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  1. Okay, thanks Andrej. I thought that you had connected the characters between the Weigman and Darnell frames, at least to some extent. But I now understand that not to be the case.
  2. In which case mommy McCully lied to her daughter all those years of the FBI 'advising' her to change her testimony. Fat chance. Bart, Do you have any ideas as to why the FBI would want Judy McCully to lie about her location at the TSBD? For others interested in Judy McCully's and Avery Davis's locations during the shooting, Andrej Stancak apparently also has doubts about McCully's location according to her FBI interview. He has her possibly on the TSBD steps.
  3. Andrej, Below is a frame from Wiegman. Alan Ford at the JFK Assassination Forum (this thread) says that the two people are Oswald and Lovelady. Who are they according to your interpretation? Can you point them out in your 3D reconstruction?
  4. Wait for Newman - he can't possibly draw and quarter the business as we fear he will. NB that Gaeton Fonzi witnessed that Phillips recognized Veciana at the HSCA and fled the room rather than talk to him. I believe Fonzi. Good point.
  5. Okay. But hasn't Newman already claimed that Veciana did NOT work for the CIA, and that he lied about seeing Oswald and David Phillips together?
  6. Sorry you've suffered all those setbacks Joe. I can offer one recommendation, though hopefully the condition it's for is only temporary with you. And that is a "rollator" for your painful L4 fracture. I have a bad back and my rollator has greatly improved my quality of life. Best $60 I ever spent. Above: My favorite model.
  7. Ron, Lone nutters explain the gaping wound on the back of the head by saying there was no gaping hole on the back of the head, and that we have the autopsy photos to prove it. Sadly we have many CTers who make the same argument. For some reason they cannot accept that the photos were altered.
  8. If removing the bot resolves the issue, then why eliminate visitors as well? bots = bad visitors = good
  9. Andrej, These photos are all of the same shirt, right? And yet the dark stain is in different locations on the right versus left photos. And the stains appear to be much worse in the B&W photos. Do you know of any explanations for these inconsistencies? Also, do you know what it was that stained the shirt? One more question. If I understand correctly, the photo below is identical to the photo above. And yet the stain appears to be even fainter on this one. Is that because you tweaked the photo so that the stain could be more easily seen?
  10. The website author has an issue with the use of Russian business terms. I just posted the quote. The link provided has the quote and and lots of other information. You understand that’s why I put the text in quotes, don’t you? Of course I understood that you were quoting what others had written. But I also understood that you believed what they'd written when you referred to it as "these clear and convincing incidents of collusion." I wanted to know why you believed things that appear not to be based on any evidence.
  11. It would be great if Niederhut or Bob or any of the other "Free Ukraine" crowd could opine as to why these clear and convincing incidents of collusion are not front and center on the WAPO and NY Times. Robert, You do know, don't you, that Black Hall Aerospace services helicopters from around the world, not just Russian made ones? What makes you think that the company uses the Russian language for business transactions? I mean, besides those in the company who service their Russian accounts?
  12. Paul, You have me confused. In the post I quote above you appear to be arguing that there might be a connection between Harvey Oswald and Gardos and Blair, because otherwise why was the report on the phone call altered and then suppressed. And yet a couple days ago, in the quote below, you appear to be saying the opposite... that there is "considerable doubt" of that connection. Please clarify.
  13. Thanks Jim. Yeah, given your explanation, I can see where Paul was coming from. I guess the reason that Paul's point didn't occur to me is because I've always been of the opinion that the woman who called Mrs. Tippit was mistaken about Gardos and Blair being Harvey's father and uncle. It made little sense to me that the USG would take their young son/nephew for a future secret mission. It made a lot more sense that the boy was not related to the men at all and was merely in their custody at some point in time. And that the woman merely assumed he was the men's son/nephew. I'm willing to speculate that far to make the story fit my CT because the story rings true to me. However, an alternate possibility is that it's merely a case of mistaken identity. Maybe Harvey's photos looked just like Gardos's son to the woman, and she -- knowing that these men were "evil" communists -- figured that the son had been sent to kill Kennedy.
  14. Paul, Why do you say there is considerable doubt that there is a connection between the two men, Gardos and Blair, and Harvey Oswald?
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