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  1. Cory Santos

    A question to David Lifton

    How about instead you show us one irrefutable piece of evidence that LHO shot the rifle from the sixth floor.
  2. Blasphemy, you question Icke too? Jk. I did not know he was In the UFO realm. Do you feel Majestic papers are real or a hoax. Also your thoughts on Stanton Friedman? Michael Greer? Alright well I don’t have time to research Bob L but I understand your position.
  3. Ughhhh ok Lance I will bite. I have not heard many criticisms of Bob L. Can you link to a website video or a short description of why you feel he is a fraud. I am interested in hearing another side to the story.
  4. Cory Santos

    A question to David Lifton

    Lol he has to check Posners book first before a response. Wait for “Oswald certainly did it the evidence is clear“ along w a condescending comment that you are somehow foolish. Lol.
  5. Cheerios yes I say Cheerios...ergo it is henceforth self evident that a logical axiom can be stated thusly, anyone who disagrees with my learned opinion is foolish. Yes Cheerios on that analysis.
  6. Does he have actual evidence? Does he have the JFK or RFK tape recordings and are they available? Real evidence not like “so heard the tapes but they have been lost.” If so let’s hear it.
  7. The website discusses all this.
  8. Yes pray you all are ok.
  9. Steve is figured it was something like that. I wanted to be sure.
  10. Interesting read. Thoughts? What article are they referring to in the Ft Worth paper two weeks before the assassination? “Bob Cotton also explains that every newspaper has a large store of biographical material, and says that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a stranger to the media. Information on him would have been readily available in American newspapers and media offices and would have been sent out quickly. In 1959 there had been much coverage in newspapers about young men defecting to the Soviet Union and Oswald’s defection had been covered in detail in The Washington Post, The Washington Evening Starand The New York Times. Again it was widely reported when Oswald, now with a Russian wife and child, returned to the United States in 1962. The portrait of him in The Christchurch Star had appeared in The Fort Worth Press on 16 November 1963.” https://my.christchurchcitylibraries.com/the-christchurch-star-23-november-1963/
  11. Cory Santos

    Are we looking at a new Cuban Missile Crisis?

    Apparently things with China are getting hot now.
  12. Cory Santos

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    And why was military support told to stand down? Vince? Was there ever in the history of the SS in the 1960s a time when this happened? This is not my area. Was there ever any real investigation on this? Just another dropped ball or strange coincidence? If there were other times this happened, ok. If not, hmm....
  13. Cory Santos

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    I read it, will do so again. But to be fair, what Bugliosi is saying is no one has come up with anything to bolster the imposter idea written in this memo. That is speculation on his part. I don't like it as a dispositive end to an inquiry when dealing with conspiracists and I don't like it when dealing with LHO did it. I understand sometimes we are just speculating as to certain things but here, this is an important issue. As I said, to be fair, his logic is no one found anything up to his writing but the files were all still secret! He was in effect saying something is not true because no one has proven otherwise yet, the documents which might have some bearing on the issue were withheld. . . and still are. If all records were released, and no further information came out on this, then perhaps I could understand the thought process but, they are not.