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  1. Steve, I've mentioned before what I see is a failure on the part of our main stream media regards informing our entire nation about the Trump abuses of power ( almost always for his own personal political gain ) in anyway honestly reflective of the true gravity of their illegality and effects. For the upteenth time, Trump is seriously abusing the constitution, and our main stream media is letting him get away with doing so, by their lack ( I believe purposeful ) of appropriate coverage and editorial comment. Here Trump is ADMITTING he is holding up financial aid to Covid-19 job loss victims for political reasons. To stop anything he perceives to be of benefit to the Democrats more than he and his own party. If our largest viewership media venues don't make this blatantly admitted Trump political gain agenda Covid-19 victim hostage situation story OUTRAGED/FRONT PAGE internet and newspaper and even even radio and TV news as the dangerous misuse of power that it is...then 80% of our society is kept in a mind numbing ignorance of this presidential power abuse story and it's true importance. And which has been the case with dozens of other Trump power abuse actions during his anger, tension and anxiety inciting and filled reign. If Americans are not boldly told by our media the full honest gravity of Trump's actions, like this Covid-19 victim hostage one for pure political gain reasons, in a continuous FRONT PAGE OUTRAGE and importance way, most of them are left with nothing to bolster this reality in their own minds and conscience. If it isn't on the FRONT PAGE...it ain't that important. Most of our main stream media has kept Trump's continual and unprecedented abuse of power reality downplayed IMO. This latest abusive Trump political gain agenda move to keep Covid-19 aid from getting to millions of Americans who need this like two weeks ago, and are going to go through the entire month of August before they see any help ( setting them even farther behind in every basic need area ) , should be front page outrage news. I believe the bulk of our corporate owned news media organizations have been protecting Trump, as he represents their owner's interests above any others.
  2. Dawn, that's for sure. Haven't seen you on the forum anymore than "Dawn Wells" for the longest time. Have you been stranded on an uncharted island like Mary Ann all this time?
  3. JFK isn't on those top 10 presidents lists? And yet LBJ is? If one did a list of the most corrupt presidents LBJ would be number 1. LBJ is on those top 10 lists for one reason, his "Great Society" commitment which truly did benefit most of the working class, poorer and racially oppressed parts of our society on a new deal scale. So much so it blinded out the dark side of LBJ imo. A false reality image cover-up that continues to this day. Imagine a highest power Godfather using his massive wealth to improve the lives of working and poor folk in his controlled domain to levels they had never seen before. Even if these great life improved folk found out that their benefactor was also corrupt, it would be hard for them to turn their loyalty against him. They probably wouldn't even want to deal with finding out this darker truth. And until today, that's still the case with LBJ imo. Johnson went "all out" with his "Great Society" giveaway. He knew that he needed something this populist ( actually totally socialist ) and massive to overcome what he knew was a serious suspicious, mistrusting and Southern good ole boy perception of him by most Americans and create a more JFK popular, benevolent good king type image. This giveaway was so huge ( and aggressively and successfully implemented as well ) it worked ... in spades! LBJ is on these top presidents lists because of that one policy, but he was still a murderous criminal imo. JFK had the same "Great Society" goals in mind with his "New Frontier" intentions. And if he was elected to a second term and had the ridiculously high House and Senate majority numbers LBJ had, JFK surely would have gotten through many of them himself. JFK's courage to stand up to the corrupt forces that were really controlling too much of everything in this country up to and during much of his term ( and that were of massive numbers and power and influence beyond anything average Americans could imagine ) as well as millions of rabid JFK hating segregationists, super wealthy extreme right wing/oil baron groups, Mafia, vengeful expatriated Cubans and our own covert community ( fired Dulles, Bissell and Cabell ) and a threatened Hoover as well, defined him as perhaps our greatest president after Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt in his life giving sacrifice in standing up to these corrupt forces imo. On the other hand, LBJ was right in there with all those corrupt groups! Some here will surely dismiss me as a follower of former forum member Robert Morrow in his crusade to lift the false reality veil from our official historic record of LBJ as something other than a totally corrupt historic figure. They would be correct in that assessment. LBJ's "Great Society" giveaway was real and beneficial, but it doesn't change the reality of his greater over-all and more important legacy of corruption imo. Until we face this truth and quit living in a false historic record reality, we just perpetuate the damage living a lie does to us all as a nation and society. Same with JFK's murder and our official record of this.
  4. It's naive to think Bloomberg didn't have an impact on the Dem primaries. No one throws 500 million to 1 billion dollars ( in less than a three month time period ) into an election campaign without getting something in return for this. We've all seen and read Bloomberg's speech to Goldman Sachs big shots a few months before the democratic primaries where he declared Sanders and Warren bigger threats to his world of wealth and power than Donald Trump. And as soon as the numbers guaranteed Sanders and/or Warren could not win the Democratic nomination, Bloomberg drops his billion dollar campaign run? Clear as day what Bloomberg's real agenda was in joining the primary race. Bloomberg's been "out of sight" for several months? Somehow that means he doesn't have influence? When you are a politically aggressive multi-billionaire and you represent that small minority super wealthy and powerful part of our society, you don't need to be on the news every night to still be a major influence force behind the scene.
