.
  25. If you share Pedro's views please post details of yearly cost of internet usage. This varies significantly across Europe and is likely to change in future. I'd estimate 1000-1500 Euros per person, per year. Remember if the budget is approved you can always spend it on something else. You do not need approval to move money within cost centres. You need permission if you wish to vary your expenditure by more than 10% between cost centres. Direct costs with its four sub sections is one cost centre. That said, to get the project approved and to keep the auditors happy I think it makes sense to stick as close as possible to your initial budget and to any changes proposed in the interim 'progress report'.
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