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  1. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    In the radio debate Burnham asks McAdams why he does what he does regards to spending so much of his time and energy trying to debunk those McAdam's feels are "conspiracy theorists" in regards to the JFK assassination? McAdams replies: ... "I don't like nonsense. I don't like falsehoods. I don't like people who don't tell the truth." Oh Please! The point of Burnham's question ( I think ) is...if McAdam's feels the JFK case is closed and he is 100% sure the WC and Gerald Posner got it right...why spend years of his time and energy reacting to and interacting with people he thinks are nonsensical and basically emotionally unbalanced nutcases chasing a myth? Like going to a psyche ward to argue with patients about their diagnosis? What's "nonsensical" here is McAdam's laughably weak and even irrational stated motivations for his years of debunking time and effort. So weak in fact that one can't help but view him - at best - as a desperately insecure attention seeking publicity hound ( using the JFK event as a bandwagon ) and at worst, perhaps a serious disinformation agent paid by more powerful others who have a self interest in keeping the JFK truth buried.
  2. Sadly, one does become aware of how much ( and for how long ) people in our own government agencies spy on fellow Americans and even try to entice them into compromising situations so they can control them. Hoover tried to ( and successfully did ) get the goods on everyone. Celebrities, all our federal elected officials, etc. Just so mind boggling in it's scope. It's so sick. Amazing ( and also disturbing ) that we don't look upon this reality as it is. Studying the JFK assassination and related realms for decades has exposed so much about America that is so dark it's tragic.
  3. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    Justice. Would filing another appeal on McAdam's part be expensive relative to the income of a college professor? Just curious.
  4. Thanks Doug. It's amazing to me that you have a continuous and open and honest dialogue with someone like Rothstein who was personally part of such a dramatic event involving two of the most intriguing characters ( Sturgis and Lorenz ) in the entire JFK/Castro affair. And someone who also was actually a participating witness to the Bay Of Pigs and it's death and destruction. What Rothstein witnessed at the Bay of Pigs obviously traumatized him. Experiencing something so traumatic ( life and death with bodies ) that it wakes you up on dark lonely nights years later and you never forget the images of this the rest of your life ... is the essence of a serious PTSD event. In all his years of living with that traumatic event however, I wonder if Rothstein ever pondered the question as to what went wrong with that operation...and who was to blame? If Rothstein did indeed blame JFK for the BOP's failure, then I just can't completely let go of keeping a small seed of "something" in my mind regards his true feelings toward Frank Sturgis. Did Rothstein harbor stronger negative feelings towards JFK regards the BOP than he did toward Sturgis for perhaps killing JFK? Doug, you dealt with E. Howard Hunt on a one-on-one personal basis. Did he ever indicate anything to you about Sturgis and his possible role in the JFK event?
  5. Getting back to the original thread content; Who knows better when their life is truly in danger than someone who has been a professional killer themselves? Marita Lorenz knew fellow killer Frank Sturgis well enough to know what his true intent toward her was and how serious and capable he was in carrying this out when the NYPD became involved with her case and were requested to be there when Sturgis arrived at her apartment. For Lorenz's daughter to take the most extreme, even panicked measure to protect her mother from Sturgis one can logically surmise that she also knew that Sturgis meant business in regards to preventing her mother from testifying further. For Rothstein and his partner to be stealthily positioned with guns drawn upon Sturgis's entry into Marita's apartment, they also must have become convinced that Sturgis wasn't coming over for coffee and cookies and warm old memories chit-chat. My point being that the Sturgis harm to Marita threat was real. With that specific reality being accepted by Rothstein and partner, I have questions regarding the other reality that these two were confronted with by Marita. That Sturgis was directly involved with killing JFK on 11,22,1963. When Rothstein blurts out a congratulations to Sturgis regards Sturgis killing JFK , that pretty clearly indicates his being told this by Marita and that he believed this charge enough to throw it in Sturgis's face within minutes of arresting him. Did Sturgis react to this mind blowing charge? Did he admit or deny any involvement in all the one-on-one time Rothstein had with him? Without actually being there to know everything that was said between Rothstein and Sturgis, all one can do is speculate about their conversations. However, even considering the "good cop/bad cop" interrogation methodology, I have a problem with Rothstein's brothers-in-battle, Bay Of Pigs bonding comradery and congratulatory comment and handshake with Sturgis. If I am dealing with someone I know ahead of time is a STONE COLD KILLER of scores of victims, as well as a nefariously well known prison time serving criminal ( Watergate ) and someone who I also now strongly suspect murdered my President, I would have to fight to keep myself from conversing with him in any manner and tone but angry disgust and disdain. I couldn't hide my outrage! But, I guess if one is a long time career lawman who has seen it all regards deviancy and brutality, one would develop a harder outward shell and control of those emotions. Still, I feel the good cop congratulatory comment and brothers-in-combat handshake from Rothstein to Sturgis was out-of-line in this particular instance and made me ponder the question of Rothstein's true personal feelings toward JFK and his murder, especially since Rothstein himself was a close up eyewitness to the deaths of many soldiers at the Bay Of Pigs and when it seems most participants in that incident blamed the death and failure there on JFK. It was clearly admirable what Rothstein did to confront Sturgis and stop him from harming Marita Lorenz. And also the effort to have Sturgis held over for more investigation. No problems or questions there. Oh, I want to edit in this question. Why would Sturgis even bring a bag or carrying case with a " change of clothes" to his meet up with Marita Lorenz? I guess one could speculate that he planned to spend the night and these clothes were for the next day? But, considering his threatening message words to Marita not long before this visit and Marita and her daughter's panic in response to them, one must doubt that Marita would allow him to stay there.
