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  1. John. when the limo is turning onto Elm the trajectory moves across the TSB but I don't think it gets as high as the second floor. When it is still in the intersection the limo is level. It does not start down the Elm slope till after the crosswalk. It is hard to tell just exactly where Elm gets to a full 3.5 degrees slope but from the intersection there is no shot from the Triple overpass. The angle from the windshield hole to JFK's would be about 3 degrees and extending that angle to the overpass puts it around 30 feet above the tracks. Very rough estimate.
  2. John, here is an image I posted on a different thread from this sight. It shows the angle from the limo to the knoll form overhead. You can redraw that line on an overhead map and see where it lands. I'm at my limit for images on this sight at the moment. I really mean it when I say you can't find a direction from a photo that is not above looking down. That is a hard core rule so none of the attempts to draw a line to the knoll will ever work. A diagonal line across the image will not denote height not N,S,E,W. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/26726-anyone-care-to-disprove-this-throa
  3. I have considered the truck on Commerce before but I was talking about a truck in the Annex parking lot. Your line in the Z film won't be right unless you are above. If you drew a line from his throat thru Kellerman's head and out thru the passenger side it would look exactly like the line you drew. You can't represent a N.S.E or W line from the side, has to be from overhead to be correct
  4. I don't know, the info released or leaked by the Navy and recently verified by the Pentagon as real is the biggest news in 50 years. I think they did it like a Friday night news dump. Except with Trump in office every day is like a Friday dump because we have all been very distracted since 2016. I think they assume there could be mass hysteria if the public took the news seriously. But if we are already distracted it is safer to release the info. I recently saw a NY Times reporter say an intelligence officer told her the Roswell incident was the result of a Russian hoax in which they crashe
  5. And there was no Blimp either! I have mapped out the trajectory to a fairly high degree. Using a side view from the motorcade to get the height difference between JFK's throat and the windshield gives the rise. (Actually it sort of gives the run too so just drawing a line from the hole to JFK gives the slope angle.) Altgens view did not allow for a measurement of the run. I am correcting myself here, some photos do allow an estimate for both run and rise measurements. I used an overhead diagram to get the lateral track from the hole to JFK. The trajectory plots back to the South knoll w
  6. Well there are 2 things represented by the red line, slope angle from the windshield to JFK and the direction the shot comes from. To get the slope angle you need the distance from the windshield to JFK and the height diff between the hole and JFK's throat. That is the run and and rise. But this photo can't show us the distance between the windshield and JFK(run) it only gives the rise. So a line from hole to JFK won't be correct. If the photo was taken from a position perpendicular to the trajectory from windshield hole to JFK it would show the correct slope. The other thing we can't measu
  7. Some have said the bullet hole is an image of a Croft ladies handbag. I think I can see the very top of the bag and a bit of the right edge. The copy of the croft bag I have is lousy. You can barley make out that the bag is made up of white squares surrounded by brown stripes. The upper right corner of the bag is a white square. In a-6 I have red lines pointing to the white squares. it is not much to look at but they are in the correct spot and size to be her handbag. If that is the top of the handbag the bullet hole is too low and a bit to far right to be her handbag. The bullet hole is dark
  8. Officer Chaney claimed as soon as JFK was hit in the head he rode forward 300 feet to Curry's car to inform him that JFK was shot and to divert to Parkland. The Nix and Z film contradict Chaney, they shows Chaney pulling to a stop and Curry leaving the plaza without Chaney ever riding up. The problem is Chaney's ride forward to Curry has multiple witnesses. I posted some facts about this a year ago but I wanted to detail all the absurdities surrounding Mack's impossible story. First the witnesses. 1. Hargis said Chaney "dropped it in first gear and rode forward. 2. Chie
  9. I was glad to see they pointed out the different perspectives of Alt 6 and 7 with regard to the location of the windshield hole relative to the mirror. They also noted how the Sun reflected through the hole in Alt 7 which obscured the hole with glare. In addition the view of the hole in Alt 7 would have been an oval as opposed to Alt 6 which would be much closer to round and more visible. It is definitely thought provoking but there were some mistakes too. At 31:40 they show the 25 degree line to the shooter from a near overhead view. They compare it to a Z film frame in which an insert sho
  10. Yes the images used for those cutouts are Dallas PD photos 140 and 141. The shadows at the bottom of the screen door are a match. Those photos were also taken from a position a couple feet to the left and the camera was very low compared to the Backyard photos. Lt Brown duplicated the 133c stance for one of the photos but the cutout was made from Oswald's image in 133c. A cutout of LT Brown is a very different shape than Oswald in 133c. Stovall and Roscoe White had made personal copies of 133c, so it is no surprise that Roscoe White, who supervised the Dallas PD backyard photos, had access
  11. Ya I remember the day I learned about all her CIA connections I just kept shaking my head.
  12. Yes there is a photo of the back of his house, I think in New Orleans. It is a great example of pincushion distortion. The roof is curved down and the sides of the patio curve in. Skeptics point to the tests done on Oswald's Imperial reflex camera as showing proof the backyard photos are taken with his camera. Ok fine but if Oswald was being set up then they could have acquired his camera to make the Backyard photos. I believe it was in the possession of his brother prior to the assassination. If Ruth Paine's father was affiliated with the CIA through the SAID? project, and her mother was o
  13. As to the photos being fake or real I don't have a hard opinion. I can't explain the stance at all and it is very suspicious to me. The shoes don't impress me much. Shoes like that were very common and I can't see anything about them that is unique. If 100 people tried to match all the parameters of his stance including his hips being forward and completely failed(And those people had a 30 inch inseam which is weird for a guy 5'9") I would be 99% convinced the stance is a photoshop.
  14. The biggest shadow issue seems to be the nose shadow which would suggest the Sun is at high noon. But a shadow will also fall directly below the nose when you are facing in the direction of the Sun, toward the azimuth. The azimuth was approx 235. That means Oswald was facing about 13 degrees away from the Sun. If Oswald was facing 90 degrees away from the Sun the shadow angle on his nose would match the Sun's elevation which was about 49 degrees. Turn 90 degrees and face the Sun and the angle under the nose shrinks to zero. So a 90 change of direction would show a 49 degree change in the
  15. Ray, that shadow is the longest one in the photo. It starts in the Southwest corner of the lot at about 18 feet from Oswald and 20 feet in the air. The full shadow length was about 26 ft. 26x2 gives the diameter x 3.41 gives a 163 ft circumference for a circle with a 26 ft radius. divide 163 by 360 degrees and you get .45 ft(5.4 inches) of shadow movement or per degree for a 26 ft shadow length. Using the width of the post's West face at 3.5 " as a yardstick, the shadow moves about 7 inches. That is about 1 1/4 degrees of movement. Around 4:30pm on 3/31 in Dallas the Sun moved about
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