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  1. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    Is this science, "psychological sets", or wu-wu? I think the jury is out
  2. LBJ -- the movie trailer

    Bit of a late comer to this thread, but having just watched a Morning Joe interview with Rob Reiner and Woody Harrelson about their new movie LBJ, I was struck by the irony that Woody Harrelson is in a movie that in part replays the JFK assassination. Woody is one the sons of convicted killer Charles Harrelson. Jim Marrs fingered Charles Harrelson as one of tramps caught near Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63 . Charles Harrleson claimed, in 1980, when he was being arrested for assassinating a federal judge( the first time a federal judge had been killed in the 20th century), to have been one of the 3 shooters in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63 . And to add to the irony here, Charles Harrelson, who was married numerous times, had a wife at one point with the maiden name of Diane Lou Oswald. Go figure that one? ......nu nu nu nu. I'm no big fan of LBJ. Although he did enact major domestic legislation, probably way more than JFK could have achieved, but his disastrous Vietnam policy is his rightful legacy. He mislead the American public over and over about the real nature of the Vietnam conflict, only to be exposed by the Tet Offensive of 1968....and later by the Pentagon Papers. As for suspicions of LBJ's involvement in JFK's killing, there's a lot of smoke there. If JFK hadn't met his maker in Dallas, LBJ would have surely been disgraced by the Bobby Baker/Billy Sol Estes scandal and off the ticket in '64. And I've read that RFK was orchestrating the whole thing. In fact, Life magazine had the LBJ Scandal scheduled to run as its headline issue in the first week in December 1963. JFK's demise upstaged all of that and the scandal never really got legs after 11/22/63 And let's not forget, LBJ and Hoover were neighbors in DC and long time good friends. Hmmm? Roger Stone, yes that Roger Stone, wrote a recent book fingering LBJ as the mastermind of 11/22/63. Do I think LBJ was behind 11/22/63...not really....but he sure had the cui bono.....like his political career.
  3. Bill Davy at VMI

    Jim, Not to belabor the point, but your response is first time I've ever "heard" of the institutionalization of Oswald angle. Don't you think this would create timeline headache for the plotters( like when would this have happened?) when all they really needed was a professional diagnosis of Oswald as a whacko. And let's not forget Oswald's "suicide" attempt while in Russia; that has to count for something. I'm just as much as a Garrisonite as the next CTer, but I think that he misses the mark in the Clinton affair(no pun intended).
  4. Bill Davy at VMI

  5. Bill Davy at VMI

    Jim, I guess one could say that the reason Oswald ended up in a Clinton was a collateral happenstance of his seeking employment in Jackson; that his "handlers" main purpose was to get LHO's personal info into the East Louisiana State Mental Hospital's personel files so it could be switched at a later date into the patient files by witting or unwitting "assets" of the conspirators at the hospital.....but I think that's a little bit of a stretch. I mean if "they" wanted to color Oswald as a whacko mental patient why go to all of trouble to drive 120 miles to Jackson/ Clinton area and publicly expose themselves as associates of the future "patsy" when "they" could have directed Oswald to a "asset" shrink in NOLA, with little or no public exposure; and then had the "asset" shrink do the coloring at a later date. The effect would have been the same. And Ferrie and Shaw would have not created such a blatant public association with Oswald. What are "agents" Ferrie and Shaw , a bunch of complete bunglers in Clinton who then plan/participate in the perfect hit in Dallas. No I don't think so. This whole Clinton affair flies in the face of a basic intelligence principle of limiting the exposure of the operation.
  6. Bill Davy at VMI

    Jim, In the transcript of Bill Davy's presentation, the 14th paragraph begins with.... " "The committee found that the Clinton witnesses ... " This may require a little explanation. What they're talking about here is the town of Clinton, Louisiana, which is just outside of Baton Rouge. It was uncovered during the Garrison Investigation and the subsequent Shaw trial that Lee Harvey Oswald was seen in Clinton, Louisiana at a voter registration incident with not only David Ferrie but Clay Shaw as well." And he goes on about Clinton for a few more paragraphs. The point Davy is making is about the evidenced association of Oswald, Ferrie, and Shaw before 11/22/63 by way of the Clinton witnesses. This was omitted in the WR, but confirmed by HSCA. My point is about his omission( and others) to give purpose to the Clinton episode beyond that of evidencing the association of Oswald, Ferrie and Shaw; i.e., how does the Clinton episode fit into the larger plot of the conspirators or is it just some anomalous event.
  7. Bill Davy at VMI

