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  1. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    David In you're haste to make JVB (and me) look like idiots you forgot to date the info you posted on Matrigel. Was Matrigel in existence in 1963? If it wasn't in existence in 1963 .....................
  2. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Paul I know a little about Pamela's experience with JVB from reading her posts on the issue. Well, you've conceded that it's possible to transport the bio-weapon as described by JVB. The bag, thermos, banana and crackers were camouflage that was designed to fool Mexican inspectors who would inspect the bag at the border. Thus, the transport mechanism was by design and as such I wouldn't consider it silly. The effects of temperature, osmosis and the banging of the cells against the glass container of the thermos as described by Andrej are silly. However pH could be a concern but it depends on the rate of reaction during the digestion process. I would think that JVB would calculate the rate and decided it was too slow and that the replenish of the medium would be in time to dilute the acid in the thermos before it killed the cancer cells.
  3. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Ron The osmosis problem is based on Oswald feeding crackers to the cancer cells. The crackers are for camouflage, to make it seem that the package in the blue bag is lunch.
  4. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Pamela and Ron Do you have evidence that JVB and Haslem invented the story about the thermos? Andrej told us why it doesn't make sense shouldn't you? And why is it silly? Or perhaps Ron would like to explain? Or are both of you going to fall back on Andrej's explanation?
  5. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Pamela Why does it sound silly? Explain
  6. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    All interested parties The temperature of the medium will remain stable because of the thermos. The pH will increase but not to the point that the cells will die. The medium should be replaced periodically. As far as mechanical shaking, are we to believe that biological cultures can't be moved from place to place in a automobile? Within a large city that is how cells are moved. Crackers are not used to replenish the medium. Only sugar. No problem with osmosis. The medium is to be changed periodically. A second thermos will carry sterile medium which will be used to replenish the dirty medium. Oswald and the cuban techs have been trained to replenish the medium. Smell will not be a problem. Andrej has greatly overestimated the problems with delivery of the cells. The cells in the cancer cocktail are not normal cancer cells. These cells have been engineered, bio-engineered, to act aggresively and rapidly. These cells are basically superman cancer cells. If the human protective shield, our immune system, is breached through radiation this bio-engineered cancer cocktail will do as JVB says it will do, cause cancer in the human body.
  7. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Andrej In the lab the cancer thrives in cultures. The thermos simulate the cultures. Oxygen is released into the medium by chemicals, nutrients (sugar) provide the food for the cells and replacement of medium periodically gets rid of the waste. pH can be established before the medium is placed in the thermos. The pH will probably change but the change will be within a tolerable range for survival of the cells. Osmolality??????? What am I missing?
  8. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Pamela Vindicated Oswald? She's tried to vindicate him now and very few believe her. Nothing she would say to Garrison in 1967 would have vindicated Oswald. Coming forward in 1967 would have placed her family in jeopardy and herself in the crosshairs, something she was trying to avoid.
  9. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Andrej Who cares who brought it up. THE FACT IS CANCER CELLS CAN SURVIVE OUTSIDE THE HUMAN BODY IF GIVEN ENOUGH OXYGEN, NUTRIENTS AND WASTE ELIMINATION. So Oswald could have transported the cancer weapon in the thermos.
  10. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Andrej Nitrogen, either liquid or solid, is not needed to preserve the cancer outside the body. Cancer cells can survive outside the human body as long as they are kept in a well-aerated liquid medium containing all the nutrients they need and the medium is replaced regularly to get rid of waste products. According to JVB, Oswald was given a new batch of cancer cells in Houston which gave the cancer cells two more days of shelf life. One day from NO to Houston and then two days from Houston to Mexico City. Did not need to replace the medium until Mexico City. I provided an article that indicates low level radiation can suppress the immune system. I think you are correct 100 rem is too much radiation for a x-ray machine. It's more like one rem. I would consider 1 rem low level radiation.
  11. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    David Please wait a minute. You're all over the place. JVB says three days after Oswald's trip to Clinton with Shaw and Ferrie, she travelled to Jackson with Oswald. If the trip to Clinton ocurred on 29 Aug 1963 then her trip to Jackson was about 31 Aug 1963-1 Sep 1963. She has a good memory. Her proof for the trip are Mary Morgan and McGeehee.
  12. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    David JVB and Oswald visited Jackson on 31 Aug 1963. The article provided indicates most of the sightings of Oswald were in Oct 1963, but nothing on 31 Aug 1963. It's possible he could have been in Jackson with JVB.
  13. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    David and Pamela Asst DA Sciamba who worked for Garrison interviewed Mary Morgan on June 3, 1967. Mary said she saw a young lady in the car driven by Oswald from her porch.
  14. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    David I believe McGeehee FIRST testified at the Shaw trial that he saw a young lady in the car. Years later testifying before the HSCA he must have changed his testimony. I believe his first testimony is accurate. There seems to be more of a conflict in testimony, not a rebuttal. Mary Morgan saw the young lady, not Reeves Morgan. Of course Reeves Morgan would say he didn't see the young lady because he didn't. Mary Morgan told Asst DA Sciamba that she saw a young lady in the car. Nothing about Mary Morgan's testimony has been debunked simply because Mary Morgan was not interviewed by the HSCA. I think it best you change the check mark to a question mark. BTW, there is nothing small about your Mexico City rebuttal.
