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  1. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Yeah, that is extraordinary. I believe that either 1) Oswald never had anything to do with the letter, or 2) someone else wrote the letter and Oswald merely copied it as per his handler's instructions. After which he probably gave his copy to his handler (rather than directly to Ruth). Then Ruth got it from her handler to copy. I don't believe Oswald would have been instructed to give it directly to Ruth. Because I believe that it's likely that they were operating under different operations and covers, and so in theory would not have known that each other was a CIA agent. (Though in practice they may have suspected it.) (Of course, I could be wrong about this... they could have been working under the same operation.)
  2. What makes you guys think that Hoover knew soon after Oswald was arrested that he was a fake commie? Hoover didn't know everything we know today. Do you have any evidence that Hoover knew Oswald was a fake commie? I don't think you do. Because I know there were people in the CIA telling the LBJ administration that Oswald was part of communist plot. For example, I believe Win Scott was saying that. BTW not everybody believes that Oswald's FPCC gig was an FBI thing. I believe it was a CIA thing. I think that most researchers believe the same.
  3. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    It seems to me that what happened is this (and maybe Chris has already alluded to this): Ruth's story is that she hand copied the original draft Sunday morning and then put the original draft back where she'd found it, on the top of the desk secretary. (She returned it because it didn't belong to her, and Lee might try to take possession of it at any moment.) Then later that day she decided to move furniture, which Michael and Lee helped her with. Before they moved the desk secretary, she INNOCENTLY (in appearances only) slipped the original draft inside a compartment or drawer of the desk secretary, so that it wouldn't fall off the desk during the move. In effect, she has stolen the draft. But nobody will accuse her of doing that because she was just protecting it. Isn't that the whole point of this fabricated furniture-rearrangement story? A way for Ruth to explain how she got possession of the original draft without having to steal it?
  4. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Oh, come on, Chris... he can't help his trejoizing. But it would be helpful if he were to write at the beginning of posts like that something like, "Note that there will be a number of trejoisms in this post."
  5. I couldn't see that you were making a point. If you post it again and make your point clear, I will study it.
  6. And the obvious reason you guys won't actually use what is at that link to debunk Oswald simultaneously attending two schools is that it DOESN'T debunk it. It doesn't explain it. So whenever Jim presents the evidence, all you guys do is post that link. The link that proves nothing.
  7. Sure, Tracy. Just like he has a talent for making evidence in the WC Report show Oswald attending two schools simultaneously. LOL
  8. FWIW, on page 5 of Harvey & Lee, Armstrong wrote: "According to the Warren Commission, Oswald left Japan and reported for duty at the Marine Corps Air Facility in Santa Ana, California, in December 1958. A month later he took, and passed, a military language exam in the Russian language."
  9. They don't contradict. Rather, Jeremy fumbles around in the dark because he hasn't spent the time necessary to understand the theory. The theory is that Russian speaking HARVEY immigrated to the United States when he was in about the 4th grade. And that would explain why Oswald would pass the Russian Test -- designed for native speakers, according to Bugliosi -- with poor scores. He spoke at a 4th grade level. (At least that's my understanding of the theory.)
  10. Jason, I just cannot follow your reasoning. Can you give me a list of your understanding of what was going on in Hoover's mind. I will do the same right now: The radical right wants Kennedy tried for treason. (Lots of other groups hate Kennedy too.) Oswald was captured. Hoover learns that Oswald once defected to Russia, spoke Russian, had tried to get visas to Cuba and Russia, Hoover learns that Oswald was paid $6500 by someone in the Cuban consulate to kill someone. (Gee, I wonder who.) Hoover learns the Oswald had had a meeting with KGB agent Kostikov, who was in charge of assassinations. Hoover learns that Oswald handed out pro Castro FPCC leaflets. Hoover learns that certain officers in the CIA believed the assassination was a Cuban or Russian plot. Hoover sees photos of Oswald holding as rifle and communist literature. Hoover thinks, gee it sure looks like Oswald is a communist or Marxist. Hoover sees those on the Far Right blaming the assassination on far-left extremists. He thinks to himself, no duh! (That is to say, he agrees.) I can't understand how Hoover is supposed to get to believing it's a far right plot, just because the far right was blaming the far left. Lots of people were blaming the far left... because the accused killer appeared very much to be on the far left. You say that Hoover knew Oswald wasn't a commie. What makes you say that? Even if Hoover somehow knew that Oswald was a pretend communist, why would that lead him to believe that those who made a patsy out of him must be far right radicals?
  11. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Chris, This analysis of yours is amazing. I mean, it's simple... but who would have thought to question the locations of a couch and desk? And who would have thought that a lie could be uncovered by doing so? I'm sure this is a great discovery. After all, people lie to hide uncomfortable things. But I'm not seeing what implications this lie has on the story of the Oswald's draft. Hopefully you have that figured out.
  12. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Chris, Are you sure that that thing on the left in the above photo is a desk secretary. Because if it is, either it is against the west wall (opposite wall from where Ruth said it was), or the arrangement of the desk secretary and couch are opposite of what Ruth testified to. As though Michael and Oswald never swapped their positions. You say it's the latter. I don't know how you determined that. But for now I'll assume you are right. Detective Rose said that the front door was open. So it would have been possible for him to see (from the porch area) the couch on either the north wall (through the front door) or the east wall (through the window). But I'm still assuming you are right. So he had to have seen (through the window) the couch against the east wall. So Ruth perjured herself about the location of the couch and desk secretary. I'm not sure how it follows that she perjured herself about how she ended the "residence" of the note. Do you say that because there was no reason to lie about the furniture, and therefore the lie really had to do with the item of interest, i.e. the note? EDIT: Actually, after seeing a photo of the house, I can tell that Detective Rose could not have gotten a decent view of the couch through the front door. Therefore he must have seen it through the window. And that confirms that Chris is right, the the couch was against the east wall of the livingroom. Therefore Ruth lied about its position and the position of the desk secretary. So was her story about rearranging the furniture a lie as well? Or did Oswald and Michael move the two items completely opposite from the way Ruth testified? I'm pretty sure it's the former.
  13. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Chris, Are we supposed to see a contradiction in the above Ruth vs. Rose testimonies? I don't see it.
  14. I did not know that. Maybe you should mention that in all your posts... that everything you write consists of your own opinions. (Other than your quotes and citations, that is.) If you did, nobody could reasonably accuse you of making things up.