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  1. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    This is really good news. Best of luck with it, Sandy!!! Here are four quick suggestions for your consideration …. Thanks Jim! I've made a note of you suggestions and will incorporate most of them.
  2. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    It is now narrowed down to FIVE months! LOL, it would have been pretty tough for Oswald to teach himself Russian while at Santa Ana. He arrived there in the middle of December 1958 and took his Russian test in February 1959. Which he passed. So Oswald was able to teach himself Russian in TWO MONTHS? In his spare time? Oh that's precious!
  3. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Tracy, I won't waste my time trying to convince people who have no interest in upsetting the status quo, or who are afraid of having their image or career tarnished, or who are the type who dismiss things without bothering to study the evidence. I have purchased the domain name JFKAssassinationFacts.com and plan to build a website designed to bring to the public's attention simple indisputable facts the rip apart the lies that are widely reported, taught, and believed about the assassination and Oswald. On the home page it will have something like a Top Ten List of facts making my point, each backed up by official government documents that the reader can evaluate for themselves. "JFK assassination facts" is a widely searched phrase. So I expect to get a lot of traffic from people who are curious about the assassination or who are writing a class paper on it.
  4. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Most likely he gave the reporters that name for unknown reasons. My stepdaughter calls herself "Tigra" but that is not her birth name. Well Tigra is obviously a nickname and Americans often do have a nickname. A typical nickname for Alexander D. would be Alex. But certainly it wouldn't be highly unusual for a person to choose an alternate nickname. For example, I could see him choosing Allen for a nickname... he may not like the name Alex for whatever reason. But what would be highly unusual is to have a nick-middle-initial. R. instead of D. Have you ever heard of anybody whose nickname included changing their middle initial. Regardless, I'll grant that people sometimes do odd things and this could be one such thing. But I'll also point out that that's the reason I always look at the overall picture rather than individual pieces when trying to make a judgement. In my opinion there are just too many oddities in Oswald's history to just wave it all away as innocent oddities.
  5. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    From page 682 of the WC Report.... --Jim Jim, I can't figure out what the point of your post is. Unless it is to show that the WC also used the Allen R. Felde name.
  6. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Tracy, In order to debunk somebody's theory, you need to prove that a necessary element of the theory is incorrect. What you have done in come up with an alternate theory. Which is fine, but it doesn't debunk any other theory. Let me ask you a question. How do you explain the fact that Felde's name in multiple USMC unit diaries was given as Alexander D. Felde, yet in two independent news articles and in his FBI statement his name was given as Allen R. Felde? This seems to be irreconcilable.
  7. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    David, Thanks for these links related to Oswald's boot camp platoon mate, Allen (or Alexander?) Felde. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz3jo6OY_godbnNwX0I1SHNjNHc Here is another related document, provided by Jim: Here is what I learn from these documents and Harvey & Lee: According to USMC Unit Diaries (e.g. #257-56 p. 1521), Oswald's platoon mate was Alexander D. Felde, USMC #1641924. This should be the correct name and serial number. In the February 21, 1964 issue of Life Magazine, an article on Oswald mentions a few things about Oswald's platoon mate, but refers to him as Allen Felde. It seems likely that either the article got the name wrong or the FBI did when reporting on the article. The FBI subsequently found the Marine Corp record of a man they thought to be this person, a Robert Allen Felde, USMC #1615775. But this turned out to be the wrong Felde... he denied ever knowing Oswald or anything about the Life Magazine article. So the Allen Felde lead was a wild goose chase, and we are back to the original Alexander D. Felde. Which should be the correct name, as I said earlier. Later it came to the attention of the FBI that an earlier article mentioning Felde had been published in the November 24, 1963 issue of the Milwaukee Journal. According to the FBI the name of the person in this article was Allen R. Felde. Note how close this wrong name is to the wrong name the FBI had from the Life Magazine article. It's like the FBI screwed up again. Or, perhaps more likely, the author of the Milwaukee Journal got the name wrong, and the error propagated to the Life Magazine article. Anyway, from this the FBI was able to find the correct Felde. They took his statement, in which Felde acknowledges being Oswald platoon mate. Problem is, the wrong name, Allen R. Felde, is given on this document! How can that be explained?? HYPOTHESIS Suppose the true name of this man is actually Allen R. Felde. After all, the Life Magazine and Milwaukee Journal articles both used that name. The FBI used that name. The only thing that uses Alexander D. are the Marine Corp records. My hypothesis is that the Marine Corp records ALSO used the correct name, Allen R. Felde... originally. However, the CIA / FBI realized it would be a disaster if WC critics and researchers ever found this guy. So they changed all the USMC records in the FBI's possession to show Alexander D. Felde instead of Allen R. Felde. A person who does not exist. There was nothing they could do about the two news articles that had already used the correct name. Plus they made a mistake by not changing the name on CE1962, which is Felde's statement. Whoever was given the task of switching names simply overlooked the statement. Are there any holes in my hypothesis?
