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  1. Ruby 'wanted to be a hitman' article

    Ron: is there any source for your interesting remark about Henry Wade and Earl Cabell visiting the Zuroma Club? It looks like Cabell and Wade shook hands with Dallas mafia. Any details on this line would be of great interest.
  2. For Debate - The Hairline Spot Seen in the Autopsy Photo

    Thanks, Michael, for responding to my previous posts. Placing a warning would be all right if the distressing content would be the only issue. The further issues which the warnings do not alleviate are the protection of family members from displaying publicly the execution of their relative to which they did not have a chance to consent, and the fact that the video was recorded with an evil purpose by a criminal organisation, and by posting their video you say it does not matter to you. You are right that we wish to solve the murders of President Kennedy, Lee Oswald, and J.D. Tippitt. However, in the process of doing so, we cannot refer to materials such as this execution video.
  3. Dear James:

    I opened recently the thread "For Debate - The Hairline Spot Seen in the Autopsy Photo" which has been started by Michael Walton on January 27. His first post links to a video which is a slow motion recording of a brutal execution by ISIS. I have protested and suggested the removal of this video (or the section showing the execution) as it is both distressing and against humanity.  Please see my comments in that thread explaining my standpoint. 

    I would be grateful for letting me know your opinion as to whether EF consents with linking the types of videos posted in the above-mentioned thread. In no case would I suggest to remove the thread which seems to be enjoyed by several Forum members. If you would decide to remove the video link, a statement explaining the reasons would be useful as some Forum members may not understand.



  4. For Debate - The Hairline Spot Seen in the Autopsy Photo

    Well, thanks for letting me know your opinion. I have checked the EF rules on this point, and they appear not cover this specific case. Time to ask the administrator.
  5. For Debate - The Hairline Spot Seen in the Autopsy Photo

    Sandy: the man who was shot while the video was made had a family, maybe children and a wife, and certainly parents. You would need to go and ask them if they are happy to display in slow motion this man's shooting by a criminal organisation such as ISIS for the purpose of discussions among lay people. If the video is continued to be displayed, those forum members knowing but ignoring and not protesting this fact actually continue the spreading of ISIS crimes. The research ethics says that a researcher cannot have any advantage (e.g., in showing some novel findings) from unethical conduct. It is very unethical to display ISIS killings in slow motion for "educational purposes" as if this was an educational material. I have suggested Michael to find alternative ways to demonstrate his point. This could entail a visit to the university library and search through the medical forensics books which teach the doctors how different gunshots appear on the head. Michael could have a chance to go deeper into the problem and maybe the rest of community could benefit from his knowledge. I am familiar with dead bodies since I went through a one-year neuroanatomy course which included working with cadavers and detailed inspections, particularly of the brain. I also work with chronic pain patients and know what human suffering means. It is not about my personal sensitivity, it is about differentiating what is ethical and what is not. Michael: may I request again to remove the video or the section showing the ISIS execution of someone who was innocent in our eyes.
  6. For Debate - The Hairline Spot Seen in the Autopsy Photo

