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  1. Ron, I know Dave, I used to work with him at our radio station, but I haven't seen him in many years. He's a good guy. There was an hour of public affairs a day. The rest was music. They were a bit snobby about the small public affairs programs, of which Dave and I had shows. At fundraisers, They'd remark how unusual some of the Emory followers were dressed, army fatigues, camouflage clothing, which was a bit unusual 25 years ago, but not at all now. But still Dave was by far the biggest fundraiser at the station. I had never heard from him that Carter wanted to re open the JFK case, though I do remember having heard that Carter wanted to open the government files on UFOs and had witnessed UFOs.
  2. Kirk Gallaway

    I agree with Trump

    You're chasing a headline. That link doesn't at all support your specific assertion that a HC administration would incite a major military confrontation with the 2 other major world superpowers and no amount of your extrapolating makes it. If there's a Trump-Putin hysteria you've proven there's also an undying Hillary hysteria. I see your standard of proof and I'll keep it in mind in your future statements. This reminds me of when I was very young and we were playing make believe army. Jeff, you were the older kid on the block who was the General,with the keys to the kingdom who magically knew the intentions and maneuverings of the enemy, strategizing etc..Now that we're grown men. Are we just expected to accept your fantasy war game with a nod? Since I can see by your posts that you're only nobly trying to help us by dispelling our native illusions, maybe I can be of similar help to you. The problem is Jeff, You're spending a lot of your conscious everyday life up on a perch peaking over the hedge at your neighbors.This isn't really a healthy thing. If somebody removed the perch your life would probably descend into utter desolation. But eventually that's what you'll have to do. I do understand though. We are very seductive. We will suck any inner peace you have in and spit you out and you won't even know it. In fact that's already happened and you don't even know it. You are definitely this threads alarmist town crier. Make no mistake This will be a hard habit to break. I would advise you to take a year or 2 off. You'll need it. Go out West. Banff is nice.The world will still be here when you get back, and by that time you'll actually be happy about it. heh heh
  3. Kirk Gallaway

    I agree with Trump

    Most of this is just potential appointments and previous statements they made.Do you really think any of these potential appointments are any more hawkish than Trump's, Josh Bolton?? Mike Pompeo?, You're wrong. You're placing a lot of emphasis on "prospective" appointments. Sometimes these appointments are just a mix and practically some of them end up being used for just the usual "saber rattling. " Nothing to go completely alarmist about. This is really just a lot of the usual political jawboning by the msm sources, cnn, nbc, and the Guardian. They're not too concerned about it, no not because they're really just a mouthpiece for the American War Machine, but because they're aware of the political process and know a lot of this comes out in the wash anyway. It's worth mentioning that Hillary's prospective choices were more hawkish than Obama, but that's a hell of a stretch for what your asserting.. "she was assembling a national security team of neoliberal hegemonic globalists who gave every indication they were preparing to seize the moment and apply massive military force to reverse perceived geopolitical setbacks and directly confront Russia and China while they still held military superiority." Jeff, You've made a very pointed statement here about a world conflict incited by the U.S. with no less than the other 2 other major world superpowers. Is this really all you got?
  4. Kirk Gallaway

    I agree with Trump

    Jeff Carter said: I’m glad Hilary lost - she was assembling a national security team of neoliberal hegemonic globalists who gave every indication they were preparing to seize the moment and apply massive military force to reverse perceived geopolitical setbacks and directly confront Russia and China while they still held military superiority. she was assembling a national security team of neoliberal hegemonic globalists Oh really? Jeff. And who were this team?, name names. Who gave every indication they were preparing to seize the moment and apply massive military force to reverse perceived geopolitical setbacks and directly confront Russia and China while they still held military superiority Whoa!, that's really juicy Jeff! "Just like 1960. And what were those indications and from who among this group?, be specific! They were preparing to seize the moment and apply massive military force to reverse perceived geopolitical setbacks and directly confront Russia and China while they still held military superiority. Jeff, What is clear from your paragraph here is that you're saying with your usual utter certainty (that is, "every indication" )this group of Hillary's hegemonic globalists would "massively" "militarily" confront both China and Russia. Right? So you're saying a 2 pronged war with both major military powers. Right? Ok, and using what weapons?
  5. Kirk Gallaway

    I agree with Trump

    What I'm apparently not getting through to you, is that if you want to make a good argument, you appear to be scraping the bottom of the barrel when you use a wife beater and a convicted murderer. You should probably just leave names out of it, if you know of no other examples. That's cool.You can take my advice or leave it. Of course these election stats can be easily obtained. Trump got 8% of the black vote to Romney's 6% Hardly an endorsement and very low by historic standards. Trump still couldn't pull as many black votes as George Bush or his Father. Did you ever think that maybe the reason Trump outdrew Romney and Mc Cain is because he wasn't running against Barack Obama? That's a very critical factor to overlook.
  6. Kirk Gallaway

