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  1. An answer for Sandy Larsen: I went back and reviewed the Martin film’s sequence showing Prayer Man. It is about 4 seconds in length and that would be about 70 frames if the film moved at Zapruder speed. That segment shows Prayer Man on the Elm Street curb as the presidential limousine passes by. The limo is hard to see since what is show is just the top and the occupant’s heads. However, at the end of the sequence are several good shots of the limo as it passes the monument walkway unto El Street. In those frames you can see President Kennedy’s head (the imagery is really not that good). In this frame you can clearly the limo, Prayer Man and, two Motorcycle Policemen as the motorcade goes by.
  2. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    I'm having problems with photobucket not pasting the right photo here. Will try with another post. There is about 5 seconds worth of frames similar to this in Martin. If his camera ran about like Zapruder then that would be about 90 to 100 frames. I'm still having problems with photobucket posting the wrong photo and posting the same photo over an over again. Sorry Sandy, If you want to see more than this then go to my website. This photo will probably not be here long due to my subscription at photobucket expiring. I am not going to renew after this sorry performance.
  3. Oswald Leaving TSBD?

    I am not an old forum hand. I’ve been on this site only this year. It seems to me that the topic Oswald Leaving TSBD? is the longest and most debated of topics. 228 pages of comments and discussion is too much for me to read. I tried scanning through some of the discussion looking for any mention of the John Martin film and some of the frames that show the Prayer Man. I didn’t find what I was looking for. If I missed something like what I am going to say next then just dismiss what I am saying. It seems that most folks agree that the Prayer Man is Oswald. The Weigman film shows Prayer Man in the doorway of the TSBD after the assassination. Fine. But, the point should be where was he during the assassination? The John Martin film has the answer. There are several frames in the film that show the Prayer Man on Elm Street west of the TSBD doorway and on the curb with a camera (or an object in his hands held like a camera). The presidential limousine is just coming into the picture. Oswald was on Elm Street filming the President and not up in the Sniper’s Nest shooting the President. For a better accounting of this go to my website jfkrunningthegauntlet.com and read the article The Prayer Man and John Martin. Marrion Baker is a xxxx. That is just plain and simple. All you have to do is read his statement of 11-22-63 statement given on the day of the assassination when his memory was the freshest. AFFIDAVIT IN ANY FACT THE STATE OF TEXAS COUNTY OF DALLAS BEFORE ME, Mary Rattan, a Notary Public in and for said County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared M. L. Baker, Patrolman Dallas Police Department who, after being by me duly sworn, on oath deposes and says: Friday November 22, 1963 I was riding motorcycle escort for the President of the United States. At approximately 12:30 pm I was on Houston Street and the President's car had made a left turn from Houston onto Elm Street. Just as I approached Elm Street and Houston I heard three shots. I realized those shots were rifle shots and I began to try to figure out where they came from. I decided the shots had come from the building on the northwest corner of Elm and Houston. This building is used by the Board of Education for book storage. I jumped off my motor and ran inside the building. As I entered the door I saw several people standing around. I asked these people where the stairs were. A man stepped forward and stated he was the building manager and that he would show me where the stairs were. I followed the man to the rear of the building and he said, "Let's take the elevator." The elevator was hung several floors up so we used the stairs instead. As we reached the third or fourth floor I saw a man walking away from the stairway. I called to the man and he turned around and came back toward me. The manager said, "I know that man, he works here." I then turned the man loose and went up to the top floor. The man I saw was a white man approximately 30 years old, 5'9", 165 pounds, dark hair and wearing a light brown jacket. s/ M. L. Baker SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN BEFORE ME THIS 22 DAY OF November A.D. 1963 /s/ Mary Rattan Notary Public, Dallas County, Texas Does this sound at all like the Baker/Oswald confrontation in the 2nd floor break room?
  4. The Babushka Lady- Fact or Fiction Hi, I’m back. I wanted to let you folks know I have started a blog about some of the things I have discovered about the Kennedy assassination. Currently, there is a 3 part article on the Babushka Lady being published. The website is: http://jfkrunningthegauntlet.com/ In this article there is new information or a different way to look at the Babushka Lady. Essentially, the Babushka Lady is Jack White’s Lady in Blue and at the same time the two are two different individuals. Regardless, both were never on Elm Street during the assassination of President Kennedy. Their appearance there in the various films and photos is a fantasy given life by the assassination cover up photo editors. The greater mystery is not who the Babushka Lady is but, why does she replace the Lady in Blue. What is being covered up by this replacement? Here is something totally different and profoundly shocking. This is a frame from the Bob Yeargan, AMIPA film. Couple this frame, with others from the film, and what Jackie Kennedy said about the assassination and you will have something radically different. What I see in this film frame is President Kennedy being propelled forward, the air from his lungs being violently ejected forcing his cheeks to bulge outward, and there is a squint-eyed pained grimace on his face. His hands are clawing at the air. He has been shot in the back. This is in accord with the strange statements Jackie Kennedy made about the assassination. This occurred just west of the NW corner of Market Street on Main Street en route to the turn onto Houston Street.
  5. Robert Hughes And The Cut Apart Policeman

