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  1. Jim, What is your opinion about LBJ's role in issuing NSAM 273 on the heels of JFK's murder? The timing is certainly suspicious-- especially in light of LBJ's longstanding disagreements with JFK's (and RFK's) policy opinions about Vietnam and the Cold War. LBJ was openly allied on those issues with the Joint Chiefs and Cold Warriors in JFK's administration-- the men who were, presumably involved in the 11//22/63 coup d'etat. All things considered, it seems inconceivable, to me, that LBJ was not "in the loop" in the coup d'etat, on some level. Wasn't he also very closely allied with J. Edgar Hoover before and after 11/22/63 in covering up the Crime of the Century?
  2. Joe, You bring up some valid points about LBJ here. There is ample historical evidence that the man was a major league sociopath who would do just about anything to promote himself-- stuffing ballot boxes, selling political favors, and even employing hit men like Mac Wallace. And let's not forget about his role in; 1) reversing NSAM 263 by signing NSAM 273 right after JFK was murdered, and 2) setting up the Warren Commission-- as an alternative to a bona fide investigation of JFK's murder. As for LBJ's Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act achievements after 11/22/63, let's not forget that he had repeatedly obstructed Civil Rights legislation during his lengthy Congressional career. My belief is that LBJ's post- 11/22/63 Civil Rights and Great Society initiatives were motivated chiefly by self interest and vanity, rather than by any sincere moral convictions. The man was a sociopath. Didn't he even arrange the murder of his own sister?
  3. Perhaps more Tom Hanks/Parkland "history" films are in the works-- Magic Bullet and Magic Bullet II. 😬
  4. Ron, I read a study many years ago about inpatients at a VA hospital in the 1950s being dosed with amphetamines until they became psychotic-- paranoid, agitated, and experiencing visual hallucinations. It's the kind of study that would never be permitted nowadays, for obvious reasons. But who knows what men like Sidney Gottlieb and Jolly West were doing to study drug-induced psychoses back in the day? If they were overdosing human subjects on psychotomimetic drugs, they certainly wouldn't have published papers about it in the scientific community. West famously overdosed an elephant on LSD, as you mentioned. Did he do the same to Jack Ruby? Perhaps. I have treated methamphetamine addicts who experienced protracted psychotic symptoms, but they usually clear in a few days (or two to three weeks in one case.) I'm buying a copy of Chaos forthwith.
  5. Thanks for the info, Jim. I got my bad information from Phillip Nelson's book, LBJ-- Mastermind of the JFK Assassination. Nelson describes the Altgens photo as definitive proof that LBJ was in the loop on the assassination plot. I don't recall where I read about Ralph Yarborough's observations in the limo-- possibly in Nelson's tome.
  6. Convenient murder narrative for the DPD, if true-- an interstate drug deal gone bad, in which a witness against the DPD in an impending civil suit gets killed by a shot in the mouth...
  7. Thanks for the references, Ron. Chaos and A Lie to Big Too Big to Fail are, definitely, on my reading list. Haven't found anything of substance (or substances) about Jolly West on Google. I may call an old med school friend who is on the psychiatry faculty at UCLA to find out what he knows about Jolly West, UCLA Neuropsych, and the CIA (though the topic is hardly an ice breaker. "Hey, Dan, how have you been? Long time no see... Dan, it's about Jolly West and MK-Ultra.... ") 🤪
  8. Is this in reference to the Altgens photo of LBJ's limo, where Lady Bird and Senator Ralph Yarborough were sitting up and smiing while LBJ appears to be crouching down out of sight? Didn't Yarborough report that LBJ was, in fact, crouching down in the limo as the entourage entered Dealey Plaza? If true, it suggests that LBJ knew that JFK was going to get whacked in Dealey Plaza, while simultaneously worrying that the assassins might also whack him...
  9. Geez... this is looking more and more like a DPD/KKK retaliation/witness intimidation op. Joshua Brown was, apparently murdered Sam Giancana "omerta" style, with a gun shot to the mouth. Meanwhile, the neighbor lady who filmed Amber Guyger after the murder has been fired from her job at a Dallas pharmaceutical company for being a "black activist" (i. e., uppity n-gger".)
  10. Great film. I think I own copies of every film Fellini ever made, including I Vitellone, which he produced for Italian television back in the day. Satyricon is another Fellini masterpiece-- based on the extant fragments of the Petronius manuscript from the first century A.D. (And the Fellini film, itself, consists of fragmented vignettes.) Watching Fellini's Satyricon is like time traveling to the first century Roman Empire during the reign of Nero. It offers a profound, detailed view of the pre-Christian, pagan culture of that era. And Fellini brings it to life in a way that Hollywood never could.
  11. I really need to read up on the history of MK-ULTRA and Jolly West's work for the Company. Any advice about good articles and books on the subject?
  12. Amarcord is my all-time favorite movie-- bar none-- partly because the characters in the Rimini epic remind me of my Slovenian aunts and uncles. I've probably watched it at least a dozen times over the years, and I'll watch it again, any time. As for great movies about Christ, let's not omit Franco Zeferelli's magnificent Roman Catholic opus, Jesus of Nazareth, featuring, perhaps, the most star-studded cast in any film ever made-- from Laurence Olivier to Anthony Quinn, Christopher Plummer, Michael York, Ann Bancroft, Rod Steiger, and Olivia Hussey. IMO, Kazantzakis was far too Nietzschean to portray Christ accurately-- and I say that as a former Nietzschean atheist who has been a convert in the Russian Orthodox Church (ROCOR) for the past quarter century.
  13. Ron, I probably know less about the histories of Oswald and Sirhan than most of the people on this forum. (I still haven't read Lisa Pease's new book about RFK-- although I have read her essays in the Assassinations (Probe magazine) anthology published by DiEugenio, et.al.) From what I have read, I do believe that Sirhan was probably a true Manchurian candidate who was medicated and hypnotically "programmed" to fire a gun at RFK. My only (peripheral) contact with Dr. Jolyon West happened in late 1982 when I was a 4th year student at Harvard Medical School. I had interviewed that fall with the residency director at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, and had a bad vibe about the interview. So, I talked to one of my faculty advisers at HMS, Dr. Leon Eisenberg, about my iffy interview at UCLA. Eisenberg picked up his phone, right there and then, and called "Jolly West," the Chairman of Psychiatry at UCLA. He and "Jolly" chatted amicably for a few minutes. After hanging up the phone, Eisenberg looked at me and said, "You're in." At the time, the only thing I knew about "Jolly West" was that he had a weird name, and was Chairman of Psychiatry at UCLA. (I decided that year over the Christmas break to come back home to Denver for my residency training, instead of going out to UCLA-- a decision that I have second guessed for the past 36 years.)
  14. True. And if JFK had visited Baylor on 11/22/63, they could have simply re-scheduled his fatal visit to the Dallas Trade Mart for a different day.
  15. Ron, Small world. I was in the first grade at Ashley Elementary in Denver on 11/22/63. I walked back to school after going home for lunch that day and saw that some joker had tried to lower the flag on the flag pole in front of the school. I started to raise the flag, and our principal came outside and told me to leave the flag alone alone and go to my classroom. We used to do those same "duck-and-cover" drills in the hall outside of the classrooms. As for the salacious Ellen Rometsch/Gerald Ford story, apparently, all links lead back to a Bobby Baker interview with Politico in 2013. Mr. Caddy posted the original New York Daily News account here in 2013. Bobby Baker: JFK and Ford had affairs with East German Spy By Douglas Caddy, November 21, 2013 in JFK Assassination Debate
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