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  1. My desk computer went down last October.  It was too hard to type on my little ipad, so I only followed EF, and spottily.  My kids gave me this new desk rig, so I would be ready to add to the discussion, but the level has advanced beyond me by the looks of it.  Hats off, folks, to your great research.  Doug Caddy's findings from all over the info universe have especially educated and entertained.  Maybe I'll have something to contribute soon.

  2. Ian, Thanks for that. It figures someone would have asked Frazier about PM. You have the Kennedy wit: "Jack Dougherty is an interesting character TOO..." I'm still chuckling and I'll always remember how it's spelled. Funny thing is I've known several Doughertys who spelled it right. But with anything from the South, I figure they mangle it. "When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you." which is me... suffering from reverse psych projection. (BTW, everyone, it's WIEgman, not Weigman. I've seen it both ways so much, had to go and look it up and commit it to memory.) Looking at all the pics of Dougherty I could find, I'm convinced Prayer Man is JED. Unusually long arms, and proportionally narrow shoulders. And I have a ton of evidence previous to that.
  3. Dumb question to everyone, Will someone please ask Wesley Buell Frazier who Prayer Man is? (or has it already been done?) Buell was standing at the top of the steps at this time, right? He's been identified in Wiegman, Couch, and Darnell, right? In this amazing GIF above (BTW, where is Chris Davidson?), Billy Lovelady is going down the steps, and PM is straightening up or going up the steps. The right elbow in strong sunlight to PM's left is Buell Frazier's elbow, right? (or he's farther back in the shadow) In other photos, WBF is looking in PM's direction. If I had the computer skills of a five-year old, I would include those photos in this comment to make it more clear what I'm saying. Someone on Ed Forum must know Mr. Frazier or how to get in touch with him. It seems the last few years that he is amenable to queries. But most likely he has not seen these clarified photos. Which may jog his memory. I'm not very good at asking strangers questions out of nowhere. There must be a good way to go about it. If it were me talking to WBF, I would just jump in there with what I think, "Was that Jack Edwin Dougherty standing to your right in the shadow, with a coffee cup in his hands at the end of the parade?" And it should probably be an open-ended question. Many of the great investigators who have done the groundbreaking work on PM (hats off to you, really) really want him to be Lee Oswald, who, in my opinion, is a great hero who was twice assassinated. He tried to stop JFKA more than anyone, and was murdered for his efforts. First his body, then his character was assassinated. I believe the PM study has already borne great fruit, especially for me. If only for all the photo graphic evidence that has been compiled. But dig this, if PM is Jack Dougherty, it is massive, YOOOCH as Donnie Dumpster says. JED testified that he was near the 5th floor elevators when the shooting occurred. Though Williams, Jarman, and Norman didn't see him when they ran to that side, the west, then the north, side of the building. And JED didn't see or hear them. Because he wasn't there. JED was the mini-boss over Troy West and Eddie Piper who controlled the elevators for, they thought, Roy Truly and Ochus V. Campbell. Before that, up to 12:15, JED was a low man (with Piper) on the totem pole of a group of 4-6 that went through the 6th and 7th floors, clearing out potential witnesses. They only had to run off Bonnie Ray Williams, Jr. Loy Factor had it right about the end-result of this little part of the operation ----- Mac Wallace in the SE window, LF in the SW window, LHO one or two windows east of LF. It's a long story, too long to explain here. I've been drafting a letter to Bonnie Ray Williams III for about a year. His father passed away in the late 1990s. I believe BRW II left a lot of material behind, and his son BRW III may be amenable to the right searcher. If Jack Dougherty is PM, it is very big. Because of all the sort of negative clues that JED left behind with his contradictory, crazy testimony, it exonerates LHO from shooting Kennedy if JED was on the front landing where he said he was NOT. Negative Template. A ton of it. P.S. This doesn't look so clear to me now. Anyway, could someone PLEASE ask the living W. Buell Frazier who PRAYER MAN is?! He was right there. Edited for correct spelling of Jack Edwin Dougherty. It's not Daugherty. Thanks, Ian.
  4. Roy Wieselquist

