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  1. Chris Bristow

    A question to David Lifton

    Good point and I don't know. If it was meant for the head it might account for about a 12 inch drop from the head to the entrance wound in the back.
  2. Chris Bristow

    A question to David Lifton

    That ammo was known for it's unreliability and it is possible that one shot was a bad round that has a much lower velocity. It could also be the reason people heard a firecracker as opposed to a rifle shot. It could also explain how one shot went wild and struck Teague. Not that I believe this is what happened but it is a valid theory.
  3. After doing some experimental photos I found that images taken from the front and rear would have the same distortion in the form of widening angles. Magnification of the lower part of the crack occurs from the front and magnification of the top happens when photographed from the rear but no changes in angles. Then I found the HSCA uncropped photo of the removed windshield and took that angle into account. I also under estimated the angle of the windshield in my first test. After correcting both errors I found the difference in angles between the HSCA and WC photos is exactly what you should expect to see.
  4. I am not alluding to fakery but those photos don't match!. The two top cracks are about 43 degrees apart in the HSCA and almost 65 degrees in the White House garage photo. Adjusting for perspective can spread the HSCA angle out to match the other but then several other cracks are way off. The Garage photo was taken from the front and if the HSCA photo was taken from inside the limo it might explain this. Can someone tell me the source of the HSCA image?
  5. Chris Bristow


    That is a good point in fact I think it makes the gunman theory completely implausible. The shadow of the tree trunk on the grass below means there also has to be a tree trunk right where the gunman image is.
  6. Chris Bristow

    Umbrella Man pic?

    I agree this the first photo is not original. Judging from the lamppost in the background we should see Fosters in the background. Second the North plaque above the route 77 sign on the Stemmons pole has way more space between it and the 77 sign and between it and the Stemmons sign above. And I just noticed the big giveaway, Moorman and Jean hills positions are reversed, Moorman should be on the right of Hill with her orange coat.
  7. Chris Bristow


    I have heard that sometime in the 80's Gary Mack said he was told by several of the people involved that Chaney caught Curry on the Stemmons on ramp, that is where the meeting took place. This is the explanation for why Chaney's ride forward is missing from films, it did not happen in the plaza. There are some big problems with this story. First, Curry had already been notified about shots fired several times. 1. As the shots were being fired both the agents in the back seat each told him what was happening and told him to rush to Parkland. 2. A radio message from the Beast alerts everybody to 'shots fired' 3. Kellerman radios the same message seconds later. 4 Curry sees the limo has floored it and is overtaking his car. 5. Clint hill and Greer both yell' 'get to parkland" when the limo catches up with Curry underneath the triple overpass. Curry testifies that he heard two people from the limo yelling "get to Parkland". At this point Curry and the limo race onto the Stemmons onramp. Now Chaney is supposed to catch up to Curry to tell him that shots have been fired!! How could Chaney think that Curry didn't already know? Chaney has a radio and should have heard the 2 radio calls. But it would also be obvious when the limo and Curry rushed away. Nix shows him stopping right after the head shot so he would have seen everybody reacting as the limo speeds off. Chaney is about to deliver this important message that is extremely time sensitive. Yet instead of using his radio he decides to try and catch Curry who is speeding away. Gary Mack said Curry slowed on the onramp which allowed Chaney to catch up. Did Chaney know that? If not he would have thought there was little hope of catching Curry without a long chase in order to give the most important time sensitive message of his career. Maybe the radio was too full of chatter about the emergency for Chaney to tell Curry about that emergency... Faking all the films would be a monumental task. Was it impossible? I don't know. But when we get stories like Gary Mack's illogical account of the incident it really makes you wonder.
  8. Chris Bristow

    JFK Secret Service Agent: hole in windshield of limo!

