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  1. I don't even care whether he's re-elected anymore. Any country that would elect him in the first place is off it's collective rocker and beyond redemption.
  2. Good points, but it doesn’t excuse the white nationalism. Screw them both.
  3. Obviously the DNC insider had other plans for the Republican emails he also hacked.
  4. 30 years from now, I don't see my 88-year-old self tuning in to the Irishman every time it's on commercial TV, like I do Goodfellas.
  5. Interesting USA Today profile of a JFK-era CIA spook who worked in Cuba, Mexico City and Miami. Nothing really interesting in regard to JFK assassination, but provides decent color on what a CIA spy was up to then. Fifty-six years after John F. Kennedy's murder, unsealed government files detail dangerous intrigues about Cuba. This CIA spy was deeply involved. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2019/11/21/jfk-spy-cuba-new-york-times-crozier/2425360001/
  6. Those darned Ukranians. First they conspire with Hillary to out Paul Mannafort's crimes and his blood money and then they turnaround and hack her emails and give them to Wikileaks. How can you trust people like that?
  7. The Post has now issued a correction to the original article, disavowing the story's claim that the persons suspected of altering a document worked for Peter Strozk.
  8. What are the odds the similar "calls" Hill was unwilling to discuss were between Trump and Vlad?
  9. This is getting like when I quit Facebook the day after Trump was installed as president. Time to step away before I start not liking people I'm supposed to respect or love.
  10. He's going to become the David Von Pein of Trump and Russia, defending the deranged position to the end.
  11. Some dude just suffered a seizure during Roger Stone's trial. That sounds familiar.
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