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  1. Joe, as you read, Greg in his sincere well worded question, has said he's had a personal relationship with Ruth Paine. Greg's question about Ruth Paine was not directed at you. Maybe you obscured Jim's view of the question asked of him. I think I may have a little more knowledge about the forum case against RP, but I want to see what Jim's got.
  2. Love Jordan Klepper, Mark, nice compilation! I saw an interview with him. He was very serious, it was nice to see.
  3. Did you like "Da 5 Bloods", Dave? Hey , have you guys seen "Have a Good Trip" on Netflix? it is probably the coolest movie I've seen about Psychedelics. A lot of celebrities, talk about their experience on psychedelics, including Rosie Perez who was slipped some acid unknowingly. Ben Stiller takes it once and starts freaking and phoning his Dad! Of course who could be more enlightening about psychedelics than Sting? Pfffffff! Jeff, I'm not sure how you confused this, but these were my words below, even down to matinee. It was movie, that had recently come out. "I went to see the TAMI show in a a matinee with a friend."
  4. William, I always liked Chauncey Billups! And I liked his name! Dave it sounds like that was made by disgruntled Viet Nam war vets. Which is cool. But they don't spare the despair. A couple of cuts to grizzly Zapruder! Don't like Hanoi Jane! I looked it up, it was July 28th, 1968 at Frost Amplitheatre on the Stanford campus. When I saw the Chambers Brothers, they also stole the show from the final act Quicksilver Messenger Service.This was the card: opening Credence Clearwater, I had never heard of them. Sons of Chaplain, Santana (local, who hadn't gone national yet) Chambers Brothers (shook hands with them afterward) and Quicksilver. https://www.setlist.fm/festival/1968/stanford-summer-rock-festival-1968-73d6f689.html Joe, I remember those junior high dances. Girls on one side, boys on the other. Not much dancing. Both sort of frozen in place. Everyone was pretty insecure. When I started dancing I was kind of awkward and borrowed from every source. Some guys were laughing at me. But they never danced. Later I realized it was quality rather than quantity, and I started learning to be more cool, and picking one style and delving into it. Then I started actually tuning into what my partner was doing, Duh!!!! And trying to create something together. It took me all the way until I was in my 30's, before I realized I could kind of shake em' down! heh heh Kirk, I love Sam Cooke! I loved Chain Gang, Wonderful World and of course, Bring it on Home to Me. Some black male female duos. Otis Redding and Carla Thomas. "Tramp" https://youtu.be/wP7VU6AVIgc Brook Benton who was a little reminiscent of Nat Cole, but more rock, and Dinah Washington, You've Got What it Takes https://youtu.be/37cH9khXYdM Rockin' Good Way https://youtu.be/RkTjhvB23W4?t=4 Marvin Gaye and Tina Turner -I'll be Doggone/ Money Jeff to be clear, I saw the movie of the TAMI show when it first came out. It was great!
  5. Cliff Love hearing Jello Biafra again! How fitting Trump comes up with his "American Taliban" speech last night! Culture wars it is then!! I've reflected recently on why I am proud to be an American. A Trump guy said to me he likes pictures of July 4th fireworks on his I phone. To each his own, but that's not my thing! Upon reflecting long, I realize that mine eyes have witnessed the genesis of the fusion of European and African cultures and the advent of electric sound meld together in my country and I, among many helped to popularize it! I'm old school and my idea of black music artistry is Jimi, Ray and Stevie, not necessarily in that order. But I figure I might highlight some of the other of our black brothers. "But the things you do and say are designed to make me blue." Though not one of his mega hits, this is his song I enjoy most playing to. Man, this guy's got something! When I first saw this guy on TV. It was before I first started buying records. Wow, he put the whole song and dance thing together. A one hit wonder, the Showmen. Rock and roll will stand. https://youtu.be/aa17h1n5kCw?t=4 I went to see the TAMI show in a a matinee with a friend. James Brown and the Flames was the next to last act. The last act was the Rolling Stones who hadn't quite reached their peak yet. Seeing the Stones was so anticlimactic after James Brown. James Brown was so outrageous! Keith Richard said that later, "We should never have followed James Brown". I found this clip of James Brown dancing excerpts.
  6. Wheeler:That’s the kind of request that I’ve been waiting for since I joined this forum. Yeah, I can imagine. Aren't we glad we now have Wheeler's completely flushed out theory now? I agree with Cliff completely. But just as the questions I directly pose are never really answered. I don't expect yours to be either. But I've got a hot tip, that even Wheeler apparently doesn't know.. The CIA has a plant inside this Trump celebration at Mt . Rushmore today, and they'll make the fireworks show go askew, injuring some of the crowd, causing a fire to the State Park and if all goes right. It will mar the faces of the Mt. Rushmore figures. The prime target is the founding father of our country, George Washington. It's hoping the chaos in one more Trump event will be the "nail in the coffin" for the Trump Presidency. They will stop at nothing!!!
  7. Yes Rob , nice work! I'd love to read it, I like the idea of a Q&A format. It's good for a son or daughter to learn about the legacy of a parent. He seems like a person who overcame adversity, followed his own path and became a great man.
  8. Well, I think Ron will back me up on this one. I say, if Trump can't get it up. She should definitely dump him!! Ha hah ha ha! ohhh! Honestly Joe, when I woke up this morning I wasn't thinking about these things, but Melania would demand to renegotiate her prenup under the the threat of divorcing him and leave him as our first divorced President? Sort of "Ok, I'll put it off for now, but I want more money when I go!" Kind of makes sense I guess. I saw an interview with Melania, and honestly I was sort of impressed as the interviewer did indirectly get around to asking how she felt about the Trump's dalliance, and she did kind of hold her own, and say she was hurt but it's her business and she'll take her lumps, in so many words.
