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  1. Closing this thread will not solve anything, it will re-appear under a different guise like it has been this past year. It ought to be investigated and then a decision ought to be made where all members ought to adhere to.
  2. Bart Kamp

    Question About Roger Stone

  3. 12 Days to assemble a reply, surely you had not seen this. Brian Doyle used Linda Giovanna Zambanini's REAL research without ever asking her for using it or crediting her for it. You seem to have condoned this by not mentioning anything about this and moreover have defended it ever since posting. Means you are culpable. Brian Doyle is leading both women to such an extend that the W.C. would be considering hiring him. I thought Larry Rivera's Roy Edward Lewis interview took the biscuit, but this surpasses it. How dare you to pass this of as REAL research, if that is what you think then I suggest to have a rethink! It means you are corrupted beyond belief with your assessments. We have to thank Brian Doyle's for supplying the vital info of Sarah Stanton talking to LHO by the stairs (which one is anyone's guess) whether he was going to go out, and that was before she went out to watch the motorcade. Already discussed and pointed out before. Another nail in the coffin with regards the 2nd floor encounter. And contradicts Doyle's 'beliefs'. And no Harvey was not yapping with Frazier while Lee was sitting in the lunch room while it went down, another excuse used by Doyle and his Fetzerian beliefs, you can forget that rubbish scenario there is absolutely nothing to support this idiocy. As a matter of fact it is safe to assume that anyone supporting this dross is more concerned with prolonging this case than actually trying to end it. But your answer above is actually rubbish, since Doyle conferred with you via email, I mean it's all there in the Prayer Woman thread. You are not fooling anyone Jim Hargrove.
  4. Bart Kamp

    Backyard Photos, invitation for Jack White.

    BYP at ROKC http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1159-back-yard-photography#15858 which is a copy of (and I posted this yonks ago already) http://www.prayer-man.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/rokc forum/www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/forums/topics/show/13242989-back-yard-photography.html which is actually easier to read through. But has no forum functionality than besides reading and clicking the following pages.
  5. Take a close look at the blurry frame below. It is so blurred we can even see two Buell Fraziers. What if Darnell caught Oswald's face due to this 'mishap'............. Original frame from the Darnell frame, exact size of video tape. Hence not enlarging. The following two shots, click on it to open in new window, and then click again on the pic. Increased from 72 to 300 dpi and auto levels applied. Auto levels applied again to Oswald. And no that is not Sarah Stanton. Doyle, get back in the ring sunshine, you must have learned how to post pix by now. Lee Harvey Oswald is the Prayer Man!!!
  6. Bart Kamp

    Sergio Aracha Smith

    Thanks for that Jim McCombs helped them (T/L) gather various pix and films of the big event. I have seen various contracts/letters/fees paid/offered about this. Richard Sprague was involved as well for a while. He was friendly with Hugh Aynesworth too.........
  7. In the HSCA interview of Deputy Sheriff Ralph Alvin Walters, (thanks to Dennis Morissette) it has become evident that the Sheriff’s Department was in no way to be involved with any of the planning of J.F.K.’s visit to Dallas. Once arriving back at the office the supervisors were all gathered inside Decker’s office for an immediate meeting and Decker told them that: “The Secret Service and/or F.B.I. were the first-line investigators and they were to stay out of it. If they had anything thus far, they were to turn it over to either agency right away.”
  8. Bart Kamp

    Sergio Aracha Smith

    FWIW Holland McCombs on S.A.S. http://www.prayer-man.com/mccombs-on-sergio-arcacha-smith/
  9. Bart Kamp

    Pauline Sanders

    On June 15th in this thread Andrej posted my pic with a yellow line besides Molina. I just had a look at that area. and even though this chews into Molina's face, knowing that blurring can be a bit treacherous, but I reckon you may have pointed to something and upon closer looking and applying some auto levels in PS I think I found Roy Edward Lewis in Darnell.
  10. I posted a video without audio on FB with Oswald emerging from Fritz's office which I had not noticed before yet. After seeing a post by Jeff Morley at his site about the Canadian TV program he cooperated with I saw the same footage but with audio and that sounded familiar. So I found a video shot from the opposite end filming the same sequence of Oswald leaving Fritz's office and going to the door that leads to the jail elevator in my YouTube collection. In about an hr after the first sequence he emerges from that door at about 19:50 and declares himself the patsy. In both instances Oswald denies shooting JFK vehemently and mentions legal representation. http://www.prayer-man.com/oswald-in-the-corridor-nov-22nd-after-his-hearing/
  11. Jim Hargrove created this thread not for research purposes, but to cause dissent and more division amongst us. He relays the message, of which he has no interest so he claims, from someone who has been kicked off this forum a year ago and to this day, that individual named Brian Doyle plays his manipulative infantile games in whichever way he can drag his rear on the carpet of whatever online place that tolerates his presence. He tried it on John Newman's feed on FB a while back and Newman slapped him straight off like the unruly child he was behaving as. The funny thing is many others have complied with his 'requests' or demands for answers to complete irrelevant questions which only seem to support his outlandish theory, accompanied with the selective use of evidence and nothing else. But the shocking part is that he acts like we owe him. I have not seen greater delusions of grandeur than I have with Brian Doyle. But his superior research skills have let him down enormously and has given us two amazing gifts that destroy his own fairy tale completely with his interview of the Stanton girls. Stanton always said the same thing over and over again after the event, one of which was that she met Oswald by the stairs who had a soda in his hand and she had asked him whether he was going to go out. That by itself kills of the 2nd floor lunch room encounter and Reid's BS. Then with regards his Prayer Woman ID, gosh how much more can you lead someone in an interview. A short grey haired obese woman is Prayer Man, nobody buys it. And as an escape route Doyle pushes the wig/hair dye scenario, which is refuted by them. Nothing works for him during that interview to nail Sarah Stanton as Prayer Man, and that is with complete disregard of other evidence that clearly places her on the east side. Then they bring Scarf Lady forward as a candidate as being Sarah Stanton / Prayer Woman. And guess what, what was the end result from Wanda Stanton? Here is a quote for you Wanda, the relative of Sarah Stanton said "no, it isn't her grand mother...Wanda said "she is too thin, too old, has dark hair, and is out there at a time that is too late to be Sarah...Not Sarah" she says... Jim in all honesty it just shows that you posted this stuff without even checking....... This makes you Doyle's third errand boy, Graves and Walton preceded you. Doyle even lambasted you in that same thread at Stinky's for not doing what he told you! Doyle is not pleased to say the least. Gotta ask the admins James Gordon and Mark Knight and of course moderator Kathy Becket whether this should be tolerated any longer. Don't get me wrong I am no saint either, but the preceding Doyle errant boys got kicked off for the same type of behaviour, called goading! Graves actually had quite an impressive stretch, but now after months of this type of abuse, coz that is what it is, it really ought to stop here, not just by you but for any other person. Keep the Doyleisms in the man's padded cell. Oh and I am gonna take a sabbatical from the EF for a while, got too much going on really.
  12. Bart Kamp

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    I do not have them
  13. The app is called Sun Surveyor. Furthermore Frazier's shadow.If he is standing at the front near the ledge then that shadow ends past the centre rail.
  14. I prefer to stick to this thread at ROKC Dallas Transit Transfer by Ed Ledoux and others.