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  1. LBJ -- the movie trailer

    Jim, I just read your review of Joan Mellon's book. I have read this once and probably even twice before. I may comment on the subject again later, but I need to think out what I want to say more thoroughly than I have time for now.
  2. Key Documents to Stay Concealed?

    Whenever anything brings the JFK assassination back into the national spotlight or discussion realm we see the appearance of people like P. Shenon who are given instant and way higher than normal visibility and coverage in the MSM versus JFK researchers and writers who are clearly much more qualified in the subject, but who may see the event as a conspiracy. You can clearly see a collusion here of the greater MSM and those who still feel the need to confront anything that may create more national discourse and contemplation regards the Warren Commission finding as being a false conclusion. Our top researchers here, as qualified and credentialed as any Phil Shenon, aren't mentioned and they are not asked to provide editorial pieces to be shown on national media news pages like AOL ( and others ) who recently did this with Shenon's ridiculous one warning that this file release may cause panic in the streets. It was so disturbing to see how much high production cost JFK assassination rubbish the MSM pumped out during the JFK 50th anniversary period to cloud out any truly credible research discussion that reflected a conspiracy. Our MSM is still controlled over 50 years after 11,22,1963 ... how sad and even tragic.
  3. Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    Stephanie, I also contemplated these same questions. The sound of "firecrackers" is a very subjective thing. I also remember hearing them go off and sound as you describe ..."little bang-bang-bangs." Back in the 50's and 60's, those strings of firecrackers you could buy in San Francisco's China Town definitely sounded like that. But, there are different types of firecrackers that may be louder and more powerful sounding. And then there are "cherry bomb" type ordinances which are very powerful sounding. Backfiring can also range from somewhat loud to very loud and powerful sounding. Often as loud and powerful as a higher than 22 caliber rifle shot. The first shot ( and maybe the second ) was so often described with these two subjective terms which makes it all somewhat confusing. However, it is the testimony of some in Dealey Plaza of the 3rd shot being louder and stronger ( BOOM versus Bang ) that has always intrigued me.
  4. Key Documents to Stay Concealed?

    Same old same old. Everyone knows that so much has been shredded over the years we will never know anything close to the truth, even if what's left is released.
  5. LBJ -- the movie trailer

    A totally valid question for me is...how far would LBJ and his long time "like brothers" buddy J. Edgar Hoover go to protect their careers, reputations and maybe even jail time for LBJ and maybe an exposure of Hoover as a Mafia protecting cross-dresser? Both LBJ and Hoover had "everything" to gain and lose with JFK's continued survival...or his death. Both men had histories of extreme limit crossing when their personal interests were threatened. Does anyone here really think LBJ didn't have some decision making hand in Malcolm Wallace's doings and Wallace's outrageous walk away from his murder conviction or his own sister's suspicious death or perhaps even the disappearance or Madeline Brown's nanny? How about those other deaths of LBJ career threatening characters? I fairly assume that Billy Sol Estes wasn't whacked only because a guy as devious as Estes would have certainly created a "Fail Safe" booby trap for the big boys to protect him in this way.
  6. Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    Mathius B. The last two shots were reported to be closer together than the first and second shots, with some witnesses verbally simulating them ( "Bam......Bam - Bam " ) which would have been closer together than the time the Manlicher could have fired them. The louder 3rd shot witnesses generally described the shots this way: "Bam ...... Bam - BOOM!" Also the clearly seen bullet sized indentation in the top inside part of the windshield frame has always been poorly explained in it's origin and date of occurrence. It's appearance and possible significance regards another shot seems consistently and illogically downplayed even by researchers to me. I am sure our SS-100-X expert Pamela Brown has her own take on the dent and it would be interesting to hear this again. Was the JFK head shot bullet still intact enough after exploding JFK's skull apart that it could have continued on to create this inner windshield frame dent? My suspicious mind however wonders why the SS and the staff who maintained this vehicle could miss this visually ugly and distracting dent if it was created before 11,22,1963. Imagine the cosmetic lengths that are taken to have any vehicle carrying and showcasing the President of The United States and his wife and maybe other dignitaries in a huge public parade before 10's of thousands of spectators looking perfect? Washed, polished and shiny as Marine dress boots for sure. If I was in charge of this limo duty and saw that deep ugly front window frame dent, I would for sure make note of it and feel it was important enough to fix. Just common sense. Otherwise...heck...why not just rent The Beverly Hillbillies 1921 Oldsmobile model 43 touring car for such high pomp events?
  7. Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    I do believe that no more than 4 shots "that could be heard" were fired. Maybe even three. Any others may have been through silencers. Many witnesses were recorded saying that the shots "sounded different", at least the last JFK head shot. The first shot was more often than not described as sounding like a "firecracker" or "back fire" ...from a car or motorcycle? The second shot, same thing. But, the third shot ( the JFK head shot ) was described by a fair amount of bystanders as sounding different ( louder and/or more powerful) than the first two. I always considered this testimony as much more worthy of consideration regards more than one gun used in JFK's shooting. If all three shots came from the same location and from the same gun, a different sounding 3rd shot is highly unlikely and therefor suspicious. I would like to add that a louder and more powerful 3rd shot could be from two guns firing at almost exactly the same time.
  8. John T Martin

