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  1. Joe Bauer

    Trump and the Unspeakable? Part II

    It's courageously inspiring how much JFK conspiracy researchers and writers have accomplished from 1963 through today despite being up against the never ending and hugely encompassing MSM "unspeakable" silencing machine. As powerful and effecting as that machine is and has been, it's fabrication has not always been well put together enough to keep substantial elements of the JFK truth from regularly breaking through some of it's weaker parts. Since 1965 and every year through today the majority of Americans polled have expressed their doubt about the WC "Lone Nut" finding. After 53 years, that fact makes it laughably clear that our ominous MSM "unspeakable" machine never succeeded more than a gambler's "push" in their goal of blocking the full truth of the JFK event. But all credit goes to our unrelenting JFK truth seeking researchers, writers, publishers and so many citizens who may have had some truth revealing knowledge and courageously came forward to share it through these past 55 years. The tenacity of the truth blockers has been more than matched by the less powerful but equally motivated truth seekers. Again, so inspiring. Can we ever fully out the "unspeakable" regards JFK, RFK and MLK? Not in my lifetime I feel. However, we have recently totally outed the unspeakable regards the decades of rampant sexual harassment and abuse of women by men of power such as Weinstein, Cosby, O'Reilly and so many others. The "unspeakable" can be revealed if the effort to do this is dedicated enough, even through generations.
  2. Yes, a great revelation toward the truth article that brings many of the most highly regarded conspiracy facts into a single, clear and well lighted focus. Here is a writer who doubted the conspiracy conclusion and research and books and researchers themselves, until he finally started reading just a few highly regarded conspiracy books and couldn't help but see they made more sense than the Warren Commission findings. A must read for any person wanting to know more about the JFK and RFK events and the cumulative massive mountain of conspiracy research facts as reported by extremely intelligent and grounded writers versus, and so contrary to the WC Lone Gunman finding.
  3. Joe Bauer

    The women of JFK

    That's quaintly interesting. Perhaps this new cover art approach pulled in a few younger people to want to read and learn something more about the JFK assassination event versus one that was just block lettered words and didn't ?
  4. Joe Bauer

    The women of JFK

    Yes Madeline Brown claimed foreknowledge. I don't buy the credibility dismissal of Madeline Brown at all. When a woman shares a bed with a man for 20+ years on a semi-regular basis ( possibly 100 times?) they know a lot about that man. Intimate stuff. More than simply making her toes curl. In the case of Madeline Brown and Lyndon Baines Johnson you can bet a big Texas Longhorn belt buckle she overheard more and honestly shared this than her detractors claim. And don't forget Beverly Oliver and Janet Conforto ( Jada-the feature at Ruby's strip joint ) who told others ( Jada apparently was quoted in the Dallas paper ) they were introduced to Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby right inside the Carousel Club two weeks before 11,22,1963. But we are never to believe women who get paid to sexually show their bodies according to people like Rudy Guiliani. And Judyth Vary Baker as well claimed Oswald told her about being involved with a hugely important event that he would try to prevent before JFK was gunned down. The Adelle woman's story is a fascinating one.
  5. Joe Bauer

    Corsi's Book

    MMFA investigates: Who is Jerome Corsi, co-author of Swift Boat Vets ... https://www.mediamatters.org/research/2004/08/06/mmfa...jerome-corsi.../131607 Aug 6, 2004 - ... of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's new attack ad on Kerry's service in Vietnam. ... Corsiasserted that, in 1971, Kerry's anti-war activism amounted to a proclamation by him ... As Media Matters for America has noted, Kerry was quoted ... CORSI: Think the liberal press will ever let out that these 2 were lovers ...
  6. Joe Bauer

    RFK Jr. must watch interview

    My apologies. Will erase my two posts.
  7. Joe Bauer

    RFK Jr. must watch interview

    Ruby's real story?
  8. Joe Bauer

    RFK Jr. must watch interview

    After 55 years, RFK Jr. has decided his fathers death and that of his uncle were not lone gunman events. The Warren Report hasn't had a majority of believers in all that time. 55 years of study and comparative analysis and the WC just doesn't hold up. That is a complete failure of trust.
  9. Did Priscilla McMillan or Norman Mailer or any other writers/researchers who focused on Marina ever mention a possible suicide situation with Marina while she and Lee were together and struggling and that was brought out in either the Warren Report interview or the HSCA one? I copied and pasted this suicide subject exchange between Marina and her questioner where Marina acknowledged this situation but immediately became upset enough over it's mention that the questioner dropped the subject. The questioning was brief as she requested it be stopped. Marina did say before the topic was dropped that Lee had admonished her so sternly for her actions ( which were not described in detail ) that he slapped her and made her go to bed. Perhaps Oswald was angry that she would even consider doing something that would leave their young daughter Junie without a mother? To me, this story ( if true) is much more worthy of debate and discussion than I've ever seen here or anywhere. I haven't read McMillan's book on Marina, but I do wonder if she knew of this traumatic situation between Marina and Lee yet perhaps left it out of her book upon Marina's asking?
  10. Has there ever been any other verification or even mention of this claim that Stanton said she saw Oswald on the second floor ( and even talked to him?) at lunch time and before the motorcade came by? No public record of any statement taken by police agency investigators where Ms. Stanton says this? Has anyone else ever interviewed Stanton's daughter to second this claim she makes about her mother saying this? The importance of an Oswald sighting and encounter at this time is obvious. Does seem like hardly anyone takes the claim seriously however.
  11. Joe Bauer

    Building rooftops: imagine Dealey Plaza...

    Too bad this Holmes wasn't named Sherlock.
  12. Joe Bauer

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    Amazing photos of JFK and LBJ's Dallas trip in 1960 . Thanks R. Bulman for posting this link. This is just one reason this forum is so interesting. JFK seems so tan compared to everyone else. He is incredibly fit and vigorous looking at this time. He was more movie star attractive than most movie stars and his constant smile just accentuated his appeal. So many of the women in these photos seem absolutely star struck and adoring in their gazes toward JFK. JFK was a phenomena in this area of star appeal. No president before or since could come close to the crowd appeal that he generated. LBJ had to have been extremely jealous of Kennedy's effect on the crowds they encountered. He knew these people and especially the women in them were weak in the legs upon seeing JFK in person. Noticed Henry Wade sitting to the left of JFK and Rayburn on the stage at the Dallas Memorial stadium.
  13. Joe Bauer

    Building rooftops: imagine Dealey Plaza...

    Yes, coincidental to a valid suspicion degree.