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  1. Ok, give me your best concise arguments either way. I have a hearing tomorrow but probably Thursday I will talk with him about this and link the arguments. Keep it short and simple please. I am not paying him to review this thread. Thanks, Cory
  2. But its in contradiction to the photo showing the missing tooth. I will have one of my dental experts review the form and give me an opinion and I will share that with all of you.
  3. I can settle this very quickly. With all these intelligent posts and debates on the subject, it is so easy to solve. Don't you see? Just ask JVB. Hey that rhymes. Certainly if she dated Oswald in a love affair, certainly she can settle the debate. I would imagine somewhere she mentioned this or can confirm this one way or another. Ok, tongue in cheek, actually, Sandy, I think that from a legal perspective, you have found something. Where it leads, that is another story, but you have found a hole in the evidence which has a bite- lol. Keep it up.
  4. JFK X-RAY - Where is rear bullet entry point?

    Ok in the Moorman photo, I see JFK Jackie. Next row, looks like Gov. and his wife. First row, seems to be missing someone. Is this me? Clearly does not correlate to Z313- Governor is already sliding onto his wife but is still upright. And what is in front of Kellerman? Thoughts?
  5. Mac Wallace fingerprint?

    Let me just add, fingerprint back in the 1990's was not really an exact science. Criminal defense attorneys have had them kicked out regularly based on improper methodology. One person stating back then he found a match does therefore not make it so nor does one expert stating twas not. Surely you are aware of this as well.
  6. Mac Wallace fingerprint?

    Sandy, experts disagree, but... This issue really seems so simple because they are applying an objective test to determine if the fingerprint is legitimate and then is the person's. To this date, people still disagree however with Mr. Darby's methods. No, I am talking about getting the two or three most highly regarded fingerprint experts in the U.S. People who have testified in federal cases. Have them review the information and then scientifically, give an opinion about it. Explaining step by step how they came to their conclusions so that their work can be peer reveiwed. Remember, what qualifies as an expert in court is different than what say the Enquirer accepts. If he was such an expert, why is there still a debate. This debate can easily be solved however.
  7. Mac Wallace fingerprint?

    I have to look it up, I read about this years ago. This site might have some info. http://www.gtr5.com/ you can even listen to recordings http://www.ussliberty.org/voices.htm
  8. Mac Wallace fingerprint?

    I fail to see how the fingerprint issue still persists. As a lawyer, I hire an expert, he reviews the evidence, then says yes or no. I too have concerns about Mellon's book as I did about her Garrison book. I will check with some of our experts and see if a fingerprint person is available. This should easily be settled.
  9. Mac Wallace fingerprint?

    Ha, yes in the early 1980s I believe and it was nothing. It was a disgrace!

    He was offered a lawyer, a very good one from Texas, he refused. He wanted a specific lawyer from New York I believe.
  11. Shooter Location

    I like this as it actually shows what the shooter could be looking at. The problem is this, a bullet flies by the driver and he gives no reaction. No glass shatter? It is very interesting. I have always thought the zapruder film clearly shows the limo coming to a near stop with the occupants lurching forward, then, when Hill climbs on the limo, it clearly speeds up. The stop could have been a reaction but the stop occurs later. Thoughts?
  12. Shooter Location

    Can I ask a question that might have been brought up before. In looking at the photo, up by the Hertz sign, to the right of it, does it appear there is some type of distortion? Has anyone discussed that? It is probably nothing but, in your picture above, there is a clear dark shadow on the buliding, a brown distortion, then the Hertz sign. What is that?
  13. Shooter Location

    The DCM clearly had a radio and I must say there is one close up photo which seems to show a bulge on his chest below his right armpit which could be a weapon. I have often questioned, he was so close to Kennedy, what if he shot the fatal head shot with a hidden weapon. He was so close he probably would not miss. Strange, the shooting is occurring and he stands in the street. Why does he not duck or cover or fall back to the walkway if someone is being shot literally feet away from him. Why did secret service not see him on the street and immediately veer the car to the left or jump off the follow up and make a barrier between him and the President. Oh well, another strange coincidence they will say.
  14. Jim DiEugenio spanks The Post

