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  1. The only problem with this reference is that according to all the pictures I've seen of Frazier's car, it is a 1953 or 1954 dark colored or black Chevrolet, not a 1959.
  2. At this point Trump has removed/replaced so many people in the governmental hierarchy with acolytes of "Der Fuhrer" and subjugated so many through fear of the liberal mob plotting a coup since day one of his administration, the very apt words of Michael Cohen may soon be considered visionary (as in nightmarish). Cohen warned that he feared Trump would not relinquish power peacefully. Cohen understands that Trump has so much to lose if he no longer has the power of the Presidency, that he will go to any extent necessary to retain power. I have the same fear for our country. I am no great historian, but have read and seen enough to see the parallels of Hitler and the Nazi's in Germany. They were essentially a minority as well, but when fronted by a charismatic corrupt leader who promised a return to earlier glory, placed "true believers" in high office and proceeded through fear and violence to purge any opponents. He too, was viewed as "the chosen one" by those he raised up to serve. Consider the following possibility: if Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies or is incapacitated prior to the election date, he won't have to say "go talk to Rudy", he will be absolutely insulated by all the "Trump judges", the Senate of the US (assuming the current class of Republicans retain their advantage) and an adoring 30% of the populace. The populace and Senate have already confirmed their fealty. The judges, in particular, the Supreme Court is still to come to their "time of judgement" and may be the country's last hope. JFK's book "Profiles in Courage" shows that one man (person) can hold the balance of democracy in their hands alone. But many times that person must sway the outcome by convincing others of the greater good for the country vs a personal/political victory. I think we may have reached the point at which there is no one to convince on the " new right" and Trump and his followers are very adept at driving a wedge between the "left" and "centrist" factions thereby deriving a majority by commanding his 30-40% of the population. Many of those persons who consider themselves members of the "right" or conservatives have already left and made clear that Trump followers have deserted their core values. Thoughts, anyone?
  3. Amen, Joe. Many of us will not know what we have lost until it is too late. Professing ourselves wise, we have become fools. When a political party declares its loyalty to a leader and not to the founding principles of the country, both the principles and the country will perish. Our republic currently hangs by a thread and it is on fire. Sometimes a country's future hangs upon one "Profile In Courage". The question is, do we have even a single person willing to provide this courageous act on our behalf or will this truly be the next American revolution. The founders of communism said many years ago that the American capitalist system would destroy itself with its own excesses. I fear we have proven them accurate.
  4. Unfortunately, he who wins the battle does not always win the war. Even though JFK had the long outlook on his actions as President, the opponents to his actions used the simple plan of removing the obstruction ahead of them without fear of consequence each time they were blocked. The victors write history as someone once said. In this case, I think the NAZI use of propaganda was studied, perfected and utilized on the American public to cement the victors aims and goals.
  5. I also did a short search for the "Wade" signatures on the register. What I find is that it appears to be Mr. & Mrs. J Calvin Wade and above that is Mrs. J C Wade. It represents the mother of J. Calvin Wade (top signature) and her son and his wife (second signature). Appears to be completely innocuous. I found short biographical info on "Find A Grave" for both men. Jasper Clifford "J. C." (the father) had run a dairy in Kelsey, TX and died in 1995, aged 90. The son Junior Calvin was an educator and died aged 85 in 2013. So, looks like nothing there with these 2 signatures.
  6. Ron, sorry for butting in. My memory is not as good as it used to be, but are you speaking of the "ambulance in front of the hospital". I was only eight when the assassination happened and the intervening 55 years have clouded my recollections and created some false memories (I think), but I SEEM to remember the hearse in front of the hospital and Jackie, Bobby, etc. going towards the entrance doors as a reporter/newscaster was making comments about the scene. I had meant to relay this info in an earlier thread when this subject came up, but got off topic and forgot about it. I can't be 100% certain I have not been influenced by all the material I have read, viewed and listened to over the years, but the essential memories of the video seem to have been imprinted in my brain enough that I have trouble thinking it is a combination of other peoples memories or the influence of outside information. If that is not the event you were speaking of, I am sorry for taking the posting off topic.
