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  1. I got it! Trumps hand "pumping" is proof that he is the umbrella man. The "pumping" appears to be the exact same type of "pumping" as seen in the Z film. So since Trump is a Russian agent, does that also tie the Russians/USSR to the JFK assassination?
  2. The National Security State and JFK

    What evidence is there for a dead shooter in the plaza? Besides, the disappearing pool of blood on the steps?
  3. The Paine Files

    https://grassyknollgirl.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/308/ Above link to the story.
  4. http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/ON-ECONOMICS-How-Kennedy-Assassination-2958771.php Interesting article on stock prices after the assassination from 1996.
  5. Photo Collections

    Thank you!
  6. Photo Collections

    What is the best website to view photographs of the assassination? Is there a site that has a comprehensive collection? All input is appreciated!
  7. Nazis as Participants

    I have read some on Operation Paperclip. To me, that is pretty well documented and seems to be more for the scientists and engineering types. I am thinking this is more along the lines of operational type folks that were brought in semi-secretly for spying or intelligence gathering purposes. But thanks guys, I will do some more browsing!
  8. Nazis as Participants

    Could the Mexico City Mystery Man be a Nazi/German? The man appears to me to be in his 40's at the time of the photos. A WW2 veteran with an age of approx. 25 years at the end of the war, would have been 42 in 1963. So I would say it would acceptable to apply a plus or minus of 5 years of age. From what I gather, there is no proof or consensus of who this guy is.
  9. Nazis as Participants

    http://www.npr.org/2014/11/05/361427276/how-thousands-of-nazis-were-rewarded-with-life-in-the-u-s The above link is to an article about a book titled "The Nazis Next Door"- How America Became A Safe Haven For Hitler's Men. The book states that with direct assistance from American intelligence officials, thousands were able to settle into the US. Their records were wiped and they were to be used as spies and operatives. We even have a quote appearing from Allen Dulles himself which states, "We are going to actively recruit Nazis, their pasts be damned". For their services, the Nazis were able to live out their lives in freedom and relative obscurity. Is it possible that some may have been used as operators in the assassination? They could do their job and be disposed of with no flags being raised, or, if they could be trusted, I am sure they would have no interest in speaking of their deeds so they could maintain their newly found freedoms. I have not seen any Nazi angle in my research of the assassination to this date. Is this perhaps an overlooked aspect?
  10. The Epileptic Seizure

    Thank you all for the responses. Paul, I will be looking into that site! Now, It has been stated that Mr. Liggett worked for Restland Funeral Home of Dallas on the day of the assassination. It was also brought up earlier that at the time, ambulances were owned and operated by funeral homes as opposed to the hospitals. Do we know if Restland owned and contracted ambulances, and if so, what were their actions on the 22nd?
  11. The Epileptic Seizure

    Paul, Do you have a link or further info in regards to the Prescott Dulles Dinner? Those Bush's sure do have a thing with dinners at strange times with strange people. You have the Prescott/Dulles dinner which I had never heard before. Then you have the scheduled Neil Bush Scott Hinkley dinner that was to happen the day after the Reagan attempt. To top it off, you have Poppy Bush having breakfast with Bin Laden's brother and others the morning of 9/11.
  12. The Epileptic Seizure

    Tom, What would the significance of a stutter be?
  13. The Epileptic Seizure

    If you google Judy Parker Killeen Texas you will find a linkedin page. A Judy Parker is listed as surviving the short Obit for Mr. Belknap. If there are questions for her, maybe this would be a means of contact?