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  1. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Paul: Oswald and Hemming would watch the motorcade at Dealey Plaza. How does this make Oswald a patsy? His rifle would be stashed somewhere, however, Oswald would be seen watching the motorcade, and maybe running towards the grassy knoll with other people. The next day, the FBI would associate the rifle with A. Hiddell. Where is Oswald the patsy in it? He would return with Gerry back to trolleys at Love Field airport. The real scenario as it occurred was also the planned scenario, it was not a result of random co-incidences. It required the presence of Oswald in the building from which shots rang out and where his rifle was found. It looks so obvious to me.
  2. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    The money order to Klein Sporting Goods and subsequent bank transfer forms.
  3. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Paul: I agree that the conspirators needed to have Oswald's rifle and to stage the 6th-floor scene to point to Oswald. However, Oswald also needed to be in the building on the day of the assassination, basically to work there. If he worked e.g., at Love Field airport, which was the better-paid job offer suppressed by Ruth Paine, he would have an alibi for the time of the assassination. Would the "JFK Kill team" travel to Love Field airport and kill poor Oswald while he was moving pieces of luggage around the airport? When would they do it? Maybe after tracing the ownership of the rifle. However, that would lead to a non-existing A. Hiddell, not Oswald. How would they connect Hiddell with the Love Field worker Oswald? The hunt for Oswald started not because of knowing that the rifle was his own but because he was reported missing in a most suspicious roll-call which most likely never happened. Thus, the conspirators really needed both the rifle and Oswald in the building.
  4. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason: I did not write after April, I meant after Kennedy's assassination. It would be too late to fabricate evidence such as association with the rifle within 1 day.
  5. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason: I am not quoting Warren Commission report, or the FBI testimonies, however, I am interpreting the facts as they are known. For instance, the fact that Oswald received his rifle in March for which there was some evidence. I am aware of the problem with uncashed check for the rifle indicating that the purchase never happened. However, that partial evidence was made (or fabricated) back then, in February or March 1963. It was not possible to fabricate it later. There were few people who both took part in the killing the President, J.D. Tippit and Lee Oswald and in the cover-up. There were people who were blackmailed to take part in the cover-up. There were people who were simply ordered to assist in the cover-up, e.g. Hoover's agents. There were people who wanted to nail a Communist irrespective whether he committed any crime. And they were people who had some itching, however, preferred to fully collaborate in the cover-up to avoid a national and maybe international crisis.
  6. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason: I am amazed. It was certainly Oswald who was chosen to be patsy, and it was planned carefully ahead. Had patsy not been secured and the whole cover-up planned (including killing Oswald as soon as possible), the investigation would go in all possible directions and no stone would be left unturned. A patsy could not be a random person. There may have been alternative patsies in Dallas, however, this has not been proven as far as I know. A patsy needed to have a credible profile justifying his evil act, such as being a Communist. His rifle had to be staged, or at least made traceable to the patsy, and this could not have been done post factum. It had to be done months ahead. A patsy is a precious thing which must be treasured and honed to just before the bitter end. The assassination had to occur at Dealey Plaza, and in Dallas, Texas. There could have been other venue for assassination, however, such alternative venue would need exactly the same amount of preparation as Delay Plaza. It would include Oswald (or then some other patsy of equivalent profile) being employed at that other location. The locations of shooters, the timing, the escape routes, all had to be planned ahead. This was a well-planned operation. Only Dallas offered a collaboration of powerful local people (Dallas Police, Mayor Cabell, Crichton, and quite a few other people) who represented the prevailing anti-Kennedy, anti-integration, anti-communist and anti-Catholic mood in that city in 1963. Dallas in 1963 had a very low threshold for political and non-political violence. Dallas was No. 1 in the number of murders in 1963. In some schools, children cheered upon hearing about Kennedy's death. It was a nut country at that time.
  7. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason: there is a great deal of difference having the patsy on the grassy knoll and in the Depository. The pasty would simply not comply with going from e.g., Love Field airport where he could have worked, to Dealey Plaza with his rifle (or you would think the rifle would be staged by someone at a different point in time?). He would hardly go behind the stockade fence if he could watch the parade from a much better vantage point. The patsy is someone not knowing that he will be accused. In the situation portrait, Oswald behind the stockade fence would already be the conspirator. So, how you would convince Oswald to go to grassy knoll? In contrast, it was not necessary to convince Lee about anything while he was in the Depository. He worked in that building, and he was therefore always at the right place.
  8. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Thanks, Paul, for reading my comment and for adding yours. So, do you think that Oswald's presence in the Depository could be just a random event because the rifle itself was enough to frame him? Let us suppose that a rifle traceable to Lee Harvey Oswald would be found on the sixth floor, however, Oswald would work e.g., in the package division at Love Field airport. They find a rifle, they find Lee the next day or so. One thing is not clear to me: how would they make Oswald a patsy if Oswald would work at a distant place during the time of the assassination. How would they place him on the sixth floor of Depository? It was the rifle and the patsy himself who needed to be in the building, at least in my opinion. Let us find him a job in the Depository...