    There Was No Bullet Wound in John F. Kennedy's Throat

    Above should have at the bottom : "Portion of JFK's tie showing hole through it." from R Prudhomme #262 Jan 24 (I don't know why the above didn't quote and have a heading. I had a helluva time doing all this.) Robert and all, This is a nick rather than a hole in the tie, right? I have a big favor to ask everyone. I am certain that I read, many years ago, in a primary source, that: "There was a nick in the lower left of the tie-knot." Can anyone help me out with a reference? If you rotate the above photo 90 degrees clockwise (as you did in the GIF that follows), as a tie goes horizontally around the knot, that would put the blood-stain (and burn mark I would argue), slightly on the back side of the knot. IF the nick were on the side. Small potatoes, that. I just wonder if this closeup photo of the tie on JFK was THAT morning, because it looks like the nick and stain(s) should be one vertical row of icons to JFK's left. Maybe he tightened his tie sometime after this pic was taken. That would pull it over some to his left. Again, small potatoes. Both the photos are great finds and resources, and the GIF is great. And this topic is great about clarifying the bullet wound that is, was, and always will be in JFK's throat. Cliff Varnell #757: Linda Willis testimony, "...first turned from waving,...grabbed his throat and kind of slumped forward." Nellie Connally: "It was just a frightening noise and it came from the right. (Trans: it passed by HER right. She didn't know the origin. I believe this shot, the first to hit inside the limo, came from the South Knoll, Over Greer's left ear, might have nicked the roof support, making "a frightening noise" [along with the sonic boom] and causing it to land lower than the gunman was sighting, into "lower anterior third" of JFK's neck, instead of his head. OR just because Greer was slowing so much, THAT could have made the bullet lower than intended.) Nellie (cont.): she turned right "and saw the President as he had both hands at his NECK." "no utterance, no cry" (She didn't hear him exclaim "My God, I'm hit" because the "frightening noise" briefly deafened her OR she was scared temporarily deaf OR she was l***g) Nellie finish: "...and he just sort of slumped down." Which corroborates Linda Willis and everyone else who saw him, including the heavily messed-with Zapruder film. Cliff Varnell #763 and 765 --Nurse Henchliffe is simply GREAT. Very simple, two obvious wounds: a small, clean puncture ENTRANCE wound in the throat and a blowout in the right back of the head. Dr Carrico concurs. Humes probably has one thing right, only because he had the time to study it closely, carefully. The nick on the right side of the trachea was between the 3rd and 4th tracheal rings. Not the 2nd and 3rd as the rushed Parkland doctors estimated. To CONCLUDE -- a high-velocity small-bore round from a muzzled rifle came from the South Knoll over Greer's left ear, Then MAYBE glanced off the underside of the roof support. And struck JFK in the neck (just above the collar bone), contused right lung apex, and exited the back between spine and scapula at T4 level.. Ripped holes in the shirt and coat, which evidence was not destroyed, miraculously. I know this sounds like one of those impossible basketball shots -- off the roof, onto the metal bed of a passing turnip truck, through the tree, and SWISH through the hoop -- but it's snot. James Gordon in the "Shallow" back wound topic (with ref. to Gary Murr) had a lot about the FBI tests for metal residue on the coat and shirt holes. They found a lot of metal there and none on the front clothing. Because the bullet was nearly pristine entering the throat and messed up and drastically slowed exiting the back. Therefore, the throat was the entrance and the back was the exit for that one missile from South Knoll.
  5. Very interesting -- Ed Haslam found out that Ozzie was in New Orleans the day before and the day after he was in Oak Ridge, TN 7,25,63. That's when he signed the registry at the Atomic Museum "Lee Oswald, USSR" and gave his address as "Dallas Rd., Dallas, Texas." Of course there is no Dallas Road in Big D. Haslam is certain that LHO had to fly there because of how long it took to drive to NE Tennessee back in the day, 14-16 hours each way. Further, EH thinks LHO must have flown there and back on a CIA bird. And EH thinks Ozzie and crew were most likely transporting guns and/or military ordnance, probably stolen or at least illicit. Oswald was a busy fellow around that time: 7,19,1963 -- quit or was fired from Reily Coffee then raids on Lake Pontchartrain anti-Castro training camps 7,25,63 -- quick trip to Knoxville area (leaves cryptic message?) final raid on L. P. training camps very soon handing out leaflets in front of N. O. Trade Mart. Lee thought he needed Cuban back-up for such a potentially dangerous task, so he got his good bud Rafael Cruz (yup, dad of Ted). Oz waited for TV cameras to show up before leafletting. Whole thing couldn't be much more manufactured sounding, ey? I was looking around the web for LHO connections to Atomic Energy Commission and ran across essays by Jim Phelps. It sounds reasonable what he deduced: that there was to be a Dallas leg of the Texas trip was pinned down as early as June 5 and that Oak Ridge knew by July 26 (the day after LHO and CIA and co. was there) that JFK's D-date was to be 11,22,1963. Jim Phelps also thinks that an old Jack Ruby pal, Ray Tucker - then at Oak Ridge, was a leader in JFKA. And that Israel got their nuke material from stolen Oak Ridge stockpiles. _______________ There was so much more in that Ed Haslam interview. Maybe I can put it on here soon and see if anyone sees any meat on dem bones. I got a lot out of Dr. Mary's Monkey, though much of it SEEMS preposterous, like a sci-fi horror movie. But that's a trait of the 1960's assassinations, the full enormity of them are really too horrible for most Americans "to wrap their head around."
  6. Roy Wieselquist

