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  1. I think his head starts to moves back just before it disappears behind Hill. The rest is hidden by Hargis, Moorman and Hill. Lately I question whether he moves back AND LEFT. JFK is already leaning left at almost 45 degrees so I don't know if he goes left or just straight back from a leftward position. Some also claim a shot from the drain because JFK moves upward as if hit from below. But I would think if you are forced backwards from a hunched forward position you torso would naturally unfold and so rise up as it fell back. I think the force would naturally push his upper body back and that would straighten the torso.
  2. I haven't fully grasped the implications of the elevation and timing differences but it is more subtle then the positions of Moorman and Hill. Hill and Moorman are actually in the correct positions when you consider the different positions of Muchmore and Zapruder.
  3. Exhuming Governor Connally would tell us if the Dallas surgeon was correct when he said he left up to three grains of lead in Connelly's wrist. They left it there because it may do more damage to have to cut through all the tissue required to get to it. But if there was three grains of lead then the total amount of fragments found would add up to more than one Magic Bullet. That would be a Smoking Gun that proves a second shooter. So I also have to agree with Terry that they'll never let us exhume him.
  4. I wonder about his Stetson because he was holding it in a way that would make it hard for the magic bullet to exit his wrist from the dorsal side as claimed without hitting his hat on it's way to his thigh.
  5. Some of the most convincing testimony involving the limo stopping relates to Chaney's ride forward to tell Chief Curry that the president had been mortally wounded. The Zapruder film and the Orville Nix film contradict Chaney's claim that he rode forward after the headshot. But if the limo stop had been taken out they would have to take out Chaney's ride forward too. There would be no time for Chaney to ride forward and stop at Curry's car to have a chat. Because Chaney's claim was corroborated by Hargis, Chief Curry, Sorrels, Winston and I believe Stovall it is fairly compelling evidence that the films were altered, that the limo stop and Chaney's ride were removed
  6. Thanks for the input. That's a nice clear image of the logo.
  7. Does anyone know what the initials are(Looks like VS) on the towel under JFK's head on the blue part of the towel? Also was the gallery on a second floor looking down on the scene as other galleries? And for anyone who wants to strain their eyes you can see some of the room reflected in the chrome head brace in the photo that shows the phone in the background. Looks like you can make out a bowl and maybe cabinets.
  8. In this drawing I am looking at the two sinks against the wall on the right which correspond to O'Conners drawing. Looking at several autopsy photos with a body on the table it appears the head is positioned at the end of the table that has the sink and faucets on it. Using the cabinet with the 2 sinks in the drawing above as reference the sink at the end of the table indicates that JFK would have been lying in the opposite direction that the Ryberg drawing shows. If that is right it would explain what we see in the death stare photo because JFk's body facing the other way means the camera was facing away from the gallery and towards the cabinets.
  9. If Ryberg drew JFK facing the wrong way the camera would be facing the cabinets. I noticed that O'Connor drew the shipping casket as being squared off on the right but not on the left side. Does that imply the head was on the left and the feet on the right? Maybe they just reversed the negative when they printed this photo and we are really looking at JFK's left side and they doctored the image thinking they were working on the right side.
  10. Hey you forgot Jack White's research partner Gary Mack.. I'm kidding. I'm sure many see the BS Mack put forth after he started at the 6th floor museum and consider him to have been working with the CIA or whoever from the start. Which means he teamed up with Jack White in order to sabotage White work. Mack and Jack White had the plaza closed off one day and they brought in a limo and reproduced Moorman's photo among other tests. They used lasers to find the exact position of the limo and from that position determined Moorman had to 8 feet away from her location in the Z film. Some how the limo was placed in the wrong position and I think that was responsible for Jack White thinking Moorman was in the wrong position. I would love to know if it was Mack who positioned the limo for Jack White that day.
