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    John Abt was the chief counsel for the CPUSA at the time(11/23/63). So either Oswald was staying " in character" as a commie sympathizer while in the Dallas City Jail( which seems curious given his "I'm just a patsy" comment) in trying to contact Abt or this Abt episode was a fabrication by the "Castro did it"/ Oswald's a commie" faction. And I thought I read somewhere that John Abt , after his death, was exposed as an informant for the FBI.
  2. Meet Mae Brussell

    Mae Brussell is probably turning over in her grave. Comparing her to Alex Jones is complete BS. She was the first person I ever heard publicly expose the CIA's MKULTRA program and the FBI's COINTELPRO program. This was on her weekly radio program broadcast across Monterey Bay by fm radio station KLRB (Carmel, Ca.) back in the day, say 1971 or maybe earlier. Her unique research work helped set the stage for the major Congressional inquiries into the CIA and FBI during the 1970's culminating with the HSCA in 1978. Alex Jones is a media sensation, Mae Brussell was the real deal as an original researcher(albeit somewhat overly melodramatic at times).
  3. they were revolutionary, because they betrayed their class much like FDR, it all ended on June 5 1968,
  4. Dude, it means "The Alliance for the Progress", your disinformation won't fly here
  5. yes, it just confirmed what I'd been thinking. thanks
  6. JFK's Alliance for Progress was proposed publicly in March of 1961. Notice that this was a month before Operation Zapata(Bay of Pigs); a remnant of the Eisenhower/Nixon Administration that JFK inherited. The Alliance for Progress was intended by JFK to counter the appeal of Castro's Revolution in underdeveloped Latin America. Whereas Eisenhower and Nixon were very much into "hard power"(military/CIA), especially so after Arbenz in Guatamala and then Castro in Cuba, to keep Latin America "free" of more left wing revolutions, Kennedy's Alliance was a "soft power" (money and culture) strategy with the same goal. The kicker that JFK used to make the Alliance not just more of the "same old, same old" that Latin America had heard many times before was how this program would be funded; "The basic idea was that aid money would now come from the Treasury Department, bypassing the punitive restrictions of the IMF, Export-Import Bank and private loans". (kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-enemy-within-the-rise-and-fall-of-the-alliance-for-progress). Giving Latin American countries access to development funding( JFK proposed 20 billion in 1961 dollars) through the US Treasury was a seriously revolutionary proposal in terms of threatening The Established Order not only in the Latin American countries but also in the US. Basically JFK was proposing to fund Latin American competition against the existing local and foreign corporations( mostly US ones) who had the proverbial "stranglehold" on both the local economy and society. This is enough to give any old Latin American aristocrat, let alone any old US aristocrat, heartburn, to say the least. So it is my thinking that commonly held historical view that JFK's presidency first, serious alienation of the "power structure" in the US occurred with his refusal to use the US military in the beleaguered BOP invasion of Cuba is incorrect( not to mention the JFK -US Steel price roll back that happened a week earlier than the BOP). I believe that "strike one" against JFK happened a month earlier when his Alliance for Progress, with its revolutionary funding, was proposed.
  7. Couple of things here. From my readings, at this family Thanksgiving gathering (at Robert Oswald's house), the first since LHO returned from the USSR in June of '62, Marguerite Oswald was a no-show( unless that's her in home film, but I don't think so) Maybe there's a simple explanation, like she had the flu, or didn't get along with some of her in-laws etc., but she lived fairly close by....not across the country...just saying. The other thing that crossed my mind looking at this clip, is how wholesome, "guy next door" LHO looks. Now project this personality forward 10 months to August of 1963 when LHO is in NOLA and Dean Andrews say this same LHO shows up in his law office with a group of "gay mexicanos" looking for legal help to reverse his "undesirable discharge"( the type of discharge gays in the military received in the 1950's and 60's). So who is this LHO person; the family man spending the uniquely American holiday of Thanksgiving with his family or the swinging LHO hanging out with his "gay mexicanos" friends in NOLA. Remember, intelligence operative LHO was doing his fake defector routine in Russia when his undesirable discharge was handed down. I mean what's that all about, LHO is a government/military operative on a mission in the USSR and he gets a lousy, less than honorable discharge from his employers (this same government/military). Not exactly how you build "esprit de corps" in your fake defector program......just saying
  8. Help David Talbot's Stroke Recovery

