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  1. Jim: I spent three years reconstructing the doorway in 3D. The logic is the following: if we have an accurate 3D model of the doorway, based on measured dimensions of all its aspects, it is possible to orient the doorway to the same view as seen in a historic photograph. Then, by just decreasing or increasing the size of one of the images (the original or a 2D picture of the 3D doorway), one can achieve a very good alignment between the model and the doorway. I am checking the quality of the alignment by overlaying the original (e.g., Darnell) still with the 3D model. The essential added value of this method is that various objects in the historic photograph (e.g., people) also achieve realistic dimensions (inherited from the 3D model), and it is possible then to read their sizes. Therefore, I am able to read the height of the top of Prayer Man's head and can see it is 5'2''. If my mannequin would be e.g., taller than Prayer Man, the overlay would reveal a mismatch in the model's body height. As far as the body orientations and leaning and tilting are concerned, those need to be reproduced as accurately as possible. I am using Poser 11.1 to model some characters, such as Prayer Man. You can read more about my methods on my blog: http://thejfktruthmatters.wordpress.com . I am placing here one overlay of my 3D model and a Darnell still. Please note a light spot to the right of Mr. Shelley's head (the man in a black suit on the top platform). This, in my humble opinion, is what belongs to Mrs. Stanton who stood back there on the top landing, and to the left of Mr. Frazier. And this is an example of my 3D reconstruction of Altgens6 (in development) showing a very good alignment between the 3D model and Altgens6. A-D show overlays at different blending rates. I hope this may help you to understand my methods better.
  2. This interview alone seals the case. Mr. Frazier confirmed very clearly without any hesitations that a lady stood to his left, not to his right. This is consistent with the person, which I have estimated earlier to be 5'4'', standing behind Mr. Shelley's right shoulder and to the left of Mr. Frazier. There was enough space there, and Mrs. Stanton obviously needed space since she was a huge lady. This puts her in the back row of spectators and this is the reason we only see glimpses of her figure in Darnell. Fortunately, there is a partial face in Altgens6 which was at a similar location (slightly more forward though) as in Darnell and at a height corresponding to the height at which Mrs. Stanton would have her face.
  3. This leads us to the question when did Mrs. Stanton see Lee Harvey Oswald on Friday, November 22. In my opinion, Mrs. Stanton went out early, possibly around 12.10 PM, and that was the time when she met Lee Oswald on stairs. This early time estimate refers to two testimonies: the testimony of Bill Shelley and Billy Lovelady. 1. Billy Lovelady came to the first floor at 11.50 or 12.00noon: Mr. BALL - What time did you quit work that day or knock off for lunch that day? Mr. LOVELADY - Same time, 12. Mr. BALL - A little before 12? Mr. LOVELADY - Well, we came down at 10 minutes til to wash up and get ready for it. He washed his hands, went up to the second floor to buy a coke, and came back with the coke to the first floor. In the next, he saw Mrs. Stanton through the glass door and decided to go out. He saw Mrs. Stanton there: Mr. BALL - What did you do after you went down and washed up; what did you do? Mr. LOVELADY - Well, I went over and got my lunch and went upstairs and got a coke and come on back down. Mr. BALL - Upstairs on what floor? Mr. LOVELADY - That's on the second floor; so, I started going to the domino room where I generally went in to set down and eat and nobody was there and I happened to look on the outside and Mr. Shelley was standing outside with Miss Sarah Stanton, I believe her name is, and I said, "Well, I'll go out there and talk with them, sit down and eat my lunch out there, set on the steps," so I went out there. Mr. BALL - You ate your lunch on the steps? Mr. LOVELADY - Yes, sir. Mr. BALL - Who was with you? Mr. LOVELADY - Bill Shelley and Sarah Stanton, and right behind me Mr. BALL - What was that last name? Mr. LOVELADY - Stanton. Mr. BALL - What is the first name? Mr. LOVELADY - Bill Shelley. Mr. BALL - And Stanton's first name? Mr. LOVELADY - Miss Sarah Stanton. 