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  1. I used to use that same analogy myself is trying to gauge Trump. As laughable as that job title is in depicting outrageous pitches and come ons it really is a true one in describing him. And I have actually come across used car sales persons like that. Car has some scratches and dents? Oh, nothing a little rubbing compound and wax won't improve. Car has a hard time starting? Oh, it's just been sitting too long without running. What about the black fumes coming out the tail pipe? Oh, same thing. Is that 190,000 on the odometer? Uh, probably. But even if it's 2
  2. Just viewed the 2nd half of the JFK film panel discussion. Prouty doesn't come across to me a disinformation agent, nor less credible than anyone else on that panel. He does seem to exhibit a slight cognitive decline in hearing and even slighter in his response time to questions presented to him. Dan Moldea pressed Prouty about what Moldea claimed was Jim Garrison's connection to Carlos Marcello. A paid and controlled one. All three times Moldea directed this Garrison/Marcello connection claim to Prouty and asked Prouty if this connection gave him any concern. Prouty t
  3. I'm halfway through viewing the video posted above regarding the panel discussion of Stone's film JFK. How in the world have I never come across this fascinating, thought provoking, informative and important debate? Just one quick point that struck me in this debate. Congressman Henry Gonzalez stated that in the deep content of the WC volumes, it was revealed that Jack Ruby was a "hit man" for organized crime during his time working for the Waste Paper Handler's Union ( run by Paul Dorfman) in Chicago. Really?
  4. Curious GK; Would you be willing to qualify your assessment above with more specificity? To what extent does the interview weaken Prouty's credibility? Significantly, noticably, somewhat? And in what areas of his body of work and claims? How about in regards to Prouty's suspicion of Lansdale's presence in Dealey Plaza? And Prouty's noting physical characteristics specific to Lansdale in the Tramp photo? How about Prouty's claim that Victor Krulak agreed with Prouty that the lanky tramp photo man did look like Lansdale to him also? Did Prouty backtrack on his earl
  5. To see Melania's sexy hot turned on attraction reaction to her mutual cheek kiss smootch with Canada's young hot PM Justin Trudeau at the G 7 meet up and then see her around Trump is ...well...sad really.
  6. My goodness. I don't think someone has to be a highly trained body language expert to see and feel the incredible coldness between Trump and his wife. Melania is a tough, independent woman. My gut feeling when observing these two together is that their marraige is already over in many ways. There doesn't seem to be any real affectionate warmth between the two toward each other. Did you notice the debate moderator last night never once mention the SCOTUS situation? Strange call. I don't agree with some debate commentators who say the moderator Kristen Welker did a grea
  7. For what it's worth; Trump's 10 year employed "fixer" personal attorney Michal Cohen states in his Trump expose book "Disloyal - A Memoir" that he and Trump and Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov and his son Emin visited a Las Vegas strip club and watched a simulated female "golden showers" performance that Trump seemed to enjoy. Agalarov denies Cohen's story. However, Trump socializing with one of Russia's most prominent oligarchs with close ties to Putin ( one on one ) is a fact and who wouldn't view this relationship with some curious apprehension? Alagarov paid Trump $20 mi
  8. Mark S. I guess anything is possible in the world of JFK assassination information dissemination. Although Jim Garrison is a true hero in my opinion.
  9. Look at the world and know that we have all entered a new paradigm of fragile survival reality on an entire global scale. Stanford entomologist Paul Erlich and his wife Anne presented a warning prediction model for this world stress and crisis in their 1968 book "Population Bomb." One that is playing out on the stress side much more so than not. 9 billion people now occupy this planet ( versus 3.5 billion in 1968 ) and they and their governments are all competing for the same natural resources that have not increased 3X like the population. That simple equation alone speaks
  10. If Prouty made this all up...why would he do so? The man had a stellar, high achievement, high rank, high assignment ( liason to the White House?) full military career with so many commendations. Why would he risk his entire outstanding military career legacy to do something like you are suggesting ... making up parts of his JFK conspiracy story? IMO someone would have to be suffering from brain damage to do something so antithetical to their entire life's achievments and mental, moral and professional ethics. And if Prouty did commit such an irresponsible and even unpatri
  11. Rudy Giuliani Has Too Much Dignity, Class And Smarts To Be Naively Caught Up In A Silly, Stupid And Embarrassing Borat Put On. Rudy Giuliani, ... Rudy Giuliani in Drag Smooching Donald Trump - YouTube www.youtube.com › watch
  12. Robert McAdams...er, uh...I mean Wheeler ... I can only guess but falling back on my own experiences this is a look I have when I feel the first two minute warning rumblings of serious intestinal distress before all heck breaks loose? Or the first time I witnessed a UFO? Or maybe Biden's seeing a picture of a naked Donald Trump? Your take?
  13. I believe Melania is praying her hubbie loses the election. Desperately so. I also believe she will file for divorce in the first year of post presidency. She hates the first lady role. She wants privacy for her son and her. I suspect she also is craving being in the arms of a younger more virile man. If body and facial expression language is truly a credible reveal of someone's real inner feelings...the almost orgasmic gaze Melania gave young Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau when they cheek kissed smooched at that August 27th, 2019 G-7 Summit gave her fantasy feelin
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