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    Just a speculation: I speculate that there was an original script of the assassination authored by folks like Edward R. Landsdale. He, or others like him, were there perhaps on the second or third floor of the Court House so that they could see the events of Main Street, the Main and Houston intersection, Houston Street, and Elm Street. Things didn't go as planned. A new script had to be authored within hours of the assassination and sent to the various coverup groups such as the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Dallas Police, Dallas Sheriff's Office, witnesses who would say what they were told. The difference in interpretation of this new script led to all the errors and contradictions we see about the assassination and just after the assassination. Witness 1st statements are more reliable than ones that come later as these errors were straightened out by the various coverup specialists.
  2. One last thing. If anyone has a 1st generation copy of this photo "Alfred of Cuba" then post a high resolution copy and let's compare and seen if there are differences. Or, you can use the "Unger Method" and use software to smooth out a photo and claim it is a better copy.
  3. Jim, I don't know the significance of this photo also. I suspect there is some purpose otherwise why alter the photo to show an unknown as Oswald? I speculate the purpose was to show Oswald had Cuban connections in Minsk or developed Cuban connections in Minsk. If the photo was altered in Minsk then the purpose would be to put Oswald in the frame for the upcoming assassination. If it was altered after Oswald's return then it would serve the same purpose. My original thought on this was that the unknown person was part of the Project but, did not closely resemble Oswald. There were many people moving in and out of the Oswald identity in Minsk. What they were up to is anybody's guess. Oswald face masks seem to be a favored technique of the editors. It is now demonstrated in Russia, and in New Orleans, and lastly in Dallas.
  4. Jim, Not being a photo expert is an excuse first used at the HSCA hearings not allowing Jack White to testify about the things he could demonstrate. It is used by folks that do not have a good argument concerning what they are saying such as the fellows other than yourself have said. Their arguments are generally silly refutation arguments. But, they do have an argument they hope people will pay attention to. Whenever you see straight lines involving the human figure in a photo you know you are dealing with a cutout. The human body does not have any straight lines. When you look at the last post on pixelization you can see straight lines in the hair, both sides, and on the ear. All in all, the pixelization argument is nonsense because the pixelization does not apply to all of the photograph. It applies only to the cut and paste areas. It may even be added to particularly on the forehead. On the picture left is a very sharp, distinct line demarcating the pixilization area from the rest of the photo.
  5. John Butler

    Witnesses to Window Shooters

    Tim Gratz, Others, I don’t want you to think I am bashing or debunking this thread. Your work and the work of some others is excellent research, with excellent ideas, and excellent writing. I have enjoyed this thread more than most because I have done work on what witnesses near the TSBD saw and heard. However, I going to offer this idea for your consideration. First off, I would like to say I am not a Lone Gunner. I am probably more radical in my thinking than most conspiracy theorists. What standard of proof should be used in this situation. I believe, since this was a murder, that the court standard of beyond a reasonable doubt should apply to what these witnesses are saying. It’s not whether the witnesses are telling the truth or not. It has to do with what standards applied to the evidence. J. Edgar Hoover said to President Johnson the evidence against Oswald is “not very, very strong”. Meaning, I would guess that the evidence was very, very weak. Chief Jesse Curry of the Dallas City Police said he could never place Oswald on the 6th floor with a rifle in his hand. There were others who said similar. It is my contention that in a court of law you can not prove that Oswald was in the Sniper’s Nest or that a shot was fired from there. This is contrary to what witnesses said. Other witnesses have said other things. It is enough to establish reasonable doubt. There are 7 witnesses that were the closest to the 6th floor Sniper’s Nest who made statements that could establish reasonable doubt. They were located on the 4th and 5th floors within 40 feet of the Sniper’s Nest. That is a distance that is about the same as the width of the average American home. 5th floor: Bonnie Ray Williams- Williams first said he heard 2 shots fired when the presidential limousine was in the Main and Houston Street intersection. At first, he didn’t mention where the shots came from. This changed during the course of making 4 statements to the FBI. When the FBI allowed him to stop, he said that 3 shots were fired as the limousine passed the TSBD. Harold Norman- Norman was always consistent in his testimony. 3 shots were fired after the limousine passed the TSBD. They came directly from above his position. In other words, shots came from the Sniper’s Nest. James “Junior” Jarman- At first, Jarman echoed Harold Norman’s testimony. But, he later he changed that when he spoke to Gerald Ford at the Warren Commission hearing in Washington, D.C. He said there that he heard shots fired from low and to the left. 4th floor- Victoria Adams- In a 11-24-63 statement to the FBI she said she heard 3 shots to the right of the building. This would be from the direction of the Grassy Knoll and the Triple Underpass. Sandra Styles- Said that she heard 3 shots that sounded like firecrackers and did not know where they came from. At a later date she said they came from the direction of the Grassy Knoll. Elsie Dorman- Said she heard 3 shots and they came from the Court Records building. Dorothy Garner- Said she heard 3 shots that occurred while the presidential limousine was under a tree and they sounded as if they came from the west. With all the other weak evidence against Oswald this is enough to establish reasonable doubt.
  6. John Butler


    Steve Thomas, I'm not pulling your leg. Look at Officer Marion Baker's statement of 11-22-63. His statement has a description that is pretty much the same as others and could be the source if he had a hand radio with him. I don't think so but, there is a possibility. I don't think many people have read Baker's statement in comparison to Roy Truly's statements. They diverge substantially in who they saw and where they saw someone. That's why in an earlier post I called Baker a quad-x. I don't know why the worded was edited. It is a fine and dandy English language word that describes someone who is untruthful. I need to go back and study TV euphemisms to be politically correct. Marion Baker perhaps lacked clarity.
  7. John Butler