    Review of Joan Mellen's new book on LBJ

    James, Thanks so much for that informative reply, really. I'm seeing, more and more, how many experts in the field believe that LBJ was NOT a prime mover. I had no idea. I guess I ASSumed that it's so obvious. No serious researcher thinks he had NO idea it was coming, but I am so surprised by how many seem to think LBJ was just along for the ride. Not me. And that's not only from McClellan and Nelson. Don't forget Zirbel, the first to lay it out. I love me some Craig Zirbel. By the way, James Douglass doesn't go into LBJ's part because that's not the purview of The Unspeakable. That's about the REASONS for the coup. JFK signed his death warrant at least 20 times, 20 different ways. The LBJ-did-it books are more about the HOW, as opposed to the WHY. That's all I can reply to now. In all the articles and posts I've been reading about the LBJ part in 11-22 these last few days, only one mentions the great Craig Zirbel. That was the CTKA article by Vasakas, Coogan, and Dragoo that you linked early in this topic. The best about CZ's The Texas Connection (I haven't read his latest yet; didn't know about it until going through all this) is his beautiful explication and enumeration of Right-Hand Man Aided assassinations through history. That's one of the keys to LBJ's part in JFKA. It just could not have happened without at least LBJ's okay. But now you have me thinking that's all it is, was. Nawwww. Back to reality. You know and I know that filthy devil Lyndon Baines Johnson was pushing for the murder as much as anybody, though there sure were (and are) plenty of those anybodies. Mastermind is an oxymoron in LBJ's case. But Prime Mover is not. What does your gut, informed by countless pieces of evidence, tell you? Come on, admit it. You and Joan Mellen, and I'm seeing many of the other greats, suffer from a minor affliction -- don't conclude until you can nail the bastard to a cross in a tough court. There is such a thing as too high standards. Moderation in all things.
  7. Roy Wieselquist

