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  1. St. John Hunt's letter to Caroline Kennedy

    I checked it out Dave. First post is 2005, in the same general time period as the Hunt confession.
  2. St. John Hunt's letter to Caroline Kennedy

    Some good questions to ask Doug at the end, Joe. When I first read the interview and saw the video tape, what struck me was how little St. John seemed to know about the business of his Father. (Particularly in view of some of stories later about his complicity with his Father in certain acts) Hunt's LBJ did it theory was ultimately Hunt's speculation and it really left more questions unanswered than it answered. If I had the opportunity to get that once in a lifetime interview , I would have left no stone unturned. He never seemed to entertain the possibility that his Father might be covering for Dulles/ or the agency. I had a short correspondence with him a while back. I briefly mentioned Dulles and the agency to him. Later on, presumably after he had been on a number of media shows, his concepts have increasingly inculcated the Agency than just the LBJ did it theory. I also was wondering at the time why the MSM didn't run with story? St. John said 60 minutes were going to do a segment than later mysteriously backed out. Is it because the MSM got word from on high not to run the story?, or did they research it and find the story wasn't credible or simply didn't find enough information that they wanted to go out on a limb and say that a former POTUS actually killed his predecessor to fulfill his titanic ambition to be President. People who don't hold the LBJ-Did -It theory maybe should be thankful that the MSM viewed the story with the same skepticism they do. As making such an allegation that later would prove not to hold up to scrutiny would set the JFK conspiracy movement even further back. A lot of media skepticism is because of the lack of focus, countervailing theories, quack theories, and no big break in the case, and potentially having a huge hoax theory that the VP arranged the murder of the sitting President would send it back irrevocably. Having said that, I know those who believe in that theory, think that drawing light to the theory may have been the big break they needed to blow the whole story open. Central to Hunt's theory, is that LBJ had a profound ambition. I've thought about this a bit, as there is definitely another side to LBJ that no one sees, even apart if you believe that he had his own hit man in Malcolm Wallace. How ambitious was LBJ really? There is one fact that I've never heard anyone say here. And that is, LBJ never really campaigned for President in 1960, he never ran in one primary. He entered in July after all the primaries hoping to get a draft on a potential second ballot. Personally I thought that Cord Meyer being the linchpin tying LBJ to the Assassination, was just the kind of juicy spy novel connection Hunt, being a spy novelist might make. That coupled with the fact, that I had never heard of Cord Meyer being considered in any JFK conspiracy theory prior to that, made me even more skeptical of his LBJ did it connection.
  3. The very moment the world was change forever!

    Maybe it's the Texas thing, but I always thought Connally and LBJ looked kind of similar in cowboy hats. This is to me the most relevant phone call on record between the two. In 1967, notably after the death of David Ferrie, Connally phoned LBJ to tell him his speculation about a mistaken theory he had heard about the direction of Garrison's case. He tells LBJ he heard there were 4 teams of conspirators and Oswald, Ferrie and Clay Shaw (I guess because of his inter national connections) were part of one team in a Cuban conspiracy to avenge alleged plots to kill Castro, that the CIA was" instructed" to do. inferring that Bobby may have made the instructions without his brother knowing, despite assurances to the contrary after the Cuban Missile crisis. LBJ responds that he's heard that theory, notably also from Jimmy Hoffa's attorney, but his sources have dismissed it as "ridiculous". What I thought was curious was when LBJ refers to the CIA "reconstructing their request of me when I became President". I've always wanted to think it's NSAM 273, but it seems like too much of a setup. https://youtu.be/N50cBXvS_G0?t=7 I'm getting an error message that youtube doesn't allow the imbedding of this video, but I find that if you go to youtube and put this link into the url, it will come up.
