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  1. Again, is this true about Warren? What is going on here? Are we Bernie platform backers being played here by the likes of Warren, Beto and Harris? Are they "not" the Bernie policies leaning champions of the middle and poorer classes as they promote themselves? Rob, so true about the lack of informed knowledge and even interest in the true social, economic, political historical areas of study both nationally and internationally regarding the large majority percentage of our general populace. I am not close at all to being adequately informed in this way myself, except to the point of at least recognizing and admitting this flawed reality personally and the dangerous consequences of so many millions of my fellow Americans being "even less informed" and totally oblivious to their ignorance and of their manipulation by the largest funded propaganda machines so deeply embedded in our daily life society and culture. Rush Limbaugh gets into the heads of what ... 50 million Americans who listen to his obsessive 24/7 Democrat/Liberal = Boogie Man radio broadcast rants almost daily? In Limbaugh's 30+ years of mass audience brainwashing with this one main message, he ( more than any other Republican party/policy promoting national audience propagandist ) has been so successful in this endeavor, that in most of rural America the words "Liberal", "Democrat" and "Leftist" bring instant and extreme fear based revulsion, scorn and even hate in the minds of the majority of people in this geographic part of America towards those they feel have been infected with this liberal Democrat "Walking Dead" zombie level threatening virus. At my youngest voting age way back during the 1972 presidential election, I remember sensing even then a mass manipulation going on with the Republicans constantly and hugely broadcasting this scary extreme message that "they" were the "Law & Order" party versus the young radicals rioting in the streets party with their almost commie ( with slightly longer side burns) candidate George McGovern portrayed as ready to unleash his violent law disrespecting and free love hippie horde base into the innocent home towns of America to rape, pillage and plunder! I knew that Nixon and Mafia backed Agnew were the real crooked and corrupt law breakers (which was born out IN SPADES before their terms were even finished ) and McGovern was the true law respecting and war hero candidate, yet the huge Republican propaganda machine was so successful in imbuing this extremely scary and frightening alternate reality about the Democrats as dangerous law breaking and unpatriotic radicals, the election reflected this Democratic party boogie man fear with one of the greatest vote sweep disparities ever in a presidential election. That many Americans were successfully duped into buying into the Nixon and Agnew as the more patriotic and law and order saviors myth ... versus the true war hero and law abiding McGovern and Sargent Shriver reality. I still to this day wonder if "any" of those who voted for Nixon and Agnew, mainly because of their self-promoted image as the "Law And Order" candidates, ever reflected on how duped and manipulated they were in believing this false image reality when the truth of Nixon's and Agnew's true deep corruption was exposed and proven beyond doubt? I recently took a close look at the 2016 Presidential election voting tallies in Michigan by counties. Out of 83 counties in the state of Michigan, Hillary Clinton won just ... 9 !!! 74 counties went for Trump by huge margins! But those 74 counties were all the smaller population and more rural ones. Hillary took all the more populated counties with large black voter bases and those of the state capital and a few University towns. I am mentioning this 2016 election vote reality in Michigan because to me it reflects similarities to the 1972 election in people voting their same 1972 type bias's, angers and fears which the likes of Republican party propagandist Rush Limbaugh incessantly keep feeding them in our current times. Sadly, we haven't changed much since 1972 in this regards imo.
  2. Is this claim by Andrew Prutsok true? If so, how can someone give Trump a thumbs up and Hillary Clinton a thumbs down for the same thing?
  3. Sandy, I want to keep the main thread point pure but hard not to discuss a couple of other related areas in so doing. I am not a student of the Z-film and it's reported alteration. So I can't add anything deep research worthy in this specific debate. Just some novice observations. But what we all see in the scores of Z-film footage shown on the internet ( altered or not ) does show some indisputable facts imo. JFK's head explodes violently and massively from the inside out, obviously indicating being hit by a high velocity missile. JFK's skull was blown out in the parietal/ occipital area according to the public video. We see skull bone exploding outward in that area and a huge pink blood and brain matter cloud spraying up and all around from what seems like that specific area at the same time. Wouldn't the brain blood and matter cloud spray frames ( showing it's direction, extension and scope ) have to be altered as well to hide a farther back skull blowout? The spray cloud we see "seems to fit" in point of origin with the frames showing the above ear flap blowout.