    Review of Joan Mellen's new book on LBJ

    James, Thanks for taking it easy on me with the five million. Your intuition is correct that I am busy. My book, due around the year 2030, is behind schedule. (conservative figures) - 3,060,000 needless war dead in Southeast Asia - 500,000 " " " " Indonesia (the rottenest genocide in history) - 500,000 " " " " Congo, Mid East, Brazil (+ Caribbean, Latin American in general) a wild guesstimate +_______1 multi-trillion debt that never was or will be paid; US from world's creditor to world's debtor 4,060,001 How did all these massive massacres happen after Kennedy? LBJ had to pay the pipers, and that's what it cost. From the Nelson Rockefeller-John McCloy-Allen Dulles-Claire Booth Luce-H L Hunt types to the mechanics pumping out Bell helicopters. They had LBJ over enough barrels to fill a distillery. They didn't have to send him a telegram that said, "Give us what we want so you can continue doing what you want, whatever the inferno that is." And they all wanted pretty much the same thing, robbing and killing the workingman for fun and profit. Less than half of November 22 -- 1 How much trouble for LBJ to sleep on AF2 from Houston to Ft. Worth, and be fresh as a daisy for a midnight rendezvous at Murchison's? Still he had some dark bags under his hooded eyes that day. 1 The argument over the seating for the parade, as beautifully excused in the CTKA article by Vazakas, Coogan, and Dragoo, linked in your comment #43. [Anything worked on by Phil Dragoo could not possibly be any more efficient, organized, colorful, clear. Talk about economy of language! And V V and S C are no slouches. It's easy to see why that article is so highly rated.] BUTTTTTTTTTTT -- what circular logic, what ad hoc ergo propter hoc! Mrs. Yarborough is not even invited to dinner at the Governor's Mansion, and Connally seats Ralph, senior U. S. Senator from Texas, at the children's table. But "the feud", RY (only Southern Senator to vote for every post WW2 civil rights bill) vs. JBC and LBJ is a false equality. When RY was p.o.ed at the Malevolent Duo, he had plenty of good reason. Vice versa, mysterious motives and ulterior motives. You bet because RY could smell a rat, and the Prince and King Rat knew it. IMHO, not only did JBC and LBJ know it was highly dangerous to be in X-100, they knew about this wild card on the loose named Lee Harvey Oswald. Who had been befriended by "fellow-traveler" Mac Wallace, who had his own set of beefs against John Con. (Both had been student union president at UT years apart, but oh how different their success rate had been after college.) 1 Look at John Con's face and demeanor that morning. That's one scared Texan. He doesn't know whether to faint, scream or load his diaper. 1 Textbook example of "excited utterance" (blurted in a scary situation before someone has time to think and couch his reaction) -- John Con screaming, "Oh no no no, THEY are going to KILL us ALLLLLLL!" Jackie was always amazed at the inordinate volume and suddenness of this. 1 Can anyone deny that LBJ owned JBC, had him on a leash? Same JBC who demanded the route and destination, used idiotic subterfuges (found out later, but excused again) to get his (LBJ's) way. 1 Nellie Connally hunkering down in the car right before they hit the Kill Zone. Nothing like LBJ but still... 1 Nellie repeatedly telling JBC, "Hush." She knew he could accidentally let the cat out of the bag. She was a piece of work herself, hard-hearted progeny of bushwhacker stock. She'd had the head of her eldest child Kathleen (an almighty Southern woman!) half blown off by a shotgun. In Florida, sort of opposite analogous to the de Mohrenschildt assassination. And teenaged Kathleen Connally's white-trash husband got away with it, in true Southern white-trash, dirt-bag fashion. So poor, multi-suffering Nellie Connally had no sympathy for anyone else. (Probably not even her husband who stole so hard for her, went to prison in the early 1980s owing an eighth of a BILLION dollars) "They" had taken her slaves, her right as a superior Southern woman. And "they" had taken her first-born daughter. Jim D., let me tell you a secret -- they're all white trash. It may be getting somewhat better (but it's probably too late), but the American South in general, and Texas in particular, and Dallas in most particular, is the world's depository of murderous, work-allergic, back-shooting human offal. Okay, Jim, you got me for now. This is harder than I thought. That's only 4,060,008 pieces of evidence that LBJ was Prime Mover in JFKA. A couple more so I can round it up to 4,060,010: Johnson on AF-One. Why didn't he take his own plane that had all his stuff on it? (Answer: He wanted to keep an eye on "the enemy" who had been so good to him, though not good enough for Texas Pure D White Trash.) Last of all for now, the wink from cancerous Albert "Winky" Thomas. This is not an exhaustive list. Far from it. A good exercise, it's making me think.
  8. Roy Wieselquist

    Galbraith vs Pearlstein on JFK and Vietnam

    Vis a vis Southeast Asia now: President Obama, during his 9-day tour of Asia, visited LAOS, the only U.S. president to do so. While there he promised $90 Million toward cleaning up the unexploded ordnance (UXO) that litters the landscape and lurks just barely beneath the surface. Over 40 years ago we dropped 2 million tons of bombs on Laos, about a quarter of the SE Asia total. We had the Plain of Jars, the world's most fertile farmland, looking like the surface of the moon for a while there. In the time between Election 1960 and Inauguration, Ike pushed hardest for troops into Laos. Jack said, "What the ___? He had eight years to invade Laos and he didn't do it. Why now? Why me?" If only he'd seen it the same way about the bum's rush to the Bay of Pigs... Estimates put those killed by these bombs going off by a farmer's plow or by a brush-clearing fire at at least 20,000 and as many as 50,000. The number of those permanently injured were at least 3 times the killed. What yaks me is that there has been practically nothing about this in electronic or print media. If you blinked you missed it. And I can find practically nothing on the web about it, the particulars that is. Obama is the political twin of Kennedy. It's no coincidence that Caroline Kennedy is Ambassador to Japan right now, when BHO was over there. Thank goodness for BHO AND JFK. Grousers who point out the specks in their eyes (BHO - Libya, drones; JFK - Bay of Pigs, MIC extravagance) should remember --1) You have to play with the hand you're dealt; 2) Only God is perfect. With species homo sapiens, you have to judge a leader's success COMPARED to others in similar situations, and especially the Trends before and after. (Edited 9-20-16 for amount promised by BHO -- $90 Million -- first full sentence)
  9. Roy Wieselquist

