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  1. Andrej Stancak

    Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    No, it was not a big problem and the reconstructed location of Prayer Man in Wiegman was the same as in Darnell, only was Prayer Man turned slightly towards his right in Wiegman. The reason I did not post was that since the model back then was not based on realistic measurements of the doorway but rather on estimates and inferences, I could not be certain in my results. Also, the human mannequin representing Prayer Man was only very approximate, I could not control every joint and angle of the figure as required in this reconstruction. I decided therefore that the next stage will be started only if Prayer Man can be modelled using a human modelling program (Poser 11.1), and the doorway is accurate in all aspects to 1 cm and I was not interested in posting any results obtained with old methods any longer.
  2. Andrej Stancak

    Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    I did some reconstruction of Prayer Man in Wiegman about in 2016, however, at that point, I was determined not to post unless the 3D model would be based on realistic, measured dimensions of the doorway. I am currently doing a limited reconstruction of one Wiegman still to understand Billy Lovelady's posture, in particular, the position of his right shoulder and right arm - this obviously cannot be done using only Altgens6. My long-term plan is to complete the analysis of Altgens6, return to the reconstruction of Prayer Man's body height in Darnell (I surely will adjust the height of mannequin's inseam to match Lee Harvey Oswald's inseam), to reconstruct two Wiegman's stills (one with Prayer Man having arms in front of his chest and one with his right arm lifted), and maybe to do an animation on how the doorway scene was changing over the assassination period. I also hope to learn in the process when did Prayer Man occur at his spot in the western part of the doorway.
  3. Andrej Stancak

    Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    Tommy: thanks for all the questions. Your questions will be answered in the overall reconstruction of Altgens6 scene.
  4. Andrej Stancak

    Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    Buell Wesley Frazier, and I may be wrong, stood in front of the western door window in the shadow during the time when Altgens6 was taken. This is the reason for not seeing him in Altgens6. He remained at this spot during the period of Wiegman film and a faint contours of his figure can be seen at that spot in some of better stills. Mr. Frazier then moved towards the front of the top landing where we see him in Darnell. Mr. Frazier conferred in one of his interviews that he would not be visible in any of the pictures or films because he stood back there in the shadow. Of course, this is not what Mr. Frazier had told to the Warren Commission. However, this is not the first discrepancy between what he told the Warren Commission and what he toid in his interviews later on. What Mr. Frazier describes in his Warren Commission testimony was a badly recalled location in Darnell film - he was not on the step below the top landing but rather on the top landing in Darnell.
  5. Andrej Stancak

    Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    Bart is right in my opinion, the difference between what is Billy Lovelady's left shoulder and Bill Shelley's right shoulder/shirt is a bit smeared. However, what puzzles me and what took me already two weeks to figure out is Lovelady's right shoulder which looks unusually high relative to his left shoulder. However, it seems to be all right like this, people can lift their right shoulders during leaning like that. The figure below is a snippet of my analysis illustrating two solutions for Billy Lovelady's right shoulder. The purple line would be the course of his right shoulder which would be seen if he stood (leaned) naturally, and the green line is the line of his right shoulder which would be seen if he lifted his shoulder with some effort. Both shoulder locations are possible anatomically.
  6. Andrej Stancak

    Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    It is a known problem that the testimonies of the people in the doorway often do not have a proper time tag. However, Mrs. Stanton and Mrs. Sanders stood on the top platform of the doorway while the motorcade was passing the Depository building. The people in the doorway were changing their locations to optimise their views of the scene, some moved more, some less. It is therefore useful to speak about the locations of the Depository employees based on a particular film or photograph because this is the evidence. We do not have any evidence about the doorway scene in the instants in between the films, and it would therefore be a mere speculation to argue about what the people in the doorway could hear, whom they spoke to or where they stood unless there is a visual evidence to support such statement. The big problem for Prayer Man = Sarah Stanton hypothesis is that both unaccounted ladies can be seen in one single frame of Darnell film. One lady was short and stood close to the glass window in the eastern part of the doorway. She measured less than 5''. Her location is such that this lady could be seen neither in Altgens6 nor Wiegman film. The only document which could prove her presence in the doorway was one frame of Darnell film. Page 1 of this thread reveals her figure. Notably, she could be seen only because Mr. Molina stepped down one step and unblocked the view of Mrs. Sanders figure. The big problem is not this particular figure but the subsequent finding of another person standing behind Mr. Shelley's right shoulder. This person was taller than Mrs. Sanders, however, not tall enough to be a man. This person can be seen in one and the same frame of Darnell film at the spot close to a spot at which this person would be predicted based on the traces of her figure in Altgens6. So, both ladies can be seen standing on the top landing in one frame and this frame also shows - Prayer Man. Notably, Mrs. Stanton, the taller of the two ladies (she stands behind Mr. Lovelady in Altgens6 and behind Mr. Shelley in Darnell) stands where other witnesses would place her. To sum up, Prayer Man could not be Mrs. Stanton because the small portions of her figure can be seen in Altgens6 and Darnell's stills. Bart made a legitimate comment few months ago about a geometric impossibility of a person to stand behind Mr. Lovelady in Altgens6. This prompted a serious analysis on my part which is not finished yet. I will post the results when they are ready, and apologise for not being that quick as this forum members would like. However, there is no point to show imperfect or incomplete work. After all, Altgesn6 is a photograph of historic significance and deserves to be understood properly. Over the period of more than 54 years, too much of wrong assumptions and conclusions pertaining Altgens6 have been made, and there is no point adding one more flawed attempt. In the meantime, the identification of the two ladies in Darnell's still can be read here: http://thejfktruthmatters.wordpress.com
  7. Andrej Stancak

