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  1. Roy Wieselquist

    Prayer Man

    Andrej: It has been about a year since you proved to my satisfaction that PM is 5' 9" IF he is effectively standing on the first tread down from the landing. Within a quarter inch either way. Therefore if he's effectively standing on the second tread from the top, he's almost 6' 4", that extra riser adding almost 7" to his real height. You figured out sometime fairly recently that the risers varied between 6 3/4" and 6 7/8" if I remember right. Just call it 7" because of course Aristotle said, "Round numbers are best." I'll always be grateful for all your work on this. SO --- PM is at most 6' 4", maybe closer to 6' 3". If PM is Jack Dougherty, it opens many cans of worms. From the plotters' perspectives, the smelliest can to keep a lid on is this, IMO: if JED's many, many movements were to become known, it would be obvious that he was operating under the direction of others. No way would he have been floating all over AND keeping an eye on the elevators that were minutely controlled, ALL on his OWN. Those others giving JED his Big Event assignments DID NOT want to be known. If any of them are still living, they DO NOT want to be known. They told Jack, IMHO, "Keep it simple. That way you won't mess up." But he still messed up.
  2. Cabal/Coup Logians, Two big things: One, several hours ago, it was announced that President Trump is giving a public address today at 3 PM. There's a lot on The Donald's plate with the shutdown and all, but I think it's possible he will slip in something about this world petition to Congress to re-investigate the assassinations of the 1960s. He needs something different right now, if only to divert some attention from self-inflicted misery. And he may want to beat John Simkin et al. to the punch, so to speak. Two, I got an idea somewhere on the web while I was surfing looking for early news about the petition. Somehow I got the idea that many regular people are calling their local newspapers and TV/radio informing them that this petition is about to break. Something along the lines of, "Ah, I don't know if you guys are aware of this, mighta got buried in all the same-old, but there's this historic statement/petition being put out today, I think out of England, and it's signed by all these leading scientists, authors, journalists, musicians (is McCartney on there?), and other artists. I think big actors. You know anything about it?" I am going to call my local paper later today. Three, the brilliant timing of this statement, releasing the statement late Saturday. In the States, the Sunday newspapers and Sunday morning political shows will have this info right on time. It'll be fresh. AND it's MLK Day Monday, it is now MLK weekend. I know it's right there at the start of this topic, but what perfect timing, ey?
  3. Ron B., Thanks for that. As Kitty Kelley said in many interviews about her sinatra book, he raised big bucks for all Presidents. That's what made him untouchable in this land of lazy, easy-buck, dollar-worshiping politics. The presidents were beholden to him. Sinatra sued Kelley in 1983 over the book. No dice. Hah! Sometimes the system works.
  4. John Simkin: "You too will have a chance to add your name to this powerful statement." David Talbot: "... to this historic petition." Dumb question: Where does one add one's name to this petition? I tell you, the fever is ready to break for this disease that has robbed the blood, sweat, and tears of my generation, The Boomers. Pretty much all the perps have died, esp. with GHW Bush biting the dust. Even David Rockefeller, recipient of about seven live human heart transplants, is gone at age 104. BUT it's important that this be done fairly soon (at least get the ball rolling), while those of us who were sapient by the end of 1963 are still alive. We saw the changes up close and personal. We are both the litmus test and the beneficiary for this whole mess being admitted. For Pete's sake, we already know 99,000 of the 100K pieces of the puzzle that is the coup d'etat of the 1960s, Democracy Terrorized. And the other thousand pieces are coming in clear. IMHO what is needed is a committee of various experts to nail it down. Many of the great works have been done like that, the King James Version of the Bible, most of the plays of Shakespeare, the compilation of the New Testament, and the greatest effort of all: the Athenian Society's translation of Aristophanes. All these committees were anonymous, or at least tried to stay anonymous. Lots of problems averted that way. P.S. To those of you who say, "Yeah, well, the War Con was a committee and you see what a crappy job they did." ---- It was a very purposeful crappy job. They couldn't have peddled that garbage any "better" than they did. It's "masterful".
  5. Roy Wieselquist

