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  1. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Jeremy, I don't think Oswald could have reached level L2/R2 in just two months without any instruction. He would have needed at least 4 - 5 lessons per day to get there.
  2. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Jim, I think the words "familiar context" is the key here. He might have been able to understand the main ideas of an article if it contained mostly familiar vocabulary. So I guess he might have been able to understand the gist of some articles in a tabloid magazine, if he was familiar with the vocabulary.
  3. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    The John T. Martin film might be another piece of evidence: http://emuseum.jfk.org/view/objects/asitem/search@/0?t:state:flow=c8b4e071-bb56-4d84-bbbe-737e4d559a26
  4. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Jim, I don't think Oswald was able to read that kind of high-brow newspaper articles by the time he passed the Marine Corps test. "People wishing to work as military language analysts are required to maintain at least L2/R2 proficiency." Source: https://www.german-way.com/levels-of-language-proficiency-my-life-in-germany/ Now what does L2/R2 mean exactly? R-2: Reading 2 (Limited Working Proficiency) Sufficient comprehension to read simple, authentic written material in a form equivalent to usual printing or typescript on subjects within a familiar context. Able to read with some misunderstandings straightforward, familiar, factual material, but in general insufficiently experienced with the language to draw inferences directly from the linguistic aspects of the text. Can locate and understand the main ideas and details in material written for the general reader. However, persons who have professional knowledge of a subject may be able to summarize or perform sorting and locating tasks with written texts that are well beyond their general proficiency level. The individual can read uncomplicated, but authentic prose on familiar subjects that are normally presented in a predictable sequence which aids the reader in understanding. Texts may include descriptions and narrations in contexts such as news items describing frequently occurring events, simple biographical information, social notices, formulaic business letters, and simple technical material written for the general reader. Generally the prose that can be read by the individual is predominantly in straightforward/highfrequency sentence patterns. The individual does not have a broad active vocabulary (that is, which he/she recognizes immediately on sight), but is able to use contextual and real-world cues to understand the text. Characteristically, however, the individual is quite slow in performing such a process. Is typically able to answer factual questions about authentic texts of the types described above. [Data Code 20] Listening 2 (Limited Working Proficiency) Sufficient comprehension to understand conversations on routine social demands and limited job requirements. Able to understand face-to-face speech in a standard dialect, delivered at a normal rate with some repetition and rewording, by a native speaker not used to dealing with foreigners, about everyday topics, common personal and family news, well-known current events and routine office matters through descriptions and narration about current, past and future events; can follow essential points of discussion or speech at an elementary level on topics in his/her special professional field. Only understands occasional words and phrases of statements made in unfavorable conditions, for example through loudspeakers outdoors. Understands factual content. Native language causes less interference in listening comprehension. Able to understand facts; i.e., the lines but not between or beyond the lines. (Has been coded L- 2 in some nonautomated applications.) [Data Code 20] Source: Defense Language Proficiency Test 5 System, Familiarization Guide for Multiple-Choice Format --> http://www.dliflc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Generic-Fam-Guide-MC-CBu-updated.pdf I definitely agree with you up to a certain point - I don't think he could've passed the test without formal instruction. There's no way he could've taught himself enough Russian to pass the test in just a few months time. And certainly not from a dictionary and newspaper articles alone. But we should on the other hand not exaggerate the language skills he possessed at that point. After all he barely got a passing grade. And as you can see above the level required for a passing grade is not THAT high. The scale goes up to L5/R5 after all. I think a low estimate would be that he'd have needed somewhere around 100 to 200 individual lessons to pass the exam.
  5. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    David, I think the same kind of logic can be applied to the Dictabelt evidence. What are the odds that two groups of leading acoustics experts would find 3 shots from the Book Depository and one from the grassy knoll if what they were working with was really nothing but random noise?
  6. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Paul, I think you also believe that David Morales was involved in the assassination. I believe he may have been one of the men who tried to buy trucks from the Bolton Ford dealership. One of the men was described as a muscular latino who had a scar over his left eye brow. I think I've found something in a photograph of Morales that could be a scar. Do you know of any other evidence that could corroborate this?
  7. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jim, I think you're right about Mexico City being the key to the assassination. The conspirators certainly knew about Oswald's trip and his association with KGB agent Kostikov. But does that mean the fake phone call was part of a deliberate effort to frame Oswald? In my opinion this assumption does not stand up to closer scrutiny. First of all, Oswald was not yet working at the School Book Depository. In fact he was trying to leave America. So how could the conspirators possibly know he would be at the right time and place? I guess you could argue that Oswald was just a pawn they could move wherever they wanted to. But the evidence does not seem to support this. If we look closely at the transcript of the first"fake" phone call we notice that - the caller does not introduce himself, which could indicate that the impostor had not yet even learned Oswald's name. If the purpose of the call was to incriminate Oswald the impostor would drop his name, wouldn't he? - the caller only seems to have a vague idea of what Oswald has done at the Soviet Embassy. In fact it reads as if the fake Oswald is trying to acquire information. - Kostikov's name does not come up at all. So it appears that the purpose of this phone call was to find out what Oswald had been doing at the embassy, not an effort to link him to Soviet intelligence. The caller had obviously not yet learned of the Kostikov-Duran phone call, didn't know Oswald's name, didn't know he had NOT filled out a visa application and did NOTknow of his involvement with Kostikov. This suggests that whoever was behind the phone call was not privy to whatever Oswald was doing in Mexico City. I think it's a distinct possibility that the plotters learned about Oswald's association with Kostikov AFTER he came back to Dallas and THEN decided that his involvement in the assassination was desirable.
  8. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, I guess that exactly is the important question: did the conspirators possess the power and influence to move Oswald around at will, make him incriminate himself and did they have access to all the files and documents pertaining to him and could they get him off the FBI's radar? My hunch is: Oswald was just one of many possible patsies. He was NOT indispensable to the success of the operation. If the Chicago plot had worked we'd be talking about Thomas Vallee not Oswald. So Oswald being taken off the list was probably just a lucky coincident or possibly related to some other clandestine operation but not the assassination itself. The conspiracy has not been exposed for more than 50 years. That leads me to the conclusion that the actual number of plotters was rather small, probably just a handful of people. Some of them certainly occupied influential positions (at least one of them must've been a high-ranking officer in counterintelligence with access to all of Oswald's files.) But they were neither all powerful nor omniscient. They chose Oswald because of his background, but they didn't create it. Oswald was a wanna-be-spook. He was playing all sorts of spy games and actively seeking the attention of all sorts of intelligence agencies. And they used him for all sorts of purposes (Russia, New Orleans) but he was never on their official payroll, so they always had plausible deniability. I think if people as powerful as Lyndon Johnson or Dulles had decided to plot Kennedy's death, they'd simply have poisoned him and make it look like a disease. So my bet is on "rogue" CIA agents, probably in cahoots with the mafia.
  9. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Jim, I was specifically refering to Nelson Delgado's claim that he'd taught Oswald Spanish. He says Oswald's Spanish was good enough they were able to discuss Marxism. I also remember reading about several instances when witnesses heard him speak Spanish in Robert Blakey's book. I think his landlady heard him talk Spanish over the phone.
  10. Did it have to be Dallas? And Walker didn't do-it.