    Mr. Gordon, Robin Unger's modification of the Lee Harvey Oswald passport and our conversation about it has disappeared from: Lee Harvey Oswald's passport photo real or not? I will not participate in a rigged game. Remove my membership from this forum.
  6. Robert Hughes And The Cut Apart Policeman

    Michael, More like a Ron White skit. Cheers,
  7. Robert Hughes And The Cut Apart Policeman

    Hi David, I'm really glad I haven't heard from you in awhile, months. Have you been saving up your venom and spite? I can see the Mary Moorman notion is still bothering you. You must have seen my ideas as really bothersome. Cointelpro agent? I can see whose losing control here. Do you really think there are such people on this site? What's to learn about a faked frame such as the one in my last post. You guys whip out camera angles and focus like a six-shooter when someone doesn't agree with you. Or, you see something that is threatening to your position. Go talk to Robin Unger about "FAKE" composites? your really have just fallen off the banana-boat, haven't you... ". Maybe you can start helping him warp and distort things that I post. Oh, you have already done that. The moderators are not powerless. They can shut me down at anytime they choose for any reason and I won't complain. You and Unger prove the "fake composite" charges to them. Your an old hand here. Report it. And, while your at it report yourself for breaking the forum rules. I've decided not to do that anymore. People need to read posts such as yours so that they can clearly see what type of person you are Your gush of vituperative invective is something I dealt with many times with middle school children. They grow out of it. Seems you haven't.
  8. Robert Hughes And The Cut Apart Policeman

    A Modern Conspiracy? I have already addressed this issue once. However, it needs to be touched upon again. Robin Unger Super Member Members 3,557 posts Gender:Male Location:Australia Posted Saturday at 02:07 PM (edited) · Report post John Butler Why are you using FAKE composites and trying to pass them of as a single frame This is obviously a composite of two separate frames, you can see the line across the image where the two frames have been joined. The Cut Apart Policeman comes from Robert Groden’s Assassination Films DVD, 1995. I picked up this copy when I visited Dealey Plaza in July, 2015. Groden signed the copy and then became surly and uncommunicative after some of my remarks concerning the authenticity of Zapruder. I could not find the frame I used in other film versions. I looked for it in the YouTube film Robert Hughes and I couldn’t find it there or Ungers version. I hope that’s just a case of not being able to find it. Here is another copy of the frame from Groden taken with different DVD software. I trust Groden's film even though the tech is old and the film viewing is not the best. But, I do believe it is accurate and above board. The NFV in the corner of every frame is for New Frontier Video. I guess that’s Groden’s trademark? I hope this eases Unger’s blood pressure so his head doesn’t explode from false outrage. lolff
  9. Robert Hughes And The Cut Apart Policeman

    From the Muchmore gifs that keep on giving Both of these men are from the Marie Muchmore film. There is a big difference in their film appearance. This should have been posted in another topic but, we are dealing with oddities in this post. Someone claimed Willis' see through nature shown above is just motion blurring. The man on the right can be considered motion blurring to some extant. Willis is a different problem because you can add to the see through nature the straight, flat head which indicates a cutout. He is an inserted object here.
  10. Robert Hughes And The Cut Apart Policeman

    From the Muchmore gifs that keep on giving Phillip Willis taking slide 3: The next is self-explanatory:
  11. Robert Hughes And The Cut Apart Policeman

    John Martin And The Transparent Policeman or See Through Police Helmet Motion blurring? Film failure? Technical Difficulty? Static? Something hidden?
  12. Robert Hughes And The Cut Apart Policeman

    Thanks Chris, There seems to be only one policeman on the corner. I would really like to have all the frames of that bit of Hughes. No big yellow stripes. No sgt.?
  13. Robert Hughes And The Cut Apart Policeman

    Some one said "The construction site you mention is pretty far down from the plaza. The best way to look at it is with this 3D image of the plaza. How could someone way down past the building be able to fire and hit the limo from that position? It's not possible." I was at the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio in the summer of 1967. I saw lots of 10 and 12 year old girls firing 1903 Springfields and M1 Garands at 1000 yard targets. They weren't using scopes and were successful in their shooting. The buildings on North Houston appear to be far away but, they are not.
  14. Robert Hughes And The Cut Apart Policeman

    Chris, "I am fully aware that I used a frame which was not the same as the frame you used. My point is (and was) that the officer at the corner of Main and Houston was "real", and not a "cut apart policeman", and was actually DPD Sgt. Harkness. The unstated basis for your claim that "my" frame was an edit and yours was not is, to say the very least, difficult to understand." Go back and read my post. I said both frames are edited, one successfully and one not. You show in your post Sgt. Harkness with his big yellow sergeant's stripes. Where are they in the frame I posted. Were there two policemen there? Thanks Chris, I appreciate your final comments.