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    They are the SIXTH floor remains of the lunch of Bonnie Ray Williams, Jr. (later BRW II after he had his son BRW III). I believe BRW II was RUN OUT of the sixth floor by the people-sweepers who set up Ozzie, Loy Factor, and Mac Wallace in their perches. A man as neat and clean as BRW II, who makes and brings a healthy lunch to work every day, does not leave his half-eaten repast strewn all over a filthy construction site. He left post-haste due to orders from an "authority figure".
  6. Roy Wieselquist

    Prayer Man

    Andrej and Bart, Wow, you're knocking me out with all these good trials from the Darnell and Wiegman stills and films. Just even that you guys are considering my propositions.... I especially like Bart's end of the film above that shows all the movement. OK, to brass tacks. Andrej, in your first anime (correct name?) above, PM is too straight up, too forward from the wall. In the second anime, the angle of shade is not enough, just judging from the shadows at that time in the photos. What we call the South wall of TSBD is actually canted a little to the east, WAG 10 to 15 degrees. And the time was a little after Real Noon, so the sun had (barely) passed the S meridian. So I think the angle of shade off the masonry of that entrance on PM's right side was a good 16 to 20 degrees. Andrej, you note the giant forearm of PM. YES. It shows a man over six feet. One thing about Jack Dougherty is that he had proportionally narrow shoulders from the rest of his frame. This can be seen in his early teen pictures, even more so as he aged. I figure it was poor diet (probably ate a family-size bag of chips for many a meal), genetics and a lack of physical activity. It's striking, esp. when you compare him to the broad-shouldered Wes Frazier, who didn't have an ounce of fat on him at that time. I think PM's proportionally narrow shoulders have led researchers to assume he's a smaller man than he really is. I tell you guys, LG Zambanini's collection of JED photos tells a story. There's one that is especially painful to me. Jack is standing in FRONT of his fifth grade mates (he had probably been kept back at least one grade), and he's twice as tall as some of them. Why the photog didn't get this giant to stand in the back and not block several of the class, ouch, it hurts. And you can see he has grown freakishly tall recently; you can feel the growing pains. You notice in all the PM pics, Frazier is the smart one. His face is shaded so he can see well, and his body is in the sun, keeping warm and collecting all that good vitamin D. Wes was a working man, knew about being outside. JED not a working man, but he'd seen enough of it to shade himself with the available sun-blockers. Only his right arm and coffee cup stick out into the sun at times. One more thing -- from looking at all the pictures of PM, it seems to me he is sort of "sagging" back against some support. I believe his right calf at least is leaning against that solid block that bookends the steps. That makes someone look shorter, when he's leaning and sagging, not holding himself up by his own posture, as Wes Frazier is obviously doing, though it looks like WF leans forward sometimes into the top of the handrail in the center of the steps.
  7. Roy Wieselquist

    Prayer Man

    Andrej, Yes, definitely, I think Dougherty had his right foot two risers down from the top of the steps. And his left foot was one step up, one riser from the landing. I barely understand all your excellent math/science workings of the Darnell, Wiegman,etc. photos that catch our buddy Prayer Man. (BTW, he's holding a coffee cup with both hands, it's that's simple, which gave him the excellent appellation, PM.) JED was famous for walking around with a drink, unlike the working stiffs he kept an eye on for Bill Shelley; he was BS's second pair of eyes. As I say, I barely understand how you bring out different aspects of the PM photos, and your geometric...what? But I sure do get a lot out of the results. You, C. Davidson, D. Josephs same thing. I try to get a big-picture idea from looking at the different treatments you give...I guess I can't explain it. Just, please, keep doing what you're doing. I'm not a math/sci dummy, anything but. But I AM a tech dummy, missed the boat on that. "Too late in life" is my excuse. Like, it's too hard to learn another language after a point. JED, Oz, Eddie Piper, and Troy West are the only TSBD employees who weren't with others who could corroborate their stories. All but Ozzie had their "jobs" for the presidential visit. Per Bill Shelley's orders, probably from Ochus V. Campbell, thus from H. L. Hunt and the oil boys. Dougherty, Piper, West had no idea they were helping the plot beforehand. I bet they were scared witless after the fact. But then their Bossmen assured them and told them, "Just don't say anything, and you'll be all right." JED had the mind of a child. There's a lot I can report about that. When the War Con asked him if he'd gone out of the country while he was in the service, he joyously boasted, "Yes, Sir!" in good Army butt-kissing parlance. "Where did you go?" Answer: "I went to INDIANA!" he cried with the utmost pride. It was all the COmmisioNerS could do to keep from busting out laughing. Then again, his family (with whom he lived his entire life) planted Texas chauvinism in his stunted, hormonally-starved brain. (His beard never came fully in, just like the crazy giant "Lewis" Powell who was in on the assassination of Abe Lincoln's administration.) He actually believed Texas was a sovereign nation in chorus with those around him. There's plenty more, but time prevents... I tell you, Andrej, the Coup Logian research community is advancing at warp speed. On nearly every front, but time prevents the exposition of secondary matters.
  8. Roy Wieselquist

