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  1. Michael Cross

    New document releases 2017

    That looks like pure sheep dipping.
  2. Michael Cross

    The shot to TIPPIT's head

    Thanks for posting Mr. Griffin! So you were on site of the Tippit murder?
  3. Michael Cross

    More from the past on BYP

    I knew you'd have visuals to show what I was trying to illustrate. Wish I had photoshop at work. Thanks David.
  4. Michael Cross

    More from the past on BYP

    Which my photo supports John. The BYP shadows should behave in a similar fashion to my example, and they don't.
  5. Michael Cross

    More from the past on BYP

    Your point is moot. The BYP has nothing aligned. My photo of the sculpture has shadows cast by vertical objects at similar proximity to each other. It's a valid comparison.
  6. Michael Cross

    More from the past on BYP

    I guess so Ray. Nonetheless, for those thinking critically, IMO looking at that photo as comparison, you can see the convergence AND see that something is off in the BYP.
  7. Michael Cross

    More from the past on BYP

    Front view, seems pretty damn uniform and as illustrated in first photo, has rows:
  8. Michael Cross

    More from the past on BYP

    I must admit I simply don't understand John's reaction to the above photo. I took it for comparison because we have multiple vertical objects in a close area. If you lay a straight edge on the shadows you can see them converge as Ray has argued here, but much more subtle and consistent manner, IMO, than what is happening in the BYP. With respect to John's concerns, I walked into this area to take the photo:
  9. Michael Cross

    More from the past on BYP

    Seriously? I'll photograph it from another angle so you can understand, but damn man, that's some serious paranoia. And it's raining here today so there will be no shadows unfortunately.
  10. Michael Cross

    More from the past on BYP

    Just for comparison, I photographed a sculputure by Abakanowicz here at my museum. These figures are all the same, aligned in rows. You can see the shadow convergence, but it is uniform across the field of vision.
  11. Michael Cross

    Stephan Weiss [The 112th M/I Group]

    That is fascinating. He lost his nerve and wouldn't talk further. Wonder if he's still alive.
  12. Michael Cross

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    "One of the strangest, but probably most inevitable, pop culture offshoots to come directly from Close Encounters of the Third Kind was the rumor that, because of the secrecy under which the film was shot, it was being financed by the government as part of the training needed to prepare humans for an actual alien landing. In fact, NASA and the Air Force refused to cooperate with the production, fearing it would spread panic about UFOs just as Spielberg's Jaws had caused an inordinate amount of public anxiety about "killer" sharks. Spielberg said his faith in the possibility of UFOs was boosted when he received a 20-page letter from NASA stating their opposition to the film: "I knew there must be something happening." The rumor about the government's sponsorship of the film persisted and grew when Spielberg released E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982). In fact, a story circulated that when the director screened the film at the White House, President Ronald Reagan confided to him, "You know, there are fewer than six people in this room who know the real story."" http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/467315|0/Close-Encounters-of-the-Third-Kind.html
  13. Michael Cross

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    No thoughts here? Left of bus, white pants, blazer, white shirt collar, hands in pockets . . . You can almost hear him whistling.
  14. Michael Cross

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    Same guy in white pants? Sauntering, hands in pockets?