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  1. I bought the book and am in the middle of Chapter 3. While I cannot subscribe to the LBP's rant against distinguished researchers, I have difficulties extracting coherent bits of information from the transcribed interviews published in this book. I also dislike frequent back tapping which works as a distraction. In any field, a researcher, conducting a systematic research as Malcolm Blunt clearly has done, has both the right and duty to pass the acquired findings to the community. To communicate the results of a research efficiently is often more difficult and time consuming than acquiring dat
  2. As someone living across the Ocean, I watched the US elections with great interest as I believed, together will millions across the world, that Biden's win would pave way to a human-oriented politics capable of solving many burning problems of today. Joe Biden is a good and wise man, very much needed during these difficult times. However, I wonder what can Biden's win mean to our cause - the JFK assassination. Will he agree to open the remaining, perhaps the most sensitive documents pertaining to Lee Oswald? And what about Kamala Harris? Is she not the woman who basically opposed recent S
  3. So, whose microphone if not Officer McLain's was left open and caused the recording of sounds in the Police channel 2?
  4. To follow up on the problem of shirt CE151, the maroon shirt with button-up collar, here is a preliminary analysis of the Darnell still using a method similar to Tom Wilson's method. Briefly, a very large copy of Darnell doorway (45 x 60 cm) made on a heavy matte paper is photographed using a near-infrared sensitive camera (Basler Ace2) in the light spectrum including invisible light (>780 nm) and registered at 12-bit resolution. During the recording, the photograph is being excited using 10 Hz flashes produced by a xenon bulb. Images are recorded at 30 Hz. The whole purpose is to excite th
  5. Steven: I am sure, knowing that you studied the case for so long, that you are aware of late Sherry Fiester's work on the shot from the South Knoll (from the front and left of the limo). Sherry Fiester in her book "Enemy of the Truth, Myths, Forensics and the Kennedy's" assassination proposed a trajectory for the final shot that would originate at South Knoll and cross tangentially through the head to exit in the right parietal area. It is conceivable that a South Knoll shot actually entered the head in the left temple. I do not want to misinterpret David Lifton's opinions, however,
  6. There may be an interesting corroboration of the finding of two exit holes in the upper right parietal area of President's head. The lower of the two pictures is my reconstruction of the head wound from Mary Moorman's picture and the upper picture is the result of Tom Wilson's reconstruction. For details of my method, please scroll back through this thread. There seem to be two exit tunnels in the Kennedy's upper right parietal region. In the book "JFK Breaking the Silence" by Bill Sloan (Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, 1993), the chapter named "The Assassin's Tale" contain
  7. Jim: The HSCA (Moriarty and someone who could be his assistant) arranged for two tape recorders to be used. After the interview was over, Moriarty would take one tape to Washington, DC, for transcript to be made. Frazier was then to receive both a copy of the transcript and one tape. He may still have both these documents. I do believe that the copies of the tapes which Denis Morissette obtained from the NARA can be cleaned, and we should be able to listen and make own transcripts from some important parts. I am actually not listening to the tapes, rather trying to clean them up. Th
  8. Dennis: I work in the photograph in the middle (Darnell) as I believe that it offers cues allowing to check if this person could be Lee Harvey Oswald. The lady with the camera does not seem to be, in my opinion, a suitable candidate for Prayer Man because Prayer Man has a male type baldness (an initial stage called Type II) whereas the photo in the left panel shows a woman. The photograph in the right hand panel appears to show a partial view of a person who could be the old lady seen in Martin film or someone else.
  9. I started to denoise the HSCA tape recordings using standard audio tools and experienced some success, and hope that the whole, almost 4-hour long recording will be suitable for listening. However, to my great surprise, as I was cutting the long recording into sections, I heard that the transcripts of the tapes have been done in Washington (this is what Commissioner Moriarty told Frazier and his attorney, his name sounded like Hallenbeck?) but what is even more interesting than the now missing transcripts is the fact that two different tape recorders were used to record the interviews and the
  10. Greg: there may be a way to extract speech signals from the noisy HSCA recordings. Matlab offers a deep learning algorithm and even provides a GUI. I cannot promise to embark on this project at the moment due limited time and many other projects, however, if anyone would be willing to try it, here is the link: https://www.mathworks.com/help/deeplearning/ug/denoise-speech-using-deep-learning-networks.html
  11. The potential of Darnell stills to unequivocally determine the identity of Prayer Man is, of course, limited by the amount of information the stills contain. However, the stills can tell us a lot about Prayer Man to narrow down the range of candidate persons or exclude them outright (such as Sarah Stanton with her thick blonde hair which just does not match Prayer Man's hair). The situation with Prayer Man's figure is similar to that of the figure of Buell Wesley Frazier in the same stills. In the image below, while details of Frazier's face in Darnell are not too conspicuous, we would s
  12. And how do you know Prayer Man is not Lee Oswald?
  13. Sandy: please post or send me the piece of Darnell you would like to test and I will work on it. The image resolution is an important aspect in any analysis, however, I guess, some details can be seen in spite of comparatively low resolution. It is as if Prayer Man's figure would be sampled with a grid of about 1 cm or slightly less. Some very fine features will not be seen but aspects such as hairline can be seen even with this low resolution. A good interpolation during resampling does not add any new information to the image but helps to perceive the contours of known objects bec
  14. Sandy: I have made a few tests with the blind deconvolution method in Matlab which method you mentioned a couple days ago. Here is the typical result I receive after applying the method to Prayer Man. Prayer Man image was resized from 25x25 pixels to 600x600 using bicubic interpolation. However, I also tried simple interpolation (increasing number of pixels) of different sizes as well. The example below shows the input image (Prayer Man from Darnell after bicubic interpolation) (left panel), the recovered, deblurred image obtained with 15 iterations (middle), and the point-spread fun
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