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  1. Roy Wieselquist

    Family Picture

    Ron B., You called it. "Holding hands, the kids appearing to skip, he's smiling." So much going on there, so much vitality. Seven and a half days to go. Numerologically you know, John Fitz is a "lucky 7". Now it's my personal all-time favorite photo of the family too. Thanks for that.
  2. Roy Wieselquist


    The first Cancellare is one of the greats. I believe this one furnished by James Gordon is a bit cropped because in the original, James Tague is still in his spot on Main Street way off to the right, unseen here. Somewhere Ron Ecker proved to my satisfaction that this photo was snapped around a minute after the limo sped off. Tague and the Newmans are key to that. A minute and a half tops, nothing like three to five minutes as has been suggested. The best thing about this Frank Cancellare photo, as Ron Ecker pointed out a while ago, is a figure way off in the distance on the level of the railroad tracks, dubbed Badgeman 2 by some. Whether he's a policeman I don't know, but he is in a dark costume. Look at the second big tree to the left of the railroad bridge. To the right of that tree is the figure of a largish man, at least compared to the vehicles in the parking to his right. That man is framed by the trunk of the tree and the first large branch of the tree which is hanging down at more than a 45 degree angle. Another way to locate this man is using the big head of the photographer in the foreground as the center of a clock. If the hour-hand were coming off that head, "Badgeman 2" is at 11:30. I figure he was the rear-guard for the SK sniper team, not a gunman himself. The last Cancellare photo is a great one too. He took it from more in front of the fence of the North Knoll, Grassy. And shooting toward the reflecting pool on the east end of Dealey. You can see E Howard Hunt walking over JFK's grave on Elm, where the future white X would be placed. It looks like he's coming from the direction of the Postal Building.
  3. Roy Wieselquist


