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  1. Look at page 3 more than half way down. He's mentioned. Probably just a coincidence. and Jones being in Mexico City and Cuba in '62, another coincidence
  2. FWIW, have you seen this? Not exactly the MSM take on it. http://jimhougan.com/JimJones.html
  3. Does it say anything about who or what he was representing, or if he was just there as an individual? Trying to remember what he was doing back then.
  4. wasn't it actually a scissor lift? Not a BIG difference, I know.
  5. Now that you mention it I think I was thinking of something in Acapulco. Can't remember where I read about it, though. So Paul, what I was thinking I remembered was that in the days prior to the assassination DeVosjoli, while working with Angeleton and Golitsyn became convinced that there was a mole inside SDECE and that he was targeted for assassination by the Soviets or communists or something like that. I don't recall him being placed in Dallas, I thought I remembered hims going to Mexico for a while to hide out. But that's just what I think I remember I read, not saying it's a fact. Can you give me some idea of what you are suggesting? His presence in Dallas sounds ominous, but I'm not really getting the implication of him even being there, much less going to Brandstetter's. What is it that you think might have been going on? Here's the assumption I'm operating on. https://www.edwardjayepstein.com/diary/devosjoli.htm according to Epstein, De Vosjoli told him that: "he had been posted to Washington in 1960 as the liaison officer between the French intelligence service, SDECE, and the CIA. He was the first French liaison officer. In this capacity, he worked closely with Angleton. Beginning in 1962, Angleton warned him that a CIA source, Anatoli Golitsyn, who had defected from the Russian Embassy in Finland, had revealed that the KGB had managed to infiltrate SDECE, his own intelligence service, at the highest levels. At first, he had assumed Golitsyn was a "lunatic". Then, Angleton gave him a "shopping list" of questions about US missile programs. It was, according to Golitsyn, to be filled by SDECE officers moonlighting for the KGB. Again, it sounded "insane" to him that French officers would be spies for the KGB and acquire US secrets on demand. His view changed radically when SDECE headquarters told him to organize a spying operation in Washington. Its targets were precisely the ones that Golitsyn had identified. He alerted the head of his service that a KGB spy ring was operating from within its ranks. In November 1963, he learned from an associate in France that he had been ordered assassinated by his own intelligence service. When he received a telegram the next week ordering him back to Paris, he assumed it was his death notice." So, based on that, it seems reasonable that he was trying to escape an assassination attempt. What are you thinking he was doing and do you discount the above Epstein/De Vosjoli account?
  6. What seems strange about it? Seems like a natural choice, given the situation. Wasn't Brandstetter's house well fortified, or am I thinking of someone else?
  7. I never thought it was silly. In my mind it's quite plausible. I just haven't seen any proof that it actually happened that way. That's why I asked. No. In addition to the examples you site, one closer to home is a book "The Pinochet File". Same cast, different setting. There was no "too far". I've read about Hemmings before. Not sure what to make of him. I'll follow up on your suggestions, though. Thanks.
  8. That was interesting. Some interesting (to me) items to note, as I remember it: 15:04 Dorothy Matlack was an entry clerk (or some such) that worked her way up to be a debriefing specialist and the Pentagon liason to CIA. 17:16 Her "big break" in Army Intelligence was handling refugees from Hungary and Cuba in the early 60's. 18:30 She is part of Inter Agency Defector Committee. 20:50 It was revealed that she consulted with DS2137 about how soviets handle defectors in 62 (I think) about the time Oswald and Webster returned. DS2137, according to Simpich, was Golytsin. 22:55 Marina questioned by NVD shortly before leaving for US according to Golytsin 28:42 "Oswald's wife was our swallow" according to an Soviet internal counter intelligence agent much later. 33:41 She met George DeM at the airport when he came to testify (Church committee?) and possibly coached him before his testimony. She was not a lawyer, so he could have answered that he had not been coached by any lawyers.
  9. Thanks for all the informed responses. I was not expecting so much. Apparently it is a known story, just not very well if at all substantiated. And, as far as I can tell (lol, smh), it's not something that was released recently.
  10. Jim, I use Linux (slackware) too and I'm able to listen to them. I realize that doesn't fix your problem, but you can probably rule out OS issues as the culprit. I'm using chrome Version 80.0.3987.106. There was a silent pause for a few seconds at the beginning for me. Also, you can download the mp3 by clicking on the quote bubble of the little app.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Wall-Secrecy-Assassination-Angleton-William-ebook/dp/B07DMR2PG9 I searched this forum and the author was mentioned in a BYP discussion, but not this book AFAICT. The blurb says: "The evidence as we know it today tends to indicate that various people involved who had been in Dallas, Texas on or around the date of the assassination may have had an understanding that the operation might have been either a fake assassination attempt of the President or had been part of an abort team set up to stop an assassination." Is this the "evidence as we know it today"? Has anyone seen this theory of a fake assassination or abort team mentioned elsewhere? It seems to suggest that this information comes from recently released documents.
  12. Bob, is this what you are referring to? "If Crowdstrike gave the FBI any data it was drive images (we don’t even know which ones). This did not include memory dumps, network pocket captures, firewall activity, etc. This additional data is crucial and should have been examined in real-time by the FBI. If indeed any drive images were given to the FBI, these would have been contaminated because they continued to use these drives for weeks after the alleged hack." It doesn't sound like it, but I couldn't find a statement that sounded exactly like that. I searched the page for "drive" and "after" and this was the closest I got. What about it makes it "blather", if you don't mind elaborating a bit?
  13. Who's more cynical, you or Cliff? Tough call. Another hear attack? Maybe you're implying something more sinister. Like "heart attacked". Why do I always have to ask you to elaborate on your pregnant statements? Are you just trolling 😉?
  14. First, Other Kirk, you seem to do way more analysis than me. I'm just spit ballin' so I can't address all of your well made points, but, do they sound like they are going to? Doesn't sound like it to me. No analysis or facts behind my conjecture, but when I read Hillary's quoted "don't tempt me" and saw the book tour, my thought was she was looking for an entrance. When I saw Bloomberg announce his candidacy campaign I thought "that looks like it". But at the time I thought Biden would amount to more than he has and that would cut her off. That looks like a decreasing possibility.
  15. I don't see how that's relevant. Have we ever been anywhere that looked anything close to being like where we are at now? I say we are in uncharted territory. You don't agree? For Christ sakes, Cliff, you yourself are talking about Democratic Socialism v Theocratic Fascism face off. When's the last time that happened?
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