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  1. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Yes, I think Jim's general knowledge of the JFK case is excellent. However, what he and Armstrong have chosen to do with Armstrong's work is where my problem with them lies. As you say, many researchers feel an LHO impostor was involved in some form or another in the JFK case. But as Jeremy B. points out, you don't have to take a leap of faith (which is definitely required) from there to two Oswalds.
  2. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    The point is that Jim Hargrove tries to sneak these "facts" into the discussion that are not facts at all. Jim and others here praise Armstrong's research. But they fail to inform readers that many of the discoveries made by Armstrong and archived at Baylor do not support his theory but rather contradict it. The Argentinian article I mentioned is but one example. LHO didn't "need" a translator, it was a matter of convenience as I explained. BTW, I don't intend to spend too much time in the future on Armstrong's theory. I have a good sized archive of articles and that, along with the work of Greg Parker and Jeremy B. and others is enough to persuade those who are willing to be persuaded. But I may pop in from time to time when Jim tries to slip one of his "facts" into the discussion.
  3. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Unfortunately for Armstrong, In 1995, three years before she talked to Armstrong, Ziger told an Argentinian publication that “Nobody could say anything [about lies LHO told] because he spoke Russian poorly Dad would translate ...” So according to Ziger, LHO certainly did speak Russian, albeit poorly at the time, and Alexander Ziger translated as a matter of convenience. See my article for a discussion of Armstrong's nonsensical claim that LHO never spoke Russian in Russia. http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/03/lho-spoke-no-russian-in-russia.html
  4. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    No, and I'm not going to right now. I'm on summer vacation.
  5. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Presumably, he will make that clear in volume 3 of his book.
  6. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Or another explanation is Phillips simply misread the importance and veracity of Alvarado's story rather than "promoted" it as Morley claims. When he published his book, he tried to make it look like he had Alvarado figured out all along. Jane Roman issued a statement later saying that Morley and Newman took her remarks out of context.
  7. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

  8. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    The CIA had a file on Oswald because of his unusual defection to the Soviet Union. If an impersonation of Oswald happened, it may have been done by the CIA in an effort to find out what he was up to. As far as the CIA lying and covering up, this is what they do. They don't give out any information willingly. Could you refer me to the information about Phillips planting a false story linking Oswald to Castro, I must have missed that.
  9. National Archives release first batch of 2017 JFK documents

    If Earl Cabell was not a CIA informer, that would be surprising given his brother's connections. What the "CIA-did-it" crowd has to prove is that the Cabell brothers were involved in a plot to kill JFK. Then you'll have something.
  10. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    I'll try and keep an eye on his site to see if Parker wants to respond. He is no longer a member here.
  11. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/05/the-maurice-bishop-story.html http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/03/james-wilcott.html https://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1389-hargrove-s-20-alternative-facts-for-those-who-prefer-their-conspiracies-devoid-of-any-reality
  12. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Wilcott was a disgruntled CIA employee turned extreme leftist agitator: http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/03/james-wilcott.html Veciana said a lot of things. Unfortunately, most of them don't pan out: http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/05/the-maurice-bishop-story.html
  13. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    If you can prove that it was impossible to learn Russian in the time period that he had to do it, then you would have something. I think he may have had a talent for languages and it is unfortunate that he didn't pursue that through college instead of choosing the path he did.
  14. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    He became fluent by speaking Russian every day while in the Soviet Union. His wife spoke no English so he had to keep working on his Russian to communicate properly. But it's more fun to believe that there is a big mystery as to how he learned the language.
  15. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    I don't distrust her testimony at all. I am simply making the point that unless he the books aloud to her, she had no way to know his level of understanding of the material he was reading.