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  1. Roy Wieselquist

    Where is the exit?

    Great anatomy illustration, Sandy. How was the apex of the right lung bruised? I don't figure the bullet had to pass directly through the affected areas. All that bone and cartilage in that area has to push and pull with different forces. The pleural lining had to have been breached at sharp angles, creating who knows what auxiliary damage. About the back wound, why would Humes lie RE 1. shallowness of the wound, 2.the downward sloping track? 1.he never found the tear in the pleura. Remember the body was 8 to 12 hours cold, serious rigor mortis must have set in, and probably if prosector doesn't find the exact spot.,.. AND they were moving the skin all around which would further prevent finding that spot. 2 he didn't find ANY track, just took a WAG that followed along with what the generals and other poobahs told him. I've always wondered, if the wound was so shallow, how could he make a judgment about the direction? He wasn't lying. He was incapable of doing the job; the Keystone Kops could have done better. Also, there's that American military going-along-to-get-along that has driven this nation into the ground. PS to your PS: There's a compendium by a kid named Vince Palamara (doesn't look over 30 in his photo) titled JFK from Parkland to Bethesda. Page 86, a statement by Hugh Huggins (aka Howell), Marine and undercover CIA who claims to have been at both Parkland and Bethesda: "I distinctly saw an entry wound in the left temple...could not have been fired from the rear...exited the right side of the president's head..." He had it pretty right, IMO. PPPPPS: Are you any relation to Don "World Series Perfect Game" Larsen? I knew his brother Vic.
  2. Roy Wieselquist

    Blast shook San Antonio days before JFK assassination

    Vince, Good golly, this is quite a find, fills out the scenario of cataclysmic incompetence in the Lone Star Republic Nov. 1963. San Antonio, 11,13,63--eight days before JFK and LBJ were there on their big Texas swing, an EIGHTH of a million pounds of explosives in a special igloo go kerblooie. Towering mushroom cloud, windows break 30 miles away. Our fine military/weapons/complex "at work". Three grunts, two in the igloo when the chain reaction starts (starting with a "popping noise like a shotgun blast"), and one at the nearby "straddle-carrier" (is that fancy military talk for a "trailer-bed" or a "truck"?)-------ESCAPE UNHARMED. No doubt they adhered to the always practical Aristotelean philosophy of get-the-hell-out-of-there-ism. One felt that he was blown 50 yards by the blast, and that's because he was moving quickly in the right direction, going with the flow. No bigshots, no officers in sight helping with the dirty dangerous job, or at least overseeing it. What do they get the big bucks and shiny boffo uniforms for? But ain't that the 1963 Texas and US military way? Both together=double whammy. Three grunts, all alone, doing it all. It's a shame some bigshot like William KING Harvey wasn't there giving his expertise. Maybe he woulda pulled out his fancy shooting-iron and spooked that bomb into submission. And what if the mighty cigar-chomping Curtis LeMay had been there to boss around the operation like he did at the Bethesda autopsy? News reports say, "He must have vaporized. Nothing of The General's body was found. Except, perhaps, some of his fruit salad discovered a mile away by some boys playing hooky from school." The igloos are still visible from a highway. And a 25 foot deep, 60 foot wide crater. One of the survivors says of the igloos, "No telling what's in them." You betcha. Oh I wish there was record of some Kennedy bon mots about this one-more-time-again Texan stewardship of the nation's wealth (blood, sweat and tears). Like he did that same day in big bad Houston at the new space center (that he gave as a sop to Lyndon and those other back-shootin crooks), something like, "Never has there been such a payroll -- er, excuse me -- payload." Vince, PS: You are feeding us old dogs very well; some of us are getting fat
  3. Roy Wieselquist

    Where is the exit?

    Thanks, Sandy. I had never seen this before. And since Dr. McC didn't see the back wound, he has it high, probably relying on the data from the Bethesda abortion. Additionally, the right occipital "blowOUT" can be explained by a left temple entrance wound, as seen by SO many. Another shot from the South Knoll, most likely. The other head shot, IN over right ear, from the North (Grassy) Knoll was definitely a frangible. If not, why the "constellation" of lead/metal particles emanating from there?
  4. Roy Wieselquist

    Where is the exit?

