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  1. https://www.scribd.com/document/467746700/Ghislaine-Maxwell-Indictment This link works.
  2. It seems Ghislaine was just arrested in New Hampshire. What's the over under on her having an accident?
  3. Thanks for the link Jeff. We also need to note the article states that only 381 of the 1,488 ICU beds in use as of the articles publication are COVID-19 positive or presumed cases. The entire ICU is not made up of COVID patients.
  4. Agreed. I support the guy but that is a dumb comment.
  5. I've also been a walker for several decades. Maybe not as seasoned as you are. When he falls down in front of his mobile hospital van at the 9/11 memorial let me know. Then it will be time to think something is up.
  6. It was also quite notable when he just ascended those same stairs after the speech.
  7. Yeah, it already is criminalized. He was passed out drunk in a drive thru. He obviously drove there drunk. The entire interaction seemed good and respectful from both sides until he resisted and stole the taser. Do you condone his actions leading up to the shooting?
  8. Are you suggesting that we decriminalize driving under the influence?
  9. I support President Trump and will vote for him this year. I also don't think he has the balls to pull a move like you have described. He talks a lot of smack at times, but it is usually just talk. He has let me down countless times with his promises that don't come to fruition.
  10. Can someone fill me in on what the Boogaloo Boys are?
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