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  1. Too funny. Jim Hargrove complains about Jeremy and then proceeds to post "the same old stuff" himself that he has dumped here time and time again (and has been debunked time and time again).
  2. Translation: any photo that appears to refute the H&L theory is suspect. Any photo that seems to confirm it is authentic.
  3. Perhaps he omitted it from his book because during preparation for that work, he reviewed the evidence and realized he was wrong.
  4. Because seven years has passed and he simply got his timeline mixed up.
  5. That is correct and Robert certainly believed it or he wouldn't have testified to it. The same may be said for all of the "witnesses" to Stripling. They probably all acted in good faith. And the same may be said for the more than 2000 individuals who said they saw prison escapees Matt and Sweat (made famous by the Showtime docudrama) in various places in New York and elsewhere that later evidence proved was not possible. Human nature being what it is, human beings will make all sorts of claims for various reasons.
  6. Very good report Mark and good luck with your ongoing research.
  7. Just wondering-isn't there some kind of forum rule against posting the same thing over and over again? Is that your idea of making an argument? Posting the same thing over and over until the other side gives up? These points have been answered a million times and that will be true no matter how many times you repeat them.
  8. Dr. Norwood, could you add this to your list of complaints to the moderators please?
  9. Exactly. I've often said that using the H&L logic there could be a hundred Oswalds if you consider all of the discrepancies and false sightings.
  10. Yes, I have and they are all much more plausible than the 2 Oswald theory.
  11. Been discussed a million times and alternative explanations provided-see here: https://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1380-the-great-oswald-height-debate
  12. Nobody's "harassing" anyone as evidenced by the fact that your compliant to the moderators produced no expulsions or even warnings as far as I know.
  13. I went back and checked Robert's book. Funny thing, there is no mention of Stripling. He has LHO going from Ridgelea to NYC. It looks to me like Robert went over the records and realized that he had made a mistake during his WC testimony and therefore did not write about Stripling. I can't think of any other explanation when he is writing a book that will be his final word.
  14. I never said Kudlaty knowingly lied. Only that the story he told was likely influenced by White's tales.
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