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  1. The entire front page can be viewed here: https://christchurchcitylibraries.com/Heritage/Newspapers/Star23Nov1963/PDF/ChristchurchStar23Nov1963-page01.pdf Jim: I agree that Hal Hendrix was likely the source of much of the early Oswald bio, but I don't get the connection to NZ. Was it that important to cover the English-speaking world with a cover story? I think we all know the answer. Does anyone have any other links to non-U.S. news that was too early? Stephanie: Thanks for the references. If you can find the timing of those stories or similar ones I would appreciate it. My curiosit
  2. The Prouty/Stone assertion that the Christchurch Star broke the Oswald story sooner than possible always intrigued me. However, the lone nut theorists (DVP, JM) always blew this off and the paper itself discounted this (I cannot find the original citation). However, when I looked into this recently, the timeline does seem awfully suspicious. Here is a general overview: [Dallas time (-6 UTC) > New Zealand time (+12 UTC) and neither was observing DST in that year] JFK shot @ 12:30pm FRI > 6:30am SAT in NZ Oswald arrested @ 1:50am > 7:50am NZ Oswald charged fo
  3. In response to the OP, I do not think there has been a president since JFK that wasn't working for the Establishment. Some were pure creations of it (Reagan), some were willing participants who liked the power (Clinton, Bushes), some were too venal to ignore the pull (LBJ, Nixon), and some may have been able to rationalize it to themselves (Carter, Obama). However, all of them did the bidding of the Establishment (my general term for elite power brokers). The closest (I think) we've come to the "unaffected" president was either Carter or Obama, because they seemed to have their heart in t
  4. My interest in Gladio is based on my research into anti-Left organizations being set up around the world after WWII. This was a logical progression of setting up the Soviet Union in the first place. First, we created a leftist monster, then we created its Hegelian antithesis. Classic formation from these madmen. Along with Gladio and its ilk, came Phoenix in Vietnam and Condor in South American--kind of a wash-rinse-repeat scenario to ensure that leftists can't gain traction around the world. This sh*t has been going on since Hulagu Khan built a pyramid of skulls out of the educated peopl
  5. Getting back to Gladio for a moment, I do not understand why everyone is citing Ganser's book while no one mentions Paul Williams' Operation Gladio. Williams' book is well written, footnoted, and has pretty good pacing for a non-fiction book. It is also 1/4th the price of Ganser's book. With all due respect to Dr. Ganser, whose opinions I, for the most part, share, he comes across in his speeches a little too much like a "pop" historian, and tends to dodge the tougher questions. I'm not saying that addressing them head-on is easy or always appropriate, but to an American ear he's eit
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