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  1. John Butler

    Death of Marilyn Monroe

    I have posted earlier that I thought the death of Marilyn Monroe may have been a "greenlight" to the assassination of JFK because his brother Bobby may have participated in murder. This bit from the internet I copied says about the say thing. Don't know the source for this. I failed to copy the source. Anyone knows let me know. FBI file links Kennedy to Monroe's death Email Print Normal font Large font March 17, 2007 Page 1 of 2 | Single page For four decades there have been rumours that Marilyn Monroe's death was not a simple suicide. Now a Los Angeles-based Australian writer and director, Philippe Mora, has uncovered an FBI document that throws up a chilling new scenario. The screen legend Marilyn Monroe...the FBI report says she "expected to have her stomach pumped out and get sympathy for her suicide attempt", but it suggests she was left to die. Photo: Harold Lloyd/The Harold Lloyd Collection Latest related coverage How Bobby betrayed Marilyn Web links Documents: Read the FBI papers AdvertisementAdvertisement BOBBY KENNEDY'S affair with the screen idol Marilyn Monroe has been documented, but a secret FBI file suggests the late US attorney-general was aware of - and perhaps even a participant in - a plan "to induce" her suicide. The detailed three-page report implicates the Hollywood actor Peter Lawford, Monroe's psychiatrist, staff and her publicist in the plot. The allegations suggest the 36-year-old actress, who had a history of staging attention-seeking suicide attempts, was deliberately given the means to fake another suicide on August 4, 1962. But this time, it is suggested, she was allowed to die as she sought help. The document, hidden among thousands of pages released under freedom-of-information laws last October, was received by the FBI on October 19, 1964 - two years after her death - and titled simply "ROBERT F KENNEDY". It was compiled by an unnamed former special agent working for the then Democrat governor of California, Pat Brown, and forwarded to Washington by Curtis Lynum, then head of the San Francisco FBI. Despite a disclaimer that it could not be sourced or authenticated, it was considered important enough to immediately circulate to the FBI's five most senior officers, including director J. Edgar Hoover's right-hand man, Clyde Tolson. The report was in effect buried for decades as a classified document, and even the released version contains censored sections. Never before mentioned despite thousands of articles, books and documentaries about her death, it details aspects of Kennedy's on-and-off affair with the movie star, including sex parties and a lesbian dalliance, as well as her emotional departure from 20th Century Fox and descent into depression. Critically, it raises an alleged conspiracy, apparently overseen by Lawford, for Monroe to unwittingly commit suicide with the drug Seconal, a barbiturate used to treat insomnia and relieve anxiety. The document gives no precise reason why she would be killed but hints it may be linked to her threats to make public her affair with Kennedy, as other conspiracy theories have previously claimed. It states in part: "Peter Lawford, [censored words blacked out] knew from Marilyn's friends that she often made suicide attempts and that she was inclined to fake a suicide attempt in order to arouse sympathy. "Lawford is reported as having made 'special arrangements' with Marilyn's psychiatrist, Dr Ralph Greenson, from Beverley Hills. The psychiatrist was treating Marilyn for emotional problems and getting her off the use of barbiturates. On her last visit to him he prescribed Seconal tablets and gave her a prescription for 60 of them, which was unusual in quantity especially since he saw her frequently. On the date of her death … her housekeeper put the bottle of pills on the night table. It is reported that the housekeeper and Marilyn's personal secretary and press agent, Pat Newcomb, were co-operating in the plan to induce suicide."
  2. John Butler

    John Robert Yeargan film

  3. John Butler

    The vanishing pool of blood

    Sandy Larsen Super Member Members 4,572 posts Gender:Male Report post Posted Sunday at 06:03 PM It must have been quite a large chunk of brain matter for Couch to have recognized it. I mean, how does one recognize brain matter without the folds? -------------------- I am by no mean an ammunition or rifle expert. I just rely on things I learned in the military long ago. Any powerful type of ammunition, such as the 7.62 mm Nato round or the 30.06 (M1 round), is capable of producing an extraordinary wound such as President Kennedy's. The bullet once it enters the brain creates thousands of atmospheres of pressure due to hydrostatic shock. The brain consists mostly water. The round moving through the skull creates a cone of force which is responsible for the large, somewhat circular exit wound near the occipital protuberance in the rear of the skull. I suspect that the material from the brain that was ejected would be mostly liquid. If you are a believer in the Zapruder film that plume of blood seen at about z313 to perhaps z317 has to have gone somewhere to the ground. If the pool of blood is real and at the SW corner of the TSBD, it is another suggestion that the President's head wound could have occurred earlier than folks think.
  4. John Butler

    Backyard Photographs

    Interesting. Valuable. This is another proof that the BYP's are forgeries. Of course, anyone who has truthfully studied the photos knows that. Many people over a long period of time has demonstrated the fake qualities of the photos.
  5. How did Jackie eve sit in that mess without it getting on the back of her outfit. Photos of her show she did not sit in that mess. As you can see President Kennedy's spot is clean. Did they tamper and clean it or just took the photo. You can see on the back of the seat blood and matter stains that indicate the direction of the wound. As Rumpole of the Bailey would say "It's about the bloodstains."
  6. John Butler

