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  1. Just read this report. As much as the coordination of information between agencies makes basic sense, obviously this coordination protocol wasn't implemented well with JFK's visit to Dallas.
  2. Roger Craig also told us his boss Decker told his men in no way to assist in JFK's security. Many other Sheriff Department officers affirmed this order by Decker so we know it's true. I am sure Decker and Hosty knew how hostile many super right wing Dallas residents were toward JFK. As hating as hot headed Cubans. To a murderous degree based on the public rhetoric of the most right wing of Dallas's politically extreme ilk. Both these men (Decker and Hosty ) saw the JFK threatening "Wanted For Treason" posters and newspaper ad. They knew that Adlai Stevenson had been physically assaulted when he visited Dallas months earlier. Did all of the security agencies in Dallas ever meet in one venue to discuss JFK's security? They certainly must have agreed that their hometown was extremely JFK hating in high wealthy right wing political circles and with mentally unbalanced crazies who were rabid followers of their JFK hating venom. The least the Sheriff's department and Hosty and his men could have contributed in the motorcade security plan was to act as spotters toward all the high rise open windows along the parade route. The threat of high building shooters was clearly understood and had to have been discussed. Scanning these with binoculars as JFK was actually underneath them seems like it should have been a basic security maneuver. Unequipped, untrained, uninstructed idly looking around bystanders on the streets of Dealey Plaza noticed men or a man with a rifle in the TXSBD building both before and during the shooting there. Imagine what two or three binocular equipped security men whose job it was to scan those windows would have seen?
  3. If Hosty truly "loved" JFK... Then the LEAST you would expect him to do when JFK and his lovely young wife were riding through his home town ( a rare event that may not have happened again ) would have been to catch at least a glimpse of his beloved President in the flesh. I didn't "love" JFK as much as I admired him, but I couldn't purposely avoid seeing him if and when he was driving so close by in my home town and it was easy to do so If you loved the Beatles, would you pass up a rare chance to see them up close in person if you had the advance notice ability to do so? JFK lover Hosty's diner lunch took precedence over this opportunity? Again, preposterous. Same with Ruby. Another one who professed to love JFK...Jackie anyway. He claimed he stayed in the Dallas Morning News building all morning and even until he heard JFK was shot...because he didn't like crowds? Ruby was constantly in crowds...boxing events, State Fairs, YMCAs, roller skating rinks, his own club and he then thrust himself into the DPD building all Friday night which would have made a true agoraphobic faint from hyper ventilating anxiety it was so crowded and frenetic.
  4. Ron, I posted the Apalachin meeting list primarily to highlight the reality of how widespread and entrenched in American society the Mafia ( American and Sicilian ) truly was and this was 1957! As a conglomerate of organized crime, they had grown to be one of the most powerful corporations in America. And they were everywhere! They exercised power and control over some of the biggest unions, in the film industry, music and other entertainment, sports, construction and on and on. They could shut down entire industries, rig major elections. Like the Cuban Mafia boss character Hyman Roth ( Lee Strassberg ) in the Godfather II film said to Michael Corleone about how powerful , they ( the Mafia ) were becoming in American life ... "we're bigger than U.S. Steel!" I also wanted to show via the list how Carlos Marcello had overseer control over the Dallas syndicate more than has been acknowledged. Dallas organized crime heads Joe Civello and Joe Campisi answered to him, according to the list of the Apalachin meeting attendees and their titles and positions. We all know now how members of American organized crime worked in partnership with our agencies off and on through mutually beneficial venues. Johnny Roselli's long term relationship with Wild Bill Harvey was a highlight of this fact. We know that Clint Murchison dealt with them and I believe LBJ, Nixon and even Reagan did deals with them, albeit with plausible denial. We know the Mob fixed the Chicago and Illinois and West Virginia's vote count in 1960. They had some hold on JFK, even in just setting him up with Judyth Exner. But, you can easily see my point here. That this specific organized criminal enterprise...Mob / Mafia / Cosa Nostra had grown in wealth and control to such a degree, they had major influence in the highest rungs of American power life for decades that we have never truly acknowledged in our official historical accounts and records. Little Jack Ruby, Lee Oswald, James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan, Mehmet Ali Agca and others were just expendable pawns.
  5. If this can interest, educate and inspire just 2 to 4% of new generations regards seeking and better understanding the truth and it's importance about JFK's assassination, it will be a huge success.
