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  1. "we're gonna do it",

  2. "we're gonna do it",

    When considering the possibility of the Dealey Plaza teams utilizing radio communication, these photos are interesting. Is there any information on that truck and trailer parked in front of the Dal-Tex?

    Very interesting, Chris. Take a look at Sherry Fiester's work in her book, "Enemy of the Truth." Sherry was a certified crime scene investigator and law enforcement instructor for 30 years. She was recognized as an expert on such matters in a court of law. Her analysis also puts a shooter on the south knoll. I believe her contention is that it was the origin of the fatal head shot. I don't believe that would have went through the windshield though. Regarding whether or not there was a hole in the windshield, there were several people who had a good look at it and described it as a hole. Going from memory here, but I seem to recall one of them even describing the edges of the hole as smooth on the outside of the windshield and chipped on the inside, indicating a shot from the front: o Stavis Ellis, DPD o HR Freeman, DPD o Dr Evalea Glanges o Charles Taylor Jr, Secret Service o Richard Dudman, St Louis Dispatch o Frank Cormier, St Louis Dispatch o George Whitaker, Ford o NIck Prencipe, US Parks Police
  4. Harold 'Hal' Feeney

    The Bay of Pigs remembered by Feeney, which includes a 1962 photo of him next to Tony Izquierdo: The Night of the White Horse
  5. Blood in Dealey Plaza

    I think Len only keeps the current year show links up, so I believe that link (to a 2015 show) is now out of date. I will check out the YouTube... thanks!

    Thanks Robin!

    Have the two (or three?) men standing on the angled part of the overpass - on the far right of the Bell frame Robin posted - been identified?
  8. Inside Job

    Does anyone know what the lunch period was for TSBD employees? Was it a full hour, 12:00 to 1:00? Or just 30 minutes, 12:00 to 12:30?
  9. Peter Janney to be on coasttocoastam Dec. 3

    Thanks for great the synopsis of Janney's radio appearance. I picked up the Kindle book - one of many I need to get to.
  10. The End of CTKA, but the beginning of....

    NIce job, Jim!
  11. The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK

    Hi JIm, That's a very interesting and worthwhile article. I did a similar exercise a couple years ago, comparing plots and patsies. I agree that the FPCC affiliation is a key point, as it strengthens the case against David Phillips as the man who managed the patsy angle. It's also interesting to construct a timeline of events from the spring of 1963 through November 22. Particularly in light of how close Chicago, Tampa and Dallas were to each other, the planning for these ops must have overlapped and to some degree been going on simultaneously.
  12. That certainly is a viable explanation. If a reversal of NSAM 263 was the consensus of the meeting in Honolulu, perhaps the idea was to present the draft to Kennedy and make a pitch for it. I did not know that about Bundy. I must admit, Jim, your book reviews at CTKA and discussions of such on Len's show have had a dual effect on me. I buy more good books (Rakove, Poulgrain, Muehlenbeck, etc.), but I get lazy about reading them all the way through because you've already given us the good stuff. Of course, if I was retired like some people and had all that time... Thanks for the thoughtful reply.
  13. Jim, What's your opinion on the draft of NSAM 273 that Bundy prepared prior to the assassination? Is there any way to explain that, other than foreknowledge of Dallas by a few key individuals at the top? I'm not sold on the idea of a grand, top-down plot with all these people that knew beforehand. But... I don't know how else to explain this document. Thoughts? Thanks!
  14. I haven’t studied the medical evidence to any great degree but I’ve always found it curious that there was a back wound that barely penetrated and, if you believe the throat defect was an entry wound, a throat shot that never exited. Could supressors/silencers take that much velocity off a bullet? Just speculation. I find those two underpowered shots to be an interesting coincidence.
  15. Surreal Images in Dallas

    Hi Josh... surreal indeed. I was thinking the same thing as I watched it unfold on TV last night. "Snipers (plural) in Dallas"... not a phrase I ever expected to hear coming from any official source. It's unfortunate that it was not about 11/22/63, but a different kind of tragedy. Just sad and frustrating all around.