    "Where is the exit?" (for the throat wound) From Cliff Varnell's excellent physical evidence, I have nearly perfected the answer to that question, 90-some % I would say. -- burn, nick on left side of necktie knot -- 5-6 mm puncture wound in lower third of throat, centrally located -- right side of trachea grazed at 3rd or 4th tracheal ring; trachea deviated to the left -- apex of right lung contused, making an upside-down pyramid -- transverse process of T1 deformed, a "stress-pull", not a direct hit but weakened by all tissues around it being pulled, I believe -- ABRASION COLLAR in lower part of back wound, between spine (T3 or 4 level) and shoulder blade. I believe this indicates that the shot-line was at an acute angle to this abrasion collar, the lower part of the wound. -- bullet holes in shirt and jacket about an inch right of center, and about six inches down from the top of the collars. The shirt and jacket were pulled at least an inch to the RIGHT, not up, by Kennedy's right arm motions. That's why the bullet-hole in the skin was a good two inches off center. SO that shot came from the front left (15 to 20 degrees WAG) and about 15 degrees above the horizontal, about where the railroad bridge meets the South Knoll. The shot was probably intended for the head, but the limo was slowing so much between the newly-painted stripes on the curb, that the shot didn't track right. Or possibly Sarti didn't see the roof support and the bullet nicked that. BTW, all the autopsy photos of the back, you can see they are scrunching the skin UP to make it look like the back wound is higher. The sketch by McClelland on page 16 of this topic has it right, positing the back wound as EXIT for the throat wound ENTRANCE. Thanks for that sketch, Sandy, Dr. Larsen.
  5. Roy Wieselquist

    LBJ & Nixon Meeting on 11/21/63?

    Much neglected, one of the greatest journalists of the 20th century, HELEN THOMAS, claims to have been at the Murchison's. There's so much independent corroboration for this get-together that it isn't funny. It happened. It's kind of like professional witness Seth Kantor seeing/hearing/touching/smelling (everything but tasting) Jack Ruby at Parkland. It happened. Johnson, Nixon, Hoover, et al. could get around with all the modern transportation at their disposal. LBJ left Carswell a few minutes after 11. (Ron Bulman, thanks so much for Dave Powers' annotated itinerary. He was so attentive to details as JFK's "get him there on time" man. I'd never seen this before, a precious document.) How hard was it for Johnson to be at some familiar place before midnight in his old stomping grounds? This is like the quibbles about Mac Wallace. His son says he saw him at supper in California ("after work" as he says Mac said from Joan Mellen), 6 pm, which is 8 Dallas time. This is 7 and a half hours after the gunfire in Dealey. How hard was it for Mac to get home by plane in that time? With all the planes flying around at the time, at the beck and call of our lord and master the Military-Fascist-Complex. See Robert Vinson, etc., etc. There's a disturbing trend in the research community. A Lone Nutter, or even not a Nutter, can make one microscopic quibble about the witnessing of one of a thousand other witnessings in one area, and throw out the whole area of research. PS This is not to say that LBJ and RMN met in Dallas for three hours during the afternoon of 11-21, a la Roger Stone. That would have been impossible. Sure, Nixon was in Dallas at the Pimpsi Convention with Joan "Mommie Dearest" Crawford, but Lyin, Murderin Lyndon was in San Antonio (birthplace of Joan "Mommie Dearest" Crawford) and Houston at that time. And by the way, add Ms. Crawford to the list of those who had foreknowledge of JFKA. And she murdered her last husband, Alfred Nu Steele. Circa 1963 Texas was the world's depository for human garbage. With all due respect.
  6. The Man Who Was Everywhere, Douglas Caddy, is about to be on Coast to Coast. Thanks for the heads-up, Doug.
  7. Roy Wieselquist

