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  1. “But conveniently, a group of former top government officials called the Transition Integrity Project actually gamed four possible scenarios, including one that doesn’t look that different from 2016: a big popular win for Mr. Biden, and a narrow electoral defeat, presumably reached after weeks of counting the votes in Pennsylvania. For their war game, they cast John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, in the role of Mr. Biden. They expected him, when the votes came in, to concede, just as Mrs. Clinton had. But Mr. Podesta, playing Mr. Biden, shocked the organizers by saying he felt his party wouldn’t let him concede. Alleging voter suppression, he persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College. In that scenario, California, Oregon, and Washington then threatened to secede from the United States if Mr. Trump took office as planned. The House named Mr. Biden president; the Senate and White House stuck with Mr. Trump. At that point in the scenario, the nation stopped looking to the media for cues, and waited to see what the military would do.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/02/business/media/election-coverage.html
  2. I don’t know if it was “inevitable”, but to label a law professor a “fascist apologist” for compiling a timeline of objectively truthful information is certainly an indication of some form of “decline” in critical faculty. The “Resistance” on this forum has been consistently wrong in their assertions three years running, and consistently apoplectic in their denunciation of anyone who attempts to set the record straight. Turley is surely correct in stating there exist “troubling implications of national security powers being used to target the political opponents of an administration”, although the misuse itself may be reflective of an inevitable decline - a particularly cogent point of conversation lost in all the shouting.
  3. This is Google’s official explanation: “Today we became aware of an issue that impacted some navigational and site: operator queries. We investigated and have since fixed the issue,” said a Google spokesperson. “This affected a number of sites representing a range of different content and viewpoints. This issue was a technical error unrelated to the content or ideology of the sites affected.”
  4. Sorry, but you are completely in error. Thanks for assuming I just make things up. Here is journalist Gareth Porter on Craig Murray's experience: and here is libertarian Ron Unz describing his experience: https://www.unz.com/announcement/being-totally-disappeared-by-google/ note again, this was a 24-hour event which is no longer an issue.
  5. Nice one, Kirk. Thanks for clarifying that one man’s nuance is another’s “subservience”. The subtlety of your thought processes magnifies the fine lines into broad strokes so artfully. Rarely has a misreading been expressed with such eloquence. But, at least in my understanding, US foreign policy is poorly understood viewed through a strictly partisan lens.
  6. It has become apparent from common experiences that earlier this week Google engaged in a one-day “de-platforming” of what could be described as oppositional websites extending across the political spectrum. According to Joe’s experience, the Education Forum’s JFK thread was part of this effort. Additionally, CounterPunch - surprisingly - published today a rather sympathetic view of JFK’s foreign policy outlook, comparing it to today’s issues with somewhat more nuance than “The Resistance” has yet managed: “Trump protests that he campaigned on a promise of disengagement from endless wars, but he is blocked from fulfilling the promise. The isolation of Trump within his own government brings to mind the similar isolation of John F. Kennedy, as described in the 2008 book by James W. Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable... Douglass demonstrates that Kennedy’s peace initiatives confronted the constant resistance of the national security state, which had an interest in a permanent war economy and an endless Cold War.” https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/07/23/who-ought-to-govern-the-president-and-the-people-or-the-national-security-state/#gsc.tab=0
  7. There is currently a tremendous amount of censorship applied to social media in particular, but also digital platforms such as search engines. This campaign targets the informational services of “adversary” nations such as China, Iran, Venezuela, but also oppositional opinion and “conspiracy theories”. It is more widespread than most people realize, and the effort received a huge push last autumn based on a rather hysterical campaign directed, essentially, by America’s liberal intelligentsia, signalled by a NY Times op-ed by Aaron Sorkin demanding Facebook self-censor.. Education Forum’s JFK thread being buried in search engines is fully part of this. A similar thing just happened to Craig Murray’s eponymous blog. That said, this event, the John Oliver show, and the ridiculous recent article attacking Garrison and Stone only shows how explosive the JFK case remains almost 57 years after the fact.
