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  1. Michael Cross

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    Taillight to center line is slight? Hardly.
  2. Michael Cross

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    Oh my. LOL. That's hilarious.
  3. Michael Cross

    Prayer Man

    Doyle - And Duncan's horrible photoshop campaign. Disinformation, pure and simple. Good riddance.
  4. Michael Cross

    The turn on to Elm ...

    'Zactly. FC in another thread talking about LHO's own actions as proof. Presumably like vehemently denying he shot anyone. It really feels like we've had a couple of disinfo artists deployed here.
  5. But was his gun sighted for a downhill angle? I'm guessing it was, that those "recreating" the shots, being experts, knew that a gun with sights adjusted for flat ground will miss high when fired at a downhill angle, and accordingly, set their sights for the angle. All "evidence" is that LHO practiced on flat land. If so, his gun would miss high.
  6. Michael Cross

    The turn on to Elm ...

    David, as always, presents evidence, visual aids, real data. FC deflects and distracts. DVP offers opinion. Can't debate those that ignore data, facts. They'll just point "hey look over there" rather than deal with what's true. Splices. Multiple splices . . .
  7. The coat is worse than the shirt. That is a LOW hole!
  8. Michael Cross

    A question to David Lifton

    Nice assumption about Parkland, completely not based in fact. Any argument based on that assumption is groundless.
  9. Michael Cross

    Who Hated JFK in 1963?

    Indeed. Ignoring what doesn't fit his agenda.
  10. Michael Cross

    Who Hated JFK in 1963?

    Yes yes, you're the authority. We all bow down to your superior knowledge. Case closed as they say. That Gerald Ford character moving the back wound up was quite a thing though. Not sure why that was necessary given your overwhelming evidence.
  11. Michael Cross

    Who Hated JFK in 1963?

    I've thought about it. In detail. There are enough points of fact to dismiss the WC and your theory. Yet I cast no personal dispersions at you, as you did in your post to others. Not humor or irony or sarcasm.
  12. Michael Cross

    FBI shows KLEINS never got C2766

    Curious to hear how the WC apologist would rationalize this damning discrepancy . . .
  13. Michael Cross

    Umbrella Man pic?

    Yes, but no agents on JFK's car, windows open with people hanging out, people on the balcony . . .
  14. Michael Cross

    VInce Palamara - Why is there a SS agent

    David, I'm trying to send you a message, the forum says you can't receive?
  15. Michael Cross

    Glaze Letters

    FWIW I'm with David on this. Lighting changes features. But there are too many similarities. Would be interesting to try facial recognition software.