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  1. This is the post where I'm alleged to have said there were no media mentions of the Russia investigation prior to the election and that it was totally cool of Buzzfeed to publish the contents of the Steele Dossier.
  2. You are wrong. I did not say anything about alleged Russia involvement not being reported before the election. You said I did. The only thing I said was the Steele Dossier was not published until after the election. That's it. Period. Now you are angry, doubling and tripling down on your mistake by saying I supported the publication of the dossier, which I never said, and around trying to prove your unhinged, irrelevant-to-the-issue flailing by citing non-credible Trump/Putin apologists like Mate and Taibbi who prove with every post they make on the matter they haven't read the Mueller
  3. Big surprise. Violent protesters were right wing chaos agents. https://www.startribune.com/charges-boogaloo-bois-fired-on-mpls-precinct-shouted-justice-for-floyd/572843802/ Charges: Boogaloo Bois fired on Minneapolis police precinct, shouted 'Justice for Floyd'
  4. Mr. DiEugenio, who ascribed the comments of someone I quoted to me.
  5. I didn’t realize quoting another poster and responding automatically conveys to others that I have accepted responsibility for the quoted remarks as my own.
  6. Sorry, but it all sounds concocted. On Sunday, July 10, 2016, Clinton was outpolling Trump 52 to 36. So she's going to risk everything by having some nobody murdered? And what good does murdering him do if the data is already out there? I don't buy it, and the fact that senile, old Sy Hersh believes it and a couple of gang members got killed aren't going to influence me. It's crazytown.
  7. It's comforting to know the story notes Russia's ability to change vote tallies is "limited."
  8. Don't believe I said the dossier warranted being published. In fact, I'm quite sure I did not. And the article you link is about Russians stealing emails, not the dossier, which is what I referred to. Apparently you think Seth Rich took the emails. Again, I'll pose the same question, which your smart ass reply failed to address: if the dossier was a hit job by the Deep State to stop Trump from being elected, why was it not made public -- whether warranted or not -- until well after the election? You'd think if they were against Trump they would have tried to get that published somewhere
  9. Chris Hedges, one our generation's great thinkers, says the same thing. The collapsing empire is too far gone to be salvaged. It's easy to imagine the acceleration of it whichever one wins. When Biden wins, the nutcases will start marching again like they did against Obama, except this time they'll be armed and violent. If Trump wins, he'll just keep doing what he's doing. Either way were sunk and it's no more than we deserve. And regardless of which one wins, the president will continue to sell us out to the corporations. Trump is doing it; Biden will do it. I'm depressed. There is nothi
  10. I particularly like the way they tried to manufacture a Hillary win by not releasing the Steele Dossier until nearly three months after the election. It was brilliant.
  11. As a man who seems to enjoy conspiracy theories, here's one for you: Rudy has known since July that he was screwed by this video. For the past month, at least, he knew when the movie was coming out. Miraculously, he uncovers Hunter Biden's child-porn riddled laptop a week before the movie is to come out. This is not unlike the Podesta emails purely by coincidence being released when Trump's grab them by the genitals tape was released.
  12. He's a lefty who spent the entire past four years doing nothing but defend/rationalize every thing Donald Trump has done.
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