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  1. So I am not doing this to brag about my prescience, but I was interested in Leonov as of 2011 and, beyond that, about his possible impersonation as far back as 2015. I dug up emails I sent to Larry H, Bill S and Jeff M today. It included some of the documents referenced in this thread. The major addition for the past year or so are the Mexi photos which clearly show Leonov going into the Cuban consulate. The reason I bring this up is the WHY I was interested in Leonov. Here is what I wrote someone in 2011... "Hi,I have mentioned this to Larry, if for no other reason that on my last archive visit (and I still have to email you a bunch of docs, Larry) I found Church Committee interviews with Angleton where he made a serious effort to raise suspicions about Nikolai Leonov, Che's and possibly even Fidel's KGB case agent, and an operational chief for the KGB in the Western Hemisphere. This triggered a memory, from Jon Lee Anderson's bio of Che. Pages 759-60 have a footnote for page 614 (regarding a visit by Che to Moscow when his pal Leonov was not there, having been transferred to Mexico.) The footnote reads as follows:"In November of 1962, with his habitual knack of meeting historic personalities on the even of momentous events, Leonov came face-to-face with Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald had arrived at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City and asked to speak to an official. According to Leonov, he was called out to deal with him. But when he saw that Oswald was both armed and agitated, Leonov decided he was "psychotic and dangerous," and says he quickly called other embassy personnel to help remove him from the premises. Leonov says he was stunned when, soon afterward, he recognized him as the man who had been arrested in Dallas, accused of murdering the American president. In a conversation about the various JFK assassiantion theories, Leonov dismissed the notion that Oswald might have acted on KGB orders, citing the "psychotic" behavior he had witnessed firsthand, and said that, theoretically speaking- even if the KGB had wanted to kill JFK- it would never have used someone so unbalanced and difficult to control."... I think dates are wrong, but it sounds very similar to the Nechiporenko incident. If this happened, it is fascinating." --- I think we have to factor in Angleton here in a big way. And we also have to ask why three different people-- an ABC journalist spoke at Lancer several years ago detailing a third KGB general giving a nearly identical "I met with Oswald and he lost his xxxx" story as both Nechiporenko and Leonov above-- from the Russian side, all gave the same story but with a different protaganist. I will let you folks gestate on both. -Stu
  2. Any chance we can find out who attended these "training" sessions? Disturbing to say the least.
  3. Yeah we need to dig those out while we can still get to Buell. And they need to be "cleaned up" as much as possible.
  4. I confronted-- if you call it that-- Buell Frazier about the excerpts of HSCA testimony that Rob posted a few years ago. He pushed back and insisted he did not say those things or experience them, etc. How clear is the audio? Can anyone clean it up? The latter would be really big. Anyone a sound guy/gal?
  5. To compare completely baseless arguments against Debra Conway to documented and fundamental flaws with Judyth Baker borders on intellectual dishonesty. There are people who say all sorts of nuts things in this case. No one should be legitimizing what Judyth represents-- no one.
  6. I think any documentary with Stone's name behind it that promotes Judyth's story will set the research community back leaps and bounds. It does not matter if it presents any new and worthwhile material. To the contrary: many people will throw the baby out with the bathwater. Or, conversely and counter-intuitively, leave viewers of a documentary that presumably is supposed to be pro-Garrison with the impression that Garrison completely missed a huge story right under his nose, fundamentally misidentifying who was involved in an actual JFK plot.
  7. [If he confirms what he saw]: Did anyone else see what he saw? Who?
  8. A long while back-- and I would love to recover it-- on either alt.assassination.jfk or the moderated version, someone doing a thesis paper asked a question on the group that has always fascinated me. He had found a book written by a historian who also also happened to be an official in the Dominican. Said historian/official wrote something on the lead up to the Trujillo assassination that this poster was hoping someone could explain. Apparently, a CIA officer in the Dominican, one who played a role in the Trujillo assassination, Colonel Lear Reed, had been openly talking about a major change coming in policy in the Carribean shortly before JFK's assassination. If someone can find the quote, and if we could explore that, it might be important.
  9. Someone needs to get Guillon's private papers post-JFK assassination. And Truman's. Would love to know their private thoughts on Nov 22.
  10. I reached Dr. Porto via an intermediary. He is not keen on speaking about the subject. But he told said person that the damage was extensive, but concentrated on the right rear parietal region of the skull. Trying to get more, but I am not confident. -Stu
  11. This has been the subject of two straight Lancer presentations for me. Charles Waters, I am rather confident, was involved with one if not two Oswald impersonations prior to the assassination, including the infamous Bolton Ford impersonation. He becomes even more suspicious as he worked at one point (no earlier than 1962) as a car salesman at Mohr Chevrolet, which happens to be marked (although there is some controversy about it) on Oswald's Dallas map and at another car dealership that happened to be right at the corner where Oswald was dropped off by the cab driver on 11/22/63. Mohr Chevrolet is interesting because it connects, indirectly, to the library card found (supposedly) in Oswald's wallet. The latter was the actual focus of the presentations.
  12. This has many strong arguments-- there are even some, involving blurring and the forward motion of other occupants, not mentioned. The problem is that by raising Z-film alteration, sometimes gratuitously, Dr. Mantik is going to make it very easy to ignore the substantive criticisms of Nalli that address Nalli on his own terms. I wish he had resisted the temptation to do that.
  13. Hi all, Several years ago David Wimp created a gif, which is available in places online, where he zeroes in on each of the limo occupants (Jackie, JFK, JBC, Kellerman) and shows how, from 308 to 320 or so, all of them appear to move forward. In light of this recent article that purports to support a frontal shot, but which ignores issues involving blurring and other movement in the limo, I think this needs to be redone and improved. We have very high quality, deblurred and stablized versions of the Z-film from Dr. John Costella. Plus the Wimp animations were, if anything, too fast. They need to be slowed down even more. I am envisioning something similar to what he did: a 4 quadrant closeup of each occupant simultaneously captured from 308 to 320. Could someone put that together, but again, using the Costella frames and slowing it down even more? Regards, Stu
  14. Thanks Gary, I look forward to it. I am very interested, specifically, in the unedited testimony of Joseph Nicol, the independent firearms/ballistics expert. It relates to my last Lancer conference talk. I very much look forward to hearing you present. -Stu
  15. Jim. I am very interested in that Cadigan material you posted. Where does one find these kind of original, unedited versions of WC testimony? Are there specific boxes that have this? Any kind of index to specific witnesses? Regards, Stu Wexler
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