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  1. Hmmmm Well W. To blather further, You might be surprised to know that nothing you've just listed I'm not aware of, or at least haven't read. Just as I was aware of the supposed picture of George Bush 41 in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63 that prompted you to start a thread asking if his 17 year old son George was also there as part of a dreaded father- son duo wrecking crew coordinating the hit on JFK that fateful day. I felt by using some E.C.U's (extreme close ups) of the alleged Dealey Plaza photo of George Bush 41 alongside an actual photo of Bush 41 around 1960, we could lay that conspiracy notion to rest. Kind of "2 birds with one stone" kind of thing. Because if we can establish that George Bush Sr. wasn't there, maybe you'd believe that 18 year old George Bush Jr. wasn't there either. P.S.I'm not sure why you chose that paragraph of mine to refute , because you neither supported that the world would have been completely transformed now if not for the JFKA, nor did you support Jim's 55 year old ongoing MSM coverup citing only incidents that happened within 15 years of the assassination. I agree with you, there's been nothing since.
  2. But they are your quotes Jim. Let's talk about them. Jim said: This essay is part of the phenomenon I call the Posthumous Assassination of JFK. I have been working on this for a long time, going back to the nineties. The idea is to kill the man's image and reputation and somehow that will take the sting out of his assassination. The MSM goes to amazing lengths on this subject e.g. Sy Hersh, the late John Davis, Thomas Reeves, Collier and Horowitz. Yes, Sy Hersh, the late John Davis, Thomas Reeves, Collier and Horowitz are card carrying members of the MSM whose collective mission in life is to kill JFK's image and "take the sting out of the Kennedy assassination". They couldn't just be personally motivated by money? That would be too obvious.This is just kind of paranoid thinking that Jim Di does over and over again. Once he imagined that Sean Hannity and Roger Stone tricked Kirsten Gillebrand into publicly shaming Al Franken out of office because of his sexual misconduct! He just flies off on these paranoid tangents. Post Humous Assassination of JFK???-How dramatic.Jim, Yes they've certainly ruined the Kennedy brand, haven't they? What planet are you on? The MSM isn't trying to sweep the Kennedys under the rug. They can't get enough of the Kennedys! It's a glamorous story that sheds light on all things Kennedy that only enhances their brand, would only invite mass curiosity about the assassination, and works to the benefit of the current Kennedy political dynasty. But of course, you'd spin it so gloomily. Completely correct in your evaluation, Lance. It's because Di Eugenio is the forum hero on victimization and has never met a MSM conspiracy he didn't love. While there's no shortage here of love for JFK or an ideal of where his potential might have lead. I've characterized Jim's adulation of JFK as adolescent hero worship. He's continually harped on this naive historical thread that the whole world would be completely transformed now if not for the JFKA, and it's MSM coverup has been passed on with a series of batons over 55 years by now, to a cabal of sinister modern news people, who in reality probably just had their parents, their professors, and their employers just ignore it, not out of any imminent sense of threat to their institutions, but unfortunately to my mind, just because they see it as a profitless rabbit hole. It's not mysterious. Is that really that astonishing to believe? Lance said: Like many people, I regard America as having declined precipitously in the years since the assassination (but mostly over the past 25 years). However, I don’t attribute the decline of America to the assassination of JFK or to any dark and powerful forces that “must have” been responsible for the assassination and still “must be” at work today. I don’t do this because I don’t believe the evidence supports it. That's because there is no evidence to support it. You can't make one straight line connection.The salient issue of the last 25 years is the economic erosion of the middle and working class and income equality and it is largely the result of economic policy. You could actually make a good case that Di Eugenio's previous assertions that had JFK lived, there would have been a hastening of detente with the U.S.S.R, which I would agree with, and that would have brought on the resultant world globalism and many more players to the world arena quicker, including China and our current paradigm would be much older and today, the U.S. would be declining as a world power to what many would project our status will be in 2030-35. I don't say that with the certainty that Jim seems to have about this projected rosy world future of 60's and 70's Kennedy rule. But only to say what a complete crap shoot any such speculation on his part is. I wished he'd do what he does best, and just stick to his coverage of the assassination and not everyone else's coverage, or take on the Kennedys. Has forever crying and whining about how the odds have been stacked against us in the past really worked for anyone? You have to be earnestly ready to face an uphill battle in the War of Ideas.
  3. Joe and Doug, I have a friend who recently moved 2 miles up the road from Paradise to Magalia, and lost his house. I relayed to him that early Saturday morning I saw a structure burning live on CNN and saw the street sign was about 5 blocks from his house. I visited him a month ago by way of seeing the aftermath of the fire in Redding entering from the West. Perhaps your wife's sister and niece can get an idea about their house from this as this is the most comprehensive map showing the status of structures of Paradise and Magalia. They haven't examined all of the damaged houses yet, but the area west of Skyway is largely in tact. http://calfire-forestry.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=5306cc8cf38c4252830a38d467d33728&extent=-13547810.5486%2C4824920.1673%2C-13518764.4778%2C4841526.1117%2C102100&fbclid=IwAR0T-VVxZdl-ZhX3bzeJn11snsAEpH-hdbIH04qOxDmY-XcDHjbbnSwTsiQ Brian then sent me this link from a survivor, who took refuge in a creek, the storm passed over him, and then comes back out to find his friends dead bodies.. It's very graphic and has a feel that's post apocalyptic.. It looks more like the remains from a nuclear blast than a firestorm. .https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/9vpyp7/man_who_survived_wildfire_by_getting_into_creek/ I also know someone who lives out of Woodland Hills, not far at all from Thousand Oaks. If that mass murder in the bar wasn't enough. The next day 17,000 residents were evacuated there from the Ventura fire. On Thursday I first communicated with her about the shooting. She said everyone was ok, and that her 25 year old son occasionally goes to that bar and a friend of his was there and left the dance floor shortly before the shooting broke out and she was able to get out the back door. Then on national news that night I heard about the Paradise fire. I e-mailed to ask him if he's being evacuated, and I didn't hear from him for 24 hours.I did some research and found out he was in danger and was evacuated. This was the first Brian's commentary on Friday afternoon. Been roaming the mountains in my truck with my 2 critters for 30 hours now….trying to get out, then coming back, then waking to freight train and artillery shell sounds at 2am this morning, smoke and ash so thick I couldn’t breathe or see. Presently at evac center in Chester (by Lake Almanor) until they let us back into Paradise/Magalia. Pets in a kennel at Lake Almanor. Not sure about the house but it doesn’t look good. Didn’t even have time to dress completely…got my fire-box w/important papers, my microphone bag, and my bass. That’s it. Give you more details when I get them….Heard most of Paradise is gone, but then I’ve heard a ridiculous amount of stories. -B At least he got out with his life, he tells me now some of his neighbors weren't so lucky.
  4. Kirk Gallaway

