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  1. I was pleased to see that you checked-in recently, Dike. I would like to know where you are active in posting and research. Best wishes, Micheal.

  2. I can’t find the above thread from which my quote came.
  3. We have, essentially, inserted ourselves in the Shia vs. Sunni conflict and exacerbated it. We support the Kings, wherever their gold, black or otherwise, is exploitable by demagogues who control their people in a medieval manner; pun intended.
  4. A side note regarding Glenn Carle. He responded to an email that I sent him, as follows... ——————— Greetings, My name is Michael Clark. I have had too much time on my hands of late and have been sucked into "research" of the JFK assassination. I recently watched "Two Men in Dallas", a 1976 video featuring Mark Lane and Dallas Police Officer Roger Craig. The narrator indicates that the interviewer is a "Lincoln Carle". Your name came up while reading some other unrelated articles and I was wondering if, by chance, you might be Glenn Lincoln Carle, and, by chance, the interviewer of officer Craig. I hope my message finds you doing well ..... Regards, Michael —————- Interesting. Glenn Lincoln Carle is my name, but I am not the "Lincoln Carle" in the interview. I have never heard of anyone else with two thirds of my name. No relation. Sorry. Yours, Glenn Carle
  5. To be sure, it’s not constant. By chance, the other night I saw the fewest guest users I have ever seen, at around 2 or 3.
  6. It could be the wayback machine, or something similar.
  7. If there is no single post or thread that comes up with some ridiculously high number of recent views, then it is likely the same thing we were seeing back in 2017; where periodically, something or someone comes in and views or scans every thread. The difference may be that whoever it is is taking longer (longer than 20 min.) or invision tightened-up thresholds (to 20 min) for billing, or they just decided to start paying attention. In any event, they should be able to detect, prevent, monitor or track an event such as that captured in my screenshot.They certainly should not be trying to hold us accountable for such an event.
  8. James, that screenshot was one I sent you a few years ago, via email. That list of number of users currently online is at the bottom of subforum pages. I searched about half of the sub forums, looking for posts that had an unusual number of views for the topic and the ago of the post. There must be some tools available to admins to see “most active” or “most recently” viewed threads. Back in 2017, I had noticed a pattern.... when those massive guest user counts came about, it was near the end of the month, and every user was on a unique post, no duplicates. It was as if some bot came in and scanned or viewed every thread.
  9. https://invisioncommunity.com/buy What are 'online visitors'? Online visitors are those that are currently actively browsing your community and those active in the last 15 minutes (when their session expires). Our Community in the Cloud packages don't limit the total membership of your community; only the online user count. We calculate on a 48-hour average online count so short-term bursts of traffic should not impact your package level.
  10. A couple of years ago I saw, and notified James about, mass visits of guests, in bursts. I sent him screen shots showing 3 to 4 thousand guests at a time. I am pretty sure that I posted a thread about it.
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