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  1. I think this https://www.dallasnews.com/business/real-estate/2019/12/10/almost-700000-californians-moved-out-of-state-last-year/ is why Texas is heading blue. People coming from California and bringing their California "values" with them.
  2. She is not a Senator. Talk about a lack of knowledge!
  3. Mary Ferrell has a great collection of assassination related essays and journals. Does anyone know of any other sites that may have other such items?
  4. A quick Googling leads to the following troop numbers: Iran- 563,000 Total Troops Us- 1,300,000 Active Duty 865,000 Reserve Troops Tell me why we need a draft?
  5. Stunts such as this only serve to strengthen support for the President. We elected Trump to change the status quo. When I see garbage like this or the impeachment attempts, it is proof positive that he is succeeding in his mission. Here's to 4 more years!
  6. Senator Kennedy coined the term "Misfire Hurricane" yesterday.
  7. Well said David. I've been checking in periodically throughout the day looking for a post like yours. I do however notice the current Trump thread has been receiving plenty of attention today.
  8. https://abcnews.go.com/US/wisconsin-man-ordered-pay-450k-sandy-hook-father/story?id=66318604&cid=social_twitter_abcn
  9. Paul, with 90% of the mass media leaning far left, they do have quite an active "echo chamber". Perhaps you meant "effective"?
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