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  1. Here is more. Sorry, you have not proven Pres. Bush was there. Perhaps try looking for Pres. Reagan or Pat Buchanan. Perhaps Hannity since apparently Republicans all gathered that day to be photographed as part of the grand conspiracy lol
  2. Here is some reading but I recall a female researcher posted here in the last two years and identified the man outside the TSBD as a detective with the DPD it’s DA. https://www.google.com/amp/s/jfkfacts.org/about-that-lame-bush-conspiracy-theory/amp/
  3. But Chris while the memo is very interesting, it is not conclusive proof. There is still the other side stating it was not him. So, unless other evidence comes out confirming it either way one will not know for sure. So yes, as you put it, I agree with you that one can look at it as a gray area until more evidence shows up.
  4. The issue is whether there is evidence either the former President or his son, another President, were in Dealey on 11-22-63? just for example, you cite point one: “1) GHWB's status as a CIA man who was briefed by J. Edgar Hoover on 11/29/63 about the aborted FBI investigation of JFK's assassination. Why Bush?” Even assuming you are correct, this point does not prove that either gentlemen were in Dealey. As I go through your evidence the only thing you have which arguably could prove this issue is a set of photos which have been debunked several times. Merely go back and resear
  5. Btw none of the above which you cite is “evidence” Pres. Bush was in Dealey that morning, or his son for that matter. Harvard must have odd requirements for evidence. Strange only Republicans we’re having a convention in Dallas that day. I guess LBJ would not have noticed lol.
  6. One more thought, if you feel Prouty was so great at identifying people in pictures, did he identify Pres. Bush as being there? Why not put Ruby in Dealey too? Oh wait some did and that did not go well did it?
  7. You studied at Harvard? Oh we all should just accept whatever you say regardless of how ludicrous your photographic games are. Please do try and get published with your above “evidence“ lol. All of us non-Harvard morlocks will await the publication. You have no evidence merely speculation at best.
  8. Very simple. As I have said previously and what others should say, it does not matter what I or another think. What matters is what the evidence says and is. If someone has evidence contrary to President Bush’s statements then feel free to present it. If not I have no reason to doubt him.
  9. Joe are you one of those Bush and W were there in the crowd that day fellas? Do you swear those shoes look like the generals! You are playing with a rabbit hole. There is no evidence. Stick to the evidence. Ask Cliff about evidence and he can explain.
  10. Ugh late posting, let me clarify, thank you David. Crack on outside but fragment residue on inside.
  11. The damage to the windshield was on the inside of the glass and not the outside. That is important. The fragment that caused it came from behind.
  12. This came out recently. https://www.usglassmag.com/2020/10/glass-evidence-was-a-second-shooter-involved-in-president-kennedys-assassination/
  13. Consider, JFK was working with Kruschev. Castro would not make any moves without Russian ok. Why would Kruschev allow JFK to be taken out when he was working with him? That makes no sense. Why would Castro risk losing its biggest supporter? That makes no sense. Where is the evidence?
  14. Paul, I never said I thought it was real. Just correcting the record. I agree. Lets hear the arguments then.
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