    Prayer Man

    Linda Giovanna Zambanini has an excellent collection of JED photos titled, something like, "The Elusive Jack Dougherty, Elusive No More." I'd link it here if I had the computer skills of a five-year old. Anyone familiar with JED knows he was a huge man, about 6' 3" or 4" and heavy. So okay, how does that square with the world's leading expert on PM photos, Andrej Stancak (AS), figuring PM is around Ozzie's height, about 5' 9"? Huh, how? Because of one small simple axiom in AS's figuring. Andrej figures PM is effectively one step down on the stairs. But I say he's effectively two steps, which takes another 7" off his apparent height compared to Wes Frazier. So PM is a little taller than the tall, 6' 2" Frazier. JED learned how to goldbrick and lean in the Army. It has never been determined why he left early under strange circumstances. Anyway, PM (JED) not only has his left (top) foot on the first step (not the landing), and his right foot on the second step, he is also leaning back against that solid block of masonry on both sides of the steps. There are other pictures like the one above that show this, but again...no skills. Also, one can see PM's size by how big his torso is compared to the tall WF. PM's is bigger, and that's not only because his shirt is untucked. PM is a big man. JED was a big man, and he was Bill Shelley's straw boss/second in command/rat fink snitch keeping an eye on the working help. "Beats workin'" -- JED's motto all his life. He got there an hour earlier every day to check on the hourly as they arrived, maybe crowd the doorway a little and sniff the odd less-than-perfect slave who was suspected of early whiskey or reefer. Ron Bulman well noted above how WF has been hot and cold willing to discuss the PM issue. I believe you are right, Ron, that he is even now afraid for his beautiful family. I thought it strange that WF cancelled at the last minute for the big Dallas conference this year. I believe so many of the puzzle pieces are clarifying that he was told "Say nothing," especially about PM. Back to JED. Everyone who sees any of his testimony sees that it's all over the place. And that was always with a handler, usually his DPD uncle right there! Just one small piece of absurdia: JED said he was by the fifth floor elevators when the shooting went down; he was actually there shortly BEFORE the shooting, keeping an eye on those elevators and the three hourly help diagonally across the floor in the SE corner. BECAUSE JED did not see or hear Bonnie Ray and friends bat *ss to the west side of the floor and they did not see or hear him. Because JED was not there. There's a ton more about Dougherty, named Jack at birth not John. Too much to go into here. This is running on. One more little gift for you goodly CLs: JED was telling the simple truth when he said Ozzie didn't carry his "curtain rods" (gangster talk for rods that mean curtains to the recipient) INTO THE BUILDING. Oz had the bossman's informer, JED, figured out the first day he worked there. All the Wizard had to do was stick his package in one of the many stacks of pallets on the way to the loading dock. Funny thing about a stack of pallets, you can only see what may be in a pallet if it's at eye level. (I know because I worked at a huge warehouse and we hid all kinds of things in those pallets) I figure one of the Greatest Heroes of the 20th century, no, of all history, the Wizard of Ozzeewaldskovitchnikovskyev, stashed his curtain rod (MC 6.5 mm piece of barely good enough crap) low in one of those pallet piles, easy to retrieve later. The thing that the Powers That Be hate more than anything else is fragging and any discussion or any knowledge of fragging. In Vietnam, fragging was epidemic before it was over. Congress never allowed even any DISCUSSION of the phenomenon. Don't wanna give the grunts/slaves any ideas. Hoover and many others at the top HAD to know the Wiz popped Johnny Con two good times, once through the back and once through the wrist. And they didn't want that knowledge getting out. Which was another bonus of keeping the WARren COmmissioN real simple, simple as the geocentric universe, so the deaf dumb blind mute of those among us can say the "tragedy" obeyed Occam's Razor. PM not being Ozzie, yet being JED, speaks volumes about the scope of the plot. The elevators, phones, and electricity were controlled in TSBD, and JED was a low man on that totem pole. Wes Frazier must have at least figured out some of the problems with the official whitewash.
  9. Roy Wieselquist