  6. General Walker more motivated ( to kill JFK? ) than any Mafia leader who ever lived? More motivated than viciously mega-mean Carlos Marcello who was personally humiliated by RFK when RFK had him ( Marcello) arrested and deported by flying him to be dumped in Guatemala? And Jimmy Hoffa?
  7. Thanks Sandy. Whew, that thread you linked me to was long, but totally informative.
  8. Out of curiosity

    Through all these decades of research the Sylvia Odio story seems to just gain more and more weight and credibility than the reverse. Taken as fully true, there is no doubt now that it is one of the major keystones of a conspiracy. Where is Sylvia Odio now? Did she pass away?
  9. Gee, what a coincidence. Chicago, the home base of Sam Giancana, Tampa, the home base of Santos Trafficante. Both cities where these two JFK and RFK haters and their organizations had tremendous long term influence on probably every aspect of governance and policing. Dallas was Carlos Marcello's territory.
  10. Excuse me, not to interrupt the flow of this interesting debate, but what were the official finding results of the Parkland hospital analysis of the paraffin tests on Oswald?
  11. The Larry and Phil Show: i.e. Sabato and Shenon

    This entire thread and it's accompanying links ( Peter Dale Scott - Slawson interviews ) is one of the most enlightening pieces I have come across in all my forum readings. Scott's reportage on the world and domestic drug trade highlights my often stated points of how corruption ( largely the marriage of organized crime with our elected and non-elected secret government ) on levels the great majority of American citizens for generations could never have imagined, has been one of the most powerful guiding and controlling influences in our nation's domestic and foreign policy history for the last 80 years. Until we collectively allow ourselves to acknowledge and face this reality ( LBJ/Nixon/Hoover etc. ) in any way close to it's totality ( no matter how upsetting it may be to our comfort zone senses ) we will continue to live in a world of misconception, misguidedness and mistrust.
  12. Mike, I actually only respond to about 10% of the threads I would like to here because I am fully aware of my limited hard research knowledge and I sincerely don't want to interrupt the flow of our truly informed member's contributions and discourse. I understand and appreciate their decades of hard and sacrificing work in this JFK truth seeking realm and making this forum what it is...far and away the best higher plane JFK assassination research site ever. I also know that there are hundreds of passionate for the JFK assassination truth seeking people like me who follow this forum ( and have for years ) and who relish the deeper research revelations and don't post because of what I mentioned earlier. They ( we ) don't want to be included into Gary Murr's recent post categorization of uninformed "morons" who dilute the discussion here. I do feel guilty of this to a degree and am trying to limit my interjections to certain topics and to better thought out questions versus just making poor research assertions. I will say that I am improving my own research knowledge ( this forum is a great research educational site and tool on it's own ) and I do access as many links as I can that are listed here and "thoroughly" read the research material they provide ( Jim DiEugenio's and others ) I am reading more JFK books and articles and I am always reading the Warren Commission and HSCA testimonies including the most obscure entries. However, I'm too old and not energized enough to ever reach the research knowledge level of the main posters here but I'll keep posting occasionally until I feel I am more in the Gary Murr moron category than not. I suppose that my conclusion regards the question of who killed JFK ( and MLK and RFK ) is a broader realm one of the corruption of America to a degree we have never come to grips with. This corruption ( as Eisenhower partially described in his MIC warning farewell speech ) including the corrupting marriage of organized crime with our highest level government agencies and offices and mix in deep racism hate, inflamed hot headed Cuban exile hate and incredible self interest greed and power acquisition obsession... JFK and RFK didn't have a chance.
  13. Thank you Mike. Same to you.
  14. Mike, I caught that year date error and quickly corrected it in my original post. Yes, June 1968.
  15. Doug, has Rothstein ever conveyed his personal feelings about JFK to you? Did Rothstein harbor any resentment and anger toward JFK regards the Bay Of Pigs? When Rothstein describes in detail the death he personally witnessed in the waters there, it sounds as if he was deeply and negatively affected by this and one wonders who he blamed for it all.