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    2013 JFKLancer NID, Dallas, TX, "MIdnight Blue to Black -- the Vanishing Act of the JFK Presidential Limousine In Broad Daylight
    2008 Documentary Inside the Target Car, limo researcher
    2004 documentary on the JFK Assassination Presidential Limousine SS-100-X "Behind the Headlights -- Presidential Limo" aired on the SPEED channel . Also aired 2005
    2001 "SS-100-X" in CAR CRASH CULTURE, Palgrave/McMillan.

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  1. George Whitaker had no connection to the limousine. He worked at the Rouge, and probably heard stories about Vaughn Ferguson, who did. The Parkland witnesses certainly saw debris on the windshield, as it was all over the car. They did not see whatever they saw in the same place. Here's my post on that: http://ss100x.com/hole1.html
  2. That is a close-up of the known defect on the windshield. The large cracks are from the Arlington Glass men kicking the windshield out with their feet. So much for preserving evidence.
  3. I think this is a great idea. I am so pleased to be a part of it. My presentation will be on Deconstructing Murder Most Foul... an in-depth look at Bob Dylan and the assassination of President Kennedy...
  4. Yes, Judyth acknowledged to me to be the Avery Baker that wrote that review. Convenient tie-in with my hypothesis that they were working together all along...
  5. Fascinating, Jim. Thank you. If Haslam was the one who brought Judyth to CBS he could theoretically have been pretending to not be convinced by her. That is, following the logic of my hypothesis that the two of them were working together all along.
  6. And, ironically, their producer was Don Hewitt. When the decision was made to not move forward, he supposedly said, "We had the door slammed in our face." Jim, It just dawned on me that 60 Minutes might be the Rosetta Stone to unraveling the entire Judyth saga. Did Carol Hewett by any chance say how Haslam managed to get his foot in the door at CBS to begin with? Thanks...
  7. I consider that a valid question. When you look at the larger picture, which is that Marina invalidated the WCR when she recanted in the 80's and had to be discredited in some way, the possibility that there was a larger agenda looms large. Fetzer was Judyth's mentor. Fetzer has also tried to discredit me from the day I first posted the Ferguson Memo. I am pretty sure he asked Judyth to contact me and intended to use her to discredit me. It almost worked, as all of my relationships in the JFK community were challenged. And all I did was agree to keep an open mind to what she said,
  8. Here is part 2. Part 3 is stalling, may have to reboot tomorrow and try again...
  9. Joe Bauer said: "Even though I was there for 9 months, I couldn't remember 99 % of the employees I engaged with 30 years ago." With all due respect, you are not Judyth. Think for a moment if one of those people had committed an assassination and you saw fame and money if you could connect yourself to them. But you needed to have credentials in order to be considered credible. If you had known this person, would you not have searched high and low for those who could corroborate that relationship in the workplace?
  10. Richard Booth said, "Agreed that Riley is very interesting, seems like a cover job. In fact almost all of Oswald's places of employment are very interesting in that respect." Judyth's story revolves around Riley Coffee. Without that connection, she has nothing. And yet she claims she and LHO met at the Post Office. And she never brought forth a single one of the over 100 employees of Riley Coffee at the time to confirm that they had seen Lee and Judyth together. I think that speaks volumes...
  11. I think Judyth helped Haslam with MF+TMV, and then he helped her with her story and book. They pretended not to know each other until later. I don't know what this has to do with LHO. I do think Judyth's intent has been to destroy Marina as a witness to LHO. And I think she's done a good job of that, unfortunately. I did everything I could to talk to Marina, but she would not let me interview her because I had been involved with Judyth.
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