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  1. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Manuel Artime? Cubela fits in there somewhat as well.
  2. Edward Lansdale

    Without drawing conclusions or parallels, I feel that a study or discussion of Landsdale is incomplete without the Inclusion of Douglas MacArthur in that discussion.
  3. The Finger Finally Points to Pentagon Chief Lemnitzer

    Lemnitzer: from Wikipedia: Post-Korean War Lemnitzer was promoted to the rank of general and named commander of US Army forces in the Far East and of the Eighth Army in March 1955. He was named Chief of Staff of the Army in July 1957 and appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in September 1960. As Chairman, Lemnitzer was involved in the Bay of Pigs crisis and the early years of United States involvement in the Vietnam War. He was also required to testify before the United States SenateForeign Affairs Committee about his knowledge of the activities of Major General Edwin Walker, who had been dismissed from the Army over alleged attempts to promote his political beliefs in the military. Lemnitzer approved the plans known as Operation Northwoods in 1962, a proposed plan to discredit the Castro regime and create support for military action against Cuba by staging false flag acts of terrorism and developing "a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington". Lemnitzer presented the plans to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on March 13, 1962. It is unclear how McNamara reacted, but three days later President Kennedy told the general that there was no chance that the US would take military action against Cuba. Within a few months, after the refusal to endorse Operation Northwoods, Lemnitzer was denied another term as JCS chairman.[2] In November 1962, Lemnitzer was appointed as commander of U.S. European Command, and as Supreme Allied Commander Europe of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). His time in command saw the Cyprus crisis of 1963–1964 and the withdrawal of NATO forces from France in 1966. As of 2015, Lemnitzer is the only Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to hold another U.S military command after his term as Chairman ended, rather than retiring.[citation needed] Later life and death Lemnitzer retired from the military in July 1969. His 14-year tenure as a four star general on active duty is the longest in the history of the U.S. Army. In 1975, President Ford appointed Lemnitzer to the Commission on CIA Activities within the United States (aka the Rockefeller Commission) to investigate whether the Central Intelligence Agency had committed acts that violated US laws, and allegations that E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis (of Watergate fame) were involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
  4. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    This is the Trejo Virus at work. He's been saying 50 times a day, for five years that everyone else's has been saying, for 50 years, that the CIA-did-it, but acknowledges that all the perps were CIA, but, of course, they are "rogue CIA", so it doesn't count. Pffffft
  5. Rush

  6. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    Yeah, Michael Walton gets his feelings hurt, somewhere along the way, then he starts making up myths about claims you have made and things you have posted. He has a few targets. Sandy and I are on his list. I have not yet identified the other members that he claims have earned a spot on his myth list, but he repeats the claims repeatedly enough that you know he has someone in mind. He gets hurt easily and bleeds forever. Chris Davidson is another.
  7. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    Nevermind, you are referring to Mark Henceroth's, er, I mean, Michael Walton's nonesense and misrepresentations. Ask him where he pulled the CCTV thing from; you may not want to know.
  8. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    What original quote? I must have missed the CCTV thing....
  9. Agreed, and a unique nexus between the NE money, minds, and Bonesmen; and the Texas money and power brokers; and only an arms-length from the Cubans and their CIA contacts.
  10. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    The phone lines may have run under ground.
  11. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    Landsdale was one bad dude. If JFK was only graised or wounded, more reckless action would have been brought in. I don't see any way around that unless you are a Lone nutter. This is what I think Landsdale was doing there. He was to manage the killing that needed to be done, handle psy-OP's, because that's what he does. And he would have Made the decision ( 2 star CIA "General") regarding the point when things were beyond his control. Perhaps I demonstrate too much imagination with regard to how the situation might have cascaded out of control. It seems that no one ventures into that discussion. I don't assume that the potential for civil war is a joke. I don't assume that it was not planned-for.
  12. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    Absolutely Ron, at best he was saving himself from having to delete huge swathes of the populous. That would have been his plan B-Z. He may very-well have had his "finger on the codes" that would have done the damage which nukes could not be called-upon to do; because the targets were American.
  13. Judyth Baker writes about LBJ

    I want to ask you about your opinion on the windshield hole and your take on TMWKK smoking guns episode. It is off topic here but I'll ask you about it in another thread if that works for you. Cheers, Michael
  14. Was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza?

    That's kind of like your theory that if 99.99% of CIA personnel, agents, operatives and assets were complicit in the assassination of JFK; that doesn't mean that the CIA did-it. Yet if a handful of KKK and Birchers talked a bunch of trash, before 11-22-63, then Ruthie is a saint, and Marina never told a lie and Walker Did-it even though he was on a plane...... pffffft.