  9. The seriousness is starting to sink in to even some of Trump's most hardened knucklehead devotees. Now masks are "in" out of necessity and Trump is out! Even if he was seen in a mask now, it would weaken him in the eyes of his most macho supporters, even though they're probably already starting to get some common sense talk from their wives and have come to realize they are not going to be able to accomplish anything and get into many places without masks. This painting himself in the corner has gone on throughout his Presidency. For example , to his constituency, the Wall was so important. But Trump's total of wall built where there previously was no barrier comes to a total of 3 miles! If say, Mitt Romney was President. He could have built many more miles. The Obama administration was at one time open to building some more barrier! But Trump antagonized the Dems just to grandstand to his base. The Dems have their constituency too. You antagonize them in front of their constituency. You're not going to get anything done on the wall. And he practically didn't. His constituency, who seem new to politics, or maybe it was just unrealistic expectations have to decide if they just want to be romanced like an expensive date, or really want to get something done. Anyway, a lesson for the future, but no time soon.
  10. Interesting. over half the covid deaths in California are in L.A. county. (3326) What I'm hearing are the cities that are ballooning right now are Miami, Tampa, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles.
  11. Is it really, "one of the great public debates in recent history?." Or is just a good RFK retort? There wasn't really much to debate here, it's not exactly recent history, but it was posted here only a couple of weeks ago. Though it's a good short clip of RFK.
  12. Tomorrow's a big day, Unless they put it off, The Supreme Court decides if Trump releases his taxes. If they decide he must, Trump could resist, but that would destroy any chance of his re election. I've heard someone speculating that he'd be better off bowing out and hoping for Pence to win the Presidency and pardon him. But there's not a chance Pence could win on the coattails of Trump! ****** Re:Covid. I've concluded a lot of the problem with Americans coping with this crisis is that they're a bit lazy, and very undisciplined. But still in hindsight it's amazing! They still could have been winners if they had just approached this with any degree of seriousness. They have the wealth to infuse the economy with money, ( though some could argue there will be a price to pay in the future.) but just as important, unlike other countries they have the mobility with their cars to go to places to relieve their stress. It's remarkable the resources a lot of Americans have to make the most of a lock down. But they haven't established good habits, they don't wear masks. They emphasize their freedom, but freedom to do what? Think whatever silly thoughts come into their mind? A lot of stupid hoax thinking, and they're still hedging by underestimating the danger. So a lot of them took the bitchy, whiny, defiant, undisciplined approach and followed blindly their President whose successfully politicized the Public Health. Yes it was so seductive, The easy way out, where they operate under the illusion that they were such "free thinkers." And we're all paying the price for actions of a minority. Along the line of people getting fed up with people who at people who aren't taking this seriously.. I'm not much a Facebook guy, but I guess this is going viral, because I received it twice in the last 2 days. One from an acquaintance in Northern California and once from a friend in Tampa. https://www.facebook.com/mike.grabill.9/posts/10222741562549810
  13. What's this Karen bullsh-t? Wheeler:If I have learned one thing on this forum, it is that the unquestioned acceptance of the most transparent attempts by the MSM to spin a narrative away from reality means the least likely group to discover the truth behind the JFK Assassination are the bulk of the participants on the JFK Assassination Debate Education Forum. Yes, It's obvious you're not going to get discovered here. So is this really good bye? Since your entire intellectual premise has been that children are direct clone lemmings of their parents, with no free wills of their own. Can we assume your Dad just pulled sh-t out of his ass in conversation to anybody he'd walk up to in the street and was seen as just sort of a general crank to anybody he imaginatively thought of as an authority figure? Since we haven't learned anything from you either. Has this all just been a play to pity you for your powerlessness? But in retrospect, I know this has been a heady crash course in enculturation for you. I do remember your one contribution. Since you don't really give a crap about the JFKA. You at least thought if you came up with anything culturally Kennedy, that you'd be a big hit here. But in how many times and in how many threads did we have to see the 4th generation Kennedy clan sing that stupid song???? Only a complete "Q" fool would think that they were excited and laughing about Bush Sr's. death like you did. But then I understand the obsession with the Bush's after voting for them 4 times!
  14. That's interesting Chuck, American intelligence says Russians are involved in offering bounties to Afghans to kill Coalition forces , including American soldiers in Afghanistan to throw a wrench in current U.S. Taliban talks, possibly seeing revenge on Nato forces for a 2018 battle in Syria, in which the American military killed several hundred pro-Syrian forces, including numerous Russian mercenaries. It's been discussed with Trump and he's not moving on it. I'd love to think this would be the coup de grace. But it's going to be hard to prove any softness in Trump's position to his subservience to Putin. But we'll get Jim Di and Jeff to look into it! heh heh!
  15. I don't think you necessarily need a psychiatrist to see that Trump is crazy. But what kind of crazy? Despite his denials Trump follows polls just as any politician. As strange as it sounds, up to now, there was some kind of sense to a lot of Trump's actions at pleasing his base but it's always been about 3/8 of the population base. Though Trump never leaves off the table he could do something crazy. I tend to think it's just talk. I think he'll run the filthiest campaign in American election history. But I think the majority are hep to him. My guess is that if loses by more than 3%, he goes. It's kind of strange but right now, Biden could beat Trump in his Desi Arnaz pajamas. Maybe even sleep this one out! Joe, I do tend to agree with William. First I thought when he insulted Mc Cain's 5 year POW sacrifice, and bashed him for getting caught. I thought that would kill him with his party. It actually almost did. But then with the pussy grabbing incident, I felt like William, that he can't possibly get elected, but the proof in the pudding was that he actually beat Hillary Clinton with white women.
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