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  1. Richard Price

    Is this something most researchers are aware of?

    Additional Info added: Couldn't edit, so I added it here. WSB TV and radio originate out of Atlanta, GA and are currently part of Cox Media Group. They saved a lot of raw footage from 1949-1981 for historical reference, unfortunately it is only of local coverage for the most part which deals with events or people in/around Atlanta. There are a few films which deal with JFK and the assassination. The others include various people reacting to the assassination or the Warren Commission Report (an elementary school principal/students creating an uproar about something to do with the assassination) and one with Mark Lane who was evidently in Atlanta (1967/1968). There are (4) clips of Robert Welch (JBS) from 1957-1967 making comments on communism, the Warren Commission, etc.
  2. Richard Price

    Is this something most researchers are aware of?

    The interview was on December 4, 1963, but it does not mention the date(s) Oswald supposedly stayed at the hotel. It does say the transcript begins in the middle of the interview. I'll have to try watching the interview and see if it includes more info.
  3. I just came across this from one of my local TV stations archive of news films. I have not viewed the film yet, but it has a transcript attached. I had never heard of this information before, so I don't know if it is well known in the research community or not.. http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/news/id:wsbn45769 In this series of WSB-TV newfilm clips of Elaine Glosson being interviewed by an unidentified male reporter on December 4, 1963, she is seen discussing Lee Harvey Oswald staying at the Atlanta-area hotel she worked at. Ms. Glosson is shown sitting in a chair in front of a black background as an unidentified male reporter asks her various questions about her interactions with Lee Harvey Oswald at the Northwest Holiday Inn in Atlanta. The interview is transcribed in full below. The first clip begins in the middle of the interview. Glosson: ... "The manner in which he was dressed and actually his mannerisms; they were sort of cocky. He was dressed sort of shabbily--he needed to shave--just sports clothes." Reporter: "He stayed at the motel how many nights?" Glosson: "The first time he stayed one night." Reporter: "Oh, he came back?" Glosson: "Yes, he came back again." Reporter: "Well what happened after the first time?" [clip skips forward here] "...came from?" [It's probable he's asking about the gun Oswald left behind.] Glosson: "I'm not certain. I think it was from Birmingham, Alabama." Reporter: "And did he come back after the gun?" Glosson: "Yes, he did. It was about three nights later. He came in the office and registered and asked for his gun and we took him back to my manager's office behind the front desk and he got the gun out of the safe for him, and he asked him for some identification and he produced the Texas driver's license with his name on it." Reporter: "And what was the name on it?" Glosson: "Lee H. Oswald." [Here the clip zooms out and shows the reporter.] Reporter: "What kind of gun was it?" Glosson: "It was a revolver. It had a pearl handle and the barrel was, I think it was unusually long. Well, I don't know too much about guns but it looked so to me." Reporter: "Did you question him or did anyone question him about what he was doing with a gun?" Glosson: "No, he made no excuse whatsoever for having the gun." [Here the clip zooms back in.] Reporter: "He left the motel without incident, did he?" Glosson: "Yes." Reporter: "And when did you have next occasion to think about this man?" Glosson: "Well actually he really made an impression on me that night; I thought about it several times. But the Friday the President was shot, I heard the name on the radio and then it sounded very familiar. He was about the same age man and from the description--I hadn't seen a picture of him--it sounded like the same man. But later on that afternoon I saw his picture on TV and I knew then that it was the same man." Reporter: "Did the other employees at the motel see him?" Glosson: "Yes. Mmhmm." Reporter: "Do they think it's the same man?" Glosson: "Yes, they do." Supporting information was taken from the following source: The Harold Weisberg Archive, Digital Collection. Hood College. Web. 16 June 2015. Clip no.: wsbn45769 Title supplied by cataloger.
  4. Richard Price

    J Featherston information

    Thank you Kathy. With his background, I am surprised that I found so very little about him on the internet. Perhaps it has to do with fact that he died so long ago (in respect to the age of the internet), that is. Very interesting and informative. He seems to have been a very dedicated and distinguished journalist along with his other good traits. I think with this info we can pretty definitely say that if he had anything to do with the photos disappearing, he was not aware of his role. He seems to have followed his journalistic instinct and got as much info as he could on site and then tried to make sure the witness having evidence (if any) got to the police. There, like in so many other instances, the chain of evidence seems to go awry with the very people who are supposed to be trained to keep that chain unbroken.
  5. Richard Price

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    Jim, I may have missed it in some of your earlier postings, but do you consider the wrong route being published on the actual day of the motorcade to be indicative of trying to keep the crowds sparse? If so, how was it that the crowd seemed to know that they could line up on Houston & Elm St. and see the president as opposed to crossing the street and going into the "infield/median" area which fronted Main St.
  6. Richard Price

    J Featherston information

    Thanks again Kathy. Do you know if he is still alive, or if not, did he live out his life in Dallas. Did he continue his career in journalism of one sort or another, or did he change careers at some point. I'm sorry if I'm belaboring the issue, I sometimes latch onto a thought and just can't let it loose until I resolve it in one way or another. That's what happened when I started learning about the assassination initially. I just can't stop reading & studying everything I can get my hands on. I started when I first heard of the anomalies with the official story (Lane/Garrison, etc.). I was only 12 years old, but loved history and was a voracious reader. It's only gotten worse with new avenues of research since the advent of the internet (JFK Lancer Forum & now this one). I never had the financial ability to do much more than read/study and lurk on the outside looking in at all the info being developed by the many dedicated researchers. I appreciate everyone that has been able to do more and continue to hope that I may contribute something one day. Off topic somewhat. I do hope I am not wasting everyone's time.
  7. Richard Price

