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  1. Consider, JFK was working with Kruschev. Castro would not make any moves without Russian ok. Why would Kruschev allow JFK to be taken out when he was working with him? That makes no sense. Why would Castro risk losing its biggest supporter? That makes no sense. Where is the evidence?
  2. Paul, I never said I thought it was real. Just correcting the record. I agree. Lets hear the arguments then.
  3. Well, I asked a simple question about your evidence and I fail to see how it could be interpreted as overly aggressive, etc. Hopefully you did not interpret it that way. However, please feel free to call me Cory. The point is you were disputing Mr. Caddy's version. I was curious if you had evidence to disprove what he theorized. If you do not because you find it so ludicrous that it could not happen, that is fine. There are many gopher holes with this subject and I agree going down them can lead to nowhere and thus, are pointless. Though I do not agree with Mr. Caddy as to the reason for the assassination, I have heard from more than one person with a military background who agrees with Mr. Caddy's theory. It should be noted that none of us can address what was said or not said to him by Mr. Hunt as none of us were there. So either one believes him or one does not. As this is a debate forum, we will disagree with each other on points. That is the purpose of the forum.
  4. Robert, lawyers are not the only ones that rely on evidence. Scientist do. Medical doctors do. Most academics do. You apparently do not. As this is an educational forum, I suppose you can make the rules up as you go along. So how about this, in fantasyland, ET shot JFK. I have no evidence of it but then again I do not require any evidence thereof. For, in fantasyland, we can live without evidence and make false claims and sell books. Bravo sir. Bravo. I will rely, as most do, on evidence.
  5. Joe, my mistake. I should not have said Belize. I meant only Cuba. I will edit that. I have had people tell me he was connected and others laugh when I mentioned it. One person told me there was no way he would have been given an important job if there was a conspiracy like this. Remember none of it is what I know or necessarily believe. My opinion is worthless. These are opinions of others. Take them or leave them. My point is he was somewhat a mystery like LHO because people had different opinions of him. If I ask several of your friends who you are, they would mostly relate a similar person. That is why it was odd. That is all I meant.
  6. That is the odd thing Joe. I think he did go to Cuba.
  7. I have interviewed several people that new him well, as opposed to merely reading a book written by someone else. I found, much like LHO, people knew different versions of him. Although they agreed he had a temper.
  8. You say "no basis in reality". Please provide your evidence then to back up this claim.
  9. Sigh... and proof of radio communication in the plaza but Cliff, it is more fun to chase ghosts than facts.
  10. No offense taken Paul. Everyone has his/her own opinion. John's are his. Yours are yours. I generally keep mine very quiet. Just watched one of my favorites films, They Live. Thank you Mr. Tony Montana. "I lie even when I tell the truth." Back to the Future had a lot of truth. Good lessons to be learned from pirates of the Caribbean. You choose your pill Neo. Btw, I was on the X-Files. It was fun filming at the Monte Carlo.
  11. I think you should watch George Knapp's presentation on Skinwalker Ranch. It is on youtube about two hours long.
  12. I represented the Lear family for years. I have heard tales. Much of what comes out is disinformation but the tic tac event is very compelling due to video, multiple credible witnesses, and the Pentagon confirming the authenticity of the videos. The CIA has not disowned the MM memo. It is a fact that MM was being recorded however. The source of the memo is questionable so a debate with Dr. Greer and Jim is necessary at some point. I will say that not counting the memo, I think the evidence is clear something more happened to MM. Why I do not know.
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