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  1. I dare anyone to say that the photo Hargrove posted is not the one and only Lee Oswald. If Hargrove is trying to claim that the person in the photo is a clone then he truly is demented.
  2. Now why is it when I point stuff out I get no credit and when others do Chris Newton gives *that* person credit? Go figure....
  3. Agreed. The level of anger here is hard to take. Have any of these naysayers actually read Harvey and Lee? Jim it is very admirable of you to continue to support this evidence with so many posters attacking you. Dawn ------------------------ It's the fairy tale Dawn. Jim or me or Sandy or anyone on here could possibly be the nicest people in the world. But it's the STORY that's being attacked. It's ridiculous to think that an Oswald clone was running around in the exact same places as Lee Oswald. Why not have the clone in California while Oswald was in NYC? Or when Oswald was in TX what are the odds of the clone being in NYC like Oswald was years months previously or afterward? This whole case brings out the worst in people because they can't get over the fact that although there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy it had to be some all encompassing incredibly convoluted fairy tale with blobs of paint painted into all of the films, an assassination headquarters down in the basement of Ruby's nightclub, microphones painted out of photos when Oswald was killed but not in others, the body being whisked away the minute Air Force One landed at Andrews and, yes, the most goofy story of all - this one. At least for the most part the Lone Nutters are consistent with their story line. Did YOU even bother to read above, where Hargrove is basically taking one of the better researchers (Meagher) and spinning her Oswald double writings and using THAT to say "Yep, there's the Harvey and Lee proof?" It's outrageous that he would do that. Instead of cheering him on, do you not see how dishonest that is, to take a credible researcher's work and twisting it to fit this crazy story? Who would you rather believe - Meagher or Hargrove?
  4. JEREMY - It doesn't matter how many years this teaching had been going on by the time Jim's hypothetical refugee child reached grade 5 at his school in Hungary. The point is that there was a period of only two years between the time the hypothetical child could have begun learning Russian and the time when the hypothetical child appears in New York with the name of Lee Harvey Oswald and the ability to speak perfect English. If the hypothetical boy existed, he must have learned two foreign languages, Russian and English, to the level of a native speaker in just two years. But Jeremy, don't you know? Sandy Larsen has EVIDENCE - you know, that's all he goes by - that children can learn things much, much faster than adults. So you cannot ever question Sandy Larsen's (ahem...snort) EV-I-DENCE. You, know, because, er, he only goes by...the EV-I-DENCE. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcs5z4gyRH1r4ekn1o9_250.gif What a xxxxing joke!
  5. Johnny said it best. This whole clone story is a disgraceful myth, a fairy tale. And I love the way his quote talks about how myths are pie in the sky, unrealistic capers that keep getting hammered on over and over again as Hargrove and his mentor do, and as people like Larsen and others continue to fall for. https://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/09/5b/74/095b74a39c0f7838d529f1f822a47860.jpg https://media.giphy.com/media/NZOlQHWccBfYA/giphy.gif
  6. Jim I'm as happy as can be in this pretty xxxxty world we live in. As for anger you can call it whatever you want. But it's mainly frustration at how you and others spread falsehoods all in the name of Kennedy's memory. I think what you and others like you do is disgraceful.
  7. More than fifty years ago, Sylvia Meagher published her ... OMG! Oh, this is outstanding, Jim. You've just hit it out of the park by confirming exactly what I said above. You're now taking what Sylvia Meagher wrote and projecting it onto Armstrong's clone fairy tale. Did you really think you'd be able to sneak this by knowledgable readers on this forum? Of course Sylvia said there were "doubles" but not ones running around as kids way back in 1953, not ones with a unibrowed and happy Mom. I, like she and other serious researchers, believe that there were impostors (NOT clones) running around in mid-63 doing stuff memorable (like the car dealership incident) so that when 11/22 came around, people would say, "Oh, yeah...I vaguely remember that guy [LHO] at such and such time doing something outrageous." There is too much evidence to prove otherwise that the goal was to make Oswald look like a crazed Communist. But Sylvia did NOT mean that there was a Hungarian kid who looked exactly like the US born Lee Oswald who was found and then living a parallel life like LHO. Jesus - this takes the cake even for you, Jim.
  8. Wow, so now Sandy Larsen is a language expert. Ironically, he says that kids learn languages faster than adults, then contradicts himself when he asks how long does it take a kid to learn Dickens? As if comparing that apple with an orange will prove...what? What a joke. *** As is usually the case here on this forum, whenever a member posts a rebuttal of another "researcher's" pet theory, the normal modus operandi is to either ignore or post long passages of text from testimony and whatnot. The biggest problem with this is that just because a word or phrase is found in the available record, "researchers" then project this word or phrase onto their pet theory. There's no evidence - at all - that this Oswald double and his unibrowed "sad" Mom - each bearing an unbelievably striking resemblance to the real US born Oswald and his Mom - ever existed. When you boil this crazy theory - and many other silly ones as well - down to the essence of it all, the next question is - who really cares? Even if there was an Oswald clone - or three or four - what does it matter? If we are to believe there was a conspiracy to murder Kennedy, there is plenty of solid evidence elsewhere to prove the conspiracy. One is even what Oswald - or was it his clone (LOL) - knew he was being framed when he was caught saying in front of reporters that he was a patsy. You can take it to the bank that he knew, from the time he was dragged from the theater kicking and screaming until he says the word "patsy" that it had dawned on him that the jig was up. Yet, the silliness continues. You'd think the people who planned this murder out had superhuman powers when they: - Had the assassin's clone running around 10 whole years before the assassination; - Had the ability to alter every single piece of film and photo evidence taken during the murder; - Had a Jack Ruby impostor murder Oswald A or B in the Dallas parking garage; - Faked photos of the above when they removed a hanging microphone in some photos but not in others; - Had an assassination headquarters in the basement of Ruby (or *his* clone's) nightclub; - Whisked Kennedy's body from the back of Air Force One to perform pre-autopsy surgery on his body; - But these same supermen, when putting his body back into the coffin, put him in a different body bag (oops) People who fall for this xxxx have no ability to distinguish truth from fiction and silliness. Not to bring up today's toxic political environment, but it's like "researchers" here will believe *anything* you tell them without batting an eyelash.
  9. The Paine Files

