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  1. Bobby actually could change. The time was right for him, probably too right, hence what happened. Bobby had soul.
  2. Kirk Gallaway

    Why was JFK assassinated but Trump has not been?

    As I've been saying since his Presidency, the fact that Trump hasn't been assassinated is absolutely no surprise to me. The illusions in this article come from a misunderstanding of where the power really is. Talbot, kind of goes in and out for me in this piece but I think this is the most significant thing he says. I think JFK was more at risk because in his day the national security complex was a smaller, more cohesive organism than it is today. It was simpler for a power player like Allen Dulles to build consensus within his circles (Wall Street and the security establishment) The 50's-60's was a time of teeming profusion at the start of the era of big government. The heads of these agencies could amass great power. Government was the place to be. Now most people in government can make more money in the private sector. This kind of power just doesn't exist in government anymore. That's why I'd like to ask Talbot, what is the nature and goals of the "deep state". I bet he couldn't give any better answer than he does in this article,as he just alludes to it as something we can 'all agree upon'. I don''t know if he's still stuck on this image of a bunch of mighty generals and intelligence in their dark little windowless rooms, plotting our future, because he is smart enough to recognize that there was a whole other world behind Allen Dulles.(Wall street and the Security Establishment) One person who seems from his public statements to be stuck in those dark, bureaucratic quarters is Oliver Stone. IMO Oliver's done great things for open government, and intuitively I think he has a high character and he follows his ideals and who, despite his family exposure to Wall Street, and the fact that he's made 2 movies about the greed of Wall Street. Still,it's the one element that's seriously missing and barely touched upon in his and Peter Kuznic's otherwise excellent series, "The Untold history of the United States." To grasp it , you have to change your mindset and realize that there's not the need for subversion that there once was. These people don't have to form secret societies! We've become an oligarchic, corporate state. (You'll never hear that phrase from Talbot, Stone) And in what serious way, does Trump really pose any threat to that? His agenda is the multi national corporate agenda. And what is that? That agenda poses the idea that capital is best left in the hands of people who can really do something with it. Government programs that seek to redistribute the wealth run counter to that. Rather than have legislation to protect the consumer or the environment, that can better be handled by individual lawsuits in the courts, ( a lot of people and groups just won't have the money, but tough luck!) They'd like to gut the SEC, the cops and regulators on Wall Street and promote their idea of freer markets, as well as to cut disaster relief agencies.To them, everything is better off being privatized including basic services and Education.(De Voss-vouchers) Taxes should be lower for those who can best appropriate capital and people should get used to the idea of an era of government limits, hence they perpetuate talk that Social Security is a ponzi scheme that won't be around when you retire anyway to lower the public expectation. If this agenda was implemented on a global scale, the financial opportunities freed up from government spending would be a great windfall for a small select group of people (1-2%) When countries like Venezuela go belly up and can't make their payments to the international banking cadre, what do you think they do? The everyday people are starved out indefinitely until inevitably a deal is made where a payment plan is re enacted, but it's not free, the country agrees to privatize their previously state owned resources, as in this case Venezuela, that's their oil industry. This isn't just their pipe dream, it's being accomplished little by little over about the last 35 years without firing a shot..Anyone who has been following the Trump administration can see this direction. Why in the world would they stop it? They've gotten a lot of things they wanted, this is the most pro business era in almost 100 years. But there's not that much fear of Trump not filling out his term, because it's understood, Mike Pence would just be an extension they could never have gotten any other way, with any mainstream Presidential political candidate. These people are smart and know their candidates and how their government works. As gloomy as it all sounds. There is one simple and very reachable step that can be made that would radically change everything for the better. and that is, to simply get the money out of politics. There are a lot of ways to do it. Maximum contributions $100, no pacs, public financing, (sure there's d be a lot less money for campaigns, and what's wrong with that? Shorter campaigns without near the the number of commercials or compel the TV and radio stations to donate more in depth coverage than just sound bytes) Make it so politicians aren't spending 1/3 of their time soliciting for sponsorship. That would be the beginning of a new kind of public servant in Washington. Maybe it will take a generation of millennials to put it in action, but it would be a good start and it's a revolution that has broad support and is very doable..
  3. Kirk Gallaway

