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    2013 JFKLancer NID, Dallas, TX, "MIdnight Blue to Black -- the Vanishing Act of the JFK Presidential Limousine In Broad Daylight
    2008 Documentary Inside the Target Car, limo researcher
    2004 documentary on the JFK Assassination Presidential Limousine SS-100-X "Behind the Headlights -- Presidential Limo" aired on the SPEED channel . Also aired 2005
    2001 "SS-100-X" in CAR CRASH CULTURE, Palgrave/McMillan.

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  1. CE399 and its connections to...

    That, imo, is a long shot. But, who knows?
  2. Oliver Stones take on the records.

    Paul Brancato said: i can first dispel one thing - whatever the Trump campaign did, Trump did. You may know this, and I may know this, but proving it in a court of law could be something else entirely. Trump has at his disposal an army of lawyers who will twist everything around to give Trump plausible deniability. And then we have Putin, waiting in the wings, who will do the same thing. The Russians have historically been more sophisticated than we are in areas of intelligence.
  3. CE399 and its connections to...

    No. That's a new one to me. However, when SA Frazier and his team finally performed the forensic exam on the limo at 1am 11.23.63 in the White House Garage they did not use any additional light for their exam or the photos they took. I find this appalling. How do we know they didn't overlook something?
  4. CE399 and its connections to...

    Yes, it did come from the MC. What a nice 'coincidence'!
  5. CE399 and its connections to...

    No. In addition, CE399 really has no provenance, so we don't know where it actually came from.
  6. Where were you?

    Trump tweets. Here are two, with my replies: Yes, it may now be 'rule by Executweet.'
  7. Where were you?

    FYI, Pres. Trump is now tweeting that 'all' the JFK files have been released, sans names and addresses of living people...https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump?t=1&cn=ZmxleGlibGVfcmVjcw%3D%3D&refsrc=email&iid=74b14d818a974bdc8cbaaad2fc34f671&uid=16260187&nid=244+285868057
  8. Oliver Stones take on the records.

    The press is following the same formula they always do -- pretend to posit conspiracy and then end up with the 'silly little Communist' did it. That is to be expected. And of course they are showing people they can 'trust', not anyone with a reasoning mind. We need to learn not to be disappointed but to find ways to get around this.
  9. Oliver Stones take on the records.

    Unfortunately, grandstanding is typical Trump. He trolled us. He did include in his original statement something about 'pending further information' so he probably knew ahead of time what he was going to do. But a bigger question, to me, is how the general public is going to make sense out of this. CNN is already tossing out 'conspiracy theories' which we know they will inevitably rein in with a statement such as 'too bad JFK was killed by a 'silly little Communist', as Jackie K. said...' The import of what has happened gives credence once again to the seriousness of the ongoing cover-up of the assassination. But with all these theatrics, most people will miss this. Maybe that's the point...
  10. More evidence from the autopsy

    There are a number of inaccuracies in this story, so I would treat it with caution...
  11. Inside Inside the Target Car:

    That's an archived version of my limo website. It is at www.ss100x.com.
  12. Inside Inside the Target Car:

    I agree. I call them the "Z-films". Who knows what really happened to them...
  13. Inside Inside the Target Car:

    I agree. IMO, Gary Mack may have set me up for a fall because of the SPEED channel documentary I did in 2004, which was CT-based. If the show wasn't bad enough, the press release was even worse. The mindset seemed to be to destroy the CTs and re-establish the failed WCR once-and-for-all. Of course, that didn't work...
  14. Inside Inside the Target Car:

    Post of ITTC clip with me in it about limo bubbletop...https://ss100x.wordpress.com/2017/08/21/pamela-brown-in-inside-the-target-car-discovery-channel-2008/
  15. Judyth Baker writes about LBJ

    <sigh>...I hope that healthy skepticism might extend to all the other rabbit trails that Fetzer, whose promoting Judyth is, imo, part of his attempt to create a false history of the JFK assassination, attempts to muddy the waters with...