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  1. Lance says: It's not so much that I feel you are ridiculous (although I do) as that I feel I am ridiculous. It's not so much that I feel sad for you (although I do) as that I feel sad for me. What! Being such a devout Christian Lance I assume you've had 100's of such self deluding epiphanies. You're telling me you just realized that you've created all this out of the sheer boredom of your life, even though you've been doing it now for what 20 years, and you actually realize now for the first time your ridiculousness.?? However profound this recent epiphany I'm sure as every sinner, and every other such epiphany you've had, you'll go right back and probably are already participating on any number of other religious, theist or ufo sites. Lance says: Probably like most self-appointed missionaries, I kid myself that I am actually accomplishing something, that the light of reason will dawn in at least some readers' minds, but long experience suggests it won't. You certainly don't know yourself very well, Lance. That's not your motivation at all, it's much more personal. Long experience I bet! You've spent hours of your time on writing things like this and responding, in your own account, and when it's not here, You'll be on to your other sites. I'm sure you'll keep kidding yourself. ********************************* If he wasn't taunting people here specifically about their belief in a JFK conspiracy, and just wrote it about people who are prone to conspiracy, a lot of points he brings up are valid. I think I've been here about 6 years, and have followed this forum off and on for much longer. And at one time or another, I've experienced every CT device he's mentioned. There's not a reasonable person who couldn't find truth in some of it. Its not that profound. It's just that he characterized it as depicting everyone on this forum all the time. So people took offense. It really wasn't the stuff that anyone here would feel like debating. It wasn't like others of Lance's posts about concrete things that can be debated yay or nay. Well, then don't debate! I've see no specific addressing to Lance' treatise or whateverTF it is. The forum was not prepared to take Lance on for his generalities, which is OK, but you let his prissy attitude lure you into food fight, and then it got wacko, which played a bit into Lance's theories. Nice going, forum! Have you ever thought of just ignoring him? Then he would be a complete fool for spending hours on it, and getting no reaction. In reality DVP needed us much more then we ever needed him, even though I personally think that thinking is short sighted. On the other hand. Lance is forum groupie can always go off somewhere else and play out his fantasy of humiliating and rejecting others, ending with his parting shot here, which he appears to be doing.
  2. Yeah, Dave I guess we all have stories of what we were doing when JFK was assassinated. I'm a person who lets nothing go to waste. And I was on the floor with a straw, and just that moment had finished snorting up a gram that I had spilled on the rug, when the news flash came! Man I was freaked! I thought someone was going to pick off me and I drew all my shades! I was up the next few days until Oswald was shot. Then a calm came over me, and I fell asleep and slept all the way through JFK's funeral! I'll never forget it!
  3. I think everyone has a right to post here. I think DVP and others, including sometimes myself, have a useful critical function that is otherwise lacking here. I understand people don't want to be quoted out of context. Though it happens all the time in forums like these. The only way it can reflect badly is with other LN'er's who might frequent DVP's site. Do we have to take ourselves that seriously? Why do we really care that much about what they think? Still because I look at DVP's website very infrequently, I can't say how fair he is in these reconstructed arguments. I can imagine some might feel like they are unfairly quoted out of context to be used as a foil for DVP. After all, DVP's central aim is to gain a following by using chosen examples to portray himself as a credible critic of a JFK conspiracy who wins every argument, so what is the purpose of using his opponent's names at all? A compromise could be that DVP agrees to releases the forum source, but not specifically the names of the people he was debating unless specifically given consent.
  4. Hey I haven't been following every broken bone on this thread so someone might have already posted this earlier. This 1992 clip of Trump and Epstein carousing at a party. Wouldn't you know it would be from the ""liberal media" msnbc or nbc etc. I didn't find it on Fox, not to say they didn't run it but I did see a clip on Fox where Trump states he's "not a fan of Epstien." I managed to find footage with no commentary so as to offend no one here. Anyway the most incensed I can get about it is my revulsion to Trump's dancing. I forgot his eyebrows looked so creepy back then. https://youtu.be/ep_3ITIR9x4 I think it's pretty clear now Epstien just strangled himself with his hands.
  5. P.T.Barnum couldn't have pitched it better. Geez, , Joe what do you gain by hyping this up so much? Are you also planning to write a book?. Anybody on the onset who thought who thought the MSM was in on covering this up is truly conspiracy crazy, and probably been subscribing to dark MSM hype on this forum. . Hey far be it from me, to stand in front of a speeding locomotive or MSM feeding frenzy. Whatever they might find out about Kissinger, for those of us who thought he should have been in jail anyway, any scandal would be good.. Would everybody Epstien be involved with necessarily be an underaged sex slave? Kissinger probably wouldn't be the first old man to procure a young woman, would such an old man really be looking for under aged woman, I would say prudently no, but they might not ask.They probably wouldn't be able to hang anything on Kissinger but it would be a good scandal. Take anything you can get. . Far be it from me to stand in nthe way of this speeding locomotive or MSM feeding frenzy.