  4. Micah, I just viewed the "Dunning-Kruger Effect" definition and I was immediately struck by it's clear application toward and regards Donald Trump. He constantly refers to himself as brilliant and that he knows more than everyone else in almost every area of knowledge and study. He is totally oblivious to his own true level lack of understanding and informed knowledge especially relative to those who are on a higher level with proven credibility. And this is mixed with a professional wrestlers addiction to outrageous public boasting and cheering crowd approval. God help us through his presidency!
  5. This thread is so important and relevant. Doug's prediction of the Stone / Manafort legal situation has come to fruition in spades: “Roger and his business partner Paul Manafort will undergo minute media and governmental scrutiny in the coming weeks for their past political and business dealings. Manafort is increasingly linked to being a back door to Putin for the Trump campaign. The whole scandal will get radioactive if the Intelligence agencies produce evidence of a tie there.”
  6. Can't read the "Editorial Board" Wall Street Journal article without becoming a member of that venue. There clearly is a serious national debate ( more serious than any in my lifetime ) as to Donald Trump's mental, social and emotional states and whether these are so extreme in their abnormality versus normalcy, they and he constitutes a dangerous threat to our society, especially because of Trump's singular highest power position as President. This unprecedented situation is a reality and as such can't be easily dismissed as simple and/or typical political bias. This debate would not exist and be as hot and heavy for Trump's entire two years in office if there wasn't a real, large and solid fuel source ( much of it fact based ) to continually keep the issue aflame in the national discourse. I am listing the link to the well known psychological analysis by mental health PHD'S who feel Trump is truly a dangerous man in the office of the Presidency. I agree with their consensus. I know my personal feelings about Trump don't mean much in the larger society context, however, I do know one thing as sure as sugar; Trump's presidency with his super aggressive, combative, attacking and insulting leadership style and loud yelling-bragging professional wrestling demeanor ( on a daily basis !) has created more anxiety, anger, national divisiveness and polarization to such an unprecedented degree it is literally exhausting tens of millions of Americans. Millions just can't watch the daily aggressive political conflict on TV or hear it on the radio any more. This wide spread national stress situation is real. I would call it almost a national mental health crisis. Just seeing Trump in his most angry and attacking and insulting rally ranting state makes you nervous. And the man just never lets up! Trump is the opposite of a calm, reasoned, maturely thoughtful and uniting leader. He is an inciting demagogue of the first degree, seemingly just for the sake of creating conflict energy which seems to stimulate him and that he is obviously addicted to. Trump himself has said he likes to create conflict. Especially among his advisers. Think about this conflict loving mind set in the realm of Presidential leadership style and responsibility. It's alarmingly troubling to most rational people. Lastly, I believe Trump has dealt with many unsavory groups and individuals in his decades of business dealings. I think this may be his biggest concern. That the true extent of these dealings may someday be publicly exposed. The ousting of crooked Nixon mid-term was inevitable for many reasons. Trump may experience the same fate. Judie Kleinmaier: Face the facts: Trump is dangerous — and he won't ... Dr. Steve Wruble: "Trump's sensitivity to being seen as weak or vulnerable along with his need to exaggerate and distort the truth are signs of his deep-seated insecurity. His confabulation protects his fragile ego." Dr. James Gilligan: “If we are silent about the numerous ways in which Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened violence, incited violence, or boasted about his own violence, we are passively supporting and enabling the dangerous and naive mistake of treating him as if he were a ‘normal’ president or a ‘normal’ political leader. He is not, and it is our duty to say so, and to say it publicly. He is unprecedentedly and abnormally dangerous.” Unfortunately, mental health professionals are also seeing “the Trump effect” among their patients. There is more bullying in schools — immigrant children and children of color are fearful. There is religious and racial bullying by adults, with hate crimes on the rise across the country. Patients feel traumatized, vulnerable and helpless. Several therapists observed that therapists themselves are feeling the stress.