    Number of shots

    Robert, Too perfect. How many shots do you HEAR, David? That's one of the PHONY effects of firing in fusillades. Which was a big part of the plan all along. Any number of shots will sound like ONE to the EARwitnesses. And that doesn't even get into muffled shots. But if someone SAYS he didn't HEAR a shot, that means it didn't exist, right? Because another David, Hume, ..... Even though there's all kinds of OTHER physical evidence known by the senses. Next time Von Pein brings up how many shots witnesses SAID they HEARD, here are a few alternative rejoinders: -- David, how many shots did they DREAM they SAW? -- DVP, how many shots did they THINK they SMELLED? -- Herr Von Pein, how many shots did they FEEL they TASTED? -- Monsieur VP, how many shots did they GUESS they FELT? When there's so much physical evidence for all kinds of shots, yeah, let's divert from that with a phony ONE aspect. These folks, all happy at a parade, the last thing they ever expected... but that's the only admissible evidence?! No, that's such a minor part of the evidence that it is almost not evidence.
  10. Roy Wieselquist

    Number of shots

    Da. Oui. Ja. Si.
  11. Roy Wieselquist

    Number of shots

    Above from R Card was in response to R Pope asking, "Were the shots that hit Connally meant for JFK?" (I don't know how to double-quote.) NO, the two shots that hit JBC were not mistakes. It would take me too long to explain it fully, but in brief: -- Ozzie the Wiz had figured out the plot. AND he hated JBC with the most purple of passions, for many reasons. I believe it was Rich Pope who noted that page 17 of LO's address book had the four men he hated the most, and at the head of that list, with a red dagger with blood dripping off it, was JBC. Incidentally, that page went missing, just like the Harper fragment, the Hosty note, and over 100 other pieces of material evidence. Which doubly shows how much the Kennedy-haters feared it. AND he knew JBC had to be crucial to the plot. Which just poured more gasoline on Ozzie's fire. -- Mac Wallace, LBJ's personal murderer-for-hire, and Oz became quick friends not long before the coup. With Loy Factor in tow, MW found out Oz was wise to the plot, and said to him, "We can foil it from the very building that you have found yourself employed in." Ozzie, dubious, said, "Uh, OK." These may not be exact quotations. -- SO, by 12:30, ensconced on the sixth floor: MW in the far southeast window ("sniper's nest"), LF in the far southwest window, and the Wiz most likely two windows east of LF. Ozzie sees, early, that the fascist basta*ds are gonna pull it off, but he's ready with his fallback plan: pop Johnny Con. The Carcano shot high and to the right, explaining JBC's wounds. BTW, the ding in the chrome ashtray that hangs on the back of the front seat is highly neglected. You can tell by the angle of JBC's wounds that the two shots came from the western end of TSBD, not the east end. Ozzie's third shot hit the chrome around the windshield, broke in two, and one piece dinged the front side of the rearview mirror and cracked the windshield itself. The pieces found in the front compartment of the limo came from the Carcano, and they didn't have blood or flesh on them. That was the only true bullet evidence that made it to the end. There's more, a lot more, but you guys figure it out. Neither of the shots that hit JBC was a mistake. None of the three shots that hit JFK, two from front left and one from front right, was a mistake. Well, that first shot that hit him in the throat (and out the back) from South Knoll was intended for the head, but...you know, the plans of mice and men often go awry. So, again, six shots hit in the limo and at least three missed the limo, for a total of at least NINE shots.
  12. Roy Wieselquist

