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  1. Cory Santos

    Autopsy photo

    I have not seen all the photos. However, the other day, for some reason I was looking at one referred to as a skull cap photo. It showed the blast on the right hand side of the head. But, it was either cropped or a bad photo because it did not show the whole head. But, it did look like there was skull missing from the front of the head. Thoughts? The photos I was referencing were found here: However, they have been removed as of today. In searching for the exact photo I saw, but cannot find it. It was similar to this one but showed more and what appeared to be another opening in the front of the head.
  2. Cory Santos

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    I think that its very interesting but from a legal standpoint, this is the problem with the evidence. This is like to the alleged photo of Langsdale, Bush, etc. Give me a face, no back photos. It could be but he never admitted to being there as I recall even though he admitted there was a conspiracy-contrary to what he previously testified to. How is it in all the video and other photos we cannot get a clear picture? If someone would take all photos and try to put them on one site all according to the time (even approximate) of when they were done, it might make all this much easier. I don't believe there is one central site with ALL photos arranged like this however. Moreover, having an inventory of every person taking photos and video that day, sure would make this a lot easier. Until more clear pictures emerge, its just another prayer man/LHO speculation however.
  3. Cory Santos

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Are you referring to this speech and his utilization at the beginning of the word "illuminate" "I want to talk about our common responsibilities in the face of a common danger. The events of recent weeks may have helped to illuminate that challenge for some" Are you suggesting it was more than a coincidence that he utilized that term? How so? https://www.jfklibrary.org/Research/Research-Aids/JFK-Speeches/American-Newspaper-Publishers-Association_19610427.aspx
  4. Cory Santos

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Sorry to hear it, hope you feel better. That is no fun.
  5. Cory Santos

    Where is the exit?

    Hey, you know what would have made this picture actually show something, if I could see the face. Maybe if it was tilted to the side? In court, pictures like this can be difficult to be admitted. It would as a government record, but, cmon, no one knows who this is from looking at it. This is the problem, incomplete evidence all around. It is like a clever trick, take pictures that seem to show something but really don't.
  6. Cory Santos

    1963 Box

    Well I have a connection with Geraldo so if we need to do a show, just let me know.
  7. Cory Santos

    Where is the exit?

    I can return to what it said or did not say later, but, for now, you have provided your logical rule. Let us confirm them here. 1) Based on what you said about the arrival time it is clear from your statement that this means his whole testimony is questionable and should be thrown out. So, we will conclude that going forward, any witness statement or recollection which has a mistake or wrong statement in it is therefore thrown out. Thus, applying your rule to the W.C., uh oh, lots needs to be thrown out. But, let me just apply your rule to one thing. The back wound. President Ford moved it. Fact. So applying your rule... I understand you are weighing credibility with this testimony, but, as a trier of fact, you have to apply the same rules consistently across the board to all evidence, including w.c. evidence and witnesses. This rule really does not help your SBT LHO did it case.
  8. Cory Santos

    Where is the exit?

    Couple of things, First the story of finding the bullet at the autopsy is confirmed here, page 76. https://aarclibrary.org/publib/jfk/arrb/medical_testimony/pdf/Reed_10-21-97.pdf Second, the x-ray technician Custer clearly explained that several x-rays were taken yet 2 to 3 are missing. Why? Where are they? This causes a doubt as to the 3 that are available. Third, Sandra Spencer, Petty Officer, developed photos, testified for the Board, stated she saw a blowout to the back of the skull. This was base don post mortician photos and the hole to the back of the skull was still there. This clearly disproves the photos of his head showing the back intact. Fourth, http://assassinationofjfk.net/most-jfk-medical-evidence-would-not-be-admissible-at-trial-doug-horne/ I will find the exact video for you about the skull being taped. However, if the above is not enough, well, that is a lot of evidence which you are discounting. As a trial lawyer, I cannot discount that much evidence.
  9. Cory Santos

    Where is the exit?

    Could be, its been a while since I saw it. I thought he was in the military. They asked him to x-ray the skull. I fail to see why they would have him do x-rays if autopsy is complete however.
  10. Cory Santos

    Where is the exit?

    Lol, alright, then we agree to disagree. I wont try to convince you, that is not my purpose here. Can you convince me that the SBT is correct? What evidence are you relying on?
  11. Cory Santos

    Where is the exit?