  5. Bloomberg made sure Sanders and Warren were not the Dem choice. It cost him between 500 million and 1 billion to do so, but his primary entering and divide campaign worked. Harris is also not a progressive. My choice for president was Warren, and her as Biden's VP choice. But I knew Bloomberg wouldn't let Biden choose someone who he declared more dangerous than Donald Trump. More dangerous to our controlling 1 %. I'll vote for Biden/Harris though. Trump is a monster in my mind.
  6. Yes, I remember Jim Di's piece on Harris as well. Very informative. I don't think the average American will ever read the full background info on Harris that Jim Di. published.
  7. It's inspiring to see several impassioned Brits willing to join this JFK truth seeking forum and add much to the discussion even 57 years after the event. I think Brits took the JFK assassination hard. With as much heart felt sadness and feeling of loss as Americans. Obviously some Brits still feel that loss and a desire to know what really happened in Dallas, Texas on 11,22,1963 just like us Yanks here, many of whom were alive that day and who just two days later, also saw Jackie Kennedy avenging and protecting strip joint owner Jack Ruby shoot and kill Oswald in the DPD basement with 70 armed security all around, live on TV. I've been following this thread but only chimed in regards Dallas Police Department Jim Leavelle so far. I am not educated enough on the Tippit/Oswald affair and Texas Theater arrest to add anything more than some basic questions based on the general reading that most of us have done on the matter. Well known writer forum member Joseph McBride is the resident authority on the matter and with his deep research discovery efforts opened up so much real ( and factual ) background info on Tippit, the Dallas PD and other areas that we all now use as a resource blueprint/template. Without McBride's research, we'd still be in the dark about Tippit and his background, the Dallas PD and Oswald's activities that day.
  8. Found this Trump/Epstein/Maxwell link today. The main stream media could show us 5X more photos of Trump schmoozing with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell than only the typical 5 or six we see over and over. One can't help but wonder why they keep so many others from display. Seen in their totality, you get a clearer idea of a much more engaged friendship between Trump, Epstein and Maxwell. This more extensive social relationship depicted by these many photos help explain Trump's illogically politically incorrect protective and defending personal empathetic concern ( publicly expressed ) about Maxwell's welfare in jail imo. Prince Andrew is seen a lot with Epstein and Maxwell as well. Many other crazy celebrity combo pics here that raise suspicious connection alarm bells. Images of Trump Epstein Maxwell bing.com/images
  9. When and if Steven Spielberg himself comes out publicly and says the ET presence on Earth is real, the process of world humanity acceptance will seriously begin imo.
  10. I may be wrong but I recall actually viewing an interview of Leavelle when he said this about the Tippit murder versus the JFK one. Now, this following more graphic downplaying JFK murder concern comment, also attributed to Leavelle, "may" have been related through another person such as a writer or historian that also interviewed Leavelle or even in response to an interview audience member question: Paraphrasing ... Leavelle: that compared to his fellow officer's murder, the JFK murder had no more importance to him than a ni##er killin'. I never bought into this later age pushed image of Leavelle as some kindly, quaintly colorful and more liberal mellow old grand daddy type. From the first time I saw Leavelle on TV escorting a wide open Oswald into the DPD basement to his no trial execution, adorned in his perfectly pressed, pleated, cream colored, Colonel Sanders get up ( complete with a big Texas style good ole boy white hat) and in interviews at that time, he came across to me as one mean som bi###. A guy who looked and sounded like he could fit the tough cop by day, KKK Grand Wizard by night role to a "T" imo. The most emotionally excited worked up moment of Leavelle's earlier interviews that I remember was when he described how a desperate reporter in the DPD building when Oswald was first brought in, actually squeezed his upper body between press blocking Leavelle's open legs to get a good photo shot of Oswald. Sadistic grinning Leavelle bragged how he kicked this reporter so hard, the SOB went flying clear across the hallway! YEAH! Nice kick Jimmy boy.
  11. Yes, interesting. However, I don't see the Oswald we know who was married to Marina here in the states and the one we saw on TV the weekend of November 22-24, 1963 as wearing a black leather motorcycle gang jacket and pounding his open hand on the Employment Department counselor's desk twice, while shouting "DAMN, I know that guy!"