    William Kelly, Officer Baker makes basically the same description in his 11-22-63 statement to the Dallas police. If he had a hand radio this could be the source of the description. But, I don't think so. I think your version of events explains things very well. It posits the same questions that have always bothered me about how Oswald was identified as a suspect and located at the Texas Theater. Yes, the forces of the universe aligned in favor of the assassins.
  8. Jim, To answer your question, the problem with the photo of the New York youth is that it has been retouched. Paint has been used to reshape the chin of the young man from a broad chin to a narrow chin. The chin is very narrow and pointed at the end. His broad nose is pretty much as shown. Why is his chin retouched? I don't know. But, here is how it was done. The unnatural aspect of this is the highlight under his jawline. It works under the left jawbone (picture right) due to the light source coming in from the picture right. But, it doesn't work on the right jawbone side (picture left) because there is no light source to show a highlight there from picture left. The highlight under his right jawbone (picture left) has been painted in with brush. You can see the brush strokes and thickened paint. Usually paint used to retouch photos is very thin. This paint used on his right jawbone is thick and stands out. As far as the fellow who advised you to not encourage me, well, I just ignore him and I advise you to do the same. However, that's your choice and I am comfortable with whatever you decide. All I ask is you just look at the photos and decide for yourself. Do not allow "experts" to make your decisions. As for the other fellow's comments, I would advise him to take an art course. There, the Art Instructor will advise him on how to look at the details of an object and the things that go into identifying the details of an object. Here is one last photo for you to look at and maybe it will be helpful in identifying Oswalds. Having or not having earlobes is genetic. It does not change in a persons lifetime. There are 3 characters I am using to identify different Oswalds. 1.) earlobes or not 2.) broad or narrow chin 3.) broad or narrow nose If you look at Harvey Oswald's neck, it is very broad from side to side as shown in the photo above. But, if you look at other photos that show Harvey's neck in a front to back view then his neck is narrow and does not at all match the front view. One last comment- You are one hell of a researcher. Keep up the good work. I have enjoyed reading your posts.
  9. Well, let me try this again. Many photos involving alleged Oswalds have been altered. If the altered figures were not an Oswald character or a member of the Oswald Project then why alter the photo? James Pic said he would not recognize this youth as his half brother Lee Harvey Oswald. It is not Harvey because of the wide nose. So, who? Can you see what is wrong with this photo? What is present that kills the reality of the photo? What makes this photo a lie?
  10. Sorry Steve, I thought at first you were pulling my leg. Neither of these characters have what you would call smiling eyes. However, the figure on the picture left is a Lee Harvey Oswald character. I was interested in seeing if other people saw what I see in this photo. The challenge was to identify this Oswald figure on the picture left as Lee Oswald, Harvey Oswald, or someone else. At this point no one has taken up the challenge. That's sad. I believe folks might be thinking well, he's pulling something fishy. Well, I am. I'm trying to see whether people see this picture as fraudulent. No one has in over 54 years. Jack White said years ago if Lee Harvey Oswald was not a government agent why then are some many of his photos altered. So, anyone care to take a guess?
  11. Jim, This is the photo I said I would post. There have been numerous people who have delved into the countless documents and witness testimonies to find the truth and present it to the American Public. They have done an excellent job and the truth of the assassination of President Kennedy has been exposed. The visual record of Lee Harvey Oswald, Dealey Plaza, and related matters has not been overlooked. But, the research there has not been as extensive as the research into documents and people. Much has been overlooked and simply not seen. A good deal of the visual record that concerns matters related to the Kennedy assassination has been altered and are now fraudulent and useless as evidence to build a theory of the assassination or for court purposes. This a contention that most people will argue about because they don’t see the wide spread fraudulence. Here’s an example. This is a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk. My particular bias is looking for evidence of an Oswald Project with more than two members. Would anyone like to take a challenge and identify who this is. Is it Lee Oswald or Harvey Oswald or someone else?
  12. John Butler

    One Question re: Two Oswalds

    Just a comment, The background picture that Josephs posted has an Oswald figure measured against a woman under the question about her being 5’ 9”. The man could be the Oswald figure with Marina in the winter scene. It is hard to tell. I did something similar by comparing the winter scene figures with figures in the warmer scene. I concluded this was Harvey in the warmer scene but, at about 5’ 8” or slightly shorter. He could be slouching. There could be more than 3 Oswald’s involved in Minsk. It depends on who is under the Oswald figure face mask in another photo. I will post this photo as soon as I can.
  13. John Butler

    One Question re: Two Oswalds

    Jim, David Josephs has posted a knock out plece of work. It explains the third Oswald very well. The draft card James Alik Hidell Oswald is identifed in other photos as Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk. I also did some photo work on this. Its posted somewhere on this site. I’m not certain the photo are still there due to dropping Photobucket.
  14. John Butler

    One Question re: Two Oswalds

    Jim, Paz, When I entered the military l was 5 feet 11 inches at 19 years old. When l was 24 the same age as Oswald I was still 5 feet11 inches. What I am trying to say is height doesn’t change that much in just a few years. Harvey was shorter than that. I think 5’ 9” or so. The draft card James Alik Hiddell Oswald was even shorter than that. At least in his Minsk photo with Marina. Jack White did convincing measurements on that photo. Some of Oswald’s Russian friends said about 5’ 3” or 5’ 4”. This will give certain people fits. This indicates 3 Oswald’s.