    Tom, I was one of the few who actually went to see the film Zardoz when it first came out. I loved the film. Connery put on a lot of weight on his already large bone frame for the film and he was always shown half naked with no cosmetic touches to his extensive body hair. He truly looked like a larger than average Neanderthal. Kind of an Ape/Man. A serious brute who, while riding a horse, would run down his fellow slave class and rape and slaughter them just to keep the population under control. However, despite Connery's frightening look and personae, he is endowed with brain power equal to the Eternals who have dominated his kind for centuries. I highly recommend seeing the film twice, once again right after the first viewing. You don't see the subtler messages as much when you see the film for the first time. The visual brutality is too graphic and powerful and it dominates your first impression and contemplations the first viewing.
  9. John T Martin

    Tom, in reading T.White's wiki and then your entry here, I had one of those weird coincidental dot connections that just unexpectedly pop up in your brain now and then. Seemingly meaningless but curious in their origin. Perhaps like hearing a verse in an old poem or musical chord in a melody that triggers a similar connection to something in one's past that you can't even identify. Crossover zaps in our brain's memory banks? You mention the connection between Nagell's puzzle including references to Baum's "Wizard Of Oz?" In the film "Zardoz" ( combined from WiZARD Of OZ ) John Boorman gives his main protagonist ( Sean Connery ) the name of "Zed." Curiously, this is the name of the young boy T. White professed a love for according to his Wiki biography link. I have not read the two apocalyptic novels White wrote. Curious if they contain anything even close to the kind of "end of status quo life " apocalyptic story line of the film "Zardoz." As Connery's "Zed" in the film Zardoz is beginning his journey to end the manipulative control ( much of it through fear ) by the Eternals over the "Brutals" in this film, he is purposely led to Baum's book "The Wizard Of Oz" in an Eternal's library, which helps him understand who the secret rulers behind the "Great and Powerful Oz" curtain really are and their selfish corruption and weaknesses as something less than Gods. Kind of makes me wonder who the "Brutals" were in 1963 who savagely slaughtered JFK and who their true manipulators were hiding behind their own cloaking OZ like curtain? Connery's "Zed" was a purposely created Superman ( mix of Eternal and Brutal ) whose purpose was to end the out-of-balance with nature scheme of things with the corrupt Eternals running everything simply to indulge their pampered, meaningless and ultimately degenerate existence. Were Jim Garrison and Mark Lane and other like minded person's kind of "Zeds?" in their self-motivated efforts to discover who was behind the "Great and Powerul Oz" curtain regards the JFK event of 11,22,1963. Just some curious meanderings triggered by your take on Richard Case Nagel.
  10. Mark Shaw: Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen?