    Michal: I like your comments in various threads and appreciate your interest in resolving the assassination case. However, I find your video showing the execution of a man in an orange dress, resembling an ISIS execution, as horrible and distressing. I would like you to remove the video or the part showing the execution. If you would like to make your point about the type of entry wound, please describe it and maybe use a screenshot of only the entry wound from some other gunshot case, maybe from a forensic book. This website is about restoring justice and humanity which had been shattered by three murders, and we cannot use crimes to illustrate our cases. Thanks for considering my request.
  7. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Thanks, Robin, for posting one more Hughes frame which has the advantage that it can be properly linked to a source. I have looked into the possibility to spot anything in the region of interest in the western part of the doorway only to find a black hole. This is illustrated in the figure below. The left-hand side panel is a cropped view of the doorway from the posted picture, and the right-hand panel shows the same picture after adding light to the dark part of the doorway. The Life Magazine frame was clearly retouched because the horizontal metal separator between the top window and the three large glass windows can only be seen in the east part of the doorway. There is no natural explanation for not seeing this part of the door frame also in the west section of the doorway. Instead, there is a light object there which in theory could be some residual light from the ceiling lamp behind the glass door, however, not from the lamp which was right behind the glass door. The missing part of the door frame is highlighted with two yellow dot lines. The Life Magazine may have touched the doorway for esthetic reasons or for other reasons, we may never know. However, their role in the cover-up (e.g., sitting on the Zapruder film for more than a decade, publishing a retouched backyard photograph) is hard to overlook, and so we are left with the same uncertainty as in many other aspects of the assassination case. Did Life retouched the west but not the east part of the doorway to cover up the presence of someone who should be on the sixth floor and shooting the President? Or is it just a coincidence and an innocent attempt to enhance the picture? Unless good-quality copies of Hughes stills with a proven birth certificate are available, I would say that Hughes film cannot conclusively prove or disprove the presence of Prayer Man in the doorway during the particular time instant when the motorcade was passing in front of the Depository. I would be glad to be proven wrong though.
  8. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    I found another frame in Hughes' folder at jfkassassinationgallery. It is again a picture of superior quality compared to the quality of frames obtained after disassembling Hughes film into frames. The picture below shows a cropped view of the doorway from the picture above. The section above Lovelady's head was enhanced by resampling it, reducing shadows, and increasing the contrast. Similar to the frame in my preceding post, something resembling a human figure having his/her right arm in front of the chest and the small light object can be seen. Due to noise, there are several other specks in the inset too. The problem is that we are zooming into a very small area of the film in pictures which appear to be processed pictures. There is a risk that a previous processing has simply produced an object from the noise. The picture below is a sample frame to illustrate what would be the initial pictures. Are we actually able to resolve the presence of Prayer Man in the doorway in Hughes film?
  9. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    I have analysed the partial frame with Hughes doorway picture from the composite posted by David to maybe answer the point if Prayer Man could be seen in Hughes film. His presence in Hughes film would be highly relevant as to the question of when did Prayer Man arrive at his spot in the doorway. The picture below is the enlarged part of Hughes frame from David's composite. A faint object of something which potentially could be a human face can be seen in the region above Lovelady's head. The next figure is the same picture after reducing shadows. And the same enhanced picture with contour lines roughly delineating Billy Lovelady, Buell Frazier and what maybe could be a human figure. If there is a human figure there, it would be someone showing his/her profile, and having his/her arm in front of the chest. A small light object in front of the person's face associates a light-reflecting bottom of a bottle held in this person's hand. A phantasy?
  10. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    David: your Hughes frame (the top picture in your composite) is of excellent quality compared to what I was able to obtain by disassembling the film into frames. Where did you find it? Your frame appears to show Prayer Man at his spot which is something I was never able to determine from film frames available to me. I would be grateful for pointing to the source of this image and maybe for posting the picture without any arrows and further panels. This would be is a very important finding as it would help to get a better idea of the arrival of Prayer Man into the doorway. Also, the frame of this quality is easy to model which I am happy to do in a few days time. Your Hughes frame also shows that Lovelady's shirt was open down to his waist which is something I need to correct in my manikin model of Lovelady.
  11. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Hello David: I agree that one cannot read the head size from this type of picture because it is a 3D problem. It is easier to claim a photographic manipulation than to search natural explanations. However, to prove that Groden's picture could have been genuine I would need to model it, and I just do not have time and energy to do these time consuming but minor tasks. "Noticeably shorter?" This refers to statements of one or two Depository employees who knew both Oswald and Lovelady and said that these two guys resembled each other in some features but Lovelady was shorter than Oswald. It was a noticeable height difference. I think it was Buell Frazier in one of his interviews.
  12. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    This picture is actually from Robert Groden's book. Groden pointed to the 13'' head but he did not say the picture was tampered. Whether the picture is valid or not, Oswald was noticeably taller than Lovelady, and Lovelady was 5'8''. Would you agree?
  13. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Sandy, the body height is all right 5'9'' in this image. One cannot measure the head hight from a front view such as this.
  14. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Sandy: Billy Lovelady was 5'8'' and Lee Harvey Oswald was taller than Lovelady and therefore it would be a mistake to assume Oswald as a man 5'8''. Thanks for pointing to the shadow on Frazier's chest: the two figures I posted were to help you to figure out the locations and I made them while working a different problem and therefore Frazier was just there and a bit neglected. It would never strike my mind that you would flag this up. I look forward to seeing your work on Prayer Man as Oswald standing on the top landing.
  15. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    Well, in that case, and I assume you are not thinking of one-foot-down-one-foot-up explanation, it would be someone about 5'2''. However, there would still be problems to satisfy all constraints with a 5'2'' person such as shadows and distances from other figures or doorway landmarks.