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  1. So the rally did or did not happen and Eric Trump took a 1.5 billion dollar bribe from the Ukraine?
  2. That's funny when we have pics of Biden being chummy with an actual leader of the Klan.
  3. It was hilarious when he swatted a bug off of himself while speaking about "environmental justice", whatever that is.
  4. Not to make light of the circumstances, but I thought this pic captured the essence of the situation.
  5. Amen, Joe. These lockdowns are the result of little tyrants flexing their power over the common man. I'll bet you Newsom is nice and cool somewhere today. Remember this during voting time, whether it be for local dog catcher, council member, governor or president.
  6. I don't know his ethnic roots, Cliff and I am not sure he does either. Read fact 4 in the below linked article. https://heavy.com/news/2019/02/donald-harris-kamala-father-dad-jamaican/
  7. I think it needs to be cleared up that she is infact not African American.
  8. I don't know if you are on Twitter, but if you are search out Carlos Osweda's write up on the explosion. I think he nails it. Anyways, buckle up it's gonna be an "explosive" next couple of months!
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