  6. The guy had so much money he had the sidewalk in front of his house heated! There could be foul play, but just imagine having everything he wanted, getting away with everything, and then facing the fact that he's been irretrievably exposed and the rest of his life will be behind these 4 miserable walls. If ever there was a cause for suicide.That's quite a fall from grace.
  7. Lance called him on it. And Robert with only 3 Jews died and 4000 Jews were tipped off and avoided it doesn't deny it. I've heard some of those allegations before and I think they're total bullsh-t.
  8. Obviously it would be Gabbard Joe. If there's any truth to it, she better renounce them or she's flaming toast.
  9. Jim said: The insinuation that RG is a litmus test, or that all Democrats in the country are on board with it shows us just how far out there Kirk is in his confabulations about me. No Jim, that was your all encompassing paradigm.. There was always a world of other things you could have criticized Trump about other than RG, as we did. If you might remember I said a number of times RG was in part a smoke screen by which people were ignoring what Trump was actually doing. I think you can find it in your now hallmark thread, "Trump was right" I probably shouldn't be keying on Jim because he's not alone.The intimidation by Trump took on a number of forms., most of the silence was due to a miscalculation of how powerful Trump was. In the case of Dore, Jim, and many others there was the fear that pursuing the Mueller investigation would inevitably backlash for Trump so there became a complete fear and unwillingness to speak against Trump about anything. People who were politically vocal about everything became political eunuchs,afraid to get near topics where they'd have to confront any of Trumps views. Whether It's pulling out of the Paris Environmental accords, or the treaty with Iraq, or tax cuts to the rich, or Trump's own corruption, emoluments, being compromised by foreign powers, racist comments, or pulling children from their parents, etc. Take your pick. And I'm sure there's a bunch I've left out. I've never seen anything like it. It's as if some pretty smart people started thinking they were covering the Eisenhower Presidency. Ultimately people who do weigh into the political arena are to be assailed about their silence or complicity to a bully just as they are to be assailed for their silence or complicity to our invasion into the Iraq Wars. Words do matter. It's a bitch, ain't it! They can just be thankful they're not running for office.
  10. Jimmy Dore is a sneering, washed up, L.A.comedian, always jealous of more successful comedians- A look- the- other- way- Trump- apologist for the last 2 years. He rode the coattails of TYT, and broke and opportunistically found a niche and he's now making more money than he ever did as a comedian. .He's also been silent throughout the Trump administration. He's been frightened of calling out Trump fearing a backlash. The most outrage you could get from him is a sneering proclamation that Trump is "moron." Trump's done a helluva lot more damage than a "moron". The one thing he's got going is that he does identify the corporate state and thinks they're sucking us dry. I'll give him that. He likes Tulsi whose good on Defense and the War machine, but so are Bernie and Warren, and she hasn't really distinguished herself on anything else at least yet.
  11. Jim said: I have never ever been compared to Krystol by anyone. Very coy Jim. No one's comparing you philosophically to Krystol. Your parallel to Krystol can be found in my key phrase: "Have you been right about anything for 2 years?" Your complete silence about Trump and your never ending streak of hunches and miscalculations about the resistance to Trump as being some "Deep State"cabal brings to mind the last such years long delusional losing streak that's comparable, which is Krystol and the PNAC crew that got us into the Iraq War from 2003-2006. But of course thank God you don't have the power to start a war. Jim said: But I paid a lot of attention to that Republican FP angle in my other piece, the Greenfield-Cohen-Rice Suck Up. Guess Kirk missed that one. Pffffff , Yes that's a definitely a suck up thread. And has Cliff pointed out, you completely omitted the elephant in the room (Trump's) right hand man is Bolton. Don't think that by starting a thread rehashing pnac, Wolfowitz,Krystol and the 50 year old beginnings of the neocon movements (for me, a definite yawn, so what are you going to do about it, prosecute them?!) exonerates in any way your silence about Trump, in fact. Quite the opposite. With knowledge comes responsibility. I think Jim's waiting for another equally ambitious Jim. Republican firebrand Jim Jordan to pull a Kamala Harris on an aging Robert Mueller in the upcoming hearings. That would be real sweet! Right Jim? heh heh
  12. I like the way you phrased your question Chris. I noticed DVP weighs in with one piece of physical evidence, which is good, but ultimately DVP and other LNer's shy away from questions of intent such as these. Because inevitably they are left with nothing to say but Oswald was a "loser" failed in every aspect of his life, yet always they come back to an intensely ambitious person, out to make a name for himself, who ultimately when faced with the accumulated failures of his everyday life just unthinkingly struck out and pursued a self destructive course, not considering any consequences, unable to think ahead enough to manage the most elementary coverup. Would their contention be that Oswald simply "snapped". They've never been detailed or clear about that. Yet ultimately he could impart no message, because he denies his wrongdoing. I'm not sure I can think of any other such profiles that they would cite that would fit with Oswald. He was a loser despite the fact that he had managed to accomplish more, seen more places and cultures in his short 24 years, than the great majority of us have see have seen in our lifetime. But the more primary and one dimensional they can depict Oswald, the easier they can craft an explanation.
