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  1. I must admit, Sandy is one amazing guy. First, we discover he is a forensic dentistry expert. Now, we find he is an ophthalmologist as well.
  2. Clay Shaw eloquently makes the case for LHO as lone assassin in a letter to Sylvia Meagher: https://www.onthetrailofdelusion.com/post/sylvia-meagher-and-jim-garrison-part-one
  3. My review is now online: http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2020/10/book-review-on-trail-of-delusion.html
  4. Fortunately David, you are just an honest researcher.
  5. Mexico City unless I am missing something. Sforza was also involved in Track II Chile in 1970 as a contact man.
  6. Yes, and I was right-it is self-published and the research was done with his own funds.
  7. Yes, some of the files are online of course. But you're not even going to read the book? Just review my review?
  8. I don't know of too many lazy people that go to 19 archives. I believe this book is self-published (he can correct me if I am wrong) so that means that he did all of this on his own dime.
  9. It is very good Steve. I am slowly working my way through and taking notes as I go so I can do a decent review. Excellent new material as well.
  10. My point is simply that he states that he has now read the "declassified record" which you referred to in your first post. And he has visited 19 archives so I would call that a well-researched book. As I indicated, I'll have more to say when I have actually finished the book.
  11. He has now read the files and was not impressed. As far as where he went for research, he visited 19 different archives.
  12. You are right-Phillips' and his brother had a falling out. His brother didn't respect what he did. But, here is the story told by the document I mentioned. I understand that some theorists believe this ties Phillips to the assassination, but Joan Mellen admits that it places him in Mexico during that time. From Spartacus: [Quote on] Miami is informing its Mexico City station that one "Henry J. Sloman," an alias for longtime CIA asset Anthony (Tony) Sforza, would be arriving in Mexico on November 22nd ... In Mexico City, Sloman/Sforza was to meet the wife of an agent designated as AMH
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