  4. Absolutely, No substance to the Breitbart article at all. I'm sure it is Milo, as the article is London based. Great article, Jeff, you give me some hope. Dummying down a bit, This is a humorous stab about Net Neutrality from John Oliver, where he often on his show goes into a subject, such as Net Neutrality, in full depth and it is entertaining , but very informative, and good primer for people who might find such a subject tedious. In this, he humorously profiles the commissioner. He also makes reference to the previous transgressions of AT&T and Verizon, and Verizon's public statements to shareholders at their quarterly earnings reports, where they stress that the current Title 2 classification doesn't really present a financial hardship to Verizon at all, despite their present protests of hardship. https://youtu.be/92vuuZt7wak
  5. Figure it out, folks. Trump appointed Ajit Pai (that silly guy with the huge Reese's coffee cup, anyone ever see "Bob Roberts"?) Those who voted for Trump naively ended up voting for the Republican Corporate power structure. Now it's simple math, 3-2 Republican. Our hope is to fight it in court and that's iffy. Ron asks: Are political activists protesting this? Will it not affect Democrats, Independents and Republican's internet usage all? I guess you might think that but relax!, our great proponents of liberty who also rail against the "Deep State", Breitbart doesn't think that way at all and they tell you "what to think about it". http://www.breitbart.com/london/2014/11/13/here-s-what-net-neutrality-is-and-what-to-think-about-it/ Yes, Bannon approved, So do we finally have a litmus test issue? Actually we've already had a few.Under this equation, there will be more battles in the future concerning your economic rights as citizens. I can understand wanting something different, I did too, but for those who drank the Trump Kool Aid, you have a decision to make, do you want to be a fact based, informed citizen, or a grovelling slave. I'm confident whatever choice you make will be the right one. Good Luck!
  6. This, not the release of declassified JFK assassination documents is the MSM conspiracy issue of the day! You can e-mail the commissioner directly through here. gofccyourself.com , Don't worry, he won't see that title, but it gets you quickly to the specific case. When you've filled out the form, go up to the top to hit "review " before submitting. At least that's how I had to do it. In the 2016 elections, Despite the populist rhetoric.There was never a doubt in my mind where Trump would weigh in on this issue, given the people backing his campaign. What was a little unclear was Hillary's support of net neutrality, as I had read in the Podesta hacked e-mails that her stand on it was a bit more ambivalent, than her public posture for net neutrality. (though she said nothing specifically that was anti net neutrality) However, this is no surprise , as Hillary, being the centrist she was, was actually rather ambivalent about a lot of issues. That's why these inferences that Hillary would have started WW3 with the Russians that are sometimes bantered about by Oliver and Roger Stone are such BS! ( One I love, but I can freely say, "Natural Born Killers" sucks!, and the other I loathe!) However the one thing you can be sure about with Hillary is she knows her bread and butter and she would not reverse her position and defy Obama's stance on net neutrality. But now, we have to contend with this. It's practically a done deal! You poor guy's in the middle get suckered again! But now it's for all of us! The internet is potentially such a great equalizer. The highest overall internet use is in Nordic countries where the government takes an active hand in making the internet accessible to their citizens. In my mind any infrastructure bill, as one of the few good things that Trump has proposed which he could actually have accomplished, should also include bringing dependable broadband to a greater number of our citizens. I think this article is enlightening in telling you about the rise and the current state of the internet, though it doesn't specifically address the Net Neutrality issue. Later on, Check out 34 and 35, and which states where well financed interests have the most pull to crush municipal internet. https://www.vox.com/a/internet-maps
  7. That's right. Joe. And similarly, the problems involving the release of the newly classified documents isn't the latest "MSM media conspiracy" du jour! The mainstream media is to our viewpoint very ignorant about the Kennedy assassination because they were born after it, their parents were probably confused by it, they were educated to view it with some skepticism and all their journalistic idols and career contacts didn't emphasize it. I would predict it would very gradually continue unless there's a major break in this case.