    Agreed, this is interesting stuff, but he doesn't give his thoughts on the larger enigma of the Clinton episode. The Clinton, La. episode where LHO stands in a voter registration line for hours on end, the only white, or 1 of 2 whites, in a long line of blacks, has to have more significance than just proving an association between LHO, Ferrie, and Clay Shaw. I mean why the heck did they drive 3 hours out of town into the heart of Klan territory, to have LHO stand in line for hours on end, while Ferrie and Shaw hung out in the background? Didn't they have anything better to do? As far as I can surmise, there are 3 possible explanations that purport to give a larger context to the Clinton excursion: 1, the MKULTRA angle, with Ferrie testing LHO; 2, the Louisiana Communist Control Act, Right Wing angle, with LHO phishing for names to bolster Bannister's files on (supposed) subversives( like the files in the Paine's house?) ; and 3, the East Louisiana State Mental Hospital angle, with LHO being colored as a Left Wing head case. Of course, this is not to suggest that any one explanation would necessarily exclude any other of the others. It could have been the perfect trifecta solution, where Ferrie was to test his hypnotic powers, where Bannister was to get more names for his files, and where Clay Shaw( of the CIA) was to enhance the Lone Nut legend (via the Mental Hospital).
  8. Burns and Novick Assassinate Kennedy

    The real loss here is that the MSM is going to promote this work as the definitive documentary on Vietnam. In five years it's canon.
  9. Burns and Novick Assassinate Kennedy

  10. Burns and Novick Assassinate Kennedy

    Great review http://fair.org/home/ken-burns-vietnam-war-an-object-lesson-in-the-failures-of-the-objective-lens/
  11. Burns and Novick Assassinate Kennedy

    What about the sound track, just go on Youtube Music and search for "Vietnam", you'll get 90% of the sound track, what BS.
  12. The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK

    Agreed, but who are the "they"?
  13. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Wow! Great thread. Gives balance to Burns' revisionism. Of course, I'm wondering how this series impacts the current political discourse around Iraq and Afghanistan, let alone Trump's mantra of Make America Great Again.
  14. The Discoveries of Jim Garrison

    It's a false equivalency to give the 3 other venues the same quality as the Dallas venue. If one stops to consider the political context in which Chicago, Tampa and Miami venues offered the plotters, none comes close to Dallas. I don't know about Tampa or Miami, but I can't imagine the mayor of Chicago, the honorable Richard Daley, a fellow Irish Catholic, allowing the Chicago police department to railroad the designated patsy Valley to the exclusion of any other suspects/conspirators. RFK would have been all over him. Recall that in the 1960 presidential election, Kennedy won the metro Chicago vote by 100k votes over Nixon which gave Kennedy a victory in Illinios. The rural Illinios voters favored Nixon. And more than one pundit has suggested that the Democractic Daley machine rigged the vote for Kennedy. Now consider Dallas. Who's the mayor? None other than Earl Cabell, the brother of Charles Cabell of the CIA who was fired by Kennedy along with Allan Dulles after the Bay of Pigs fiasco What about the Dallas PD? We all know from studying this history how they responded The Mauser rifle magically becomes the Carcano. Oswald is interrogated while in custody but the DPD fails to record his responses And for the clincher, Ruby manages to get a clean shot that kills Oswald while Oswald is being protected by something like 70 Dallas policemen. Like I said I can't imagine that happening in Mayor Richard J. Daley's Chicago. .
  15. The Discoveries of Jim Garrison

    JIm, What about Clay "Bertrand" Shaw's call to Dean Andrews on Nov. 23 asking Andrews to provide legal representation for Oswald? Gotta be #18 on your list, because Garrison developed that lead. And of course, this call of Nov 23 was the basis for Garrison's prosecution of Shaw. Something I haven't come across in my reading is why Shaw would make such a request of Andrews; because Shaw must have understood that he would come under scrutiny for doing this In any case, I think Shaw's call to Andrews could be evidence of a double cross to the NOLA crowd(which included Oswald) in Dallas. As for Ferrie's road trip to Houston on the afternoon/evening, I've read that there was/is a general aviation airport in the general area of the skating rink Very convenient for Ferrie to fly people out of the country . One of the most impressive early books is Joachim Joesten's Assassin or Fall Guy, written before the Warren Report came out In fact, I wonder how much this work influenced Mark Lane's Rush to Judgement because Joesten was big lefty(lived in France) couldn't get this book published in the US. His kids are the reason it's available today in the US Thanks for the thread D