    Number of shots

    So true, Rich. Thanks for catching that. It was Moses's experience in the second book of the OT, Exodus 3: 1-12. The same lines are referred to IN Isaiah and Psalms. I kind of have a special beef with Isaiah, that Screaming Mimi, who has "the lion laying down with the lamb" and all that impossible garbahj. I think it preps the sheeple to be easy pickings. But that's neither here nor there. It's just the only excuse I can think of at the moment. One of my best friends, a Texan, a Lubbocker, studies religion and history as the key to everything. Once he found out a few basic facts about JFKA like the blowout in the back of the head, the throat entry shot etc., he thought it was boring to go much further. "Obvious coup d'etat, like so many others in history," he says. "The rest is just getting bogged down in the weeds." BTW, this is neither here nor there either, but Texas (as we fondly call him when we want to get his goat a little) turned me on to this guy named Josephus. Circa 70 CE, he was the Roman Jew, a favorite of the court, who led the committee that put together the New Testament out of all the disparate early Christian writings. There was most likely no one historical Jesus; there were many that came out of the Jewish revolts, starting around 40 BCE after the assassinations of the Gracchi brothers and Julius Caesar. That's when Rome became an unbearable tyrant. Then, around 70 CE the good emperors Vespasian, Trajan, et al. came forth from the people and ushered in a new Golden Age. Right about the same time the New Testament was compiled in Koine Greek, the universal language at the time. What's my point? The Gracchi brothers and Julius were carbon copies of the Kennedys and King (they were4 the people), and when they were assassinated, it led to bedlam, chaos. IMHO we are still waiting for the movement that elevates the new Vespasian and Trajan. This may sound off, weird, but sometimes I feel like calling Chris Davidson and David Josephs, Josephus. Cool, yet colorful, and above the fray. So sue me, someone, anyone.
  13. Roy Wieselquist

    Marilyn and the Mob

    Douglas, Another great find. You must have an army of scouts looking for gold to pass on to you. And then you pass the pure nuggets to us. We're lucky to have you here. The Mob, led by Frankie Snot (showbiz name "Sinatra"), had done most of "the job" of assassinating Marilyn that weekend at Cal Neva Lodge, shortly before the final murder at her home early August 1962. I won't recount it here; it's almost too horrible to read it in the primary sources. Through Peter Lawford, she learned that RFK, out West at the time, would not see her or have anything more to do with her. Then some of Frankie's boys showed her the pics of what many men and women had done to her that previous weekend at Cal Neva when she was passed out, drunk and drugged. Then, she took a lot of pills and had to have her stomach pumped. This was convenient for the mobsters -- MM was on record as a fading star who was tres careless with pharmaceuticals. Sidenote not in this article: Joe Dimaggio, dumb as a bag of rocks and vindictive*** as Nero's mommy, always believed the Kennedys had something to do with Monroe's death. It was easy for the Mob to convince him of this. So Doltin Joe always carried a vendetta in his heart against Jack, Bobby, and Lawford. When it was Joe Dim's own buddies who did it because MM was out of their control, and p**sed about the way-over-the-line abuse she suffered at the hands of so many men she had been so good to!!! And when the mobsters saw they could get away with killing such a public figure, and a beloved woman to boot, it gave them bushwhackers' courage. Then Medgar Evers right after Kennedy's big civil rights speech June 1963. They all became more emboldened, murder anyone they had a grudge against, and with impunity. Also in this article: * 10/63 Sinatra lost his gaming license. You bet that angered the vindictive punk. And Jack had recently ended their relationship, staying at Bing Crosby's during a Western visit. * Sam Giancana, according to his daughter and others, bilked CIA out of millions of dollars. "To get Castro", he kept stringing them along with that scheme/canard. * More corroboration of Frank Ragano's report that Trafficante, Marcello, and Hoffa were prime movers behind JFKA *** From the 2013 book Still Foolin' 'Em, an example of Joe Dim's vindictive nature, he punched comedian and Yankee fanatic Billy Crystal in the stomach HARD and with no warning after a major Yankees event. Mr. Crystal's provocation? He introduced JD to the crowd without using the epithet "the greatest living baseball player." Heck, JD isn't even the greatest Dimaggio ballplayer. That is Dom, The Professor. By a mile. The entire Red Sox roster that won the World Be Serious this year are all better than Boltin' Joe. (He begged out of WW2 service with foot problems, just like our current president, Agent Orange, got out of Vietnam.)
  14. Roy Wieselquist

    Boycott the nutters!

