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  1. Took you long enough to post that shot, why take so long? But that bill for the gun is just laughable with that handwritten serial on it, had that been typed as the rest then you'd have a strong argument..... But now we just have another fix by the DPD. A worn out gun (well spotted Larry) and a handwritten serial on a bill which should have been typed. Fritz, Boyd, Sims, Johnson and a few others were doing serious overtime messing about with the evidence. What a joke. "edit": one more thing, in this place the evidence counts, not the usual one liner FB replies.
  2. Roberto Nieto JMWAVE - Roberto Nieto Thanks to Malcolm Blunt, scans by me.
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jCDzJnTh0xS6AuJpRb_-IdfWK4uBDIRX/view?usp=sharing
  4. Thanks David, and no this still does not answer the Doylesque posting by Roe. If that says PB then Prayer Man is Oswald by definition. Case closed....eh no wide open. Back to square one for you Steve.
  5. Carl Jenkins - AMWORLD meeting in Baltimore. Carl Jenkins - AMBIDDY operationsl concepts and philosophy Thanks to Malcolm Blunt. Scans by me.
  6. QJWIN termination. QJWIN administrative finance and foreign intelligence. Thanks t Malcolm Blunt. Scans by me.
  7. Raph O. True - Wackenhut Corp. Thans to Malcolm Blunt.
  8. " On this photo from the National Archives (the one I posted earlier), enlarge the photo and zero in on the Serial Number. Near the Serial Number is a clear engraved or scratched in "PB", Paul Bentley. I did enlarge the photo and sharpened it, and it clearly states "made in USA" that is not a serial number and yet you seem to see 'clearly' P.B. there. The logo/branding on the left does not help either. You outclassed Brian Doyle there Roe! Roe refers to Bentley as he did not testify in front of the WC. No specific reason right? Let Roe point out the statement by Bentley which says where he put those initials, Just like the others have in the photo he shared.
  9. The bullets in Oswald's pocket turned up after Charles Truman Walker had searched him just before Fritz's interrogation. "So I searched him real good. But found nothing." - HSCA interview June 7 1978. And yet Boyd and Sims find a bus ticket and shells......sure.
  10. I need to see it inside the grip or I will not believe anything on that damn gun, so until then.....
  11. Thank you MIchael, happy to share. Over the next few months loads more coming. Here is another 1963 article. How JFK viewed the Congo gamble by Marquis Childs 1963
  12. Edmund Gullion interview May 8 1990. Edmund Gullion Correspondence. Thanks to Malcolm Blunt, scanning by me.
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