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  1. The KGB and the JFK case

    Agent Hosty said to me that when he asked LHO about going to MC he became enraged. That at least tells me there was something of significance going on there.
  2. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Yes she did. I don't know Debbee but would not put her into the same category of schemer that I would Judyth. It is my thinking that Judyth created her 'love story' the moment she saw Lee's face on tv after his arrest, so telling Debbee could have been part of Judyth's plan to make her look credible. Leaving out the bioweapon, however, I think was a big mistake.
  3. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Let me see if I can make an analogy -- it would be similar to transporting a secret weapon in a plastic tupperware container and considering it safe...
  4. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    I have my suspicions. They are both from Bradenton FL and could have met long before they say they did. Judyth claims she told her sister Debbee about the affair with Lee not long after the assassination, but she never told her about any 'bioweapon', so I think that was made up later. It is my opinion that putting a bioweapon in a thermos is a ridiculous idea.
  5. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    That story may have been cooked up between Judyth and Ed Haslam. Does it even make sense? Running around with a deadly concoction in a thermos jug? Really?
  6. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Do you realize how silly that sounds?
  7. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    No, it's not 'proof'. That is Judyth twisting evidence. If she had any actual proof she would have run to Garrison to vindicate Lee in 1967.
  8. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    I agree. Judyth's saga was originally a creative writing project under Prof. Joe Reihl at Loyola, I think. That is her talent -- creative writing. She puts herself into the middle of situations and imagines what others would say or do.
  9. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Let's keep in mind that Judyth is talking about thermoses. Does it even make sense that if they had sufficient technology to create 'deadly cancer cells' they would not have the technology to develop a sophisticated way of transporting them? Just a thought.
  10. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    David, this is typical Judyth-behavior. She makes general assumptions that draw people in and are intriguing. Unfortunately, as you seem to have figured out, they are just fluff.
  11. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    What is the cite for Mary Morgan? Or a link? Which memo from Sciambra to Garrison? Cite for McGeehee statement? Is that from the Shaw trial? Why are you referencing the WC? Thanks, Pamela
  12. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Well that's just a bit vague. Can you point to any specific piece of documentation? ( I do hope you're not taking Judyth's word for anything...)
  13. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Who 'saw Oswald with a young woman (not Marina)'? Ironically, one of the questions I asked Judyth was why she did not go to Garrison. She made up a lot of excuses.
  14. The KGB and the JFK case

    My impression was that JJA was blindsided by KGB and did not realize how severely CIA had become destabilized by them. JJA was unable to properly assess Nosenko when he came into the picture and tortured him, trying to get information Nosenko simply did not have.
  15. How did Hosty expect to talk to Marina?

    I had not heard that. Do you have a cite for that? Interesting...