    John Butler, The frame above from the Marie Muchmore film is manna from heaven to me. I've seen it before but couldn't isolate it like this. That is most definitely NOT Phil Willis. Quick trivia question: Who was the first American soldier to capture an enemy combatant in WW2? Time's up, it was Phil Willis at Pearl Harbor, later MAJOR PW. That blurry head in the top and bottom left photos is our old friend JACK RUBY, Jacob Leon Rubenstein. Quick trivia: Why did JR legally take Leon for a middle name? A: He admired a labor leader named Leon Cooke whom he helped to murder in December 1939, and he felt bad about it later. Just like he later felt bad about helping murder JFK. That image is blurry because Jack be nimble, Jack be motoring, probably hopped up on his Preludin. Diet pills, wink, wink. Jack was about to be late, be late for a very important date. Behind the stockade fence atop The Grassy Knoll. He had to get there to help with interference. Jean Hill saw him batting *ss from behind the pergola to the NE end of the fence, while everyone else was frozen in shock or hitting the dirt. I figure the limo didn't pass Ruby until they were halfway down Houston to Elm. That was one slow limo. Phil Willis's head wasn't that fat and he was dressed very differently. And PW didn't have that bun of hair on the back of his head below the bald spot. JR had missed a couple haircuts at that time. Too busy "working" on The Big Event in order to pay the Mob the ~40K he owed them and the ~40K he owed IRS, ~a half million in today's money. JR's time at Dallas Morning News, two blocks from Dealey, is very hazy. He was flitting hither and yon, using the bathroom, gone for stretches. It's quite a coincidence you see PW in that motion blur because it was Phil Willis who, a few minutes later, took a photo of the crowd around the SE corner of TSBD, which included, you guessed it, Jack Ruby. Of course, the WARren COmmisioN cropped that photo, so it was hard to see ol' Jack. But Major Willis did some detective work of his own and PROVED it was that old Chicago hood. I figure JR was gone from DMN for about 15 minutes around 12:30. With all the hubbub, his absence would not be missed. He had been hanging out there, for the flimsiest of reasons!, for much of the morning. Gone a lot of that time. Julia Ann Mercer saw him dropping off a guy with a gun case on the Grassy Knoll, about halfway from the stairs to the RR bridge. About 10:30 to 11:00. Jack was one busy boy that weekend until they locked him up before high noon on the 24th. Again, JB, thanks for that frame.
  15. Joe B.! Could you diagram that first sentence above? Just kidding. Also, that's a heckuva statement. It would be awesome if someone could put it to a well-known tune, e. g., the tune of "It's a Beautiful Morning," except the new title would be "Total Suspension of Disbelief." Or maybe it would go better with a longer song like the mournful "American Pie." Going back over this topic about Earlene Roberts on that fateful fatal day, I'm reminded of the integrity and courage of women bystander witnesses who were drawn into this Charybdis. They were all happy, minding their own business, when the public slaughter of the First Citizen (and the attendant chaos, the murder of J D Tippit, and worse) fell on them like a Steinway grand. Jean Hill, Aquilla Clemmons, Julia Ann Mercer, Wilma Tice, Earlene Roberts, to name a few. They had wildly different stations in life but they had one thing in common: they didn't know how to be dishonest and cowardly. It came as such a shock to them, at first, that someone, anyone around them had ulterior motives, anything other than the clear, simple truth. Great to see you back, Joe. There's something to be said for taking a little break. It is said that Michael Jordan would not touch a basketball once the season was over. A couple of weeks, once three I heard. Until his hands were itching for it. We can get stale, we can overdo it. Moderation in all things, even the virtues I say. Which begs the question, Why are you so kind and considerate? Though now that I think of it, it's good you are that way. We've all had enough unnecessary ugliness. But do you actually read LP's entire posts? After a point when he's talking about himself and his snotty, quack psychology of "the conspiracy mindset", it's all the same nothing, sometimes a waste of space beyond belief. It's fairly easy to scan past it, though again, you are probably too nice for that. "I must give the other 'point of view' a fair, if tedious, hearing." There ain't no point of view there. More like an ocean of laughable, arrogant, intentional blindness. Man, if I have time tonight, I'm gonna tear him a new one, metaphorically speaking, over that last post blowing his nose on a good old struggling housekeeper. It's sad to see you hurt by the digs regarding "mental health, character flaws." Consider the source and it will make you swell with pride. When a skunk says you smell funny it means you don't stink. You have a good and unique take on these matters, both rare. There aren't many of us left. Mort Sahl and Michael Parenti won't be with us forever. Who will take their place?