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    2008 Documentary Inside the Target Car, limo researcher
    2004 documentary on the JFK Assassination Presidential Limousine SS-100-X "Behind the Headlights -- Presidential Limo" aired on the SPEED channel . Also aired 2005
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  1. Robert Wheeler said, "I'm not up to speed on the Joe Kennedy was a Nazi appeaser narrative, but I'm at least somewhat skeptical given the propensity to "dirty-up" the family subsequent to the assassination.' Papa Joe was the American Ambassador to the Court of Saint James prior to WWII. He was convinced there was no point in the UK trying to take on Hitler, and tried to convince FDR of this. He was then recalled and fired. Here's one article: https://ww2today.com/27th-september-1940-kennedy-the-british-are-a-lost-cause
  2. I acknowledge your position. I disagree. Let's just move forward...
  3. As Papa Joe was a Hitler appeaser, I can only surmise that JFK would have known everything there was to know about WVB and his team and Nordhausen, and all the gory details and allowed them to be swept under the rug, in his enthusiasm to get the US to the moon first, by any means. The Nazi family I was involved with who came to the US with WVB, were cold-blooded and ruthless. They all claimed they 'knew nothing'. It was part of the ruse. As a young adult, I was shocked and truly uncomfortable with all I saw and heard. I had no frame of reference at that time.
  4. Again, I maintain my position. Let's just agree to disagree and move on...
  5. I believe their integrity was destroyed by the gaping holes made by the 767s. I don't want to argue. I acknowledge your position. I just don't think there was any need for planted explosives, as the planes themselves, with 20K gallons of fuel provided all that was needed to begin the process that took down each building. The larger question, to me, is who understood the structure of WTC I and 2 well enough to put this together and carry it off. Bin Laden, or something even more sinister?
  6. Good points. As it is, we all live in Wernher Von Braun's world. We may take it for granted, but this is an extraordinary time. When JFK and WVB were both alive and passionately committed to getting the US to the moon unusual conflicts arose that could never have existed before. I think this has to be taken into account in any analysis of what happened to JFK. In fact, JFK visited WVB just days before his death: https://airwingmedia.com/news/2013/jfk-toured-cape-canaveral-50-years-ago-6-days-before-death/
  7. Ha ha. They could have, but it wouldn't have been politically correct...
  8. Thank you so much. Now I seem to have double links, but I'm ok with that... Yes, I think we might all be surprised at the extent of Dylans antics. In addition to having a really weird sense of humor, he seems to have done some pretty outrageous things that most of us couldn't get away with. But that is charm, I guess...
  9. Dylan and Elvis... https://dylagence.wordpress.com/2020/07/09/who-knew-dylan-and-elvis/
  10. Slightly ot, my dear husband, Donner Brown, who died in 2016, played and recorded with Donovan back in the day...
  11. For John Butler: there were no 'massive steel columns' in WTCI and 2. The buildings had load-bearing walls. There were girders only in the central core. The widebody 767's, loaded with 20K gallons of fuel, left gaping holes, stories high, in the external structure, which violated the integrity of the walls, and, as a result, the buildings pancaked. The public is not supposed to figure this out -- hence the 'explosives' rabbit trail. Those who designed 9-11 knew what they were doing. They figured out that the structure of the buildings had an Achilles heel...
  12. Interesting link to categorized UFO sighting videos...
  13. A white paper released on February 3, 1964 states that the Towers could have withstood impacts of jetliners travelling 600 mph -- a speed greater than the impact speed of either jetliner used on 9/11 The buildings have been investigated and found to be safe in an assumed collision with a large jet airliner (Boeing 707—DC 8) traveling at 600 miles per hour. Analysis indicates that such collision would result in only local damage which could not cause collapse or substantial damage to the building and would not endanger the lives and safety of occupants not in the immediate area of impact, page 131 https://citizenfor911truth.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/debunking911debunkingwtcwithstand707impact2-1.pdf With all due respect, this is a scenario that seems to require more definition. A 707 is not a widebody. A plane aimed directly into the center of the building will have a different effect from an accidental hit, etc. etc. In addition, I think the assumption that a plane dumping fuel into the building would leave the structure intact is unrealistic, again, considering the load-bearing walls. And a plane that goes through to the center of the building, hitting the girders at its core and severing all access to the area above it is imo a particularly devastating scenario, as it involves both the core of the building and the load-bearing walls, plus fuel.
  14. W. Neiderhut said: They may as well have claimed that the 100+ floors of massive steel girders were demolished by magical pixie dust. There were girders in the center of the building, the rest of the weight was carried by the load-bearing walls.
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