  8. Where Were You, 11/22/63.

    Remarkably a lot of this is like Joe, I was 12 soon to become 13, about 80 miles north of Joe on the SF Bay peninsula. . I was in the 7th grade and the last person coming in from the playground of a mid morning recess,when I saw the whole class was milling around and my home room teacher was the only home room of 7 that had a radio and we were all listening when a friend who I know to this day informed me Kennedy had been hit in the head and LBJ had been hit in his body as well. Probably a half hour later we heard JFK died.Some girls were crying, everyone was stunned. Call it the loss of innocence but I've never seen such a mass stunning after any such event in my life. I never thought an incident as 911 was really that unexpected. The people who would compare those 2 events obviously didn't live during the first. The American public at that time was not at all aware of all that we were doing in the world. Later,we heard of the apprehension of Oswald, and his alleged Communist connections. America didn't talk much about itself at the time,but we had just been through the Cuban Missile Crisis and the first thought of the repercussions that could ensue form the Russians or Cubans could getting involved in the Assassination of our President was a thought that no one wanted to entertain. But I remember thinking there was a lack of continuity in the reporting about the apprehension of LHO. There was never an assassins profile, we hadn't heard of that vague profile given of the man in the window the TSBD, and the next thing we know, some guy had been apprehended in a theater after shooting a policeman. It did seem to me, that after shooting the President,an a assassin would try to keep a lower profile than to shoot a policeman 10 miles away.and why there? Had there been a chase directly out of the place where the assassination was committed? If there had been, which we know there wasn't, how come we hadn't heard about it? Then it just seems like divine good fortune that this guy who shot the cop just happened to work in building that people were now saying was where the shots came from and owned this rifle they recovered! It seemed really fishy to me but I voiced that to my friends but we pretty much thought when more details were released it would all come together. But in that next week, subsequent accounting by the major networks of the sequence of events that happened, none of the randomness of these events were explained. Oswald's appearance didn't conjure up any sympathy. That late recess, there were about 5 of us 12 year old boys wanting to become men talking about how we'd like to exact justice on LHO, a friend of mine talked about getting a dagger and starting at his throat , coming down the center of his torso driving the dagger deeper and deeper. Just tough talking young boys! I do remember either a clip or an account in those next few days, was it from Bringuer that LHO had come to their organization offering his services to help the Anti Castro forces, only to find Oswald a few days later in the street distributing leaflets for FPFC. I remember thinking that was strange. But it didn't seem like the public wanted to digest it too much further. We were all watching when LHO was murdered by Ruby. I think the general consensus was that this Dallas must be the craziest , loonville place on earth.. All these stupid f-cking men running around in their cowboy hats!
  9. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Castro was never a rightist. Castro started out primarily as an anti imperialist. I believe at one time he met Batista, but he was running for Congress when Batista seized control in a coup.Then Castro denounced him. At one point, not knowing Castro's allegiances,the CIA did back him over Batista.