    Ron, It would be great if you could upload some of those pics from the South Knoll. A while ago, I believe it was Chris Davidson who put some pictures from SK that his brother took. Yes, Fiester broke new ground with her cones/ranges of possible shots from there. What I think she had wrong that a head shot went in right temple and out the back of the head. There WAS a left temple wound, seen by many, that she didn't know about. I believe it was that shot that blew out the right occiput, and it was from SK. And it was almost coincident with a softnosed/frangible bullet from behind the fence of the North "Grassy" Knoll. Which probably hit over the right ear or around the right temple at about a 45 degree angle, and didn't exit anywhere, except maybe a piece of the nose out the back crown, a la Bob Harris. Yes, undeniably back and to the left. A steel-jacketed, high-speed round from SK, say around 3600 feet/second, hitting softer bone doesn't impart as much momentum to the target as a softer round hitting harder bone. I remember somewhere Nellie Connelly said she heard a sharp noise before she looked back and saw the President moving his hands up. I believe that noise was either the supersonic crack or the bullet nicking the roof support, and that it went on to hit Kennedy in the neck and go out his right back at T3/T4 level. That was while he was behind the Stemmons sign from Zapruder's perspective. I believe the later shot from SK, around the extant 313, was excised from the Z-film. So, two shots from SK, one before Z-200 and another around Z-312.
  4. By the way, part of the original thesis of this topic, the "pre-arranged" part, is wrong, though it has borne much fruit. ADRENALINE is the worst, most powerful drug ever. The crooked police were hopped up on adrenaline. They panicked. How many times have you heard of crooks crashing their cars getting away from the scene of a crime? Or having a falling out and shooting each other? For sure many DPD were involved in Tippit's murder and the coverup. For my money, it was Roscoe White who was "the shooter," who got po'ed, panicked and did his comrade in. A LOT of corroboration for that. Westbrook and Croy at the scene, in the area, sure. Maybe that's why W M Croy had to be on the defensive line with Harrison, Arnett, and King Sunday 11/24---hiding Ruby before he lunged out and gut-shot that great American hero, Lee Harvey Oswald.
  5. Paul B., Ms. Kittrell at a previous meeting with the real LHO "had added additional work qualification codes to Oswald's employment records to increase the possibility of his finding work." And I bet those additional codes were for office jobs. Seems to me the LHO impersonator removed qualifications so that Ozzie would get fewer job offers, esp. for his desired office work. And the phony Teamster membership would do the same because there were fewer union jobs in Texas, and probably many employers saw "a union guy" as a negative rather than a plus. All in all cutting down on potential job offers. To keep the Wizard of Ozzie* right where they wanted him, at the TSBD. *The Wizard because he figured out the plot better than anyone, probably better than most of those IN the plot, due to compartmentalization.
  6. Jim Hargrove, Thank you so much for this Gaeton Fonzi interview of Laura Kittrell. Off the top of me hat, it seems obvious that the October 21 "Oswald" at TEC was Larry Crafard, Jack Ruby's new live-in "handyman" whom he picked up at the fairgrounds. Crafard, at a glance and from a distance, looked very similar to LHO. After 11/22/63, Ruth Paine was certain she was looking at a picture of Lee when in fact it was the drifter/carnival worker LC. And there can be no doubt that it was the loud obnoxious Crafard who took the high-speed test drive, having said he was Lee Oswald lately of the Soviet Union. It was probably LC getting in the Rambler station wagon that Roger Craig saw. It was most likely L C Crafard at the Tippit murder scene with the chunky fellow with the bushy hair. Also it was Crafard hustled out the back of the Texas Theater after Ozzie was hustled out the front, only to be let go soon. And then he was seen by mechanic T F White (who told Wes Wise) in a red Ford Falcon in the El Chico parking lot. With the license plate of J D Tippit's best friend, Carl Mather, on a car that was not CM's. The license plate was for Mather's blue 1957 Plymouth. J Edna Hoover himself knew of someone impersonating LHO 1960-61, and using his birth certificate!, inquiring about trucks to go to Cuba; he was probably Thomas Ely Davis. There were other Ozzie doubles, some intentionally, some probably by accident. Vagonov (Igor?) and Thomas Masen and others. But the Crafard impersonations October and November 1963 had to be for the nefarious purpose of setting up their ace in the hole, their patsy. That late-in-the-day appearance on Monday 10/21/63 was so crazy, obviously. (While LHO was at his new TSBD job, right?!) Removing job qualifications from his resume? Ozzie was always angling for a cushy office position -- when applying to TSBD, he made sure to include "filing, some typing," though he never did get very good at keyboard entry, quit the course he had recently tried his hand at. And Ozzie was never in the Teamsters, right? Those jokers, Ruby et al., didn't want the Wizard leaving TSBD for ANYTHING. LHO was always quiet, considerate, clean and neat, while Laverne Curtis Crafard was anything but. The fact that the War Con didn't want to hear from Laura Kittrell speaks volumes. Talk about "suspicious behavior," for the millionth time. While Ozzie and the rest of us can be convicted of suspicious behavior only about a hundred times a year. PS: It can be seen implicitly that I don't hold with the Harvey/Lee theory, but you guys from John Armstrong to Jim Hargrove to Sandy Larsen have been the most masterful enumerators of the many impersonations of that crazy beautiful diamond, my hero, Lee Harvey Ozzeewaldskovitchnikovsky.
  7. Doug, Once again, thanks for an excellent research article I never would have seen otherwise. That CIA-developed gun that shoots a poison dart that dissolves, I believe was used in a few assassinations of liberal, independent journalists and political leaders in the 1970s. Can't recall their names at present. One, I'm sure was in England just like good old Adlai. And in a very public place like AS shot down in Grosvenor Square. I believe it was the most famous bridge over the Thames. There can be no doubt about at least three of them; add the happy warrior Adlai Stevenson to that terrible list. I wish I could remember their names.
  8. Roy Wieselquist

    Seth Kantor and Jack Ruby

    Image result for oswald band Have y'all seen this? Three-man band: Leavelle on keyboards, Ozzie on lead vocals, Ruby on axe.
  9. Hi Roy, if you would like me to draw it up for you,  you can email  me a rough pencil sketch of what you meant about the DPD basement, I''l try to polish it up and send it back to you.







