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  1. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    Hoo boy... I'm not the right person to be asked that question. But I will say that it seems to me that eliminating a president wouldn't be a very sure way of effecting some desired long-term goal. And I don't know how killing a president would result in greater KGB influence.
  2. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    Tommy, What makes you think that a mole might have had something to do with the assassination?
  3. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    Tommy, you're back!
  4. Sandy,

    I noticed in the forum you were mentioning my father and Ed Whitacre in the JFK Assassination debate forum.  You mentioned you sold one of your wireless communication development instruments to SBC.   My dad was President and CEO of Southwestern Bell Technology Resources (TRI) during that time.  During college at Maryville, my brother David asked my dad to setup a tour at TRI for my brother's  telecommunications class.  It was amazing.   Do you remember TRI?

  5. communications override/hacking?

    It would have been easy to jam a single channel, if their radios used amplitude modulation. Just transmit a high-powered sinewave. Radios located near the jammer would be the most effectively jammed, while those furthest away the least effectively jammed. Two radios located far from the jammer but near each other would have the greatest likelihood of successfully communicating in spite of the jamming.
  6. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    They WERE raised in public. I've asked David and Jim questions in these H&L threads and sometimes in their response they've said that John thought differently. I've brought my opinion up a couple times in the past. (The one I mentioned above: "John believes that the adult LEE was the same person as the boy LEE. I have a reason to believe that they were more likely not the same person. And/or there were multiple Oswalds after the defection.") But in greater detail. See what you've done there, Bernie? You've used what I wrote (in bold) to support your belief that we keep our differences hushed. And you did that in spite of the fact that what I wrote (in bold) was regarding an opinion I gave in the very prior paragraph! That wasn't hushed! As far as running something by John Armstrong... well of course I'm going to do that. I'd be a fool not to. Just like I would run some idea I have about Jim Garrison by Jim DiEugenio before declaring I'd taken a position on it. You always get feedback from experts when you can. (Unless you feel quite sure of yourself.) The expert might point something out you haven't considered. Check out the last two paragraphs of the following post to see a potential difference of opinion regarding the Beauregard school record: I recall that David J. commented that the school records are "bastardized' (I believe that's his description) because the FBI merged and manipulated them. That's his opinion. My opinion is that certainly somebody merged two LHO school records, and it may have been someone working at the school. So we might have a difference of opinion there. I'm not sure because maybe the merging was indeed performed by the FBI. Anyway, the point is that we can and do have differences of opinion, and we do not try to conceal our differences or secretly coordinate our beliefs. Bernie, please don't insult our collective intelligence. We ll know that you are here because you have a goal of discrediting John Armstrong, his theory, and those of us who believe his theory. Or at least you did before now. I suppose it's possible you've changed. It's a waste of everybody's time for anyone to come here (or anywhere) and in every post say that you don't believe the theory. If you really want to know something -- like one of those items in your list of questions -- why not start a thread dedicated to it? for example, a topic titled "What happened to Lee after the assassination?"
  7. Thanks Ron, very helpful to me. And Bart, I did some further reading in Anatomy... truly an amazing piece of work. In his interrogations, Oswald made no mention of going to the second floor after lunch . Only Mrs. Reid made that claim. But her testimony is nullified by the testimony Geneva Hine. Hine said that she alone had stayed in the second-floor office during the motorcade. She left for a short period of time immediate after the shooting to look out the east windows, then returned... knocking on a couple of locked office doors on her way back. She was the only one in the room when she arrived back in the second-floor office. For Mrs. Reid's story to be true, she had to have already been in the office when Hine returned. I am now satisfied that Mrs. Reid lied about seeing Oswald on the second floor after the shooting.
  8. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    Bernie, There have been occasions where David J. and Jim H. have told me that their opinion on something differs from John Armstrong's. I've also had some minor differences of opinion. But if I were asked right now to list all or most those differences , I couldn't do so. Because most of them are so minor that I don't keep them on my radar screen. It's the big picture that interests me right now. But there is one thing I do recall. John believes that the adult LEE was the same person as the boy LEE. I have a reason to believe that they were more likely not the same person. And/or there were multiple Oswalds after the defection. However, John understands the whole picture better than I ever will. So he's in a better position in making a determination regarding this. Because of that, you won't see me trying to convince others of my belief. Rather, I just keep my mind open to my belief as I study the surrounding story. That way if I should come across evidence that supports what I believe, I can run it by John to see what he thinks.
  9. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    Really Gene? This all goes both ways. The folks who post rebuttals to this theory have posted solid rebuttals .... Like what? I've seen some "opinion rebuttals" but can't think of any rebuttal that people would think of as being "solid." (Your post directly above this one is a good example of an "opinion rebuttal.") The topic of this thread is Oswald's attendance simultaneously at two schools, during the fall semester of 1953. What solid rebuttal is there for that?
  10. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    Talk about cool stories... we have one right here.
  11. "we're gonna do it",