  10. Paul said: So if it takes a Russian controlled network to hear a bit of truth in a sea of lies, maybe we should get over our nationalistic pride and give it a listen. Agreed, Paul, and besides it's not the same old sh-t Paul said: Larry - I do, always, treat all media with as much care as possible. So if there is a Putin agenda at work in RT it won't work on me any more than NBC or CNN or the NYT. Again agreed Paul , Certainly you, Larry and I are in no danger of being "brainwashed" and can sense the slant in any media we might expose ourselves. But we're not everybody. For individuals who are addled, ADD ridden so as to not be able to read 2 paragraphs, mud slinging, then unable to apologize, like Di Eugenio and our President, any forays into such media is clearly detrimental, as evidenced. Heh heh Paul said: In fact the best reportage I heard was from Rick Santelli on CNBC, clearly a right winger. That was a curious choice Paul, Rick Santelli? I'm familiar with him. A TV financial analyst, bond trader, color commentator. And often as other color commentators, unfiltered , says what he thinks. There are really a lot of such commentators in media. But you might be shocked if the right questions were asked of him, as I know he thinks that the only eventual answer to our debt woes is the complete disassembling of the nations safety net. However, I have my doubts if he'd employ such Draconian cuts on the National Security State, but I don't know for sure. But I think it is true, if cornered, he would be truthful and tell you that. Keep in mind, the man who approached Smedley Butler in 1933 about a coup to overthrow FDR in reaction to his New Deal policies was also a bond trader. I don't think Santelli has any interest in treason, like some in government. Santelli's a very vocal voice against the policies of the Fed, but is not against the Fed per se. The existence of the Federal Reserve of course, to a few CTer's is probably the most Deep State Deep State conspiracy going on. How did we get this institution?,and how did they get the immense power they have over our government, and what are it's ties to an international financial conspiracy? I'm sure those in the loose conspiracy of financiers are just thrilled that most CTer's are diverting themselves on U.S.government "Deep State" CIA, FBI conspiracies,and have a hand in promoting such diversions on the unwitting public, because after all, the disbanding of the government, and the gutting of many government agencies that has already been instigated by the Trump administration is just music to their ears! They want a good size military though, so they can keep order if they have to. Isn't that incredible, to think that the Deep State actually went private or corporate?? Actually some have been saying it all along.You have much more control over your government then you'll ever have over them! But to throw another curve, the reason Santelli doesn't like the Fed, is because of the control they've taken since the Great Recession has smoothed out the interest rate curve that is his bread and butter. The Fed during the Obama administration intentionally put the economy on trainer wheels just to ensure the economy didn't tumble into the abyss, which was a real danger! In so doing they took the speculative power out of the market because it was that speculation in the U.S.market that destroyed the world markets! Santelli over 5 years ago, was in essence saying, "when is the government and the Fed going to get off our backs and let us make money again?" At that time, IMO it was very irresponsible.And time has proven that right, as the economy has speeded up, there has been less unemployment and there has been no shortage of people making money in the stock market in the last 5 years, (not that it's equitable, by any sense!) .There are certainly excesses now, but they would have been a lot more advanced in the boom and bust cycle that could occur if Santelli had had his way. But the whole issue is actually a conflict between new and old money.
  11. That's a cool scene, Michael. In a 3 hour picture, with this much material, you have to combine characters. But in a series, you can have both characters playing off each other in scenes.It would shame to leave out Angleton (and his orchids), he's such a great, creepy character. I was thinking if the series ever went to the Nixon resignation. Why not go beyond and and handle the House Committee on Assassinations and all that was behind the scenes, including the deaths of De Mohrenschildt, .Roselli, Giancana, the Joannides obstruction and all that other testimony,etc. Leave the audience thinking we got so close, but never got to the truth..
  12. Wow , that's interesting Pat. It sounds like you gave it some real creative thought. I agree with you about "Nixon". It was largely a sympathetic portrayal of the forces shaping his life. I really liked Anthony Hopkin's portrayal. In that sense it was similar to "GW", but GW wasn't as good. Still I liked both Hopkins and Brolin more than I liked Costner. I never got that dialect, was that a Louisiana drawl by way of Camarillo?
  13. Paul said; Kirk - What media outlets do you consider free from propaganda? None. Jim, Maybe you got flustered at my first paragraph, couldn't see straight and didn't bother to read the second, (below) which is a much more articulate defense of RT than I've seen you make. But on the other hand, you do get guests that seriously question the neocon American adventurism that aren't ever allowed on the American political pundit shows on the major networks and cable networks. We still have Bill Krystol actually on MSNBC no less, despite the fact that his cabal initiated the most destructive foreign policy, wasteful of lives and displacement to this day, and from just a selfish American viewpoint draining of our treasury to the point that some in our government can plausibly deny that the government can''t fulfill basic rights to their citizens. Yet he's still allowed to opine about foreign policy,and some other pundits are centrist but there's no equal time to the opposite side. There's not a shortage of responsible spokesman for the other side and you can see some of them on RT. I hope you have read this now. Kirk said: I do think people should check it out for themselves. Jim said:"Just remember what the first amendment is all about. What's next with you and Kirk? Joe McCarthy bumper stickers? " Oh! Invoking MC Carthy no less at so little provocation, Jim? That reinforces my view that I've never found you particularly tolerant of dissent at all. Jim says: Its about the survival of ideas in a fair marketplace. Agreed, if you put something out there, it's fair game. You resort to name calling, you lose! Or maybe I should say have lost. Honestly Jim, I didn't think I was attacking you at all, but giving my review.