2. Bill Shelley confirmed the presence of Mrs. Stanton in the doorway before Billy Lovelady came out and even before he himself came out: Mr. SHELLEY - Oh, several people were out there waiting to watch the motorcade and I went out to join them.Mr. BALL - And who was out there?Mr. SHELLEY - Well, there was Lloyd Viles of McGraw-Hill, Sarah Stanton, she's with Texas School Book, and Wesley Frazier and Billy Lovelady joined us shortly afterwards.Mr. BALL - You were standing where?Mr. SHELLEY - Just outside the glass doors there.Mr. BALL - That would be on the top landing of the entrance? Mr. SHELLEY - yes. It should be noted that neither Bill Shelley nor Billy Lovelady would be able to spot Mrs. Sarah Stanton if she stood at Prayer Man's location. Taken together, it is impossible that Mrs. Stanton would get to the doorway at 12.25, at the time when Carolyne Arnold allegedly saw Lee Oswald on the second floor. The motorcade was due to arrive at 12.25, and that would be too late for Mrs. Stanton to start preparing for the motorcade as she was describing it to the members of her family.
  4. The interview also sheds some light on the conflict between Mrs. Stanton's testimony for the FBI in which she claimed that she did not see Oswald in Friday, November 22, and her description of her encounter with Lee Oswald which she conferred to her family members. Mrs. Stanton was most likely coerced by the FBI to lie about her encounter with Lee Oswald before the shooting. Mrs. Stanton agreed, possibly in exchange for receiving some guarantees that she would never be called to testify again. Further, although she did sign the FBI statement, she did not make any statement under oath, and so she did not perjure herself. Knowing that she did not sign a truthful account, Mrs. Stanton avoided talking with anybody about her encounter with Lee Oswald on that fateful Friday, possibly because someone would flag up the contrast between her FBI statements and her true account. She did say it to people whom she trusted because she did not feel bound to lie to her family. We should be thankful to Mrs. Stanton for that. The reason for suppressing Mrs. Stanton's account was most likely the fact that Mrs. Stanton saw Lee Oswald with a soda too long before the assassination. Late edit: Mrs. Stanton's story actually played into the lone shooter theory which was well established with the FBI early on and even more so in the spring of 1964 when Mrs. Stanton was interviewed by the FBI. So, why would the FBI suppresss a testimony in which Lee is seen by another Depository employee to go upstairs, and even saying that he was going upstairs and will not have a lunch. This would fit with Lee Oswald's plan to kill the President - he went downstairs and then went back upstairs to accomplish his misdeed. Yet, the FBI was not interested in anyone hearing Mrs. Stanton's story. Why is it so? The coke is the problem: Mrs. Stanton saw Lee with a bottle of coke very early on, maybe at 12.10, or 12.15 as the latest. However, the made-up second floor encounter also needed a fresh coke (at least so it has been arranged) and that would not fare well with Mrs. Stanton's account.
  5. Of course, the interview is fatal to the theory that Sarah Stanton was Prayer Man. As I explained in a different thread, it is not worthy to argue about the hair colour or the shape of the hairline as this will end in both sides claiming their points ad infinitum without any resolution. Sarah Stanton was a tall person (given that the average height of females in her age category was 5'2'' in 1963) and it turns out that she was just too tall to be Prayer Man. The most simple way to demonstrate Mrs. Stanton's body height in the doorway is by fitting a measuring stick to Mr. Frazier's body. As his body height was 6' or 6'1/2 '', it is possible to draw a line at 5'5''. The line runs far above Prayer Man's head which reached to 5'2''. This does not mean that Prayer Man was 5'2'' because he stood with his right foot on the second step and therefore, Prayer Man's body height was 5'2'' + 7'' (the height of one step) = 5'9''. And if anyone would like to have the same in 3D to account for the factor of perspective, please have a look on my 2006 model illustrating the relationships between a person 5'6'' standing on the top landing and Prayer Man. This analysis shows the same as the simple measuring stick analysis. A person 5'6'' is too tall to be Prayer Man.
