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  1. Downtown Dallas isn't exactly Area 51, and even Area 51 had one guy willing to try running through the gates, culminating with nothing but a laugh with the guards and minimal charges. At least Alex Jones had a bullhorn.
  2. The HSCA determined that the photographic evidence showed Kennedy's head turned towards his left. So a high-powered shot entering above his right ear probably would've resulted in an exit to the left side of the head.
  3. Maybe the news crew should've gone to the ed forum to consult the people who really cared. Honestly, I respect Alex Jones' approach more. "When a Man is sad over his miserable condition, he does nothing to change it. Sadness doesn't change anything. It's only when he gets mad that he changes it. It takes madness to change it" -Malcolm X
  4. I'll be thinking for myself today, thank you very much. And I'm not once to argue about semantics on the internet - the bottom line is, somebody was legally dealt a punishment for their speech over no good reason at all. IMO free speech laws should be stronger.
  5. A. Freedom is more important than feelings. B. "Inciting harassment" is a BS charge, there is no way free speech can exist while that is a serious charge. Fetzer never tried to repeatedly contact anybody after being asked not to, so there was no harassment and he is only a scapegoat. Especially here where the father CONSENTED to becoming a public figure/celebrity by granting media interviews. C. Because the father has chose to use his feelings as a weapon against freedom of speech, I believe he is an evil danger to society, and I frankly don't have any sympathy for him.
  6. It would seem to me that no matter how the open-cranium photographs are situated, they show two small oval holes in the right temporal scalp.
  7. Weird story about Carlos Marcello and Nellie Connally at 1:08:00 during this interview of Dr. Robert McClelland: https://dvp-potpourri.blogspot.com/2010/12/dr-robert-mcclelland.html
  8. Just found this 11/12/2015 video where McCleland may have contradicted what he said in the Parkland documentary, or maybe he just didn't remember it right then. Might be worth mentioning, idk. When asked by an audience member "When were you approached by someone in the FBI or CIA to keep your opinion to yourself?", McClelland replied "Oh, that was some time after the assassination had occurred and the Warren Commission, you know, was set up. I wasn't confronted immediately with anybody like that". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySO0pLcN5ww&t=35m53s
  9. Thanks for the link. Sounds ok enough. Added it to the list.
  10. This could be a reference to the large head wound. Huber didn't describe the "terrible wound" as being small.
  11. Witnesses who made statements indicating a small wound in the right temple: 1. George Burkley (early statements summarized by Malcolm Kilduff and Tony Krome), 2. Tom Robinson, 3. Dennis David, 4. James Curtis Jenkins, 5. Joe O'Donnel, 6. Quentin Schwinn Left temple: 1. Dr. Robert McClelland (in his hospital report and his WC testimony in which he reaffirms the accuracy of his report, later recanted and blamed the confusion on Dr. Marion Jenkins), 2. Father Oscar Huber, 3. Richard Dudman of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (without naming his source), 4. Dr. Marion Jenkins, 5. Dr. W. David Stewart (relays information told to him in private conversations with other Parkland colleagues), 6. Dr. Ronald Jones, Dr. Lito Porto (as relayed from Dr. Jones), 7. Hugh Huggins.
  12. From Livingstone's High Treason 2, p. 229: I also asked him if he had seen any damage in the left temple area. In Dallas, the death certificate said that the President had died "from a gunshot wound to the left temple." Jenkins said that neither he nor anyone else at the autopsy to the best of his knowledge had seen any such wound. "I might have gone along with right temple," he said. I agree with that because just above the right ear there was some discoloration of the skull cavity with the bone area being gray and there was some speculation that it might be lead. "There might have been an entry wound there?" "Yes. And the opening and the way the bone was damaged behind the head would definitely been a type of exit wound. The reason I have said this is I saw this before in other wounds and it was very striking [.... p.246] "In the temporal area, right in front of the ear, as I told you before, there was a flap of skin there that was hanging on and there was a discussion about some markings on the bone in that area." "For a possible bullet going in or out?" "Yes." "This would be the flap that we see in the photo?" "Yes." “We’re talking about the Back-of-the-Head picture with the flap sticking straight out of the side of the head by the ear?” “Yes. The flap was right above and forward of the ear.” From Livingstone's Killing The Truth: Jenkins also stated that there was some gray discoloration of the skull and skin in the right temple area that possibly could have been caused by lead. (a: May 24, 1991)
  13. So this is basically hundreds of pages detailing Weisberg's perspective on the dirty laundry and in-fighting with the research community?
  14. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/obituaries/2019/09/14/robert-mcclelland-surgeon-who-tried-to-save-jfk-and-believed-there-was-a-second-shooter-dies-at-89/?fbclid=IwAR214dRdgVPWY17T-NGQgVBIEi5sG04-UlFAZ-5hxKOhvCKYHlN1V9IcKSg
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7456521/Robert-F-Kennedy-assassinated-Thane-Eugene-Cesar-Sirhan-Sirhan-says-RFK-Jr.html
  16. 90% of media payed respect to George H.W. Bush when he died.
  17. Whatever happened to "If it's on the internet, it stays there"? Conspiracy theorists are facing the worst crisis in information loss ever. Important information and videos are being deleted or becoming more and more hard to find, at least with a simple search engine result. Like I said, free speech is more important than taking on DVP. There is a crisis in free speech where people view the free speech amendment more as a handicap than a code of ethics. Most people would rather the keys to the world be handed over to Kyle's Mom from South Park.
  18. I mean, free speech is a more important code of ethics than taking down DVP.
  19. This 3D animation was shown at the mock trial of Oswald by the American Bar Association: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIuWT7EWE7s&t=32m25s
  20. Pat Speer has a gigantic list of problems with Baden, under "Baden's reign of error" http://www.patspeer.com/chapter13b%3Aattackoftheclones
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