  6. Here is a list of the Cosa Nostra 1957 Apalachin meeting attendees. How accurate it is is debatable of course. Please note however these interesting points of the list. Dallas representative Joe Civello is listed as representing New Orleans' mob boss Carlos Marcello.Joseph "Joe" Civello - Dallas Civello Family Boss (New Orleans Family caporegime, representative of New Orleans Boss Carlos "Little Man" Marcello. Dallas, Texas) Caporegime means "Capo." This position is three rings down from "Boss." The hierarchy goes like this ... Boss - Underboss - Consiglere - Capo. Also read what Sam Giancana told another mafioso days after the meeting. That a bust like the one in Apalachin would never have happened in his district because they had the "county all locked up." Can you imagine how many police and judges and other officials had to have been bought and controlled by the Mafia for their leader to claim control over such a massively populated area as Cook County Illinois? Notice also the name Russell Bufalino. The crime boss who hires Frank Sheeran the hit man depicted in the new film " The Irishman." The Apalachin Meeting was a historic summit of the American mafia held on November 14, 1957 at the home of mobster Joseph "Joe the Barber" Barbara in Apalachin, New York. It was attended by roughly 100 mafia crime bosses from the United States, Canada and Italy. Expensive cars with license plates from around the country aroused the curiosity of the local and state law enforcement, who raided the meeting, causing mafiosi to flee into the woods and the surrounding area of the Apalachin estate. Over 60 underworld bosses were detained and indicted due to the disastrous meeting. Joseph "The Barber" Barbara - Northeastern Barbara Family Boss and Summit host, Apalachin, N.Y. Rosario "Russell" Bufalino - Northeastern Family Underboss and Summit organizer (Kingston, Pennsylvania, future Northeastern Boss) Dominick Alaimo - Northeastern Barbara Family Caporegime (Pittston, Pennsylvania) Angelo J. Sciandra - Northeastern Barbara Family Caporegime (Pittston, Pennsylvania) Ignatius Cannone - Northeastern Barbara Family Caporegime (Endwell, N.Y.) Anthony "The Gov" Guarnieri - Northeastern Barbara Family Soldier (Johnston City, N.Y., future Caporegime) James "Dave" Ostico - Northeastern Barbara Family Caporegime (Pittston, Pennsylvania, future Underboss) Pasquale "Patsy" Turrigiano - Northeastern Barbara Family Caporegime (Endicott, N.Y.) Emanuel "Manny" Zicari - Northeastern Barbara Family Caporegime (Endicott, N.Y., Barbara's bottling plant manager) Salvatore "Sam" Monachino - Northeastern Barbera Family Soldier (Auburn, N.Y.) Pasquale "Patsy" Monachino - Northeastern Barbara Family Soldier (Auburn, N.Y.) Pasquale "Patsy" Sciortino - Northeastern Barbara Family Soldier (Auburn, N.Y.) Bartolo "Bart" Guccia - Northeastern Barbara Family Associate (Endicott, N.Y., Barbara estate overseer and handyman) Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonanno - N.Y. Bonanno Family Boss (Long Island, N.Y., present Commission chairman, 1951-64) Giovanni "John" Bonventre - N.Y. Bonanno Family Caporegime (Brooklyn, N.Y., former Underboss, semi-retired in Sicily) (Brooklyn, N.Y.) Anthony "Tony" Riela - N.Y. Bonanno Family Caporegime (West Orange, N.J., faction leader) Natale "Joe Diamonds" Evola - N.Y. Bonanno Family Caporegime (Brooklyn, N.Y., future Boss) Vito "Don Vito" Genovese - N.Y. Genovese Family Boss (Atlantic Highlands, N.J.) Gerardo "Jerry" Catena - N.Y. Genovese Family Underboss (Orange, N.J., faction leader) Michele "Big Mike" Miranda - N.Y. Genovese Family Consigliere (Forest Hills, N.Y.) Salvatore "Charles" Chiri - N.Y. Genovese Family Caporegime (Bergen, N.J., faction leader) Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino - N.Y. Gambino Family Boss (Brooklyn, N.Y.) Joseph "Staten Island Joe" Riccobono - N.Y. Gambino Family Consigliere (Staten Island, N.Y.) Paul "Big Paul" Castellano - N.Y. Gambino Family Caporegime (Brooklyn, N.Y., future Boss) Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi - N.Y. Gambino Family Caporegime (Brooklyn, N.Y.) Armand "Tommy" Rava - N.Y. Gambino Family Caporegime (Brooklyn, N.Y., Anastasia loyalist, killed soon after Apalachin) Vincent "Nunzio" Rao - N.Y. Lucchese Family Consigliere (Yonkers, N.Y.) Giovanni "Big John" Ormento - N.Y. Lucchese Family