    If the photographer were standing in the same position for both frames/photos, this gif would indeed show a major inconsistency. But I think the two shots were taken from different locations. Note the building on the south-east corner of Elm and Houston. Let's call that the Blocking Building. The color frame of this animated gif reveals those "three windows." But in the B&W frame they seem to disappear. What really happens is that the three windows shift to the right by several feet in the B&W, and the Blocking Building shifts to the left quite a bit, so far as to block the view of two of those "three windows." But you can still see the leftmost of the three windows... the bottom part of it is blocked by the traffic light. The person who took the B&W frame had to have been standing further south than the color photographer. This explains the shifting of the Blocking Building to the left. And since he was standing more to the south, he had to rotate his camera more toward the north to capture what we see down Elm Street. This explains the "three windows" shifting to the right. EDIT: And there had to have been a good deal of cropping and some scaling to line up objects in the two frames of the gif.
  12. When David J. quoted Mrs. Reid's WC testimony earlier in this thread, I believe his point for doing so was to show why it was necessary for the WC to change Baker's 3rd/4th floor encounter to the 2nd floor. Many of us now do not believe a 2nd floor encounter occurred. My own research led me to believe that, and I'm familiar with some of the ROKC research (like Bart's) that leads me to the same conclusion. But what of the Mrs. Reid testimony? Without her testimony, most the other testimony has Oswald buying a coke on the 2nd floor before the motorcade goes by, going down to the first floor, and eating lunch in the lunchroom there. Then hanging around there and going outside and standing near Bill Shelley, for a while, near the time the shooting took place. Around that time, some saw Oswald standing in or near a little storage room near the the front door. My question is, how does one explain Reid's testimony? Did Oswald go back up to the 2nd floor after the shooting took place? Stay there for a moment and then go back down? If so, for what reason? To get another coke? Or is this a case of yet one more employee lying to buttress the fabricated story of the 2nd floor encounter? Bart? David J.? Anybody else who doesn't believe a 2nd floor encounter occurred?
  13. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    And does anybody know if Garrison wrote about the two Oswalds in his books?
  14. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    This is amazing. I had no idea that Jim Garrison suspected there were two Oswalds, at least not as early as their Marine Corps service and defection. Jim H. or Jim D., do you know when the above was written?
  15. Judyth Vary Baker

    Do you simply believe Judyth, or do you have some objective documentation to support your opinion? Pamela, I don't believe most of what Judyth says and I pay no attention to her. I merely stated in my post that something seems possible to me. It seems possible because I know of nothing that precludes that possibility. But just because it seems possible doesn't mean that I actually believe it. As they say, anything is possible. Oh wait, there is one little thing. Wasn't Judyth able to show that she worked at Reilly Coffee Company? If that was indeed a CIA front, then that would be some indication that Judyth may have been a CIA asset.