    Ok, you agree the limo might have been cleaned but not really? I will find the evidence on the x-ray tech, I believe Douglas Horne provided it. But, will it matter to you as evidence? You have discounted so much already, respectfully.
  12. Cory Santos

    Where is the exit?

    I appreciate you answering the questions. So the x-ray tech who testified I believe to the Assassination Review Board that he was told to tape pieces of skull together to make sure it looked like one piece, he lied? I cannot discount that. As for LHO acting strange, the biggest clue is he left his ring. This is a big act. Clearly it was too much of a coincidence that he went unknowingly to the TSBD that day without some knowledge something was going to happen. The FBI report clearly shows someone messed with the presidents skull prior to arrival at Bethesda. I cannot discount that. I am glad you concede guilty people try to hid evidence of their crime. Assuming I agree LHO was a shooter, perhaps not the only even though this conflicts with the test showing he did not shoot a rifle that day, then you must concede that LBJ ordering the limo cleaned, restored etc. and having clothing immediately washed is a clear sign of guilt then. Who else would go out and say hey, lets destroy evidence. In a civil case that is called spoliation of evidence, a very bad thing to do because a presumption is created. Here that does not work well for LBJ.
  13. Cory Santos

    Where is the exit?

    Well, like Witnesses: 1) As I mentioned I believe above, a witness at Bethesda who claimed to have obtained another bullet. Did he lie? 2) many people who either said they saw a puff of smoke on the grassy knoll. Did they all lie? 3) Lee Bowers who stated he saw a flash or something out of the ordinary happen at the time of the assassination. Did he lie? 4) The fact that there is credible evidence the autopsy evidence, x-rays, were mutilated, lost, which confirms that the evidence we have is far from trustworthy. I always laugh about that because in trial, if a good trial lawyer finds flaws in the handling of the evidence, well, what happened with OJ. Did these witnesses lie? 5) A police officer who is to the back of JFK who gets sprayed with blood. Was he not sprayed with blood? 6) The fact that we now know President Ford liberally moved the bullet entrance? Is this no big deal? Reports: The surgeon general report alleging that there was a shot from the front. (We could prove conclusively whether a shot went through the windshield if only LBJ did not order the car restrored and cleaned.) Was the surgeon general report wrong? The FBI report which detailed that they had another bullet in possession, when all bullets were already in possession. Was this a lie? The FBI report that some type of surgery or cutting had been done on the JFK flap. Were they lying? Medical evidence-I know, how dare I bring up the Parkland doctors, but, many said that what the autopsy showed is not what they saw. Were they lying? I could go on and on, and believe me, I would like to have proof that LHO did it, close the case. Yet here we are x number of years later and nothing conclusively proves he did it. Instead, the new records just create more questions. You act like the SBT is the only plausible explanation for the wounds. But if the evidence is tampered with, which it was, then you cannot logically hold to that line. Nothing I said will convince you. That would shatter your world. Me, if it was LHO, fine, prove it conclusively so that everyone can move on. My world would not change. But hey MOVE ALONG PEOPLE, NOTHING TO SEE. It is hard to discount the above evidence and so much other evidence that shows this event happened due to the hands of more than one person. DVP, answer me 2 questions since I responded fairly to yours. 1) Do guilty people try and hide and/or destroy the evidence of their crime? Yes or no please? 2) Do you concede that even if the SBT was correct, that it is possible LHO was not the shoot? Yes or no please? 3) Do you concede that there is a possibility that the medical evidence was altered, tampered with, lost, or destroyed? 4) If you concede 3, do you concede there is a possibility that the shot angles could be from different point or points other than the TSBD?
  14. Cory Santos

    Where is the exit?

    That is so ridiculous. To believe the SBT means to discount the other evidence-which was not lost, destroyed, or mutilated. Moreover, if you believe the SBT, it would help if LHO's tests showed he fired a RIFLE that day, lol. Unless, you are willing to concede that while you believe in the SBT, you agree LHO did not fire the rifle from the TSBD.
  15. Cory Santos

    Where is the exit?

    Agreed, moreover, unless someone else mentioned it, there was the release of the document which said, I believe at Bethesda, one of the assistants found a bullet in the vehicle, while looking for something else, brought it into the room, and it was taken by SS. https://whowhatwhy.org/2017/10/06/navy-doctor-bullet-found-jfks-limousine-never-reported/