    1. Roy Wieselquist

      Roy Wieselquist


      Thanks a bunch, but if I could draw it in an email, then I could probably draw it in a post, with all the tools they give.  My level of tech literacy, it's bad.  Thanks so much,

      Roy    rwwiesel@gmail.com

      I don't even know if this message will reach you.

  10. Roy Wieselquist

    Seth Kantor and Jack Ruby

    Joe Bauer above is how I get the "Occam's Razor" (simple) explanation for Ruby getting in the basement at the right place. He definitely did not get in by the Main Street ramp, as the WARren COmmissioN says. And it's so doubtful as to be impossible what Curry conjectured, that he got in by the big double doors near the ramp -- BECAUSE there are other doors to go through that must have been guarded, AND stairs to go down. Ruby had less than four minutes to get in place. His Western Union money order was stamped 11:17, and he shot Ozzie at 11:21. Witnesses saw Jack Ruby turn left on Main when he left the WU office, heading toward the Main Street ramp of the DPD. No one saw him after that. All he had to do was take another quick left and go down the alley between WU and DPD, heading toward Commerce. And somewhere along in there, there must be a quick flight of stairs down to a lower level basement door that is security-locked from the outside; someone INSIDE must open it to let someone in from the outside. Is that where Blackie's cigar machine is? I can draw/see a picture of it clear as day, but I'm too technostupid to draw a diagram of it on this fancy compooter-mochine. Ruby had to be through that security-door by 11:20 in order to get in place behind Harrison, King, Arnett, and Croy (at least 30 seconds). And then there was at least a 30-second walk down the aisle, Jim Leavelle and what's-his-name escorting Smart Alek Oswaldskovitch to his doom. By the way, there is a hilarious altering of the famous Ruby-shooting-Oswald photo on the Church of the Subgenius website. It has Leavelle playing a double keyboard and Ruby playing a left-handed Stratocaster at that fatal moment. Which is more believable than the War Con interpretation of the moment.
  11. Roy Wieselquist

    The Cover Up Continues

    This topic is VERY JFKA-related. The news coverage of the Kavanaugh nomination and the Senate Judiciary Committee is perfect proof that we can no longer make simple distinctions, let alone fine distinctions. That we can be distracted by any shiny object. The sexual assault charges are a diversion. It is the snowball on the tip of the iceberg that sank the Titanic. The rest of the tip: his underage heavy drinking that pickled his privileged, arrogant little brain; and his gambling problem that caused him to go 200K into credit card debt. The rest of the iceberg: Kavanaugh is the most anti-labor and anti-consumer judicial nominee in our lifetime. His decisions in those two areas would curl your hair. Too long to go into here. Google K. anti-labor if you're interested. Also, he gives carte blanche to any agency, government or private, that seeks to wiretap. Any and all firearms have more rights and protections than a defenseless babe. Loves private prisons and white supremacists. His decisions are often reversed, indicating something seriously wrong. His buddy Kozinski was kicked off the bench, just as he should be. He's a flunky of the plutocratic and right-wing religion conspiracy. His decision for Hobby Lobby, exempting any corporation from including women's health ("birth control") on religious grounds, says a bunch. It's all too much. It could be the end of Amerikkka.
  12. Roy Wieselquist

