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  1. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Kilgallen, Anyone have any thoughts as to what her evidence or what she had that would blow the case wide open was? I know she was talking to Ruby, but more specifically...
  2. Thomas, If I had to pick one, it would be the Russian Pee Pee Dossier. The MSM knows the majority of Americans have no cognitive thinking ability and will believe anything they tell them. This piece of fiction has been proven as such, but was also used as evidence to falsely obtain a FISA warrant by the Obama admin. The I'm with Her campaign also had their dirty hands in this pot. If you are looking for Russian interference or collusion, look to the left. What is your definition of the deep state?
  3. Thomas, Yes, I love our President and support him full-heartedly. He has accomplished so much in his brief tenure despite the lies and opposition being stacked against him. What about him makes you so afraid? Or is it that he is a good man with the countries best interest in mind, but Muh Rusha Colushun.
  4. Let me know where you think it may be. I will tweet to our President and see if he will take a peek.
  5. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Why would LHO need to fake the BYP's? Wouldn't it be much easier to just take the pics with the gun and propaganda? Maybe I am missing the point somewhere.
  6. Delay in release of records.

    Yes Sir. Straight from @realdonaldtrump on Twitter.
  7. Delay in release of records.

    He doesn't mention when, but I would anticipate soon. Thank you President Trump! Edit: Tweet was sent 24 minutes ago.
  8. Delay in release of records.

    I wouldn't be afraid to attribute some of this to the D.C. bureaucracy. Nothing runs efficiently around the swamp.
  9. Delay in release of records.

    They've only had 25 years to prepare for today.
  10. Trump: JFK files to be released

    Thank you! I also believe there is a separate Trump bashing forum on this site.
  11. The Biggest Lies.... Untangled

    Gee, seems to be similar to what we have in Las Vegas.
  12. The Umbrella Man Feature Film

    Ian Fleming from Goldfinger- "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action". A good rule of thumb if you ask me.
  13. OSWALD IN D.C. 9/27/63 !

    Is this new information? I have never come across this before. Didn't Nagell state that the assassination was to take place in late September, probably the 26th, "presumably" in Washington D.C.? Then here we have some type of Oswald in D.C. on the 27th!
  14. The Discoveries of Jim Garrison

    I am aware of that theory. But to me, it seems the ferrying of conspirators would have needed or would have been preferred to be done sooner than later. Everything I am aware of about the trip gives me the feeling it was a hastily planned last minute endeavor. I tend to believe he was headed there to make sure LHO didn't or couldn't talk. I very well think the escape plane may have been handled by Barry Seal as seen in the story posted by Mr. Caddy a few days ago.
  15. The Discoveries of Jim Garrison

    Jim, I went back through Destiny Betrayed on the Houston trip. We have Ferries lies about why the trip was made, but I have not seen a theory as to the real reason for the trip. Do either yourself or any other member offer a theory as to why the trip was made?