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  1. George: I have commented on X-rays "therapy" delivered to Castro prior to injecting him with live cancer cells on September 10, 2016 in a thread devoted to Mrs. Baker. The dosage of X-rays would have to be by several orders higher than a dose we receive by undergoing a diagnostic X-ray. Further, in order to suppress the immune response against cells from a donor, massive X-rays would have to be repeated daily over few weeks. For illustration: immunosuppression in leukemia patients receiving bone marrow grafts would require an X ray dose of 3400 rad with 200 rad per day. However, even people with high school education knew at that time that radiation in larger doses was harmful. The leukemia patients undergoing X-ray treatment to suppress the immune system before receiving bone marrow grafts need to be kept in completely sterile environment and any, even very minor, inflammation needs to be sorted out beforehand else they would die from sepsis developing from the small inflammation or infection. For instance, suspect teeth are extracted as a caries in one tooth could kill the patient before he or she would be able to receive the graft. Castro or one of his several doctors or his protecting detail would not allow such X-ray "treatment" for no good reason. There is one more issue with Mrs. Baker's bioweapon. The condition of transportation of live cancer cells in a canister or a jar for days in hot weather conditions appears just as fantastic as burning out Mr. Castro's immune system with X rays. If living cells were to survive a lengthy transport they would need to be cooled to a low temperature (such as ovum or a sperm cell if it needs to be used for fertilisation in future). If not frozen, a living cell would survive and/or not alter their properties only if the medium is constantly monitored for pH (acidity), temperature and several other biochemical parameters. The idea of Lee transporting living cancer cells in an ordinary bag for days is just ridiculous. Please note that the vaccine human receive e.g. to immunise then against tuberculosis contain fragments of dead cells, not live cells. Even so, the expiration date of each vaccine is carefully observed. After days of transportation in hot subtropic conditions and after some two more weeks spent with burning Castro with X-rays, the jars would contain a stinking soup which would indeed kill anyone by causing a systemic sepsis.
  2. George: a cancer cell is a cell from our own body which starts to proliferate uncontrollably due to factors which are still poorly understood, however, an alteration of a genetic code in own cells (due to radiation, polution, smoking, genetic predispositions, ageing) is assumed. The trick is that cancer cells bypass body's own immune system because they are still recognised as own. A cancer cell developed in mice would still be a mouse cell. It would be completely inefficient in humans. A human body with normal immunity would immediately recognise (based on a molecule called major histocompatibility complex) that the injected cell is actually a foreign cell and would send all chemical and cell immune resources to kill the invader. I have been informed by colleagues from the cancer research department that there is only one case known in which cancer can be viewed as an infectious disease. It has been described in some specific breeds of dogs in New Zealand which can have cancer in their mouths, and this cancer can spread among those dogs after biting each other. There has been no case of dissemination of cancer based on contact with live cancer cells in humans. Injecting cancer cells from mice makes it quite clear. If you are uncertain about whether killing someone by injecting live cancer cells is possible and you do not trust my explanations, please consult someone with medical background, or visit some webpages commenting on the possibility of being infected with cancer.
  3. Karl: Dr. Oschner had links with the CIA and some other institutions (INCA), however, this does not automatically guarantee the veracity of Mrs. Baker's story. Mrs. Baker claimed in her book that Dr. Oschner, Dr. Sherman, David Ferrie, Mrs. Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald worked on a bioweapon project which if successful would eliminate Castro and save Kennedy's life. The bioweapon was a dose of live cancer cells which needed to be injected into Castro's body which would have be weakened beforehand by X-rays. The New Orleans period was filled with a frantic effort of Mrs. Baker to deliver aggressive cancer cells, and with testing them on two prisoners brought to Jackson hospital from Angola prison. Unfortunately, all this elaborate story fails on a simple fact that cancer as such is not infectious. You read well: there cannot be a bioweapon utilising cancer cells as a method to kill a healthy person. Cancer is not infectious: if we care for a person having a lung cancer, we are not at risk of developing lung cancer. More specifically, our immune system can identify foreign cells and destroy them rapidly. Cancer cells, cultivated in mice by Mrs. Baker, would be recognised by Castro's body and destroyed. Therefore, Mrs. Baker invented the necessity of Catro being exposed to X-rays to weaken his immunity. However, the immunosuppression due to repeated and massive X-ray doses would certainly be recognised by Catro himself, his doctors, and his family. Or, would you think that Castro would voluntarily undergo X-rays on daily basis without any reason? With bioweapon gone, Mrs. Baker story lacks the ending. What remains is the information which could be learned from books as Jim and Kirk have pointed out. Dr. Oschner was involved in cancer research, e.g. he investigated factors promoting cancer, such as tobacco. I can figure out that this research would be of interest to the military, and he therefore might have been hooked up by the CIA.