  7. Pamela Brown, do you believe the report that Oswald ( after he was arrested in NO on August 9th, 1963 after his fight with Carlos Bringuier ) asked to speak from someone from the FBI before he left the police station? On August 9, 1963, Oswald was spotted by Celso Hernandez (a friend of Bringuier) handing out pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba leaflets at the intersection of Canal Street and St. Charles. Hernandez told Bringuier of Oswald's leafleting and the two of them, along with another anti-Castro militant, Miguel Cruz, decided to confront Oswald over his duplicity. As the Cubans accosted Oswald, a crowd began to gather. Bringuier attempted to incite the crowd with his story that Oswald had tried to join his anti-Castro movement and that Oswald was actually a communist and supporter of Castro.[5][7][8] Hernandez grabbed Oswald's leaflets and a fight broke out. Oswald and the three Cubans were arrested for disturbing the peace.[5][9][10] After the arrest, Bringuier and his Cuban friends were able to post bail, whereas Oswald's bond was posted by supporters of the mob.[2] Oswald was found guilty, fined $10, and released.[11] Before leaving the police station, Oswald asked to speak with an FBI agent. Agent John Quigley arrived and spent over an hour talking to Oswald.[8][9][12] Oswald just wanted to shoot the breeze with someone from the NO FBI office? Quigley's WARREN COMMISSION testimony about this meeting with Oswald is ambiguous imo.Mr. STERN. Mr. Quigley, will you look, please, at Commission Exhibit No. for identification, at the fourth page from the end of that exhibit? Can you identify that page for us? Mr. QUIGLEY. Yes; I can. This is an affidavit that was prepared at the FBI office, Dallas, Tex., on February 17, 1964, which bears my signature as well as the signature of Miss Matty Havens, the notary public. Mr. STERN. What was the occasion for your making this affidavit, Mr. Quigley? Mr. QUIGLEY. I was instructed to proceed to our Dallas office to prepare such a document. This document relates to informant material. This is the general context of it. Did you care for me to read the document? Mr. STERN. No; we have it. Does informant mean to you only a person who gives information in return for money or some other valuable consideration, or does it have a broader meaning as far as you are concerned? Mr. QUIGLEY. It would have a broader meaning as far as I was concerned. Mr. STERN. What would that mean when you used the word in this affidavit? What did you mean by "informant"? Mr. QUIGLEY. One who furnishes information. Mr. STERN. For whatever reason? Mr. QUIGLEY. Whatever may be the reason; yes. Mr. STERN. And you did not, according to your affidavit, ask Mr. Oswald---- Mr. QUIGLEY. I did not ask or suggest that Mr. Oswald become an informant of the FBI nor did I offer him any money or any other inducements to become an informant. Mr. STERN. Did you say anything to him at all about getting in touch with you or the FBI again about any matter? Mr. QUIGLEY. I did not. The CHAIRMAN. Mr. Quigley, if you will, we will recall you if a document comes just for your identification. It will only take a few moments, I am sure. Thank you very much for your coming and helping us. Mr. QUIGLEY. Thank you very much, sir.
