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  1. Cory Santos

    Thursday at Ruth Paines House

    To hang them in TBSD of course to add some spruce to the place.
  2. Cory Santos

    Thursday at Ruth Paines House

    And the luck continued as he somehow shot the President and ran down the stairs and calmly obtained a soda, and confronted at gunpoint stays calm and acts like nothing happened. He then leaves without anyone saying "hey where are you going?" Then by "luck" he gets the beat on an experienced police officer and happend to go see a movie, which by luck, has another Oswald in the upper balcony. His luck stops he gets arrested. Lucky for the other Oswald. And the luck continued as Ruby was not stopped from entering the basement despite Hoovers alleged warning. It continued for Ruby who despite being known by DPD not to be a reporter, he was at a press conference and even openly corrected that LHO, who he allegedly had no knowledge of, was in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Then, by luck , the investigation of LBJ stops, Hoover keeps his job JFKs Vietnam policy ends... as I say, this is not luck, its not a strange coincidence, at some point if the jury box stinks there is a skunk. Some people had luck, it was not LHO.
  3. Cory Santos

    Thursday at Ruth Paines House

    I think that is all fair to say.
  4. Thanks Jim. Do they have a French version so fc can understand?
  5. Joe I see your point and agree to a point but I must add that Obama could not even pardon Jack Johnson, it took Trump to do that. He released no records, again it took Trump. His attorney general fought foi requests for information for years. Few of the more liberal population (not talking about anyone here) yelling about rights ever question Obama signing one the defense acts, 2012 I think, which allows no trial for Americans under certain circumstances. (As to year I am going off memory) and they were silent when he admitted bombing a civilian by a drone was ok. They never discuss monitoring and what has he released for Lance and the UFO community-for the record I dont believe UFOs visit us John Lear forgive me. Bottom line, people inflate how great these people were, especially democratic presidents, without really looking at everything they did. Few talk about China or how Nixon went against the military advisors to end Vietnam. The media focuses on Watergate yet none of LBJs problems are discussed. No Gulf of Tonkin, his ties to mafia, geeze so many I can't even list. No we hear of the great society and the civil rights act. Yet Pres. Bush signed the clean air and water act and the ADA into law and appointed justices not based on party. Yet all you hear on him usually is negative. The press glorifies dem. Presidents and is neutral to hostile to Republicans. Probably because many executives at the organizations are related to dem. Politicians, staff, party, etc. Lastly, this void created fox and right news sources which now has been filled. If in the 80s and 90s there was balance, there is a chance these organizations and talk shows would not have appeared. But Obama did nothing on the JFK issue.
  6. Cory Santos

    Thursday at Ruth Paines House

    I hear your points. However, assuming he did it, one problem is that he had to hide the weapon and bullets on the drive to work, walk into work with no one noticing tge weapon and/or bullets, go up several floors to work without anyone noticing the weapon and/or bullets, work for several hours and hope no one sees the gun and or bullets, or hear the bullets if he had them on him in a pocket, and finally hide the weapon and/or bullets while he was on the first and second floor which we know by testimony he was seen before12:30. That is a lot of wishful thinking on his part.
  7. Cory Santos

    Thursday at Ruth Paines House

    Great article David. Will fc share his wisdom and address each point? Lol no. He wont even read it.
  8. He states the WC was lied to by the FBI and CIA regarding "significant matters. " I am sure fc will say its no big deal though. Cheerios.
  9. Cory Santos

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    Lol I would not use Fuhrman as evidence the sky is blue. But assuming your position is true release all documents now. Oh wait the government still has not done that.
  10. Cory Santos

    Thursday at Ruth Paines House

    I think the question is odd. To set him up he needs to go there? Not true. The better question is to ask them, if LHO acted alone, when did he formulate his plan. Ask them that instead. Ask them for proof to support their position.
  11. Cory Santos

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    Sorry, I see what you are referring to, but I cannot clearly make it out on the steps. However, how the detective is holding the soda bottle clearly implicates they were concerned with fingerprints. They clearly found a bottle and a bag and felt it relevant.
  12. Cory Santos

    “Hogwash” by the silly wc rascals.

    Was this photo before or after Ford moved the location? Lol.
  13. Cory Santos

    2nd Floor Never Happened

    I dont see it.
  14. Cory Santos

    Oswald was not in MC

    Well said Paul.