    Jim you said you have new info above. What do you mean by that?
  10. Tracking Oswald Part 5

    Just my IMO but I think you both have valid points. The photo may have been taken a little higher up than my illustration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Hr9Lrku-Cxdm9ZalJTSWU3cms/view One thing that sways me in my illustration is the leathery lined section in the open head photo. I believe that looks like the back of his neck and you can also see those lines in the photo that shows the back of the head with his matted hair laying over the wound (the same photo I used in the illustration). I also happen to believe that there was a tangential wound from the front that hit in the temple area and slice through his head and came out the back, hence, that rounded beveled hole you see in the illustration above. If it did happen that way, it'd be amazing to find just where in the hell that bullet went when it came out. I know this is all speculation from all of us of course, but as you may have seen in that video i posted where it shows a guy's head flying backward from a frontal shot, somewhere along the way a shot hit JFK from the front pushing his head backward like in the Z film.
  11. Tracking Oswald Part 5

    Micah and Sandy - so what is your own personal interpretation of the photo? Micah - please don't post endless testimony and clips of text. Just what do you personally think the photo shows in your own words? And Sandy?
  12. Tracking Oswald Part 5

    Uhh, no, Micah. You're reading way too much into this with way too many so-called "experts" saying it's this or that or something else. It's his head, Micah. The back of his head. That round shape is the blowout from the bullet hole. Look at my illustration above. It's not hard to figure out. That's a flap, Micah, with the bone underneath. Pat Speer wrote about this too. Look it up on his website.
  13. Tracking Oswald Part 5

    Since we are on the head wounds here, I wanted to put this up. I have always thought this was a decent illustration of two photos combined, not because I made it, but because the so-called "mystery" photo - who Baden couldn't even orient in 1978 (and BTW, every time I see that guy advertised on a TV show I never watch his xxxx) - HAS to be oriented some how. Meaning, if we are to believe that that photo is genuine (and I think it is) then it has to somehow be reconciled with the other autopsy photos that are available. So this illustration below is that reconciliation. PS - this is a large animated GIF so let it load as it may take a moment if you're on a slow connection speed: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7Hr9Lrku-Cxdm9ZalJTSWU3cms
  14. Tracking Oswald Part 5

    Mike - this is a particularly useful video IMO. Did you make it? Yes
  15. This breaking news sounds like pure Italian hokum to me.