    If Oswald Was "Prayer Man" ...

    Sorry, Thomas, this ends my discussion with you on yet another thread.
  8. Andrej Stancak

    If Oswald Was "Prayer Man" ...

    Thomas: your post reveals that you are not able to realise how inappropriate your style of posting is. I understand that you conceded that Darnell's film proved that Prayer Man was Stanton because it depicted the exact moment of their conversation, and then you raise further questions. May I also ask a question? Why do you not try to answer your own questions with some research and evidence? I am not going to answer any of your questions which you yourself do not even try to answer.
  9. Andrej Stancak

    If Oswald Was "Prayer Man" ...

    Thomas: Please find below the transcript of the Sixth Floor Museum interview with Mr. Frazier. Where do you find the unequivocal timing information linking the scene which we see in Darnell with Mrs. Stanton? The timing is loose. The part of Darnell film in which the lady in dark headscarf is seen along with people at the western wall takes only 49 frames which corresponds to only 2.7 seconds of real time (assuming 18 frames/second). I have reconstructed Prayer Man's head orientation and where he appears to look at: he looks towards the Records building or into the Elm street between Daltex and Records. He did not turn to Mr. Frazier because we would see him from his profile. Mr. Frazier does not move at all, he is not turning towards Prayer Man. When two people talk, they look at each other: Prayer Man and Mr. Frazier do not. So, where do you find such certainty about Prayer Man being Mrs. Stanton from this information? And if you realise how shaky the grounds for your only "proof" of Mrs. Stanton being Prayer Man are, why are you continuously asking the same question again and again? The short duration of the scene (2.7 seconds) does not exclude the possibility that Mr. Frazier turned to Mrs. Stanton (he did not look straight as in Darnell to speak to Mrs. Stanton) just a second or two before Darnell started to film the doorway, or just one or two seconds after this 2.7 second interval of Darnell. We just do not know enough about this micro-timing to take it as a proof that Darnell depicted the moment when Mr. Frazier spoke to Mrs. Stanton. While I am pursuing the hypothesis that Prayer Man could be Lee Harvey Oswald, I am not bashing this hypothesis into people's head in an obtuse way. Instead, I work when the time allows me to develop this hypothesis. At this stage, it is necessary to reconstruct Altgens6 because the white blob I see and consider to be Mrs. Stanton's head has been disputed by Bart. This happened some two months ago. I did not flinch, I spend time and effort when my duties to my employer and my family allow it to show it in such a way that even Bart (yes, Bart was not convinced even if the presence of Mrs. Stanton where I am showing her would strongly play into Prayer Man cards). May I ask you to show something: some consistent work, a drawing, calculation, piece of text, anything which we can evaluate. Asking questions is not enough, answering the questions is what matters. Here is the transcript of the interview with Mr. Frazier: Mr. Fagin: In the chaos that followed the shooting, did you see Oswald at all?Mr. Frazier: I did. This was all... I do not know exactly how many minutes later, but the lady I was standing next to. Some of the people, Bill Shelley and Mr. Billy Lovelady, they went down towards the Triple Underpass because before they went down there, a lady come by, a woman came by, and she was crying and she said "Somebody has shot the President". And so we looked bewildered. And I turned to Sarah: she said "She said somebody shot the President", I said I doubt that's what she said. She said that she did say that. So we stood there for a few minutes, and, and I walked down to the first step, where Billy was standing down there, by myself so I looked around. And it was just total chaos there. And then from there I started to go down to see if I could find Bill Shelley and Billy Lovelady, there was so much chaos down there. I said, well, I better go back to work, go back to the steps, so now, and I did, I walked back to the bottom of the steps, and then I walked out to the corner of the building right there where Houston comes up beside the building. And I was talking to someone, it was a lady, and I looked to my left, and come walking along the side of the Texas School Book building was Lee Oswald.
  10. Andrej Stancak

    Oswald, Lovelady, Prayer Man, or who?

