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  1. Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    Thanks Cliff. @13:xx he points out that the plotters wanted us to get bogged down in the minutia. That's where things stand. As an aside, disinformation like the Walker-did-It fabrication is backup plan to derail the solution to the problem, which is a counter coup.
  2. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Rob, can you post the testimony that indicates what you say? Jim's post seems to be saying that her group investigates suspect employees. She is not saying that 201 files are open on suspect employees. That is my read, and my understanding.
  3. If Ralph Yarbrough was in the seat that Conally occupied and was killed in Dealy Plaza, Gordon Mclendon very well might have become US Senator from Texas after the 1964 election. "...McLendon, a conservative Democrat, garnered only 43 percent of the vote in a primary race against incumbent US Senator Ralph Yarborough in 1964."
  4. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Thank you Kirk, At some point we lose traction with the terms "Right" and "Left" . We then have to consider terms like "oligarchy" " Royalism" "Class" and "Money". Right or left, America does not exist without liberal values. The right to Bear Arms, the Right of Assembly, Freedom of Speech, and Press, and, indeed, The Bill of Rights are, in fact, liberal traditions. This debate makes think of, and want to read Christoper Hitchens' book: Blood, Class and Nostalgia: Anglo-American Ironies.
  5. Bobby Baker Scandal and the Assassination of JFK

  6. Bobby Baker dies at 89

    Holy Cow! I thought that he would outlive the devil himself! Who's next?
  7. Thank you Chris, in the notes of the video I posted a link to a frame from the sequence that you shared is posted. Cheers, Michael
  8. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Ernie, I think I get your point, tongue-in-cheek, as I perceive it.
  9. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Ernie, as an aside, I don't recall you mentioning the Mafia, or Mob-interests all that much. Is that an accurate observation? If so, is there a reason for that? thanks, Michael
  10. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Ernie, I didn't mean to suggest that Castro supported Batista. I thought that Batista's corrupt, royalistic lifestyle and desire for his reliance upon his personal dignity and authority were what ran him afoul of interests in the US. I also thought that Castro was deemed to be a better option, but that he was not considered to be a candidate for becoming a Soviet-Block member. *** poorly worded, and I am poorly prepared for a debate with Ernie on this...
  11. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Ouch.... I'll have to read-up. I thought our side wanted Batista out.
  12. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Waiting for the "blockbuster" from Trejo-and-Ward....