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  1. I made a few posts in different threads, but now I have been sent quite a few different things which I shall post in here accordingly. http://www.prayer-man.com/gifts-from-uncle-malcolm-part-4/ Shanklin to Sorrels and handing over a list of photographers around the crime scene. The list is missing of course. Doorway Man discussed with Bill Shelley and Roy Truly. Oswald’s description over the police radio, most interesting doc. http://www.prayer-man.com/gifts-from-uncle-malcolm-part-5/ HSCA Sidney A Martin 210877. Richard Randolph Carr-Handwritten FBI Statement 030264. James Files. James Malley. Walter E Nelson.
  2. Bart Kamp

    Larry Huff

    Ok I know there have been a few postings about Larry Huff a few months back. Yesterday I received more than 100 pages from Malcolm Blunt on Larry Huff and the so called post assassination trip to the Far East. I have scanned the whole lot in and put it in folders. All together 100 MB. Download by clicking this. This link is valid for 7 days only!!!!
  3. Bart Kamp

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Hosty/Drain/Shanklin/Jones/Weiss (112th) and their offerings of assistance to the Secret Service for JFK's visit.
  4. Bart Kamp

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Do me a favour and create your own thread. Thank you.
  5. Wrong, and so was Groden Reid was outside with Truly and co. Geneva hine was in the office between 12:25-12:35 and saw no one come in. First person to arrive was a policeman.
  6. Bart Kamp

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Drain to Sorrels. Thanks to Malcolm Blunt.
  7. William Matson Law.Aug. 10th in London via FB Messenger (Skype gave us audio issues) for Dealey Plaza UK Thanks to Barry Keane for setting this up.
  8. Bart Kamp

    Backyard Photographs

    These are archived posts http://www.prayer-man.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/rokc forum/www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/forums/topics/show/13242989-back-yard-photography.html http://www.prayer-man.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/rokc forum/www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/forums/topics/show/13097955-backyard-photos.html
  9. Bart Kamp

    New Article by John Armstrong

    Posted by John Newman on FB Apr 9th.
  10. Bart Kamp

    New Article by John Armstrong

    Hi Mark, welcome aboard. Multiple take downs of the H&L theory can be read here. I suggest you wade through both sides, speak next year
  11. One shooter and spotter or just tree branches?
  12. See in bold above. Oh and strike throughs are mine as well. It is more than evident that Richard Gilbride has concocted a nice speculative story with nothing to support, why? Because Doyle has run out of arguments, he is done for and Gilbride is working with him on this. As a last resort Gilbride is helping him. So now we have two members who have been rightly kicked off here conveying their messages which amount to nothing more than unsupported dross, and Jim Hargrove you are culpable. Hope you guys have fun, ROKC does too. The very same guy wrote this less than a week ago. "Gordon is a fraud who is just there to make sure his Prayer Man friends are free from critics...I'd like to sue that bastard...Andrej runs to Gordon's warm tit faster than Lauren runs to Jim D's warm ass crack...But the real credibility is here with me..."
  13. See in bold above! What a bunch of rubbish, seriously. Now I have a serious question to ask. Why is Richard Gilbride penning down Brain Doyle's messages for Jim Hargrove to place here? What kind of nefarious messing around is in action here? For what purpose? BOTH are not members here any more. Jim Hargrove why do you keep fuelling the fire? Have you forgotten the postings ten days ago already? What is the matter with you?
  14. Thanks to Jake Sykes for the first one. I looked into the other two after that. Which way is that thumb going of the lady standing next to him called Sarah? At 18:25 Eh.....what was that Buell, she was standing where exactly? Gary Mack specifically asks him, to his right or left and he points and says to his left! 53:14 By the name of Sarah, standing just beside me. BWF uses both hands before and after, but when he mentions this specific bit of Sarah Stanton his left hand only moves aiming to HIS left. How can anyone translate this to standing west.......... At 06:02
  15. Bart Kamp

    New document releases 2017

    https://whowhatwhy.org/2018/07/26/analyzing-the-new-jfk-revelations/ ANALYZING THE NEW JFK REVELATIONS Review of New CIA and FBI Documents That Change Cold War History
  16. Bart Kamp