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    DVP said; "I Was A Crusty Old Fart Who Was Sick To Death Of Arguing Incessantly With JFK Conspiracy Theorists Whose Theories Never Came Together And Have Never Made A Lick Of (Common) Sense" Hmmm Dave, I know you're ascribing this to Fred Litwin, but of course you're lamenting about yourself since he couldn't really be described as a "crusty old fart". "Sick to Death of arguing?" or brought to life? Oh, Come on Dave, you're life would be completely desolate without this forum, and the rest of us. You truly love us Dave, it's just that empty yearning for a love you know will never be consummated. I thought from previous writings, you were aware of this. You're like a modern day Tom Joad, As long as any official government official story is held to ridicule, you'll be there. Wherever there's a Dallas cop being beat up on this forum, you'll be there. Whenever there's any insinuation of a coverup, out of just bureaucratic ineptness, you'll be there to defend the officials and their story. Wherever there's a fight so hungry people can eat up the official WC version of events, you'll be there. (Though of course very selectively) Besides what would you do at 3 in the morning Indiana time when you can't sleep? P.S. And what about Willie Mac Covey?, get out of that regional air pocket and at least start quoting Sparky, If that's all you may stumble on about him. If you're going to be Mr. Baseball here, you have to be Mr. Baseball for everybody.
  5. Kirk Gallaway

    I understand why people hate conspiracies

    Agreed, And the fact that the JFKA conspiracy has now been adopted into the right wing's crazy government "deep state" group and has now it's most high profile media advocates there doesn't enhance the movement, quite the contrary, it soils and diminishes it. It'll just be another dime-a- dozen conspiracy in an era, most people will be glad to forget.
  6. Kirk Gallaway

    The Cover Up Continues

    Ron, Ok, So in this case the MSM is not enough of an advocate for you. It's sort of like Trump's "the press is the enemy of the people", but with a different slant? Your source here, the New York Times has come out against the Kavanaugh nomination. In a supposed "free press" society, what more a condemnation of Kavanaugh can they do? So you're saying the "powers that be" intervened with the New York Times to not follow up the story? Not a chance in hell, Ron, even if there was a chance, the story is just too wimpy. There are no backroom edicts involving the media and their owners involving this story about the Law Professors at all. These publications have a very good idea who they're talking to. They know the people who like these articles probably don't need a follow up, after all WTF are they going to say to follow up? The people who won't read them will just see them as the same old "liberal experts" flaunting their opinions on them. These people don't generally hold any liberal law professors, or religious experts (outside of maybe Evangelicals) or any "experts" or "eggheads" opinions in any esteem at all. There's not much more they can say. They don't want to be seen to be forever "preaching to their choir" and in today's polarized society are trying to avoid the appearance of partiality. I don't see anything conspiratorial but just the usual way the news media does their business.It's really that simple. Nobody here wants to make a case for the fairness of the MSM, but instead of jumping at the concept of a "massive media conspiracy", maybe you should focus on specific media entities in each specific case. Though I don't blindly follow all the supposed "experts". I agree with you that it's regrettable because most people should think this article is more important, but I don't think they do. But you do bring up a a good question. What makes a story "have legs"? Right now, I think there's a much greater story broken from the same "media conspiracy" New York Times, a story in part compiled with the obligatory financial disclosures made by his sister as a Federal judge that 1) Trump isn't a self made billionaire at all. 2) Was a millionaire by the age of 8. 3)Was given a million every year after he was 21 by his Father.4) Got bailed out of bad real estate deals by his Dad. and 5) got 413 million dollars from his Dad in illegal tax dodges, using ghost corporations, putting a property assessment of 13 million dollars on what is in fact a quarter billion dollars in Real Estate, that the government may not ever be able to collect. In other words. He's a complete phony. If that doesn't move the needle, instead of blaming the MSM, (without whom, you would never know this), maybe we should just blame ourselves.
  7. Kirk Gallaway

