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  1. He insults us and then expects us to reply? That's not true. I replied weeks ago and he saw my reply. But he didn't like what I said and has ignored it ever since. It is for this reason that I refuse to respond to any more of his questions.
  2. Thanks Jim. Oh yeah, I know Aynesworth... he's the guy who was everywhere on 11/22/63... at the TSBD building when Kennedy was shot, at the Tippit site right after he was shot, at the theater when LHO was arrested, and in the DPD basement when Oswald was shot! What an amazing guy... not. I just have trouble remembering names. (BTW Richard, I have read Destiny Betrayed... great book! Just forgot the Aynesworth name. I do remember Sheridan's name though and the role he played in falsely discrediting Jim Garrison. Another [apple].)
  3. I didn't know who Hugh Aynesworth is, so I looked him up on Spartacus Educational. Having read that, and in particular what he said about Mark Lane, I've come to the conclusion that he's a first-class [now imagine me holding my tongue with my fingers and saying the word "apple."] (I discovered that he's still alive and I didn't want the forum to get into trouble.)
  4. It's more likely that Jim DID answer Jeremy's question and that Jeremy is ignoring it because it strengthens the H&L case. That is what Jeremy did to me when I answered one of his questions. Which is one reason I no longer answers his questions. (The other reason is that Jeremy isn't here to have a reasonable discussion, but rather to disrupt the thread.)
  5. Oh yeah, good point! I hadn't thought of that.
  6. Andrej, Okay, see the margin between PM's left cheek and the right edge of the image? If you crop the image so that there is that much margin around all of PM's body parts of interest, that should be plenty. If that will take too long to process, use a smaller percentage of that margin width, hopefully not much less than 60 percent or so.
  7. Andrew, You do know, don't you, that FBI agent Hosty's interrogation notes reveal that Oswald said he was outside watching the presidential parade? That's a fairly recent find that Bart Kamp posted here several months ago. (Time goes by so fast for me now that I don't recall if it was posted last year or early this year.)
  8. No, actually, you can't make those things out on a 25 X 25 pixel image. For one, you can't make ANYTHING out on an image of that size. I can make out all those things on that image. Just because you can't doesn't mean nobody else can either.
  9. Believe me, Andrej.. I would LOVE for it to be him. It would clear up SO MUCH confusion (and BTW, I admire the work you are doing with these images). But it defies logic that A) not one single person said they saw Oswald watching the motorcade from that spot.... There are reasons to believe that Billy Lovelady, Bill Shelley, and Wesley Frazier all saw Oswald out on he steps and were pressured into keeping it a secret. Oswald said he was out on the steps watching the presidential parade in his interrogation. An alibi so threatening to the authorities that
  10. Mr. Bojczuk shamelessly supports the Warren Commission excuse that LHO taught himself to read, write, and speak the Russian language in his spare time in the Marine Corps. Jim, It is fine, of course, for Jeremy to develop a competing hypothesis explaining how Oswald learned Russian. But someone should point out how -- unlike your hypothesis -- Jeremy's is inconsistent with most of the evidence. Evidence which, characteristic of Jeremy, he simply ignores. For example, that bunkmates of Oswald at one base said that Oswald was constantly reading Russian newspapers, etc.
  11. True, but there's the recreational component to consider.
  12. Andrej, Thank you for doing that work and for reporting on it. It looks interesting though the results are disappointing. I should have told you that you shouldn't crop the image too close to the subject (Oswald) because of the well known "edge effects" of image processing. Remember, a blurred image is equivalent to a sharp image being convolved with the point spread function (PSF). The PSF spreads each pixel of the image, thus making the resulting blurred image BIGGER than the original sharp image. By cropping too close to the subject, you are not only deleting information that coul
  13. I had a computer glitch when writing the first post of this thread and had to reconstruct it from a text editor I was using. I just noticed that I didn't get the title right. I had it as: Jeremy Bojczuk is wrong about the Harvey & Lee theory and Lifton's body alteration theory. It was supposed to be: Why Jeremy Bojczuk is wrong about the Harvey & Lee theory and Lifton's body alteration theory. There is a subtle difference. Or maybe a big one? Well anyway, to anybody kind enough to read my post, now you know why I wrote it.
  14. From the article Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, senior fellow at the Federation of American Scientists, called the "6%" meme "a ludicrous misunderstanding and misinformation." "Basically, [they are] arguing that if you die with COVID and have any risk factors, then it somehow doesn't count as COVID," he told Salon. Feigl-Ding compared the situation to that of cancer patients, who frequently have compounding conditions that increase their risk of dying of cancer. The quote from the Salon Article confirms you and Dr. Ding are not only "disgusting" but disingenuous as well.
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