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  1. Really. Could you name some of these witnesses and share what they said? Any of them taken seriously?
  2. MacNeil and Lehrer worked closely together for years but had different opinions of the JFK assassination? Was Lehrer a "Lone Nut" advocate? And MacNeil not?
  3. Yes, how did Ruby act when first hearing of the shooting? He was in an area where others were present...correct? Others who personally knew him? Did he thrust his face in his hands and cry out....Oh, God! No.No, NO! Did he seem agitated and nervous? I wonder why he didn't immediately run off to get the latest news straight from his police force buddies at DPD? Or maybe drive straight to his sisters house...or even his local synagogue? Why go back to his strip joint club...if he did so? What solace and comfort would that den of hot flesh sin offer? Maybe his club caretaker Andy Armstrong was someone he felt could commiserate with more than anyone else?
  4. David, it's seems easy to assume that Ruby could have slipped out of the DMN building without anyone noticing or seeing him drive away and knowing where he immediately went. If walking Oswald could do the same without one TSB Depository employee noticing then Ruby's departure would be even less observed. Everyone was so in shock about what just happened and thinking about it, the level of distraction was off the charts. I am not very informed about Ruby's stated actions as soon as he left the DMN building, but where he claimed he went also creates the question of verification. What persons verified Ruby's presence in the locations Ruby claimed he was at right during the time Kantor says he met and talked to him at Parkland?
  5. Have you read Seth Kantor's Warren Commission questioning and testimony? I have many times and did so again yesterday. Kantor's WC questioners Bert. W. Griffin and Leon D. Hubert Jr. spent most of the latter part of their interview session with Kantor going over and over Kantor's note taking and notebooks, made starting just before the assassination and through the event and right after. It seemed clear they were hyper-focused on trying to find something, anything contradictory regards Kantor's claim of seeing and talking to Jack Ruby in Parkland Hospital while mortally wounded JFK was being treated there. You can almost feel the desperateness of Griffin and Hubert in this effort. However, Griffin and Hubert were completely stymied in their obvious effort to trip Kantor up or find something to discredit him in his most damning claim of meeting and conversing with Jack Ruby at Parkland hospital at a time when Ruby claimed he wasn't there. Ruby's presence at Parkland while Kantor was there, if true, could rock the entire narrative of Ruby's testimony regards his actions and motives that day and early afternoon. What is also remarkable to me regards Kantor throughout his entire WC questioning is how unflappable, unwavering and strong he was in keeping and standing his personal recollection truth ground. Especially his Jack Ruby encounter at Parkland hospital experience.
  6. Ron, I'm providing a link to an interview of one of the first Jack Ruby trial jurors - J. Waymon Rose. This March 20th, 2013 interview is just one of many by the Texas School Book Depository Sixth Floor Museum in their "Living History" series. Just past the 43 minute mark you will hear Mr. Rose state one of his main reasons for voting Ruby guilty of planning the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald versus Ruby's defense team's claim it was an "unplanned" impulsive act born out of some brain damage or his love for Jackie and wanting to protect her from having to endure a trial of a living Oswald. Rose states his suspicion about Ruby's long stay inside the Dallas Morning News building on 11,22,1963 and especially up to and through the actual JFK/Jackie Kennedy motorcade which was happening just beneath him on the streets below. Rose figured that if Ruby defense attorney Melvin Belli's claim that Ruby loved the Kennedys so much was true ( Rose mistakenly says "Ruby" instead of "Kennedy" while saying this ) he would have been on the ground to see his beloved President and wife. Rose also stated a logical thought rational for his suspicion regards Ruby's unprecedented long stay inside the DMN building based on Ruby's history of placing ads for his strip club in the paper and how this action was something that took a much shorter time than many hours. In fact, Rose stated he felt Ruby could have even done this regular ad placement business over the phone! Juror Rose obviously was suspicious enough about Ruby's long stay in the DMN building during a time when Ruby's claimed love for the Kennedy's would indicated it's illogicality, to not believe Ruby's stated explanation claims for this irregular action. Would you consider this recollection testimonial by Ruby trial juror J.Waymon Rose ( I know it wasn't given under oath ) at least somewhat corroborative of Jack Ruby's presence in the DMN building at least until after the JFK assassination at 12:30 PM on 11,22,1963? Living History with J. Waymon Rose SixthFloorMuseum • 2.6K views6 years ago
