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  1. If the lowest peak of the is 380 then it cannot be the motorcycle. I think redline is around 7000 rpm. I would guess 22,800 would sound like a constant tone not a motorcycle. I have been looking at 1/16th slices of the recording for a pattern that should repeat about 3 times in 1/16thsec and see nothing. The start of this video has a 1200 idling around 500 rpm and also has other good example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IlU268hgLI It sounds to me like the stuck mic was happening during the whistling with the 3,000 rpm motor running. I have not sorted out all the material you gave yet. I will take a closer look One thing about the whistling cop is he was a mile or more from Dealey when it happened. if he had the stuck mic all bets are off and the dicta belt is worthless. When people use those radios the never just key the mic and start whistling. Air time is precious because only one person can talk at a time. So if you have nothing important to convey it would be outrageous to just start whistling. You would be in trouble for it the first time you died it.

    Ya it could be the Croft Lady. My eyes went fuzzy trying to identify who was in the background. Another part I can't make sense of is what looks like the hair on the left side of JFK's head seem to continue behind his head. It has a ribbed look to it . That dark area also bleeds over slightly onto the rear view mirror. But the Croft Lady is still the most obvious possibility.

    We can disagree on which is left and right but do you agree her hands could not be near what is said to be the "hole"? We can see all of JFK's coat and the hand rail in the back and that leaves no place for her arm. We would have to see her arm if her glove was at the position of the hole.
  4. I have been reviewing the dicta belt and one important point regarding rpm is that a single engine cycle is made up of several different popping sounds. Two cylinders firing and two exhaust sounds. But there may be a third sound too. An single cycle of an idling harley has a sound like 'ba dump bump', three different noises you can hear. When you listen to the dicta belt you can hear the rhythm of the cycle that make up one rpm. The rpm sounds closer to 3,000 rpm. It may be that the hz also represents additional sounds the mic may pick up. Some hogs still ran solid lifters and they are noisy, even more when not adjusted. For the hz to represent the rpm a single rpm would have to be made up of 22 different sounds. So i do not think the Hz is showing the rpms, yet i can clearly hear something running at about 3000 rpm. One last thing about McCalin's statement. He pointed out the person with the keyed mic was whistling as he rode. McClain said he was not a whistler, but there was a guy on the force that whistled all the time and he rode a 45. McCain, another Dallas motor cop, myself and other Harley folks recognize the sound as a Harley 45 tricycle. That is subjective of course. if the Hz had some peak or distinctive shape in a single peak that repeated about 50 times a second, then we may have found the rpm's within HZ cycle

    Jerome the link led me to your work history not anything by Plumlee. this has happened twice recently and the error maybe on my side not yours

    yes his saying "I've been hit" makes the throat shot as the first hit almost impossible.

    Thanks for the witness list, had no idea that many reported a hole.

    Micah, Jackies left hand is holding JFK's forearm from underneath. if her right hand was at JFK's shoulder it would have to cover the right hand hold on the right rear of the limo. or it would have to obscure part of JFK's coat. But we can see the hand hold and his coat. there is no place for her arm to reaching up to the anomaly in the windshield. But am am not trying to prove the bullet hole is real! i am only testing the theory by tracing the possible trajectory. Had i found the trajectory led up into the air i might be willing to argue that the hole is not real. that would be based on the fact there was no blimp in the plaza that day so no platform for a shooter in the air. i am sort of kidding but my point is i am not here to debate whether the hole is real or not.

    yes I figured you must but was not sure of the point you wanted to make so I mentioned it.

    Chris, well that is a re creation. Some of the Love field and parade footage towards Dealey shows JFK hanging onto the door, way to the right. When you translate to an overhead using Alt 6 for the bullet hole it hits JC in the head. Of course he is behind the sign at that point so there is wiggle room but not much.

    Well there are witness' that stood right in front of the limo at parkland and saw a :"through and through hole". A medical student(And gun advocate) and one of the motor cops, Lumpkin or Ellis. Then there is separate testimony from a windshield dept supervisor at Ford Motor Co Detroit who saw the limo there Monday morning with a 'through and through' hole before they destroyed that windshield and installed a new one. So I lean towards the hole being real. If we apply Occams razor but consider the fact that bullets were being fired at the limo would that mean a through an through hole would be logical? i don't know really but it is all speculation.

