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  1. JFK vs the Liberal Blogosphere

    What's excellent about her? I always suspected her of being a spineless Bluedog, and her hounding Al Franken out of the Senate on the basis of possibly Roger Stone-manipulated evidence was pretty low.
  2. Robert Parry dead

    Have seen his reporting cited on this forum many times. Did outstanding reporting on Irangate. Apparently died over the weekend. https://consortiumnews.com/2018/01/29/robert-parrys-legacy-and-the-future-of-consortiumnews/
  3. Meet Mae Brussell

    I didn't like the story when I saw it on Monday. I've listened to the Mae Brussell broadcasts available on youtube. Likening her to Alex Jones is unfair. She wasn't a buffoon, or a performance artist.
  4. Jim DiEugenio spanks The Post

    When Bradlee died, a journalist friend reprimanded me for making somewhat-less-than-glowing remarks about him due to his intelligence background as well as the entire Post's cozy relationship with the CIA. She noted the historic work he did on the Pentagon Papers. I remember thinking at the time that anything Bradlee did or didn't do on the Pentagon Papers was likely more related to his desire to stick it to someone on behalf of the intelligence community than it was a desire to serve journalism.
  5. Were they ever even charged?
  6. Kaplan, the rave reviewer, was one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Iraq War. I'm sure his analysis of Vietnam would be ever bit as insightful.
  7. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    How is this any different than any political party anywhere operates? Did you hear any Republicans questioning the merits of the tax bill. Damned few anyway.
  8. John Heinz and John Tower

    I'm sure Guatemala, Chile and Indonesia are all better off today as well for the CIA's dirty dealings.
  9. Roscoe White

    I'm not sure a quality education is necessarily related to a person's honesty and truthfulness.
  10. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    Are you really suggesting "someone would have talked?"
  11. Roy Truly

    Jeez. He said he believes his testimony. What more proof is required?
  12. Larry King on JFK assassination theories

    The "Pilot" was David Ferrie, I guess? It's kind of cool that King would be so forthcoming about his own character flaws.
  13. New Article by John Armstrong

    Just started reading the free version of the Armstrong book. It seems like some people in this thread may have been among those attending the JFK class described in the opening.
  14. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    It's worth the read.
  15. David Talbot on New Essay from attorney Dan Hardway

    Thanks Mr. Caddy, Hardway was the Attorney I contacted you about recently, who was from W.Va. His office is in Cowen, a 500-population mountain town, 25 miles from where I grew up in Bumphuk.
  16. I used to read Zero Hedge; I’ve since come to the conclusion it is a Russian propaganda site masquerading as libertarian; they back the Kremlin line on everything.
  17. Not really defending Stone, but Twitter is largely a cesspool. Their banning Stone makes no sense in light of everything else going on there. Rumors have been going around that Mueller looking into social media execs as part of Russia probe. I would imagine Twitter would be at the top of his list.
  18. Mr. Caddy,


    I can't find it for the life of me, but I could swear I've seen references online to you and West Virginia. Just curious if that is where you are from, or if you spent time there. I did see Robert Merritt was from West Virginia but I can't find the name of his hometown.

    I am from West Virginia and just always curious about fellow Mountaineers. 



  19. Trump: JFK files to be released

    She would not have. I dare say nobody detests Trump and his presidency more than I, but if he follows through, he certainly deserves some kudos.
  20. Trump: JFK files to be released

    Heard Robert Dallek on NPR this morning saying nothing would come of this — worst case being something embarrassing to CIA or FBI for bungling case. It was funny the interviewer introduced him as someone who is certain Oswald acted alone. I thought, of course he does. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be invited on NPR.
  21. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    If Dinkin was able to accurately predict the date of the assassination from the psychological sets he cited, I would rule out wu-wu.
  22. Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    Didn't WC, Posner, Bugliosi, Hanks prove conclusively all witnesses were wrong?
  23. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Ineresting reveiw by Australian Journalist John Pilger, "The Killing of History."...and he mentions Lansdale. There was no good faith. The faith was rotten and cancerous. For me - as it must be for many Americans -- it is difficult to watch the film’s jumble of “red peril” maps, unexplained interviewees, ineptly cut archive and maudlin American battlefield sequences.