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  1. From what I've read, the tests on the hands could give a false positive because the same chemicals could have gotten there from handling other materials like cardboard boxes. However, Mark Lane believed a lack of nitrates on the cheek would have been court admitted evidence that someone did not fire a rifle. That's my understanding of it anyway, it could be wrong or not apply to Texas laws at the time.
  2. Oswald's barber, Clifton M. Shasteen: https://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/shasteen.htm It's almost comical that after nearly sixty years we're still playing these games and can't even get a straight yes or no answer on a simple three-word question: "Could Oswald drive?" The answer is "kinda?" What kind of answer is that? He couldn't drive well enough in an empty parking lot to warrant further lessons, a month later he was driving surface streets at night and expressways at high speeds without incident, yet less than a month later he couldn't drive well enough to make a
  3. Pardon me, but where is your source for the Bogard quote characterizing Oswald driving "like a maniac"? I am unable to find any quote from Bogard where he characterizes Oswald as driving "like a maniac." If someone can drive high speeds on the highway, then they can drive. Someone who cannot drive cannot drive 60-70 miles an hour on the expressway. https://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/bogard.htm Yet this is the same man who could barely drive three blocks on surface streets, whose apparent entire experience driving was on a total of two occasions, and apparently demonst
  4. This was made for me by another forum member in another thread about this subject. And what I believe has been said to possibly be the Coley pool of blood and a gif of the passing man who appears to be looking at it and/or walking around it.
  5. Officially, there were no Secret Service agents on foot at or left behind in Dealey Plaza, but then we have stories like this one from Dallas police officer Joe M. Smith: https://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/smith_j1.htm And then the following, from Jim Marrs's "Crossfire" first edition, 1989, pg 78, where Marrs quotes Dealey Plaza witness Gordon Arnold: A quote from Dealey Plaza witness Malcolm Summers: http://www.jfklancer.com/ManWho.html And this from Dallas police Sergeant D. V. Harkness, who went to the rear of the TSBD to seal it off at 12:36 PM:
  6. I'm sorry David. I didn't mean to offend you. That was not my intent, and I apologize.
  7. Hi Chris, I'm the one who did the transcript of the Osanic/Coley interview that was linked in the second post. It is definitely one of the many mysteries in this case that fascinates me. Contrary to what @David Andrews posted, it seems that at least two people (Mal Couch and Jean Hill) reported observing a trail of something they believed to be blood in Dealey Plaza that day. If I may be so bold as to quote myself from this 2016 thread: I also remember a statement from a Parkland doctor or administrator that said that soon after Kennedy's death a Secret Service man who was injure
  8. Regarding the rifle palm print, I would suggest checking out Sylvia Meagher's book "Accessories After The Fact" pgs 120-127 and see if any of that information answers your questions. I'm not 100% convinced it was Oswald that shot Tippit, but I'll try to go along with the theoretical. To me, the Tippit shooting is very suspicious even if Oswald was the killer. It was this aspect of the case that first began to pique my interest, because the official version doesn't pass the smell test, in my opinion. While Oswald was in his rooming house getting a jacket and a handgun, a polic
  9. Hi Tommy, welcome to the forum. You might want to check out Mark Lane's book "Rush To Judgement" and Chapter 5 "Why Oswald Was Wanted" for a more thorough explanation. The short version is that there was no roll call at the TSBD just after 12:30 PM, and Oswald was not the only employee missing out of those who were working on the sixth floor. The description that fit Oswald but didn't contain Oswald's name went out on the police radio at 12:45 PM. According to the Warren Report, Oswald wasn't noted missing until at least 1:00 PM, and probably not before 1:22 PM (when the rifle w
  10. It's disappointing but not that surprising. In Oliver's defense, he's a stand up comedian. Since he's been working on The Daily Show and his own show dealing with current events in a more intelligent and insightful way than most, there's now an illusion around him that he's an actual newsman or something more than he really is: a talented, charismatic comedian with a smart writing staff and clever producers. Before the Daily Show, he was just an average person subject to the same media saturation on this subject that most people have been for decades. Still, it's disappointing that someon
  11. And I screwed it up. I should have voted "specific knowledge." My mistake.
  12. I'm voting "generally aware" even though I believe Oswald was in contact with conspirators. He obviously didn't know everything because he didn't know the true identity of the designated fall guy, namely himself. Yet he knew enough about the plot and the people that the conspirators believed he had to be silenced. I don't think Oswald was intended to be apprehended alive in the first place. I think Norman and Joe are right in that there is also a possibility that Oswald believed he was part of a secret counter-assassination plot or something along those lines. I suspect a number of player
  13. I'm following this thread and I don't agree with Mark. It seems to me that two questions should be considered: Does one believe that someone was attempting to impersonate Lee Harvey Oswald at some time prior to June 3, 1960? Does one believe that someone was attempting to impersonate Lee Harvey Oswald in the days and weeks prior to November 22, 1963? If the answer to number 1 is "No", then how does one explain J. Edgar Hoover's memo of June 3, 1960 where he writes: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=11510#relPageId=836 If the answer to number 2
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