  6. Jim: thanks for posting this audio recording. In spite of containing many leading questions and maneuvering the two ladies to adopt certain views, the interview does contain useful information. Importantly, the interview confirms the authenticity of the photograph in which Mrs. Stanton was photographed with her son Larry. The paragraph below contains the points which the ladies have confirmed: 00:25 Sarah Stanton talked about the assassination with members of her family, it was always the same story. 01:21: Sarah stood on the front steps during the shooting and she left the doorway immediately after the shooting to get a better view. 01:26: Lee Oswald was drinking a soda when he was seen by Sarah. 01:36: Sarah Stanton was a very big woman. 02:08: Sarah Stanton saw Lee Oswald on stairs. She asked if she was going down, and he said he is going upstairs. 02:32: "No, I am going upstairs" "I came down to get the soda and I am going back ... to the room where he was working" 03:12: Sarah saw Lee Oswald holding a soda in his hand. 04:26: Lee got the soda from the machine there. 05:03: Sarah said Lee was going to eat and he just came to get a soda. 05:48: Sarah asked if Lee was going to have lunch. He said: "No, I am going back to my room." 06:09: "The reason ... She wanna to talk to him because he was a very quiet person... and he was not going to... to have a conversation with nobody". 06:23: "So, she said he never talked, so she asked him if he was going out to lunch. And he said, "No, just a soda". " 07:19: Sarah went down because President was already coming but he was not there yet. So she went to prepare herself and be on the stairs where she met Oswald. 08:15: "He went upstairs". 08:35: When asked if Sarah spoke to the FBI, the answer was "I dont' think so". Wanda explains: "She did not wanna speak. And we don't know her reasons for it... but she did not want to speak to anybody, and they were harassing her.... not harassing her, but any calls or I don't know they were coming over and trying to get information ... she really did not want to say anything, she did not want to be bothered." 09:50: The ladies could not confirm that Sarah spoke to the FBI. 09:59: Lee Oswald was a very quiet person, did not speak to anybody. 11:41: "We would not know what she told them" (the FBI). 12:23: Confirmed that Sarah was Prayer Man because of the body shape. 12:28: Oswald went up before the motorcade came through. 13:58: When asked to confirm that Sarah had the same characteristics as Prayer Man, both women confirmed. 14:07: Confirmed that Sarah was about 5'5''. 14:37: Sarah could also be 5'6''. 14:49: Sarah herself said she was 5'4'' - 5'6''. 15:00: Agreed that their conclusion that Sarah was Prayer Man was owing to Sarah being taller than other doorway occupants. 15:36: Sarah weighed at least 300 pounds. She was over 300 pounds. 16:11: Sarah was big at the bottom and her hips, less so at her top. Her arms were big. 16:30: The picture with Sarah and her son Larry is not exactly from 1963 because Sarah was even bigger at that time than when she was photographed with Larry. 17:28: The colour of Sarah's hair was grey in 1963. 18:41: Not remembered that Sarah would be ever dying her hair. 19:09: Maybe Sarah had a wig (laughing). 21:26: Did not agree that the face seen in Davidson's enhancement of Wiegman frame was Sarah's face. 22:20: Sarah was looking at the street, not in a purse. 22:30: The ladies think that Prayer Man was a woman. 22:48: Larry was tall over 6 feet. 23:29: Larry was 6'1''.
  7. The audio linked below was posted by Denis Morrisette on FaceBook and Youtube. Ed Shields says that Lee Oswald went up to Mrs. Reid's desk after the assassination and told her that the President has been shot. Lee spotted a bus at that time and left. Mr. Shields was not a witness to these events, however, he gives the names of people who told him about Lee Oswald's movements after the shooting. It would be much appreciated if anyone would be willing to transcribe this short interview, I am not the best person to do it as I may not hear and interpret some words correctly. Kudos to Denis for getting this and other good quality audio recordings of HSCA testimonies from NARA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKOeM6zk6S8
  8. Andrej Stancak

