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  1. Michael Cross

    A question to David Lifton

    Nice assumption about Parkland, completely not based in fact. Any argument based on that assumption is groundless.
  2. Michael Cross

    Who Hated JFK in 1963?

    Indeed. Ignoring what doesn't fit his agenda.
  3. Michael Cross

    Who Hated JFK in 1963?

    Yes yes, you're the authority. We all bow down to your superior knowledge. Case closed as they say. That Gerald Ford character moving the back wound up was quite a thing though. Not sure why that was necessary given your overwhelming evidence.
  4. Michael Cross

    Who Hated JFK in 1963?

    I've thought about it. In detail. There are enough points of fact to dismiss the WC and your theory. Yet I cast no personal dispersions at you, as you did in your post to others. Not humor or irony or sarcasm.
  5. Michael Cross

    FBI shows KLEINS never got C2766

    Curious to hear how the WC apologist would rationalize this damning discrepancy . . .
  6. Michael Cross

    Umbrella Man pic?

    Yes, but no agents on JFK's car, windows open with people hanging out, people on the balcony . . .
  7. Michael Cross

    VInce Palamara - Why is there a SS agent

    David, I'm trying to send you a message, the forum says you can't receive?
  8. Michael Cross

    Glaze Letters

    FWIW I'm with David on this. Lighting changes features. But there are too many similarities. Would be interesting to try facial recognition software.
  9. Michael Cross

    Ice bullets

    Agreed and agreed.
  10. Michael Cross

    Ice bullets

    Not that I can distinguish. If you can find one I'll recant. I'm not certain.
  11. Michael Cross

    Ice bullets

    Cliff, your certainty that you are correct gets in the way of your reading skills I think. I've been referring to THIS statement by you when I say that you can't see what an individual finger does. You can guess, infer . . . hypothesize.
  12. Michael Cross

    The vanishing pool of blood

    Fake SS in Dealy that day. Perhaps one of them.
  13. Michael Cross

    Ice bullets

    Certain that he's grabbing his tie. Or extending a finger. If you read my response I said I was inclined to agree with Gil's hypothesis, but that the idea you can see WITH CERTAINTY what JFK's hands, let alone individual fingers are doing is nonsense. At least in the images on this thread.
  14. Michael Cross

    Ice bullets

    He may indeed be grabbing at his tie, but from the blurred images how, again, can anyone be certain? We need much better resolution to talk about individual fingers. I'm inclined to agree with Gil's theory overall. I don't think there's a good understanding of when the shot occured. For JFK to be reacting AT ALL, the bullet hit him several frames earlier at 18 FPS. I would argue he's reacting at 225, and more clearly at 226. This is the very beginning of his hands moving up, but they're moving. Which makes the bullet impact several frames earlier IMO. 226:
  15. Michael Cross

    Ice bullets

    Cliff, as I said I may be wrong. Likely even. But look at the height of JFK's right elbow. It's at least ear height. That's not a normal position, which is why I've thought it's a reaction to the force of the back shot. I don't have time to look at earlier frames right now to make the comparison. If I have time later I will, just to illustrate what I see.