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  1. It looks like Denver wasn't the only place in the country that experienced unusual fireworks on the 4th. People were even igniting fireworks again last night here in Denver (probably purchased up on the Wyoming border near Cheyenne.) 'The worst': Illegal Fourth of July fireworks ignite at least 100 fires in California https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/07/06/illegal-4th-july-fireworks-california-ignite-least-100-fires/5382431002/
  2. Trump is so firmly convinced of his own marvelous, un-presidented grandiloquence that it doesn't even faze him to give a speech this ridiculous. He probably thought that his blatantly fascist, divisive Mount Rushmore debacle was a triumph. Trump’s ‘Toe-tally-terry-tism’ speech https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/07/05/toe-tally-terry-tism-speech/
  3. Woody Guthrie used to have a sign that said, "This machine kills fascists" on his guitar back in the day.
  4. Ron, The Have A Good Trip documentary on Netflix features some of this kind of psychedelic art, along with animations of various trips described by Sting and others. It's interesting to me as a psychiatrist because there is some fascinating research going on recently at Johns Hopkins and UCLA Neuropsych into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics for PTSD, anxiety and mood disorders, and even addictions. In fact, one of the people interviewed in the documentary is a psychiatrist at UCLA, Dr. Charles Grob. On an unrelated note, I'm wondering if people elsewhere in the country experienced non-stop fireworks/explosions in their communities last night. Here in Denver, we had continuous explosions-- Boom...boom...boom...Snap...crackle..pop...pop...Pop-- from about dusk until midnight. It was weird, unprecedented, (and illegal in Colorado.) I'm guessing it had something to do with sheltering-in-place and the cancellation of big fireworks shows in town.
  5. I don't know if this film clip has received any coverage in the M$M since Friday, but it is truly concerning. The President's brain is missing.
  6. President Trump addresses the nation from Mount Rushmore on July 3, 2020... 🤥
  7. It's a fascinating documentary. My favorite quote was Sting saying, "I don't think taking psychedelics is the answer to all of humanity's problems, but it's a start." 🤥 And Anthony Bourdain was a riot.
  8. 1) Think about the height of the Twin Towers. 2) We know, for a fact, that they collapsed at near free fall acceleration-- indicating no significant resistance to collapse from the exterior and interior steel girders of the lower 80+ floors (i.e., something demolished the steel girders all the way down to ground level.) 3) Even if "jet fuel" could have melted 80+ floors of steel girders, (no way) how could sufficient jet fuel have "trickled down" 80+ floors to demolish all of those steel girders within an hour? 4) Ergo, the "trickle down" jet fuel NIST theory is absurd. WTC1 and WTC2 were demolished by pre-planted steel-melting explosives.
  9. Ron, I've got nothing against the Boss, but I prefer the Cheech and Chong version here. Among other things, it brought back some Mariachi memories from Mexico. (BTW, if you're ever dining in a restaurant where a Mariachi band is strolling from table to table serenading the guests, DO NOT request the ranchero classic, "Volver!" If you do, the trumpet player will blow out your ear drums.)
  10. Great post, Kirk. I grew up in a pretty soulful neighborhood in northeast Denver, (I used to deliver newspapers on the block where future NBA star Chauncey Billups lived as a boy) and I've always loved James Brown. I also found your comments about multi-cultural American "patriotism" refreshing. Conversely, Trump is going full-bore fascist in 2020. Creepy as hell. No one could dance like the Godfather of Soul, with the possible exception of Michael Jackson. And it's hard to beat Marvin Gaye's soulful vocals. BUT, I have to post one of my all-time favorite American soul classics for the 4th of July -- Eddie Floyd's Knock On Wood. For me, this song is as American as apple pie and Papa's Got A Brand New Bag.
  11. Pamela, Seriously, this government (NIST) narrative about the airplanes somehow "destroying the structural integrity" of all of the heavy steel I-beams around the perimeters of the entire lower 80+ floors of WTC1 and WTC2 towers is simply absurd. * They may as well have claimed that the 100+ floors of massive steel girders were demolished by magical pixie dust. In reality, those steel girders were systematically lysed by steel-melting, thermitic explosives that were hot enough to completely liquefy steel. That rules out jet fuel. It also rules out gravitational force by pancaking of floors as the cause of the near free fall collapse to Ground Zero. (Nor is step-wise pancaking of floors seen on the film.) As for the 1.8 million tons of pulverized concrete-- the tell-tale signs of explosive demolition (in addition to the apparent use of steel-melting thermite) are the visible (and audible) explosions and high-pressure pyroclastic flows. Those were not mere clouds of concrete dust wafted about by the gravitational force of collapsing floors. They were high-pressure, high-velocity explosions of pulverized concrete resembling the mushroom clouds in pyroclastic flows from volcanoes-- generated by extremely high temperatures. Rob Wheeler's observations are very interesting. Those of us who live thousands of miles from the Big Apple probably don't realize how severely traumatized people in New York and New Jersey have been by 9/11-- to the extent that the subject is virtually unmentionable. *
  12. Someone posted something over at the Democratic Underground this afternoon about Bill Barr trying to arrange a direct meeting with Maxwell in the slammer. Didn't Bill Barr also meet with Epstein at the jail shortly before his death? I'm picturing Barr as Laurence Olivier in the movie Marathon Man asking Dustin Hoffman, "Is it safe?"
  13. Rob, The most astonishing thing to observe, IMO, is the way our mainstream U.S. media has systematically blacked out any coverage of the overwhelming scientific evidence debunking the bogus official (NIST) government narrative about the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11-- for the past 19 years! Concurrently, there are multiple bogus, John McAdams type websites on the internet dedicated to propagating disinformation about what happened on 9/11, and mislabeling the scientists in the 9/11 Truth research community as kooky conspiracy theorists. The explosive demolition of WTC7 is a no brainer, but so are the explosive demolitions of WTC1 and WTC2, once people look at the data.* The NIST computer "simulation" of the the collapse of the Twin Towers is so ridiculous that the NIST refused to even publish the "data" used as parameters in their computer "simulation." They also refused to mention the obvious explosions that pulverized all of the concrete, the cut steel girders, or the liquefied steel at Ground Zero. In fact, they didn't even conduct a chemical analysis of the WTC debris! There are more than 3,000 highly reputable architects, engineers, and scientists involved with the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. As far as I know, there was nothing comparable to A&E for 9/11 Truth in the JFKA research community that debunked the Warren Commission Report during the first 20 years following JFK's murder. Yet, the general public still knows almost nothing about the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth or the 9/11 scientific evidence. If the public hears anything about the 9/11 research community in the M$M, it is typically the standard nonsense about paranoid "conspiracy theorists." *
  14. LOL, Ray. I needed a laugh today... 🤪 As for sexual relations between Donald and Melania, things have seemed awfully frosty since the Access Hollywood tape went public in 2016. Donald hasn't even been allowed to grab Melania by the hand, so I seriously doubt that he has been allowed to grab her anywhere else.
  15. Joe, Sports writer Rick Reilly (originally from Boulder, Colorado) has written an entire book about Trump's legendary ability to cheat at golf. I haven't read the book. There's too much depressing biographical material out there about Don Mar-a-Lago as it is.
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