    Max Boot gets Booted on Lansdale in Vietnam

    That's a good article Jeff. It is the worst refugee crisis in the past quarter century, and to my surprise worse than the Iraq War. MSM or not, as a citizen i can tell you the news coverage from about 6 months after the Iraqi invasion for the next 7 years was hardly encouraging! In all there were about 3 million Iraqis displaced from their homes and 2 million refugees. not even half the estimated 11 million total estimates for Syria. The Iraqi refugees settled largely in population centers in neighboring countries in the Middle East. in Syria, there is a much higher settlement in refugee camps, which presents an even greater problem. "Glimmer of hope"' and everything's looking up? Let's hope Syria has a renaissance in 5 years! Jeff said: It is absolutely a humanitarian disaster - but is the primary cause of this disaster because Assad is engaged in a war against his own people with the support of Putin or because regional adversaries have been financing a regime change operation in that country? I say it is the latter. It's solely the latter?, and not both? Regional financing from who? I would not take the UN’s numbers at face value, as they had been very wrong in claiming 250,000 civilians at risk in east Aleppo when fighting there was approaching government victory about 18 months ago. That's the kind of information where they might be inaccurate, but when we're talking numbers of refugees, rather than reputed good sources with good people on the ground, I don't think there's any better source to count refugees than agencies whose jobs are to count and take care of them, though I don't expect complete accuracy. Early 2016 was the high water mark of the rebel’s control of territory, so there weren’t then “government protected areas” that were particularly safe at all. Don't be too sure. I've traveled though El Salvador and Nicaragua during their civil wars, and what I was struck with is that 99% of the country is peaceful. Check out this from October 2017. But if 2016 was the terrorist high water mark, check out the second August 2016 clip from Syrian tourism. Pretty inviting huh? A lot warmer right now than Canada! https://youtu.be/Uk8LSQbybo0 https://youtu.be/saXH4yQARqg
  4. Kirk Gallaway

    Max Boot gets Booted on Lansdale in Vietnam

    Jeff, I've never said I supported the assassination of Assad. That's Jim at least implying that I said that. And I don't accept the MSM interpretation or purported facts, , and as you can see, I'm not using them. Nobody here assumes that one side is responsible for everything. I can accept from your article that most of the dead are combatants, but there's also that thing called collateral damage, and using your fatality figures, over 25 times that figure are currently displaced or are refugees! It's a huge humanitarian disaster, do you accept the UN figures of refugees? What is the source of this article that you appear to be quoting, or any articles you're using? Please cite them. Here are the U.N. sources again. In 2016, from an estimated pre-war population of 22 million, the United Nations (UN) identified 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance, of which more than 6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and around 5 million are refugees outside of Syria. Please break this down for me, of these 6 million people who are internally displaced and the 5 million who are now refugees outside of Syria, Since you're claiming to be privy to a bit information. Do you know 1) How many of these people who are displaced or refugees are pro Assad? That is a bit difficult to gauge, isn't it?, because a lot of people if given free elections may not choose to vote for Assad, but basically just want peace for their families and their dwellings. I would think pro Assad people would gravitate toward government protected areas and not be that prevalent on the refugee list. Jeff, Would you really be as likely to leave your home country, if your chosen leader was in power, and maybe later, if he wins the cooperation of a powerful ally. (Russia)? What do you think? 2)how many of them have been displaced or are refugees because of their opposition to Assad? Wouldn't you be more likely to leave your mother country if you feared there would be government reprisals, if you were to return? Are there any figures for the displacement of Democratic forces such as the the SDF, which no one's mentioned. -(I notice you're article never once mentions ISIS, but is lumping all the terrorist groups together, that's cool.)
  5. Kirk Gallaway

    Max Boot gets Booted on Lansdale in Vietnam

    I actually remember Kinzer. Good research, Jim. Jim quotes an ex -Reaganite. In the 80's, he once very adamantly anti-Sandinista, though in fairness, I'm not sure if he was pro Contra, but a lot of Reaganites were back then. You can really pick em' Jim. I prefer sources who were always anti imperialists to ones who later had some "born again" epiphany. And I'd prefer hard numbers from the U.N. as to a refugee crisis , rather than prose about "glimmers of hope" and endless political pontifications, which I know puts you at somewhat of a disadvantage.
  6. Kirk Gallaway

