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  1. Daniel Rice

    If Oswald Was "Prayer Man" ...

    In my opinion, Oswald was already framed for FPCC and the rifle, so if he was caught on camera, the story would be changed to: the shooter got away but Oswald helped him with the rifle and Cuba would still be blamed. Oswald would still have to be silenced quickly, though.
  2. If there were two Marguerites, wouldn't that mean that Robert Oswald was in on the impersonations? I have also read that the H & L theory uses an instance where supposedly John Pic did not recognize a later photo of his half brother Lee which would mean he (John Pic) wasn't in on the plan. Wouldn't they all have to be on the same page?
  3. Daniel Rice

    Lancer Forum Sign Up Area

    I'm in, please. Daniel Rice You can call me Dan
  4. Daniel Rice

    Your Best Big Fact of a Conspiracy

    The one biggest factor as to why I believe the assassination was a conspiracy is the fact (in my mind, at least) that the single bullet theory trajectory does not work with the existing evidence (hole in JFK's jacket, autopsy photo of back). Honorable mention reason is the fact that Oswald was impersonated in Mexico City and the official story claims that he was a 'lone nut'.
  5. I personally think that Rather was lying about either seeing the film or what it showed. It strikes me how odd it was for him to be so emphatic that the car never stopped. I don't recall that it was an issue at the time and they wanted to get the idea out before some witnesses came forward and said it did stop, It reminds me of a friend I had as a kid and he was sneaking a cigarette in his bedroom. When his mom walked in and asked what the smell was, he answered, "I wasn't smoking a cigarette."
  6. Daniel Rice

    Daniel Rice

    I am a male from St. Clair Shores, MI. I am interested in music, musical instruments and the recording of music. I have been very interested in the JFK assassination since that day in 1963, where without any introduction, the radio news started playing over the intercom of my elementary school. I have read a number of books on the subject and spend a lot of time on the internet absorbing and analyzing the information found on the net. I in no way consider myself a researcher but I feel that I can contribute by asking questions in various threads.