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  1. The dossier which is the impetus for the Russian collusion "investigation" was commissioned and paid for by Trump's political rivals. How is that not politicized, Paul?
  2. I'm currently reading the PDF "HSCA Sidney A Martin 210877". Is this new info., or has this report been seen before? I have never seen it.
  3. Thanks everyone for the insight and corroborating information. Michael, Was there not some discussion at one point about a wooden ramp being constructed so they could get over the curb? I remember reading this years back but can't remember if it was just conjecture or if it was actually discussed.
  4. Reading briefly through this thread, it appears there is really no consensus as to how we got to Elm St. that day. Does anyone else think it may be possible that the lead car with Curry driving just led the motorcade down that route? And the SS just followed them? We know the SS agents didn't take their duties very seriously on that trip and could have been complacent.
  5. You're doing a fine enough job of that on your own.
  6. What would the benefit be to the conspirators in linking LHO to the Walker shooting and JFKA? Just to prove that he is willing to kill/shoot?
  7. If people would watch the video and explore the guys Youtube a bit, it would at least give them something to really think about. One issue I am having trouble with is what does he believe the motive to be for shooting Connally separately or specifically targeting him?
  8. Are there any available pictures from inside Bowers railroad tower?
  9. Kilgallen, Anyone have any thoughts as to what her evidence or what she had that would blow the case wide open was? I know she was talking to Ruby, but more specifically...
  10. Thomas, If I had to pick one, it would be the Russian Pee Pee Dossier. The MSM knows the majority of Americans have no cognitive thinking ability and will believe anything they tell them. This piece of fiction has been proven as such, but was also used as evidence to falsely obtain a FISA warrant by the Obama admin. The I'm with Her campaign also had their dirty hands in this pot. If you are looking for Russian interference or collusion, look to the left. What is your definition of the deep state?
  11. Thomas, Yes, I love our President and support him full-heartedly. He has accomplished so much in his brief tenure despite the lies and opposition being stacked against him. What about him makes you so afraid? Or is it that he is a good man with the countries best interest in mind, but Muh Rusha Colushun.
  12. Let me know where you think it may be. I will tweet to our President and see if he will take a peek.
  13. Why would LHO need to fake the BYP's? Wouldn't it be much easier to just take the pics with the gun and propaganda? Maybe I am missing the point somewhere.
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