    Here is a Dorothy Kilgallen tid-bit that presents something just a little odd IMO. What's My Line? - Raymond Burr; Buddy Hackett [panel] (Jun 3, 1962) 108,209 views I hope the You Tube link I provide above takes you to an old "What's My Line" episode where Dorothy Kilgallen, Buddy Hackett, Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf ( founder of "Random House" publishers ) try to identify the "Mystery Guest." The Mystery Guest on this episode is Raymond Burr of "Perry Mason" fame. After Burr is identified ( the very end of the show) and there is some light banter between Burr and show host John Daly, Burr cites two past meet-ups with Bennett Cerf and Kilgallen. Burr reminded Cerf of the time he ( Cerf ) was invited into Burr's office in the ... "Pentagon." ??? Burr even mentions the Secretary Of Defense being present. ??? What the heck? Burr with an office in the Pentagon? Cerf hanging around there and seeing the Secretary Of Defense? Mockingbird? Burr then reminds Kilgallen that he once caught her looking through a keyhole. ??? Burr and Kilgallen where in Rome at the time. Kilgallen seems slightly embarrassed and mentions something about Burr being in a horse drawn carriage there. ??? Watching Kilgallen on reruns of this show is very compelling. It is in black and white and her presence on this seems almost ghostly. Especially remembering her place ( and suspicious ending ) in the JFK/Oswald/Ruby affair. Kilgallen and her whole life story and especially her tragic, suspicious death are so compelling... what is Hollywood waiting for? Fame, fortune, intrigue, secret love affairs, high society doings on a daily basis, feuds with other celebrities, the famous, long running and huge audience TV show of which she was a regular, the Sam Sheppard trial and his retrial and release after Kilgallen shares some inappropriate bias dirt on Sheppard's original trial judge, her cloak and dagger Jack Ruby investigation, death threats (including the Mob) FBI surveillance...and on and on and on. Kilgallen's life story SCREAMS a big screen adaption!
  11. What is the context of this photo of Peter Paul Gregory sitting next to Marina? Is this after JFK 11,22,1963? Is that why Marina is being recorded? What is Peter Paul Gregory's involvement with this photo? Any chance Peter Paul Gregory has some background with agencies?
  12. Some may cringe at the profiteering of personal Kennedy items by people who somehow received them. However, no one has ever made anything close to the money the Abraham Zapruder family has made off of their fateful interaction with the JFK event and you never hear a derogatory word mentioned about this huge sum "profiteering."
  13. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Throw in the assassinations of RFK and MLK in similarly spectacular displays and with continuing disastrous results, a near mortal wounding of the body politic. I find myself unable to avoid connecting those dots, and so I look for clues rather than proofs, argue against those who demand written evidence of my basic supposition, and stand guard when theories are put forth that don't account for this continuum of events which undermined our attempts to move away from Cold and Hot wars, and instead strengthened the hand of profiteers and warmongers who continue to thwart the will of ordinary citizens. Paul, yes, a "near mortal wounding of the body politic" after those three killings is one of the most concise and coherent propositions I have read. Our collective political trust mind set went dark through and after those tragic killings. We've never been the same since. Very tentative trusting - that's for sure. Paul, many would classify Trump as the ultimate "profiteer." Do you agree?
  14. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    For those who can't even handle thinking about the possibility of JFK and possibly RFK and MLK being taken out by domestic forces, you want to ask them if they are aware of the assassinations of other top political leaders in history by competing elements in these leader's own societies and countries, and if they can accept those events as reality, why not JFK's...or RFK's or MLK's? Abraham Lincoln's assassination was like JFK's. Done in a public place in front of many others. There have always been legitimate questions and suspicions that others were involved in Lincoln's death besides the ones we have been told were responsible. In the least by providing funding and most importantly, perhaps perpetrated by insiders, providing logistics and a lack of adequate security for Lincoln when talk of his killing was so real and rampant at that time. Planning deniability and keeping the actual killing action and set-up perps separated from the real powers who made it happen is a craft finally honed well before Lincoln. We all know the Mafia ( fourth or fifth most powerful group in America in 1963) could and would take out an adversarial sitting president without blinking if they thought they could get away with it. Join them with other equally powerful groups with the same sentiments ... and you might have the real makings of the unspeakable. According to May Newman ( Murchison family seamstress and companion the day JFK was shot) the Murchison family celebrated JFK's slaughter with "champagne and caviar flowed for like a week after." I believe Newman's account. It shows that very powerful oil men ( world's richest at the time) and who considered JFK a serious threat to their personal wealth interests, were not just unmoved by JFK's brutal slaying in his wife's face, they celebrated it! As I am sure many other JFK hating people in powerful positions of our society and government did also. This JFK hating multi-power group sentiment and means to violently remove JFK was indeed real. No disputing or arguing against that reality. However, did this potential become reality? That is the ultimate question. If it wasn't the reality, then I suppose we should all just move on and start looking to find more fun and joy and trust in our lives and our children's and grandkid's lives. If it "was" the reality of who killed JFK...and somehow, someday we discover this to be the truth...our entire nation will have to go through a very gut wrenching period of tough reckoning.
  15. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    The idea of even considering certain competing power groups and individuals in our own political, military and agency government being a party to the JFK event ( and perhaps the RFK and MLK ones ) is a psychological line most Americans find so disturbing and unsettling to cross, I think that generally, most simply avoid the whole contemplation. Dulles, Hoover, LBJ, Cord Meyer, Angleton and top generals and others, all agreeing to the violent removal of a sitting President in broad daylight and in front of large crowds of bystanders? Exploding JFK's head into a shower of blood, brains and bones within inches of his wife's face? No...No. That would be a psychological and reality paradigm shift simply too frightening to accept and "having to deal with." How could or would we as a nation handle such a scenario if it were true? Would we have to declare a kind of Marshall Law where new military and political leaders would be instantly appointed by Congress to take control and suspend our regular government and arrest all of those high ranking people and deal with their perhaps violent loyalists? This would make Watergate seem like kids play. Even today, to imagine that many top American government leaders may have had prior knowledge of and, in the least through non-preventative action, allowed the violent removal of a sitting president is still too much to contemplate for most. But, what keeps this almost unbelievable yet nagging suspicion from disappearing completely are the frightening but true realities that we have had covert agendas that were carried out that included eliminating leaders of other countries ( even democratically elected ones ) who these same leaders in our country considered serious threats to our own national interests. And throw in domestic threat individuals like Malcom X as well. We can accept the reality of these killings being planned, ordered and implemented, but going so far as our own president? No...can't go there. To me, Nixon's cryptic reference to LBJ not being willing to accept being "number two" to a degree that Nixon left suggestively open ( we know what he was implying) just adds to my believe that LBJ "was" a person capable of encouraging the unspeakable. And when you have mad dogs with means available who had convinced themselves that JFK was "scum" and a traitor to his country and that Mafia characters like Johnny Roselli were more patriotic than JFK and more worthy of respect, the unspeakable becomes just that more believable...IMO.