Caporegime (Lido Beach, N.Y.) Joseph "Joe Palisades" Rosato - N.Y. Lucchese Family Caporegime (Jackson Heights, N.Y.) Joseph "Don Peppino" Profaci - N.Y. Profaci Family Boss (Long Island, N.Y.) Joseph "Fat Joe/Joe Malyak" Magliocco - N.Y. Profaci Family Underboss (East Islip, N.Y., successor to Profaci) Salvatore "Sam" Tornabe - N.Y. Profaci Family Caporegime (New York, N.Y., died December 30, 1957) Frank Majuri - N.J. DeCavalcante Family Underboss (Elizabeth, N.J., Amari regime Underboss, stepped down May 1957, then Underboss in DeCavalcante regime) Louis "Fat Lou" LaRasso - N.J. DeCavalcante Family Underboss (Linden, N.J., Delmore regime Underboss as of May, 1957) John C. Montana - Buffalo Magaddino Family Underboss (Olean, N.Y., He was the #2 man in the crime family during Magaddino's regime. Montana was put on the shelf by Magaddino around 1958, Magaddino felt betrayed by Montana who wanted to step down after all the publicity from Apalachin) Antonino "Nino" Magaddino - Buffalo Magaddino Family Caporegime (Niagara Falls, N.Y., future Consigliere) Rosario "Roy" Carlisi - Buffalo Magaddino Family Caporegime (Buffalo, N.Y., brother of future Chicago Outfit Boss Sam "Wings" Carlisi) James "Jimmy" LaDuca - Buffalo Magaddino Family Caporegime (Lewiston, N.Y., Magaddino son in law) Samuel "Sam" Lagattuta - Buffalo Magaddino Family Caporegime (Buffalo, N.Y.) Dominick D'Agostino - Buffalo Magaddino Family Caporegime (Niagara Falls, N.Y.) Frank Valenti - Rochester Valenti Family Underboss (Rochester, N.Y., Pittsburgh Family Soldier) Constenze "Stanley" Valenti - Rochester Valenti Family Boss (Rochester, N.Y., Pittsburgh Family Soldier) Joseph Falcone - Buffalo or Rochester Family Capo (Utica, N.Y., faction leader) Salvatore Falcone - Buffalo or Rochester Family Soldier (Utica, N.Y., Joseph's brother) Rosario "Roy" Mancuso - Buffalo or Rochester Family Soldier (Utica, N.Y.) Michael "Mike" Genovese - Pittsburgh LaRocca Family Caporegime (Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, future Boss) Gabriel "Kelly" Mannarino - Pittsburgh LaRocca Family Caporegime (New Kensington, Pennsylvania, future Underboss) Joseph "Joe" Ida - Philadelphia Bruno Family Boss (Highland Park, N.J., fled to Sicily in 1957 after Apalachin, leaving Antonio "Mr. Miggs" Polina as Acting Boss. Stepped down as Boss in 1959 due to publicity, retired to Sicily leaving Angelo Bruno as his successor) Dominick Olivetto - Philadelphia Bruno Family Underboss (Camden, N.J., faction leader, stepped down 1959 for new regime) John Scalish - Cleveland Scalish Family Boss (Cleveland, Ohio) John DeMarco - Cleveland Scalish Family Consigliere (Shaker Heights, Ohio) Frank "The Cheeseman" Cucchiara - New England Patriarca Family Consigliere (Boston, Massachusetts, representative of Raymond Patriarca Sr., Charlie "Lucky" Luciano and Frank "The Prime Minister" Costello at Summit) Frank Zito - Springfield, Illinois Zito Family Boss (Chicago Outfit Caporegime) Louis Santo Trafficante Jr. - Tampa Trafficante Family Boss (moved to Havana in 1946, Cuban operations overseer for the families, including casino and narcotics operations. Most powerful boss in Cuba) Joseph "Joe" Civello - Dallas Civello Family Boss (New Orleans Family caporegime, representative of New Orleans Boss Carlos "Little Man" Marcello. Dallas, Texas) John Francis Colletti - Dallas Civello Family member (Dallas, Texas) James "Black Jim" Colletti - Colorado Colletti Family Boss (Pueblo, Colorado) Frank DeSimone - Los Angeles Dragna Family Boss (Los Angeles, California, also lawyer and house council for Family members) Simone Scozzari Los Angeles Dragna Family Underboss (San Gabriel, California, came under law enforcement scrutiny after Apalachin. Deported to Italy in 1963) Mafiosi suspected of attending Apalachin Summit 14 November 1957 Carmine "Lilo" Galante - Bonanno Family Underboss Carmine Galante was one of the most important attendees at the Palermo, Sicily, Hotel des Palmes Summit the past October 14-October 17 and would be important to the Apalachin Summit being that he was the U.S. La Cosa Nostra's Montreal "representation" for all narcotics operations being directed through the port city. Identified as a guest staying at the estate by Joe Barbara's housekeeper. Galante had also been stopped and arrested by Pennsylvania police on October 17, 1956, allegedly