    JFK's three meetings with General MacArthur

    Douglas, Thanks so much for this article sketching out the three long Kennedy-MacArthur conversations, with that third long conversation on pdf. I take the most enjoyment from Jack listening the vast majority of the time, which was rare from what I've seen. And DM actually being funny; he must have caught some of JFK's humor-bug. Noted in this article, though seldom noted in most Kennedy material: * his vigor and fitness. American historians (i. e., usually crappy) like to point out JFK's maladies, sometimes even saying he was some kind of dead man walking. The truth is golfing associations judge him to be the best presidential golfer, by far. His swimming prowess scared SS on duty because they had to try to keep up with him; not long after Marilyn Monroe was murdered by Mafia buddies of Frank Sinatra, Jack was out past the breakers in Hawaii*****, and the mighty SSAs didn't even try. Everyone over 40 has health issues, and JFK dealt with his amazingly, both with his doctors and his own physical activities. (No sex jokes please) * Army man MacArthur's stress on the Navy, especially the use of blockades (as in the Cuba Missile Crisis), as our greatest military strengths and tactics. Also, his wisdom that the US economy was the most important basis of both military and national strength. The USA went from world creditor to world debtor post-Kennedy. $22 Trillion national debt and sinking fast with the Orange Baboon's raising the annual deficit from around a half T under Obama to Duh Donalt's $1.5 T per year. (The poor plutocrats don't deserve to pay taxes, y'know.) * Southeast Asia -- wow. Kennedy seizing on DM's sizing of the situation. It is as if their perfect understanding of it predicted the future. Slacker fool Ike wanted invasions of Nam and Laos; he was the chief advisor for LBJ's apocalyptic failures there. I wish this article had noted that Pol Pot came to power in Cambodia because of US destabilizing of the region. When the North Vietnamese were finally freed up from fighting the American fascists, only then were they able to go next door and stomp the Khmer Rouge's *ss. Also, he could have mentioned that our bombing of the Pathet Lao in Laos 1964-1975 turned the most fertile farmland in the world, the Plain of Jars, into a moonscape. A high percentage of the (mostly Geneva illegal) bombs didn't detonate when they hit the ground; they've been going off for 50 years. Little New Zealand cleared many sites of massive unexploded ordnance 2004-2007. Rocky Obama pledged $90 Million for that purpose at the end of his term, first president to visit Laos. Doug, you say there are no Americans in public life today with the wisdom and charisma of MacArthur and Kennedy. How about, say, Bill Bradley, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Martin O'Malley? No, you're right. Close but no cigar. The two Douglases, Caddy and MacArthur, birds of a feather. You should be more public. *****NOT Hawaii, but Santa Monica at Peter Lawford's house, 8/19/62, two weeks after Ms. Monroe's murder. Many fully-dressed women jump in the water with JFK. At least 600 surround the scene to gawk at and touch the president. The previous day, FBI's Hoover's hotel, La Jolla, is robbed of $30K to $50K as he sleeps at his annual vacation there for the Del Mar racing season, heavily connected to Clint Murchison and American Mafia. Three days after JFK's big Pacific swim, 8/22/62, is one of the worst assassination attacks on Charles de Gaulle, near Petit-Clamart; 120-150 bullets are fired, and Mr and Mrs de Gaulle escape unharmed.
  13. Roy Wieselquist