  8. a musician discusses form and structure of Murder Most Foul: http://oestrem.com/thingstwice/2020/06/murder-most-foul-2020/
  9. hi Gene - just to add to the Neely Street breadcrumbs: there is CE404 in which Marina draws a map to the apartment for Ruth Paine, and there are two photos of young June Oswald on the balcony, which I suspect may have been taken by Gary Taylor. Also, as Greg Parker initially discovered, the downstairs neighbours were actually located and subjected to a brief interview and describe the Oswalds living above.
  10. Two things 1) the Imperial Reflex camera, which was linked to the backyard photos and a “Walker surveillance photo”, entered the record via Ruth Paine - who passed a box containing the camera on to Robert Oswald. While officially, everyone downplayed the camera as an afterthought, I strongly suspect Ruth Paine handled the camera while in New Orleans, and took a series of eleven photos of Marina Oswald and young June with it. This would be just about the only piece of evidence identified as Oswald possessions which she did not alert the authorities to. The story that she passed it to Robert Oswald as an insignificance may have been made up after the fact to obscure the camera’s true trail of possession. 2) the box of phonograph records in which the so-called deMohrenschildt backyard photo was discovered in 1967 was under the control of Ruth Paine since September 1963 - either at her home or in a storage locker for which she held the key. This box of records seems to appear in the DPD inventory list and presumably was searched by them - but the photo was not found at the time. The inscription on the back of the photo “hunter of fascists ha! ha! ha!” written in Russian Cyrillic was not in Marina Oswald’s handwriting, but used a colloquial phrase that Marina often expressed (ha-ha-ha). Personally, I don’t believe the Paine’s were privy to an assassination conspiracy, but intuited which way the wind was blowing almost immediately and cooperated with the cover-up.
  11. During an appearance on the Letterman Show in 1988, Teri Garr unambiguously hinted that the TAMI Show may have featured a filmed matinee. Similarly, Pamela des Barres - in her memoir I’m With The Band - used language which could be interpreted after time has passed as possibly suggesting that the TAMI Show’s first event was a matinee. Furthermore, in Canada as in the British Commonwealth as a whole, common nomenclature holds that the first filmed program of two is always referred to as a “matinee”, although I may be making this up. So clearly, Kirk sought to deceive and misrepresent. His credibility in lecturing Canadian passport holders is dim. Attempts to argue otherwise are similar to, say, claims there is a legal difference between the terms “expulsion” and “sanction”. Surely there is, but we all know there isn’t.
  12. Kirk - what credibility do you have after falsely claiming to have attended the TAMI Show in person?
  13. another inevitable end result? "American Passports Are Useless Now" https://medium.com/@indica/the-plague-states-of-america-53b20678a80e
  14. https://brownvalleyobserver.com/2020/07/03/ghislaine-maxwell-has-tested-positive-for-covid-19-in-new-hampshire-jail-doj-reports/amp/?__twitter_impression=true update - note that this has been tagged as fake news.
  15. OK - but "you falsely claimed to have attended the live TAMI show" will be my go-to retort for the next while should you lecture me yet again re: US politics.
  16. wow, Kirk, you were at the TAMI show. I saw the film of it back in the early '80s and long have had the DVD. such a great lineup - also, trivia, the actress Teri Garr was one of the background dancers. if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, props to Mick Jagger to borrow from the best. He incorporated James Brown's moves into his stage manner, just as he had incorporated Little Richard's yelps. I'm not sure the Stones' postponed tour will ever happen due to the persistence of the virus. The NBA and MLB players are having issues in Florida - like testing negative before travelling there and then positive six days later despite being in a "bubble".