coming from a meeting at Barbara's estate. Frank "Frank Carrol" Garofalo - Former Bonanno Family Underboss Frank Garofalo was semi-retired in Sicily as of 1956 and came back specifically for the Apalachin Summit, having been one of the attendees at the Palermo, Sicily-Hotel des Palmes Summit the past October 14-October 17 and would most certainly brief the Bosses on the outcome of the Palermo Summit. Garofalo was registered at a local motel. Gaspar "Gasparino" DiGregorio - Bonanno Family Caporegime Brother-in-law of Buffalo Family Boss Stefano Magaddino, registered at local motel. Joseph "Joe Bandy" Biondo - Gambino Family Underboss Former Albert Anastasia Consigliere, conspired to kill Anastasia with Carlo Gambino and Joseph Riccobono. Expected to explain the reasons for the Anastasia hit and the current situation between the new Anastasia/Gambino Family hierarchy and the faction still loyal to Anastasia. Gaetano "Tommy Brown" Lucchese and Stefano "Steve" LaSalle- Lucchese Family Boss and Underboss 1st and 2nd in command, Lucchese and his allies supported Carlo Gambino and his assassination of Albert Anastasia and ascension to Boss of the Family. Aniello "Niel" Migliore - Lucchese's top aide and was in a car accident driving through Binghamton the next day, November 15. He was most likely on his way to pick up Lucchese and LaSalle. Stefano "The Undertaker" Magaddino - Buffalo Magaddino Family Boss Commission member who helped Vito Genovese arrange the Summit at Barbara's house, his clothes contained his name in them when they were found in a car in Joseph Barbara's barn. Salvatore "Momo" Giancana and Frank "Strongy" Ferraro - Chicago Outfit Boss and Underboss 1st and 2nd in command, Sam Giancana was a Commission member and had just recently been promoted to Boss of the Outfit by former Boss and new Consigliere, Anthony "Joe Batters" Accardo. Giancana would take this opportunity to meet with all the other Family Bosses and introduce his new Underboss, Ferraro. Giancana was overheard just days after the Summit on an FBI wire talking to Stefano "The Undertaker" Magaddino about "our guys being caught" and "that it wouldn't have happened in Chicago, we have a whole county locked up tight". Magaddino cowardly replied "you bet it wouldn't have Sam". Joseph "Joe Z." Zerilli and Anthony "Tony Jack" Giacalone - Detroit Partnership Boss and Lt./Capo. Joe Zerilli was not yet at the Barbara estate, he was late. he most likely noticed the roadblock on the way to the meeting or was still at the motel and heard what happened on the radio. He used his driver�s license to rent a car in the Binghamton area and used it to get home on November 14, 1957. Nicholas "Nick" Civella and Joseph Filardo - Kansas City Civella Family Boss and Capo They were identified by a local business owner as the two men who used his phone to call a taxi. James "Jimmy the Hat" Lanza- San Francisco Abati/Lanza Underboss 2nd in command to Boss Michael Abati who at the time was fighting a deportation order, Lanza was registered at a local motel with San Jose Family Underboss, Joseph Cerrito. Mike Abati was deported on July 8, 1961. Lanza becomes his successor and the Family's most famous Boss. John Sebastian "John LaRock" LaRocca - Pittsburgh LaRocca Family Boss Registered at the local Arlington Motel with his 2 Capos, Michael Genovese and Gabriel "Kelly" Mannarino, their bills charged to Barbara's Canada Dry Bottling Company. Joseph "Joe" Cerrito- San Jose Cerrito Family Underboss 2nd in command to Boss Onofrio Sciortino who was ill, Cerrito was registered at a local motel with San Francisco Boss, James Lanza. Joe Cerrito becomes Boss of the Family after Sciortino's death in 1959. Frank "Frankie Bal" Balistrieri - Milwaukee Balistrieri Underboss 2nd in command, registered at a local motel. Family Boss, John Aloito was grooming his son in law Frank Balistrieri as his successor, Balistrieri uses the Apalachin Summit to introduce himself to all the Bosses from across the United States. In 1961 Aloito retires so Balistrieri can assume the top position. Frank "Frankie Bal" Balistrieri becomes Milwaukee's most famous underworld Boss. Joseph Zammuto - Rockford, Illinois Musso/Zammuto Family Underboss 2nd in command to Boss Antonio Musso who was ill, Zammuto was registered at a local motel. Tony Musso dies 1958 and Joe Zammuto becomes