    The priest's name is Walter J. McChann. The source is Robert Blakey's book "Fatal Hour", page 198.
  11. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    With Oswald still being on the FBI's watch list the plotters could not think of recruiting Oswald. So I don't think that the Silvia Odio incident was a deliberate attempt to frame Oswald. Maybe the remark Leopoldo attributed to him was really genuine. Now of course I might be wrong about Ruth Paine. Maybe it was sheer luck that Oswald got the job. But I think she and Linnie Randle disagreed about what Linnie had actually told Ruth. It seems she never told Ruth of a job opening at the Book Depository. There was an interesting thread about this here on the Forum some years ago, maybe I can find it... And Ruth not telling Oswald about that other (better!) job he could've gotten fits into the picture. I also find it very strange and unusual that a devoted anti-Communist such as Ruth Paine would house a committed Marxist together with a Russian woman that could well have been a KGB spy. The whole story is highly unbelievable in my eyes. And of course she knew nothing about the rifle Oswald supposedly kept in her garage...
  12. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, you should not forget that a certain person withheld from Oswald information about a better paid job I think a look at certain events that took place after Oswald came back to Dallas might us help determine the timeframe just when the conspirators recruited Oswald: October 3, 1963: Oswald returns to Dallas. October 8, 1963: Gheesling takes Oswald off the FBI's watch list - for reasons unknown. October 10, 1963: a memo is created, compiling the latest information on Oswald http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1565#relPageId=2&tab=page. Only six senior CIA officers had access to it. http://jfkfacts.org/did-the-cia-track-oswald-before-jfk-was-killed/ October 15, 1963: Oswald gets the job at the Book Depository. Rents a room under a false name. So it appears that sometime between October 10 and October 15 1963 someone concluded that Oswald's participation in the plot was desirable and they decided to recruit him. Those people had access to all the latest intelligece information on him, knew he was no longer on the watch list and they possessed the influence necessary to help him get the job at the Book Depository. That should narrow down the number of suspects.
  13. Deposition of Marita Lorenz in Hunt v. Weberman (1978)

    Paul, You could just as well link both Hemming and Sturgis to Howard Hunt or Mitch Werbell. But games of "who knew who" is not going to lead us anywhere. Sometimes I get the feeling that everybody somehow knew everybody in the far right / anti-Castro underground. But there's one thing that makes me think that none those aforementioned played a central role in the assassination. Because all of them lived to tell their fancy stories. If we want to know who killed Kennedy we should follow the trail of blood. Who died an untimely death? George de Mohrenschild, Dorothy Killgallen, David Ferrie, Eladio del Valle, Johnny Roselli...
  14. Did it have to be Dallas? And Walker didn't do-it.

    Paul, Loran Hall and Larry Howard were most certainly not the men who visited Silvia Odio. She never identfied either of them. However, in 1964 she confided to a Catholic priest that one of the visitors had been Eugenio Cisneros, a gun runner and leading member of JURE.
  15. Patrice Lumumba University

    Oswald applied for admission at this university: Further information can be found here: http://articles.baltimoresun.com/1995-11-05/news/1995309007_1_patrice-lumumba-dream-school-moscow The university was opened in February 1960, several months AFTER Oswald had arrived in Russia. Could Oswald have been aware of Soviet plans to establish a universtiy for foreign students when he decided to desert? Doubtful. But I think there can be no doubt that this place would certainly have been of great interest to US intelligence.