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  1. Dennis said: Considering she could grab a lot of wavering Republicans who watch fox, id say she played it smart.. I agree with Kathy, that is politically a completely dumb move, that she only did because she knew her cause was lost anyway. We all agree Hillary shouldn't have said it, but this lawsuit is nothing but a bunch of baby whining. It is frivolous. I'll bet Tulsi's effort goes nowhere because she''ll be unable to prove it made 1% of a difference. She wasn't going to win anyway and when she backed down from Trump, as I said earlier she's dead meat in the Democratic Party. All Tulsi's 3% popularity is based on is meeting the dictator Assad. I agree like many people here that our leaders should never be afraid to talk to our enemies. I guess it is the thought that counts, but it had no effect. Probably the 60 minutes interview with Assad had more effect, good or bad. And Assad probably told Gabbard the very same thing. "Were protecting our country against terrorists, just like you", just jumping on the terrorist bandwagon, what else would he say? But then to talk about a junior Senator from Hawaii meeting dictator Assad in the same breathe as JfK and Khrushev with the world in the balance as I heard once on this forum is the weeniest comparison I could imagine and shows absolutely no knowledge of historical precedence. The thought of Tulsi now being asked to be a vice presidential candidate would be truly laughable if it wasn't so frightening, because it would be as result of a fantastically successful Trump 2020 year, which considering the current prospects would probably be as result of Trump recklessly using his military power abroad and getting away with it, (possibly a civil War in Iraq) that would be foolishly perceived by a very significant portion of the undecided idiot voter as a victory and rally them to his side to the point that the Democrats would be actually back peddling to include Gabbard who was MIA to her party impeachment of Trump, in a mad political dash to the center. Only the biggest Gabbard fools here would think that that ends would justify the means of putting her on the ticket, but from past experience here with putting up with Trump without a peep, I'd say there could be some. A Bernie-Gabbard ticket makes no real political sense. How is Tulsi from Hawaii going to help Bernie make any inroads to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota? With either Bernie or Biden, it's a sell out to the idiot undecided voter I've already mentioned and those "present" people with the sleuthing instincts of Gomer Pyle who just can't seem to make up their mind if Trump is culpable of anything. A flag of surrender to the center ,which would absolutely destroy Bernie! The best VP a coastal lefty like Bernie could pick for the swing states would be someone with union credentials such as Sherrod Brown from Ohio, or Buttigieg. 'Peach Dat!
  2. Matt, Biden's cronyism has been going on since the world began. Sports figures and entertainment figures are appointed as members to executive boards as well. Its totally legal, if you want to make a case for tightening of ethics laws. I'm sure we'd all agree. We have a President withholding our taxpayer money to use a foreign power to investigate his own political rivals. And you and apparently a lot of others see no real conflict of interest in that? What crime in your mind , could you hold actually Trump culpable for, outside of say, shooting a baby?
  3. Wow,! Speaking of Hitler. Putin was really hot here from about 2015. Ollie Stone liked him and a few people here were always making excuses for him. But now Putin is breaking his word and trying to design constitutional reforms to hold on to his power beyond a quarter century, and his cabinet resigned including his former puppet, the younger Medvedev. https://www.vox.com/2020/1/15/21066985/russian-government-resigned-putin-constitutional-reforms
  4. Jim said: In my view, the fact that she has to go on Tucker Carlson to get her message out. That's because nobody wants to hear from her anymore. Shes political dead meat and dead meat for good. Of course Tucker Carlson wants to find Democrats who stand with Trump, she was MIA in impeachment. That's what the major Cable news are doing now, mining defectors. Shes not the only candidate who wanted to end regime change wars. But the others could speak volubly on other subjects that are just more important to the American public. And she didn't show the power of her convictions, was MIA with the Democrats on Trump impeachment, And now, of course now this debate is over. HRC would never have reversed the Iran Peace Treaty and would never have taken Soleimani out. As W says, For any who had doubts, Trump was always a neocon mule. Shes lost any battle cry she had. You can be again be crushed over it, Jim, but people make bad judgments and later suffer the consequences and that's just politics.
  5. Exactly, Joe there are a lot of politically correct reasons why you don't want to overly emphasize that Clay Shaw was gay, and had whatever wild parties they say he had.. The media even tried to spin the trial that Shaw was being prosecuted for no other reason than he was gay. But they did show little fleeting cuts of the party, as I recall. The crime is huge, you don't want to cloud the motive behind the murder with a lot of exposition about some of the plotters being perverted gay guys, who threw wild gay parties.....blah blah blah. As Ron says, it's not a porn flick, That's such a hot diversion, it really cheaply eclipses the historical importance of the event and the evil motives behind the plotters deeds.
