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  1. New Article by John Armstrong

    Speak for yourself LOL
  2. New Article by John Armstrong

    Not just me but many others. And I believe Tracy said that based on a poll even the uninitiated don't believe the Hardly story ever happened. So there's that as well.
  3. New Article by John Armstrong

    Sandy to the contrary on the GEMS thread many many excellent rebuttals were posted. Team Hardly is just too committed to admitting they're right LOL
  4. New Article by John Armstrong

    Hi Sandy according to Team Hardly it's actually you guys who think Lee O had special powers LOL And maybe they were concocted by the CIAs version of a super secret DR X lab? LOL!!!
  5. New Article by John Armstrong

    Yes you can too Sandy. But we know better
  6. New Article by John Armstrong

    Sandy the entire Hardly story is fictional so it's important for us who rebut it to do so. There are many people here like Team Hardly who fall too easily for fictional stories. It's similar to the old carnival days and tent shows where they had the Snake Lady. Team Hardly is like the ones who go into the tent eyes wide and mouths agape. They'll be talking about all night on the drive home. Those who rebut Hardly are those who would never even bother stepping into the tent. We know better LOL. Like Barnum said there's a sucker a minute and never has this proven true with Team Hardly.
  7. Marge-O shown Ruby pic by FBI on 11-23

    Mike if you're referring to the burly guy photo that was supposedly taken in MC and they tried to say this was LHO then that photo was NOT Jack Ruby. Therefore, if MO is saying that it was Ruby she's clearly mistaken. I'm not sure what the big deal is here. Now you can begin your reply to me with the usual insults.
  8. New Article by John Armstrong

    Sandy if you believe truth and rebuttals to fantasy stories like the Hardly caper are insults from me, then that's your interpretation of it. It is important to remember that all far-fetched stories like Hardly must be rebutted vigorously by those with a good dose of plausibility. Otherwise the Kennedy case will be overrun with misinformation like the Hardly story has always been.
  9. In my opinion, and I don't know if they included this in the mock trial, but all they'd have to do is show the FBI reenactment film to show that the shot supposedly hit Kennedy in the back could NOT have gone through the back, out the throat, and into JC for two reasons: The FBI accurately marked on the stand in's back where the back wound appears in the autopsy photo. You can clearly see the white mark on his back. Simply follow the track of that mark and look where the bullet would have come out. Not through his throat and far from hitting JC. And according to the autopsy report, Humes clearly said that back wound terminated in the back.
  10. New Article by John Armstrong

    Jim, Hunt was an author of fictional secret agent capers. He had been a bonafide CIA agent for many years, learning at the feet of Angleton. I'm sorry to say but it'd be very difficult to believe *anything* this man said, especially to his son on his deathbed. How do we not know that he said the things he did simply for his son, so he could then write a book about revealing the "shocking" revelation that JFK was murdered as part of a conspiracy? They were all professional liars and connivers - it was part of their daily job LOL I mean have you not seen liars and crooks lie and fudge the truth even after swearing to telling the truth, even after having 50 notarizations stamped on the papers?
  11. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    Hmm, I don't know if it's a good idea to make that assumption, Chris. We're talking the blink of an eye * and it's an awfully big leap to say that he "...reacted to a headshot before it occurred." People were yelling and clapping, the previous shots has already gone off, the motorcycles were right there - a lot was going on. He could have twitched, he could have jerked a little trying to pivot to follow the car. Just my IMO... * The average time it takes for a complete human blink is about 300 to 400 milliseconds or 3/10ths to 4/10ths of a second. Of course this is an average only and can differ from person to person.
  12. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    Chris - nice job on that clip. The moving sprockets are because when the person who stabilized this clip, they did so on the head or people in the car. When you do that, something will not be as stabilized and in this case it's the sprocket holes. If you take those frames and unstable and just put them together as they came out of the camera, then the footage would be much jerkier. As for brain matter, this is also simple to explain. We cannot expect to see too much detail in this footage. The BH camera and its lenses were not super high res equipment filming at 1,000 FPS - if it had been then, yes, we would have seen a lot more detail including the matter ejection. As a matter of fact, there is a demo video I made on here that shows a gunshot wound to the head * and it was actually filmed at a high frame rate and you can see all of the horrible results of it. One bit of good news though to confirm the rear matter ejection is Jackie herself, in shock, climbed onto the trunk to grab a piece of Kennedy's head. So the proof is in Jackie's reaction. * I'm not posting it here because one of the more sensitive members of the forum reported me for posting it a while back, even though I posted it not for the thrill of it but for educational purposes. Ironically, this same member fails to understand that if he's so concerned about the dead people in these films and how their families would react to it, what do the Kennedy and Oswald families think about the endless posting of the autopsy photos and Z film.
  13. New Article by John Armstrong

    So what Jim? There are many, many people with the same names, born on the same dates, and so on. It doesn't mean there was a clone discovered back in 1953 in Hungary and has been shadowing the US born Oswald for 10 years. It also doesn't mean the clone had a Mom who looked exactly like the US born LHO's Mom but was dumpy and never smiled LOL As for the Wilcott story yes, maybe there was a SINGLE LHO working for the government. That suspicion has always been there and because of State Secret, the possibility of LHO being a low-level agent is certainly viable. But it DOES NOT mean there was a LHO CLONE for goodness sake discovered back in 1953 in Hungary and has been shadowing the US born Oswald for 10 years. It also doesn't mean the clone had a Mom who looked exactly like the US born LHO's Mom but was dumpy and never smiled LOL You can keep arguing this all you want but the plausibility and ring of truth factors - and State Secret - completely demolishes this fantasy story.
  14. New Article by John Armstrong

    Admitting mistakes goes both ways, Mike. There are many, many, many mistakes in the Hardly Lee story. Many. Yet, when we point them out, the Hardly crowd just ignores them and switches to another topic. As in, "Well what about this? See!" A perfect example or two - I made the point of photo touch ups. There's just no reasoning with Hardly crowd - they won't admit that the whole ugly LHO photo could be just a matter of a botched touch up with no sinister implications. Another - I made a face transition and an ear comparison. Josephs says it's all in the CONTRAST of the photos, if you can believe or comprehend that. I then made another facial comparison showing that the faces are one and the same. Josephs then says it's all in the shoulders - one LHO had non-sloping shoulders and the other had drooping shoulders. I then pointed out that there's another photo showing LHO with both kinds of shoulders. They quickly changed tactics. Others have done this as well. I could go on, but there's not a one iota of fessing up that maybe, just maybe the rock-solid case has some flaws in it.
  15. New Article by John Armstrong

    Debate it, Mike. Go ahead and mention what you want to say about it,. Jim and the other Hardly people keep posting. Myself and others who do not support it continue to do so as well. But to call people names just because people can't buy into fantasy stories is not the way to go. So go ahead and mention it - it's a "debate" here after all.