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  1. That would be the longest "long game" scenario ever. If someone thought and acted on the thought that that would be the ultimate outcome of knocking off JFK, then that person was wasting an awful lot of talent and potential.
  2. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Wasn't Plausible Denial the cool thing of the time? It would make sense if a government agency outsourced a plot, which they had been doing with their plots to take out Castro, and used it to assassinate the president.
  3. Where were you?

    https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/180-10147-10164.pdf Some good quality reading. Surprising how similar his story is to many others involved in this saga...getting in a fist fight over being pro-Castro the summer of 63 for instance.
  4. Mr. Trejo, I agree that Veciana was solely after Fidel. I don't believe you would find many that disagree with that. I have not read much that suggests a finger should be pointed towards him in relation to JFK's murder. However, if DAP, Veciana, and LHO were all on board this train of "let's go get Fidel", how exactly would the Dallas right-wingers be privy to the sensitive operation that was taking place? I mean, Veciana was with Frank Sturgis within two weeks of seeing DAP with LHO, which to me seems like a lot of big hitters in this saga going after the same goal: killing Fidel, not JFK. Who then would have the ability to set them all up, to the point that they would bury their own guy(Oswald) to save their own face? Although I make it a point to never underestimate my enemies, I find it hard to believe that ex-general Walker and the people of his ilk had that ability. In DAP's novel, didn't he have it so Oswald took the plan for taking out Fidel and use it for killing JFK? Although a work of fiction, in the real world would there not be people above DAP that would have been in the proverbial loop as to what those plans were? Would they not have the means, motive, and opportunity to hijack said plans? I am relatively new to this subject, so I may be completely off direction wise. I am but a golf ball whacker guy who likes to read. Have a great day! -Jeff
  5. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/124-10280-10004.pdf Mr. Veciana was getting around in the summer of 63. August 24th in Orlando meeting with Frank Sturgis. A week or two later meeting with DAP in Dallas and seeing Oswald.
  6. An interesting release, if for no other reason but to reinforce the fact that Texas oil had a lot of business interest in Cuba: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/124-10200-10184.pdf The checks were backed by Francisco Sugar Company in the days leading up to Batista's ousting, a company that had merged with King Ranch in Texas, which had previously merged with Humble Oil.
  7. Thank you for posting this. I tend to be lazy, and you posting this makes it much easier for me. I do appreciate it.
  8. Jean Souetre

  9. Mr. Josephs, I was mistaken. It had been a couple of months and my memory is somewhat akin to swiss cheese, so please excuse my error. This is the reference that I had recalled, which you had nothing to do with. I want to know if we can find more info on Lopez's movements in the months leading to the assassination. Maybe not as well guarded?
  10. Mr Josephs, If I remember correctly from another thread, you had pointed out that designated patsies from alternate assassination sights(Chicago and Tampa I believe) had also made trips to Mexico City apparently. Do you think there may be a trail to those trips, or was it a plug and play once the assassination was finally carried out in Dallas, with the trip being made by Oswald? Almost two months before the assassination, Oswald gets impersonated on the phone. If the assassination had happened in Tampa, would there be a different instance involving said Tampa patsy, and the Oswald impersonation would go undiscovered? This may make no sense at all, but I was just curious? Your work is as impressive as it is thorough, and I thank you for the informative and entertaining reading you provide here.
  11. Delay in release of records.

    Why would the CIA ever want that memo concealed?
  12. The CMC-Permindex Papers

    Tom, Please do not hold back. On a different note, have you ever broken down that letter Nagell wrote that travels around here so often? The one where he tells a cryptic story. If so, whwere may I find that?
  13. The CMC-Permindex Papers

    So, I am under the impression that it goes something like this: 1. Bank run by Borghese gets money from Trujillo to help fun the assassination. Bank also connected with Permindex? 2. Angelton is deeply involved with Borghese. Angelton and Harvey can be tied together pretty easily, yes? 3. In February of 63 there was a meeting in Haiti regarding the funds for the assassination, where Turjillo was present. 4. George De Mohrenschildt, under testimony said that after January of 63, he and his wife were too busy to see Lee and Marina because of their upcoming trip to Haiti. 5. Clay Shaw on the board of directors at Permindex and also a right winger. Can Shaw be tied to Dallas right-wingers? Permindex was Canadian(Montreal), Italian, and US? 6. De Mohrenschildt can be tied to Texas oil/Texas far right wing. Does any of this look to be adding up? Make sense? Can we add to it?
  14. The CMC-Permindex Papers

    Paz, I lurk on here quite a bit, and don't say much. Having said that, if you go back and read all of Mr. Hume's posts, some of his code-breaking is spot on, and spooky to say the least. I don't buy that everything is a code or a puzzle, but some things(especially dealing with Richard Case Nagell) most definitely are. As well, his ability to crack those codes/puzzles puts him on a level that my mind does not allow me to climb to, so I appreciate his contributions. In no way is he a buffoon or doing his work to make light of this matter.
  15. The CMC-Permindex Papers

    William Harvey was in Italy/Rome during this time. I would definitely say anything coming from Italy in regards to the assassination should be looked at as closely as possible. Even the use of the Mannlicher as the supposed weapon strikes me as something that the Harvey/Roselli(born in Rome) duo would do.