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  1. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    It's worth the read.
  2. David Talbot on New Essay from attorney Dan Hardway

    Thanks Mr. Caddy, Hardway was the Attorney I contacted you about recently, who was from W.Va. His office is in Cowen, a 500-population mountain town, 25 miles from where I grew up in Bumphuk.
  3. I used to read Zero Hedge; I’ve since come to the conclusion it is a Russian propaganda site masquerading as libertarian; they back the Kremlin line on everything.
  4. Not really defending Stone, but Twitter is largely a cesspool. Their banning Stone makes no sense in light of everything else going on there. Rumors have been going around that Mueller looking into social media execs as part of Russia probe. I would imagine Twitter would be at the top of his list.
  5. Mr. Caddy,


    I can't find it for the life of me, but I could swear I've seen references online to you and West Virginia. Just curious if that is where you are from, or if you spent time there. I did see Robert Merritt was from West Virginia but I can't find the name of his hometown.

    I am from West Virginia and just always curious about fellow Mountaineers. 



  6. Trump: JFK files to be released

    She would not have. I dare say nobody detests Trump and his presidency more than I, but if he follows through, he certainly deserves some kudos.
  7. Trump: JFK files to be released

    Heard Robert Dallek on NPR this morning saying nothing would come of this — worst case being something embarrassing to CIA or FBI for bungling case. It was funny the interviewer introduced him as someone who is certain Oswald acted alone. I thought, of course he does. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be invited on NPR.
  8. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    If Dinkin was able to accurately predict the date of the assassination from the psychological sets he cited, I would rule out wu-wu.
  9. Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    Didn't WC, Posner, Bugliosi, Hanks prove conclusively all witnesses were wrong?
  10. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Ineresting reveiw by Australian Journalist John Pilger, "The Killing of History."...and he mentions Lansdale. There was no good faith. The faith was rotten and cancerous. For me - as it must be for many Americans -- it is difficult to watch the film’s jumble of “red peril” maps, unexplained interviewees, ineptly cut archive and maudlin American battlefield sequences.
  11. Walter Jones has come a long way since Freedom Fries. And Charles Grassley...who knew? I wish them luck. Two senior Capitol Hill Republicans plan to introduce a congressional resolution calling for full disclosure of U.S. government records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) will introduce their JFK resolution before the end of the month, according to Jones. http://www.alternet.org/two-top-republicans-call-full-jfk-disclosure-charles-grassley-walter-jones
  12. JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald Part 6

    Caught part of it -- for lack of a compelling college football game on Tv -- tonight. Had not heard of it previously but figured it would be more of the same LN affirming tripe, so I was not disappointed. I especially liked when they used their "military grade" sonar equipment and divers to search the swamps north of New Orleans after "discovering" the possibility, via the "newly-released" documents, that there may have been camps there used to train anti-Castro Cubans. i think I "discovered" that by watching JFK 25 years ago.
  13. The Umbrella Man Feature Film

    I don't agree. Leaving the hat behind obviously was another Chamberlain reference. Here he is at his press conference upon his return from Munich. No hat. Obviously he left it behind.
  14. The Umbrella Man Feature Film

    I think this is it: https://www.infowars.com/
  15. Thanks for the reply, Mr. Caddy. I admire your courage and the work you do. My post was more in jest than anything else.
  16. Except where organized crime was concerned which, I believe, he refused to admit even existed.
  17. Did Mr. Caddy realize in the late 1950s he was building the foundation of one of the greatest grift operations every to grace the planet?
  18. The Woman next to "Doorway Man"

    Are you really suggesting that "someone would have talked?" That is a novel idea.
  19. It wouldn't be like a member of the Bush family to be involved in a coup, or anything like that.
  20. John Liggett and Lois Liggett

    One would think he would have turned his cell phone off during a funeral service.
  21. Trump-Russia on Twitter

    This is my first topic. Been hanging out here a couple years, joined not too long ago. Just not confident enough in my knowledge to engage most here in debate. Be that as it may, this is something a little different and I would like to get input from more knowledgeable people than myself. Please bear with me. I'll get to the JFK connection momentarily. I was wondering if anyone else has been interested in all of the Trump-Russia/election rigging/quid pro quo/RICO reporting that has been going on, seemingly primarily on Twitter? I've been following three or four Tweetsters who claim to have connections in the FBI, intelligence community, including foreign intel services. Most revelations are coming from people like Claude Taylor, John Schindler, Louise Mensch and someone called The Jester. According to these people and their sources, the case is a lock and the Trumps and their minions will die in jail as traitors. I know not whether that's the case and am certainly not advocating their position. I'm a journalist of 30 years and don't jump to conclusions that easily. I'm just attracted to the subject for probably the same reason I'm attracted to the JFK assassination -- the intrigue, mystery, mind-boggling possibilities, a desire to see justice done, the rule of law upheld, etc. Be that as it may, I think there is smoke there and it seems pretty obvious. All of the aforementioned Twitter reporters claim deep ties to intel and that our intelligence community are heroes and that everyone will realize this when all this finally unfolds, if ever. This makes my reporter alarm bells go off. My natural distrust of the intelligence community (based largely on the great research done by people like you and others), makes me question the credibility of those reporting on Trump-Russia. Plus in the past week or so there has been a lot of sniping and in-fighting among the Tweetsters, when before they all seemed so chummy. It's suspicious to me. It occurred to me the other day that maybe asking them their opinion of who killed JFK would weed out who among them has some honor and who is merely shilling for the intelligence community. Today, before I got a chance to pose the question, John Schindler posted this on Twitter in reference to a Daily Beast Story that alleges Russia was behind the rumors that the CIA was involved in the JFK assassination. Think I got my answer. Just curious what others think of this. Thanks. Insert other media
  22. Trump-Russia on Twitter

    Thanks Mr. Caddy. Don't know how I missed it. Sorry for posting in the wrong space.
  23. Trump-Russia on Twitter

    The Senator said she had seen no evidence of collusion. Maybe there is no unclassified evidence of collusion for her to see?
  24. Sherry Fiester Has Passed Away

    Black Op Radio posted a great interview with her Wednesday.