  8. What a gift Rick. Thank you so much. I will never see Dealey Plaza in person in my lifetime. Just don't have the time, money and health. So it is real nice to see it through your photos. A lot of neat and thought provoking angles and perspectives too. Your photos made me feel like I was actually there. Dealey Plaza will always be a soul wrenching place to me. I think I would have the most profound thoughts and feelings if I could go there and stand and just contemplate what went on there on 11,22,1963. It's definitely a shrine isn't it. Seeing pictures of it on 11,22,1963 always seems like a surreal dream to me. Boy, they sure have let those Texas Live Oaks in the Plaza grow. Too overgrown in my opinion. Also, the grass there dies back in Winter I can see. I watched a part of a documentary the other night, showing the interior side of the sixth floor windows in the TXSBD building. The ones facing West and looking down on the path of the JFK motorcade. What struck me was how low to the floor those windows were. Oswald must have been either on his knees or laying down to have any visual sighting and firing ability and room imo. The part of the window he shot from was the open lower half. So low. The arched windows also were low to the floor. Any 6 ft. man standing behind those low windows would be impossible to see in his entire height. Thanks again Rick. Appreciatively, Joe B.
  9. Yes Robert. Mrs. Harvey reveals not only how deeply despising her husband was of both JFK and RFK but also his incredible closeness to a ranking member of the American Mafia whose standing was in the same highest level circle as Giancana, Trafficanti, Marcello, etc. All JFK haters to a murderous degree. Mrs. Harvey calls Johnny Roselli a true patriot..and the Kennedys "scum." ! ? Dear God ... how nefariously disturbing, perverse and crazy is that loyalty dichotomy? You can't help but consider the suggestive importance of this reality regards who might possibly have had motive in at least some area of the JFK event, especially someone of William Harvey's career background and standing and his own personal hatred of the Kennedy's. Clearly Mrs. Harvey was oblivious to the astounding revealing of her husband's incredible closeness to a high ranking member of the Kennedy hating Mafia and the seriously ominous implications this opens up. Mrs. Harvey implies that JFK's philandering, and maybe Jackie's too helps justify her labeling them "scum?" Well then, using this same standard shouldn't we also include in her "Scum Club" the likes of LBJ, Allen Dulles, E.Howard Hunt and countless other "patriots" and even her hero Johnny Roselli and in today's world Donald Trump? Wonder what Mrs. Harvey thought of J.Edgar Hoover's standing on the patriot scale knowing of his sexual preference proclivities? Hoover was another one who didn't feel the Mafia was too bad. 5:14 What this CIA Widow Says About JFK, Jackie, RFK, and the Mafia Will Amaze You
  10. This video is so compelling to me. It should be viewed every few years imo. The level of vitriol expressed by Mrs. Harvey towards the Kennedys and yet the level of loving respect expressed toward Mafia big shot Johnny Roselli is perversely shocking, disturbing and telling of W. Harvey's true mind set regards JFK and RFK versus his admiration of at least one main Mafia figure. I imagine the Harveys felt about JFK's brutal slaying as the Mafia did. Good riddance. What was so cold blooded sounding was Mrs. Harvey having no empathy for Jackie Kennedy losing her husband and in such a traumatic way. You'd think a woman would have some compassion for a young mother in that situation. And you would also think that in someone's older age, they might lose some of their personal anger and hate towards another human being that they have carried most of their adult life. Not Mrs. Harvey. 5:14 What this CIA Widow Says About JFK, Jackie, RFK, and the Mafia Will Amaze You
  11. If the person standing in the back of the OR where Dr. Crenshaw and Doctor Shires were working on a dying Lee Harvey Oswald the afternoon of 11,24,1963 and whom Dr. Crenshaw described as looking like Oliver Hardy was truly Harvey, any speculations about the purpose of Harvey's presence there and right at that time? Was Harvey there to make sure Oswald didn't talk? Too perhaps help Oswald into the afterlife if Ruby's close up blast didn't do this? Or if Oswald did talk, to make sure whatever he said would not be passed on by Crenshaw and whoever else was present in that room and who may have heard Oswald speak?
  12. Yes Ron, it is odd to see " one" issue year date different than every other one on that entire list. Guess it's just another oddity to add to the already huge stack of other's regards Oswald.
