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  1. New Book!

    Responses in bold....
  2. I am not giving him any credit, to be sure; he has some savvy players around him.... Bannon?
  3. If he needs leverage, he could have someone sorting through the docs for dirt. He may be concerned that he might not be able to make it to October. I think any President would want to have someone looking at what is scheduled for release. Any President would, I think, be obligated to have it all gone-over because they would be held responsible.
  4. The latest from Ruth Paine

    If there is no exact time stamp, that would point away from a legit tap by an Irving Police assigned telco cop working legally with the phone company. I wonder if an Irving to Ft. Worth call was a toll call at the time.
  5. I asked myself that question. Perhaps Trump it twisting arms, tweaking nipples, threatening this or that entity or person?
  6. Hello Trygve, It has been a while since you have posted here but I figured I would try to reach you. Your YouTube channel does not appear to be accessible anymore, at least through links on this site. And fotopics is now gone so that link does not work. Do you have any new links that one can follow to access your material?



  7. Excellent, time for a specific sub-forum?
  8. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    In the first page of the "The latest from Ruth Paine" thread I awkwardly suggested that the whole thing just served to suggest that they are not agents, which would be the point of the charade.
  9. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    I really don't see any need to question it, at all. If I invited LHO and Marina into my life, in 1963, I would fully expect that I would be monitored, by any and every agency and entity that had that capability, legal or not.
  10. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Why do I feel that we are being drawn into a Dallas/Texas-centric conspiracy, all-around? It's like we have back-up forces to Trejo's Walker/DPD-do-it myth showing-up.
  11. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Ron, will you please share your info on the Harlandale house?
  12. The latest from Ruth Paine

    To be sure, it is my opinion that LHO didn't kill JFK; and any inquiry into LHO is a inquiry to distraction. The phone call between the Paine's is just another facet of which I have an opinion. It does not bring us closer to those responsible;. We are just tagging sheep. Tagging sheep is, however, part of the process.
  13. The Paine Files

    My Mcadams WC PDF's are fractured. There has to be a better source.
  14. The latest from Ruth Paine

    Larry, I challenge you to come up with something better (funnier) than my phone-guy who hit the jackpot! LOL Thanks Larry, I am looking foreword, as always, to what you come up with.
  15. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    The Paine's were in contact with the Oswalds since the spring of 63. There is no reason to think that they were not being surveilled from that time on. There are CIA, FBI, Mob, Industrial, Police and who knows what other intelligence entities whom might have been involved in the tapping of that call. Mr. Carter''s pointing out that Irving police are named as the source doesn't mean anything; no disrespect to Mr. Carter; I assume he is passing on information, and that he is not married to the idea that it was necessarily Irving police who tapped the call. Keep in mind that the other end of the call was the Fort Worth Bell Helicopter facility where Michael Paine worked. It seems too convenient that Irving Police had a man who was assigned to the telephone company and this info was generated therefrom. Any agency or entity could have asked the Irving police for cover in this matter. Local PI's, extortionists, Mob, Confidential informants, as well as Government agencies could have had someone listening to all their calls, or have hopped on that line at anytime. Assuming that there is something fishy about that call being monitored at 1PM on 11-22 is assuming that there was no reason to have an eye on LHO, Marina or the Paine's before that time. I would be surprised if the mob, Bell Helicopter and all government agencies, including rogue elements were not tripping over themselves in manholes, on poles, in dusty phone-rooms with diverted pairs or at phone company buildings listening in all calls. To add a bit of humor, imagine a phone guy who was known to be "purchasable" , who just by serendipity, happened to have been approached by Jim Hosty, I. B. Hale, Howard, Hunt, Jack Ruby, H. L. Hunt, Holmes, Mrs. Paine, and and Mr. Paine,.. all individually paying one lucky phone-guy to tap that line. He would have collected 7 checks for one job, and no one should have been any-the-wiser. ha-ha! I am just trying to point-out that it could have been everyone,, everywhere, or anyone, anywhere that "ordered" it. It had to be brought to the WC records, so we have an Irving Police officer, assigned to fill-out the story. .