  8. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Jim (or David), David Josephs wrote the following in this 2015 post: "The problem with FELDE is that for some reason his USMC SN# is used for both Alexander D and Allen R, per Tom's work." So apparently some "Tom" showed that both Alexander D. Felde and Allen R. Felde used the same USMC serial number. This pretty much guarantees the two were the same. Either that or one was the other's doppelganger. Do you know where Tom's work is? His information should be in John's book and Jim's website. If they were indeed the same person,I have a hard time believing that the USMC got the name wrong for such a long time. I'm inclined to believe there was some sort of intelligence activity going on. Either that or Felde was trying hide but nevertheless was found by the FBI.
  9. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Thanks Jim, especially for posting Allen Felde's affidavit. So far I have shown (with your help and John's book) that Oswald had at most seven months to learn Russian well enough to impress his date. (Specifically, from the time he left boot camp on January 18, 1957, till the time he set sail for Atsugi on August 22, 1957.) If we knew that Felde's affidavit and the unit diaries were real and not fabricated to hide Oswald's whereabouts (that being in intensive language training), we could subtract several months from that seven. But for now I will leave most that time alone. On May 2, 1957 Oswald traveled from Jacksonville, Florida to Biloxi, Mississippi in order to take a radar course. The course ended on June 17. I think we can remove this period of time because 1) surely Oswald needed to take the course given that he would later be involved in that kind of work in Japan; and 2) there were witnesses to Oswald attending the course (including Daniel Powers). Oswald was part of a group of six, and they were granted leave from June 20 to July 9. There were witnesses to Oswald taking two-week leaves around that time (Marguerite's neighbor, Lee M. McCracken), and so it's likely Oswald actually did take that leave. Therefore, Oswald had at most five months to learn Russian well enough to impress his date. (Specifically, from the time he left boot camp on January 18, 1957 till the time he set sail for Atsugi on August 22, 1957. Minus the time he spent at radar school and on leave, from May 1 till July 9.) Can we whittle off more?
  10. Tracking Oswald Part 5

    What Micah says here corroborates what I just said, which was: And I believe Micah is right about the chin necessarily resting on the chest. Because it would have to for the photo to show both the nipple and some of the posterior head. (I hadn't considered Micah's reasoning when I concluded that... that the photo doesn't show the neck.) (For the record, I wrote what I did prior to reading what Micah wrote.)
  11. Tracking Oswald Part 5

    Mike, I haven't devised my own interpretation of the photo. I'm lacking the necessary anatomical knowledge to make that judgement. Given that Dr. Mantik is a medical doctor with extensive experience with x-ray radiation and the physics thereof, I have adopted his interpretation. (n addition, I admire Dr. Mantik for his willingness to keep an open mind. Indeed, he has changed his position on certain topics as a result of others disagreeing with him.) Dr. Mantik says that the Mystery Photo was taken from the back of Kennedy's head. But when I read Dr. Mantik's description of its features, it seems to me that the camera was (in Mantik's view) really aimed approximately at the cowlick area.) So not a true posterior view. Lucky for me, Dr. Mantik's interpretation fits in well with my beliefs regarding the Harper fragment and a back-of-head blowout wound. I had formed my opinion prior to reading Dr. Mantik's views, and his views support mine.
