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  1. I did not read the whole thread but I saw that someone asked about where Frazier’s testimony could be found..... http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/wit.htm
  2. The testimony of the only one of the three men on the stairs that was identified is enlightening in this regard. I belive he was the Dealy Plaza groundskeeper. His recollection on the time lapse prior to the last shot.... heard, is remarkable.
  3. That’s the crux of it; the conversion of a conspiracy into a lone nut story. A false flag assassination plan, leading to an invasion of Cuba was shelved. It can be pulled from the shelf if needed, but Kennedy was dead, mobsters got double-crossed, Guantanamo would not have to be negotiated, and no Spanish-speaking, Catholic people would be competing with US agricultural, tourist, or natural resource interests.
  4. Two of the three men who ran up the stairs when the headshot came we’re never identified or interviewed AFAIK.
  5. As a workaround, you can setup a file of images on a website, from which links will post as images here..
  6. D“Allow remote images = You can completely disable the ability for members to embed images from external sources in posts.” https://invisioncommunity.com/features/content/#downloads
  7. ... Just playing around. .jpg files, especially from Blogs, list as pics. Same link below, selected to show as a link. http:// blog.watchdoctor.biz/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/JFKLIFE_MAGAZINE_highOmega.jpg
  8. I had suggested this, but I would not have limited it to Trump threads..
  9. They are playing 3 card Monty with that office as well.
  10. And it might shed light on the firing of SDNY Prosecutor. They knew this was coming. #metoo (squared, or cubed). edit** I see this was covered by @Bob Ness
  11. It’s not a nothingburger, for sure. We’re seeing the amalgam of the DPD Oswald and the barbershop Oswald.
  12. Likewise, the “dangle to attractive Japanese women” that Bill mentions in his opening post just doesn’t line-up, for me, with the Dallas Police Department LHO. I don’t think that Bill wanted an H&L debate here, (they pop-up everywhere and ruin the focus of many a thread), but Bill’s opening post reminded me of someone walking over glass or coals without getting cut or burned (by raising the H&L question). Cheers, Michael
  13. Lance admitted that he just can’t help himself, saying it is like reaching for the peanuts. He is trying to force the issue, making someone else force him to stop coming here. I vote that an avatar exception be made for Lance. There are avatarless others who post here of whom we would lament the loss.
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