  4. Paul: what proof of Cabell's involvement do you expect? A confession? A letter signed by Cabell asking Chief Curry to get rid of Lee Harvey Oswald? The assassination plot went on using words of mouth, and even those were only semi-coded hints, and therefore there will be no hard proof. The proof would have been Lee Harvey Oswald himself who would be able to prove his innocence as President's assassin had he come to a trial, and the prosecutor would have to launch a proper investigation. Oswald did not make it thanks to the work of Dallas Police Department. It was Earle Cabell and the city manager Elgin Crull who insisted that Oswald would be paraded in front of tens of cameramen and photographers. That decision meant the difference of Oswald being alive and talking or dead and silenced. An essential intervention of Earle Cabell, would you agree?
  5. Thanks, Chris, for pointing to Dulles-Cabell correspondence. This appears to be very relevant in the context of the new revelation of Cabell being a CIA asset.
  6. Paul: I read about 80% of the >1000 page tome. I do not have the book in my hands at the moment since I am away from home, however, I remember checking his book some weeks ago as to what it would say about Earle Cabell, and there was practically zero information about Cabell in the entire book. I am involved in the assassination research for too a short time to be able to say authoritatively that CIA played no role in Kennedy's assassination, and that all was the doing of the local Dallas right-wingers led by General Walker. However, I cannot ignore the information which I learned during my study so far such as John Newman's work on CIA, Jim Garrison's epic fight for the truth (and indeed The Crossfire), Dick Russel's research on Oswald's involvement with the intelligence world conveyed by Richard Case Nagell, and I should not forget Peter Dale Scott and also LaFontaines' and Larry Hancock's books. It is difficult not to see that Oswald was manipulated for quite a while and eventually led to become a patsy. The new revelation of Earle Cabell being a CIA asset is unusually important. This is the "deep politics" for real: a person having strong links with powerful right-winger friends and being in position to manipulate the police department was also associated with the CIA on a basis of a written contract. He was able to send/receive calls from both the local law enforcement and the governmental intelligence circles.
  7. Earle Cabell was a member of John Birch Society, a racist and ultra-conservative. He was also a member of the CIA-funded Texas Crusade for Freedom with such ultra-right figures in its rows as Ted Dealey, Harold Byrd, George De Morendschildt and other white Russian emigrés, e.g. Bouhe. His collaboration with the CIA may have had link to the Crusade for Freedom which was used to mask the CIA funding of the Free Europe Radio. In my opinion, Earle Cabell was in on the assassination as Jim Garrison had suspected. His role could have been to make sure that the motorcade leads through Elm Street (not necessarily changing the plans, the plans were properly laid down from the start), and to ensure a collaboration of the local law enforcement. Earle Cabell was a manager of the Texas Law Enforcement Foundation which in 1960 had John Connally as the president. Besides such right-wingers and Kennedy-haters as Ted Dealey, Gordon McLendon was also a member of the Texas Law Enforcement Foundation. McLendon was the owner of KLIF radio and other radio stations across the country. Jack Ruby admired McLendon, and he allegedly (according to Seth Kantor) had shouted out McLendon's name shortly after his arrest.
  8. This story is both interesting and confusing. I let the Italian news article, quoted by Alberto in his first post on the topic, translated using Google Translate. The translation does not seem ideal, however, I get from it is that the Museum director had it that the rifle which was allegedly used to shoot the President from the sixth floor could fire both the magnetic (SMI) and the non-magnetic US. shells: "Our ammunition, in fact, was magnetic, while what was fatal to the American president no. Oswald that morning loaded the rifle with three bullets, two magnetic magnets (sic), and one US production. History wanted the decisive projectile to be the American one. " I am also confused about the timing and who was in possession of the rifle. The rifle was allegedly brought to Italy by some CIA agents, and it would be the period when the Warren Commission was already in session. However, the evidence, including photographs of rifles has been made right away after the act, and the rifle was in possession of the FBI from early on, and it maybe was only loaned to the Warren Commission for a particular day. How could that well-documented rifle be taken to Italy and changed for another rifle? When would this happen? Anyway, thanks to Alberto for posting this interesting find.