  11. I found a couple new things regarding my pet theory about the 45ci engine. The dispatch supervisor had weighed in and felt the sound on the belt was definitely a three wheeler belonging to a different cop who was not in the plaza. The supervisor must have felt he could identify engine sounds on the dicta belt that match the engine sounds he heard as a dispatch supervisor. The quote is from Wikipedia. "Jim Bowles, a Dallas police dispatcher supervisor in November 1963, and later Dallas County Sheriff, believes it originated from a particular officer on a three-wheeled motorcycle stationed at the Trade Mart." I said in a previous post that the dispatchers opinion would be a highly qualified source to weigh in on engine sounds. So I find it persuasive. In the interview below Mclain said Bowles sat him down to listen to the tape and they agreed it was the 3 wheeler. Mclain explains the 45ci sound and names the 3 wheeler officer as Les somebody(Can't make out the name). It is in this 6th floor interview and he talks about it starting at 30:00min. Mclain also says at the end that he does not believe JFK was shot from the TSBD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FNK2oS491M One of the the acoustic experts testimony at the HSCA, Dr Barger, pointed out that Mclain's testified that he stopped as they turned onto Elm because the motorcade had bunched up. Dr Barger said this was consistent with the sound on the tape because you could hear Mclain slowing way down just prior to the first shot. The engine is the only sound I can think of that would indicate slowing down. What sounds to me like a 45ci does exactly that. It slows to near an idle just before the theorized moment of the 1st shot. Dr Barger and Mr Bowles are both claiming to be able to identify the engine sounds on the tape. One is an acoustics expert and the other highly experienced at hearing the sound of an engine that comes over the Dallas Police radio. There is not any question as to whether you can hear engine sounds over a radio. The question is can a dicta belt record that engine sound. I would have to say a dispatcher identifying the dicta belt sound as replicating the sound he would intimately know to be the specific difference between a 1200cc and a 45ci Harley, is very strong evidence that the dicta belt did record the engine sounds.
  12. Here is 16 minutes of the Dallas tape. Whistle is at 9:40. There are many parts of the tape in which the motor sound is clearer. At 15 minutes there is a good sample and at 15:35 you hear it start to accelerate. Between 15:40 and 15:50 the engine revs a bit then takes off and the rpms go way up till 15:50 when he would shift, which is consistent with the rpm at that point. What sounds like the rpm range is definitely in line with a Harley motor. In the 45 demo I provided "motoridle" you hear the 45 accelerate away towards the end. Compare it to the sound at 15:35 to 15:50 of the dicta belt and see what you all think. EDIT: Oops the "motoridle" tape does not have it accelerating away. I will find it and post. motoridle copy.wav https://www.nap.edu/resource/JFK_audio/tr6B_128.mp3
  13. Matt, forgot to hit "quote" in responding to you. I can't find data on the frequency range of the Harley or any bike yet other than the frequency related to rpm and decibel ratings. Sub sonic is about rate of speed relative to the speed of sound but I am concerned with the frequency of sound. I could see the frequency of a 1200 being very low but it goes way up with other bikes like a 45 running at 2200rpm. I don't mean to confuse the frequency of the rpm with a single engine pop but it sounds like the frequency of single pops goes way up when each pop takes less time to execute. So I don't know the answer but my gut feeling is voice and engine sounds can overlap in frequency. From what I have read so far the human voice tops out around 2000hz but goes as low as 80hz. If the dicta belt does take out engine sound I would need explain what the 2200cpm sound is since it only happens when that particular mic was keyed. And whatever it is is would have to be within the range of the human voice or higher if that is all the dicta belt can record.
  14. Every time someone talks about the head shot I have to ask myself, is this even real? How can we confidently discuss it? So ya it could be faked but you can't add images from much earlier in the film because the shadows, reflections, angle and definition of the image constantly change. You can't add film that was taken from a very different vantage point. I think Z's pedestal is the only place you could get footage to be used in the Z film. I wonder if video cameras in 63 could provide a clear enough image to be mixed together with film? They were just starting to uses trucks to lug around the equipment needed to send the video back to the station were it could be recorded. I think to fake the Z film you could use elements from the film and just juggle them around but there would be limits. Like maybe you could use a limo image from several frames prior but you can't go too far before everything changes. Like all the reflections in the trunk of the limo match the position of the limo. I have always been baffled at how they could fake it but at the same time I think they must have at least removed the limo stop and the head blowout. Although Costella's issue of the Stemmons pincushion distortion is convincing too After the assassination the plaza was closed off one day so they could survey it and whatever else. They could have used Zapruders camera to re film the background at the same time of day and used that as part of their fabrication. I guess they could have even used the limo and filmed it moving down Elm Advertising firms in the day could cut and past someone in or out of a still photo. They can construct a scene with people at a beach and it looked perfect if they were careful. On the other hand many of the celebs currently taping from home are accused of using green screen. but when you light a person outdoors they can often look so different from the background in terms of light temperature and such that it looks phony. That does not directly related to the Z film of course but is interesting to note regarding how our brains interrupt what we see.
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