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    2013 JFKLancer NID, Dallas, TX, "MIdnight Blue to Black -- the Vanishing Act of the JFK Presidential Limousine In Broad Daylight
    2008 Documentary Inside the Target Car, limo researcher
    2004 documentary on the JFK Assassination Presidential Limousine SS-100-X "Behind the Headlights -- Presidential Limo" aired on the SPEED channel . Also aired 2005
    2001 "SS-100-X" in CAR CRASH CULTURE, Palgrave/McMillan.

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  1. Pamela Brown

    Need single bullet theory diagram

    The reenactment photo uses the QMII, not SS100X. The seating alignment of back seat and jump seat is incorrect. Here is one of the FBI photos (no people) of SS100X
  2. Pamela Brown

    McAdams gets Salvaged

    McAdams is just a skunk in my book. Not surprised.
  3. Pamela Brown

    McAdams gets Salvaged

    McAdams has a history of slandering anyone who is a threat to him on his group aaj. After tearing them to pieces himself he turns them over to his acolytes to dogpile on the helpless victim. This is exactly what happened to Abbate imo.
  4. Pamela Brown

    McAdams gets Salvaged

    I agree that Marquette made a costly mistake. McAdams will go to any extreme available to libel someone whose views he finds offensive. I too wish Abbate had sued him and Marquette on her own.
  5. You know, something that just bugs me about the Garrison investigation is that here we have a duly elected official with the capacity as DA to subpoena witnesses and follow due process. This is someone who has come to believe, and I think rightly so, that NOLA is at the center of the plotting of the assassination. But other elected or appointed officials such as RFK, Sheridan, and news outlets such as NBC, have no trouble treating Garrison and his investigation as though they came out of the sewers and had no legality at all. There is not the slightest modicum of respect. I remember watching the "White Paper" and Garrison's interview on the Tonight Show and wondering who these people think they are. I still do, in fact.
  6. Chapter 7, starting on p 309 of the pb version of BROTHERS, has a good discussion of RFK, Sheridan and Garrison. Talbot's hypothesis is that RFK felt Garrison was going in the wrong direction, and would interfere with what he wanted to do when he was elected president, which, of course, is mostly hypothetical imo. But the chapter itself is well worth reading. Talbot is more objective than I would have thought, even though he does skewer the Garrison investigation at the end.
  7. David Talbot says on p330 of BROTHERS that, "It is certain Walter Sheridan was acting on Robert Kennedy's behalf, not as an intelligence agent, when he went to New Orleans," so it would seem that whether he acted under RFK's direct orders or not would be a valid topic for discussion.
  8. We might want to read between the lines here. But I do agree that more definition is needed to make a real case for this. At this point, I'm just giving my opinion. It is my understanding, however, that Garrison believed Sheridan had been sent by RFK to destroy his investigation. Looks like there is a thread on Garrison and Sheridan that was started when David Talbot's book BROTHERS was published:
  9. It's my understanding that RFK did a number of things that ended up sandbagging Garrison, including putting Walter Sheridan on his tail, so I doubt they worked together...
  10. Pamela Brown

    CNN Disservices History

    Absolutely. DC programs have zero credibility.
  11. Thank you. I am relieved to hear this.
  12. For Vince P. (again), Another question -- according to what you have heard from SS agents, was the bubbletop ever used for protection in a possibly hostile motorcade? Did any of them ever talk about what they thought would happen if a bullet had hit the bubbletop? Just wondering...
  13. You're welcome. I have a lot of work to keep up with you! Keep those photos coming...:-)
  14. Thanks, Vince. Fascinating. I intend to follow up on the points you are making. Have you thought about making a chart of the motorcade/parade date, whether security was tight or lax, and whether the bubbletop was up or not? Could be helpful... BTW, in the early 90's I got to watch the SS and their security first-hand in a visit of Gorbychev and Yeltsin to the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul. There were men on all the buildings, which I found interesting because the 1K people or so in attendance were a really friendly bunch. But there they were, peeking out from everywhere. (But of course, there had been none of that in Dallas, where JFK had been repeatedly threatened.) Pamela
  15. Vince P. said: Duluth, MN 9/25/63 (this one doesn't "count" because it was raining at night): HOWEVER- regarding the same Duluth, MN trip: Researcher Chad Carlson wrote to me regarding this very same trip: “I am friends with a man here who was in charge of JFK’s trip to Duluth, MN here in September of 1963. I ask him a lot about JFK. He got to talk oneon-one with the President for 30 minutes before he made his rounds and speeches. His name is Larry Yetka, former Minnesota Supreme Court justice. Larry said that he wondered what [Mafia boss] Sam Giancana of Chicago was up to on 11-22-63. I told him that I had been watching the motorcade in Dallas on 11-22-63 and told him it looked very “lax.” He said, “Yes it was.” So I asked him how was security in Duluth in Sept.1963? He said, “Tight as hell-men were on the rooftops even.” So, Vince, are you seeing any sort of consistency in the motorcades one or two months prior to Dallas as to when there was extreme security and when it was lax? Also, do you have any reason for such tight security in an out-of-the way place such as Duluth, MN? Thanks...