    Veciana, Oswald in Dallas

    This was a meeting with Peter Dale Scott, Bill Simpich and Alan Dale in attendance and I think Jim DiEugenio was there as well. There is another video of this low key event. I have no idea with regards handouts, what I do know that all this is going to come out later this year in John Newman's up and coming Vol. 3.
  17. I have done an interview for the Midnight Writer News Show it was good fun. I did not get bored listening to myself for a change..... http://www.prayer-man.com/mwn-episode-078-bart-kamp-on-prayer-man-oswald-the-tsbd/
  18. Bart Kamp

    Texas Innocence Project - Oswald Petition

    Signed and shared on FB! And so should everyone else.
  19. Closing this thread will not solve anything, it will re-appear under a different guise like it has been this past year. It ought to be investigated and then a decision ought to be made where all members ought to adhere to.
  20. Bart Kamp

    Question About Roger Stone

  21. 12 Days to assemble a reply, surely you had not seen this. Brian Doyle used Linda Giovanna Zambanini's REAL research without ever asking her for using it or crediting her for it. You seem to have condoned this by not mentioning anything about this and moreover have defended it ever since posting. Means you are culpable. Brian Doyle is leading both women to such an extend that the W.C. would be considering hiring him. I thought Larry Rivera's Roy Edward Lewis interview took the biscuit, but this surpasses it. How dare you to pass this of as REAL research, if that is what you think then I suggest to have a rethink! It means you are corrupted beyond belief with your assessments. We have to thank Brian Doyle's for supplying the vital info of Sarah Stanton talking to LHO by the stairs (which one is anyone's guess) whether he was going to go out, and that was before she went out to watch the motorcade. Already discussed and pointed out before. Another nail in the coffin with regards the 2nd floor encounter. And contradicts Doyle's 'beliefs'. And no Harvey was not yapping with Frazier while Lee was sitting in the lunch room while it went down, another excuse used by Doyle and his Fetzerian beliefs, you can forget that rubbish scenario there is absolutely nothing to support this idiocy. As a matter of fact it is safe to assume that anyone supporting this dross is more concerned with prolonging this case than actually trying to end it. But your answer above is actually rubbish, since Doyle conferred with you via email, I mean it's all there in the Prayer Woman thread. You are not fooling anyone Jim Hargrove.
  22. Bart Kamp

    Backyard Photos, invitation for Jack White.

    BYP at ROKC http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1159-back-yard-photography#15858 which is a copy of (and I posted this yonks ago already) http://www.prayer-man.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/rokc forum/www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/forums/topics/show/13242989-back-yard-photography.html which is actually easier to read through. But has no forum functionality than besides reading and clicking the following pages.
  23. Take a close look at the blurry frame below. It is so blurred we can even see two Buell Fraziers. What if Darnell caught Oswald's face due to this 'mishap'............. Original frame from the Darnell frame, exact size of video tape. Hence not enlarging. The following two shots, click on it to open in new window, and then click again on the pic. Increased from 72 to 300 dpi and auto levels applied. Auto levels applied again to Oswald. And no that is not Sarah Stanton. Doyle, get back in the ring sunshine, you must have learned how to post pix by now. Lee Harvey Oswald is the Prayer Man!!!
  24. Anatomy Of Lee Harvey Oswald's Interrogations For those not knowing: I have been in the hospital a lot. I had eleven (!) operations on my foot from June 8th and in that period I was either in a hospital bed or heavily sedated in bed at home. I used this time period mainly to work on the next paper, when I had the clarity and will power to do so. Glad I did spend all that time on it, as it turned out to be much of a bigger mission than originally anticipated. The amount of 'players' of various law enforcement agencies involved and the legal side of this subject proved to be daunting tasks to take care of. Just over 300 pages and filled to the brim with documentation, photographs and links to many videos about the many participants inside the D.P.D. bureau while Lee Oswald was in custody and being interrogated. Originally believed that there was not much around and that this would be the thinnest chapter of the 4, but due to the many people involved its size increased considerably and a picture has manifested itself nevertheless. And that is the main point of this exercise, to show a better overall picture of this particular situation inside the JFK Assassination. Hosted at the DPUK website (thank you Bernard Wilds!) HERE