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  1. Not much to say except that argument appears to be a cover up itself. IIRC Nixon's aides orchestrated the break in to get whatever dirt was in the files. That was ostensibly used to gain an advantage for the election. IIRC this is Derek and his "John". this had nothing to do with Apollo or to try to deflect attention away from Apollo. It was just a paranoid individual attempting to get re-elected.
  2. We're approaching 50 years with the probability of many videos chronicling the vogue.
  3. Of course you could watch a different video of the same conference that doesn't cheery pick the worst parts. Clearly this producer believes that a hoax was conducted, but nothing could be further than the truth.
  4. Sad to think it has been that long with no exploration beyond LEO. At least there are plans to conduct some exploration with the SLS and third party(SpaceX maybe Blue Horizon) plans for exploration beyond LEO.
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