    Max Boot gets Booted on Lansdale in Vietnam

    Paul said: Kirk - in regards to Syria, what course of history would you prefer? In your view, what caused the tragic destabilization of Syria? What was your point of view on the first, or second, US and allied wars in Iraq? Just curious. I’m pretty sure all of us would prefer a world without despots. What’s the solution? That's a good question Paul, and as I said I wish it were that simple. But Jim thinks it is. Jim says this as to my raising doubts about the outcome of Putin's alliance with Assad. I am still in favor of what Assad did with Putin. Because if that would not have happened, you would have had the same thing occur in Syria as what happened in Libya. Yes It's probably the 30th time I've heard Jim's obsession with Libya and Hillary again, but it's like comparing New York City to Hoboken. We're talking about a country with 4 times as many people as Libya and an authentic culture that's been around for milleniums, (oh I'm sorry, why did I even mention that!) News flash! Actually a country can be broken without a regime change, Jim. Jim says: I am still in favor of what Assad did with Putin. Well, I'm glad you think it was worth the risk for you, Jim. But like slavery, I think the ones that suffered might disagree. These are the facts: Try this: In 2016, from an estimated pre-war population of 22 million, the United Nations (UN) identified 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance, of which more than 6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and around 5 million are refugees outside of Syria. That's 2/3 of the population requiring humanitarian assistance and half the population either displaced or refugees out of the country! Numbers are boring,but they don't lie. And where are they going? They're migrating throughout East and West Europe. The victors can spin it whatever way they want. Putin's foraying into being a Middle East power broker is the biggest humanitarian disaster since Bush's War on Iraq. I see little difference in outcome, but unfortunately the Russian economy is such a piss poor basket case, (do you know all Russia, economically is about half the size of California!!)) so there's not going to be any real reconstruction anytime soon, but of course they can just throw all the millions of refugees on Europe. Good plan! Nobody can ignore the facts. We don't need idealogues, we have to face what works and what doesn't. If it worked better, I would have had no problem admitting it. But it's a disaster, a complete over extension.
  7. Kirk Gallaway

    Max Boot gets Booted on Lansdale in Vietnam

    This isn't new. We saw this clip before only a couple of months ago. These 2 guys were once 2 peas in a pod. Both Boot and Carlson were quite pro the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Neocons are a problem. But Jim calls anybody who disagrees with him a Neocon,or a Mc Carthyite, as he called me and Hancock. Just yesterday in his "What is the Kennedy cult anyway" Jim in his paranoia, imagines the stealthy neocon presence on this forum. Total irrational BS! He himself, starts the thread, and retreats into dark accusations when the thread doesn't produce the hegemony he wants. Jim was pretty enthusiastic about the Royal Wedding of Putin and Assad a couple of years ago. Yeah that really turned out well, Jim. I have some really fine imported pieces for sale for your rubble garden if you're interested.. It's being done on all sides now, and the people to suffer are the real people. Now we're propping up the "Strong Man' in Saudi Arabia,Iraq, and Afghanistan, and now that Putin's gotten in the act. It's noble to Jim. I wish it were that simple. And of course, his expressed fear now, is that the U.S. will hijack Syria from his beloved Putin, as if that's such a prize. Now that him and Assad have bombed every major city North of Damascus back into the Stone Age. The everyday people are just pawns in a global Super Power game.
  8. Kirk Gallaway

    What is the Kennedy Cult anyway?

    Cliff said: Ever see JDiE admit Kennedy ever screwed up? No, in years on this forum. I have never once seen Jim Di acknowledge that JFK ever made a mistake in anything. And for the first time in my memory only a few days ago, Jim was forced to admit to me he's wrong, in assertions he just couldn't possibly deny. While most everyone here has a healthy idealistic vision of JFK,. I've felt given Di Eugenio's continual fawning over JFK, and his continual sort of soap box propagandizing is such that I might in the same somewhat biting sarcasm Cliff's using, classify Di Eugenio as a "JFK fanboy". But I prefer to characterize Jim Di's emulation of JFK, as having an element of "adolescent hero worship" which you could argue is pretty similar language. For Jim there's always this compulsion to defend the nobility and heroism of JFK. You have no further to look than this very thread itself, rather than tit for tat answering Hagger's charges, who other than Jim would opt to start a whole other thread to rally support of others? (which is always very important to him) Obviously where there's a cult, there has to be followers. I've seen a bit of knee jerk agreement and rather kiss butt comments to Jim that don't make me feel comfortable, but some of it is an healthy admiration for Jim's authorship and his efforts in the forum, which are substantial, and greater than any other single individual at this point. I think what makes me feel uncomfortable is that I find myself often in essence saying either outright to Jim or in my own thoughts, "Thank You, but I can make my own judgments". But I know I'm not the only one, so no cult. I think of JFK as a more fallible and human figure than Jim, and to me it makes his story greater.. As an aside, I should say, I personally do find Jim's outlook as dark, gloomy, and paranoid, and IMO the more closer to present day realities, the less relevant and more clueless his pronouncements become. Jim seems preoccupied with perpetuating this dark ongoing victimization of the Kennedy's, which is at odds with the facts. Jim insisted that Caroline Kennedy was somehow robbed because she just wasn't rewarded outright Hillary Clinton's vacated Senate seat, even though she was a complete newcomer who really hadn't done much work for the party. I don't think we should resort to conspiracy name calling when decisions are made through a meritocracy. The truth is, the Clinton's and the Bush's are gone. There's a lot that the follower's of the Kennedy legacy might be able to look forward to. The Kennedy political identity is largely untarnished, and is currently the most viable political dynasty on the American political scene, and the name now has a more broad base of political support than ever before. That probably runs counter to Jim's fatal story line. I've certainly never heard anything in the present that is at all hopeful from Jim. ***************** Jim says:The two best sources on this by far are John Newman's milestone book JFK and Vietnam, Chapter 18. That tells the story from the American side. In JFK and the Unspeakable pp 148-211, you will see it more from the Saigon side. Not to key just on Jim here, But isn't that what it so often comes down to? One researcher/ author arrogantly proclaiming another in some cases, cherry picked author as the definitive source? **********
  9. Kirk Gallaway


