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  1. Bart Kamp


    Yawn............more CTer speculation. I don't know what is worse: Lner denials or CTer speculations....answers on a postcard please.
  2. Bart Kamp

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    You are most welcome. I am glad it only took this much to "convince" you. This thread has become a pissing contest of gigantic proportions. The CTers bombarding the deluded LNers who can only answer partially as the amount of evidence that destroys their pet theory (!!!) is too much to bear and droop off as they do not have the answers. DVP has been doing this for at least a decade. A re-occurring joke that has grown old. And this will become a new "Prayer Man" style thread at which the admins/mods feel the need to jump in and lock it. It is not going anywhere and the LNer scum will deny, like David Irving would until the cows come home. LOCK THIS THREAD AND SEND IT TO THE PITS OF THE EF!
  3. Bart Kamp

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

  4. Bart Kamp

    Air Force One Radio Transmissions

    I do not know whether this was posted before, but here is an article from the Houston Chronicle and a pic of said tape https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/article/Lost-JFK-tapes-on-sale-2270604.php
  5. Bart Kamp

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    These Oswald shot JFK clowns can only nitpick a small fragment and debate that to death, a favoured technique by the bully John McAdams. These deniers are still at it, yet seem to 'forget' that they have been outargued for more than 50 years already.....ha ha ha ha ha ha. I reckon this topic is best served with leaving proper replies on Amazon. Hurt them where it hurts most.
  6. Bart Kamp

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    Deluded........................ It reeks now does it? And that makes it a fact? What a fine nose you have.
  7. Bart Kamp

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    What a horrendous cop-out your reply is. He lied in court..... and he was O.S.S. to be precise. You are in denial.......badly so.
  8. Bart Kamp

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    Clay Shaw who perjured himself, I don't care what the NYT says or anyone else. He was a highly paid asset for the agency before the assassination. Anyone who authenticates and believes the autopsy pix are authentic ought to put his crack pipe away. There are way too many statements that specific elements in those pix did not exist while the autopsy at Bethesda took place. What is even more shocking is the mask at the back of the head, which is so evident that the HSCA did not dare to show this pic and had Ida Dox airbrush this BS. Come of it! Seriously! If you cannot understand and see the sharp jagged shark teeth style lines of that mask at the back of the head then I suggest those that do not get this to walk away from this as you are in complete and utter Doylesque denial. I have been in photography and darkrooms a little too long to be fooled by this Mickey Mouse BS. And no it is not a shadow either in case any fool is thinking that.... Yes I will not read this dross, when simple basic errors are projected as truth. I am also well aware that CTers have messed loads of things up with their pet theories and still do which is just as bad as the LNers who have been frozen dry since November 1963. The documents that have come out since a year and a bit ago, the jury is still out on that, there is way too much to go through and for Litwin to project a conclusion already is a massive blunder. I doubt he has actually ploughed through 1,000 pages of them..... Utter opinionated trash, now walk away.
  9. A review by Richard Lee-Van den Daele. http://jfkassassinationuk.com/jfk-assassination/d-p-u-k-york-seminar-sept-29th/ The website is not finished yet so bear with me. Videos to be added soon as well. I will update this post once they have been added.
  10. Bart Kamp

    Glaze Letters

    The ridge on his nose is a give away. And I would want to see more proof before Shelley gets his agency credentials. Up till now it is merely conjecture.
  11. Bart Kamp

    Glaze Letters

    I digress Anyone coming out as a CIA agent like that in most cases is talking tall tales. Nor do the noses match.
  12. Bart Kamp

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    Quite funny this, a one trick pony that refuses to see the truth for what it actually is. I am amazed you have not brought the bunched jacket up yet....oh wait...... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have no pet theory in any of this, it is all speculation like I said earlier, but that somehow eluded you.....like so many other things. Goodbye Cliff Varnell.
  13. Bart Kamp

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    Not protesting anything, sounds like your feathers are ruffled, but one statement does not make it true. Especially where it is coming from.......that lot should have been strung up that very same evening for the nation to wake up to. The Pretorian guard......HA.
  14. The whole Beckley thing is a fugezi, Oswald made that up while being interrogated. So is the bus ride, a total make believe....... He got picked up in that Nash Rambler and had to cover for that.
  15. So Oswald 'went to Beckley' to change his shirt, not his t-shirt in which he had worked all morning breaking a lil sweat no doubt. Once frisked for the second (!) time they find his bus ticket. What is that bus ticket doing in his shirt pocket after changing his shirt over at his rooming house...........right. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Matthias, the Glaze letters are discussed at this forum, and to this day I still have to see any evidence to back any of it up. Duke Lane at the bottom of that post 'takes care' of this unsubstantiated dross. I also would take anything the OIC propagates with a container of salt, everything is fake and suspicious and never any proof submitted. Plus they tend to rehash already disproved matters until the cows come home.