    You have a good eye, Ron. I saw this picture few times before and did not spot that interesting fellow. My bet is that the man talking to Inspector Sawyer was Billy Lovelady , however, I can be wrong.
  11. Hello Ray:

    I have just discovered the new  Prayer Woman thread on JFKassassinationforum, and could read your posts in response to Brian's posts. I just wanted to thank you for asking Brian to provide evidence or at least to demonstrate some knowledge, I appreciate. However, I can also understand how much energy and emotional balance it takes to deal with an individuum like Brian. I will therefore understand when you withdraw from the discussion over there and let Brian talking to himself. 

    Brian is wrong in everything that he says, especially the shadows (which you have correctly pointed out), the location of Billy Lovelady in Altgens6 (Lovelady stood on the 2nd step, not on the top landing, both in Altgens6 and some Wiegman frames), his shadow estimate based on Lovelady's figure (??)  and so on and so forth.

    Brian does not understand that the new doorway model was a major work which took me many months, and which I completed only because I got to realistic measured dimensions of all aspects of the doorway. Similarly, reconstructing a photograph of such historical significance as Altgens6 is a major task which I will do as long as it needs. I would not post anything which would not be thoroughly considered from every angle: there were too many blind shots in JFK assassination research, and I will not provide another one. 

    Please find here a figure which is a part of my next blog article about the missing lady, Mrs. Stanton, in Altgens6. In (A), Lovelady stands on the top landing, and he is just too tall relative to Bill Shelley. In (B), the Altgens6 proportions are reproduced if Lovelady stands on the second step. In (C-D), the overlay of the model and Altgens6 proves that the fit (B) was correct. I would be grateful if you would not post this figure on Duncan's forum or anywhere else. However, this figure may give you more assurance in the disputes over there, especially regarding Brian's claim that Lovelady stood on the top landing.

    Best wishes





    1. Ray Mitcham

      Ray Mitcham

      Thanks, Andrej. Unfortunately I normally can't resist calling the idiot, Doyle to account. You are probably correct in saying that I should ignore his ramblings, but it is very difficult when his replies are so stupid.

      I have just posted that unless he answers my question arguing with him is futile. As he won't answer the argument is over.

      By the way well done on your reconstruction, it must have been quite a struggle.

      I assume that angle of the sun on the entrance is 18˚

      TSBD at 13˚ West of North and sun at 185˚ to North at 12.30. (13˚ + 5˚)




  12. Ron: I do not know any details about Ronald Reagan gunshot injury to be able to comment. It is known that elderly people have much less sensitivity to the first (fast) pain than young adults, whereby the reactions to the later-occurring, slow pain is equal in both age groups. If Ronald Reagan was >65 years, he may under-react to the first impact. Cases when pain is ignored and injured people continue their activities, e.g. a war battle, are well known since WWI. This is related to phenomena such as stress-analgesia or, which is a different phenomenon, diffuse noxious inhibitory control. The latter phenomenon means basically suppression of one pain by another pain, however, this one was not the likely cause of the alleged absence of pain awareness in Ronald Reagan case. Again, I do not know enough about Reagan's shooting. It would be helpful to view a video recording of that incident. Reagan might have shown a reflex, motor response to pain at a short latency without being aware.
  13. I do not know how much it helps, however, there is no way that there would be a "delayed" reaction to such a painful impact as a gunshot which Warren Commission tried to sell. In our pain research, we apply a laser beam to the back of participants' hands to elicit a moderate pain (5-6 on a scale from "no pain" (0) to "very strong pain (10)". The first cortical response caused by nociceptive sensors in the superficial layers of the skin comes at around 150-170 ms depending on how tall a person is. A motor response to a pain impact is first of reflex origin (a withdrawal or RIII reflex, it is mediated by the spinal cord), and only much later (>0.5 s) the conscious, behavioural adjustments occur. In the context of the present discussion, a painful impact caused by a bullet would occur 3 Z-frames before the first visible motor response by John Connally. Being distracted does not really change the latencies of pain responses. Figure 3 in the linked paper shows the first cortical responses at 158 ms and 175 ms occurring in primary somatosensory cortex and operculo-insular cortex, respectively. These initial components are not affected by the direction of attentional focus towards or away from the source of pain. https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2Fs10548-017-0613-8.pdf
  14. David: thank you for sharing with us your invaluable insights. I am puzzled by the photograph showing the bronze casket being lifted up via rear port stairs. The casket with the body weighed 280 kg. The picture shows only four agents carrying the casket (with the body), and one of them holds the casket with one hand. My point is whether the agents were carrying the full weight of 280 kg or only 200 kg. Of course, I do not have any data or idea on how could President's body be missing at this stage, however, I am considering every option.
  15. Andrej Stancak