    I found this interesting. The alleged Altgens 6 bullet hole has a heart shaped center(Left), and so does this image of a bullet hole in a windshield. I cropped it but several of the holes in that image had the heart shape. I think it has something to do with the angle of the windshield which tends to cause the hole to be bigger at the top,
  9. Chris Bristow

    More from the past on BYP

    For anyone not convinced by the photographic proof both Ray and I have provided there is a simple way to resolve this for yourself. Simply walk outside and place two objects about two feet apart. Line up so one object casts it's shadow almost directly behind the object, I.E with the Sun at your back. You will instantly find that shadows can appear to converge exactly as demonstrated in the photographs we provided. This is really a debate we did not need to have because you can prove it to yourself in a couple minutes. If anyone wants to argue this further I would ask that you first spend a couple minutes outside and test the theory.
  10. Chris Bristow

    More from the past on BYP

    At least we all agree that shadow lines converge back towards the source. Obviously not rocket science. Ray's photo in the link and my last box photo offer proof that shadow lines moving out from the Sun can appear to converge due to perspective. So while there is still an issue regarding how much angle we should see, can we all agree that shadow lines moving away from the source CAN APPEAR to be converging?
  11. Chris Bristow

    More from the past on BYP

    Here is a photo that shows diverging shadows. If you line up with the Sun behind the box on the left, the object to the right will to appear to diverge. This is natural and anyone can verify it for themselves in minutes when the Sun is up. Looking from above, these two shadows appear parallel or maybe slightly converging. Not sure how much convergence I should see when the shadow lines would converge 93,000,000 miles away. I think your photo of the fence shadows converging towards the Sun illustrates the distortion effect of shallow camera angles because the shadow lines converge before they even get above the horizon. I do think the Oswald shadow shows 5 or so degrees more than it should. It should be 10 degrees based on the post shadow. With the distortion the camera angle causes that 10 degrees should be 25 to 30 degrees. But it is around 45 suggesting the undistorted angle is around 15 degrees. that is 5 degrees too much. I think the photos I posted in the other BY thread demonstrate that the nose vs body shadows can and do happen. I think this new photo of the boxes shows shadows can diverge which accounts for the post vs Oswald shadows. Simply by matching the camera angle and positions of objects we can duplicate the shadows. So unless we can find an error in the set up of my photos, I think we have to conclude that the shadows in the BY photos are not fake just because the run different directions. The pose Oswald took in 133b that was not discovered till 1977. But I think it was found in the possession of Roscoe Whites relative. So he was around when the Dallas cops took their Backyard comparisons. That means it is possible they had access to 133b from Roscoe White. One question, you said rotating Oswald to straight corrected the shadows. I have had a hard time evaluating the small difference in body shadows. Which shadow looks the most obvious to you. Also how many degrees did you rotate Oswald?
  12. Chris Bristow


    As people discuss the shadows there is agreement that they don't all add up. But there are different opinions on just exactly how wrong they are. So here is my question for everyone. If the angles and directions of the shadows were all correct what would you expect to see? Exactly what direction and specific angle would you see for the nose and body shadows? Please base your answer on the following specs which are all close estimates. 1. Oswalds face was 8 degrees away from the Sun.(Based on the post shadow for reference. This agrees with the HSCA position.) 2. Oswald's head was tilted 3 or 4 degrees back towards the Sun.( depends on just how rotated the camera was.) 3. The Sun's elevation was approx 45 degrees.(The exact time of day was not known for sure but it makes little difference since Oswald was facing only 8 degrees away from the Sun. At this elevation you gain one degree of nose shadow angle for every degree that the face rotates away from the Sun.) NOTE: The body shadow becomes distorted as you go from above(True angle) to the distorted angle determined by the distance and height of the camera. The first 15 degrees will distort to 2.5 times it's actual angle. So multiply you answer by 2 1/2 then add another 6 to 8 degrees to account for Oswald's lean which is reflected in the shadow angle.
  13. Chris Bristow


    I just verified that I can walk around the box, a full 360 degree circle and the ground shadow changed by 360 degrees. You can make it face toward you, away or 90 degrees to either side. Of course to make Oswald's shadow point straight towards you , you would be standing next to the picket fence and would not see the nose.
  14. Chris Bristow

    JFK Secret Service Agent: hole in windshield of limo!

    This is not a video. It is just a high res copy of Macintyre one that I could not directly post. Check out the overall graininess then look closely at the the top of the windshield. I just noticed this and was amazed at how sharp the top line of the windshield is. If you wanted to remove a bullet hole it is best not to place the seem or transition too close to the object you are removing because that is where people may look for fakery. The image is very clear once you click on it.
  15. Chris Bristow


    I think he might have gone over to Commerce to get a good picture because Dealey Plaza is smaller than it looks and maybe he needed to get farther back to get a good shot of the whole area from the South. Go on google Earth and take a look from Commerce North. It is an 8 foot eye altitude and it almost duplicates the Bell image. Commerce sits lower than Main too.