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  1. By 1840 Comanches dominated a portion of the Western frontier. Their horsemanship and ability to shoot arrows quickly while riding constituted a winning combination, until, later, repeating guns came to be possessed by invaders. What if Native Americans had had poisoned arrows, such as those the San people of Africa used? Was there a plant or bug species available?
  2. Reading suggests that in the 1840s, and even beyond, single shot rifles prevailed. Native Americans were able to shoot perhaps a dozen arrows in the time it took to reload rifles. Often enough Comanches especially triumphed due to skill in horsemanship and knowledge of terrain. But why did Comanches not use poison arrows, as are used for example by San people of Africa when hunting game? Was usable poison available on the Western plains?
  3. Born 1950, graduated summa cum laude Boston College 1973, UCLA Law 1978, active practice of law 1978-2007, retired, live in San Francisco
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