    The Cover Up Continues

    I will be dumbfounded if Kavanaugh is confirmed despite this unprecedented majority held unsureness. Joe, I've been gone, but I l knew last week it would sound glib, but I was going to tell you to prepare to be dumbfounded. Getting back to Ron's topic, don't you realize that the other side would say you were so swept up into the "liberal media" storyline that you couldn't even imagine Kavanaugh being confirmed and you were wrong.. It does cut both ways. Keeping this JFK connected, yes, one could compare the control over the MSM today to 55 years of similar manipulation and control regards the JFK assassination. Absolutely no connection to the Kennedy assassination whatsoever!. Nobody from high interceded to tell the New York Times to not follow up the story.The control over the media by who? You're blaming the media for this? What would you change in the coverage? Re: radio.Joe you must listen to SF radio, isn't it mostly like MSNBC? LA radio is definitely more conservative and middle American radio is even more conservative, but many more people watch TV and get news on the internet.. MSNBC covers almost every story about the Kavanaugh hearings and in great depth. The main traditional television news organization broadcasts however ( ABC, CBS, and regular NBC) not nearly as much. MSNBC covers almost nothing but Trump and recently the Kavanaugh hearings. So the major new networks didn't cover the Kavanaugh confirmation enough for you Joe? It was everywhere!, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC! If you're saying that CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC want Kavanaugh, are against women's rights and against Roe vs. Wade, you're just plain wrong. Or what are you saying? I think the point you and Ron are making is that it's not covered the way we would like it. But do you really think if they were more of an advocate that it would make any difference? I disagree. And don't be surprised that there are people here, who probably disagree with our general viewpoints.
  8. Kirk Gallaway

    The Cover Up Continues

    "Important to someone obliviously or it wouldn't have been published at all but quickly squelched by owners. The articles are subsequently buried in insubstantial BS." Ron, By "obliviously" did you meant "obviously"? I'm not sure I understand. So you're saying the MSM are running these stories and then squelching them and not following them up and then on to something else. (buried in insubstantial B.S.?)
  9. Kirk Gallaway

    David Talbot on Robert F. Kennedy's war on crime

    Along the lines of "Active Measures" . Here are some of comedian Jim Carrey's paintings on Twitter. WARNING: Content may be political. You may have to copy and paste it. Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) | Twitter
  10. Hi Paul, I was hoping to get up there to the Talbot interview with RFK Jr. and meeting you as well. Unfortunately it was the one weekday I couldn't make it. I'll be  curious to hear what you think of it. Again thanks for informing me and let me know of any other such events in the future.


    1. Paul Brancato

      Paul Brancato

      Kirk - I completely neglected to post that David Talbot posted on FB this morning that due to the death of Christopher Lawford the interview was cancelled. Talbot hopes to do it at another time. I’m going to post a thread now. It would be a pleasure to meet you sometime.

    2. Kirk Gallaway

      Kirk Gallaway

      Maybe we can benefit from unfortunate events and I'll be able to make it next time.

  11. Kirk Gallaway

    Skull and Bones and the Assassination of JFK

    Yeah, he still sounds characteristically out of touch.
  12. Kirk Gallaway

    David Talbot on Robert F. Kennedy's war on crime

    Thanks for the info, Paul. Sounds like something I should attend. See if I can swing it.
  13. Trumps lawyers enacted a mock Mueller interview with Trump, then what did they do? According to Jake Tappers tweet: "John Dowd and Jay Sekulow went to Mueller's office and re-enacted the mock interview. Their goal: to argue that Trump couldn't possibly testify because he was incapable of telling the truth. "He just made something up. That's his nature," Dowd said to Mueller. " https://twitter.com/jaketapper/status/1037006180374245377
  14. Kirk Gallaway

    Tony Sforza

    Welcome Jennifer, James Richards last post here was Jan. 2016. Other people here might have some insight into his whereabouts. If he's still around and checks in occasionally, you might click on his picture and write him a private message.
  15. Kirk Gallaway

    Questions About Charles V. Harrelson

    Actually, after his segment on MWKK, Harrelson at one point admitted to killing JFK. Here's a video clip of him walking back that admission. You'd have to suspect almost everything he'd say.