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    Posted January 20, 2005 Above is the second post of the earliest Ed Forum thread on the motorcade route. Ralph Yarborough to Jerry Bruno at their first meeting for the Texas trip: They (LBJ and Connally) would be "after [Texas argot for kill] Kennedy in a minute if they thought they could get away with it." In John Simkin's first post, Evelyn Lincoln remembers JFK saying to her after a John Connally visit, "He (JBC) sure seemed anxious for me to go to Texas." The President smelled a rat on the governor from the start. That's why he made sure Lyin' Lyndon's boy rode in the car with the President. Bruno, as White House advanceman, went to Texas twice when the Trade Mart luncheon in Dallas was nailed down, 10/29/63 and 11/6/63. When JBC and Bruno had a lunch meeting in Texas about the upcoming trip, and Bruno was still objecting about the Trade Mart, John Con had a hissy fit. He got up (right at the start of lunch!), stormed to the phone, "called the White House", and made a big production about chewing out Kenny O'Donnell on the other end. Then Gov. Connally came back to the flustered, dumbfounded Jerry Bruno and said it was all settled. Problem is, after the assassination, the White House denied the JBC phone call. Phony phone calls were a hallmark of the Texas Duo, LBJ and JBC. LBJ did the same thing on Air Force One when he said Bobby insisted he take the oath of office before leaving Love Field. Jim Phelps has it that the big Women's Building at the State Fairground was used by the big Pepsi bottlers convention that weekend. The one that Joan Crawford and Richard Nixon went to. It would be interesting to know when Pepsi reserved that venue. This thread would be better named, "Who chose..." or "Who demanded..." the Trade Mart, hence the fatal parade route. And that Who is obviously John Connally, who used every subterfuge until he got his way. And there can be no doubt that he was doing the bidding of his perfidious partner, LBJ. Happy birthday yesterday to our First Citizen, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. You're 101. Feeling good? Feeling spry?
  8. Roy Wieselquist

    Interesting CIA interview with a Cuban exile.

    Paul, No, the back of the head in this first Frank Cancellare photo (crop/blowup) is a photographer in the foreground, on the North (Grassy) Knoll. The Newmans are still on the ground in front and below him, and James Tague is still in his position on Main, below the TUP, all unseen in this small crop (courtesy of Ron Ecker from a while ago): http://www.ronaldecker.com/southknollfigure.jpg Here's the original: CANCELLARE_zpsiyhpkjh3.jpg You will probably have to blow it up some to see what I'm talking about. The second tall tree left of the TUP -- on its left is a light-colored pickup with darkened windows, and on the right side of that tree is Otto S., dubbed "Badgeman #2" by some wags. He's tiny in the original photo, but huge when compared to that pickup truck. From all the good evidence on this good thread, I now think Otto Skorzeny is the huge man seen walking down Main toward Dealey with packed rifle case; and that he ended up at the top of the South Knoll [way far in the background] for the shooting. With the French Corsicans. Brancato, Schwartz, Marverde, Varnell, Clark -- I'd love your opinions on the following: From this thread and "The Unspeakable" thread, it's inescapable that the supranational elements of the coup are a tight group who appeared to the world as having little or nothing to do with each other. They are the most fascistic leaders of the following: -- the CMC-Permindex-Vatican (especially)-P2 nexus -- OAS-NATO-Operation Gladio -- MOSSAD And Skorzeny is the Nazi glue that sticks them all together.
  9. Roy Wieselquist

    Interesting CIA interview with a Cuban exile.

    Paul B., A sort of epiphany/wild guess: --Before noon, a few witnesses saw a bear of a man (at least 6' 4", 275 pounds) strolling down Main Street with a full rifle case, heading toward Dealey Plaza. Someone on Ed Forum must be able to cite a source for this. Skorzeny was just such a bear, and with a very obvious scar on his face in an interrupted "C" shape, going from the right sideburn area, interrupted by the mouth, and on to the jawline. And remember, OS was only in his early 40s at this time, not too old. [WRONG!!! Skorzeny was 55 at the time. SORRY!!!] --Here's a cropped blow-up of the first Cancellare photo: http://www.ronaldecker.com/southknollfigure.jpg (I tried to get the actual pic here, but....dumb as a dog computer-wise) This is the second big tree left (south) of the TUP (railroad bridge). To the right of this tree's trunk is a very largish man, a bear of a man in dark-ish, uniform-looking clothing. For years, I've thought he's the rear guard for the South Knoll squad of assassins, so I assumed he's one of the French/Corsicans, Lucien Sarti or Jean Souetre or whoever was there. Now I think he's Otto Skorzeny. Because, from this thread, it's apparent that OS was quite familiar with the Corsicans and OAS types and their milieu.
  10. Roy Wieselquist

    New RFK Jr book gives big nod to research community

    Mike, thanks for the heads-up. Unfortunately, the Amazon blurb right at the top of the page makes the rookiest mistake of all-time re RFK, calling him R "Fitzgerald" K. Anyone familiar with the dude knows it's Robert Francis Kennedy. Rose and old Joe had their boy pegged to be a priest. Man, were they wrong.
  11. Roy Wieselquist

    Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    Michael Crane, Good topic, a good exercise. I agree with your shot estimate, "about 9 or more" -- which is shown by the physical evidence. IMO, we can nail down that 6 shots hit inside the limo. I'll deal with that first. Later, I'll deal with the shots that hit outside the limo, 3 at the very least; most likely 4 or 5. [ASIDE: It must be remembered that 1.) most of the 9-11 shots came from rifles with sound suppressors, 2.) supersonic "cracks" may have been heard by witnesses near the bullets' paths, 3.) the assassins tried to fire in volleys so that multiple shots could sound/look as one to witnesses -- the freshly-painted orange stripes on Elm Street's south curb (one at Jean Hill's feet) were meant to aide in these fusillades. These 3 factors caused witnesses in different places to hear different gunshot noises.] The 6 shots that hit inside the limo: 1.) on Pres. Kennedy, around Z190-200 (while JFK behind "Stemmons sign") -- from South Knoll, IN lower third of throat, graze rt side trachea, graze top rt lung, OUT back between spine (T4 or 5 level) and right shoulder blade. These wounds line up and point to SK about where the postal bldg. parking lot meets the south end of TUP. About 15 degrees up and 15 degrees to Kennedy's left. If the direction were reversed, the bullet would have had to originate from the Lincoln's trunk. 2.) on Gov. Connally, around Z220 -- from TSBD 6th floor, 2nd or 3rd window from SW corner, where Lee "the Wizard of" Oswald stationed himself. ~30 degrees vertical, 40 lateral to JBC at this point. IN back near rt armpit, along 5th rib, OUT under and left of rt nipple. Of those who were against JFKA, LO had infiltrated the plot more than anyone, better than Gary Underhill, Richard C. Nagell, Eugene Dinkins combined. And Ozzie was determined to make the TX governor pay SOMEthing for his treachery because he had to know that JBC was integral to the conspiracy. Besides, LO had his own list of previous beefs against John Con. Soon after The Big Event, EVERY adult who knew Lee well said something along the lines of, "I can see him shooting Gov. Connally, but Pres. Kennedy...?!" I believe a lot of Loy Factor's account in The Men on the Sixth Floor, esp. his lineup: LF in SW window, LO two windows east, and Mac Wallace in the SE window "sniper's nest," with Ruth Ann Martinez working the radio behind LO. 3.) on JBC, around 290 -- again from LO on 6th floor (much closer to the NW stairs than the SE "sniper nest"). IN top rt wrist (radius, a very hard bone, on the thumb side of wrist), out underside of wrist. The bullet had separated into at least 2 pieces, one going into his left thigh, the other putting a ding in the chrome plate for the ashtray that was on the back of the front seat. Much neglected, this is on p. 70 of Robert Groden's The Killing of a President. 5. and 4.) on JFK's head, very close together around 313 of the horribly mutilated Zap film, see George Sawtelle above. ONE came from the North Knoll (the Grassy), most likely some kind of frangible that left a constellation of particles on its path from IN over the rt ear to the cowlick area. OR A piece of the bullet may have gone out that crown/cowlick area, as Robert Harris believes, I believe. The OTHER head bullet around 313 came from pretty much the same direction as the first shot that hit inside the limo, most likely that SK sniper. IN LEFT temple (very much neglected, several witnesses) and OUT RIGHT occiput. BUT it is POSSIBLE, the more I look at it, that the extremely questionable Bill Greer could have made that shot when Kennedy's head was bent forward from Greer slowing the car down so much**. Didn't the Canadian Norman Similas, right there, hear the loudest boom at this point? Jackie was in shock after this, doesn't remember anything after this. The Connallys bounce around like flying squirrels at this point, spraying the yellow roses of TX all over the place. But it was probably from the South Knoll, this shot that went in left forehead/temple and out right occiput, exposing the cerebellum. And right as, or right before, the dumdum from NK. **At Parkland, Greer had the most colorful and specific observation, "His head looked like a hard-boiled egg with the top chopped (or sawed) off." Therefore, he saw it real good before Jackie and others tried to screw it back into place. 6.) chrome windshield trim, around Z330 or down in front of the steps. Ozzie's last attempt to make the murderers of democracy and decency pay something for their worse than Judas-and-Brutus-put-together perfidy. Remember his crummy MC shot high and to the right, so he was probably aiming at Greer at this point, esp. with JBC hugging the floor of the jumpseat area. You can tell this shot came from high and to the right by the direction of the dent into the hardest metal known (and used) at the time, Chrome. Very much neglected is the dent in the back of the rearview mirror. The dent in the chrome strip, the rearview mirror, and the crack in the windshield are all in a line, and point back to high up on the SW corner of TSBD, the perch of The Wizard of Ozziewaldskovich. Shots (possible) outside the limo (shot origins -- County Records, Dal-Tex, TSBD, NK): -- before Z133, when the limo was turning onto Elm; pockmarks in JFK's rt face; films burned up for several frames at this point a la Robert Harris; probably from Dal-Tex. (N.B.: the most obvious example of Z-film tampering, as if Zappie stopped filming just WHEN the Prez came into view, then STARTED filming AGAIN when he was about to go behind the later moved/phony Stemmons sign) -- front of limo, center of street -- at Jean Hill's feet, repeatedly asked about by SS and FBI -- Tague -- manhole cover -- Stemmons Freeway sign. Is anyone here an expert on when and why the sign was moved? The back of the one in Z is not the one there 11/22/63. Plenty of reasons why, but this post is running on........ George Sawtelle, Thanks for that nice summary/recap of the dictabelt spikes compared to the blurs of Z. It's helping me refine my picture of this part of the coup de 63.
  12. My desk computer went down last October.  It was too hard to type on my little ipad, so I only followed EF, and spottily.  My kids gave me this new desk rig, so I would be ready to add to the discussion, but the level has advanced beyond me by the looks of it.  Hats off, folks, to your great research.  Doug Caddy's findings from all over the info universe have especially educated and entertained.  Maybe I'll have something to contribute soon.