    Pauline Sanders

    Bart: I can see that you already made up your mind about the people in the doorway. I have added to your picture some lines which delineate the figure of who I think is Mrs. Stanton, just in case you would in future like to consider this option too.
  9. Andrej Stancak

    Pauline Sanders

    Bart: the Darnell scene could not change too much during the time which elapsed from the end of Wiegman till when Darnell captured the doorway, some 20 seconds. What the people in the doorway did (except Prayer Man) was that they optimised their views of the Tripple Underpass. The ladies in the lower eastern part of the doorway turned their heads more towards their right side. Mrs. Reese walked up from the sixth to the third step to tackle the problem that she was short and needed an elevated vantage point. Carl Jones left entirely after Wiegman and moved in direction of the Grassy Knoll. Otis Williams is at a similar spot in Darnell as he was in Altgens and Wiegman, he only changed arms; he was shielding his eyes with his right arm in Altgens and he used his left arm in Darnell. Mr. Frazier was close to the glass window, deep in the shadow in Wiegman, and he moved forwards to the spot which was occupied by Billy Lovelady seconds earlier. Billy Lovelady is seen stepping down at end of Wiegman, however, he stopped and is on the fifth step in Darnell. Joe Molina stepped down one step and rotated his torso towards his right and this together with Darnell's camera view angle causes him to be viewed from the profile. Mrs. Saunders moved slightly more towards the west so she is seen close to the middle door window in Darnell, and cannot be seen in Wiegman or Altgens. In Wiegman, she fell into the "dead space", a space not seen by Wiegman's camera. In Altgens, her small figure is hidden behind Shelley's figure. Mr. Shelley wore a suit, and he stood in the centre of the top landing throughout the films. Mrs. Stanton stood between Billy Lovelady and Bill Shelley in Altgens and stepped back into the shadow and behind Mr. Shelley's right shoulder just before Darnell film was shot. As far as the two men seen in Couch/Darnell who you consider to be Shelley and Lovelady, I also believed that they would be them. I was mistaken. The man in suit is taller than the other man wearing the shirt which cannot be. Bill Shelly was only 5'6'', he was shorter than Billy Lovelady. Billy Lovelady had a disticnt forward head posture (a hunch) which that man in Couch/Darnell does not have. While I was at ROKC, there was a gentleman there, I guess his name was Lee Farley. He was the first to raise the possibility that the man close to the western wall on the fifth step was Billy Lovelady. His suggestion did not fare well at that time, however, after looking at the film frames and checking all the details later, including the body height, I think Mr. Farley was correct and deserves a credit for his discovery. If you would wish to discard Williams, Molina, Shelley and Lovelady as the doorway occupants in Darnell, you would need to say who are the people which are now unlabelled.
  10. Jim Hargrove: you are being used by that individuum. If you cannot evaluate Prayer Man data yourself, what is left to you is to automatically condone that person's diatribes. I asked you to provide evidence for the statements provided by the family members of Mrs. Sarah Stanton and for the possibility to contact them. You work with John Amstrong and know very well that everything you say or write needs to be provable. Facebook is not a reliable source of research data. Please ask your source to provide recordings of phone calls, screenshots of emails, and the contact details for family members so that we can verify data and use them further. Do you agree with your source that the height of a human head is 7 1/2 inch? Have you measured the height of your head to confirm your contact's allegations?
  11. Andrej Stancak

    Pauline Sanders

    Bart: I am not sure if your location of Sarah Stanton in Darnell is plausible. Of course, the pictures are blurred to the extent that it is difficult to understand who is who. The light object which you have highlighted may be Joe Molina. Please see all doorway frames in Darnell and you may see that this person has stepped down one step about 10 frames earlier. I have played the doorway part of Darnell many times to understand this and all other details. It looks like this person is shielding his eyes with an arm, however, in fact, he uses both his arms but since he is seen from the profile, it looks like he is using one arm only. This is what Mr. Molina did in Altgens and Wiegman, and what he continues to do in Darnell. Please find here an overlay of the particular Darnell frame with the 3D model. It helps, at least me, to visualise the body contours in blurred blobs. ... and the full model:
  12. Andrej Stancak