  15. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Andrej I discussed with you some issues you had with the bio-weapon ... 1. transportation of the cancer cells. You did not answer what I posted about transporting cancer cells in nitrogen. In her book, JVB said Oswald carried the cancer cells in nitrogen. 2. low level radiation and it's effect on the immune system. I cited an article which indicated levels as low as 100 rem could negatively effect the immune system. You never answered.
  16. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    David, I should have said Jackson, not Clinton. Debunk the sightings of JVB and Oswald in Jackson, info given by Mary Morgan and McGeehee.
  17. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Pamela, I believe JVB's basic story ... that she and Oswald worked on a bio-weapon to kill Castro. Her story in between the bio-weapon work is not important to me. JVB was in Clinton with Oswald. What she was doing in Clinton is crucial to the bio-weapon work. THAT IS IMPORTANT. Whether someone gave her a glass, where she stayed after she was evicted, that she may have sent in the wrong IRS form, that she said Kancun instead of Cancun ... etc, etc, etc, is not important. But you don't seem to get it. You are worried more about whether I believe the small stuff, the gossip and you don't care about Oswald-JVB in Clinton.
  18. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    David, Shouldn't we be inquiring about the young lady seen with Oswald in Clinton? Because she certainly existed (based on Mary Morgan and McGeehee both of Clinton). And what were Oswald and the young lady doing in Clinton? These are the important questions ... not if Anna Lewis met Oswald in 1962 or 1963, with Anna trying to remember an event that happened about 40 years earlier (or possibly she met the other Oswald while the one who Ruby killed was in Minsk) ... not the IRS forms ... not where JVB stayed after she was evicted. That's small stuff which won't help us find the killers of JFK. However the episodes in Clinton will bring us closer to the truth about who killed JFK.
  19. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Pamela Eventually all evidence went through the FBI. I believe there were more sightings of Oswald and JVB but the FBI filed them in the waste basket.
  20. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Pamela 1. Mary Morgan - Reeves Morgan's daughter Memo from Sciambra Asst DA to Garrison from Sciambra interview with Mary Morgan 2. Edwin Lea McGeehee - barber Clinton Testimony at Shaw trial Now everyone points to the Warren Commission testimony on the issue as gospel truth. All of a sudden the lying WC becomes the honest WC. What a country?
  21. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    David, People saw Oswald with a young women (not Marina) and word spread to Garrison who tried to find Oswald's young companion. Garrison never discovered anything about the young women. You would think Garrison with the help of his investigators would have discovered the name of the young women. Since JVB and Oswald were involved in a CIA plot to kill Castro the CIA would do all it could to suppress any news about JVB as well as any connection to Oswald. And if someone did see JVB with Oswald and informed the local authorities the local authorities would inform the FBI and you know what the FBI would do with the information. Even if she came out in Dec 1963 and said she was Oswald's lover no one would have believed her. The FBI would label her a publicity seeker out to make a buck and that would be the last you would hear of her (assuming she survived after coming out).
  22. John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    David you're a valuable contributor to the truth (Mexico City, BYF, most important) but I disagree with you on Baker. "Two spies who are not supposed to know one another take the same bus and are together most everyday ... Careless?" Not two spies, one. BTW, how did the one spy (Oswald) know that one day he would be wrapped up in the JFK assassination. As far as he knew he was just babysitting and helping Baker. Nothing to hide at the time. It's when Oswald became involved with David Phillips that Oswald became supercautious "There isn't a bus driver or a passenger who corroborate these daily meetings...." Thirty years after the fact? I took the bus almost everyday for three years from home to the university and back and I can't remember anyone who rode the same bus. In fact I rode the same bus with the same bus driver and I can't remember his face. That was about 40 years ago. When one rides the bus you are either reading, in your own world, talking to a friend or looking out the window. Everyone minds their own business on the bus or else you could get into trouble with the wrong people. I'm sure there are bus driver's who worked that line who were retired in the 1990"s but I doubt they would want to get involved with witnesses dying under suspicious circumstances earlier. People want her to remember every face, every conversation, every little detail 30 years later. She was honest enough to admit that she leaned on the Warren Report for some of the info that appeared in the book. For instance, her info on Oswald in Mexico City is taken from the Warren Report.
  23. www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU3FcEdCl0w Forces, organizations, and men aligned against Kennedy in 1963. Covers almost all entities whose interests were in conflict with Kennedy's efforts for peace. Notice all the lines emanating from Allen Dulles. According to Sheehan Dulles was the man the elite selected to do difficult projects because he could get things done. IMO, the man who originated the plot to kill Kennedy can be narrowed down to Dulles. Sheehan provides a good explanation of the flowchart in the youtube video. For your information
  24. Daniel Sheehan flow chart of the Kennedy assassination

    Cliff I think several CIA agents helped Dulles. I doubt Harriman had more influence with the CIA than did Dulles.
  25. Daniel Sheehan flow chart of the Kennedy assassination

    Cliff Sorry, no disrespect towards you, but I'll take Talbot's word over yours as to Dulles being the CEO of the Kennedy assassination.