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  1. From NARA

    More Murray stuff.
  2. From NARA

    I will post some more cool stuff soon and will update this thread accordingly. ROKC at NARA-1 Small bits on Shelley/Baker&Truly/Garcia Arce.
  3. The size of the Darnell frame and Buttons...

    Buttons everywhere........
  4. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    My guess would be when the place was turned into a museum. The old entrance is a fire exit now. The handrail in the centre was taken away and two were mounted on the side of the steps. Here are the front steps drawings, courtesy of Gary Murr which I posted at my site late Oct 2017. http://www.prayer-man.com/detailed-drawings-of-the-front-steps-of-the-tsbd/
  5. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    The dims are not the same now as they were then. The entrance/exit has moved more inwards.
  6. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    The 5 women who got on the East side of the steps. Close inspection of the frames show that some are making their way on the steps and position themselves on the bottom East side of the steps. Baker could not have gone up that side of the steps. Now then puzzle time there boys and girls. The women who stated they were standing on the steps were Ruth Dean (all in black and IDed) Maddie Reese (wearing a rain coat IDed as well). Judy McCully Avery Davis Pauline Sanders Sarah Stanton Two of these stated they stood on the top platform (Sanders and Stanton). So that leaves two who ought to be part of that group of five. That leaves three (wo)men unidentified at the end of the Darnell shot. Do indulge me with a nice fantasy story....go on.
  7. From NARA

    Dallas Trade Mart pix by Jim Murray
  8. Reopen Kennedy Case http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/
  9. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    Check my post at the bottom of page 1. With regards your drawing. There is no Lovelady as he is gone No Shelley as he is gone No Calvery as there is no proof to ID her. No Hicks as there is no proof to ID her. No McCully as there is no proof to ID her. No Williams as he is gone No Davis as there is no proof to ID her. Stanton may be the short heavy set lady you found in Darnell Sanders is nowhere to be seen.
  10. Molina was checked out and reported on by various law enforcement agencies. Even a year after the DOJ investigated him. The part you mentioned in LS book is on pg 330 As I was writing the report, the captain called and wanted to check the School Book Depository employee list with our files. We had handwritten, partial lists; some of them you couldn’t read the names. But we did find one, a member of the American GI Forum. The captain then instructed me to bring the entire file down to his office.` INT can mean interview/intelligence/internal would like to see the files referring to those numbers.
  11. For this dead end fairy tale to succeed you have to dismiss Shelley's first DPD statement, that is the one before he knew Oswald was a cop killer and Lovelady's first FBI report. You then have to dismiss the Dunckel GIFS and the still enhancement I made of the Couch print from the Sprague archive in Washington. You then have to believe Shelley's and Lovelady's WC testimony, where as the 3-4 mins are just utter BS since they would have seen Oswald coming out guzzling on his coke! Oh sure.... Mr. BALL. Did you see Truly, Mr. Truly and an officer go into the building? Mr. SHELLEY. Yeah, we saw them right at the front of the building while we were on the island. Mr. BALL. While you were out there before you walked to the railroad yards? Mr. SHELLEY. Yes Mr. BALL. Do you have any idea how long it was from the time you heard those three sounds or three noises until you saw Truly and Baker going into the building? Mr. SHELLEY. It would have to be 3 or 4 minutes I would say because this girl that ran back up there was down near where the car was when the President was hit. Mr. BALL. She ran back up to the door and you had still remained standing there? Mr. SHELLEY. Yes. That by itself destroys the timing of the 2FLRE already. This is the same BS that mentions a Vicky Adams encounter that never happened. That same Vicky Adams who is the ONLY ONE who mentions Molina being in front after she has been turned away from the rail road yard. Molina who talks to GC in the vestibule! If you are talking photographic interpretation here then the lady in white is wearing a coat and not a skirt. The coat ends below the knee whereas the skirt is above as seen in Z. And even if they were the ladies you point out (actually two of the three) what difference does it make? None........... What is the significance of G.C you ask Tommy., extremely little if you ask me. And that’s it from me this whole thing is taking a Fetzerian twist and I got tons to do.
  12. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    Keep dreaming Tommy, keep hope alive!
  13. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    No Andrej you are wrong. First of all the timing. Wiegman got out before the 3rd shot. He also captured the back of the limo before it went through under the underpass. So you can roughly time it from the moment he gets out until he starts filming the Hesters. In Couch you can see Wiegman in the distance filming them! That way you are closer to 20 seconds than anything higher. My take is roughly 13 seconds! Bakers distance to ride his bike to where he dropped it was minimal. I go into greater depth in the new update of my 2FLRE paper. Robin Unger posted a GIF of Wiegman that shows that Lovelady moves downward and no he does not change into blondie talking to those women coming up. Only speculation supports this assertion. They are gone! Carl Edward Jones moves forward to the sign post, this can be seen in Darnell and Couch. And no Williams left, he is nowhere to be seen check all his statements.....he went up to the 4th fl. Nor is there anyone standing in front of Molina, the guy with the pot belly and hand shielding himself from the sun is gone. That is Williams. I feel like I am going back in circles here, this has already been discussed Molina, who wears a shirt, is the one left on the landing. So your drawing is wrong, get rid of Shelley and turn him into Molina. Sanders is nowhere to be seen so far. Yet we have 5 women on the steps as a group. Some of them are still making their way up those steps to stand there in the Darnell segment of Prayer Man. Believe what you wish to believe, but I say you are misguided and dead wrong.
  14. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    She does not, merely a figment of your imagination Tommy
  15. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    No she doesn't, she rushes past At 40 secs in. Btw that looks like a coat and not an above the knee skirt. Gets quite wide while going up those steps. And from earlier frames it appears that the garment she is wearing ends below the knee. And Shelley was nowhere on those steps Andrej. The person on top you have marked is Molina who is wearing a white shirt and not a jacket. Williams was gone as well. Nor is that guy talking to the women going up the stairs Lovelady. I suggest you amend your drawing and add the 5 women on the bottom of the East side. That is besides Stanton, Sanders, Dean and Reese. Those 5 women were not on the stairs in Wiegman they all arrived after the shooting. In Altgens6 there is no one standing between Shelley and Lovelady. It is physically impossible and that tiny snippet you point out shows nothing that resembles a human.
  16. I just want to reply to some of the musings from page 1 with regards the roll call and Truly's testimony in specific. The roll call did not happen, and never at the time stated by Truly. Here is why. Bill Shelley is seen leaving with Williams and Garcia at about 13:30. Had Lee been missing at that time then this would have been blasted around like there was no tomorrow. Instead a very generic APB went out on the airwaves instead. They had not clocked that lee the assassin was missing. Shelley had given him permission to go and Truly had vouched for him at the front door....... Shelley is gone to City Hall and he is there for a good few hours as he makes sure Garcia and Williams get treated right by the cops. He sees Oswald being paraded in by the DPD and remarks that 'he' works at the TSBD and he is his mgr. What he does not do is point him out as the man missing at 1 PM before he left. Now why not as that would have sealed the deal. He then finds out Oz is a cop killer. Possibly while he is at DPD or later on a TV/radio he finds out Oswald is a commie. And then he makes his return to the TSBD and has a chat with Roy......... Shelley's name is not on the Revill list, the Revill list shows that TSBD employees arrived back inside just before 3PM, the whole story of Truly picking Oswald out as the one missing before 1 PM is utter rubbish. That same Revill list that has Oswald as the first person on top supporting Oswald left much later than the 3 minutes stated by the WC. Which then brings Roger Craig's and others sightings into play of a person looking like Oswald making his way down the grass and getting into the Nash Rambler. Virgie Rackley does not return to the TSBD until 2:55 PM Here is she is being interviewed by Biffle. Had Biffle known about Oswald then his questioning and reporting would have been much different. Biffle himself said on this matter in 1981 Biffle in the DMN 1981.. . . only two of us [reporters] had arrived at the ambush building [ the Depository] by this point. . . . Getting in was no problem. I just hid my press badge . . . and went in with the first wave of cops. . . . Hours dragged by. The building superintendent showed up with some papers in his hand. I listened as he told detectives about Lee Oswald failing to show up at a roll call. My impression is that there was an earlier roll call that had been inconclusive because several employees were missing. This time, however all were accounted for except Oswald. I jotted down the Oswald information. . . . Neither the police in the building nor the superintendent knew that Oswald already was under arrest. Roll call? What frigging roll call...... More info on this at ROKC. It's a joint effort between Greg Parker, Ed Ledoux and yours truly. http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1160-roll-call-remedy http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1660-roll-call-remedy-reprise
  17. Buell Wesley Frazier

