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    2013 JFKLancer NID, Dallas, TX, "MIdnight Blue to Black -- the Vanishing Act of the JFK Presidential Limousine In Broad Daylight
    2008 Documentary Inside the Target Car, limo researcher
    2004 documentary on the JFK Assassination Presidential Limousine SS-100-X "Behind the Headlights -- Presidential Limo" aired on the SPEED channel . Also aired 2005
    2001 "SS-100-X" in CAR CRASH CULTURE, Palgrave/McMillan.

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  1. Pamela Brown

    "Bubble Top' - was it bullet proof?

    Not that I am aware of. However, following the assassination, the Ford Motor Co. made sure to do tests on the bullet-proof glass they intended to use on the rebuilt limo.
  2. Pamela Brown

    "Bubble Top' - was it bullet proof?

    We can go around in circles on day on whether or not the presence of one or more pieces of the plexiglas top would have prevented the assassination. What we do know is that originally the plan was to have the top up, as it rained in the morning. You can see that in the photos of the Ft. Worth Hotel when JFK spoke in the rain. At the last moment the skies cleared, so the limo was left open. The SS made the decision to leave the top off. There had been threats against JFK in the press that morning, but apparently that did not make a difference and/or the SS did not see putting up the top as a preventative measure. So we don't have any direct evidence one way or the other. However, once the limo reached Parkland Hospital, the first thing the SS did was to put the top up. Then the SS whisked the limo away from PH and stowed it on the C-130 at Love Field. They did all of this in about 40 minutes.. I think that speaks volumes.
  3. Pamela Brown

    "Bubble Top' - was it bullet proof?

    The people who ordered the limo to be open on 11.22.63 were the SS.
  4. Pamela Brown

    "Bubble Top' - was it bullet proof?

    True. Nothing about SS100X was bulletproof on 11.22.63. In fact, the FMC and WHG had agreed that this should be the case because the US is not a 'banana republic.'
  5. Pamela Brown

    "Bubble Top' - was it bullet proof?

    Yes, regularly. There are a lot of photos. Here are a few: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=jfk+limo+bubbletop&FORM=HDRSC2
  6. Pamela Brown

    "Bubble Top' - was it bullet proof?

    Yes. If any of the six pieces had been in place, the assassination would not have been successful, imo. Ironically, the weather in the am was rainy and it was not until the last minute, supposedly, that the SS decided to leave the limo completely open.
  7. Pamela Brown

    "Bubble Top' - was it bullet proof?

    No, it was not. It was made of plexiglas. It would have deflected a bullet however, and created a lot of noise when a bullet shattered it.
  8. Pamela Brown

    The KGB and the JFK case

    Jimmie D made the following post. Apologies, I am not finding the original (this is copied from a reply by TG). (I'm not able to get a cursor outside of the quote box, so am making my reply at the top.) Thank you for your clear analysis. I do think you make a number of valid points. I just don't see things in quite the same way. I don't think Angleton knew what to do with Nosenko. I wish I considered JJA better prepared. Rather than take a step back and think outside-of-the-box, it seems to me JJA just jumped in with his either/or mentality and made a lot of mistakes. It is my thinking that Nosenko may have been something unusual, in that he may have been given/fed information that led him to believe he could properly analyze LHO, but that, in fact, was not the case. I think there were those who, in a sense, programmed Nosenko to be a mystery, even though he thought he was a valid defector.
  9. Pamela Brown

    The KGB and the JFK case

    I too am uncomfortable with Bagely's positions. He comes across as someone scrambling to do CYA.
  10. Pamela Brown

    The KGB and the JFK case

    I don't think anyone in CIA understood Nosenko, especially JJA. The reasoning was either-or -- when the truth might have been something somewhat different. And I also think that Golitsyn was a very sophisticated false defector.
  11. Pamela Brown

    The KGB and the JFK case

    Thomas Graves said: Pamela, It's evident that you haven't read Tennent H. Bagley's 35-page (2015 PDF) "Ghosts of the Spy Wars," much less his 2007 book, "Spy Wars." Both are free to read on the Internet. Or maybe you have, and you think Bagley's a l-i-a-r? -- TG PS Are you aware that, according to Bagley, he and CIA psychologist John Gittinger both witnessed Nosenko, near the "breaking point" twice, mutter to himself, "I can't tell them the truth, I can't tell them the truth ..."? As though he'd been KGB "MKULTRAed" before he was sent here? I have. I am not persuaded. Your comment about Nosenko's muttering falls prey to the fallacy of false alternatives. Even if he did not tell all he knew, I do not think he knew the whole story.
  12. Interesting points. Thanks. A question I have asked that still goes unanswered is why it looks to me that Billy Lovelady was standing in the doorway wearing LHO's shirt?
  13. I haven't tracked down an actual letter Marguerite wrote the State Dept yet, but here is an article that discusses her visit:http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/B Disk/Brussell Mae/Item 25.pdf Here is the relevant passage from that article: "His mother, Marguerite Oswald started the wheels rolling in January of 1961 when she went to the State Department in Washington. "She told many people there that her son was working for the U.S. government in the USSR and that she wanted him to come home," Miss Brussell said. (Three years later, before the Warren Commission, Mar- , guerite Oswald would tell investigators, "I have as much circumstantial evidence here that Lee was arragent for the • CIA as the Dallas Police have that he shot President Kennedy.") Mrs. Oswald's presence in Washington and her statements "blew Oswald's cover," Miss Brussell believes. "
  14. Pamela Brown

    John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    A new post on my Finding Judyth blog...sometimes it takes me a while to gather my thoughts... https://findingjudyth.blogspot.com/2018/03/i-have-couple-of-questions-for-judyth.html
  15. I think Lee's Mother, Marguerite, made a statement to that effect when she wrote to the State Department while he was in the USSR. I'll look for a cite...