    I agree with Trump

    Andrew said this to Jim Di.^ Yes, let's just say in 2016, I learned through Jim's continual switching of alliances, that I'd never want Di Eugenio in my political foxhole. Nine months into the Bernie Sanders campaign , he was actually a supporter of Hillary Clinton! Which from things he had previously written, left me rather stunned and I asked him at one point if he had checked out the Sander's campaign. Ok to his credit he did say he eventually voted for Sanders in the primary. He later said he voted for Green Jill Stein. I can't really knock that. I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000. But then after the Election results, he sort of parachuted in as an avid Trump supporter, using post election gloating video clips from no less than Anne Coulter!! And yes ,no longer a word about the race baiting or Trump's appealing to the base instincts of the voters to this very day!. At the time I thought it might be a calculated political move to sway right leaning forum members for an upcoming conference of which he was a guest speaker. As you might understand, I view any of Jim's 180's with great skepticism.
  7. Kirk Gallaway

    I agree with Trump

    I forgot to mention because it was a long time ago, your example of a black voter for Trump, Don King was charged with killing two people in incidents 13 years apart. In 1954, King shot a man in the back after spotting him trying to rob one of King's gambling houses; this incident was ruled a justifiable homicide.[1] In 1967, King was convicted of nonnegligent manslaughter for stomping one of his employees to death.[1][2] For this, he served three years and eleven months in prison.[2] After being released, he was later pardoned in 1983.[3] Wikipedia
  8. Kirk Gallaway

    I agree with Trump

    Corey, this thread isn't about re litigating the 2016 Presidential election. We did that in great detail after the 2016 election. But in trying to update your most salient point. So am I to assume now all your friends in Michigan are part of the great "Trump economic boom" and are getting jobs at higher wages than before? If so, I would imagine that's because they're relatively newer to the work force, because wages haven't increased and I would suspect that the vast majority of the older disenfranchised work force who voted for Trump in Michigan aren't near as lucky. And I'm going to school a lawyer here, I thought using of all people Mike Tyson, a known wife beater, and Don King, one of the most quintessential known boxer promoter scumbags (as purported by no less than Muhammed Ali), as examples of blacks who voted for Trump made a very poor argument. I realize you cite these people because you have ties to the "biz." But these guys are not to be emulated as exemplary informed voters and often such voters will vote for a candidate like Trump for no other reason, then the prospect of paying less taxes.
  9. Kirk Gallaway

    I agree with Trump

    Hmmm Cliff, So the article says that Trump had his choice whether to have Rosenstein release the indictments before he met Putin or after and he chose to have them released before??? During the joint press conference, Trump does have this crumpled look of a guy who made a really stupid choice and must now face the consequences. I wonder if in the private meetings, Putin chewed Trump out for giving the press the perfect ammunition to use at their press conference! And all the while Trump thought that might actually give him leverage??? Boy was that a rude awakening! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!! BWA-HA-HA! 😖 Hey, do you guys know it's emoji week? I was looking for one that would convey hysterical laughter, but I couldn't find one. P.S. I thought it would be a complete abomination if Mueller was to give Trump all his interrogation questions ahead of time, but now maybe I'm not so sure. Do you really think he could still screw it up in the interview? I guess at the heart of that question is, does Trump really learn from his mistakes? Anyway, I guess we'll stay tuned.
  10. Kirk Gallaway

    I agree with Trump

    Jeff said: As a Canadian, I have perhaps a bit more objectivity on all this. One thing I like about Jeff, he is like a stoic Mounty with supreme certitude. And as a Canadian predictably in awe of U.S. omnipotence, which I suppose is understandable. Heh heh, just joking Jeff! Jeff said: Julian Assange says the information came to him as result of a leak (inside job), and he is backed by British diplomat Craig Murray who also had direct involvement. Oh wow! Was that leaker, Seth Rich, Jeff? I guess you and Sean Hannity know what happened to that allegation.. So you make allegations about a leaker you can't name because you think Julian Assange is an irrefutable source that we should follow in lockstep with you? That is the same Julian Assange and Wikileaks ( incidentally Assange was Jim Di's professed 2016 Man of the Year, though he has been rather quiet about Assange of late.) we now know that advised Donald Trump Jr. shortly before the 2016 election that if Trump lost he should dispute the election results.(Which was Trump's opponents worst fears, that he wouldn't go quietly.) And that's not if results showed Trump won the popular vote and lost in the electoral college, (which is what happened to HC), or even if it was close! That's if he just lost!.And now that Assange and Wikileaks was caught, they don't deny it! They also tried to make a deal with Trump for Trump to pick his most favorable year of tax returns and give them to Wikileaks to publish and Wikileaks would falsely claim that they obtained the tax forms from a whistle blower! Wikileaks is every bit as complicit with Trump as Republican California Congressional "mole", Devin Nunes. Jeff said: There is no expectation that this Indictment will ever go to trial and therefore be tested through due process - in fact the Indictment itself has been handed to the Justice Department’s National Security Division which never takes its work to a courtroom. That's understandable only given the current balance of power in Washington and the fact they'll never practically be able to bring the Russians to trial. It couldn't be because to spend a lot of resources prosecuting is just a waste of taxpayer money?
  11. Kirk Gallaway