    More from the past on BYP

    Nope. I don’t.
  7. John Butler

    More from the past on BYP

    Sigh, sigh, Sit up and pay attention. David Josephs has given you boys an education in lights and shadows. I challenge you to find a clearer, more concise, and elegant explanation on how a light source creates shadows. Ray you need to get a dictionary and look up the word parallel. Well, I'll do that for you: Definition of parallel 1 a : extending in the same direction, everywhere equidistant (see equidistant 1), and not meeting parallel rows of trees b : everywhere equally distant concentric spheres are parallel Parallel lines do not converge or diverge. Ray, David was just being polite to you. ""Ray - thank you for the example and the patience. It does indeed appear as if shadows can be made to look like they converge to a vanishing point based on perspective." The operative word here is "made to". He is being less polite in the last sentence of his post most recent post. "When learning to Draw... Shadow, light and perspective works... They do not in those BOYs by a magnitude much higher than is possible in the natural, unedited world" Did you understand what he was saying?
  8. John Butler

    More from the past on BYP

    OK. Ray says their fake. Michael and David do also. I say their fake. We may have gotten there by different paths so, what is the argument? They are fake by various people's reasoning. Let's hoist an adult beverage and move on to something else. That guy, I believe G. Robert Blakely, said if the photos are fake then there was a conspiracy and Oswald was the patsy. Should we now say the infamous "case closed" here.
  9. John Butler

    More from the past on BYP

    Michael, Your figures give the illusion of straight rows. Although you didn't say straight rows it's there by implication. There is nothing uniform about your photo and figures except the deck planking. Line up your figures according to the geometric correctness of the boards and see what happens. If you can get Old Ray Mitchum to agree with you that is something. OBTW, if I didn't have a pair ah noids I would have none at all.
  10. John Butler

    More from the past on BYP

    The figures in the Cross photo are not orderly. They are not in a uniform formation. They are not in straight rows. It appears that the figures are arranged to provide converging shadows. Why? Converging shadows seem to be important to those who argue the validity of the BYP's. Converging shadows are some kind of validation for the BYP's. What is noticeable is that all the shadows are moving off the light source correctly in one direction. My proof for the BYP's being fake are 3 conflicting shadows moving in different directions. How gullible does Cross think people are?
  11. John Butler

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Danny Arce made the following statements to the authorities about the Kennedy Assassination in 1963 and 1964: Dallas Police Department on 11-22-63 FBI Statement on 11-22-63 (handwritten) FBI Statement on 11-22-63 (typed version of handwritten) FBI Statement 12-19-63 FBI Statement 3-18-64 Warren Commission 4-7-64 If you look through these statements then Danny Arce's location becomes suspicious. Eventually, he mentions he was on a grassy area in front of the TSBD. There is no grassy area in front of the Dal-Tex. This further adds to his ambiguous, suspicious location. Here is where history.com places Arce's location with a white dot. He should be visible in the Zapruder film and from the SW corner of Elm Street from such photographers as Betzner, Willis, and Croft. But, he is not. According to his testimony he could be there or across the street on South Elm. Only problem with this there is no pictorial evidence for either location. Bart Kamp has provided his location in front of the Dal-Tex as shown in Altgens 6. How many radios can you hide under that raincoat? Much less why is he wearing that when the temp was above 60 and the rain had stopped hours before. It seems Danny Arce has been seen as a suspicious character before. Check out Bill Shelley. Does he look like he is in fear of his life? Can you imagine the cop saying "Watch what you say, boy. Accidents happen." This is an interesting post: Danny Arce and the peeing old man By Guest Mark Valenti, August 26, 2006 in JFK Assassination Debate
  12. John Butler

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Thanks Bart, The first issue is about Dealey Plaza photographers. It doesn't really fit this thread so ignore that. The second I just found more interesting because sometime back I had went through Danny Arce's testimony and noted there was an issue with his location. On your website prayerman.com you locate Arce in front of the Dal-Tex in Altgens 6. It appears to be Arce. You know how people are on this forum. They will say the image is to vague or some such. But, I agree that it is Arce. He appears to have something in his hand. It appears to be a handheld radio. If that is Danny Arce and that is a radio then he is one of the assassins of President Kennedy, a spotter or coordinator. His location is so ambiguous in his testimony you can place him on all four corners of the Elm / Houston intersection. Back out a little and you have this: That's is clearer. He still appears to have a radio.
  13. John Butler

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Bart, A second question. What's the point of showing Danny Arce's written statement? Is there something there we should catch or know? It is an interesting statement when compared to his statement of 3-18-64. I've read Arce's testimony some time back and noted what maybe some discrepancies on where he was located. And, where the president was when he heard shots.
  14. John Butler

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Bart, Do you have a date for the letter from Shanklin to Sorrels on photographers? Thanks.
  15. The reason I posted the truck photo is that some bullet holes don't show a through and through hole. It may be because of camera angle or it could be from bad, weaker ammunition. There are at least 3 showing no hole. I remember seeing this as all holes were through and through holes. But, that is nearly 50 years ago. Here is something I hadn't notice about Altgens 7. Altgens 7 shows what may be a bullet hole but, it is slightly different in position as the bullet hole is portrayed in Altgens 6. This may be due to camera angle and the 3 degree slope going down hill. You can see the hole in Altgens 6 if you look close.