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  1. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    Frazier is the best contradiction in the whole case - A man with an outrageous story that seems fabricated to frame Oswald as somebody with no advanced planning, yet he always makes sure to swear that the package was small enough to fit under Oswald's armpit while cupped in the same hand.
  2. I was referring to the EOP wound. I don't believe the occiput was blown out. See my long post about it above.
  3. Let's talk about the hole in JFK's cranium, shall we?
  4. Do some question whether the throat wound at the autopsy was even bigger and more gruesome than shown in the pictures?
  5. I got it from here: https://www.jfkassassinationgallery.com/thumbnails.php?album=28
  6. Altering a photograph to raise the location of the back wound is one thing, but the location large head wound is another issue. Altering the location of the large head wound not only requires staged or doctored photos/x-rays, but probably also altering the Zapruder, Nix, and Muchmoore films.
  7. One question about the occipital-blowout theory that every alteration believer must answer. If you want a large head wound with cerebellum and foramen magnum visible, how can the small wound near the external occipital protuberance with it? The autopsy report, face sheet diagram, and nine autopsy participants corroborated the existence and anatomic location of this small wound. Dr. Finck said the beveling of the bone was indicative of entrance, and insisted that this hole in the skull existed as an unimpeded perforation in the occipital bone even after the top of the skull had been opened to facilitate the removal of the brain. The external occipital protuberance lies between the border of the occipital lobe and cerebellum. If this wound was below the large head wound, how could cerebellum be loose and the foramen magnum visible? Was the large head wound more to the right than above? How did this small wound/hole stay intact within the occipital bone after the brain had already been removed? Was Humes and Boswell lying about the extreme shattering of bone surrounding the large defect so extensive that a saw was barely needed to remove the brain? Was Finck lying that the small head wound was intact within the empty cranium? Was the small head wound below the external occipital protuberance, contrary to the autopsy report that says the small wound was slightly above? DSL apparently solves this issue by hypothesizing that lower occipital area was literally rebuilt, with filler material replacing bone, and a small hole resembling a wound of entrance surgically fabricated. That's surprisingly pretty logical if you believe the back-of-head stuff. See how the dura mater covers up a part of the exposed brain? At a glance, couldn't the layer of dura mater pass for the border between the cerebellum and occipital lobe? If Kennedy's head was tilted back in this photo, in the tracheotomy position, wouldn't the large head wound look way more behind the ear than it really was?
  8. I thought Groden did mention the Perry interview in Killing of a President? The book From Parkland to Bethesda cites it as such. Dr. Malcolm Oliver “Mac” Perry, Attending Surgeon (deceased 12/5/2009) 1979 interview with Robert Groden [“BE”, p. 706; Groden’s “TKOAP”, p. 77 (includes photo of Perry)]---photos of neck and head wound not as he remembered them to be: his trach was “neater”, and not the “larger, expanded” one seen in the pictures. Also, the head wound more closely matched the Dr. McClelland drawing in “Six Seconds in Dallas”; “When interviewed in 1979, he still maintained that the bullet had entered the President’s throat from the front…” Palamara, Vincent. JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda: The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium (p. 5). Trine Day. Kindle Edition.
  9. Bugliosi has the most disappointing section on the medical evidence. This guy thinks that Humes and maybe even Boswell and Finck together chose to lie about the anatomical location of the small head wound next to the external occipital protuberance because they were embarrassed they wrote an estimate in the autopsy report rather than precise measurement. What bullcrap. Where does Bugliosi explain how to remove a brain from a human skull without also removing the "cowlick" portion of the skull? Because Dr. Finck always said that he arrived at the autopsy late after the brain had already been removed, and he could still examine the small head wound within the majority of the cranium that was not separated during the brain removal procedure. As neurologist Joe Riley has pointed out, the HSCA's "cowlick" interpretation of the open-cranium autopsy photographs is anatomically incorrect because it suggests the brain was somehow removed through a skull cavity that was only five inches wide (the length between their proposed entry and exit location, both of which they claim can be seen on the photographs). Let the brain breath, cowlickers. The small head wound was near the EOP. Finck was arguing against that cowlick stuff since the trial of Clay Shaw "(the small head wound) was definitely not four inches above".
  10. ??? round hole versus vertical slits
  11. If your favorite movies are ones you got to see opening in theaters in your lifetime, then you aren't a very good movie-watcher
  12. I believe in freedom of speech, but it is pretty ugly language to accuse other users of being charlatans seeking a profit. An author seeking a profit plans to publish a book, 30 years after their first book , only to spill most of their good stuff on public internet forums before it gets published? What?
  13. Can you blame them? The official story is false, after all. The EOP wound is tantamount to conspiracy as shown by the autopsy report, the autopsy face sheet, and about nine autopsy participants (Dr. Humes, Dr. Boswell, Dr. Finck, John Stringer, Roy Kellerman, Francis X. O'Neil, Dr. Chester Boyers, George Burkley, Tom Robinson Richard Lipsey,) who mutually agree there was a small wound next to Kennedy's external occipital protuberance.
  14. Doesn't the 1979 Robert Groden interview makes it clear what he means by "inviolate"?
  15. What? Perry is saying "inviolate" with a southern drawl. Not "invalid".