Boss of the Family. It is now called the Zammuto Family. The Rockford Family has always been a Chicago Outfit faction. Charles "Curly" Montana - Cleveland Scalish Family Caporegime Curly Montana is registered at a local motel with Boss John Scalish. Joseph "Joe" Campisi - Dallas Civello Family Underboss 2nd in command, Joe Campisi is registered at a local motel with Boss Joe Civello, who was detained at Barbara's estate. Joe Campisi became the Family Boss after Joe Civello retires to Florida in 1968. Civello dies in 1970. Vincenzo "Vince" Colletti - Denver Colletti Family Underboss 2nd in command, Vincenzo is James "Black Jim" Colletti's brother. Vincenzo is registered with James at a local motel, he escapes the police at Barbara's estate, but his brother James is picked up walking down a road near the estate. Alfred "Al" Angelicola - New Jersey area La Cosa Nostra member Al Angelicola is registered at a local motel with other known mafiosi, his Family affiliation is unknown. Luigi "Louis" Greco and Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni - Montreal Cotroni Family Underboss and Caporegime Louis Greco was a Montreal Sicilian who was 2nd in command to Calabrian Boss Vic "The Egg" Cotroni. In 1953 Greco and his top aide Frank Petrula go to Sicily to arrange heroin shipments with Charlie "Lucky" Luciano. Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni was the brother of Boss Vic Cotroni and the Lt. in charge of narcotics operations for the Family. The Montreal Family was considered the Bonanno Family Canadian Faction. Joe Bonanno had just returned from the U.S.-Sicilian La Cosa Nostra Summit in Palermo, Sicily at the Hotel des Palmes on October 14-October 17, 1957. One of the topics to be discussed at Apalachin was about the Sicilians taking control of the importation of narcotics while the U.S. La Cosa Nostra would handle wholesale distribution . Montreal is the North American transit way for narcotics shipments into the U.S., that's why Montreal had representatives at the Apalachin Summit. Giuseppe "Don Giuseppe" Settacase - Agrigento, Sicily Capo-familglia and future Capo-provincia (provincial Boss) in Sicilian Cupola (Commission). Don Giuseppe Settacase was sent over as a representative of the Sicilian La Cosa Nostra Clans wishing to export narcotics to the United States. He was present at the Palermo, Sicily Summit on 14 October-17, 1957 and was highly respected as a mediator. Don Giuseppe Settacase mentor to the most powerful and wealthy Sicilian Clans in the Agrigento province and Sicilian La Cosa Nostra, the Siculiana-Caruana-[BadWord] Family and the Cattolica Eraclea-Rizzuto Family, who would become superpowers in the global narcotics and money laundering trade and rule mafia empires. After the Apalachin Summit, both the Canadian and Sicilian La Cosa Nostra were heard talking on R.C.M.P. and FBI wiretaps about how embarrassed the American La Cosa Nostra looked to their peers for the screw up at Apalachin http://www.greaterowego.com/apalachin/guests.html
  7. I Karl, I agree. Very few big cities in America are as fairly represented regards blacks being heads of so many majorly important departments as Houston is. Any person in America doing business with drug dealers is at serious risk of being shot. And the fact that Joshua Brown had been previously shot in another bad drug deal really leans the suspicion angle towards his death being a bad drug deal killing versus something more retaliatory regards his Amber Guyger court case testimony... imo.
  8. Wow, can't wait to see. I hope you personally are being compensated in some way for this is based significantly on your book ... correct? I sure hope so anyway.
  9. Who were Dallas mob chieftains Joe Civello and Joe Camipisi most beholden to in any organized crime business of high importance on their turf? Did they do things on their own or did they have a higher source of outside permission and oversight? Was it Chicago, New York, Florida, LA? Marcello himself? When hot headed, hot reputation stripper Jada threatened Jack Ruby with meat hook hanging or castration in their seemingly continuous horrible relationship, didn't Ruby contact people he knew in the Chicago outfit to ask for some help with dealing with her and a few other of his girls in their demands for better pay and work conditions? I believe he did.