    Review of Joan Mellen's new book on LBJ

    Doug, You are a treasure of current important stuff. Thanks so much for that interview of Joan Mellen by Len Osanic, maybe the most knowledgeable interviewer today. Why is it that non-American English-speakers (Canucks, Brits, Aussies) seem to have the best big picture take on Americans? Early in the interview JM mentions that Robert Caro does not mention either Malcolm Wallace or Billy Sol Estes in his LBJ series; neither appears in any of the indexes. So who walks up to Caro after a talk on his last book-tour and asks him about Mac Wallace? Doug Caddy, who gives RC his card and welcomes him to contact him. Nearly needless to say, DC never heard from RC, and probably still hasn't, right, Doug? Did I get this right -- that Caro claims never to have heard of Mac Wallace?!?! Ms. Mellen, honest to a fault, admits that she had never heard (or had forgotten) about USS Liberty and the Israeli terrorist attack upon it in early June 1967 during the Six Days War. (Curiously that is a year to the day before RFK assassination.) And that she was told (or reminded) about the Liberty by arch anti-LBJ researcher Robert Morrow. And she went all out researching the Liberty atrocity and is writing a book about it. And Osanic knew so much big stuff about it, off the cuff. Most important to me, he reminded me that it was a Russian trawler in the area that saved Liberty, just by being there, hence witness if the Israeli military kept hitting it with torpedoes, napalm and machine gun fire. Funny to note: Liberty's captain refused the Russians' offer of aid. They waited quite a while to be rescued by the pokey Americans. Russia has come to the aid of America's better angels many times in our short history. Something I don't get: That Joan Mellen doesn't think that Lyin' Lyndon was ALL OVER the assassination. Because JM discounts Madeleine Brown, that seems to be end of it for JM. But what about the other ten million pieces of evidence that point at LBJ? Both circumstantial and physical. It's beyond me. This is a problem in JFKA research. If one lone author thinks he/she can't take it to a jury and PROVE beyond an unreasonable doubt... I read the book review suggested by James DiEugenio, Joseph Green's "A Texan Takes a Look at Nelson," which is uniformly against the thesis of LBJ as Mastermind of JFKA. Okay, how about Prime Mover, as suggested by an administrator at Deep Politics Forum? And as I've been suggesting for years. Was anyone pushing for the coup more than Lyndon? I don't understand how Mellen, knowing how rotten to the core was LBJ and all the circumstances IN the robber baron state of Texas.... LBJ trying to change the seat arrangements at the last minute, etc. ad infinitum. Mellen knows well how FEARED was LBJ and his criminal machine. That's a large part of the interview. She does have something I've never seen or heard before: that 11-22-63 Mac Wallace was definitely in California at his job with Ling Electronics. I'll have to check it out, courtroom style.
  10. Roy Wieselquist