  9. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason: this is more of a general discussion about the right-wing forces being responsible for the assassination, and I would not like to drive it away to Ruth Paine and how Lee Oswald got the job in the Depository building. However, the example with Ruth Paine is actually useful. If one reads the testimonies of people involved (Paine, Truly, Mrs. Randle), a logical conclusion would be that all was natural, and none of these people had any evil motive. However, having Lee Oswald working in the building in November and to get him there several weeks ahead of the assassination was essential. Without Lee being in that building, there would not be any patsy. Without a patsy, a full investigation would be in place and continued until solving the case. The patsy needed to be sheep-dipped (New Orleans), kept as inconspicuous as possible during the weeks preceding the assassination, and placed at the right spot at the right time. Although the way how Lee Oswald came to get his job in the Depository looks natural and innocent, it just could not be innocent and one of the players (Truly, Mrs. Paine, Mrs. Randle, Frazier) worked according to a plan. That was my point. A good plotter would make it natural and innocent.
  10. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    An interesting discussion. I think the assassination plot was elaborate. There were multiple shooters in Dealay Plaza, and an advance planning of a cover-up. This cannot be achieved by a handful of people. How did the plotters come together? First, there surely was no paper trail left which would document the plotter’s decisions and deals. Even after all JFK documents are released in about three-week time, it is unlikely that they would contain any decisive evidence of a plot. There is no such evidence because it never existed in the first place. So, how did the plotters succeed to put all together? The question is who and how would be invited to take part in the assassination plot. A person could be invited to the plot: 1. If he or she had an influence on some of the essential components of the plot, such as manipulating Lee Harvey Oswald, deciding about the motorcade route, knowing about his rifle, covering up physical evidence, or recruiting the shooters. 2. If the person had previous contacts with the chief plotters. Only people who talked together and had a history of financial, political or intelligence collaboration on a personal basis would be invited. Organising together the Bay of Pigs invasion or training anti-Castro Cubans, or having tampered together the election results are good examples of a collaboration justifying an invitation to the plot. A past collaboration resulted in unconditioned trust which was necessary for conducting the operation. It is therefore very important to untangle the deep personal connections between the potential plotters. Only those people having the right personal history could take part. 3. If a plotter having influence in a specific part of the plot was also able to cover up his steps on the fly. 4. None of the plotters did anything which s/he could not defend later based on the ground of a likely-looking and innocent statement, or by pointing to other people who in turn had pointed to still other people. The individual responsibility of a plotter was therefore impossible to trace, and his or her role often appeared senseless. In essence, the small but important plotters were innocent and later even believed it. The Umbrella man is a good example. Or, Mrs. Paine found a job for Lee Harvey Oswald in the Book Depository just five weeks prior to the assassination. However, Mrs. Paine claimed that she has gotten an echo from Mrs. Randle, who in turn learned from Buell Wesley Frazier. Buell was a nineteen year old boy who came to Dallas recently. Somehow, it evaporated here. 5. If a plotter was able to do as little as possible towards the final success of the operation, and could disappear soon enough and far enough to be able to escape any suspicion. George De Mohrenschildt is a good example. Mohrenschildt was overseeing Oswalds for about a year and left for Haiti after transferring Oswalds to Mrs. Ruth Paine. His role was to learn about Lee and Marina’s vulnerabilities and to incite Lee politically. De Mohrenschidt did not have any contacts with Lee Harvey Oswald after April 1963. After the assassination, the time elapsing between the assassination and his separation from Oswalds gave him good grounds for playing a role of not more than an interesting witness. 6. If there would be no paper trail allowing to prove later involvement of a particular person in the plot. The plotters did not need to communicate too much. If they did, it would be on a personal basis and by using coded phrases or allusions. This is a sample fiction conversation between an intermediate level plotter and someone in position to influence Kennedy’s programme in Dallas. “Would you agree that Johnson would be a better president than Kennedy? “Sure. I hate Catholics who will be going to ask the Pope what to do. He does not understand that Negros will spoil Texas forever. He makes us an easy prey to the Communists who are systematically encircling us. “It can happen.” “Can it?” “Yes, but only if good countrymen like yourself would help”. “Shoot.” “It is a minor but important thing. Kennedy’s luncheon meeting in November needs to take place in Trade Mart and nowhere else.” “I will see to it”. “Thanks. Forget we ever talked. No one will speak to you from now on. Just do your job and get him the best venue possible in Dallas”. 7. If plotters contributing to different and non-overlapping tasks would know nothing about each other. The FBI and the Police department showed a genuine animosity in the aftermath of the assassination. This was all right. Any signs of collusion between the two institutions would raise a great deal of suspicion of an institutional plot. A phone call from the White House to Captain Fritz asking him to stop the investigation, which Fritz obliged, is another good example. Thanks to the phone calls from Johnson’s aids, it looked that Fritz had stopped the investigation not because he wanted but because he was forced. To return the favor, Fritz would not say any details about his calls with the White House. The people just played some roles which did not make them culpable at all. I hope it makes some sense.
  11. The Discoveries of Jim Garrison

    ... 16. Jim Garrison discovered that Mayor of Dallas Earle Cabell's brother Charles Cabell has been a high CIA officer fired by President Kennedy.