  9. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Mrs. Baker is a highly intelligent lady, and knows all aspects of the assassination case like only few know. However, this is not what is expected from a witness - a witness should not investigate his/her case as any of his/her statements may be adjusted to what is known. As Mrs. Baker is both bright and creative and knowledgeable, and since there are too many holes in Lee Harvey Oswald's time line, she would be able to fill it in a credible way with her person even if it were not the truth. It is not that hard, however, it requires a lot of thinking, preparation and time. However, there are parts of the story which have never been analysed properly and which cast doubt on the essence of the story. Lee and Judy were supposed to work on a bioweapon which Lee would transport to Mexico where he would meet a contact, a young Cuban doctor, who would in turn arrange injection of living cancer cells into Castro's body. To make sure that the cancer cells would kill Castro, Castro would have to go for X ray(s) to suppress his own immunity. Well, this is a complete hoax. Living cells cannot be transported in a jar in a shopping bag for days. Living cells either need to be frozen or kept in a controlled solution in which ion concentrations and temperature would be continuously monitored - this requires a lab. We cannot be injected cancer cell and die because those cells would be immediately recognised as coming from a foreign body (there is a marker called major histocompatibilty complex on every cell which tells whether the cell is own or foreign) and would be destroyed by recipient's own immune system. One can suppress the immune system by X-rays, however, each dose of such immunosuppressive X-ray would be about 10 times stronger than a standard diagnostic X-ray dose of radiation, and it would have to be repeated for quite many days. Would you believe that Castro's doctors would consent to it? Would Castro undergo such treatment without asking? At the end of the X-ray "therapy", Castro would be good to die without Judyth's injection anyway. Leukemia patients undergoing immunosuppression to receive bone marrow grafts are kept in ultra-protected environment because even such a minor infection as having a caries in one tooth would kill the patient.
  10. My Tennessee CT

    I wonder if Lee's trip from New Orleans to Knoxville, TN, July 26, is mentioned in any of Lee's chronologies. It is not mentioned in McMillan-Jones book. The guy travels 600 miles from New Orleans to visit a museum in Knoxville, a two-day trip unless he flew, and he is not missed at home. What other missed days are not mentioned? Now I read from David's post that Lee was supposedly around Milwaukee, WI some 1000 miles away from New Orleans on 14th September. Why would anyone take the effort to plant Oswald's signature to these two and maybe other guest books? However, it is hardly conceivable that Lee Oswald did travel to these places too. This boggles my mind. One explanation is that he flew to these places, e.g. with David Ferrie, for some conspiratorial reasons and he himself wanted to leave a trace to distance himself from any conspiracy. I hope someone comes with a better explanation.
  11. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    Military: I cannot overlook David Lifton's account of the presence of admirals and generals during the autopsy of President's body in his Best Evidence. What happened during the autopsy was a fulfillment of the plan "all shots from the Depository" which plan did not pup up in the autopsy room. The generals were there to ensure that the best evidence became a false evidence. The military inteligence had Lee Oswald firmly in their grip, trained him in languages, allowed access to top secret facilities at Atsugi, and most likely loaned him to the CIA. The first data about Oswald after the assassination appeared to come from the military intelligence. The military intelligence has the benefit that we know even less about them than about the CIA. There were tight personal associations between the CIA and the military intelligence, described in detail in Dick Russel's book The Man Who Knew Too Much. It is difficult to separate the doings of the two groups when they collaborated on a project. However, we will not find any details about this particular black operation as there hardly was any paper record. The communication was minimal, face-to-face, and ultra-secret. All involved carried out their parts in such a way that their steps could have been explained in a very different way (not necessarily innocent...). For instance, Phillips could claim not knowing about the assassination plans while guiding Lee Harvey Oswald because, in the worst, their interest was only to infiltrate Fair Play for Cuba Committee, or to scam a mole in the CIA. There were false trails and decoy operations in place, imposters, and faked stories. All of this made such a cloud of misinformation that it is almost impossible, especially after so many years, to see what trace was the one associated with the killing plan and what what just a distraction aimed to lead to nowhere when pursuit.
