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  1. Michael Clark

    Who changed the motorcade route?

    I've had a couple invalid certificate errors lately on other sites myself. It might be the beginning of the end for net neutrality?
  2. Michael Clark

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Even if it were true, it does not even mean that Wallace was ever in that building.
  3. Michael Clark

    Who was QJ/WIN

    That's this thread. Also, Tim Gratz opens this thread up suggesting Mankel. I guess we are trying to figure out who Mankel is as well.
  4. Michael Clark

    Who was QJ/WIN

    Roselli and QJWIN worked together, per Harvey.. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/157-10004-10136.pdf
  5. Michael Clark

    New document releases 2017

    Also mention, Arnold Silver, Corsican assassins, plans for Lumumba assassination
  6. Michael Clark

    Who was QJ/WIN

    I found another QJ Crypto. It is QJBANNER, and it seems to me that I have seen it before. And QJBANNER-1 is on the MFF list. It was either just added or I overlooked it yesterday. P. 2 https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/157-10004-10068.pdf
  7. Michael Clark

    Who was QJ/WIN

    https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2018/180-10143-10076.pdf Review of Office of Security files on E. Howard Hunt p.16 (PDF) p. 8. Sec. 19 Memo for the record from department director of security; PPS; dated 2/8/63. Reports hunt call asking whether wife should register under "Foreign Agents Rregistration Act". Since she was doing translation work for the Spanish Embassy. Hunt is reported as fuzzing (?) an answering a question about OS approval and saying his wife is so independent that she would take the job regardless of what he said. Sec. 20. Memo for the record, undated, by Hunt: "Subject: Procurement of Intelligence by Mrs. Dorothy L hunt." 1. On 25 February 1963, I delivered to Mr. W. Lloyd George, Chief, FI, Thermo-fax copies of a memorandum and a letter of transmittal dated 18 and 20 February respectively. Both were prepared by ambassador Antonio Garrinques for Prrince Stanislas Radzivill and take to the latter in New York by Alfonso de Bourbon, 2d. Secretary of the Spanish Embassy in Washington. 2. The purport of the material was to enlist the aid of Rradzzivill in (a) persuading the President to visit Madrid during his next European trip, and (b) conveying to the Preesident the views of Ambassador Garrinques regarding US Latin American relations.
  8. Michael Clark

    E. Howard Hunt

    Same document as above.... https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2018/180-10143-10076.pdf P. 24. Section 30. Undated memo (coverslip dated 12/8/64) from C/Investigations Division to C/SRS. Since 11/19/63 three Covert Security Approval requests have been made by Hunt's office (A/00/CA). These are requests for approvals for ghost writers. All these individuals proved to be "of very dubious loyalty. On 11/19/63 Hunt requested a clearance for Alden L.Todd. This case was canceled on 12/5/63 after derogatory information was discovered. On 12/9/63 Hunt requested clearance for Booten Hindon. A clearance with severe rerictions was given over "serious security objection. Hunt canceled the case on 5/14/64 because the burden of the restrictions......
  9. Michael Clark

    E. Howard Hunt

    Pinging Ashton Gray, in case he may find some of the above interesting.
  10. Michael Clark

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Hunt plays a limited hangout here. He gets to play the bringer of truth, telling the tale of how Democrats and liberals (JFK, LBJ, Meyer and ex--wife) destroyed themselves. Meyer and Morales (the hangout) are already dead. And, somehow, he is doing the dirty work for LBJ, which I am not buying.
  11. Michael Clark

    E. Howard Hunt

    From the above handwritten document, I am transcribing Buckley's letter and the the opening commentary. I will include the next couple of entries.... ---------------------- 24. Memo for Dir. of Sec.from Chief / FI dated 5/10/63 says: "I have discussed the point raised by you with Mr. Holmes and while we agree in principle, we believe that there is sufficient gain from the contact and certain pieces of information to take the calculated risk...." this will continue until she quits on 6/30 due to pregnancy. 25. Routing and record sheet Gordon Mason, Sp. Asst. to DDP; DDP and Mr. Chritien; from A/DO/CA dated 6/1/64 - under comments: typed: "The attached draft column by Bill Buckley will appear in 75 US newspapers, including the Scripps Howard chain, during the week of June 8. The background of this placement is the fact that Buckley work for me as a staff agent in Mexico 1950 - 51 and we have remained close friends." 14 in script "A copy of this has been sent to the director. Will you please forward to Mr. Elder biographical material on Wm. Buckley." This is initiated by the same person who initialed the box next to "DDP" attached is a letter from Buckley to Hunt dated 5/28/64 and an article entitled "Hate CIA Week". "dear Howard: here it is. You will note we had to cut 15 lines because it was over. But I hope it helps thanks 1 million for all the work you did on it. I managed to read only about 1/3 of the book and depended on you for the rest. Give me a ring soon. Hastily, Bill" The article is a review of "The Invisible Government". 26. Routing and record sheet dated 7/28/64 says "in view of the deferrals in the RIP action since 1962 and the fact that subject was polygraphed in 1953 and 1957 I believe closing of the rip without further action is in order." S/ Liddy. C/TRS ----------------------------- These three entries I have transcribed in order of the handwritten file. The handwritten file is in order by page no..... 12, 13, 14, 15. There is obvious discontinuity between p.13 and 14. I will say, before reviewing, that all entries in this doc. are in regard to Hunt. With the above qualifications , I'll note that it is remarkable that we have these document entries, regarding Buckley, Hunt and Liddy, in order; and, presumably, Liddy commenting on Hunt in June of 1964.
  12. Michael Clark

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Joe, I think that LBJ and Connally had all loose-ends taken care of on 11-22-63. I don't think that they were entirely sure that they would make it through that day. I don't think Hunt was wrong that LBJ knew what was likely to happen. I likewise don't think that JFK was at ease. If LBJ even gave the nod, which I think he did, it does not mean that Hunt gave us the truth. Michael
  13. Michael Clark

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Rich, You say things as a matter of fact and present credentials that imply that you may actually KNOW some of the things you are saying are true, or at least have some integrity to protect by virtue of an extensive and expensive education and experience. I am pointing out that you have presented nothing that the community has not seen before in relation to Nicoletti being a shooter, so we have nothing more to go on than the fact that you believe James Files. Regarding your degrees, they do nothing for your claims. If you have nothing more than what James Files has claimed then you have the same credibility as James Files, and all his degrees; with the exception of the fact that Files was a hitman and claims that HE shot JFK. See what I am getting at? I have a lowly State University 4 year Arts degree in English, which took me 5 years to earn, and I would not compromise that for the world by saying that that gives me credibility in this debate without providing anything new to substantiate my claims. I am not insulting your education. I am saying that you are risking any credibility you gain, with you education, by saying that you know who killed JFK because you watched a YouTube video. I would, at least, say "I THINK so-and-so did it". You would hardly suffer any criticism if you did that.
  14. Jim, You are being a bit antagonistic, I think. Prayer Person is beyond doubt a person. Your uncharacteristic characterization seems to doubt even that we are talking, for sure, about a person. You are aware of how testy this debate can get, and I have not known you to unnecessarily fan the flames.