    I agree with Trump

    Everyone knows the difficulty and the standard of proof required to prove collusion, but you have to be an investigative fool to think that Trump isn't compromised by a foreign power. To not suspect that, calls their entire investigatory process in question. Questionable allegations and assertions are made with infinitely less proof on this forum every day.Though I will grant recently less, with the absence of certain posters. How effective a Russian e-mail or hacking campaign ultimately was or whether it rises to any more of a concerted effort at destabilization than we routinely do to them is a relevant question. Leaving out all foreign leader fanboy considerations. The real question is: After taking our rightful responsibility for corruption in our election system, the general gullibility and vulnerability of our citizenry, and our subsequent election of such a loose canon. How are we are to look upon such a power?. However, I do wonder about the usefulness of NATO. I am in agreement with Cliff and Jim and the instances of overstepping of it's bounds. However historically it is noteworthy that 13 previous Russian satellites eventually joined NATO. Who was it that they were seeking protection from? Almost no previous satellites of the Soviet Union have any thing very good to say about their previous relation with the Soviet Union.The Baltic states in particular are very leery of Putin and Russia. If this is a useful alliance it would be good to see all countries foot the bill and demonstrate that they're not just being coerced into continuing this Cold War stance to perpetuate the U.S. need for control and to satisfy increased expenditures to their war machine.
  12. Kirk Gallaway

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Michael, i understand your confusion, but the Nazi's were not "truly socialists." To understand why they named themselves a "Socialist" party, you have to understand that at the time. There was a worldwide depression,that was brought on by the International financial interests, and common people held pure Capitalism in scorn. "Socialism" was becoming increasingly popular and the far right leaders of the Nazi party decided to throw the word "socialist' into their name to attract workers away from communism and into their brand of populist nationalism. The people that mattered to the Nazi's, were the International bankers, the Rothschilds, Du Ponts, Rockefellers, and to a lesser extent families like the Bush's and Union Bank and others, who could finance their economic recovery that was depleted badly as result of reparations and financial terms they were forced to accept after WWl. These people did not see them at all in a Socialist vein, but as a country they could do business with and enjoy complete protection from the fascist state. The event that truly frightened them was the Bolshevik Revolution and the Russians, as they rightly saw them as the greatest obstacle to the Capitalist system. The term "Socialist" connotes a greater role of government, and I'm sure the Nazi's emphasized some greater role of government in for example, public works and education, but there was a greater trend toward that throughout the world at that time.
  13. Kirk Gallaway

    My Friend Billie Sol Estes

    Welcome Frank, it's interesting hearing your account of some of his last accounts of his life. I don't know how long you browsed this forum. But Doug Caddy posts here, and he defended Sol Estes. And while I don't want to speak for Doug, I know he does afford Sol Estes some credibility. There are people here who buy this whole story, some people who are agnostic but find it interesting and some who are are very skeptical, and the cornerstone of the criticism is that Sol Estes is a crook and a con. It's good to hear your account.
  14. Kirk Gallaway

    Very poor taste by the French.

    Joe Bauer said: I can remember feeling a little uneasy when the comedy show "Hogan's Heroes" first debuted on national TV back in 1965.This was a totally silly comedic version of the film "Stalag 17" which itself even exhibited a little humor but in a much more serious tone. Re: Hogan's Heroes and this political sensitivity thing.. I was traveling around Europe in 1996, and I wanted to see Amsterdam, with their legal window shopping prostitution and the open marijuana venues, which was what I was interested in. I came to this row of clubs. I first went to some regular bars and they were kind of pick up scenes that was roughly 50-50% men and women, with women dressed up pretty sexy. I then went into a hash bar, it was completely different.. It was about 80-20 male and very laid back. I met these 2 Dutch guys and I smoked at a public establishment for the first time with them. These guys actually spoke English like Americans, though every once in a while with certain words, they'd sound British. I mentioned to them how American they sounded and they said they grew up on American TV without subtitles and mentioned that Germany had the same American TV shows but they had subtitles. I asked what shows, and they said like, "Bonanza", "the Fugitive" and "Hogan's Heroes." And I said "The Germans grew up with "Hogan's Heroes"? and they said "Yes."