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  1. John Butler

    Well...it happened

    Yo Jim, Help me out here. I don't know what to think of this. How much validity would you give this?
  2. John Butler

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Robin, I agree. Bronson's perspective is elevated. I always wondered by how much. The article says 55 to 60 inches. That makes sense. Let me run this idea by you and see what you think. On the maps the positions of the known photographers is off. This can be partly explained by putting them on the map based on where they were after the presidential party moved through the Main / Houston intersection. As an example, Hughes is in that "Bronson line" when he filmed the presidential party in the intersection then moved down to the spot where he is located on the maps on the SW corner of Main and Houston. There needs to be two maps. One showing the location of the photographers when the president came through the Main and Houston intersection. A second map would show where they moved to afterwards. As an example, Phil Willis is by the light pole on the NE corner of Main and Houston and then he moves down to the SW corner of Houston and Elm. The second map would show him on the SW corner of Houston and Elm.
  3. Robin, Ok. Thanks. The .gif you did on the Nix film head shot is much better than just looking at it frame by frame. You need a frame by frame analysis but, I have just learned from your .gif work that you also need the motion and sense of seeing the action to arrive at a greater understanding. Great work.
  4. John Butler

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    B. A. Copland, We don't know how many photographers had their work and cameras seized after the assassination. The idea of a list is very intriguing. It can't see the light of day because that would expose what was done during the coverup. David Josephs does exceptional work. He has hit on an important idea with his imagery. This clearly shows only one person filming the assassination during the assassination from the passenger side of the limo perspective. That is Abe Zapruder. And, no one else. This is clearly arranged afterwards. And, maybe before hand. I added an extra detail that shows that some of the work of the photographers on the map maybe problematic. I hope he is not too offended by that. There was a line of people crossing the Main and Houston intersection. These maps show these photographers as perhaps in the wrong place. They couldn't film what they did unless they too were in that line of people. I believe these are not Josephs' maps. They were done much earlier. Mistakes were made in placing people where there film showed them to be. I think whoever did the map worked backwards from the scene to find the location of the photographer. It is a sensible thing to do. However, people like Nix could not have taken shots of Houston Street because of that line of people and the people standing on the NE corner of Main and Houston. and Bronson frames showing this line of people: As you can see if you were not in this line of people it would have been difficult to film anything on Houston. People like Robert Croft, Ike Altgens, Dick Bothun, Robert Hughes, Jack Weaver, and others must have been in this line otherwise their film was taken by others. There is some evidence that military photographers were in Dealey Plaza that day. There were at least 30+ unknowns and 16 possible photographers filming that day. Who knows what film went into making the film we call Orville Nix today.
  5. John Butler

    Where is the exit?

    Keyvan, This photo is explained by some work I did on Jackie Kennedy's dress and the blood stains on it. http://jfkrunningthegauntlet.com/2018/07/08/jackie-kennedys-dress-lies-lies-lies/ You will note the mess in the limo. Jackie Kennedy's clothes shouldn't be as "clean" as they are if she sat in that mess. This website expires on Aug. 19, 2018. So, if you want to read this article then it needs to be done by the expiration date.
  6. John Butler

    Backyard Photographs

    Ray, Ditto.
  7. John Butler

    Where is the exit?

    Rick, This is the Bob Yeargan film taken on Main Street near Market street I believe. The next street up is Record before the Old Court House. Other parts of the film clearly show you the location. Go to youtube and key in AMIPA film and watch. You can see the blue-grey building mentioned by Jackie Kennedy if you are standing at the intersection of Main and Houston looking east. You folks who are questioning the location of the film should watch the film. That will remove the doubts you have. It clearly shows the location to be Main Street. If you don't watch the film then you are not qualified to make a serious comment. Ray, you need to do your homework better. Watch the film before you comment. What you see on the side of the limo is buildings on Main Street. I wish the Altgens series of photos, the Zapruder film, and others showed reflections as well. I have speculated that they should but, that someone has darkened the sides of the limo. Tina Towner would have been nice if the sides of the limo let you see who was on the SW corner of Houston and Elm.
  8. John Butler

    1963 Box

    I wonder if something is in there besides hope.
  9. Thanks Robin, Your material is generally the best. You show what seems to be two versions of the head shot in zframes 313 to about 318. Perhaps, not two versions. Do these .gifs show two different reactions of President Kennedy's head shot? If so, can you briefly explain if that is two versions of the same film. Is the one with the violent reaction of the president similar to the one shown at the Garrison / Shaw trial? What am I failing to see?
  10. John Butler

    Backyard Photographs

    Ray, I see. You now have problems with reading. Reread what I said and that will answer your question.
  11. John Butler

    Where is the exit?

    Yeah Cliff, It's quite bizarre. All of the shooting sequences are. Maybe you can come up with some metric solution about angles and sunshine that points out how wrong I am in seeing what the film shows. Maybe that is a bee sting on President Kennedy's cheek that caused it to swell like air is forcefully being expelled by a strong blow to the body. Maybe President Kennedy swallowed a bug and is coughing that bug up by forcefully expelling air from his lungs. And, that accounts for his smiling. It is a shame I didn't interpret all those scenes with squinted eyes, grimaces, and looks of pain as simply as smiles. Did you fail to notice that no one at this point is noticing any shooting or the effects of shooting. Everyone seems to be smiling and waving at the crowds except Roy Kellerman. Sorry, Roy Kellerman is not in this sequence. He is watching the president in the rear view mirror.
  12. John Butler

    Where is the exit?

    Cliff, Yep. This is the 3rd shot. I believe he received one head wound and at least 3 shots to the back. You have to slow the AMIPA film down to see this. I think I put maybe 3 seconds between frames. As far as head wounds go this one is on the forehead at the right temple just before the hairline. You can see it in some of these frames. Read Jackie Kennedy's statements carefully. She's mostly ignored. She said she heard shots just before she saw a blue-grey building coming up on Main Street. This building area is today the Kennedy Monument. She talked about his head wound as just being bone visible and no blood. This doesn't sound like the big blowout wound on Elm Street.
  13. John Butler

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    B. A. Copeland, This has been a pet project of mine for some time. If you are interested there is more work on this I have posted on my website. I have a 2-part article there. The second part is the most interesting as far as identifying unknown photographers. Best read quickly because the website ends on August 19. https://jfkrunningthegauntlet.com/2018/08/05/films-and-photos-taken-that-afternoon-in-dealey-plaza-part-ii/
  14. John Butler

    Where is the exit?

    Hey Michael Clark, Cliff Varnell is talking about Sandy Larsen's ideas are lunacy. Isn't that saying that he's a lunatic? Warn him!
  15. Z frame 319 shows you there are no good frames of the Kennedy head shot. We only have the Zapruder film for the best images. John Costella's work is the best on those frames. If you look closely at z frame 319 President Kennedy has lost 1/2 of his head. About the same is shown in Z frame 318. Later on he recovers most of his head. Z frame 319 says this is a fraudulent painted picture of President Kennedy and so are the other frames from z frame 313 until the film ends. Z frame 313 to 317 takes less than a 1/3 of a second to show at 18 frames per second. All the blood and brain material vanish after those frames during that time. The painting is bad and the head wound sequence is jus not believable when looked at closely. David Von Pein provides a very good .gif if you want to believe what you see is real.