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  1. I think people may be expecting this to be a dud, just like all of the other false positives, e.g. Acoustics, Malcolm Wallace fingerprint, etc.
  2. Angelos Leiloglou is claiming that he can scientifically disprove the single bullet theory once and for all. If this is true, why isn't there more hype? The demo shown at the 2017 mock trial looked promising, with the Zapruder film fading over the 3D model.
  3. Unfortunately for RFK, there was no film of his shooting, only witnesses. With JFK, there's a chance that with the Zapruder film there may actually come an era where "Illuminati confirmed" is literal in the physical scientific sense. Angelos Leiloglou's computer model of Dealey Plaza may or may not be the breaking point for the official story, as far as physical science is concerned about the lone gunman theory.
  4. Why does Blunt only give a few researchers the stuff he found at the Archives? Why not post it in bulk all on the internet himself?
  5. BTW unrelated but could you upload all of the other parts of your limo presentation to Youtube? Also I bet it would get more views if it was posted it around!
  6. Did Wayne Cooke say that O'Neill said "the cranium was empty", or was it just "Wayne, there was no brain" or something else that could be taken to mean there was "virtually" no brain?
  7. McClelland said several times that there could've been a small wound in one of the temples that was covered by hair and blood.
  8. McClelland is saying that, although he does personally believe in a gunman situated on the right-front of Kennedy, he did not personally see an entry wound on the right-front of Kennedy's head, but such a wound could have existed if it was hidden by the hair and blood. Here are some links I made with McClelland's other drawings (I know i'm missing at least one): 10/5/2015 drawing 1 [link]; 10/5/2015 drawing 2 [link] [link 2]; 11/12/2015 interview at Allen Public Library; 12/22/2016 drawing [link]; 2016 speech at Berkner High School; 2/28/2017 drawing [link]; 4/6/2017 drawing 1 [link] [link 2];
  9. Has anybody mapped out all of the sewer openings in Dealey Plaza a person could've fit their body through?
  10. Second biggest understatement in the history of headlines. First biggest:
  11. I've been trying to make a list of every piece of information suggesting the existence of bullets and bullet fragments that have gone missing. If you take these accounts on face value and add them all up, you have about 30 bullets flying around Dealey Plaza.
  12. Correction: Schwinn said that he was shown the JFK photo around 1981 by his late professor and a stranger. I am wondering if he could have seen a work of art or one of those bad Robert Groden photo-mock-ups. Did very many people have access to the Fox or Groden autopsy photos in 1981?
  13. That sounds like Nobel-prize-level stuff. When will all the data be released to the public?
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