  14. RT (Russian)Times is a propagandist dream! It is produced by a state run agency though I know some here who think our supposed private run institutions aren't any more independent. If there was a conspiracy channel that's it, with a few human interest stories and general world news cleverly thrown in . But it's mostly an American conspiracy channel and maybe EU conspiracy, and absolutely nothing about how Putin ruthlessly handles his own dissidents, nor do they ever get introspective and tackle the reasons that even before sanctions, Russia is the greatest underachieving economic basket case in the world. Countries like Japan, Singapore, and the Netherlands can produce a high standard of living for their people even despite having next to no natural resources, then by contrast, we have a country with great wealth as Russia with a pitiful standard of living for the everyday person. Yes there have been former employees who have acknowledged RT's disinformation, and I do think people should check it out for themselves. But on the other hand, you do get guests that seriously question the neocon American adventurism that aren't ever allowed on the American political pundit shows on the major networks and cable networks. We still have Bill Krystol actually on MSNBC no less, despite the fact that his cabal initiated the most destructive foreign policy, wasteful of lives and displacement to this day, and from just a selfish American viewpoint draining of our treasury to the point that some in our government can plausibly deny that the government can''t fulfill basic rights to their citizens. Yet he's still allowed to opine about foreign policy,and some other pundits are centrist but there's no equal time to the opposite side. There's not a shortage of responsible spokesman for the other side and you can see some of them on RT.
  15. Joe, I've noticed in the past, you like casting! You're right.Stone could get top box office actors, so of course he did. When you think of a multi Oscar winner like Jack Lemmon (one you can thank Mamet for) , only playing a minor character role. I personally think it's nice to have a mix of new and old faces. Years ago I was a bit Jack Nicholson guy, then I realized in every part I was really just watching Jack Nicholson in my mind, and no matter how well he did, it became distracting for me. Kevin Costner was super hot box office at the time, but I thought he was very poorly cast, and was probably the weakest decision Stone made in casting. The Kennedy assassination was always too intricate for a 3 hour movie. But just imagine it with all the new characters , plots and subplots that we know of now. With a series, viewers can fill in gaps with co workers or friends during the week. I like sustaining the ongoing thread rather than just throw it all out there at once, like Netflix does. People binge it or watch it slowly, and if you're not on the same episode, all that's left is for a person to say, "catch Stranger Things, it's really good", and there's no discussion or sense of mutual discovery or suspense that an episodic serial does from week to week. Just take only Parkland, you can have 1)the Seth Kantor, Ruby chance meeting. 2)You can have Evalea Glanges witnessing the hole in the limousine windshield and being ushered away.(or for simplicity, just say Kanter saw it) 3)and you can have a depiction of Robert Mac Clelland telling his story, first with the President, than 2 days later with Oswald, as told below. 4)Of course the first diagnosis of the throat would as an entry wound. In an episodic series you give people time to breathe and reflect for the first time learn what a bullet does when it passes through a body,for example. Now in the TV series, "the Walking Dead", they have another hour show right after it to explain what happened in the first hour show! It's rather absurd, but that's what you want, for people to ask questions. The public isn't so informed about the Kennedy Assassination that for some and particularly generations that were born after the 60's, it would be a who-dun-it- drama they could really sink their teeth into and learn about real history, because it actually happened. There's no decade that could be said that "Real life is stranger than fiction" than the 60's.