  7. I just listened to the national news reported tape reportedly of Donald Trump giving an order to members of his staff to "get rid of her" referring to Ukranian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. This 1 hour and 20 minute tape recording of this meeting with Trump was supposedly made by Lev Parnas's partner in crime buddy "Igor Fruman" while they were both sitting in on this dinner/meeting inside of Trump's Washington, D.C. hotel in April, 2018. All kinds of controversial questions are being asked at this minute in high level media about this meeting tape and Trump's alleged comments on it. Should be internet front page news starting tomorrow. Is it authentic? If so, my first thought upon hearing Trump speak in this meeting is this: If this tape of Trump is deemed credible, you hear Lev Parnas speaking directly to whoever was present in the meeting including Trump ( about Ukraine ) and Trump speaking back in direct response to Parnas's comments. And both Parnas and Trump are not shouting so one can reasonably assume they are not that far apart in this meeting. The meeting was described as relatively limited in attendance. Donald Trump Jr. was reported to be there. Just a week or more ago I watched President Trump in a nationally televised news briefing clearly say he had never met or "had any conversation with" those two men ( Parnas and Fruman ) beyond some chance photo-op encounters. This tape ( again, if analysed and confirmed as real ) exposes yet another blatant XXX on the part of Trump. If real, this tape reveals that Trump clearly engaged in a direct response discussion of Ukranian issues including Ambassador Yankovitch to the comments of Lev Parnas! If the tape is real, I hope at least some national media plays Trump's conversation in response to Parnas's comments about Ukraine and Yankovitch ( in a social situation beyond just a Donor photo-op one ) accompanied by a pairing playback of Trump's recent nationally reported news briefing comments about never having had non-photo-op contact with Parnas or his sidekick Fruman. I don't know how Trump gets away with these false statements ( in the thousands now ) with most of our national media never reporting this pathological behavior as a major presidential leadership disgrace and concern. Guess we'll all know more via tomorrow's news.
  8. Doug, could you explain the significance of this order?
  9. Lehrer, Moyers, Rather ...who else? Robert MacNeil? Just a side thought note on a 11,22,1963 Dallas based journalist who didn't get the career advancement loyalist treatment: Seth Kantor. A WC lone gunman Antichrist. And one of my favorite JFK event truth seeking heroes. Dallas Times Herald feature writer journalist Seth Kantor ( the Warren Commission antagonist ) was "right there" in the Dallas presidential motorcade when the shots rang out and right there inside Parkland hospital during that high drama scene minutes after JFK was brought there. Yet, there were no big future journalistic career promotion gains for this lone nut questioning newsman. Any future notoriety he achieved only came about due to his writing a book about Jack Ruby which claimed there was much more about Ruby that the Warren Commission refused to acknowledge and report. Until recently, I didn't know the full breath of Seth Kantor's remarkable career as a muckraking corruption fighting investigative journalist besides his JFK/Jack Ruby/Warren Commission reporting. He immersed himself into so many other common man defending causes including the plight of welfare children and so many other similar issues. I did know of his Marine Corp hot spot combat duty in the WW II Pacific theater. John Simkin years ago posted some informative threads in the forum on Seth Kantor. Kantor's common man defending life and career achievements and book "Who Was Jack Ruby" might fairly had inspired at least a high circulation national media article ( New York Times, Washington Post, Playboy? ) with a coincidentally appropriate title "Who Was Seth Kantor" imo. Born in New York City in 1926, Seth Kantor came of age at the outbreak of World War II and joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1943. He served in a combat platoon of the Third Marine Division at Iwo Jima and Guam. After the war, Kantor attended Wayne State University while working full time for the Detroit bureau of the Associated Press. He worked at various small newspapers in Colorado from 1948 to 1950 and subsequently wrote for numerous Scripps-Howard papers including the Fort Worth Press and the Dallas Times Herald. He was called before a Senate subcommittee for his reporting on a defense contract, refusing to give up his confidential