    Review of Joan Mellen's new book on LBJ

    (Above quote is from Jim DiE, #8 of this topic) Most highly esteemed Jim DiEugenio-san, (I tried to put this in my previous post, but...computer skills of a monkey, etc...prevented me) Please, I'm dying to know, what about Phillip E. Nelson's masterpiece, Mastermind, bugs you. There must be, literally, a million pieces of info in there. It's a completely different animal from Jim Douglass' Unspeakable. PEN's opus is wonderfully sourced, and the scope of it, there's nothing like it. Unspeakable is more about the big picture, a whole different purview and subject. Jim D paragraph 1: LBJ not behind Marshall death?! HM investigating Billie Sol Estes, one of LBJ's many crooks and lackeys, etc. etc. LBJ scared to death that his criminal house of cards might be about to catch a breeze, etc, etc. I mean it just goes on. Does ANYone doubt...... Jim D. Paragraph 2: LBJ ducking down before the shooting starts. First, this is one tiny detail that, if wrong, is the size of a gnat on the planet Jupiter for reason to impeach the entire work. Two, EVERYone says LBJ was playing that farce "listening to Youngblood's radio" right there at the end. LBJ WAS hunkering down. So what if for one snapshot (what, 1/40th of a second?) if LBJ was merely out of frame or blocked, as Groden showed? I sure wouldn't want you to take much time answering my question, which may be a dumb one. (I don't see how you do what you do on all the forums, books, conferences, etc. Man, i mean it knocks me out.) Just a link to a review or something. From anybody is fine with me. Ever since I've seen the JFKA computer community of researchers, I have never understood why Nelson seems to get such short shrift. I suspect that maybe it's because he says so much, that there are so many targets to aim at for "errors," something I see a lot of in the community. In case you can't tell, I admire and appreciate both DiEugenio and Nelson more than my poor vocab can say. But it's like Nelson and Douglass, comparing lobster and chocolate eclairs. They're both delicious. And so is the hard-shell crab, DiEugenio.
  11. Roy Wieselquist

    Review of Joan Mellen's new book on LBJ

    To all, The Nathan Darby analysis of the previously unmatched left pinkie print on a box in "the sniper nest" is NOT the end-all and be-all of Mac Wallace: 1.) being LBJ's go-to murderer-for-hire, OR 2.) being in AND around TSBD when the American Republic went the way of the dodo. 1.) The 8 murders for LBJ is a minimal number. When MW walked away from the Kinzer murder, he was in Johnson-Connally's pocket. In this thread, someone grudgingly admits "Yeah, Henry Marshall was probably not suicide." Ya think?! Shot himself five times with a bolt-action rifle, now that's perseverance! Bruised his head so badly like he'd been hit with a baseball bat, tough dude to be able to do that to himself! AND he had all the signs of car exhaust poisoning, the Mac Wallace special treatment. And then a couple of you said, OK it was probably murder, but how do we know it was good ol' MW? Just one tidbit about the case -- the next day, MW went back to the same store where he'd asked for directions to the HENRY MARSHALL FARM the day before, and told the guy, "Hey, y'know, I didn't really need directions to the HENRY MARSHALL FARM yesterday cuz I didn't go out there." How's that for cool? Puts a neon sign on his head. More than likely, the store-owner would've forgotten what MW looked like if he didn't go back to the SAME PLACE the NEXT DAY. 2.) At least five people saw Mac Wallace or his twin brother in and around TSBD acting suspiciously. Corpulent, balding dark hair, horn-rim glasses, tweedy jacket. Richard Carr from across Dealey, then within a block of TSBD when he walked over to check things out. A couple prisoners in the County Jail looked right at him on the sixth floor. A lady in the street saw him. A couple police saw him out the back of TSBD posing as one of the many phony SSAs.
  12. Doug, Thanks for that brief video from Michael Parenti, under 7 minutes. MP always has good humor. The laughter in the audience sounds like an old Mort Sahl show. That old timey Italian Harlem incredulity. I credit Parenti with giving me a sort of Rosetta Stone to the assassinations of the 1960s. Five or six years ago, I saw him on C-Span talking about his book The Assassination of Julius Caesar. My degree is in Classical Greek(how's that for practical?) and I wanted a break from JFKA (which bug bit me hard summer of 2005), so I ran out and got it. Manna from heaven. Turns out that Caesar was for the people to an incredible degree, which is dangerous for such a leader AND such a people. It may be a flaw in the entire human species since the formation of states that the wealthy of the right-wing never has any problem finding desperate toadies who are capable of any deed, in transliterated Greek, panourgoi. Before Julius there was the much-neglected Ephialtes in Athens. After the Persian Wars, when the common man was more than key and he knew it, they elected more and more progressive archons. Mid 5th century BCE and they had the greatest of them all, Ephialtes, heir to the best heritage of the likes of Solon a century earlier. So of course he was assassinated in a fog-of-crime type confusion where no one was ever tried. I say it was the followers of Pericles, much like LBJ. Athens went downhill immediately. Perpetual wars (the Peloponnesian), rampant disease (The Plague, much like our America being alone in the developed world without universal health care), and back-breaking debt. I don't think Parenti ever says it explicitly, but Julius Caesar, for his time, was a carbon-copy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. They both evolved their whole lives, always for the better. That's why both were so hated by the oligarchs, who could make claims that they were betrayed because their chief "changed" on them (boo-hoo), hence "betrayed" them. Caesar's policies toward debt especially earned him hatred from the fortunate. So he had to go the way of the Gracchi brothers. There are a ton of Michael Parenti lectures on video. I'm rediscovering him. Thanks, Doug.
  13. Roy Wieselquist

