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  1. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    I don't know Tommy, and I cannot tell she is dark complected. It does not make much of a difference. Running woman is a fresh 'new' mystery and so are the women going up the stairs on the left in Darnell.
  2. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    I don't know if this pic. from Darnell is the 3 in Z. Bottom line for me is she knew who was standing right beside her, and described her as a redhead. The pic of her engagement is multiple generations from a xerox, and red in b&w becomes black is not a good comparison piece either. Her high school pic used also in her obituary makes a lot more sense to compare with. don't care much for Stella Mae Jacob, only that she never made it back inside the TSBD and left. She is not on Revill's list, nor is Gloria Calvery and nor is Karen Westbrook. Some roll call.....
  3. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    You have answered the Q yourself Ron Buell Wesley Frazier, Linnie Mae and Bill Randle.
  4. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    And he cupped it in his hand underneath his arm pit...... Yeah that's a snug fit That's me ( 6 5") holding the wooden rifle body of a Mannlicher Carcano underneath my armpit, thanks to Ian Griggs.
  5. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    My review of that interview with Karen Westbrook Scranton http://www.prayer-man.com/living-history-with-karen-westbrook-scranton/
  6. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/149407954/gloria-jean-calvery how does Brian Doyle reconcile running woman with this link above. Hi Brian
  7. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    What's that again love about that door leading to the lunch room? At 11:25, listen carefully, and try not to crap yer undies..... Oswald had lunch by himself in the 2FLR, that is new to me as everyone has said it was The Domino Room on the 1st floor instead. That could only mean thatwhen Roy Edward Lewis said that the 2flr was off limits to workers he could have meant black workers. Or she is just badly mistaken. Tom Graves and Sandy Larsen fast forw to18:10 "Gloria Calvery had distinct red hair" Check the screenshot of the video above, Calvery is the one with the green coat. That, Brian Doyle kills off your running woman hooey.....my my. The door to the so called fake vestibule was always open! HA
  8. King became more known while talking to the press in the 3rd floor corridor, but we also know he talked to Greg Olds and co. when they tried to get in touch with Oswald. I have been given a 7 page article Holland McCombs wrote for Dick Billings of Life Mag. You can read this piece here: http://www.prayer-man.com/dpd/glenn-d-king/
  9. Thx for making me aware of that, it has been sorted now.
  10. This is from the Holland McCombs collection at the UNI of TN.
  11. Anatomy Of A Second Floor Encounter

    I have made a backup at Scribd. https://www.scribd.com/document/373703720/Anatomy-of-the-Second-Floor-Lunch-Room-Encounter-V4-March-3rd-2018
  12. Aynesworth suggesting several ways for an article on the assassination. His phone number in the 60's. An article by him on the Garrison investigation. And a detailed piece on Ruby while in the slammer and his death. http://www.prayer-man.com/hugh-aynesworth/
  13. James [Jim] Hicks

    Dallas Times Herald July 29 1967.