  6. I think it's time to roll out MP2. He was hot in 2004 and he's hot now! Mike Pence lying in 2004 : "Weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq" [HoR May 20th 2004] All right none of us knew who the guy was. But at least it's still funny watching Trump continually trying to fake his way out of things. Trump Didn't Know General Soleimani's Name Before Entering The White House | NowThis
  7. My guess /hope is that he wants to again save his political neck and will back off tomorrow. Nobody wants to go to war with Iran. The majority will see it as a stupid, senseless act, but his base will applaud that we took out a real bad guy and didn't have to give up any of our guys to do it. Ron, Hillary Clinton beat Trump by a lot more. Almost 3 million votes. JFK vs. Nixon in 1960, was the closest popular vote election in U.S, history, To give you some idea. For every 342 people who voted for JFK, 341 voted for Nixon!
  8. I agree Ron, I thought Stone's writing was really contrived to try to shock the 1993 crowd in that scene. Bacon was used as a character who was the epitome of the southern resistance to JFK. Reference to Nixon "saving us" from the Communists. That I see as useful in trying to capture the locale and period. I see all these as licenses of story telling. I don't expect the characters of a movie to be identical to the real life characters.
  9. He does look like Sean, though Sean is a little old to gain the necessary weight for the part. Now the death in the stampede is up to 70! I 'hear it's because they all want to touch the coffin? Are we supposed to be comforted and take body counts however we can get them now?
  10. What's 2 votes out of a total of 207? We've always been saying exactly the same things. Greg said: that a significant amount of Democrats in both houses were hawkish on the Iraq War resolution. Yes 39% is significant, but where are they now? Just Joe Biden, right? But I hope I've shown you the flip side, that the most powerful Democrats, including the current Speaker of the House and a current strong 2020 Presidential candidate (Bernie Sanders) voted against it!
  11. It does get confusing Greg. What I said was this. I wouldn't be too sure, to give you some historical perspective, the Democrats in the House voted 128-81 against support of GWB proposed War on Iraq. I was speaking specifically about the Democrats, and our figures are almost identical.Except you say 126-81 against. I appreciate your work on the Democrat roll call for the resolution, and I would add Nancy Pelosi, Gerald Nadler and Bernie Sanders as voting against the Iraq resolution. And now, I think you'll agree those are some prominent Democrats. Often on conspiracy websites there's a tendency to confound issues by playing advanced chess rather than checkers. One event that could happen where all bets are off is if Iran launches a successful attack on the U.S. at home.Then the pressure would be so great that the Democrats would not risk being seen as the Peace Party. It really is that simple.
  12. No I'd never heard of the guy. No I don't think it will make any difference, except of course, now they'll probably retaliate!!! . Now we hear how many of ours he's killed. And I'm hearing he was in the act of shuttle diplomacy breakthrough between the Saudi's and Iran. Who knows for sure? I am now much more interested in him rather than that guy they killed a month ago who looked, from his beard like he had run out of "Just for Men". It must be tough getting everything you need in exile!
  13. As an opposition party, I see nothing unusual about Pelosi wanting to be informed before the assassination and then trying to nip in the bud Trump's war powers. Maybe we'll see some vote on it in the future and we'll truly see in numbers where the Democrats are at. Greg, I wouldn't be too sure, to give you some historical perspective, the Democrats in the House voted 128-81 against support of GWB proposed War on Iraq. Unfortunately at that time they were the minority party. They aren't now.
  14. Definitely people can learn from history. But from what I've heard here, I don't trust anybody's 50 year old ongoing conspiracy theory much less a 200 year old conspiracy theory. I'm into dealing with the facts as I perceive them now. The office of the Presidency of the U.S. is more powerful now than ever. This year's events have shown it graphically. In the Ukraine situation, the Government Deep State was corrupted by the President, NOT the other way around, until finally a whistle blower came forward. Trump is the swamp. In the Trump ordered hit it was signed off by one person, yes there was also 2MP, Pompeo and Pence, but it was a Presidential action that was passed on by GWB and Obama, and largely astonished the Pentagon. This is another case of the Government Deep state being a restraining , not a propelling force, and Trump's motivation in pulling out of the Treaty could have been for no other reason than to undue an Obama accomplishment, and now it's a tactic in Trump's mind to help him win re election as it has been pointed out in another thread that in 2011, he thought that would be an effective tactic for Obama to use to win re election. Does anybody here realize that Trump has the power to wake up tomorrow and order a nuclear strike on China and none of us could do anything about it? I heard a military expert say it on the radio. Check into it. I say its time to curb the office of the Presidency.
  15. Ye, Well I won't let them wag my dog! I actually heard "why can't we be friends" in a store today. https://youtu.be/MDCfEkopryo
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