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  1. Let's put methyl cyanoacrylate into perspective. It's lately known as super-glue. Don't try applying that to your own mouth! It was popularized as a commercial adhesive in the 70's by Loctite Corp. Basically moisture activated.
  2. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Kirk, you posit as I understand the testimony. And you make a great point, how about all the others at the training session? My recollection, however, is not that the training included the "Dealy Plaza operation", but rather that someone, I think Marvin, said he heard two of the trainers talking between sessions saying "that". Someone needs to follow up with the others on the training orders to see if any are alive and willing to talk. My guess is that, like Marvin's experience with the Green Beret society, you'll get only silence. That's not, in my estimation, what you'd expect of patriots, but my definition of patriotism comes from Leadership Training, not Followship Training.
  3. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    And Joe, who are you? I'm prepared to go into some deeply held beliefs, if not demonstrable truths that may help to understand some of the undercurrents of this part of the case, but I'd like to more about you before I put it out publicly. You can respond to bruce_fernandez@msn.com. Thanks BRF
  4. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Joe, where are you?
  5. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Joe, all, for the most part reasonable points and questions, many of which I've pondered myself. I'll try to respond in detail tomorrow.
  6. No Paul, I'm referring to motivations that would get me kicked off here if I voiced them, and I guess maybe I've done it, so perhaps you've silenced another rational voice. Good for you, bad for truth!
  7. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Right, we just haven't found it yet! The feds tried here. They need to be more careful about tripping silent mouse traps next time!
  8. Ron, anybody who can take this issue from beginning to end with a clear rational path. As an aside you seem to be personally involved, are you, and how? I'm dealing with it simply from a "show me" point of view, though I do have a personal connection.
  9. Is there .. anybody .. who can bring rationality to these conversations ? Perhaps an admin can perceive motivations or "deep sources" that we mortals are unable to access.
  10. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    PS: Anyone who would like to call me at the above number (860-677-7073) is welcome to do so about this issue as long as they understand that I have no problem hanging up or not answering (it's my phone).
  11. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Ray, put it to bed, you're out there. If you care about the truth, call me at 860-677-7073, otherwise, go silent on this issue, you are way .... off base! B
  12. Joannides

    Ron, sort of a tongue in cheek question ... Who, precisely is "they" and why do "we" think there are any "files of interest" left? I apologize for showing my frustration with this whole situation.
  13. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Joe, Bill Pizer was my much admired uncle. He was right handed with no deformity of any nature. I have had several discussions with Alan Eaglesham over the years and agree with him that so far there is no reliable evidence for a conclusion of foul play. From my point of view, however, there are some family issues swirling around the circumstances that I can't yet come to grips with as well as shoddy investigative techniques at the time. His autopsy was quite clean and though it states, to the best of my recollection, that there were not "powder burns" around the entrance wound, the autopsy photos are not so convincing on that point. Dennis David did say that Bill was left handed because he dealt bridge that way, but in some later statement, probably after he had seen the right handed statements, suggested that Bill might have simply been showing off his dexterity. I would agree that might be something Bill would do. I know that Alan and Marvin (both from the Ithica, NY area) came apart at some point as did Marvin with the Green Beret society, I think in that case because he was revealing info they thought was inappropriate for a covert operative or perhaps incorrect. His approach to my aunt was that he had found religion and needed to unburden himself in this life. I frankly found him believable. I have a hard time thinking that watching a TV program (his story) with a list of Kennedy associated deaths scrolling at the end, he would jump on a single name with an AHA I remember that name and then go on some long trip of bothering the widow and her family. Doesn't make sense to me but .... who knows, he's now gone so that motivation is tough to tease out. Vanek has, I believe, been found (a dentist in the Midwest somewhere), and of course denies all. The govt at first denied his service, but fortunately Marvin had a set of Army orders with both their names on it.
  14. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Pitzer was right handed with no deformity!