    David, As a fellow alum of UCSC, ('70)..."go slugs" and a big admirer of your writings on the JFK case, hope your recovery speeds along and that you're feeling almost normal in the very near future. Dan Doyle ps. remember listening to Mae Brussel on KLRB in the 1970's?
  9. Robert Edward Lee Oswald Dies

    The way to crack this case is by DNA sampling. What I can't understand is why there isn't a stronger push for this. The John Armstrong " Harvey and Lee" thesis can put to bed one way or the other by comparing the genetic markers of Robert Oswald( or a blood relative of his) and the person killed by Jack Ruby on 11/24/63( or blood relatives; i.e., Marina's daughters). If the science is available recover the DNA of ancient Neanderthals and build the Neanderthal genome ( Svante Paabo), it should be a no brainer to resolve Armstrong's Harvey and Lee postulation by way of DNA. And this technological advance in genetics(DNA) is something that a Cover-Up couldn't have accounted for 54 years ago if in fact there were 2 ( or more?) persons using the identity of a certain "Lee Harvey Oswald".
  10. The very moment the world was change forever!

    Joe, Before the parade, Kennedy and Johnson had a big argument about who was going to ride in the limo with the President. Johnson wanted liberal Senator Ralph Yarborough and JFK wanted Governor Connally. Apparently their argument was so loud that it could be overheard in the next room. And as they say, the rest is history. What I find interesting in the Croft photo, besides the decent resolution, is that most of the JFK well-wishers on the sidewalk are African American....and what does that say about JFK and the Civil Rights Movement at the time??
  11. Citizen Lane--Documentary on Mark Lane

    Thanks the heads up on the Citizen Lane movie, Jim. Watched it in its entirety yesterday. I've read most, if not all of Mark Lane's books on the the JFK assassination and knew about his work with James Earl Ray and the MLK assassination but what was new to me was the fact that Lane, with Charles Geary and Congressman Leo Ryan, was in Jonestown in 1978 during the mass suicide/murder there. And what really struck me in this movie, was Mark Lane's revelation that Jim Jones was planning a mass defection of his Jonestown congregation to the USSR and then Lane suggests something more sinister was behind the mass suicide ("murder" in Lane's words).....like it was to deprive the USSR of a potential propaganda coup if 900 or more American citizens in mass rejected the USA in favor of the USSR. Remember this was in 1978 and the Cold War was very real.
  12. New book on Nixon and the Mob

    Great thread. I think Nixon's organized crime ties have been overlooked by the MSM & their historians for far too long, which makes me wonder why so? If you're in the CT camp, the names of Nixon's organized crime ties reads like a who's who in the JFK case. According to below linked article, Carlos Marcello gave Nixon $500k in cash in September 1960 before the November election. Oswald' uncle Murret worked for Marcello (as a booky) as did Ferrie, Bannister and (supposedly) Ruby. Then there's Nixon's best buddy, Bebe Rebozo, a American-born Cuban with extensive ties to organized crime. And let's not forget that in 1959 Nixon was Eisenhower's point man for Operation Zapata(BOP). JFK's securing of the Presidency in 1960, was a big set back to this Operation. I can't imagine Nixon withholding air support, as JFK did, when the BOP invasion foundered. From this article I ran across, www.crimemagazine.com/mobs-president-richard-nixons-secret-ties-mafia, which is a great read: " In February 1955, Vice President Richard Nixon traveled to Havana to embrace Batista at the despot's lavish private palace, praise ''the competence and stability'' of his regime, award him a medal of honor, and compare him with Abraham Lincoln.' The Watergate Scandal seems to come into better focus when Nixon's mafia ties are factored in. My guess is that Nixon knew what went down on 11/22/63 by way of his Operation Zapata( Hunt, Sturgis,etc)- Organized Crime( Marcello, Hoffa, etc) connections and was using this knowledge to blackmail someone( the CIA, the Military?) and that someone gave the Watergate break-in legs, which it wouldn't have normally had. Didn't Nixon call it "a third rate burglary"?; right, a third rate burglary which cost him the Presidency. What about the parallels between Nixon and Trump, and both with extensive organized crime ties....scary stuff!
  13. Trump: JFK files to be released

    He's neutralizing the CIA. He knows if the documents being released damage the CIA it benefits him. They, and they specialize in regime change, can't take him out so easily