  13. Like we all can't notice that not once did Jim mention his frightening "T' word. Jim for the last 2 years, you've been the forum Bill Krystol. (Though I'll grant a rather innocuous version) Have you gotten anything right for 2 years? You've ended up being just another lifeless Republican stiff frightened to death to speak up about Trump. Oh but get him started about Kamala Harris!!!!!! He'll write you 10 pages on his website! Like the nation could face imminent danger!!!!!!!! And everything was going so well! The stock markets going way up! So of course, not a page about Trump for 2 years!!!! Why rock the boat!! I can see your priorities Jim, and I don't think Democracy is your bag, Why don't you just stick to the JFKA? You wrote a largely factual piece on Harris, if her action about RFK is a deal breaker for you, than fine. But since you know so little about politics, I can tell you no politician is going to campaign on touching the JFKA. Read what I wrote. They'd all pass on it. Do you ever think about just letting your facts speak for themselves? You lose your credibility in the end of your pieces . RFk ok, that's to be expected. But just how did the MSM create this situation? For my curiosity, did you wake in the middle of the night and have an epiphany that," Yes the MSM has created a Hillary/ Obama clone!!!!" I'm not a particular Harris fan, but are you really being fair? Has the MSM also created the recent upsurge with Elizabeth Warren? If you think that, you're completely crazy. It's simple Jim. Harris made a play and got an opening and Biden was too dumbstruck to ask her the obvious. So what? The nomination was 14 months away!. And you become as obsessive with her as you were about Fred Litwin. The MSM talked about the forced busing issue after the debate. What do they have to go into an hour long documentary for the lemming voters who lived through it, but were asleep at the time? What do you want?. And they've since asked Harris the question. Would she favor busing to achieve racial balance?, and she said it might be just " one of a number of tools" . blah blah blah.
  14. I'll give you some of my critique on the piece. Because of her Clintonesque politics and record, it is easy to explain why she is the darling of the MSM. They want more of Barack Obama. And that is who Harris really is: she is a combination of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Yes an MSM created perfect clone, right Jim? Do you guys really fall in line with that? And just wholesale buy Jim' characterization here? Never mind what differences there are between the 2, I'm no fan of Hilary, but HC's foreign policy as President is pure speculation as she never became President. At one point in 2016, well into Bernie's campaign, Jim actually endorsed Hilary Clinton here. This, to me is just more of Jim's paranoid MSM victimization garbage, which he knows now he can't defend. Then Jim actually actually forays into giving us his education policy to correct education inequality. But where has he been for the last 2 years, but completely silent on Trump. Recently he's stepped out of the shadows to complain vaguely about Trump's "regressive policies". As Cliff knows, I've called him out a number of times on a number of issues but Jim's never stood up, and just been another Trump enabler. Ok, You can argue that none of us on this forum have enough influence to be a Trump enabler, but IMO, in any forum, sometimes people have to speak up. After a certain grace period, the people who stood up early are to be applauded, not ridiculed, by Jim and other know nothings. Undoubtedly, Jim was persuaded by Jeff Stone's brilliant forecast concocted in his bunker (heh heh) in Jim's thread, "Trump was right" that Jim first started after Trump's first meeting with Putin, now available in the Trump section of the forum. Jeff said: I’m glad Hilary lost - she was assembling a national security team of neoliberal hegemonic globalists who gave every indication they were preparing to seize the moment and apply massive military force to reverse perceived geopolitical setbacks and directly confront Russia and China while they still held military superiority. The TPP trade agreement was also set to be ratified with no public debate or input, which would have codified a neoliberal corporatist economic structure resistant to any reform or reevaluation. Yes literally an American hegemonic replay of 1962, when there there was also a window, but Jeff declines to tell us just what that window was. As you can well understand, to Jeff we owe Trump our very existence. If he hadn't beat Hilary, he forecasts a certain apocalypse. When pressed, Jeff provided nothing but speculative rumblings about possible future HC Presidential foreign policy appointments who were a little more to the right of Obama's. Speculation about such meetings with future possible appointees have always been a real political crap shoot anyway. Sorry to bring that up again, Jeff, but words do matter.
  15. Joe, I'm not sure what you're saying the MSM ignored. Everyone knows there hasn't been forced busing in 35 years. Harris was evoking what turned out to be a losing policy for the Democrats, and opportunistically told everyone how she personally benefited from it. Yes, Biden could have cleverly responded by asking Harris what she's done for busing in her state, which is nothing, because forced busing has long been dead, and Harris knew it would fail and she would end up just being tied to a dead issue.
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