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  1. What good would another impeachment do? He'd just be acquitted along party lines again, right?
  2. Oh dear lord, you're serious. I thought you were just using that as a thinly veiled excuse for repeatedly taunting Ron on his misspelling mistake. Well, in that case I apologize for taunting you for your mistake. Really sorry about that. To your credit you took it very well. I don't have any theory about the "loose"/"lose" mistake being commonly made except that maybe it's easy to accidentally type a double letter due to the fact that many English words do have double letters. I recall that my dad often wrote and typed "off" instead of "of." I don't see any reason in thinking there m
  3. Huh?? LOL I don't think so Jim... but for someone who believes such nonsense, that might be indicative of a damaged mind.
  4. Jim, You misspelled the word "misspelling" as two words, "mis spelling." "Mis" is a prefix meaning "incorrectly" that is appended to verbs and their derivatives. It should not be used as a stand-alone word. "Spelling" is a noun derived from the verb "spell." It means "the way a word is spelled." By appending the prefix "mis" to the beginning of "spelling" we get the word that you were trying to write, "misspelling." This is the correct spelling of "misspelling."
  5. I just came across this music video and thought it sounded pretty much the opposite of punk/hardcore. Being the rebel I am, I decided to post it anyway. Watch the singer's lips and I guarentee you'll fall in love.
  6. Micah, You might find this document written by Vince Palamara useful: http://www.manuscriptservice.com/DPQ/fragme~1.htm Among other useful things, it comments on three fragments being found in the limo by ASSAIC Boring. I don't believe the official story on those three fragments at all. I believe that Kennedy's skull was shattered and fragments removed prior to the autopsy in order to gain access to the brain, only to have them returned to the autopsy later.
  7. Wheeler still hasn't figured it out. That is, how the late bumps in Biden's counts came about. No, they weren't the result of fraudulent ballot stuffing. Two or three weeks ago I learned that a very large majority of the mail-in votes were being cast by Democrats. Made sense given that Trump had told his followers to vote on election day and not use the mail. Some time after that I learned that, in most the battleground states, the election-day ballots would be counted first followed by the mail-in ballots. It didn't take long for me to realize that this would result in the vote coun
  8. My interpretation of that quote is that Angleton believes the CIA killed Kennedy, but he wasn't involved. Any other interpretations?
  9. Your green circle has three places where light can shine through: 1) Through the lens; 2) Above the arm; and 3) Below the arm. I am sure you are referring to #3, below the arm. So you are saying that sunlight travels through the side of the glasses, behind the lens and below the arm. And I am saying "not so" because that light will hit the side of your nose and not exit the other side of nose. I don't know how you cannot see that. Sure, you can fit a finger or two between the lens and eye. But your fingers cannot pass through your nose to the other side. Your nose wi
  10. Can't you see from the photo below that the bridge of the guy's nose blocks light from passing through the gap that you insist is creating the bright area we see on the "Landsdale" shadow? Even if the nose pads create a gap, it will be no larger than 1/8" wide or so. Compare that to the ~1/2" we see at the top of the bright area on the Landsdale shadow. I looked through dozens of profiles of men wearing glasses and found only one that had any gap at all, and it is tiny. I'd like to see a profile photo of you wearing glasses to see how light can possibl
  11. The sunlight most certainly is traveling through the lens... the right lens, to be specific. According to your interpretation, that bright area between the glasses and face in the shadow corresponds to an empty gap between the actual glasses and face. Problem is, the is NO such gap for which the sunlight to travel unimpeded. Look at the profile of men wearing glasses and you'll see that I'm right. Here's an example: From photos like this, it is easy to see that any path of light travelling between the face and the glasses must first travel through the lens. (Unless t
  12. If that were true, then that same "shadow" would be cast onto the eyes of the wearer. They would essentially be sunglasses. Here's the real reason for the shadow: Why do glass of spectacles cast a shadow? The photo below shows the shadows of a concave lens (top) and convex lens (bottom). A convex lens is what a person would be wearing outdoors to correct for nearsightedness. In contrast, the glasses worn by the Lansdale figure cast no lens shadow whatsoever... the sunlight travels straight through, indicating the lenses are plain glass. Note that the light so
  13. Not too long ago, it was discussed here that the "Lansdale" figure in the photo appears to be wearing eyeglasses. The Landsdale figure in the tramps photo is apparently wearing fake prescription glasses. You can tell because the sunlight going through the lenses leave no shadow on the fence to Landsdale's right. I've read that lenses always leave a shadow because they bend light inward or outward depending on whether they are for nearsightedness or farsightedness, and either one creates a shadow. (Though the shadow for one can also contain a bright area.) I haven't tested
  14. I hope that it can be shown that there were no linear particle accelerators (linacs) in New Orleans, if it means discrediting a charlatan. But I'm afraid that that will be a hard thing to do given that medical linacs were being used for radiation therapy in America as early as 1954. (Source)
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