  12. Anatomy Of Lee Harvey Oswald's Interrogations

    Congratulations, Bart, on completion of this epic work. From my initial perusal I find it very useful because it contains maybe all available information about Oswald's interrogations and shows it systematically. I look forward to reading it.
  13. George: I have commented on X-rays "therapy" delivered to Castro prior to injecting him with live cancer cells on September 10, 2016 in a thread devoted to Mrs. Baker. The dosage of X-rays would have to be by several orders higher than a dose we receive by undergoing a diagnostic X-ray. Further, in order to suppress the immune response against cells from a donor, massive X-rays would have to be repeated daily over few weeks. For illustration: immunosuppression in leukemia patients receiving bone marrow grafts would require an X ray dose of 3400 rad with 200 rad per day. However, even people with high school education knew at that time that radiation in larger doses was harmful. The leukemia patients undergoing X-ray treatment to suppress the immune system before receiving bone marrow grafts need to be kept in completely sterile environment and any, even very minor, inflammation needs to be sorted out beforehand else they would die from sepsis developing from the small inflammation or infection. For instance, suspect teeth are extracted as a caries in one tooth could kill the patient before he or she would be able to receive the graft. Castro or one of his several doctors or his protecting detail would not allow such X-ray "treatment" for no good reason. There is one more issue with Mrs. Baker's bioweapon. The condition of transportation of live cancer cells in a canister or a jar for days in hot weather conditions appears just as fantastic as burning out Mr. Castro's immune system with X rays. If living cells were to survive a lengthy transport they would need to be cooled to a low temperature (such as ovum or a sperm cell if it needs to be used for fertilisation in future). If not frozen, a living cell would survive and/or not alter their properties only if the medium is constantly monitored for pH (acidity), temperature and several other biochemical parameters. The idea of Lee transporting living cancer cells in an ordinary bag for days is just ridiculous. Please note that the vaccine human receive e.g. to immunise then against tuberculosis contain fragments of dead cells, not live cells. Even so, the expiration date of each vaccine is carefully observed. After days of transportation in hot subtropic conditions and after some two more weeks spent with burning Castro with X-rays, the jars would contain a stinking soup which would indeed kill anyone by causing a systemic sepsis.
  14. George: a cancer cell is a cell from our own body which starts to proliferate uncontrollably due to factors which are still poorly understood, however, an alteration of a genetic code in own cells (due to radiation, polution, smoking, genetic predispositions, ageing) is assumed. The trick is that cancer cells bypass body's own immune system because they are still recognised as own. A cancer cell developed in mice would still be a mouse cell. It would be completely inefficient in humans. A human body with normal immunity would immediately recognise (based on a molecule called major histocompatibility complex) that the injected cell is actually a foreign cell and would send all chemical and cell immune resources to kill the invader. I have been informed by colleagues from the cancer research department that there is only one case known in which cancer can be viewed as an infectious disease. It has been described in some specific breeds of dogs in New Zealand which can have cancer in their mouths, and this cancer can spread among those dogs after biting each other. There has been no case of dissemination of cancer based on contact with live cancer cells in humans. Injecting cancer cells from mice makes it quite clear. If you are uncertain about whether killing someone by injecting live cancer cells is possible and you do not trust my explanations, please consult someone with medical background, or visit some webpages commenting on the possibility of being infected with cancer.
  15. Karl: Dr. Oschner had links with the CIA and some other institutions (INCA), however, this does not automatically guarantee the veracity of Mrs. Baker's story. Mrs. Baker claimed in her book that Dr. Oschner, Dr. Sherman, David Ferrie, Mrs. Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald worked on a bioweapon project which if successful would eliminate Castro and save Kennedy's life. The bioweapon was a dose of live cancer cells which needed to be injected into Castro's body which would have be weakened beforehand by X-rays. The New Orleans period was filled with a frantic effort of Mrs. Baker to deliver aggressive cancer cells, and with testing them on two prisoners brought to Jackson hospital from Angola prison. Unfortunately, all this elaborate story fails on a simple fact that cancer as such is not infectious. You read well: there cannot be a bioweapon utilising cancer cells as a method to kill a healthy person. Cancer is not infectious: if we care for a person having a lung cancer, we are not at risk of developing lung cancer. More specifically, our immune system can identify foreign cells and destroy them rapidly. Cancer cells, cultivated in mice by Mrs. Baker, would be recognised by Castro's body and destroyed. Therefore, Mrs. Baker invented the necessity of Catro being exposed to X-rays to weaken his immunity. However, the immunosuppression due to repeated and massive X-ray doses would certainly be recognised by Catro himself, his doctors, and his family. Or, would you think that Castro would voluntarily undergo X-rays on daily basis without any reason? With bioweapon gone, Mrs. Baker story lacks the ending. What remains is the information which could be learned from books as Jim and Kirk have pointed out. Dr. Oschner was involved in cancer research, e.g. he investigated factors promoting cancer, such as tobacco. I can figure out that this research would be of interest to the military, and he therefore might have been hooked up by the CIA.