    The John F. Kennedy Quiz

    Ramon, I'll take a stab at this. I see problems with 3 questions, which I wouldn't necessarily call "wrong." #19: How many children did Jack and Jackie have? The answer "4" is not offered, perhaps because the stillborn Arabella is not considered a child. Though it would have been nice if Ms. Dove had noted this in her explanation for the answer. #23: "35th President" -- an idiotic pet peeve of mine -- JFK's PRESIDENCY was the 35th, but he was the 34th President, unless Grover Cleveland was two men. GC is called the 22nd and 24th presidentS because he served two non-consecutive terms. #25: (something like) "What country did we invade 3/15/61?" The only correct answer, The Bay of Pigs, is not a country of course. This is the only question that I see that is phrased wrongly, oddly. I'd like to declare the body of water behind my house, Troublesome Creek, a sovereign nation, but the neighbors already think I'm strange. Will you please give your answer about which question is wrong, and SOON? It's bugging me.
  14. Roy Wieselquist

    Galbraith vs Pearlstein on JFK and Vietnam

    James D, Thanks for that The Nation article by James K. Galbraith. I've seen a lot by the younger Galbraith, but this one is great for its brevity AND its countering the garden-variety "liberal" consensus about JFK and Vietnam, here as put forth by Rick Perlstein. (RP's Nixonland is very decent, though wordy, can be used as a doorstop.) Nam is the thing that drives me craziest about JFKA. Vietnam before and after 1964 is like day and night. I was only in fourth grade 11-22-63, but I had big ears. Listened to adults' conversation, read the newspapers. The word Vietnam was never mentioned. 1965, first mention of Da Nang, where our first combat troops were sent. Summer '64, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution abortion. Then, end of 1965, VN was all over the place. That execrable song "Ballad of the Green Beret(s)" was shoved down our throat, even in my sixth grade classroom. It was mass hysteria-hypnosis-psychosis. An Apocalypse that ushered in The New Dark Age. Just a few facts: -- We dropped 2-3 times more bombs on SE Asia than the entire world did in WW2, something like 8 million tons, including Geneva Convention-illegal anti-personnel devices out the wazoo. JFK didn't drop a one. -- We murdered around 2 million SE Asians, mostly farmers, women and children. When we napalmed/white phosphorused villages, usually 3/4 of the burn victims were women and children. USA! USA! -- Of the nearly 60,000 GIs killed, 61% were not yet 20 years old, not old enough to buy a beer today. Not one combat death under Kennedy; there were only about 100 adviser/adventurers who mostly killed each other treating military ordnance and equipment like toys, vision of things to come. Average combat KIA in WW2 was something like 27 years old. -- There were a hundred My Lais, it was the rule, not the exception. Not one like it under Kennedy. -- The war resulted in fragging - the most desperate measure of all desperate measures. The underground paper GI Says offered a $10K cash ($50K today) bounty for Weldon Honeycutt, commander at Hamburger Hill. Officers walked around on base with bodyguards. Truth about the thousands of frags and frag threats is suppressed to this day. -- Bombs are still going off in Laos and Cambodia. None of them were put there by Kennedy. John Kennedy refused to be bum-rushed into military conflict EVERY TIME. Historians who contend that "Oh well, we'll never know what he would have done in Vietnam" are perfect proof of what has happened to America. Day is night, and up is down. By that kind of thinking, we'll never know if Gandhi would have turned to animal mutilation in his 80th year, and Jesus Christ and the Apostles would have turned to robbing old ladies had He lived. We'll never know according to America's coprocephalic historians. (Edited 9/12/16 for error in 2nd P -- year of Tonkin was wrong. Boy ol' LBJ got the war machine going fast!)