  12. True story JM? One could ponder many intriguing questions regards such an incident. Was the guy so-called normal looking? In other words not disheveled, wild haired and eyed? Even decently dressed this fellow may or may not have had a legitimate threat knowledge. One wonders why this guy didn't go to or call the police to report his warning versus trying to run up to JFK himself which a normal person would know would be met with confrontation stopping by security personnel. Rose Cherami's warnings were ignored. In her agitated drug withdrawal state she was simply dismissed. What a strange and gut gnawing feeling and memory those people who heard Rose Cheramie's forewarnings about JFK's murder ( with specifics regards time and place ) had to carry the rest of their lives. They heard the JFK murder prediction before it happened. A prediction that might possibly have proved the event was a conspiracy. Otherwise how could Rose Cheramie have known this truth before it happened? Cheramie was actually with important Cubans in the same vehicle for many hours of cross state driving who were deeply involved with covert groups and activities that were anti-JFK . Sergio Arcacha-Smith? Smith befriended H.L. Hunt?
  13. Is there "any" corroborative testimony or evidence that Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford was on the roof on the the records building while JFK was passing underneath? I haven't ever heard of any police agency personnel being on downtown building roofs during the Dallas motorcade. I do recall Mark Lane interviewing the building maintenance man of the Post Office (?) building all the way across Dealey Plaza opposite the Texas School Book Depository who told Lane he was on the roof of that building as JFK and his motorcade turned right on Houston and then left on Elm. He described seeing a man above the grassy knoll area running fast from the parking lot area towards the Texas School Book Depository building just after the shooting and before anyone else started running up there. The maintenance man didn't mention any police person being up there on the roof with him.
  14. All the cheating in the world regards Trump's business and tax reporting dealings, all his extra-marital affairs and lying about them, all his blatant race baiting and dividing, his constant public and social media (Twitter) insulting, his bullying of others including the press, public protestors and even his own Congress, his past associations with unsavory criminal business elements (remember Felix Sater?), his unethical personal business gain obsessiveness even while in office, his love for and coddling of dictators, his audacious nepotism, his blowhard bragging, his chicken hawk patriotism, his personal fixer attorney William Barr and most of the rest of his bad personal character traits which most admit are so extreme it's laughable, will not effect American voters who are classified in the so-called "undecideds" and especially the women voters as much as one overriding concern issue imo ... "SEXUAL PREDATOR." "All the President's Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator." Authors Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy draw on over 100 interviews to create a detailed history of Donald Trump's relationships with women. One particular encounter alleges that Trump "grabbed and pulled" Karen Johnson "behind a tapestry" before kissing her at a New Year's Eve party. Imagine 99 MORE stories like this one and worse!NEW YORK — E. Jean Carroll, a writer and advice columnist, claims President Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan more than two decades ago.Carroll revealed shocking details of the alleged assault in Friday's New York Magazine. She said that President Trump, then known as a real-estate mogul, approached her at the store and started a friendly chat.President Trump recognized Carroll as "that advice lady" and Carroll said she recognized him as "that real-estate tycoon." At the time, Carroll was a well-known writer and host of her own call-in advice show on America's Talking, a cable channel that would be replaced by MSNBC.According to the account, President Trump told Carroll he needed advice on buying a gift for a girl. Carroll recalls suggesting a handbag or a hat. President Trump, she writes, instead led the way to the lingerie section.He picked out a lacy see-through bodysuit and says, "Go try this on!"Carroll said she joked about President Trump trying it on instead, and the two made their way to the dressing rooms.That's when things turned violent, according to Carroll's account.Carroll recalls President Trump shoving her against the wall inside the dressing room, pulling down her tights and, "forcing his fingers around my private area, thrusts his penis halfway — or completely, I’m not certain — inside me.”The incident took place in late 1995 or early 1996, Carroll said. Trump's most famous quote: "Grab em by the p$$$y." "When you're a star they let you do it." Trump's many social interactions with child sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein and his now jailed cohort Ghislaine Maxwell. Trump's current, perverse, twice publicly stated sympathetic words of caring for jailed accused child sexual predator Maxwell versus none for her victims. The label "Sexual Predator" now trumps all other pejorative ones in importance in the minds of women in our society. It is the only true guaranteed game changer in effecting women's voting sentiments imo. If the Democrats don't hammer Trump with this "sexual predator" issue and especially his most recent sympathetic comments towards child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein cohort Ghislaine Maxwell more than others ( even the pandemic ) in the next 90 days of campaigning with a massive TV and mail ad push, they could very well lose the election again imo. The Republicans would be doing this against Biden in manic spades if they could find as much dirt on him as Trump has regards this most upsetting to women voters issue. The charge and label of "SEXUAL PREDATOR" is the most terrifying of all now. Its why Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and others are in prison. It's why Bill O'Reilly, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Al Franken and so many others are out of their highest profile, highest pay jobs. It's why Prince Andrew, Woody Allen. Allan Dershowitz and other famous men are aggressively mounting PR campaigns to defend themselves against these charges. This issue alone could spell the voting out of Donald Trump as well. If the corporate media doesn't keep it downplayed or totally buried and the Democrats refuse to take advantage of it.
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