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  1. New Article by John Armstrong

    And that is all it says with no other detail. Again, the likelihood is they are misremembering Robert. Their motive? It is not significant to say that you remember Robert Oswald but it would be to say you remember LHO. That is just human nature.
  2. [PDF] Harvey And Lee + CD-ROM (John Armstrong)

    There is an alternate link to a download at Greg Parker's site for anyone having trouble: https://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1656-pdf-harvey-and-lee-cd-john-armstrong-2003
  3. New Article by John Armstrong

    1. Greg Parker has come up with an alternate explanation for the school records which the H&L people "misinterpret" to their advantage. This can be viewed at his site and the H&L people can debate him there if they disagree. 2. John Pic and Robert Oswald provided much important information, but everything they said is not necessarily correct. Robert was right that LHO WOULD HAVE attended Stripling. However, he left for NYC so that did not happen. 3. Greg Parker has demonstrated the problem with Frank Kudlaty. He was a friend of Jack White and only "remembered" his alleged experiences after White got a hold of him. Same thing with Joe Nick Patowski-he was acquainted with Kudkaty and tended to believe him because of that. 4. People Armstrong interviewed must be viewed with extreme skepticism for a couple of reasons. First, 40 years had gone by. Second, Armstrong's method if "interviewing" is highly suspect. He asks leading questions rather than objective ones as a journalist would do. The individuals are told they are important witnesses to a secret history. A more reasonable explanation for all of these witnesses is they are thinking of Robert.
  4. New Article by John Armstrong

    Jim, David and Sandy, I would like to see any or all of you go over to Greg's site and debate him on this issue. Maybe with a moderated debate, you could get to the bottom of it. I don't have the time or interest to debate it. But Greg is interested and has an alternate theory-why not debate him?
  5. New Article by John Armstrong

    And if there were no alternative explanations this might be powerful evidence for the H&L theory. But of course, there are other explanations such as this one provided by Greg Parker: https://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1500-one-more-attempt-at-those-darn-school-records If you disagree, get over to his site and debate him. It would be a moderated debate with the very fair Vanessa Loney as moderator.
  6. New Article by John Armstrong

    Pardon me for changing the subject Jim, but it appears the Dr. Norwood/Greg Parker debate is over for now anyway as Norwood has dropped out. I think it would be great if you would go over to ROKC and debate Greg. Vanessa Loney served as moderator and did a very good job I think. Parker got slightly out of line at one point (according to Norwood) but he apologized and the debate continued until Norwood dropped out. Anyway, here is your chance Jim to debate some of the issues you mention here frequently.
  7. New Article by John Armstrong

    But the H&L crowd chooses what evidence to follow and ignores the rest.
  8. New Article by John Armstrong

    In this case, I thought that he raised a good point and that is why I mentioned it. It is apparent that you are preoccupied with his work against the H&L theory. The fact is that despite your attempts to paint anyone who disagrees with the H&L theory as a WC apologist, there are many CTs who don't believe the H&L theory. Since you are so concerned with Parker, perhaps you should go over to his forum and debate him as Dr. Norwood has done. As far as his being banned here and what tactics he and his followers use, that is his business.
  9. New Article by John Armstrong

    First, since we don't know what type of voice analysis he underwent and when, it diminishes the significance of it. Secondly, Wilcott testified in executive session and I am not aware of any limitations on what he could say. In fact, at the end of his testimony this exchange occurred indicating he had said all he wanted to:
  10. New Article by John Armstrong

    As Greg Parker pointed out at his forum, what is a "Cuban stress analysis" anyway? I originally thought that it might refer to a test that Wilcott may have submitted to while he was in Cuba. But that happened in August, 1978 and his HSCA testimony was earlier in the year. So what is this analysis that we are supposed to be impressed with?
  11. New Article by John Armstrong

    Read about the Marguerite who never smiled here: http://wtracyparnell.blogspot.com/2017/01/marguerite-never-smiled.html
  12. New Article by John Armstrong

    Absolutely right Paul.
  13. New Article by John Armstrong

    I have the book, but the point is all that exists is an application. The license that they claim to have seen is nowhere to be found. BTW, I was one of the first people to get the book back in the day for $30 or $35. I got greedy and sold it for $60 later. I now use the PDF.
  14. New Article by John Armstrong

    But a "tattered" license suggests that it was in use for some time. This is an additional indication that the witnesses were just mistaken since LHO having a license for an extended period is especially unsupported.
  15. New Article by John Armstrong

    He certainly had applied for a license. But that is a different thing than him actually possessing one and using it to drive. We know from the people who actually knew him (as opposed to those who think they encountered him) that LHO was learning to drive but did not do so except when taking lessons from Ruth.