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  1. For the record JFK's position on Castro made bernie "nauseated".
  2. "Gambling is illegal at Bushwood". Seriously, you can always send me money for myself but I cannot hold money for an interstate bet. So Cliff has bet you Robert Wheeler. Will you take that bet?
  3. Is there any debate still about the boom seen in some pictures and not in others?
  4. https://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/10642757-181/jfk-documents-tied-to-ex-california
  5. A sociological approach makes more sense as he was a product of failed American institutions. A ghost in the machine.
  6. Wow. Like I said this thread is no longer about JFK. I guess Yeti sightings will be discussed next.
  7. Paul, Do you allow for the possibility that the plotters used the mafia for the sole point of shooting JFK?
  8. In reading the media reporting today, I see that many are attacking the President for his decision. So, I ask, was JFK also wrong because he allowed the attempts on Castro? Was Obama wrong for the killing of you know who? OR is it only when Republican Presidents do this it is wrong? Asking for a friend.
  9. Cliff the burden is on the government, but, here in anything goes, the burden has shifted to researchers to prove that he was there so that the reporters and media will finally do their job and report what happened. I understand LHO said he was there but that is not enough to prove to the DVP and WC supporters that they are wrong. By pushing the issue the idea is to obtain better evidence which does this.
  10. Ok so he is not referring to Mr. Caddy here: "Why else would the E. Howard Hunt Alien Presence gentleman be so vested in sliding constructive comments with 10 month old USA Today columns?"
  11. Yes a blurry photo is not enough, though I applaud the effort. Anything else? Otherwise all witnesses watching the parade from the doorway lied or failed to disclose he was there.
  12. So your taking a side against Mr. Caddy with an implication he is posting things to confuse the general community? Is that one of your points?
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