    Seth Kantor and Jack Ruby

    This topic is bearing much fruit recently. To recap/summarize some points especially salient to me from Joe Bauer and Ron Bulman: * Jack Ruby's long friendship with William J. "Blackie" Harrison, delineating that relationship with great, often hilarious, examples * credentialed Seth Kantor couldn't get near that basement, while Ruby had carte blanche, sailed right in (BTW, I love Seth's first edition "Who Was Jack Ruby?", one of the first I devoured on this long journey) * cool, funny recollections by the strippers Rose Cheramie and the lesbian "Satan's Angel" (are you kidding?! This is just too symbolic, or something); important: the observation of Ruby as Jekyll and Hyde, though it's important to remember when Ruby became violent, there was no danger to Ruby; he was the consummate coward * Most Important: the cigar (and cigarette?) vending machine at the door for the backentrance to the basement on Commerce Street, a convenient excuse for "Blackie" Y'all have nailed how Ruby got in the basement, pure and simple. If you want to go the extra mile, I guess you could make a map. Some forum members may not know this: The WARren COmmissioN Report features Blackie Harrison as the very last line of the REAL text. Page 813, at end of Appendix XVII "Polygraph Examination of Jack Ruby," before the (joke of an) "Interpretation of the Test," before the footnotes, index and "A Historical Afterword" by Confederate apologist Bruce Catton (which is the very end of the volume I have) ------------------------- Q. Did "Blackie" Hanson speak to you just before you shot Oswald? A. No. Of course, there was no Blackie HANSON. The name does not appear in the index. Harrison, William J. appears only once in the index, for page 224. Where it tells the police JR was standing behind before he darted through to shoot The Wizard of Ozzie. They are Harrison, Glen King, C. O. Arnett, and W. M. Croy. So Jack Ruby DID NOT LIE, obfuscate, derail, meander, or go cray-cray this one time. He didn't speak to Blackie HANSON. PS to Ron Bulman: I saw in some post on this forum that you posted on JFK Facts with the name Ronnie Wayne. (I posted there as Roy W. Kornbluth, in homage to the Shakespeare of the 20th century, C. (Cyril) M. Kornbluth.) I should have known Bulman and Wayne were one and the same because you have the same voracious reading of the literature AND excellent big-picture comprehension of it WITH a good bit (not too much) of well- grounded passion. So I am in your debt twice, bigly. I can't express..... "FREE THE FILES!" right? PPS to Joe Bauer, Micah Mileto and all the other brethren and sistren true amateurs (love and passion) like me for the resolution of this. We will end this Dark Age. Of course with the help of "standing on the shoulders of giants" like Palamara, Lane, Meagher, Thompson, Marrs, Weisberg, DiEugenio, Caddy, Lifton, McBride, et al.
  14. Roy Wieselquist

    Blast shook San Antonio days before JFK assassination

    Since I referred to JFK's humor in Houston that same day that he was in San Antone, 11-21-63, I ran across a youtube from Vince Palamara with that e (2) JFK's humor, Houston, 11/21/63- Kennedy Detail- Clint Hill+ - YouTube xact excerpt. Here's an attempt at a transcript: "Next month, when the United States of America fires the largest booster in the history of the world into space, and for the first time gives us the lead --- fires the largest payroll -- uh, payLOAD -- into space, giving us the lead -- It WILL be the largest payROLL, too. (extended laughter and applause from those greedy, grasping, incompetent ************) "And, uh, who should know that better than Houston? (crinkly grin amid short, somewhat embarrassed laughter) -- 'n' let's put a little bit of it right in here. (pats breast pocket, meaning donations for the 1964 campaign) "But in any case, the United States next month will have a leadership in space which it wouldn't have...(unintelligible)" By the way, the articles given by Vince and Steve above say the resulting crater outside San Antonio was (and still is?) 25 feet deep, 60 feet in diameter. By the photo with men (5'-6' tall) standing at the rim, that crater is at least 50' deep and over 100' in diameter. Those military Texans can't even make a simple measurement. Kennedy gave in to Lyndon and the other Texans SO much, gave them everything they wanted. But still, it wasn't good enough. They still hated him with a murderous passion. Why?
  15. Roy Wieselquist

    Blast shook San Antonio days before JFK assassination

    Does anyone remember reports of a car parked along Stemmons that was loaded with explosives? I think near Cobb Stadium (atop which a rifleman was spotted BTW). This car-bomb was a last-ditch weapon in case Kennedy left Dealey Plaza alive, supposedly. Speculation: What if the explosives for this car came from the storage facility outside Alamo City above. And when they cadged the bomb from Medina Base, they had to move materials around, and that was the cause of the igloo and the two "Straddle-carriers" going boom. Possible?