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  1. Joseph, not absolutely sure this is what you asked about, but I found this link: http://www.jfkconversations.com/
  2. Mark S., I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but set the video to full screen and reduce the playback speed to 1/2 and you'll see that it is his watchband.
  3. There really are a few people who exactly fit the quotation: "Strain at a gnat and swallow a camel". Real eyes realize real lies.
  4. It is possible that he is telling the truth for once. I doubt he ever paid the $750.
  5. Great to hear you're getting back to normal after the afib. Your early job sounds like one I would have loved. I'm pretty satisfied with most jobs as long as I can learn something new pretty consistently, which it sounds like you did. I enjoy working along side people with a lot of knowledge on just about any subject because I can learn while I work. I would have loved the old apprentice system (not the Trump style). I got into gardening at a late age, but I'm not very good at it. I keep trying to learn and grow in the field (pun intended), but my retention is not what it used to be. I
  6. Thank you Joe. If I had not lucked into that USPS job, most of my family worked menial labor jobs and (even though possessing mental acuity) never had much education, etc.. I worked in a textile mill until they were all exported, then worked at local small businesses with low pay and no benefits. I know and understand working hard and that feeling of accomplishment when you finish the day and look back on the results. The old fashioned "work ethic" that made America is so lacking and looked down upon by so many who never had to lift themselves up by their bootstraps and do actual manual la
  7. What I find most troubling is that after nearly four years a Christian evangelical, or Christian of any other description can support a man who embodies everything antithetical to their stated beliefs. Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt for forgiving and supporting him after breaking every one of the ten commandments (if you break one, you break them all). This makes us ALL sinners but we are redeemable by repenting (turning about from our evil ways). Trump cannot even say I'm sorry, must less change his perverted ways. Sorry for the religious diatribe, but it is simply inconce
  8. David, it sounds trite, but I understand your situation pretty well and agree about insurance/healthcare. I was a supporter of Bernie Sanders (and anyone else) that truly wanted to reform our healthcare/insurance industry for that very reason. I don't care what it's labeled, if a country cannot take care of its citizens who toil at the mundane and mostly low paying jobs that make it run, there is a problem that sooner or later will boil over. My family would be in exactly your situation had I not lucked into a US Postal Svc. job many years ago. We have been blessed with pretty good health
  9. Perfect quotation for this situation Steve. Few can/could match the wisdom and oration of Lincoln and none since JFK have have matched his understanding and deep reverence for this country and its underlying foundations.
  10. I have heard of the book, but never thought about reading it. There are so many rabbit holes to go down. I try to stick closely to the core issues/persons involved so that I don't get lost. I am thinking about reading it now that you mentioned it. I found a supposedly free iphone download of it as an audio book at a website called SlideShare (9 hrs and 55 mins.). Anyone know anything about this site?
  11. Can you say "Special Session" for the Senate? Then after another crony is on the Supreme Court, it's "check" & "mate". All Trump will have to do is be "in" the election. Then he can throw more S*** on the wall, sue for some absurd reason and his buddies all get together to vote him "President for Life" with a new succession order which goes through the Trump family and Trump Organization. 2020 has been a great year, hasn't it. I'm sure we'll hear accolades from the White House for RBG any minute now..... CRICKETS!
  12. I'm sorry to hear that (about the tee totallers), since it is one of my virtues, if you want to call it that. But in deference to your opinion, my father's side of the family had many alcoholics. I always attributed most of their failures to this weakness and chose as a youngster to make sure I didn't fall into that trap. All my failures have to be attributed to my other shortcomings. PS: It's the only trait I share with Trump (hopefully). Make mine alcohol free!
  13. Still waiting on the ONE virtue of Trump. Y'all did realize that the example given was straight from the online dictionary and that I know he and most of us cannot meet that example. Thank you Robert for the backhand compliment. I can assure you I have more than an eighth grade education (though I was not an eighth grade salutatorian). As for what Chris B. brought up, is there any evidence that Trump loves his country other than by using it's laws to freely take other people's money. Look at his opinion of anyone who would willingly give their life for their country. His speaking
  14. I will abstain from personal attacks, but if I may ask, can anyone here name ONE virtue of Donald J. Trump. By that I simply ask that you use the standard definition of virtue. vir·tue /ˈvərCHo͞o/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: virtue; plural noun: virtues 1. behavior showing high moral standards. "paragons of virtue"
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