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  1. Francois, of course you forgot to put on your list "conspiracy theories" that DID turn out to be true. Such as: - the NSA spying on Internet users - Iran/Contra - Propaganda Due - Operation Gladio - MK/Ultra - etc. or my personal favorite: how NATO tried to kill Qaddafi and accidentally shot down a passenger jet killing 80 innocent people. --> https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jan/28/italy-ustica-plane-crash-missile https://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/11/world/europe/itavia-flight-870-ruling-adds-support-to-a-theory.html
  2. A broken coke bottle? The "kid" was not by any chance a young Afro-American?
  3. But the shot from the front (the grassy knoll) was found on the Dictabelt - so it was a high-powered, supersonic bullet. That is not consistent with what the doctors at Parkland Hospital found, is it?
  4. And what about this story? Tippit had a second uniform in the back of his car? Are there any photographs of the car that show that uniform?
  5. Interestingly Larry Crafard had worked at the Fairgrounds before he was employed by Ruby. According to Laura Kittrell, Crafard impersonated Oswald. Is this story true?
  6. Well, first of all you have to keep in mind that what the researchers found were sonic shock waves that occur when a bullet breaks the sound barrier. So they wouldn't have found a bullet that traveled below the speed of sound, such as a small caliber bullet. Secondly, in the reenactment they only test fired rifles from the book depository and the grassy knoll, not from, say, the County Records Building. Without material to compare them to it was not possible to positively identify other sound events as rifle shots. But 4 shots is enough to show there was a conspiracy.
  7. Well, I guess that depends on your definition of the word "genuine". I think the photo shows Kennedy's back. And I don't think that it is a forgery of any kind. But I'm wondering what all those hands are doing. My guess is they are pulling and pushing on Kennedy's skin in order to move the bullet hole where they want it to be. I think the wrinkles in the nape of the neck are quite telling... What do you think?
  8. As can be seen in the following photographs measurements of a point on a person's skin can vary by several centimeters depending on one's posture: In the famous back wound photo Kennedy is prostrate on his belly, not sitting upright as he was at the moment he was shot. What are the doctors doing with that ruler? Are they measuring something? Or are they manipulating his skin?
  9. Well, that would explain why he chose a chapter that had the letters "SEX" in it. Some of Garrison's "silly theories" were even endorsed by the House Select Committe, such as Oswald's connection to Guy Bannister and David Ferrie.
  10. John, interesting idea. But I think a shot from a train would be hard to synchronize with the arrival of the motorcade in Dealey Plaza. Especially considering the fact that the motorcade did not arrive on schedule.
  11. At least 4 shots. 3 from the rear, possibly the School Book Depository - although the HSCA's experts could not rule out the Dal-Tex building as a possible location. I think the "Magic Bullet" may have been fired from one of the lower floors of that building. In another thread I have shown that the people right in front of the TSBD did not appear to be startled at the moment the famous Altgens photo was taken, about 2 seconds after Kennedy begins reacting to an external stimulus. Moreover we have the testimony of the two people closest to the alleged source of gun fire, TSBD workers Williams and Jarman, who thought the first shot came from outside the Book Depository. They believed it to be a motorcycle backfire - although the 150 db sound had supposedly come from right above their heads. Now add to this the fact that the wounds in Kennedy and Connolly cannot be reconciled with a trajectory from the 6th floor (http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/m_j_russ/hscawech.htm) and the fact that the bullet supposedly found in Parkland Hospital was almost pristine and you get a pretty clear picture, in my opinion. The fourth shot may have come from the grassy knoll. A different kind of ammunition was probably used. This is from Mike Yardley's homepage: It should also be noted, that a rusty rifle shell was found on the roof of the County Records building in the 1970s. So as many as 5 shots may have been fired in total.
  12. I'm aware of those other studies. However I think there's a number of reasons to believe that Weiss & Aschkenasy got it right: - They found that the microphone traveled at about 11 mph. Almost exactly the speed of the motorcade. - They concluded that 3 shots had been fired from the book depository - where three bullet shells had been found! Strange coincidence, isn't it? - They found N-waves indicating sonic shock waves - how would you find that in random noise? - They've always stood by their conclusions and have offered possible explanations for the crosstalk phenomenon. - They're corroborated by a great number of witnesses - including a police officer who smelled gun powder on the grassy knoll. - The HSCA's photographic experts found an unidentifed adult person behind the picket fence. - Strangers showing phony Secret Service credentials were encountered by police officers on the grassy knoll.
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