  17. If you haven't noticed, the track record of US intelligence - most particularly anonymous officials speaking to the legacy media - for truthful and verifiable information, most especially since the end of the Cold War, has been rather abysmal. Let's see: atrocities in Yugoslavia, WMD in Iraq, Ghaddaffi engaged in genocide, Assad gassing his own people, Russia hacked the election, Russia poisoned the Skripals, etc etc. All were proven as utterly false or remain entirely evidence-free. As well, John McCain was a vicious war-monger who was photographed several times meeting with al-Qaeda leadership planning the destruction of a secular state in the Middle East. John Bolton is also a vicious war-monger and many of the claims in his lauded new book are proving to be either false or exaggerated. signed The Reality Based Community
  18. Now that it looks like Flynn prosecution/sentencing is done with, we may be getting closer to some indication on what it was exactly about him that the Obama people were so determined to prevent. Unless there is something still in the shadows, it appears to boil down to a desire to prevent cooperation with the Russians in finally flushing all the UN-designated terrorist jihadist types out of Syria and allowing that country to rebuild. As it stands, the Americans running Syria policy have maintained continuity with Obama era and have succeeded in preventing any cooperation, succeeded in a rough partition of the country, and are on record as boasting of their intentions of keeping Syria a shattered basket-case (with sanctions) and providing a "quagmire" for the Russians. Real humanitarians. It actually is a criminal foreign policy. The MSM commentariat continues to posit that the dismissal of the charges is outrageous, and continue a steadfast refusal to consider the scope of the exculpatory evidence which has been unearthed since a prosecutor was assigned to look into the case. They have never acknowledged that Flynn's troubles began with an entirely bogus story promoted by Stefan Halper - who also played an undercover, if not sinister, role with Carter Page and Papadopoulos.
  19. this is the twitter thread I saw. the clarification that the overcapacity is several days away is just below the embed (i.e. click on it as a link)
  20. Ron - I have read the Texas medical Center in Houston is now predicting they may reach overcapacity in about four days. Are people talking about this, or are your local officials extending guidance and cautions?
  21. Jeff Morley on the NY Times Dylan interview: “Bob Dylan Has a Lot on His Mind,” the New York Times reported on June 12. That’s for sure. In late March, as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down America, the 79 year old singer-songwriter released“Murder Most Foul,” an epic, 17-minute song-poem about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Since “Who killed JFK?” is one of the central questions of American history, you might think that the Times interviewer, historian Douglas Brinkley would ask the Nobel laureate about how he came to compose his dark and brooding take on November 22, 1963. You might think Brinkley, a CNN commentator, would ask Dylan why he decided to release the song as the country and the world reeled from a plague. You might think wrong. Brinkley asked Dylan four questions about “Murder Most Foul,” none of which concerned Dylan’s thoughts about how and why the liberal president was shot dead in broad daylight, and no one was ever brought to justice for the crime. https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/06/19/dylan-does-have-a-lot-on-his-mind-but-the-nyt-didnt-want-to-talk-about-it/
  22. Capitol Hill in Seattle, which is directly adjacent to the downtown, has always had a distinct bohemian vibe. There was a neighbourhood push-back against the police in 1999, when the riot squads directed WTO protesters across the bridge (over the I-5) into the district. People were very angry at the sudden presence of armoured police with batons and tear gas. They are not inclined to see the riot police as their friends. I don’t believe anyone in Seattle really considers an “autonomous zone” as anything but an overt description of the characteristics of the district, if somewhat theatrical. The response to the CHAZ, by Trump and right-wingers represented by Fox News, is deliberately hysterical and over-stated. If there is a police/national guard over-reaction, it will serve only their immediate political interests and could lead to a wave of new tension across the country.
  23. Twitter thread compiling lapses of police judgment. There's a lot. https://twitter.com/search?q=greg doucette&src=typed_query
  24. More information and a second video angle: https://www.crimeonline.com/2020/06/05/simply-following-orders-57-members-of-buffalo-police-tactical-team-resign-from-unit-after-2-are-suspended-for-shoving-protester-and-leaving-him-bleeding-on-the-ground/ "The 57 officers have resigned only from the tactical unit and not the police force. They did so after the union said it would not pay legal fees to defend officers who run afoul of prosecutors during the protests."
  25. I'm not sure that Orson Welles would have knowingly participated in a Rockefeller Foundation psyop. As far as I know, the format of the show was developed by Welles, simply transposing the fictional scenario by using reporting and news gathering techniques then common to radio broadcasting. Few of the freaked-out listeners bothered to check other stations to confirm the scale of the unprecedented alien attack. I have no doubt that the response to Welles' program attracted the interest of numerous elite organizations interested in manipulating the masses, just as Hitler's effective broadcasting did.
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