    J Featherston information

    Thanks, Kathy. I was aware of her changing story, but I was more interested in Mr. Featherston. I just wonder if he has any of the military intelligence connections that so many in this episode seem to have. Also, since so little came up when "googling" him, I wondered if there was some additional biographical info on him or if someone with Dallas connections had ever checked out his life/career.
  8. Richard Price

    J Featherston information

    Has anyone ever developed information on James /(Jim) Featherston, the Dallas reporter who immediately went to Mary Moorman after the assassination? My overly active imagination makes me wonder what his background was, what happened to him after 11/22/63, etc. It seems to me that his great journalistic instinct in getting to Moorman within seconds after the assassination and deciding that he "HAD" to have the photo(s) to the exclusion of anyone else, should have been an indication that he would have had the ambition and skills to succeed greatly in his profession. Can anyone point me to information about him. I don't seem to come up with much when I search his name online. As with everything about the assassination, his actions just seem too coincidental and too perfectly coordinated with the various missing evidence in the records. By this I mean the missing photo the Moorman said she took of the other motorcycle policeman which showed the eastern corner of the Depository. This interests me because, to me it seems that every photo we have in existence just happens to have a blur/damage or have images of interest just out of field. Thanks in advance for any information.
  9. Richard Price

    Revolt of the Colonels?

    I found this on wikipedia which may or may not be related. Delbert Leonard "Del" Bjork (6/27/14-8/26/88). Not much info but it does say he was in the military and rose to rank of colonel. The link where the info was found. Military ID ? 032399 (from Official Army Register, volume 1, 1960, page 88) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Del_Bjork
  10. Richard Price

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    I've read extensively about the assassination, but have never paid much attention to Tippit, always thinking it was just an odd possibly unrelated incident to the actual killing. I finally have started paying attention and reading about Tippit's murder, etc. I have a question which some of you on the forum may have already "fleshed" out. Tippit's location was pretty nebulous up until the time he was killed. When he was killed, he was outside his car. Was his car examined/documented? Was his trunk opened and searched? Is there any kind of inventory of contents of his car? It strikes me, that with the uniform hanging in the back, someone could have joined him in the patrol car, assumed the identity of a second patrolman and disappeared quite easily. Dallas had both one man and two man patrol cars, so it would have looked natural to an observer. Also, if the DPD was involved, it would be easy enough for "dispatch" to call Tippit's car number/unit number and send the car out to "Redbird Field" to check for a possible fleeing subject, thereby facilitating the escape of one or both possible conspirators. This of course, goes down many rabbit holes depending on whether Tippit was a shooter and both had to escape or if he was just the driver for the escaping assassin. Either way, it looks like one or both men were "set up" and eliminated.
  11. I don't know if this has ever been discussed, but it's one of those little things that I noticed long ago and can't get out of my head. The Croft photo is taken very close in time to the first shot in the opinion of most researchers. In the picture, the limo driver can be seen reaching with his right hand over to the upper mid dash area as he drives. There are controls located in this area. I know there is a 2 way radio at the very bottom center of the dash (with a microphone hanging on the left side), but what are these upper controls used for and why is he altering the setting? I have hopefully attached 2 photos which can be used for reference if necessary. Thanks, and I hope I am not dredging up "old" news.
  12. Richard Price

    A warning

    Thank you James. Both for the forum and for the new rule. I mostly lurk and read, but have been finding it more and more difficult to find discussions of actual viewpoints/facts/suppositions without reading through endless diatribes by certain members who, instead of accepting other points of view go straight to demeaning them for their input. I can read all day as long as someone's point of view is being expressed (whether I agree or not), but have no tolerance for immediate personal attacks and mocking. If someone consistently posits something I can not agree on factually, I stop reading their posts. By the same token, some members that I have gained information from over time, have devolved into petty non informative responses & leading questions aimed at provocation without a legitimate goal in mind other than derailing logical fact based discussions I still read daily and post infrequently, but I have now started skipping some topics when I see who is responding so that I don't waste my time and learn nothing. Thanks again. I started off on the Lancer forum and sincerely miss some of the information & posts that I gained access to at that site..
  13. The image below has a red line around the rear wing, front wing and the "flange" along the back center of the fuselage. I think the dark area is the shadow of the tail. The lower part of the fuselage is a bright silvery color and I think the shadow of the tail is causing it to look very dark because of its reflectivity. If you use a straightedge to align the shadows of the people, etc. and then do the same for the tail section of the plane it aligns with the dark area.
  14. Richard Price

    Evidence Of Revision - JFK Assassination Rarities

    Hi Kirk. I got the same message, but did a quick Youtube search (which another member mentioned) and found many variations of it available. It is available in small increments of about 10 minutes each, full length episodes and I think I even saw one that was the entire 9 plus hours.
  15. Richard Price

    Stunning Interview with Mort Sahl

    Mort Sahl should be a leading candidate for the "Profile In Courage" award in my opinion. A truly remarkable man of courage who continued to ask for truth whatever the cost. A very prescient, although somewhat rambling commentary, but "spot on" in so many ways. It brings to mind Winston Churchill's quote, "History is written by the victors" and also Adolph Hitler's, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it". I think Mort may have captured it best for our generation in summing it up as, ignoring unpleasant truths, because they require action and have consequences. Most people do not see how the big picture includes them or how/what they can do to influence the outcome. They just want to be extras in the background - get fed, get paid and go home. I am very proud of every single "conspiracy theorist" out there who brings to light even a single thread of actual truth as opposed to the "alternative facts" presented as truth. Off my soapbox now! Fantastic find and thanks for posting it.