  7. Ron, I was thinking more along the lines of falsification/replacement of the underlying identification such as DNA, fingerprints, etc. I don't think the people coming in contact with the dead body would have any intimate or extensive knowledge of Epstein personally and they would have no reason to doubt the body they received from authorities at the jail.
  8. Is Donald Trump doing to the US what Gorbachev did to the USSR with the aid of Vladimir Putin? Thoughts?
  9. Want to really off the rails into a "conspiracy theory"? Who identified the body? What if it was a "dead ringer" double. The cellmate was removed, the guards got some sleep, the cameras malfunctioned and the real Epstein was whisked away and replaced with the body double. I haven't checked if this idea has made the internet or Youtube yet, but I've been waiting to hear it. After all, with all his money, nothing is out of the question. Right?
  10. Now that AG Barr has expressed his view of the death as "apalling", we just have to wait and see if his investigation is to find out what happened or to usurp other investigations by "nationalizing the search" for purposes of gathering and hiding any evidence tied to high level officials. So far he has not looked exceptionally driven by a pursuit of truth.
  11. Ron the album is still readily available on eBay and a website called Discogs.com for around $4 -$10 depending on condition and seller. I had two until just a while back when I sold them at a yard sale. Just as background and totally off topic: I used to listen to the record now and again, but found that no matter how funny some of the skits were, I became sad as it progressed and I reflected on the loss, so I just stopped playing it. I was only 8 when the assassination occurred, but like most of you here, something about the assassination profoundly affected me and my outlook almost from that date (11/22/1963) onward.
  12. i am by no means an expert on photo interpretation or the effects of camera lenses on the end product, but it would seem logical to me that if the head were enlarged due to the distortion, then all other objects appearing in the same general area should also exhibit the same effect. I see no such variation in the fence boards, 4x4 posts, etc.
  13. Thanks, David. That's the pictures/video I was thinking of. I was drawing a blank on who photographed/filmed it. That's the Nix film isn't it? I knew I had already went down that rabbit hole a long time ago on the JFK Lancer site. I wish I still had the memory you guys have. Now everyone can get back on track with the alteration in the intersection.
  14. Thanks for the reply Chris. I think what you posted is the only possible view of officer D. L. Jackson's motorcycle. It shows only what appears to be the front of the front wheel. However, when looking at individual frames of the Zapruder film in the sequence (range of 153-158), the wheel appearing does not seem to be similar to the adjacent escort motorcycle and nothing more ever appears. In trying to nail this down, I find there does not appear to be a single image from any angle showing officer Jackson or his motorcycle anywhere on Elm St. before, during or after the assassination. I also searched for depositions or interviews with Jackson. I found a few including a HSCA interview/deposition in which he elaborates on his position, but is extremely vague. He mentions "dropping back 5 or 6 feet" when turning onto Elm St., but then follows up by saying that he has just "rounded the corner and is 15 to 20 feet away from the limo when he sees Connally react to a shot and says he STOPPED his motorcycle. He says he looked to the overpass, saw a policeman with his hands on his hips, looked to his right and rear (TSBD area) and saw people "falling to the ground". Very Confusing and conflicting. If you or anyone else thinks this needs more discussion, maybe it should be moved to a new thread. I do not know how to move it, so feel free to do so if you think it is merited. Thank you. See this link for his interview (this is actually page 2): https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=9965#relPageId=14&tab=page.
  15. I wanted to thank both Chris and David for your fantastic dedication and extremely in depth study of the photographic record and then I have a slightly off topic question. I have studied the films and pictures for a long time and thought that I remembered seeing at least one photo showing both the motorcycle officers on the right of the President's car as it proceeded down Elm St. I'm sure that I have seen two officers on the right on Houston St. I do remember seeing the turn onto Elm and thinking only one of the motorcycle officers was seen, but thought he was later seen. Now, when I started reading your thread on the wide turn and position "A", I was wondering if maybe this forced the officer to either drop back or drop out of formation as I can no longer find a picture with more than one officer alongside or behind the limousine on the right side. I'm sure one of you guys can confirm this one way or the other.
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