    Questions For Andrej Regarding Prayer Man

    Thomas: You failed to provide any evidence that Prayer Man was Mrs. Stanton. There were only two ladies who stood on the top platform: Mrs. Stanton and Mrs. Sanders. The message which you clearly missed in my thread "Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Stanton, where are you?" is that after 54 years, eventually, both ladies have been identified in Darnell film and Altgens6. The short lady stands close to the glass door in the eastern part of the doorway, and this person, due to small body height could only be a woman. From the two missing ladies, the short lady in the eastern corner was Mrs. Sanders. This person can only be seen in one of the last frames of Darnell because her figure was blocked by Mr. Molina for the most of Darnell. Only when Mr. Molina stepped down one step did the figure of Mrs. Sanders pop up. The other lady, Mrs. Stanton, was harder to identify because she stood in the cluster of people (Mr. Shelley, Mr. Lovelady, Mr. Williams). This lady changed her location from Altgens6 to Darnell, however, so did Mr. Lovelady and other people. I have not published any reconstruction of Altgens6 because it is not finished yet. Thus, the only location which I illustrated is the one when she stood already in the shadow (she was covered by shadow in Altgens6) and behind Mr. Shelley's right shoulder. This lady (about 5'3'' - 5'4'') was taller than the short lady. She stood in the shadow and only a part of her head is visible. This person may be shielding her eyes with her right arm, however, it is difficult to be certain. And now comes the problem for Prayer Man=Stanton theory. Both previously missing and now discovered ladies can be seen in one and the same frame in which also Prayer man can be seen. This excludes the possibility that Prayer Man was Mrs. Stanton because she is there about in the center of the doorway and not at the western wall. Here is a detailed view of Darnell frame 20130908-003922 which shows the original Darnell frame (top) and the processed images (middle, bottom). And maybe a better view of the face of the lady behind Mr. Shelley's right shoulder: It is only thanks to the 3D model that the white blob, largely covered by Mr. Shelley's head, can be decomposed into what belonged to him and what was not his. Just looking at the pictures does not help because the observer cannot have enough confidence in stating that there were actually two heads in the white blob. Thus, you are very wrong in saying that I base my reconstruction only on Mrs. Sander's statement, although her testimony strongly corroborates my observations which is always good. In contrast, you base your Stanton=Prayer Man theory only one statement by Mr. Frazier that he had spoken at one point, after Mr. Calvery reached the doorway, with Mrs. Stanton. However, the timing provided by Mr. Frazier is very vague. As I explained to you in my earlier post, they could speak just few seconds after Darnell stopped filming. As Mr. Frazier had to turn to speak to Mrs. Stanton (I am quoting you) implies that Mr. Frazier did not speak to Prayer Man - he did not need to turn to speak to Prayer Man, however, he needed to turn to speak to Mrs. Stanton. Unless you provide evidence that Prayer Man was a woman (5'2'') and that Prayer Man spoke to Mr. Frazier in Darnell, your theory has no substantiation at all. I think you know it and this is the reason for your continuous questioning of my work. You admit that you are doing in on behalf of a person who insulted not only the moderators of the Forum but also several Forum members including myself. Being dishonest and incompetent were the usual and actually minor insults I received from Sauron to whom you serve. Your sleazy request to post some graphics which you then would like to use to further discredit my work is unacceptable and very much the same which Sauron was doing while he was allowed to be in the company of true researchers in this Forum. This thread is an embarrassing example of a very disruptive and insulting style of posting. If you have an alternative theory of who Prayer Man was, please provide evidence. So far, you have not provided any evidence. This is my last post in this thread. You have challenged my work and I responded to all your queries. If you keep addressing me or my work in your current mode, I will put you on the "ignore" list.