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  1. Pretty apparent this is not just a 1963 thing. Photos pop up all the time of police officers flashing those juvenile white power hand signals.
  2. Andrew Prutsok

    Jim Garrison: The Beat Goes On

    Great article. If you don’t mind a suggestion from an aging editor, I would abandon the justified text at Kennedysandking in favor of ragged right. Justification causes type to break oddly, creating those big spaces between words which emerge not infrequently in this piece. Makes reading more difficult, particularly on a small screen like a phone, where about 70 percent of online content is consumed.
  3. Andrew Prutsok

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    Is he confiscating her camera?
  4. Andrew Prutsok

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    The guy in the blazer and white trousers sure looks awfully preppy. Almost like an Ivy Leaguer of some sort.
  5. Andrew Prutsok

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    He's sure not looking at the depository.
  6. Andrew Prutsok

    Ken Silverstein and Jeffrey St. Clair get Counterpunched

    Actually, at least among the leaders in Washington, both sides are in agreement on most really big issues -- unending war, growing defense budgets, allowing Wall Street and corporations to loot. All that is typically bipartisan.
  7. Andrew Prutsok

    1963 Box

    Sounds interesting, and like it might lend itself to some mystery and drama.
  8. Andrew Prutsok

    Democracy In Chains

    In all fairness, I was ready to reply but then saw you had caught it.
  9. Andrew Prutsok

    Surprised there is no discussion on this

    Exactly. Amendments to our constitution restrict only government egress. Private companies can do what they want.
  10. Andrew Prutsok

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    This is true. I dared to mention it a couple years ago on ROKC and got my head bitten off. It's verboten.
  11. Andrew Prutsok

    David Von Pein

    That's some pretty nasty stuff to say about someone's family.
  12. Andrew Prutsok

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    W had just turned in 17 in the preceding July. Was he really at Yale at 17?
  13. Andrew Prutsok

    Was Dubya in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

    What about him serving up James Parrot to the FBI? Or even more strange, Barbara's bizarre, suspicious "letter home" to her "family" during her three-day campaign trip in which she is sitting in a salon and writes about hearing about the president's shooting just now on the radio. We learn of his death before she gets to the end of the letter.
  14. Andrew Prutsok

    Youtube and conspiracy theories

    Of course the government censoring the Internet is an abomination. Why aren't Google, FB, YouTube, Instagram, et. al., subject to the same rules and regulations that newspapers and television have to follow? You cause to be published something false or defamatory, you can be held accountable via . civil suit. I could grow my newspaper circulation tremendously, I think, were I not held liable for what was printed in it.
  15. Andrew Prutsok

    Are you a "Q", or are you an "R"?

    Qanon is like Pizzagate on bath salts.
  16. Andrew Prutsok

    Ever Wonder

    Wow. I was joking here. You can't assume anything. http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com/2013/05/phil-ochs-at-dealey-plaza.html
  17. Andrew Prutsok

    Ever Wonder

    And he died just as the House investigation was Ramping up...hmmmm.
  18. Andrew Prutsok

    Louis Steven Witt : Umbrella Man

    Unlike the subtlety of blowing the president of the United States' head off in broad daylight in a major city before hundreds of witnesses?
  19. Andrew Prutsok

    I agree with Trump

    Marks never like to admit being scammed. We know as of last night that Trump was provided direct evidence that Putin personally directed the attack prior to the inauguration. It is not a matter of opinion. And he has continued to lie about it since. There is no longer any rationalization available to his supporters to justify it.
  20. Andrew Prutsok

    I agree with Trump

    So you consider racist appeals to the worst instincts of the worst Americans, backed up by Russian subterfuge "smart?" Seems to lean more toward "evil," "vile" or "traitorous."
  21. Andrew Prutsok

    I agree with Trump

    Mueller hasn’t said anything.
  22. Andrew Prutsok

    I agree with Trump

    Are we defending Europe or occupying Europe? I’d be a might resentful and uncooperative, perhaps if asked to pony up tax dollars to fund Russian troops’ presence in the US. I harbor no I’ll will toward Russia for meddling in our elections. Fair is fair. We do it everywhere, just with less style and panache, to quote Clay Shaw from JFK. With that said, any U. S. Citizen who aided and abetted that effort is a filthy traitor who should be imprisoned for life or executed.
  23. Andrew Prutsok

    Question About Roger Stone

    Isn’t this just the electronic breaking into the DNC offices? Weird.
  24. Andrew Prutsok

    A Wall Street Coup?

    It was so popular because it was basically a welfare state, for those not horribly oppressed.
  25. Andrew Prutsok

    A Wall Street Coup?

    Here’s part one of a BBC documentary on the Wall Street coup, which I thought was well done.