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  1. Jeffrey Reilley

    Explain this and I'll take you more seriously

    Although, if there was one, just one, tiny piece of evidence that was tampered with, planted, witness forced to say anything, a person in position to mislead the investigation, or anything else inside the broad spectrum of “shady practices “, then I am going have to disagree with your statement. If someone lies to me, I grow skeptical. If someone lies to me and then later in time I’ve caught them lying some more, I start to doubt everything. A slippery slope, not the sudden cliff the religious hardliners take
  2. Jeffrey Reilley

    Explain this and I'll take you more seriously

    The bullet 399 killed it for me. Simply not possible, to me, that a bullet that travels through two people could stay in that shape. *edited part* I also believe that in 200 years, Allen Dulles will be considered one of the most vile individuals to ever walk this earth. I may be wrong, and maybe he was a heck of a guy, but everything in me screams "Worse than Hitler" when reading about him. If he was involved with the WC, I lose all faith. But that is purely personal belief, and because I am just a mere golf ball whacker guy, I allow myself to carry those beliefs as facts:)
  3. Jeffrey Reilley

    Boycott the nutters!

    Well said.
  4. Jeffrey Reilley

    Explain this and I'll take you more seriously

    Sometimes the most reasonable and most logical conclusion is intentionally placed. Didn't Lansdale have fake battles in Asia to convince villages that a war was raging in full swing? Did the CIA convince Guatemala City that an army was at their doorstep? Did the station chief in the Congo get poison to put in toothpaste to kill Lumumba? Were there not some crazy plots to assassinate/humiliate Castro? ...and on and on and on ...but, when it comes to the assassination, everything is cut and dry. No misleading, no manipulation, none of it. When one looks at that point in history, how often was that the case? Can we agree McCarthyism wasn’t completely black and white? Was Vietnam the noble effort it was sold as? Was the government pairing up with organized crime figures to kill a world leader? But wow, Nelly! If people don’t swallow the Warren Commission whole, and if they question the story they’ve been told’s veracity, they become crazy conspiracy theorists. If anything, that makes me more skeptical. What sold it to me, and made me a crazy conspiracy junkie was the look on Oswald’s face at the midnight presser, when the reporter tells him he has been charged. That’s the look of “oh f” not of “well, I’m caught”
  5. So, crazy Lee brought a rifle to work not knowing if he'd be alone long enough or be able to get a clean shot off at JFK? He practiced a couple times at a shooting range with stationary targets from a flat line of fire and amazingly was able to pull off some insanely good shooting on a moving target from six stories up with several people all around and managed to only kill his target? (Under that kind of pressure, ole Lee should have been better than Pistol Pete at shooting) Then crazy Lee scrambles around all willy nilly via foot and bus only to kill a cop and bring a ripped dollar bill to a theater? It is just a matter of coincidence that Dulles, Johnson, oil barons, cia folks holding a grudge, and the list goes on and on all had a lot to lose if Kennedy saw another term and a hell of a lot to gain with his death? Nope, early 20's Lee went and blindly solved everyone's problems by himself. The people that don't believe this to be true you claim to have issues with sanity. Friend, look in a mirror. Honestly, I'm sure this late in the game you've thumped your chest so many times claiming how right you are that there's no going back, and you must be a very proud person to hold such strong beliefs but you're the guy that stands on the street corner shouting the end is near and you don't even know it.
  6. Because that realization would be false.
  7. Mr. DiEugenio, I know this is off topic, but I will ask anyways, looking over Kissinger's timeline is it fair to say that he took over where Allen Dulles left off? I have always and will always believe that in 200 years, Dulles will be looked at as one of the worst villains in American History. Dulles was reaching his end as Kissinger was coming into his villainous prime. Where Dulles set the table in SE Asia and Latin America, Kissinger broke it down and washed the dishes. I could be way off, and am just curious. Thank you.
  8. Just a question, but do you think there is a big difference between anyone at that level of the game? It just seems to me that anyone able to reach the highest levels of government have been tainted so long that there really isn't that big of a difference in anyone. Clintons and the Trumps go to the same parties and seem cordial, but on television you'd think that they've had a blood feud for three generations.
  9. Jeffrey Reilley

    Carter: the POTUS nearest to JFK?

    3 bullets left on a windowsill overlooking where Carter was giving that speech, if I recall correctly.
  10. Jeffrey Reilley

    Bernard Wilds' website of rare JFK research PDFs

    I've been reading this non-stop since I saw this
  11. Jeffrey Reilley

    Bernard Wilds' website of rare JFK research PDFs

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!
  12. Jeffrey Reilley

    New document releases 2017

    Just an "as I go" comment on this reading: I find it interesting that Chief of Station, I think Devlin(off memory) had heard nothing about assassinating Lumumba in late July of 60'. Lumumba was assassinated what, 3 days before Kennedy's inauguration? So, I take that as the ones giving orders were banking on Nixon winning, and when Kennedy started to pull away, panic mode was instilled. They realized that the status quo may have been in jeopardy
  13. Jeffrey Reilley

    Jack Ruby Monologue--the beginning

    This reminds me of the scene in Goonies, when Chunk is being questioned by the antagonists. Just talking, talking, talking...
  14. Jeffrey Reilley


    Mr. Santos, First off, great post. Second, when and where do you give lectures? I would gladly attend. Thirdly, I have never heard this. Please enlighten. I will pay if I must.
  15. Jeffrey Reilley

    George W. Anderson

    Not sure if this will help, but I am intrigued and reading currently. Try to find some other relevant stuff as well.