    When 13 days came out, which Costner utilized to make Kenneth O'Donnel appear as one of the central figures in the Cuban Missile Crisis, Robert McNamara stated: "For God's sakes, Kenny O'Donnell didn't have any role whatsoever in the missile crisis; he was a political appointment secretary to the President; that's absurd." Film can be effectively utilized for propaganda because it appeals to our senses. As an actor, I am frequently reminded by my acting coach that my body, language, movements, everything I do on stage must tell the audience what they should think and feel about the scene. So, I see the point about JFK and the comparison to this film.
  15. Jim DiEugenio spanks The Post

    So I know the film well. You state Mr. Stone protrays David Ferrie "confessing to killing Kennedy in the film 'JFK'. . . " Yawn, ok, being a movie buff, well with my background one can understand, please state where he confesses to killing JFK in the film. I often hear misrepresentations of what was said or portrayed which in fact are often inaccurate. I went and looked at the dialogue just for fun, I dont see where he says that anywhere in the film. I think you might want to go back and re-watch the moview. He says as follows -please note I cleaned up the tough language: I suppose I could use a pot of hot coffee and a few packs of Luckys. Anything new? Who are you scared of? Everybody. The Agency, mob, Cubans. Follow the Cubans. Check them out. Here. In Miami. Dallas. Check out Eladio del Valle. He was my paymaster when I flew missions into Cuba. You're on the right track. Don't write this down! I ain't cooperating with no one! There's a death warrant for me! Don't you get it? Damn! Wait a minute! You ain't bugged, are you? Son of a b...h, Lou! Are you? I play square. No bugs. I'd love you to go on the record, but I'm in no hurry. I haven't slept since that article. -Why'd you get me involved? -Did we involve you? Or did Shaw? C....sucking f...ot. He got me by the balls. -What do you mean? -Photographs, compromising stuff. He'll use them, too. Agency plays for keeps. Oswald was in my Civil Air Patrol unit. I taught him everything. He was a wannabe. No one liked him. Thought he was a snitch. But I treated him good. He wanted his kid to grow up with a chance. What's this? What's going on? Don't let him in. No one's coming in here. Black. Give it to me. Black. My neck is killing me. I've had cancer for years. Been working with mice to find a cure. Did you work for the CIA? You sound like it's a remote experience in ancient history. You don't leave the Agency. -Once you're in, they got you for life. -And Shaw? Shaw's an untouchable. Highest clearance. Shaw, Oswald, the Cubans, all Agency. Ruby? Jack was a pimp. A bagman for the Dallas mob. Ran guns to Castro when he was on our side. Castro was almost with us till we tried to whack him. Everybody keeps flipping sides. It's fun and games. -How do the mob figure in this? -They're Agency too. The CIA and the Mafia worked together for years trying to whack out the beard. There's more to this than you could dream! Check out something called "Operation Mongoose." Government, Pentagon stuff. They're in charge. But who pulls whose chain? Who knows? "Oh, what a deadly web we weave when we practice to deceive." Who killed the President? Why don't you f....king stop it? Sh...t! This is too big for you, you know that? Who did the President? F....k! It's a mystery. It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! The shooters don't even know! Don't you get it? F...k, man! I can't keep talking like this! They'll f....ng kill me! I'll f....ng die! Son of a b...h! It's all right. I don't know what happened. F...k! All I wanted in the world... ...was to be a Catholic priest. Live in a monastery. Pray. Serve God. I had... ...one terrible f....king weakness. And they defrocked me! Then I started to lose everything. You'll be okay, Dave. Just talk to us on the record. We'll protect you. They'll get to you too. They'll destroy you. They're untouchable. I'm so f....king exhausted, I can't see straight.