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  1. Cliff: Rachel Maddow has some things to say about Mr. Kobach here (2nd. video): Let us learn about NumbersUSA, shall we? New AZ Immigration Law Ties to White Supremacists (2 videos) These People Are in The White House Today NumbersUSA -and its sister institutions, CIS and "FAIR"- have been officially declared Hate Groups. -Ramon ps: Oh, this other "patriot" and "Real American" decided to blow his brains out, right after dispatching his whole family: See minute 3:00, the results of "superior" race inbreeding Is this what Real Patriot end
  2. Jim: I only use it because I am known as "El Cheapo". My first source is Spartacus-Educational, then Wikipedia and Google. When all fail, I try that one. Thanks for the good advice. As long as we are on the topic, I was hesitant to read Kindle books. I finally, I gave up my reticence. Being absent minded, one day I clicked on a book only to realize days later that I had already purchased it. Without much hope, I placed a comment on the Customer Support web page, and they immediately refunded my money. Furthermore, there was a time (did I say that I am absent minded?) later, when I tried t
  3. Here's a useful resource: Who's Who In The JFK Assassination: An A to Z Encyclopedia https://www.amazon.com/Whos-Who-JFK-Assassination-Encyclopedia/dp/0806514442 I believe you can perform full searches without having to buy the book. There is no "Aucoin", "Erby" or "Orbie" -RFH
  4. That goes without saying, Scott. Assassins rarely lose testosterone in every hit. Quite the opposite. :-) More seriously, I keep on seeing all those Spanish names in your long posts and wish had the time to study what is for me a new chapter. Alas, I am quite busy with projects that hopefully will develop and provide valuable resources and arguments to the community. Best, -Ramon
  5. I guess I should not have this kind of debate with people who haven't had any courses of Logic. A premise can be anything: "Assume that a flying saucer lands on top of the White House ..." Next, you develop the consequences in a logical manner. One possible technique known as reductio ad absurdum. If we assume that Fidel Castro captures the Dealy Plaza snipers that you sent to Cuba (something much more likely than the spacecraft mentioned above) to kill El Comandante, then the INESCAPABLE consequence is that "the CIA gave the most important secret in its history, as a free gift, to its wors
  6. I was basing my statement on the premise that Castro captured the Dealey Plaza shooters, plus your identification of that pair of Cubanos being the shooters. Had that been the case, the inescapable conclusion would be what you see above in quotes. -Ramon
  7. I am willing to accept 99% of what you write. No need to read it. I have no reasons to doubt it. Just explain this. You are David Phillips or William King or Allen Dulles. It is 1965. Your star shooters, Tony Cuesta and Eugenio Saldivar just accomplished the assassination of the millenium. What do you do with them? "We are going to Disneyworld!!" Not so fast, children ... You are going a little southern than that. To La Habana!! Let's say that Fidel captures them. Mr. Kaiser just stated that the CIA gave the most important secret in its history, as a free gift, to its worst enemy.
  8. Scott: I find your version extremely hard to believe, for the same reason that I told Roger Stone that Mac Wallace (*) could not possibly have been in Dealey Plaza. Pawns are disposable. They must be rotated. Notice how the Baron was sent to Haiti. -Ramon (*) This is how I made fun of the Roger Stone version in a forum, to his face: "Lyndon Johnson dismissed the most powerful organization in the world, with lots of experience and resources dispatching presidentes and other heads of state, with more than enough motivation, and preferred a "Do-It-Yourself" operation. On a related news, Joh
  9. Hi Larry: How about the following band-aid, quick but still very effective solution? I will set up my website, with a proper domain and everything (I own JFKNumbers.org but it could be something else). I will make all changes that the MFF requests to fulfill its standards. For instance, notice how the part that used to read "National Archives and Records Administration" now reads "Not The National Archives and Records Administration". http://s18283067.onlinehome-server.com/~ramon/jfk-collection/ It will take Rex all of 5-15 minutes to place a link to my site, with a short explanatory
  10. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/05/why-last-of-jfk-files-could-embarrass-cia-118233 I already told Bryan about the real number: 9,718. Will post them. -Ramon
  11. See below in yellow, the official version, from the very same source that brought to us: - The Warren Commission Report - The HSCA http://aarclibrary.org/ A number that keeps on being repeated by our esteemed Jeff Morley and Bryan Bender. http://jfkfacts.org/assassination/news/national-archives-jfk-files-could-embarrass-the-cia/ As Doug Horne says, it gives me no pleasure to tell you this. Let's see the actual number of "POSTPONED IN FULL" documents, by ourselves, shall we? Just go to my website: http://s18283067.onlinehome-server.com/~ramon/jfk-collection/ (1) In th
  12. Oh, brother. I did it again. Me and my big mouth... keep on getting in trouble. Is my face red. :-( Ladies and gents, allow me to give full credit to the folks who are helping me to get that database into the hands of The People, where it really belongs: Larry Hancock (the other ones being Marie Fonzi, Alan Dale and -of course- Rex Bradford The Great). Will have more to say about this, of course, but for the time being... "Those records do no belong to the National Archives, they belong to the people." - John Newman
  13. This is what I told the Mary Ferrell Foundation folks: "We need to communicate the following to the National Archives: 'We are watching you: - Very Closely - Very Respectfully'" The latter "We" obviously refers to "We The People".
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