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  1. Bart Kamp

    Givens down to one lie

    Talk about derailing a thread..................
  2. Bart Kamp

    "My New Thread"

    Well said John, I mentioned Oswald standing one step down a few years back already which certain peeps took issue with, but besides Doyleisms thrown back at me without any effect or providing one iota of evidence as they had no expertise or plain common sense to process that info. And from the looks of it they still do not. Harping on and on with inferior quality imagery when better quality images are about. They even deliberately faked the images to such an extend purely to mislead others. Great work Andrej, now just remove Shelley and Lovelady from those steps as per Darnell and you are pretty much spot on
  3. Bart Kamp

    Wesley Liebeler on Chapter IV of the W.R.

    My fave is kept to the very last. "I forgot to mention that some question might be raised when the public discovers that there was only one eye eyewitness to the Tippit killing, i.e., one person who saw Oswald kill him. All the rest only saw subsequent events. Mrs. Markham is nicely buried there, but I predict not for long."
  4. Bart Kamp

    Interesting piece on Texas Theater

    ROKC has got another thread going on this, and one about 'uncle' Nick McDonald as well. http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1760-texas-theatre-theatrics http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1341-nick-mcdonald In May 2017 I posted this piece from the Ft Worth Star Telegram Nov 23 And this one from The Houston Post Nov 24th
  5. That testimony is referring to BRW, JJ and HN on the 5th fl. ( and not the possible shooter(s) on the 6th fl. Dillard close-up, scan by ROKC from the Richard E Sprague archives at NARA
  6. Bart Kamp

    The Office that Spied on Its Own Spies

    Papich http://documents.theblackvault.com/documents/jfk/NARA-Oct2017/2018/docid-32570089.pdf
  7. Bart Kamp

    Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury Seminar 2018

    The John Newman interview is out on audio at the LGP https://www.spreaker.com/user/thelonegunman/ep-147-dr-john-newman-interview-w-bart-k The video will be upped at some point but this will not be much different, only a few pix added since it was a phone interview. That's it speakers -wise
  8. Bart Kamp

    Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury Seminar 2018

    Never asked him, but he has given me plenty of support by mailing/handing me various documents
  9. Bart Kamp

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    Not sure if this has been posted. Greg Parker offers an alternative solution. https://www.thenewdisease.space/tippit
  10. Bart Kamp

    Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury Seminar 2018

    https://www.spreaker.com/user/thelonegunman/ep-146-2018-malcolm-blunt-interview-w-ba The Lone Gun Man Podcast, thank you Rob Clark. Recapping DPUK seminar in Canterbury followed by my interview with Malcolm Blunt. The video of this talk will be posted next week.