    Carolyn Arnold is another one that can be added to your list.
  18. Buell Wesley Frazier

    Rob Clark alerted me to Frazier's poly, so I ordered it at NARA, but obviously not much nearer to it. The fact that the poly is missing speaks for Oswald and not against him, had it been against then the DPD would have framed it for everyone to see. All docs received from the Archives are HERE
  19. Ain't no debate Tommy. How can Calvery and co be on the stairs 20 seconds after the final shot when she still has to meet Bill Shelley across (who is seen walking over there in the same film) Nor has anyone been able to pinpoint her exact location/outfit for 54 years and counting.
  20. When did the Coke Appear?

    And with regards sealing of the building, one may as well throw in Sorrels in the mix when he entered through the back and spoke with Piper and subsequently then ordered the building sealed...............
  21. When did the Coke Appear?

    Thanks Steve and yes the Kaminsky part is right and I added this to the up and coming update a month or so ago. Greg Parker has already made mention of this at the ROKC forum. "Edit" this doc you referred to is also at MFF The release of my update to the paper (25 extra pages) will be hopefully next week.
  22. When did the Coke Appear?

    See above Steve I edited my post just while you were posting.
  23. When did the Coke Appear?

    Major (!) Stavis Ellis spoke 3x about this and each time the story is different. see my paper http://dealeyplazauk.org.uk/pdfArticles/Anatomy of the second floor lunch room encounter Aug 27 2017-by_Bart Kamp.pdf
  24. More evidence from the autopsy

    From the AARC LIbrary
  25. Thank you Sandy. I appreciate the feedback. I will post another update soon with about 20 pages extra material.