  12. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    My limited knowledge of the case tells me that none of the official agencies did plan the assassination. It was not the CIA planning it, but some rogue elements of the CIA which collaborated with the Mafia and Cubans in the months or few years before Dallas, those could and most likely did participate in the plot. Angleton and Phillips are the people who should have at least some advance knowledge and who facilitated things. Neither the FBI did the planning, but Hoover knew in advance and covered up both his foreknowledge and the evidence of conspiracy. Neither Alpha66 did the planning, but few individuals of that organisation, and maybe other Cuban exile groups, did participate. It was not the Mafia who did it, however, some high Mafia figures were involved, e.g. Rosselli. Neither LBJ planned it, however, he knew that it will be his turn to take the office, and that he better covers up things quickly. It was not the Dallas Police who did plan to kill the President, however, some rogue members of that organisation did participate in framing Oswald and maybe even in the shooting. The members of these parallel groups of people in most cases did not know about each other. For instance, the rogue Dallas police officer may have not known anything about Oswald's Mexico trip before the Friday afternoon. The police were responsible for the most proximal framing, not for the distal framing occurring earlier in New Orleans or Mexico. The question is who was the mastermind behind the operation which involved so many limbs. Forgive my lack of deep knowledge and naivety, however, I guess it could be rogue members of the army or naval intelligence which in certain periods and in certain countries worked intimately with the CIA, exchanged agents with the CIA and FBI, and had people for the blackest of the black operations. These few military intelligence might have be the master minds, and they would be ignited by the highest military officers in Washington. The false sense of patriotism would be one of the strongest motives for many of the plotters. There were few key figures at high military and intelligence posts who dared to let the plot going since they were in the position to cover it up.
  13. G. Gordon Liddy and Marathon Oil—1962 to 1963

    I have enquired about the "moving to Baltimore area" puzzle with the LN classics, "Marina and Lee" by Priscilla Johnson-McMillan and "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner. Posner in a slavery manner follows Jonson-McMillan's reconstruction of the weeks after the infamous radio broadcast in August and before Lee's alleged trip to Mexico City; the same statements, the same chronology are given in both books. Although both sources did mention the letters to Arnold Johnson, none of these authors bothered to address the puzzling reference to moving to "Baltimore area". Not knowing about Nagell's information about a possible assassination plan for late September in Washington, DC and using only the LN literature and the Warren Report, one would be left with an interpretation that Lee had mentioned the Washington/Baltimore as the place to where he would move with his family in October, to cover up purchasing air tickets for a long flight; a long-distance flight was necessary, according to Lee's analyses, to hijack a plane in New Orleans which would be able to land at Havana. Facing Marina's opposition, Lee agreed he would get to Cuba legally. This switch of plans from hijacking a plane to travelling to Mexico happened abruptly during about the first week of September. Moving to Washington, DC/Baltimore area was not necessary in this new plan any longer as it was not necessary to buy any air tickets. This explanation sounds crazy, indeed. Dick Russell's explanation, astutely quoted by David, gives more sense to the CTers. However, it assumes that Lee was quite an active player in the assassination plot and certainly in the know, which I am not sure it was really the case. I wonder if we ever get to the bottom of the enigmatic reference to moving to Washington, DC/Baltimore in October which seems had briefly enticed Lee's mind.
  14. G. Gordon Liddy and Marathon Oil—1962 to 1963

    David, sorry for changing your name. I apologise. I should not start writing in the morning before having my usual cup of coffee. The possibility that the Baltimore area information in Lee Oswald's letters referred to a possible assassination attempt in Washington, DC contained in "The Man Who Talked Too Much" is important. I read Dick Russell's book last summer but obviously need to read again because I could not remember this part of Nagell's story. There apparently were multiple plans to use Lee Harvey Oswald in whatever role in an assassination plot. According to Dick Russell, Lee Oswald knew that he has been participating in a plot but he did not know that it will be turned against him (although Nagell did warn him). He seemed to be ready to move to either place, Baltimore or Dallas, as requested. I understand that Lee did not to inform Marina about the Baltimore plan, maybe it was a short-lived plan, and it may have been replaced with Dallas too quickly. I read Marina's testimony about their August and early September period in NO. Lee was speaking only about getting to Cuba, allegedly gathering information about cases of air plane hijacking. No mention about Washington, DC. He told her about his intention to travel to Mexico with an idea to get to Cuba, with a vague idea that Marina would join him there later. Lee must have been in quite a bad shape during September because no normal man would leave his pregnant wife and a toddler with an uncertain perspective of reunion, and travel abroad with an intention to get to an enemy country.
  15. G. Gordon Liddy and Marathon Oil—1962 to 1963

    I wonder if Marina knew about the plan to move to the Baltimore area. Marina allegedly wrote to Ruth Paine and received an offer from her to live in Irving about in the first week of September. This does not show that Marina was in the loop as far as Lee's announced plan to move to the Baltimore area is concerned. Neither her Warren Commission testimony, nor her HSCA testimony mentioned Baltimore. It seems that no one asked Marina about the plan to move to Baltimore.