    That's interesting, what is the proof? By the way I am not agruing for it being real or unreal in this thread. I am open to either.
  13. I decided to plot the trajectory of the supposed bullet hole in the windshield in Altgens 6. I would think if it is not a bullet hole the trajectory would likely point to some implausible location for a sniper. it might point up in the air or into the ground, or somewhere on the lawn that was photographed and shows no shooter. I heard it had been calculated to originate from the commerce St underpass but I wanted to use multiple photographs of JFK to see just how accurately it can be plotted. plotting the vertical and horizontal angles I found it leads to the top of the hill in the South corner of the plaza next to the parking lot and about 20 ft East of the railroad tracks. There are two interesting things about that location. First it allows for an almost level shot if the shooter is crouched or prone at the top of that hill. Secondly the shot occurred at the point when the limo came the closest to pointing directly at the sniper location, about 16 degrees from driving straight at the sniper. When first plotting it out I included the 4 degree slope of the plaza. using 4 degrees the shot could have come from the Commerce tunnel. But then I measured the angle of the limo at the location of the throat shot and although it does not look like a 46 degree angle ,it turned out the limo was moving across the 4 degree slope at a 46 degree angle. Just like a skier that goes straight down a hill is at a steeper angle than someone going across the slope, the limos angle was only 2 degrees from front to back. the other 2 degrees would manifest as the limo leaning 2 degrees from side to side but the grade of the road corrects that. (if the limo was on Main street and sideways in the road, it would have a 4 degree lean side to side while from from to back to front it would have zero angle. So applying a 2 degree lean from front to back moves the shooter location to the top of the hill. The location of JFK's throat was hard to pin down so I gave it a 5 inch box in which it could be positioned. that allows for 4 degrees of variance. Each degree translates to about one and a quarter inches per degree at JFK's neck and 14 feet at the sniper location. The Commerce tunnel is at the edge of that box but the top of the hill seems like a better location as it has a quick exit through the parking lot behind it, a level shot, and minimal tracking of the target as it is movings towards the sniper at the moment of the neck shot. But there is one thing about the windshield theory that is a problem. it is hard to find a position for Connelly and JfK where the bullet does not pass through Connelly's head. if the shot did happen through the windshield it would have comes very close to JC's head. He never said he felt a round pass by is head which is strange. There is always debate about JC's reactions and whether it indicates he was struck by the same bullet as JFK. But if he reacted to a shot passing right by his head, how could we separate that reaction from his being hit by a round. Besides JC's lapel flipping up and down there is no movement that could not be attributed to the bullet passing by his head.
  14. Thanks Jorma, so in Harvey we have 2,600 rpm? you said 26, not sure why you meant. Anyway the comparison of the two bikes was interesting. I wonder what difference there might be between a mic mounted to the bike(traveling with it), and a mic on the side of the road that must experience some doppler shift. The main point to me though is not the comparison of the 2 bikes but the fact that McClain said he was at a stop when the headshot happened. We should hear a bike idling at about 600 rrm, 1000 rpm at the most. So we have to discount McClains statements or figure out why we hear the motor running at 2,600 rpm. The dicta belt shows the bike was running at a consistent speed. Do you know the full time period that we hear that motor running? or do you know when the recording started and ended using Zapruder frames. With that info I can plot out where McClain was during the times we hear the motor. I want to see if it is plausible for him to be moving at 2,600 rpm at those points on the dicta belt. Note: the link you gave me had an article unrelated to the motor cop issue. Thanks
  15. I have had serious doubts about the dicta belt ever since I read McClain's statement He said he had pulled to a stop when the head shot happened. The engine sounds very much like a 45 cubic inch police 3 wheeler doing maybe 23,00 rpm. It sounds nothing like an idling 74 cubic inch motor. I know the sound comes across as a pattern of static, but the 45ci harley is very distinct. Here is a good example of a harley 45 tricycle. In addition to the piston sound they have this hum that sounds like steel wool rubbing against sheet metal.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMaFghu3IYU Were you able to determine the rpm recorded on the dictabelt?