  13. Ian, Thanks for that. It figures someone would have asked Frazier about PM. You have the Kennedy wit: "Jack Dougherty is an interesting character TOO..." I'm still chuckling and I'll always remember how it's spelled. Funny thing is I've known several Doughertys who spelled it right. But with anything from the South, I figure they mangle it. "When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you." which is me... suffering from reverse psych projection. (BTW, everyone, it's WIEgman, not Weigman. I've seen it both ways so much, had to go and look it up and commit it to memory.) Looking at all the pics of Dougherty I could find, I'm convinced Prayer Man is JED. Unusually long arms, and proportionally narrow shoulders. And I have a ton of evidence previous to that.
  14. Dumb question to everyone, Will someone please ask Wesley Buell Frazier who Prayer Man is? (or has it already been done?) Buell was standing at the top of the steps at this time, right? He's been identified in Wiegman, Couch, and Darnell, right? In this amazing GIF above (BTW, where is Chris Davidson?), Billy Lovelady is going down the steps, and PM is straightening up or going up the steps. The right elbow in strong sunlight to PM's left is Buell Frazier's elbow, right? (or he's farther back in the shadow) In other photos, WBF is looking in PM's direction. If I had the computer skills of a five-year old, I would include those photos in this comment to make it more clear what I'm saying. Someone on Ed Forum must know Mr. Frazier or how to get in touch with him. It seems the last few years that he is amenable to queries. But most likely he has not seen these clarified photos. Which may jog his memory. I'm not very good at asking strangers questions out of nowhere. There must be a good way to go about it. If it were me talking to WBF, I would just jump in there with what I think, "Was that Jack Edwin Dougherty standing to your right in the shadow, with a coffee cup in his hands at the end of the parade?" And it should probably be an open-ended question. Many of the great investigators who have done the groundbreaking work on PM (hats off to you, really) really want him to be Lee Oswald, who, in my opinion, is a great hero who was twice assassinated. He tried to stop JFKA more than anyone, and was murdered for his efforts. First his body, then his character was assassinated. I believe the PM study has already borne great fruit, especially for me. If only for all the photo graphic evidence that has been compiled. But dig this, if PM is Jack Dougherty, it is massive, YOOOCH as Donnie Dumpster says. JED testified that he was near the 5th floor elevators when the shooting occurred. Though Williams, Jarman, and Norman didn't see him when they ran to that side, the west, then the north, side of the building. And JED didn't see or hear them. Because he wasn't there. JED was the mini-boss over Troy West and Eddie Piper who controlled the elevators for, they thought, Roy Truly and Ochus V. Campbell. Before that, up to 12:15, JED was a low man (with Piper) on the totem pole of a group of 4-6 that went through the 6th and 7th floors, clearing out potential witnesses. They only had to run off Bonnie Ray Williams, Jr. Loy Factor had it right about the end-result of this little part of the operation ----- Mac Wallace in the SE window, LF in the SW window, LHO one or two windows east of LF. It's a long story, too long to explain here. I've been drafting a letter to Bonnie Ray Williams III for about a year. His father passed away in the late 1990s. I believe BRW II left a lot of material behind, and his son BRW III may be amenable to the right searcher. If Jack Dougherty is PM, it is very big. Because of all the sort of negative clues that JED left behind with his contradictory, crazy testimony, it exonerates LHO from shooting Kennedy if JED was on the front landing where he said he was NOT. Negative Template. A ton of it. P.S. This doesn't look so clear to me now. Anyway, could someone PLEASE ask the living W. Buell Frazier who PRAYER MAN is?! He was right there. Edited for correct spelling of Jack Edwin Dougherty. It's not Daugherty. Thanks, Ian.
  15. Roy Wieselquist

