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  1. First I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Charles Williams (aka Chad). I'm 30, from Midwest.... I currently run two websites thedivineeye.wordpress.com (formerly thedivineeye.net) and new spinoff researchjfkassassination.wordpress.com... The former is an archive of audio/visual/literature files for researchers and the latter is my attempt to create an archive of all free and downloadable materials from around the web and offer a one stop place to learn about the different researchers, theories, witnesses, etc..... Without having to know anything about the assassination previously... I have found there is so much great information available online, but had I been someone who had no idea what I was looking for, I may not have found it. So while both sites are still in process of being expanded, there is still plenty of information available... Anyways, back to the topic (btw I hope this is right place for topic) , I was reading the latest issue of Popular Mechanics and the main article was about the Challenger explosion, which happened 30 years ago. One of the individuals who was interviewed was George Bush made the following quote: "At the age of ninety-one my memory is not what it used to be. I am beginning to think I have now forgotten more than I ever knew to begin with. But like all Americans who are of a certain age, I Remember the Day The Challenger Blew Up." I was a little stunned when I read this and read it over a couple of times. Because here is a man admitting he remembered the day the challenger blew up (He was never accused of having insider knowledge or blowing up the challenger himself ;-)), which happened 30 years ago. Yet at about the age of 60 he could not remember anything from a day 15-20years prior (11-22-63) and arguably a more dramatic and devastating day. Anyways, I created a fancy little image of Poppy with the quote. And thanks for allowing me to be part of this forum. - Charles
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    Chad Williams

    My name is Charles Williams (I go by Chad), 30 years old, from the Midwest. I am sure I am among a great number of individuals who consider themselves history buffs, but I pretty much devote all my free time when i'm not working, taking care of my kids, or doing house work, to studying, reading, and researching. Truth be told, I probably study, read, and research while i'm working, taking care of my kids and doing house work, so, I think I can fairly say I can sometimes be a walking book. My favorite subjects, or rather the subjects I'm most knowledgeable in are Post-WWII America, Cold War, JFK, and anything and everything in between. I also have a great interest in Theology, religion origins, and Fringe Sciences (Quantum Physics, Paranormal,) and see overlapping connections between most areas I'm interested in.