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  1. My wife and I watched 60 Minutes last night, and I turned to her at one point and said, "This is like a de ja vu of 2016-- Trump is repeating his same old bogus sales gimmicks." Trump is like a used car salesman selling a lemon. He's the lemon. 1) He, again, claims to have a "terrific healthcare plan"-- including a television prop of a large binder which was given to Lesley Stahl with a claim that it was Trump's healthcare plan. 2) He, again, claims that he will create "the greatest economy" ever, etc. (See Jennifer Rubin's op-ed debunking Trump's "great economy myth" in tod
  2. Chris, The Secret Team and JFK-- The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy are both fascinating primary source historical narratives. For example, I learned many things from Prouty -- who wrote a lot of the material in the "Pentagon Papers" -- that I didn't know about the CIA's war in Vietnam (prior to 11/22/63.) It's important to remember that, unlike most writers in the JFKA researcher community, Prouty wasn't merely a historian writing about JFK and the Deep State. He was PART of that history-- a primary source for historians to study.
  3. This has to be some kind of record. Wheeler now has 487 posts on this thread. That's a truckload of Trumpaganda.
  4. No surprise that Prouty-- like Garrison, Oliver Stone, et.al.-- has been subjected to various attacks on his credibility. What does surprise me is that so few people have read Prouty's own, detailed account of his observations as the Joint Chiefs liaison to the CIA during JFK's presidency. People seem to be looking at every source except Prouty's own primary source material to try to interpret whether he knew whereof he spoke.
  5. I made the mistake of watching the first Borat movie with my wife and her old-fashioned parents, while visiting them for a weekend in the mountains. It was a family disaster. (I had read a positive NYT review of Borat that week, which described Sacha Baron Cohen as a latter day Charlie Chaplin, etc., and I rented the movie at a Block Buster video store.) Anyway, Cohen just delivered the one-liner of the year in his press release in support of Rudy Giuliani. He said, "If anyone tries to defame Mr. Giuliani, he will, no doubt, reach into his legal briefs and whip out his
  6. Based on his own detailed writings, Prouty was perplexed about the abrupt reversal of the NSAM263 policy that took place in Honolulu during JFK's fateful trip to Dallas. Having co-authored the McNamara/ Taylor Report, he knew that JFK had fully resolved to get out of Vietnam. So, his inquiry into the assassination was prompted by the curious reversal of NSAM263, and also by ancillary observations about an apparent black op/ psy op-- e.g., the early news wires (and photos) identifying Oswald as a lone assassin, the bizarre security lapses in Dealey Plaza, and the photos of his long-time c
  7. Kirk, Good summary, and your key phrase was the one about Trump's firehose of falsehoods going "over the heads" of his base. The people who think Trump and Pence did well in those debates are the ones who don't know that they were lying incessantly. It's like a Dunning-Kruger Effect by proxy.
  8. Trump's concept of a "conflict of interest" is when taxpayer funds are spent in a way that conflicts with Trump's own financial and political interests.
  9. Absolutely. Trump and Atlas have been implicitly promoting the herd immunity policy without clarifying the implications. IMO, the worst Trump double-speak incident in the third debate occurred when Kirsten Welker asked Trump about calling Dr. Fauci a "disaster" and an "idiot," and Trump replied that he "respected" Dr. Fauci. I was waiting for Biden to say, "So, President Trump respects Dr. Fauci, by telling everyone that Fauci is a disaster and an idiot? Makes a lot of sense."
  10. Larry, Do you have an opinion about Prouty's self-professed role in co-authoring (with General Victor Krulak) the September 1963 McNamara/Taylor Report that JFK used in issuing NSAM263? Prouty also claimed that he was involved in reviewing intel related to the Honolulu conference on Vietnam at the time he was given the November 1963 assignment to escort some VIPs to Antarctica. And he was intimately familiar with the CIA's history at Saigon Station (the Strategic Hamlet Program, etc.) that had created the debacle in Vietnam which JFK was trying to end. From what
  11. Mark and Rob, I owe both of you guys an apology for my somewhat hostile comments on this thread. I can't delete them, so I must simply apologize for them. Your criticisms of Col. Prouty kind of hit a nerve for me. Thinking it over, I realize now that I have put the Colonel on a pedestal of sorts. The first book about the JFK assassination that I ever read (just a few years ago) was Prouty's, JFK-- The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy. It shook me up. I discovered the book on Amazon, after watching the movie J
  12. Yet another example of right wing agent provocateurs fomenting violence that was blamed on the BLM protesters. Remember our discussions here of the Minneapolis "Umbrella Man" last May? IMO, the M$M has not given enough attention to this important subject in 2020. Incidentally, I read this morning about a recent Boogaloo Boys type plot to kidnap Ohio Governor DeWine. We can add that one to the recent Storm Trooper plots to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer and the mayor of Wichita, Kansas.
  13. Mark, I'm not in the habit of debating with someone about a book that they haven't even read. I could list hundreds of important, accurate observations that Prouty documented in his work-- about everything from Lansdale's black ops in the Phillippines and Vietnam, to the drafting of the McNamara/Taylor Report, NSAM263 and its bizarre abnegation by the 11/21/63 NSAM 273 draft, psy op hallmarks in the international media framing Oswald as the lone assassin on 11/22/63, obvious botched security protocols in Dealey Plaza, etc., etc. Now, answer the question I asked you
  14. This post is not about the plague, but it is about the disastrous plague year here in Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park is now on fire, and they have evacuated the towns of Grand Lake and Estes Park, on the west and east sides of RMNP. I didn't get the alert in time yesterday to drive up to Estes Park to retrieve things from my in-law's cabin. The National Forests along the entire Front Range from Denver to Fort Collins were closed to the public earlier this week. It's an unprecedented disaster out here. The only good news is that a cold front just moved into the
  15. Read the book. Prouty's accurate claims about JFK's assassination are innumerable, and very detailed. IMO, Prouty is one of the main heroes of the JFKA Truth movement-- along with Garrison and Oliver Stone. (From what I have read, I would also put James DiEugenio in that same category.) Now, tell us what "disinformation" you think Prouty propagated.
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