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  1. McCully was not on the front steps, a FBI agent 'advised' her to say this. I spoke with her daughter just over a year ago.
  2. Thanks to Malcolm Blunt. Scans by me. The following two docs have annotations next to the draft document. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vMO3Z6t32QeiyJu4SZOrsmoy10AVY4Xi/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q68xfFyJurmrb-LgFyQzzCJtwjCMKqGE/view?usp=sharing And no doubt there is more once you start digging. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VRW5qQuUKeU6Emw6w6oyMjOxKY7Qwtms?usp=sharing
  3. Rob Clark did a podcast on the conferences. I am warning you beforehand it will not be easy listening for some, but I personally thought it was good and voiced my sentiments quite well.
  4. If you go to your link you see the pic. Click on the pic and the link to the pic becomes visible. Paste that link in the body of the msg or bottom right "insert other media" and choose "insert image from url"
  5. Yes Ron that is an issue, banning guests is an option but I agree not a successful one unless you wish to go private.. Banning guests from using the search function and checking out members profiles is something that may help reduce traffic. Let them use google for search instead. Those two bits should be cut from guests and anything else that is accessible for them besides reading posts.
  6. Nice of you to come out of the woodwork Jeffries. What is happening on FB has no bearing here, but since you pointed it out, it was wholly justified. Juvenile (your opinion) or not. Shape up dude.
  7. Nope No one at ROKC got crafty this time.....
  8. And Jeffries should actually highlight in an evidentiary manner where the fractures lie and how it could be solved. Now that would have been an interesting read but way too much work for Donnie....highly respected researcher pfah. And the Baker matter needed to be pointed out as she acts like she has the credibility and is making $ when ten years ago already she was pointed out with vast amounts of evidence that she was full of it. And yet there are a handful who totaly disregard this evidence and follow and defend her to the hilt. I need a bigger bucket...............
  9. The other day I was looking at a FB group where LNers and CTers were united in talking about her (not in the most positive way mind you). But it is amazing how she manages to unite two opposite sides. I thought I had seen it all......
  10. Jeffries is wasting everyone's time with this. It was fractured 50 odd years ago already. Nothing new here, move on.
  11. I have gone more in depth about Craig and the picture, the comparison to other existing shots shows beyond a reasonable doubt that it is not him. However I have posted other evidence that shows he was there. Just not as pointed out with the photo from Cyurry's book. http://www.prayer-man.com/roger-craig-inside-robbery-homicide-on-nov-22/
  12. I am with Sean Murphy on this btw.
  13. Again thanks to Gary Murr for these fab drawings that were done within weeks after the assassination. The rail used to be centre based and was doubled and moved to ts sides as that entrance became a fire escape exit. Same with the landing which was moved more inward. The old landing would have been a hazard if a stampede of people moved through that exit and the small platform would make sure the people exiting would fall of the stairs.
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