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  1. Andrew Prutsok

    The Correspondent

    The Correspondent is a news organization that launched in Europe (Holland, perhaps?) and after meeting success with its innovative membership model is in the process of launching a US version. I think they have found a way forward to fund journalism. Their motto is everyone is an expert at something. Members are expected to contribute to reporting on stories that touch on their area of expertise.
  2. Andrew Prutsok

    Bush not in Dallas- He is dead

    I was asking a question. If I had evidence, I wouldn't need to.
  3. Andrew Prutsok

    Bush not in Dallas- He is dead

    Wasn't his daddy Prescott central to the plot to depose FDR, the one that Smedley Butler rolled over on? The entire family was anti-democatic, if not downright treasonous.
  4. Andrew Prutsok

    Bush not in Dallas- He is dead

    The best Nov. 22, 1963 Bush move has to be Barbara's letter home to nobody.
  5. Andrew Prutsok

    Bush not in Dallas- He is dead

    The Watergate money trail ran straight from the Republican National Committee to the White House. Who was in charge of the RNC IN 1973? You don't always have to have someone's head blown off in broad daylight to effect regime change.
  6. Andrew Prutsok

    Bush not in Dallas- He is dead

    And there was his Iran hostage treason. If he did it once why wouldn't he have done it two or even three times or more?
  7. Andrew Prutsok

    Anatomy Of Lee Harvey Oswald's Interrogations

    it's almost like he had some type of training to remain so.calm, huh?
  8. I recall hearing that. Not a modus operandi unlike today 's NE.
  9. I think it's more likely that Jim Jordan and other members of the Congressional Trump Investigation Obstruction Team will all over Fox soon demanding hearings and investigations on who it was in the Turkish government who told on the killers.
  10. Andrew Prutsok

    Louie Steven Witt: Mafia Guy

    The more I think on this, the more Lance’s thread reminds me of the early days of Fox News. Every night, it seemed, Bill O’Reilly would be facing down some pervert from NAMBLA claiming he represented all liberals to discredit the entire progressive cause in the eyes of the gullible and not-too-bright people who watched it regularly. That’s what Lance is attempting to do: pick one, obscure, bizarre theory to try to discredit what polls have shown for 50 years what everyone knows to be true. It’s intellectually dishonest.
  11. Andrew Prutsok

    Umbrella Man pic?

    Owning the libs, early 60s style.
  12. Andrew Prutsok

    Louie Steven Witt: Mafia Guy

    I don’t dispute that there is stupid, crazy xxxx out there. Nonetheless it does not validate the official story, which appears to be your position. My sarcasm aside. I’ve yet to come across a single conspiracy theory as outrageous as the WCR.
  13. Andrew Prutsok

    Louie Steven Witt: Mafia Guy

    Weird. That's the exact feeling I get every time I glance at the Warren Commission Report.
  14. Andrew Prutsok

    Umbrella Man pic?

    It’s mind boggling anyone could see it any other way.
  15. They had decades to cover up their crime and the single bullet theory was the best they could come up with. How many of your friends who never read a JFK book knew the Kennedy family was frightened of umbrellas?