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  1. I saw the unedited version a few days back that Wheeler is touting her and I can tell you, W. if you thought the edited version was just more Trump repeating his "same old bogus sales gimmicks." It's that doubled in the unedited version, and it's 37 minutes long. You'd be grateful for their editing. Just as you said, but more elaborately. "We've done a great job with the coronavirus", "we stopped people coming in from China", "Biden wouldn't have done that", " I wouldn't have done anything different." "It's because we test too much" It's a great economic recovery" "Hilary Clinton!"
  2. Yes W. Spamming 487 posts and they're all this level quality, or it's quoting some jerk off on twitter. And he demeans others about the quality of their infinitely more well written, detailed posts? Like there's something unseemly about an uncle standing in for his departed brother? Like of course he would molest his own niece? The same "Q" lemming pedophile charges. It started with villainizing the pro choice movement, and then they became pedophiles who would kill their youth, drink the blood of their victims, and eat their adrenal glands to"sustain their youth". We're left with j
  3. Dave said: Rudy's dumb, but not so dumb as to not recognize Cohen as Borat, As I said, I know what you're saying Dave. How could all these Republicans he's punked over the years as Ali G. not known he was Ali G.? But Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan, Brent Scowcroft,James Baker all didn't. Rudy was dumb enough to follow her in the bedroom , sit on the bed and then lay down. His excuse would have been much more convincing had he said he recognized Sasha Baron Cohen as the camera man and played along, instead he acted completely innocent and said he phoned the police! Cohen says this.
  4. I saw 2 Sasha Baron Cohen flicks in the last couple of days, and I liked them both., I got a trial on amazon prime and I saw the Borat movie, It is like all his movies, cringing, sometimes embarrassing but revealing and funny. Sometimes I think the sham he's trying to perpetrate is way over the top, but his subjects always fall for it, I assume because they've never experienced a true life character like Borat. And they did trap Giuliani, and it's pretty obvious what Rudy's Giuliani's intentions were. He was literally saved from an outright scandal solely because Cohen chose to invade the
  5. My Presidential Debate Analysis and Prognosis: In the first debate, It seemed Trump was doing his impression of a covid crazed mad dog. Later we were to find it wasn't an impression at all. Still it was great theater for his base. In the second debate Trump had contracted covid and the debate committee reasoned they should do a zoom video debate. Trump, even with only 2 debates remaining and considerably behind in the polls decided to cancel the second debate reasoning that his first debate performance was so stellar, that consenting to a debate that wasn't head to head, would
  6. I'm not sure how much anybody will convince anyone else about Prouty. But if you're hard core Prouty, when you read the ARRB transcript, you'd have to be disappointed at how Prouty continually backpedals, he's just hunkering down, to try to minimize his previous claims and position in distinction to his rather defiant attitude here, where he very authoritatively flaunts his position and experience in this C Span symposium in 1992, where he and John Judge are the foremost JFKA conspiracy proponents, that people should find interesting. His tone definitely provides a rallying cry for JFK
  7. I think the most important quote out of this debate is when Trump said that immigrants who enter the country and who eventually show up for their court dates are obviously "low IQ". Typical Trump, Like they would just have to be complete fools to do the legal thing, and show up rather than be fugitives in hiding, just like anybody who would enlist into the service , or pay all their taxes is a complete sucker!. Such a strange thing for a President to say! But I'm sure it plays well with his base.
  8. The aging rock world is also torn asunder by the 2020 pre election political climate! Beach Boys Brian Wilson and Al Jardine disavow Trump "Orange County ATM" Beach Boy Benefit in California with aging rock star equivalent to Rudy Giuliani, Mike Love at the helm. Mike Love got the name of "The Beach Boys" much the way Trump gets what he wants, he litigated. This isn't the first time. Mike Love also played at a Safari Club Int. Convention with safari hunter Donald Trump Jr. as keynote speaker! "In February, both Wilson and Jardine officially signed on to a Change.org
  9. Wheeler: We still have 15 days to go before Election day and we're already up to CP on Hunter's computer and a former business partner who has to be protected from being "Epsteined."You guys realize Giuliani has had these lap-top contents for almost a year.These daily releases are all planned out.You know the worst of what's on the lap tops will be the "kill shot."The "when" part will be close enough to election day so that Biden's name can't be removed from the ballots.Go to the store tomorrow and buy some popcorn. Best movie ever! Uh huh....Polls show 38% of the battleground
  10. Thanks for the lead in Steve, Have you guys heard Trump has issued a "Proclamation on on National Character Counts Week, 2020" (that's right ,with 2 "on's") A fitting quote within the text below. Every opportunity to show consideration for another person is also an opportunity to build habits of kindness and strengthen our character. Our words and deeds leave imprints in our homes, schools, communities, and places of worship. Throughout this week, we recommit to being more kind, loving, understanding, and virtuous. Together, as one national family, we must serve others with givin
  11. Good T.T.- W! Hey, some great song lyrics you guys! Ha ha This just in, On a more serious note, some good news for the Republicans. The MSM has personally assured me that they're going to downplay Rudy being a Russian spy because they believe in the 2 party system! At least it's good to see in these times of internal strife, all the elites getting on the same page! Heh heh heh ho ho ahhh!
  12. Wheeler:It's starting to feel like Hunter Biden sold all of you out. Hunter who? Ho hum, Nothing more than feelings. Chris Wallace e mailed me today and told me the MSM is completely behind us. Another Trump October Surprise cut and pasted on page 26! WH: Biden is barely campaigning. Why campaign at all? I'd take an anti science page from Trump. I don't think Biden should debate Trump on Thursday. I think Trump is still contagious with something. And I don't want to take any chance of joltin' Joe standing in the same room with Grandpa Covid. We'll just call it koodies. ..
  13. Right Steve, Are the higher ups of the Republican party unwitting Russian assets? Every thing about the story, seems so unlikely. Robert B.---That is priceless! I've never seen the Susie Essman roasting Trump before! Cliff, "LxxR LxxR" by the Castaways, excellent!, just the image of the woman dancing hypnotically invoked Wheeler to scream out about "Satanic Pedophiles." More Predictions: Again Democrat blue wave sweep. As Cliff said,Trump literally will never go back to Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota, or maybe the USA. Finished in politics forever: 2MP, Mike Pence an
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