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  1. Bart Kamp

    Now it can be told: Dag Hammarskjold

  2. Bart Kamp

    Prayer Man

    No wrong, dead wrong. You do not need Bell or all the other crap, and it sure as hell is not 30 seconds after the final shot when Baker started to make his dash. What a terrible way to come to that conclusion. It is dead simple as I have stated multiple times.
  3. Bart Kamp

    Thursday at Ruth Paines House

    Go Home Von Pein. Just Go Home!
  4. Bart Kamp

    Thursday at Ruth Paines House

    Go Home Von Pein!!!!
  5. Bart Kamp

    Prayer Man

    After he filmed the Hesters. You seem to mix things up. He ran down and filmed them first, even before the Newmans, Elm St and the follow up cam car(s) and so forth. Your pictures are from after he shot the Hesters The timing is to be considered from the second he left the car and he films The Hesters which is caught in Couch.
  6. Abt, as per Fritz's notes does not come into the picture until the 23rd Yes McDervid who offered his services had his telegram just stuck in a drawer and that was that. The D.P.D. did some shameful things that day and the next and on top of that let him get killed by Ruby who was pals with almost everyone inside the D.P.D. You are absolutely right when it comes to R.P., she did bugger all to help him.
  7. Bart Kamp

    Prayer Man

    No Chris, that segment is after. The lady in the black skirt and top with the sun glasses is sitting down already. Look at the Hesters, one down and one getting up. And eventually moving inside the pergola Only one person who filmed that. The colour photograph inside your collage is also way later after he shot them it has no bearing.
  8. Thank you Denny. Yes I agree some bits were twice over and now this has changed due to putting it in timely chapters. It is becoming pretty devastating for LN scum how Oswald, even though he lied due to his intelligence connections, was railroaded and thrown under a 18 wheeler... The memes are gone next time, although the dildo one was priceless
  9. Bart Kamp

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    Not really gettin' it do you. GO HOME VON PEIN!!!
  10. Bart Kamp

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    You are deluded. it shows that the official picture has crumbled to dust, but not in your deluded fairy tale. GO HOME VON PEIN!
  11. Bart Kamp

    2nd Floor Never Happened

  12. Bart Kamp

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    Like Baker's first day affidavit, written and typed up!!!! Like Truly walking ahead of Baker Like Molina, Lewis and Frazier not seeing a helmeted officer going in. Like Marvin Johnson's statement littered with BS Like Eddie Piper not seeing Baker Like both saying at different occasions "let's take the stairs" Like the various positions of Oswald inside the lunch room during this encounter. Like the 2nd floor lunch room being strictly for office personnel and mgt only, workers were only allowed with permission to go there. Like Mrs Robert Reid's BS when Geneva Hine clearly stated that between 12:25 and 12:35 no one but her was inside the office. Like numerous newspaper reports stating that the encounter happened near the front door, plus sightings of Oswald near that vestibule front door. Etc etc You are a relic. GO HOME! (that's a euphemism...I leave it to you to figure that one out!)
  13. Bart Kamp

    Prayer Man

    Wrong Chris, the Hesters position confirms this.
  14. Bart Kamp

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    You need to speculate and suck things out of your thumb to keep things going for you. Brian Doyle works like that as well. And like him you do not belong here. Your credibility has gone out of the window Von Pein. You are nothing to me when you have to resort to the fairy tales you put on display. End of message.