    Yes Cory, Re Bolivia: you sure this doesn't have something to do with that really cool alpaca sweater Lee bought? Just kidding. Hope it has legs! Re Mervyn: Mervyn seemed to think his pronouncements were headline news and commanded acclaim, and they got some curiosity for a short while, but he ended just attention mongering and sucking energy. His desired niche of being the pushback author of moral outrage about the JFK personal life is nothing new, didn't sell sh-t before and won't now. And some of his JFK, RFK foreign policy assertions neither him nor anyone can prove.
  10. Kirk Gallaway

    Trump and the Unspeakable?

    Corey, with the Warriors? Well I'm currently alone in my room. But yes, that is my hometown team for many bleak years, and I am a very happy fan now.
  11. Kirk Gallaway

    Trump and the Unspeakable?

    Kind of crazy. We wrapped up round 2 on Wednesday the 9th, and by a week from today we will have played only 2 games in 11 days! But I think that works to our advantage because we can prepare more than a team that depends so much on isos. I think tomorrow will be all out for both teams. We win and we can probably take it in 5, ok maybe 6 at the worst! "Drive west on Sunset to the sea---Turn that jungle music down!---Just until we're out of town." DF+WB(RIP)=SD
  12. Kirk Gallaway

    Trump and the Unspeakable?

    Cliff, I generally like where you take some of these discussions. The Globalists are cool with Trump because he cut their taxes, and they know they can keep his anti-trade impulses bottled up. I think that's on target. This is the greatest pro globalist business atmosphere of the post war era. They are a bit upset at the China rhetoric. But are confident as in all situations that a President that has tied his fortunes to the well being to the stock market, ultimately won't let them down. Michael, I would agree with you. I think Trump's desire to bring down drug prices is one of the few things he has advocated I can agree with, that I think he has a fair chance of doing something that no other candidate can do. But the reality is the Biotech sector started declining an hour before his speech, and rebounded after when Trump made no specifics about what he was going to do. This sort of dismissing Trump is now just commonplace in the markets and done out of habit. Hopefully he'll get specific in the future, and I do think he'll probably get something accomplished, but not near as much as many of us would like. IMO The Institutionalists are pissed at Trump because he's incredibly incompetent. I definitely agree, how can you get anything done, with someone who knows absolutely about how his government works? There are actually people here who think the institutionalists (deep state) are the cause of everything! But the Globalists are tickled pink and welcome the "Deep Staters" and their diverting attention from the ecstatic roll they've been on for the last 35 years, by which they've been able to accomplish what they want while barely firing a gun. Now they find themselves where there's not a lot of need for subversion and they pretty accomplish everything they want, largely out in the open, legislatively. And the big bonus is that if the proponents of the "Deep State government conspiracy" can make enough trouble, they just might be able to dismantle the safety net and maybe someday completely dismantle Social Security (because there isn't enough money ,right?) And the Globalists will say, "We agreed with you, government just by nature is corrupt". Now you can have the self reliant satisfaction of foraging for yourself in your old age. And we'll see how powerful the proponents of the "Deep State government conspiracy" advocates, (who got what they wished for), or the rest of us, become then. There are elements devoted to the evangelical Khristian Kaucasian Kaliphate, the GOP right wing -- Dominionists. Yes, the cultural aspect. The white racism. Never ever mentioned, just the callous disregard of anyone's needs outside of themselves, just pawns in their game. Oh come on, Cliff. Don't be so PC. Just get over it!
  13. Kirk Gallaway

    Interesting interview, ABC news

    No, Jim misread and misspoke and he admitted he was wrong. I suggested some other ways we might be able to communicate better. Ok, You're incensed by my response to you in another thread, and that's ok.
  14. Kirk Gallaway

    Interesting interview, ABC news

    I'm not talking about your books. It was assertions you made in our threads, and yes I did ask you on a few occasions to cite your sources. The final time I asked you twice, and you ignored it twice. That's all right. Maybe you'll be more conscious of it in the future.
  15. Kirk Gallaway

    Interesting interview, ABC news

    Congratulations Jim!!!! That's the first time I ever heard you admit you're wrong! In the future I'm hopeful you'll respond to my requests to "cite your sources." That would also be good.