    There Was No Bullet Wound in John F. Kennedy's Throat

    Above should have at the bottom : "Portion of JFK's tie showing hole through it." from R Prudhomme #262 Jan 24 (I don't know why the above didn't quote and have a heading. I had a helluva time doing all this.) Robert and all, This is a nick rather than a hole in the tie, right? I have a big favor to ask everyone. I am certain that I read, many years ago, in a primary source, that: "There was a nick in the lower left of the tie-knot." Can anyone help me out with a reference? If you rotate the above photo 90 degrees clockwise (as you did in the GIF that follows), as a tie goes horizontally around the knot, that would put the blood-stain (and burn mark I would argue), slightly on the back side of the knot. IF the nick were on the side. Small potatoes, that. I just wonder if this closeup photo of the tie on JFK was THAT morning, because it looks like the nick and stain(s) should be one vertical row of icons to JFK's left. Maybe he tightened his tie sometime after this pic was taken. That would pull it over some to his left. Again, small potatoes. Both the photos are great finds and resources, and the GIF is great. And this topic is great about clarifying the bullet wound that is, was, and always will be in JFK's throat. Cliff Varnell #757: Linda Willis testimony, "...first turned from waving,...grabbed his throat and kind of slumped forward." Nellie Connally: "It was just a frightening noise and it came from the right. (Trans: it passed by HER right. She didn't know the origin. I believe this shot, the first to hit inside the limo, came from the South Knoll, Over Greer's left ear, might have nicked the roof support, making "a frightening noise" [along with the sonic boom] and causing it to land lower than the gunman was sighting, into "lower anterior third" of JFK's neck, instead of his head. OR just because Greer was slowing so much, THAT could have made the bullet lower than intended.) Nellie (cont.): she turned right "and saw the President as he had both hands at his NECK." "no utterance, no cry" (She didn't hear him exclaim "My God, I'm hit" because the "frightening noise" briefly deafened her OR she was scared temporarily deaf OR she was l***g) Nellie finish: "...and he just sort of slumped down." Which corroborates Linda Willis and everyone else who saw him, including the heavily messed-with Zapruder film. Cliff Varnell #763 and 765 --Nurse Henchliffe is simply GREAT. Very simple, two obvious wounds: a small, clean puncture ENTRANCE wound in the throat and a blowout in the right back of the head. Dr Carrico concurs. Humes probably has one thing right, only because he had the time to study it closely, carefully. The nick on the right side of the trachea was between the 3rd and 4th tracheal rings. Not the 2nd and 3rd as the rushed Parkland doctors estimated. To CONCLUDE -- a high-velocity small-bore round from a muzzled rifle came from the South Knoll over Greer's left ear, Then MAYBE glanced off the underside of the roof support. And struck JFK in the neck (just above the collar bone), contused right lung apex, and exited the back between spine and scapula at T4 level.. Ripped holes in the shirt and coat, which evidence was not destroyed, miraculously. I know this sounds like one of those impossible basketball shots -- off the roof, onto the metal bed of a passing turnip truck, through the tree, and SWISH through the hoop -- but it's snot. James Gordon in the "Shallow" back wound topic (with ref. to Gary Murr) had a lot about the FBI tests for metal residue on the coat and shirt holes. They found a lot of metal there and none on the front clothing. Because the bullet was nearly pristine entering the throat and messed up and drastically slowed exiting the back. Therefore, the throat was the entrance and the back was the exit for that one missile from South Knoll.