    Pauline Sanders

    I modelled various body heights of Prayer Man for the situation if Prayer man stood with both his feet on the top landing in my blog article dated April 2016 (http://thejfktruthmatters.wordpress.com). In the figure below, copied from my blog post, Prayer Man has been set to measure 5'6'', only an inch more than the height estimate of 5'5'' (Mrs. Stanton). However, a range of 5'4'' - 5''6'' was provided by Mrs. Stanton's family and therefore, the example is relevant. The horizontal blue line is the line crossing the top of Prayer Man's head in Darnell still. One can easily see that the height difference between 5'6'' and 5'2'' invalidates the possibility of such person to be Prayer Man.
  13. Andrej Stancak

    Pauline Sanders

    This is a simple variation on the theme of Mrs. Stanton' appearance in the doorway if she had posed as Prayer Man. It is a very simple analysis which anyone can replicate. We know that Mr. Frazier was 6' tall and can use this known dimension to place a measuring stick in such a way that the 6' tick aligns with the top of Mr. Frazier's head. In the next, Mrs. Stanton's figure, cut from the garden photograph, is placed into the scene in such a way that the top of her head aligns with the 5'5'' tick. The yellow and purple horizontal lines highlight the problem: the yellow line connects the tip of Prayer Man's head with the lower edge of Mr. Frazier's head, something which has been demonstrated many times and it is well acknowledged. This line crosses the measuring stick at 5'2''. The purple line is, of course, 3'' higher than the yellow line. Mrs. Stanton with her 5'5'' was too tall to be Prayer Man. In the figure below, the top of Mrs. Stanton head was taken simply as the top of her hair. The 5'5'' line is actually what matters most in this example. One can also use this simple analysis to estimate the height of Mr. Frazier's head. It was 10''.
  14. Andrej Stancak

    Pauline Sanders

    Let us now move the whole garden picture to the east so that the face of Mrs. Stanton would be close to Mr. Shelley's figure in the centre of the doorway. The face of Mrs. Stanton is delineated with a yellow line to indicate the relative height of her face if she stood back there in the shadow. The inset in the right part of the picture is from another Darnell frame which shows a blurred head of a person who stood behind Mr. Shelley's right shoulder. The inset is aligned to match the figure of Mr. Frazier. The red half-circle is where a faint contour of a head is seen (please see http://thejfktruthmatters.wordpress.com for more details). Mrs. Stanton's face would match the height at which this faint face can be seen. Mrs. Stanton stood in the shadow, very close to Mr. Frazier, just as he told in his 2013 interview. The figure below (C) shows where the face of Mrs. Stanton was in that particular frame. I understand that some researchers would like to have a clear view of Mrs. Stanton to confirm the identity, unfortunately, no frame shows any details. This is the reason why her figure has not been identified for 54 years. If it would all be simple and straightforward, she would have been already spotted by previous generations of researchers.
  15. Andrej Stancak

    Pauline Sanders

    And so, Larry was 6' as was also Buell Wesley Frazier. Let us fit Larry onto Mr. Frazier's figure in Darnell, as they were of the same body height, and we will see how would Mrs. Stanton fare as Prayer Man. In the figure above, the garden picture was overlayed onto the doorway together with the measuring stick. Larry was fitted onto Mr. Frazier and the rest is determined by the dimensions of both photographs. Please note the thin blue line aligned horizontally with the top of Prayer Man's head. It crosses the measuring stick at 5'2''. Mrs. Stanton would never make it as Prayer Man. She is just too tall to be Prayer Man. I am not mentioning other details such as body build and hairlines which are so much different in Mrs. Stanton compared to Prayer Man, however, this is because I would not like to be involved in silly games: "I say the hairlines are identical" and " And I say the hairlines are different" - this is a typical ego game usually ending with locking a thread. And this is all she wrote. Prayer Man could be neither Mrs. Saunders nor Mrs. Stanton. So, who was Prayer Man?