  10. The LBJ angle has more promoters than just those three. Throw in E.Howard Hunt, Billie Sol Estes and many others and perhaps Richard Nixon himself. I am sure you have seen that video on You Tube of sweaty, creepy smiling Nixon cryptically inferring about LBJ..."You know that LBJ...he never liked to be number 2." Rich Pope. You state that your father listened in on some telephone calls to and from LBJ's ranch and involving LBJ himself. You then go on to infer that your father became much more withdrawn and seemingly disturbed by what he had heard on these calls. If your father had ever just once shared with you what he heard in those calls to so disturb him, then this whole part of your story would gain some credibility weight imo. I can understand a father not wanting to put his son in danger by revealing truths that could be life threatening in their importance, but you never once overheard him sharing even small bits of what he knew about LBJ to anybody? Did he never once say one thing about LBJ that suggested he thought LBJ was a bad, immoral, ruthless or dangerous man? How frustrating not to have one thing your father actually said about LBJ that would indicate something truly nefarious about him. If your father actually secretly listened into LBJ's telephone conversations that LBJ thought were private and more than a half dozen times, one can imagine he heard some really revealing and important stuff. Personally I feel LBJ was a seriously ruthless, cunning and corrupted power seeking man to a maniacally obsessive degree. Including ordering murders if need be. A sadistically crude man too. Yes, LBJ pushed through the "Great Society" program. Even crooks do good things. Capone, El Chapo and other murderous criminals have helped the poor.
  11. But in 1963 it sounds as if nobody messed with Carlos Marcello and his many brothers rule in Louisiana and N.O..
  12. Jim, a question I have is which Mafia group had the final say about operations in Texas? Was it out of towners or were Dallas residents Joe Civello and Joe Campisi in charge of their own turf in Texas? Both Civello and Campisi attended the Apalachin meeting in 1957. If you check the attendee list of that meeting, every one invited had a fairly high level of importance in their own location. Organized crime in America since the early 1900's has done nothing but damage our society and democratic institutions to significant degrees that we never truly have acknowledged. It has effected us all. And imo has been a part of the JFK coverup.
  13. If Marcello wasn't the head Mafia boss of Texas, Louisiana and immediate surrounding area, who was? Who else oversaw Texas which was a huge area of profit in Mafia business such as drugs, gambling, prostitution, extortion, etc? New Orleans and Louisiana as well. I assume what we are being told is that the Chicago outfit had more control over Texas than Marcello? We know Ruby dealt with both. My guess is when Ruby went to New Orleans and did any questionable business there, he dealt with Marcello's men, not Giancana's or Trafficante's. A point I have made before in postings beginning years ago is how much our country was infected with corruption and especially organized crime corruption most of this last century well beyond the understanding of the majority of Americans and even our main stream history book record. I believe organized crime corruption was one of America's top 4 or 5 legacies during this time. The Apalachin meeting in 1957 shouted the hugely widespread power and influence of organized crime in America at that time. 100 heads of the branches of the Sicilian Mafia met there including those from Montreal, Cuba and Italy. Think about this incredible reality of the reach and growth of organized crime in America in the 1950's this gathering exposed. These leaders represented a massive criminal corporation that had branches in that many cities and areas of the country. Many large city police forces were so compromised with corruption by the Mafia,, anywhere from 10 to 30% and more of their police forces were on the take at various times as were many hundreds of Judges on every level as well as mayors, city council members, D.A.s and other elected officials. Our largest labor union and many others had been taken over by them. RFK knew that organized crime had become one of America's biggest problems as related in his book "The Enemy Within." He correctly stated that the power and influence of this huge cancer of corruption truly was a major threat against our democracy. And the most devilish pact of all took place when our own intelligence departments decided to work with elements of organized crime to combat their common enemies. In many ways, this legitimized the Mafia and allowed them to flourish even more. Hoover for whatever reasons also fed their growth through refusing to recognize and reign them in. Presidents have left them alone and even worked with them. When Nixon pardoned Jimmy Hoffa, it was so obvious he was compromised. Nixon's VP Spiro Agnew was completely owned by them. When we discuss and debate the JFK assassination we cannot pretend that all this organized crime corruption had no connection at all to at least the cover-up and maybe the elimination of witnesses who were considered the most threatening to this....imo.
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