  12. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    It may be easier to understand than that. For example, when LEE Harvey Oswald arrived in Atsugi, Japan in September 1957, he was soon befriended by a Marine named Zack Stout.... ....Atsugi, Japan was LEE Harvey Oswald’s home base until November 1958. During that period of over one year, he gave no indication whatsoever that he had any interest in the Russian language or culture. But the very next month, Lee HARVEY Oswald reported for duty at the Marine Air Facility at Santa Ana, California. One month after that, “Oswald” took and passed (although with a “poor” grade) a Russian language exam! Just a couple of months later, he spoke Russian for hours during his date with Rosaleen Quinn. Jim, I was hoping you'd chime in. You know Oswald's history like the back of your hand. And that will make the task I described easier to accomplish. I earlier determined that Oswald had at most 2 1/2 years (from October 1956 to the spring of 1959) to learn enough Russian to impress his date. (For the sake of this argument I'm assuming there was just one Oswald.) With your knowledge at hand we can cut away at that 2 1/2 years. You then showed how Oswald was in no way taking Russian classes for the ~year he was in Atsugi (from September 1957 to November 1958). After returning from Atsugi he took a 30-day leave (as recalled by Robert). He took the Russian test just a couple months later and then had his date a month or two after that. He surely could not have learned Russian in the three months prior to his date... and besides, it would not have made sense for him to take the test first and learn the language afterward! So really, there was no reasonable opportunity for Oswald to take Russian classes from the time he set sail for Atsugi and the time of his date. Therefore, Oswald had to have learned Russian at some point between his induction into the Marine Corp in October 1956, and when he set sail for Atsugi in August 1957. That is, Oswald had at most ten months to learn Russian well enough to impress his date by talking with her in Russian for a couple hours straight. Can we whittle away more from that ten months? Can we, for example, say that Oswald MUST have really gone through boot camp (even though he was a special Marine, one whose sole purpose was to defect to the USSR with some radar secrets in hand)? I'm pretty sure that Oswald could not have taken Russian classes instead of attending boot camp and gotten away with it. He wouldn't have known how to behave like a Marine, right? Oswald was in boot camp from October 1956 through the middle of January 1957. I see in Harvey & Lee that there is plenty of evidence showing this to be the case. So we can subtract three months from the ten and say that Oswald had at most seven months to learn Russian well enough to impress his date. Now, Oswald had a fellow Marine in boot camp by the name of Allen Felde who was interviewed by the FBI. According to him, he was also with Oswald through ITR training, A & P School in Jacksonville, and Aviation Electronics School in Memphis, TN. The question is, can we trust Felde's testimony? Or could he have been paid for and brought in by the FBI to cover up the fact that Oswald was in reality taking Russian classes during that period of time? I haven't been able to figure out a way around this. Other than, certainly Oswald must have received training to do the work he did in Japan. Maybe Jim Hargrove can think of something. But as it stands, we know that Oswald had at most seven months to learn Russian well enough to impress his date.
  13. Tracking Oswald Part 5

    Mike, If it's easy to figure out, then how is it Dr. Mantik got it wrong (according to your interpretation)?
  14. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Oswald entered the Marines in October 1956, and had his date with Rosaleen Quinn in the spring of 1959. So the longest Oswald could possibly have studied Russian (before impressing Quinn with his knowledge) was 2 1/2 years. But, of course, he would have had much less time than that given that his whereabouts and fellow Marines at certain times are known and his fellow Marines were interviewed. In his book, John Armstrong writes that he laid out Oswald's schedule on calendars, looking for periods of time where he could have been learning Russian. He found there was little available time. Problem is, he assumed that Oswald actually attended boot camp, etc. He didn't take into account the possibility that Oswald's activities were cover stories. Of course, people like Tracy Parnell would have to agree with Armstrong's assessment, given that they believe Oswald was a regular Marine private doing what regular Marine privates do. It seems that Tracy et. al. will have no reasonable way of explaining how Oswald could have learned his Russian so quickly in his spare time. For those of us who believe that Oswald was no regular private in the Marines, there might be some hope of explaining how Oswald was able to learn Russian so quickly. Unfortunately it is a difficult task for most of us because we'd have to look through all the evidence and determine the periods of time 's where Oswald's activities are unaccounted for, during which times he may have been taking classes.
  15. JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald Part 6

    ....and a good deal of sympathy for having to endure watching it. But seriously, I always appreciate the works of researchers who debunk the nonsense of others.