  13. Denny, exactly. There are so many incongruous and illogical actions, words, findings, time lines and other facts and testimonies ( usually involving Oswald more so than Marina, Ruby and others ) that contradict or make no sense that the whole thing together often becomes a murky mind twisting mess. If this state of illogical and confusing contradictions is the result of a planned truth obfuscating format, I'd say the planners were incredibly successful, almost genius. Sometimes I am stopped just by pondering the scenario which says Oswald did the shooting of JFK and then Tippit and then tried to shoot and kill DPD officer Nick McDonald in the Texas Theater...knowing that if he was successful in killing McDonald it would have been a last gasp suicide mission initiating a full bore fusilage firing toward him by the other officers present. What a desperate murder/suicide mad run! If Oswald really blew JFK's head apart inches from his young wife's face, then just 45 minutes later pumped more bullets up close into Tippit than necessary to kill him and then aggressively tried to blow a hole into officer McDonald in the Texas Theater just one half hour after over-wasting Tippit ... what does one make of Oswald's brutal murder spree and mental state? The morning of 11,22,1963 Oswald seems calm with Buell Wesley Frazier on his way to work. He doesn't show any anxious behavior during his morning work hours according to those co-workers who say they saw him that morning, and he casually walks ( no mention of his running ) away from the TXSBD and catches a bus and then departs the bus and hails a cab to his apartment after the motorcade shooting chaos. He changes clothes there and apparently picked up his pistol. Within minutes of walking away from his rooming house, Oswald is blasting 4 bullets into Tippit and minutes later life and death battling with DPD officers in the Texas Theater. I am always wondering ( again if this scenario as described by the WC is true ) about the sheer brutality of Oswald's wildly desperate actions that day. It would take someone seriously pathologically violent and murderous to perform the deeds assigned to Oswald that day. Was Oswald this cold blooded and violent? Did his personal history reflect this? Oswald was the husband of a young bride. He was the father of two babies. He loved his children. He didn't lose his cool after being physically assaulted by Carlos Bringuier in New Orleans just months before 11,22,1963. Whoever lined up a rifle shot and was willing to blast JFK's head and brains to bloody bits just inches from his wife's face...had to have a true murderer mentality, if not a professional hit man one. To be able to cut off the normal empathetic feelings of common bond humanity by brutally murdering someone who is not immediately threatening you takes the mind of a cold blooded killer. Was Oswald this stone cold killer? Had he ever killed anyone before JFK? Blew a hole in their head when they were not an immediate threat to him personally? I know, the Walker attempt will be used to paint Oswald this way. Could Oswald have been programmed to be this brutally violent after a lifetime of not being this way? Hard to believe Oswald was willing to ruin his children's lives with the actions he took that day. He knew that they might have to grow up and live with the taunting of their being the children of a beloved world leader murderer. He was willing to have them suffer like this? Roscoe White allegedly confessed in private to his church pastor that he had killed men in his life. Both on foreign soil and here in the states. White "was" a trained assassin if this confessional story was true. But was Oswald one as well? If Oswald killed Tippit, he must have decided that he was going to be killed himself at any minute imo. Same with DPD officer Nick McDonald. If Oswald hadn't been shot/lynched in the DPD basement less than two days later, maybe some expert interrogators could have eventually learned the truth about his murder spree and why he was so motivated to kill that afternoon. But, it's the brutality of Oswald in this killing spree scenario on 11,22,1963 that throws me. It was so extreme. Like he had completely snapped! BLIND RAGE type stuff. Yet, Oswald's demeanor once under arrest and under questioning was always described as noticeably calm. He did get angry, defiant and offended in tone at times, but nothing like someone who was out of their mind with killing rage. Just more conflicting things to ponder regards Oswald and others in this at times surreal story.
  14. Oswald's quick murder right inside the DPD building just two after 11,22,1963 was a huge relief to many. A question worth contemplating ... a relief from what? They got rid of JFK, and less than 48 hours later they got rid of his national media touted lone nut killer. One of the most efficient high level murder "Cased Closed" conclusions ever.
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