source. Leaving Scripps-Howard to work for the Detroit News, Kantor wrote hard-hitting investigative pieces on Richard Nixon’s campaign finances, the neglect of welfare children, and the FEDNET computer system used for gathering secret information on individuals and institutions. During the late 1970s and 1980s he worked for Cox newspapers including the Atlanta Constitution and the Austin American Statesman, covering the Carter administration, the Middle East, the U.S.S.R., the Jim Wright financial scandal, and many other world events. Kantor was with President John F. Kennedy’s press entourage when the president was assassinated in Dallas, and Kantor spent many years investigating the background of Jack Ruby. He published Who Killed Jack Ruby? in 1978, calling into question the Warren Commission’s report, particularly as it pertained to Ruby’s potential involvement in the assassination plot. He also published a book on Nazi saboteurs living in the United States. Seth Kantor died in 1993 at the age of 67. Add the name of newsman Icarus "Ike" Pappas who became fairly well known on the national level after Dallas. Dallas, Texas, November 24, 1963[edit] That morning, Pappas was among the throng of reporters present at the Dallas City Jail for presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's transfer to the County Jail. Working for WNEW-AM in New York at the time, Pappas began his report as Oswald came into view: As Pappas asked Oswald the question, Jack Ruby stepped out of the crowd of reporters with a pistol, moved in front of Oswald and fired one shot into Oswald's abdomen.
  10. JVB has a Mae Brussell's manner, look and vibe to her that holds me just enough to listen to her speak for longer than a minute or two. She is obviously intelligent and her actually calm and measured speaking style and even voice sounds like Brussell's. Her conspiracy messages and stories - true or not - are also quite creatively interesting imo. If JVB sounded and spoke like Anna Lewis or some other inarticulate JFK event related character It would be a pain to hang with her interviews. I find Baker's account of David Ferry and his personal comments to her as creatively funny and intriguing as they are questionable and widely felt as untrue. And I must say, JVB's hair die job as seen in this linked interview video is quite well done in hiding her obvious mid-seventies greyness.
  11. As Schwartz says in his talk, Trump's number one favorite emotion by far is "anger." Highly animated taunting, insulting and antagonizing anger. WWF stuff. Verbalized and expressed almost daily in his tweets, press talks and numerous rally speeches. It's definitely an addiction with him and he uses it to drive, motivate and energize himself, his agenda, his base and to constantly create his favorite social and professional climate "conflict." The impeachment "trial?" exudes it. But after more than three years, this constant, almost daily, national stage negative energy anger and conflict is seriously exhausting to see, hear and feel. It's draining, divisive, depressing and distracting to an unprecedented and dangerous degree. It's Donald J. Trump. How could the country re-elect to keep going through this fist thrusting, shouting and tauntingly insulting WWF spectacle madness for another 4 years!? If so, it will be a reality check statement as to how divided, angry and hateful we as a society truly are. Maybe it all has to come to a head like this to honestly acknowledge and deal with this societal truth. Like finally letting oneself vomit out something toxic after fighting and holding it in because the experience of throwing up is so gut wrenching sickening to go through?
  12. I had to keep reminding myself that this talk by and interview of Trump "Art Of The Deal" book author Tony Schwartz at Oxford University took place "10 days before" the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Schwartz predicted everything that has actually happened regards Trump as President to an incredibly accurate degree. I had to post this link. It puts Trump the man ( and his actions as President leading to impeachment) into the most honest, understandable and thoroughly revealing light I have come across. Again, please keep the date of this Schwartz speaking engagement video in mind while viewing it. It's amazingly accurate prescience is worth witnessing and contemplating. Obviously, Schwartz's message is an extremely concerned warning to America if Donald Trump is elected President. A warning that has come to reality in spades. I would have posted this and the link in the already active Trump thread, but felt it needed to be read and the video seen on it's own, especially in light of the historically important Donald J. Trump impeachment event starting today. 56:29NOW PLAYING Tony Schwartz: The Truth About Trump | Oxford Union Q&A OxfordUnion 1.6M views3 years ago
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